Women’S Bicycle Saddle How To Choose

Bicycle Saddle Designs

The seat design is extremely simple:

  • Frame (steel, chrome molybdenum, titanium wire, carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, magnesium, etc.). Titanium and Carbon frames are both high value and suitable for low weight cyclists. Such frames are used on sports saddles. The frame itself is made in the shape of the letter “V” and is attached to the base of the saddle in three places. There are frames Equipped with springs, which provides a little shock absorption and wiggle when riding.
  • The basis is a high-strength plastic. It can be either solid or with a slot in the middle, which provides additional ride comfort and good ventilation.
  • Softening Pad. Used to reduce the stiffness of the saddle. They can be with paralon or a gel insert inside. A gel bike saddle has a significant impact on comfort especially on long rides.
  • Outer cover. the material from which the saddle is covered externally. Can be covered with leather, imitation leather, various synthetic fabrics or even carbon. The best and most comfortable coating is, of course, leather, as this material makes you quickly get used to it. However, it has a high cost. Faux leather and synthetic fabrics wear out quickly enough and are slippery, which affects the appearance of the saddle and have a low price.

    Bicycle Saddle Frame

    Comfort bike saddle with shock absorber

    Bicycle saddle with ventilation slot

    It should be noted that the first time you ride a new saddle will feel inconvenience and discomfort in any case and regardless of its design and material from which the bike saddle is made.

    Leather saddle with Kevlar inserts

    Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the saddle. It should be smooth and highly wear resistant, as it tends to wear off over time due to friction. There are saddles with Kevlar inserts (they say “Kevlar”, they look like a suede fabric), which help to maintain their original appearance in various unpleasant situations, for example, unsuccessfully leaning or falling.

    Saddle led by Tioga Spuder

    There are also saddles that meet the requirements of the most harmful cyclists. These include Tioga Spuder. The saddle has a high quality, an excellent level of comfort, despite the fact that the surface of the saddle is plastic, as well as a lot of ventilated holes, excellent springiness and brings only positive emotions while riding. The only thing that saddens is the price of such a saddle, which is 90-100.

    Choosing a bike saddle, everyone is faced with the problem of correctly installing it and adjusting the inclination, which ultimately will affect your bike landing.

    Short article:

    The desire of the younger generation to lead a healthy lifestyle Takes an important place Not only in the organization of free time and diet, but also in the choice of a means of transportation. You can meet both a student and an office worker on a bicycle, and in the West, even officials do not neglect such transport. With the help of a two-wheeled friend, you can get to work without going through traffic jams, ride with friends in the park, or get out with the whole family into nature. The main thing is that the bike is perfectly matched and riding it does NOT cause discomfort.

    While cycling, the pelvis is under great stress, so a comfortable saddle will allow you to painlessly travel long distances, and not complaining of pain and calluses.

    Narrow and rigid bike saddle

    So, how to choose a bike saddle. Fortunately, there is a large selection of different types of saddles and manufacturers (Selle Italia, Fizik. San Marco, Ritchey. Specialized), which make it possible to customize the saddle. The word “individually” is explained here by the fact that the anatomy of each person is individual and you need to choose a saddle based on the peculiarities of the structure of the pelvis and ischial bones, namely their width. Therefore, there are saddles that are soft, hard, and wide and narrow. Generally, for road and cross-country bikes, narrow, stiff saddles are more suitable, which, in turn, are lightweight.

    Bicycle padded saddle

    Women'S Bicycle Saddle How To Choose

    For hybrids and city bicycles, wide and soft ones are used, since comfort during a long trip is more important here.

    Cycling and men’s health (prostatitis)

    In recent years, more and more questions have begun to be raised about the male health problems of cyclists, which may arise due to incorrectly fitted saddles, mainly in narrow hard saddles. The stiff saddle presses on the soft tissues of the pelvis and ischial bones during the ride.

    It is worth mentioning that the female pelvis is on average a few centimeters wider than the male.

    In the picture below, the arrows indicate the mats that are in contact with the saddle and bear the greatest load on the rider’s weight (about 75% of the weight), therefore these parts of the saddle are an important factor when choosing a saddle and the correct selection of the saddle width plays a decisive role.

