Xiaomi mijia m365 pro electric scooter review

Specifications Xiaomi M365 Mijia

Mijia M365 is a black or white (according to your taste) 12.5 kg aluminum-magnesium scooter, very sturdy and monolithic in appearance. Foldable. the rear wing clings to the steering wheel (it is fixed by the bell tongue), it turns out a small triangle that can be carried in the hands. Folded rolling will not work. The wheels are large, chambered, 8.5 inches. The battery of thirty LG 18650 cells gives a capacity of 7800 mAh: one charge is enough for 30 kilometers. The scooter can accelerate up to 25 km / h. The torque is 16 Nm. Engine power. 250 W normal and up to 500 W at maximum. When braking, kinetic energy is regenerated. Any person not heavier than 100 kg can ride. There is a bell and a metal step.

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It would seem that a scooter is such a simple means of transportation, what else can you screw onto it? Can! Regenerative brakes forwards and discs backwards, for example (stick braking), LED headlights front and rear, ABS, cruise control. And link the gadget on wheels with an application for iOS or Android, so that all statistics are on your smartphone, of course.

Modern design

The model looks very good. All that was needed was to hide the fittings and wires. everything under plastic covers or inside the case. It turns out stylish and minimalistic. Those who have already tried other variants of electric scooters are delighted with the solidity of this model, the difference is huge. Good wide (33 mm in diameter) cast handles, soft to the touch. One drawback is that they do not fold, so the scooter remains rather bulky when folded. But it is precisely their integrity that gives a big plus to solidity. Rubber foot pad is soft, you can even ride barefoot in summer, although at other times a rougher pad would be more reliable.

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Review of the Xiaomi M365 Mijia electric scooter

What happens when the beloved Xiaomi manufacturer launches an electric scooter? First of all, in Russia it is given a new name, combining a brand and a device: it turns out Xiaokat. Naturally, the first to pay attention to it are the owners of other Xiaomi devices, popularly called Xiaomi bystanders. But they are not alone in their joy: Mijia M365 turned out to be good enough to attract buyers, hitherto not familiar with its creators.

Management and technology

The steering wheel power button also turns on the headlights. Four LEDs above the button indicate the charge level. The engine does not start from scratch (Zero-Start function). You need to get on the scooter and push off strongly, as if you were riding a regular mechanical one. Only after that, pressing the throttle handle will start the engine and a gradual increase in speed will begin. It is programmatically limited to 25 km / h, it will not work faster in any case. This way of starting is good for safety, saves battery, gives a reason to move a little. there are many advantages. True, in some cases there is not enough opportunity to disable such a start (when you go uphill or roll a scooter along a ramp, for example).

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The rotation is carried out by shifting the center of gravity in the desired direction. Braking is also carried out using the handle. first, the front regenerative brake is applied, then the rear disc brake. Important: there is no possibility of rear wing braking! You cannot get up on it. this can damage the occasion going to the headlight.


The buyer receives the electric scooter almost assembled, all that remains is to connect the steering column. Screws and a hex key for this are included in the kit. In addition to them, the box contains a 42 V and 1.7 A charger (it takes 4-5 hours to fully charge), an extension cord for the nipple and instructions. Although the instructions are in Chinese, it is clear from the pictures that passengers cannot be rolled, that one should not leave the road, puddles and stairs must be avoided, it is better to wait out heavy rain at home (there is no complete waterproofing), and letting go of both hands is extremely unwise. Xiaomi carefully reminds of the protection of the head, elbows and knees. the usual protection kit for roller skating will do just fine.

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Application (APP)

The model can work with two applications: Ninebot from Segway (easier to connect, more convenient to manage, slightly less data) and MiHome from Xiaomi (a little more difficult to connect, but more information). Through the app, you can adjust the brake levels, cruise control and other details. There is not enough display of speed and statistics on the steering wheel of the scooter. all this is visible only in the application on the smartphone, which is also not attached to the handle anywhere. Here, of course, a minus.

The scooter is very pleased with the possibilities, design and especially the price. A minimum of mechanical components. a minimum of reasons for breakdown. Those who have used other models may have a difficulty at first with weaning from braking with the rear wing: here this is not only not provided, but it can also damage the headlamp wire. In all other respects, excellent transport for the city, compact, safe and smart!