Which Is More Effective For Weight Loss Running Or Cycling

The benefits of running

Which Is More Effective For Weight Loss Running Or Cycling

The most common way to lose weight is running. Thousands of people run in the morning every day, keeping their bodies in good shape from year to year. And this is NOT accidental. Since such training is really good for the body.

In the first half hour of running, all the glycogen in the liver is consumed. Therefore, the body begins to draw energy from adipose tissue, which is precisely the prerequisite for excess weight. At the same time, the process of burning fat continues for several hours after running.

In addition to the fact that running promotes fat burning, it also strengthens the muscle frame. During such training, absolutely all the muscles of the body are involved. However, they do NOT grow intensively. Therefore, running, “pumping” is almost impossible. That is why most women prefer this sport.

Useful properties of running:

  • Running has a positive effect on the rate of blood circulation;
  • In addition, this type of exercise promotes lung training;
  • Daily jogging trains the heart muscle, reducing the likelihood of developing its diseases;
  • In the process of such training, metabolism improves and fat burning is activated, while the effect remains for several more hours after jogging;
  • Improve such activities and psycho-emotional state;
  • During the run, the load is placed on almost every muscle in the body.

In view of such a large list of useful properties, when choosing between cycling or running on foot, many prefer the latter option. Indeed, in the process of these trainings, the body Not only gets rid of extra pounds, but also the muscle frame is strengthened.

There are people who, Thinking about what is more efficient, choose a bicycle. Indeed, on this transport a person can travel much more time than devote it to running.

In addition, bike rides are very fun and not that difficult to execute. Therefore, more people can do them regularly.

Riding such vehicles also has useful properties. It has a positive effect on both health and shape.

Positive Effects of Cycling:

  • During such training, blood circulation is also accelerated;
  • Such trips train the heart organ;
  • The lungs also become more voluminous and enduring due to riding on such a simulator;
  • Riding in this way strengthens the muscles of the lower body;
  • Fat burning also occurs during exercise, but in this the bike is inferior to running;
  • This method of losing weight stimulates the production of the hormone of happiness.

However, you should think that running is better than cycling. After all, before drawing such conclusions, it is necessary not only to see what effect they have on the figure, but also to assess whether they can harm health.

Pros and cons of the bike

To make the right choice, you need to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the described methods. First, it’s worth talking about the positive aspects of a bicycle.

  • Riding such vehicles puts less stress on the joints;
  • Cycling training is more interesting than running;
  • Cycling is easier than running;
  • Such training can be quite lengthy;
  • You can train on the way to work and with the children sitting on the trunk.

Unfortunately, this sport also has some disadvantages. Moreover, they are quite significant.

Disadvantages of cycling:

  • This type of workout burns fewer calories;
  • In the cold season, you cannot ride this simulator;
  • Cycling trains fewer muscles;
  • Fat burning occurs only during exercise;
  • Bicycles are quite expensive transport, therefore, to play such sports, you will have to spend well.

Disadvantages of running

  • – it is difficult for beginners to travel long distances;
  • – it takes some time for the body to adapt to daily jogging;
  • – jogging can quickly become boring, but only if you are jogging in the same place, and not changing the route;
  • – over time, training will become ineffective due to muscle building, so it is important to constantly increase the pace of training;
  • – possible distance from places suitable for jogging.
  • Serious stress on the legs and buttocks;
  • As well as running, it is conducive to weight loss;
  • Makes a person hardy, while training his cardiovascular system;
  • The bicycle is an excellent resource-saving means of transportation. You can also ride it to work!
  • There is an opportunity to update your route every day; We expand knowledge in our own city and its surroundings;
  • Even for a beginner, it will be easy to take a long enough walk, since the load while riding is distributed evenly on the body;
  • Practically does NOT cause discomfort during and after training;
  • Cycling is a great way to meet new people, we will get a lot of positive emotions.
  • – quite an expensive sport. After all, a good bike is expensive, and rental on an ongoing basis will cost a pretty penny;
  • – seasonal nature of classes, a high degree of dependence on weather and climatic conditions;
  • – Long-distance training every day will cause muscle soreness in beginners;
  • – additional equipment is required to drive around the city. It is important to know the traffic rules for successful and safe movement both on the carriageway and on the sidewalk;
  • – Before starting cycling, you need to learn how to ride a bike well, which can be difficult.

Best for Weight Loss Combinations these weight loss methods.

So you can compensate for the disadvantages of each of the workouts, while getting the most of the benefits and benefits.

For example, on weekdays at a convenient time you can go jogging, but on weekends you can go for a bike ride out of town or around the city. It is also worth considering alternating THESE ways to stimulate the desire to exercise and eliminate the effect of annoyance.

Running also has many benefits. Therefore, this sport is chosen by a huge number of those who are losing weight.

  • A lot of calories are burned while running;
  • In this case, almost all muscles are trained;
  • The impact is on the abs, buttocks, thighs, legs and back;
  • You can run absolutely at any time of the year;
  • Running training does NOT require the purchase of expensive equipment;
  • Fat burning continues for several hours after such training;
  • You can run absolutely anywhere.
  • During running, excessive pressure is exerted on the joints of the knees and feet, as well as the spine;
  • Such workouts are difficult to perform for a long time, usually at the initial stages beginners can run for only 15-20 minutes;
  • Many people who lose weight give up such workouts later that they are less interesting and more difficult than cycling;
  • Running with a child will not work;
  • You have to be more careful about correct technique when running than when cycling.
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Pros and cons of cycling and running

Cycling and jogging generally have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the human body. Continuous exercise will quickly bring the desired result. In addition, training helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and also develops various muscle groups.