    In addition, the saddle compresses the arteries of the genital organs and blood vessels, as a result of which the blood flow decreases and the cyclist feels some numbness in the perineum or genitals. This can lead to various sexual disorders and a number of diseases. To avoid this discomfort, it is advisable to ride a bicycle in special cycling clothing (cycling shorts, trousers) that have a “diaper”, which reduces the pressure of the saddle on the pelvic bones and provides comfort. Also recommends standing up from the saddle for a while to resume normal circulation.

    How the saddle load is distributed

    It also happens that discomfort occurs NOT due to a hard saddle, but precisely because of the incorrect adjustment of the position and inclination of the saddle. If you have had or will have such cases, then you must either adjust the saddle correctly or completely change the saddle to a new, wider and more comfortable one.

    However, doctors have not yet come to a consensus on whether the stiffness of the saddle affects men’s health, so the question remains open and controversial. Remember that the high price of a saddle does not yet talk about its convenience, you will have to select it by trial.

    In order to correctly select the required saddle width, you need to know the distance between the ischial bones. Remember, the saddle doesn’t have to be too thin or too wide.

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    Leather saddle cover

    If you DO NOT want to buy a new saddle, the problem may be solved by purchasing a saddle cover. The cover is also selected based on the size of the saddle. The cover will help to relieve pressure on the fifth point. The cover is installed by putting it on the saddle and pulled together from the back. a matter of a few minutes. The result will be felt immediately.

    How to choose a bike saddle

    When faced with the choice of how to choose a saddle for a bicycle, you will have a number of requirements for it, since the needs and capabilities of each person are different. Buying a bike is always a difficult and painful choice, and comfort plays the most important role. Comfort is influenced by many factors and components of the bike. In this article, we will consider such an important part of a bicycle as a saddle.

    Why do women need women’s saddles?

    Yes, precisely then, why do men need men, why a tall cyclist needs a large frame, and a child needs extra wheels for a bicycle. Because so:

    • More convenient and comfortable;
    • More logical from an anatomical point of view.

    Placing the female pelvis on the saddle

    In the female pelvis, the distance between the ischial tubercles is much greater than in the male: 132 mm for women versus 80-90 for gentlemen. Thus, it will be much more comfortable for a man to sit on a saddle 130 mm wide, while for a girl riding a bicycle with a man’s saddle will cause discomfort, even painful sensations.

    The classic women’s bicycle saddle is shorter and wider than the men’s one, but you shouldn’t buy the widest product and hope for a comfortable fit. When choosing a bicycle saddle for a woman, it is important to choose the right one that fits perfectly, as many girls prefer to give up the bike altogether, citing the inconvenience.

    An illiterate bicycle saddle for women is dangerous Not only with physical discomfort, but also with possible health problems: many girls complain of numbness in the perineum during long riding. This is due to squeezing of blood vessels and nerve endings, which threatens to decrease sensitivity in the perineal region.

    Adjusting the bike saddle and setting the saddle height correctly

    To adjust and adjust the position of the bike saddle, you must:

      Insert the saddle frame into the seatpost clamps, which in turn will slide into the seat tube of the bike frame. The seatpost comes in a variety of styles. single bolt, double bolt, and eccentric;

    Saddle height cannot exceed the mark on the seatpost

    Bicycle saddle clips

    Models of women’s saddles

    Bicycle saddle manufacturers are increasingly incorporating a line of women’s saddlery into their product range with a consumer focus. Some people prefer to transform a male saddle into a female saddle using helium pads on the pelvic contact points. Sizes remain the key difference from men’s sizes, sometimes designers plunge into creativity and vary colors and patterns.

    Finally, I would like to recall the words of the postman Pechkin from the cartoon “Prostokvashino”: “Why was I harmful? Because I didn’t have a bicycle. And now I’ll start getting better right away. “

    How to choose a saddle for a bike?

    There are a couple of tips that will help you when choosing a saddle and we will be happy to share them with you now;)

    After all, a seat suitable for you, during long rides, will not bother you, but on the contrary, over time it will become even more comfortable, because it will sag a little and take the shape of your ischial bones. The scheme works on the principle of leather shoes, which over time takes the shape of your foot and becomes like a glove, and then the most comfortable.

