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Upgrade and decorations Xiaomi M365 Pro

Specifications Xiaomi M365 Pro

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Speed About 25 km / h (maximum speed in ECO mode — 15 km / h, D — 20 km / h, S — 25 km / h)
Power reserve 45 km (in ideal conditions and ECO mode)
Overcoming the maximum incline 12 °
Rated power of the motor-wheel 300 watts
Maximum power of the motor-wheel 600 watts
Wheels 8.5 x 2 inches, tires inflatable with tubes
Maximum load 100 Kg
Suitable for people with height from 120 to 200 cm
Age restrictions from 16 to 50 years old
Working temperature -10 ° to 40 ° C
Storage temperature -20 ° to 45 ° C
IP degree of protection IP54
Charging time from 8 to 9 hours (with a standard charger)
Battery model NED1004-K
Charging voltage limit 42 in
Rated voltage 37 in
Battery nominal capacity 12 800 mAh / 474 Wh
Temperature range in which you can charge 0 ° to 40 ° C
Battery discharge temperature range -20 ° to 50 ° C
Battery weight about 3 kg
Battery life 500 charge cycles while maintaining battery capacity above 70%
Brakes Front recuperative, rear disc
Headlight No clipping of the upper border. Blinds oncoming pedestrians, brightness is insufficient.
Back light yes, lights up when braking
Ground clearance 85 mm
Depreciation not
Motor-wheel arrangement anterior
The weight 14.2 kg

Iron, rubber and plastic

Protective gear

Despite the fact that the Xiaomi M365 Pro has a maximum speed limit of 25 km / h, the use of this vehicle is quite dangerous. Read our Electric Scooter Falls overview and buy protective gear.

Rubber for Xiaomi M365 Pro

Electric scooters are equipped with 8.5 x 2 inches tires, but as you know, the larger the tires, the more comfortable it is to ride them. Therefore, many users are switching to 10 inch tires.

Waterproofing Xiaomi M365 Pro

To use the M365 Pro in rainy weather, it is necessary to insulate the holes in the deck and replace the bearings (rear 6001, front 6002) with better ones from well-known brands. How to change bearings at home, see the video from 14:20 minutes, how to seal the deck, see the same video from 24:53 minutes.

Differences between M365 and M365 Pro

M365 M365 Pro
The weight 12 Kg 14.2 kg
Wheel motor 250 W 300 W
Accumulator battery 280 Wh 474 Wh
Battery charge time 5.5 hours 8.5 hours
Ground clearance 88 mm 85 mm
Display uninformative full-fledged
Modes ECO and D ECO, D and S

How to remove a wheel from a Xiaomi electric scooter.

The electric scooter is one of the most convenient means of transportation around the city. It is convenient for commuting to work, shopping or other business. It does not need to be refueled with gasoline and does not need constant maintenance. Just charge the battery and you can hit the road.

But, nevertheless, during operation, sometimes you have to do repair work. How often and how much? It all depends on the manufacturer; successful branded models do not break down for a long period. The leaders among the manufacturers of electric scooters are NINEBOT, GIRON, Airwheel, HOVERBOT and Xiaomi. The workmanship of the first four companies is at a height, while Xiaomi has problems that will have to be addressed with its own hands.

Why remove the wheel in Xiaomi scooters?

The Chinese company Xiaomi, which has gained popularity among Russians with its high-quality and fairly inexpensive smartphones, also produces electric scooters. The most popular brands of this Chinese manufacturer are the Mijia Electric Scooter and M365 Electric Scooter Pro. The second option is an improved version of the first. It significantly increased the battery capacity, which made it possible to travel long distances, and also installed a more powerful motor, which increased the speed of movement. It would seem an ideal option: a capacious branded battery, a good electric motor, small dimensions, what else is needed?

And good wheels are also needed. After all, Mijia had problems with them, which were never fixed in Electric Scooter Pro. These are, first of all, low-quality tires, which wipe out rather quickly and require replacement, literally after a few months or a year of operation. The front wheel has a very rough, rough inner surface of the tire around the edges. Such a surface negatively affects the camera, on which scars appear, and after just 100 km of run, the camera begins to poison the air. This also applies to Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter and Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro.

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Installing an anti-puncture tape or gluing inside the tire will help to cope with the problem of a rough inner surface. Better yet, replace the tires, but unfortunately it is not always possible to find a suitable diameter. 8.5 inches.