    Form depends on riding style

    There are different types of seats, the difference depends on your riding style and the bike itself:

    • If you ride mostly around the city on a city bike or cruiser, at a relaxed pace, then the seat, which is often called a “sofa”, will suit you;) It is wide and comfortable for non-high-speed rides with a straight back. In addition to the size, it also differs in the amount of filler of the seat itself. It can be gel, silicone and other materials like foam for a soft fit. Also, the “sofa” can optionally have springs, which is great for riding on rough terrain and maximally softens the unevenness of the road;
    • If you have a mountain bike, the seat, mount, and seatpost must be strong enough to withstand the upward and downward forces. The seat itself should be soft, but not a “sofa” as for a city. Some light advice cyclists put themselves on the road bike saddle, but in this way they sacrifice the softness of the landing;
    • If your iron horse is NOT iron at all, but aluminum, and perhaps carbon fiber Road Bikes, then it is desirable that the seat be like a glove for you. Long high-speed runs on highways require control, discipline and strategy, and distraction by friction, pain, and irritation from the saddle is time and loss of control. There are different options for racing bike seats, but most of the difference lies in price, weight, width and the option of a cutout in the saddle, which ensures normal blood circulation in the genitals for men during long rides.

    Male and female seat

    The main difference between male and female seat is the difference in the physiology of the ischial bones. At the same time, the difference in the distance between the bones of a woman and a man is not perceptible for centuries. It fluctuates about 9%, but the angle of location of THESE bones is different.

    Due to the natural goal of a woman to give birth to a child, her ischial bones are located more parallel to each other, that is, the angle between them is less than that of men. Therefore, when tilting, a woman on a narrower saddle will feel the discomfort of rubbing even in a diaper, and all because when tilting, the bones no longer rest and the woman rides on the skin. While the man continues to even lean against the seat with his ischial bones.

    The picture shows how anatomically female and male ischial bones huddle on a seat of different widths.

    That is why many manufacturers make separate series for HIM

    For example, the Legendary BROOKS seats produce saddles for HER, which are anatomically suitable for girls, and also differ in design;)

    Note for men: from time to time it is better to get up from the seat, so that the nerves and arteries, which are pinched, have the opportunity to rest and get saturated with oxygen.

    The seat selection process should NOT scare you;)

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    Here’s how to do it painlessly and simply!

    Finding the perfect saddle is like finding your life partner: the process is lengthy and offers many choices. Of course, some Lucky people find their seat right away, but it happens that the search itself lasts for years.

    1. Try to ride a seat

    It is important to feel the seat not only by touch with your hands, read the composition and find out the weight. It is very important to ride a saddle on a bike with the position with which you plan to ride in the future. Here you can test a saddle on a rented bike, or, if you roll on your bike, then on your.

    2. Soft Doesn’t mean comfortable

    There is a misconception about large soft seats on which nothing rubs anything. it is not! Due to their softness, the ischial bones do not have a fulcrum and sink deep into the seat. This leads to the fact that all the pressure is transferred to softer points around the fifth point. And if the first 20 minutes you ride in awe of softness, then after half an hour on such a seat you will feel all the inconvenience of such a saddle

    3. Suitable for all parameters

    Every cyclist is an individual and his fifth point too. This is why saddles are available in different lengths, widths and levels of rigidity. Therefore, as we already wrote, there are differences in sensitivity, style and duration of riding, riding a bike and so on, to which you must first find specific answers for the most clear understanding of what exactly you are looking for.

    4. Pay particular attention to pressure points

    The saddle should correspond to your anatomy, so that the nose of the seat does not press, the sides of the saddle do not rub your legs and it is not too thin. If the seat is pressing on tender affection, then in the future you will want to change the saddle. It is better that you with the ischial bones pressed into the saddle, otherwise the soft places will be squeezed and then they will start to rub with the first.

    5. Measure the distance between the ischial bones

    6. Choosing a saddle. Take your time

    A saddle, like a shoe, is a very individual thing, so choose, don’t be in a hurry. It is better, if possible, to test different options, what concepts you need and, in the end, choose the one from which you will NOT cry later and will rearrange it on all other bicycles.

    The choice of a seat is a whole epic for a cyclist, who rides actively and at the same time wants to feel comfort and confidence that, having skated the day, He will not suffer from the pain of chafing.

    The saddle is individual, intimate and very important. Understanding this, we will help you find the most comfortable and suitable saddle for you on Degtyarevskaya, 51B;)

    Width selection

    There are no general guidelines for width. This parameter directly depends on your anatomical features. It is necessary to determine the distance between the ischial bones in order to make the right choice.

    A saddle that is too narrow does not allow the bones to rest against it. The legs are actually in the air. Also, the saddle can pinch the inguinal artery, resulting in impaired circulation.

    The selection is carried out individually. Ideal. when the ischial bones rest against the seat, and the legs do not rub against it during the trip. It is important that the main body weight falls on the bones, and not on soft tissues.


    The springs are only useful for cruisers and city bikes. They must have optimum rigidity. If the springs are too soft, the seat will start to rock constantly during travel.

    On mountain bikes, road bikes and touring bikes, these elements are not necessary. The cyclist leans towards the handlebars during a ride and transfers about 40 percent of his body weight onto it. Springs will reduce the effectiveness of pedaling, if they are available, it is impossible to develop High speed.

    Conclusion: if the handlebars are set high, then stiffer springs will be useful. They act as shock absorbers and absorb mechanical stress. If the handlebar is located at or below the saddle level, then it is better to refuse these elements.

    Wide or narrow saddle. which is better?

    Narrow Saddles Designed for professional use. They are suitable for road bikes and allow you to reach high speeds. But are these saddles really convenient to use??

    The cyclist does not sit during the ride. He practically rides while standing, applying maximum pressure on the pedals. Narrow seat Will not interfere with him during competition and training.

    City bikes and cruisers offer a sit-down ride. Therefore, wide saddles are installed on them. They provide comfortable seating and reduce stress on various muscle groups.

    The downside of a wide saddle is that it slows down pedaling. Therefore, only buy it for your walking or city bike. For mountain, touring or road trips, a larger seat is better for a narrower seat.

    Perfectly matched women’s bicycle saddle

    Most of the seats on the market are designed with the male anatomy in mind. But in women, the pelvic bones are wider, so it is often uncomfortable for them to use such saddles.

    Manufacturers create special female models. How do they differ from ordinary ones? First, the designers have reduced the length of the spout. Due to this, girls can ride comfortably in a skirt.

    Secondly, the specialists have increased the width. As a result, the pelvic bones sit on the saddle rather than hanging in the air. Of course, the designers have worked on the look. Women‘s models have bright colors, they can be decorated with various decorative elements.

    If the standard seat seems uncomfortable to you, there is pain in the perineum while traveling, then purchase a special solution for girls. As a rule, it solves all problems in the fair sex.

    Soft or hard saddle?

    Many newbies are inexperienced in buying a soft seat for a touring or road bike. This is a big mistake as the saddle shifts body weight onto soft tissues and does not dissipate heat well.

    This seat is only suitable for city bikes. It offers high comfort on short journeys. But at long distances, the muscles begin to leak, you often have to stop to rest.

    The rigid saddle ensures the correct distribution of body weight. The butt touches the seat only in the right areas, the rest hangs above the surface. This saddle is suitable for long rides and allows for high speeds.

    Conclusion: soft seats are only suitable for city bikes. For all other models, select a rigid saddle.

    Saddle without spout

    Now a unique offer has appeared on the market. a saddle without a nose. It allows you to eliminate additional pressure on the perineum during the trip. But how then is the pelvic support carried out?

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    Specialists have developed a special crescent shape for the seat. It does an excellent job of supporting the pelvis, the bones rest against the saddle. This seat can be used by people of any age, including children.


    Previously, all harnesses were made of genuine leather. Its main advantage is that the material adapts to the natural anatomical shapes of the pelvis. But this fact is also a disadvantage of the leather saddle.

    It takes some time for the seat to adapt. After the purchase, some discomfort may arise in the owners. But when the skin spreads and adjusts to the shape of the pelvis, you can enjoy exceptional comfort.

    Plastic saddles are fairly common in the market. They are standard on most bicycles. The reason for the popularity is the low price and ease of manufacture. But in terms of convenience, plastic models are much inferior to leather ones.

    Balanced solution. skin substitutes. They provide quite comfortable seating and an attractive seat price. Therefore, many cyclists prefer them.


    There are a huge number of companies involved in the production of bicycle saddles on the market. But we will list only the most popular ones:

    • Brooks. Brooks seats are considered one of the best solutions.
    • Bike Attitude.
    • DDK.
    • STELS.
    • Mizumi, etc.