In any case, in order to change the tire, or install an anti-puncture tape, or for gluing, the wheel must be removed. To do this, you can contact the workshop, but in this case, you need to take into account that the master must specialize in electric scooters and have experience with Xiaomi. The fact is that the tires of these scooters are very delicate if the service worker takes off the tire as usual, i.e. with a pry bar, it will become unusable. Or you can remove the wheel yourself.

How to remove a wheel in Xiaomi electric scooters.

Removing the front wheel in Mijia Electric Scooter and M365 Electric Scooter Pro is quite simple, for this you will need:

  • wrench 18;
  • a set of hex keys;
  • stationery knife;
  • pliers.

First, you need to remove the red stickers from the wheels with a utility knife. There will be glue on the stickers, do not wash it, because they will need to be glued back after assembly.

XIAOMI M365 Electric Scooter rear tyre FIX

There are 2.5 hexagon screws under the red sticker, unscrew them. They are twisted tightly, if you cannot unscrew it by hand, use pliers. The overlays are attached to the screws, remove them.

Under the linings on both sides of the front wheel are 18 nuts and several hex bolts. Unscrew both nuts 18 with a wrench and the remaining bolts. Nuts 18 are tightly tightened, a larger lever may be needed. After that, the front wheel can be easily removed and the rubber strip can be started. There will also be a cable on the wheel, but it does not interfere with disassembly.

The rear wheel is secured with two large hex bolts. Unscrew them and you can remove the wheel.

Well, about disassembling: first you need to bleed air from the camera, then you need to carefully remove the tire with your hands. Rubber is very delicate, it can be easily damaged, so you only need to remove it by hand, without using pry bars, and even more so with screwdrivers or other hard objects.

Flashing the Xiaomi M365 scooter to custom firmware

It is no secret that the xiaokat is suffocated enough from the factory by software, but fortunately, it is not at all difficult to solve this problem. Until recently, there were only paid (they were stolen, they were laid out for free) firmware and it was only possible to install such firmware from a developer or dealer. Later, software for self-flashing appeared, and today there is even a custom firmware designer with the ability to adjust a number of parameters to those required by a specific user. This article will discuss how to assemble the desired firmware and how to install it on a scooter, as well as the possible pitfalls of this procedure.

What you need to know about the limitations of the stock firmware:

Rear Wheel Removal

  • limiting the maximum speed to 25 km / h
  • power limitation 250W (in peaks up to 500W)
  • forced recuperation when the throttle trigger is released (with the cruise control off)
  • the motor starts to run only from 5 km / h, i.e. you need to push off hard enough to start moving on electric traction.

All these and some other parameters can be adjusted, but you need to understand that, for example, with an increase in power, the peak current consumption will increase, heating of the scooter elements and, first of all, the motor-wheel, and the power reserve will decrease. The load on the electronics will also increase. after all, on the stock firmware, the peak current consumption is about 16A, on the 850W firmware (popularly CFWw) it is already up to 27A, which is almost twice as much. The components have a margin of safety, but you must understand all the risks associated with flashing the scooter controller to “improved” firmware versions. Nobody bears responsibility except you.

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You can find ready-made firmware, but it is much more convenient to assemble it for yourself, knowing what parameters are set and what to expect from the scooter. Therefore, let’s move on to assembling the firmware in the constructor.

To begin with, open the site http: //proshivka.syokat.rf or to the English-language source https://m365.botox.bz/. These links are relevant for a simple M365, if you have an M365 Pro, then the address of the firmware designer will be http: //syokat.rf/ru/konstruktor-proshivok-pro

Next, you need to select the base version of the factory firmware, on the basis of which the firmware with custom parameters will be assembled. Based on observations, version 1.3.8 is the best choice. In older versions, some functions are missing, and the scooter also works less stable. In the newer ones, nothing useful was added, for which protection against flashing was added and a number of other restrictions that do not work for the benefit of the user.

All other items are disabled by default, which corresponds to the factory values. If you want to change something, then you need to enable the corresponding item by checking the box “Change?” and enter the desired value in the field next to it. Now let’s look at the possible settings for the most important and non-obvious points.

Minimum activation speed of the recuperation mode. the setting that is responsible for the speed above which the scooter will, after releasing the throttle handle, brake by recuperation instead of coasting. It makes sense to either leave it at the factory value if you like to use recuperation, or set it at the maximum speed so that braking starts only when the maximum speed is exceeded, for example, when driving on a long slope.