    Correct bike saddle adjustment

    The main mistake many beginners make is a low seating position. Subconsciously, a person is afraid to fall off the bike, because it seems too unstable. Therefore, beginner cyclists often place the seat at a minimum height in order to reach the ground with their feet.

    Why is this bad? During the ride, the knees are bent. The joints experience unfavorable stress, which can lead to their subsequent destruction. Also, the cyclist gets tired quickly, fizzles out after 20-30 kilometers.

    How to place the harness correctly?

    • Sit on the bike.
    • Turn the pedals so that one of them is at the very bottom.
    • Raise the seat so that in this position the leg is straight and the heel touches the pedal.
    • To check the height, try to reach the bottom of this pedal with your toes.
    • After the test, you can fix the seat. The resulting height is ideal for you.

    Important! The seat post should be at least 10-15 centimeters deep into the tube. Many manufacturers apply a label to make it easier for owners to navigate. If you reduce this parameter, then the pin can break the frame.

    Cycling saddle: how to choose the right women’s saddle

    Women’s bicycle saddles: what’s the difference??

    Are women’s saddles different from men’s? Or is it an original marketing ploy that allows companies to get additional profit from scratch. Starting a conversation about the differences between women’s saddles, you should understand the features of the female anatomy. The peculiarity of the female pelvis is its greater width compared to the male, which implies the need for a wider saddle for comfortable riding. Of course, a narrow pelvis is not uncommon among women, but even a narrow female pelvis has a special structure and location of bones, which requires a special saddle.

    Ladies bicycle saddle.

    Types and models of women’s saddles

    Cycling experts divide all women’s saddles into two types. racing and sport-touring models. Racing models are suitable for professional athletes or those cyclists whose riding is on the verge of walking and cycling. And tourist models are the type of saddle suitable for most women in whose life a bicycle takes the place of a hobby, public transport or out-of-town walks with family and loved ones.

    Sports bike saddle.

    Touring Bicycle Saddle.

    White saddle with a pattern.

    Considerations for choosing the right saddle for your cyclist

    You should choose according to the same scheme as for men. Experts recommend paying maximum attention to such details:

    • Hardness level. As with any metric, the stiffness for a women‘s bicycle saddle is individually selected. Of course, a beginner cyclist, and even more so a woman, will find a soft saddle more comfortable. But such a saddle is only suitable for short-term trips, since in the process of riding long distances, a soft model becomes a prerequisite for abrasions, discomfort and pain. A hard saddle can be comfortable even for women, but only in the case of a perfect match.
    • Saddle shape. The classic saddle shape for women is a saddle wide at the rear with a short nose. It is this form that is recognized as the most comfortable for riding the weaker sex.
    • Seat material. The saddle can be either leather or plastic. If the first material has long been familiar to cyclists for its capriciousness and the need for careful care, the second is much more practical and reliable. But the more important material characteristics when choosing a saddle for a woman are adaptability and elasticity. And in this regard, among plastic models, you can often find convenient options, because modern synthetics are practically no different from natural and expensive materials.
    • Seat filling. It is the filler that becomes one of the defining moments in the process of choosing the ideal model. The two most common fillings. foam or gel. for women’s saddles are often used in combination: soft foam and gel inserts for maximum ride comfort.

    Equally important during riding is determining the height of the saddle and the level of its inclination. Traditionally, the saddle is positioned strictly horizontally, but most athletes are guided by their feelings while riding. Often, women prefer to tilt the saddle forward a little to relieve stress and pressure on the soft pelvic tissue. The height of the saddle, again, should be selected individually so that the foot reaches the pedal in the lower position, but not to the ground. The height selection does not take place at once, but empirically: we sort out the saddle heights and “rolling” each height for half an hour. Correct fit on the bike will provide you with even breathing, while riding the chest remains free, which will allow you to be more relaxed on the road and enjoy the ride as much as possible.

    The very concept of a “female saddle” is perceived by many ordinary people in two ways: on the one hand, they do not have any striking differences from male models, and on the other hand, some of the models proposed by manufacturers are quite convenient and comfortable for women. In any case, whether to ride a specially female or one that is more suitable, but marked as male, is up to the cyclist herself.