Maximum speed in normal mode. I think no explanations are required, this is the speed above which the controller will not allow acceleration. You need to understand that the features of the xiaokat wheel when powered by a 36 volt battery (the standard one is 36 V) will not allow it to accelerate to a speed above 32 km / h (approximately) without taking into account the movement downhill. Changing this parameter for scooter components is safe.

Maximum speed in economy mode. similar limitation, but in ECO mode.

Engine start speed. the speed to which it is necessary to accelerate the scooter after pushing off from a place in order to make electric movement possible. For convenience, you can reduce this parameter, for example, to 2 km / h

Constant engine power is the most important parameter, for the sake of which everyone is probably doing a flashing. The power factor of the motor, which is responsible for limiting the current pumped into the wheel and therefore the power. The lower the number, the higher the power. The stock power corresponds to the number 51575, it is possible to reduce more or less without fear for the safety of electronic components to 27877, which was verified by long-term testing on several scooters. A complete table of correspondence of this factor and power is below. Please note that in the early copies of the xiaokat there was a weaker BMS with one fuse instead of two, and even such firmware can harm them. It is possible to determine how many fuses and whether it is possible to increase the power by the serial number of the scooter. the problem was solved by the factory from serial numbers 35 for the black version and from 25 for the white version. As a rule, scooters purchased in 2018 and later no longer have this problem. The serial number is the number to the right of the / sign in the serial number item in the appendix. When driving at high power, pay close attention to the temperatures of the wheel motor, battery and controller. Especially in hot weather (30) for the battery (do not allow heating above 50 degrees, if you have reached it, give the scooter a rest), and for the motor-wheel when driving for a long time under load (not depending on the street temperature). uphill, at high speed. upwind, high power CFW version (see next point), etc. There is no motor temperature sensor in the xiaokat, so the temperature of the wheel motor is determined by hand behind the metal cover on the side, if it is almost impossible to hold your hand, let it cool. Also note that the temperature of the motor cover reaches its peak a couple of minutes after stopping.

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Correspondence table of power and power factor in the firmware

“Russian” acceleration algorithm (from CFW). changes the operating mode of the throttle stick. In stock firmware, the throttle stick controls the speed. Thus, when you press the handle, say 50%, you tell the scooter that you want to go at 50% of the maximum speed (say, 15 km / h) and the scooter starts trying with all its might to gain and maintain this speed. Not everyone likes this control method, and especially on firmware with increased power. the scooter starts to pick up the speed set by the trigger too abruptly and the movement becomes uncomfortable. The option under consideration allows you to enable an alternative scooter control scheme, when the gas trigger controls the power, by analogy with the gas pedal in a car. In the firmware with this option enabled, you will be able to meter the power pumped into the wheel and already with the help of this indirectly control the speed. Thus, it will be possible to gain maximum speed not only by pressing the gas “to the floor”, but also at lower values, only the acceleration will be slower. Please note that the cruise control saves not the speed, but the value of pressing the handle, respectively, if it is turned on in the stock mode of the throttle trigger, it maintains the corresponding speed, and if on the firmware with this option enabled, it saves the pumped power. It is also worth with Honor that when driving on the firmware with this option enabled, you do not need (and cannot) keep the gas “to the floor” all the time. this is many times higher battery consumption, engine heating, etc., but going faster is still will not give. Correct use. acceleration as you like, even “to the floor”, then release the gas completely and press just a little on a force sufficient to maintain speed, and only in this position use the cruise if needed.

If you need clarification on the rest of the points. write in the comments, we will add to the article. After completing the settings, you must click the “Create Firmware” button at the bottom of the page and save the resulting file (zip archive).

You do not need to unzip the file. To flash it, you need to transfer it to your Android smartphone by any available method and install it via the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?ID=com.m365downgrade

Attention! If a screen is installed on your scooter, then it is better to turn it off before flashing it through this program, otherwise the scooter may be turned off. the screen interferes with the firmware process.

In the application, you need to select your scooter from the available devices to connect, then click on the check ver button, make sure that the program was able to get the data from the scooter. Then open the previously generated firmware file via “Open bin” and install via “Flash bin”. During the flashing process, the percentage of completion will be displayed. The entire firmware takes approximately 1 minute. After the scooter needs to be turned off and on and can be used.

Please note that firmwares starting from versions 1.5.0 have protection against flashing, and if you have such a version or newer installed, you will probably not be able to install the firmware in this way. A variant of bypassing this protection will be in a separate article in the near future.