It should be noted that the load, both when running and when cycling, goes mainly to the legs. The body (upper body) is also involved, but not as much.

An important aspect for the condition of muscles and the body is the fact that running after a bike ride is not recommended. Immediately after skiing, you cannot torture your body, especially the musculoskeletal system, with a grueling marathon. A sense of proportion and a smart approach to training will ensure the best results!

Excessive exertion will not help you lose weight faster or more effectively, but can deplete the energy and capabilities of an unprepared body. In addition, after muscle injury during intensive training, a sufficiently long recovery is necessary.

To answer the question “which is better. running or cycling” it is necessary to clearly identify all the positive and negative factors of each type of weight loss.

A little about race walking

Many also wonder which is the best way to lose weight. walking or cycling. And in this case, the answer is also not unambiguous enough.

If we are talking about regular walking, there can certainly be more calories burned while cycling. Routine walking does NOT promote fat burning and has only health benefits. To achieve at least some results for losing weight, you will have to walk non-stop all day.

Walking is very fast. In this case, sticks are often used for greater resistance.

The number of calories burned with both methods

Calories burned while running and cycling

To understand which of the options is more effective, you need to calculate the number of calories that are spent when running and cycling. Here, the indicators speak in favor of the first method.

When running, a person consumes a fairly large amount of calories. 60 minutes of such exercises can be burned with an average weight of about 750 kilocalories. This is assuming a speed of 8 kilometers per hour. Weighing over 110 kilograms, this figure rises to 900 kilocalories.

Ride type Calorie consumption over time
A leisurely pace of cycling 270 kcal
Mountain biking in medium difficulty terrain 400 kilocalories
Mountain bike training 550 kcal
Professional racing on special tracks on speed bikes 720 kcal
Professional mountain bike speed competition on difficult terrain 800-100 kcal

In most cases, cycling training takes place in urban conditions at a walking or accelerated pace. In this situation, calorie consumption is 2-3 times less than when running. Moreover, even in difficult terrain, these indicators will be lower.

An ordinary person, who prefers to ride a bicycle, spends much less calories than losing weight, giving his preference to running. However, this difference can be compensated by increasing training up to 2-3 hours.

General rules for such training

Running will certainly help you fight excess weight and improve your health. But, paradoxically, this type of stress can be harmful.

The whole harm lies in the fact that when jogging, the joints of the knees and feet are under increased stress. Moreover, the level of this effect in this case is much higher than when riding a bicycle. Indeed, in the course of such exercises, not only is the load on the joints provoked by the movement of the legs, but also the pressure of the body weight occurs.

Of course, it is usually only professional runners who experience joint problems caused by running activity. However, an ordinary person who seeks to get rid of annoying kilograms may suffer if he does not follow the optimal technique for performing such activities.

When running, it is very important to put your foot on the ground correctly. Distribute the weight evenly. Only in this case can harm be minimized.

It is also worth noting that for people who are really obese, jogging will be especially dangerous. Indeed, in the course of such exercises, a tremendous load will be exerted on the joints, caused by excess excess weight.

Moreover, if the disease is at an initial stage or the injury is insignificant, then running will only benefit. In this case, such loads can accelerate recovery.

Thus, we can conclude that running can harm the joint. Therefore, you need to use such training very carefully.

Load on the knee joints

If you look at what is better. running or cycling for joint health, then the bike wins a little. The fact is that this type of sports exercise can do less harm.

When riding a stationary bike, the knee systems are also stressed. However, it is much less than when running. Indeed, in this case, only the rotation of the pedals affects the joints, and not the weight of your own body.

In addition, when traveling on a bicycle, the load on the spinal system practically does NOT fall. Therefore, for people with back problems, this method of losing weight is much more suitable than running.

It is also believed that cycling can negatively affect male “libido”. Indeed, in professional athletes, perineal leakage can be observed, but this phenomenon is short-lived. Of course, in the process of such training you can hit, but this is already a matter of accuracy.

Scientists believe that cycling is less harmful to health than running. Research has shown that cyclists perform better than runners.

  • You need to train on an empty stomach. Therefore, after the last meal, at least two hours must pass.
  • You also need to refrain from eating for at least two hours after class. This will greatly increase their efficiency.
  • For training, you need to choose clothes specially designed for this. Do not wear things that interfere with air circulation or restrict movement.
  • You must take at least a liter of water with you to class. It is very important to restore the body’s water balance.
  • Before starting to play sports, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications to the chosen method.
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For a run to bring the maximum effect, you must follow all the rules for running it. First of all, you need to consider the very technique of running.

Correct running technique:

  • You need to start any jogging with warm-up and walking. It is necessary to walk for some time, gradually accelerating the pace.
  • Then you can go jogging. At the same time, it is important to distribute the load between the foot and the knee and position the leg correctly.
  • Gradually you need to accelerate, switching to high-speed running. When the body gets tired, you can switch to Trutsets again.
  • It is important to breathe correctly during exercise. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
  • At the end of the workout, you need to gradually reduce the pace. Here is a quick run you need to go to Jogger, and then to walking. You cannot stop until breathing is completely restored.

You need to start running with less intense workouts. To do this, alternate jogging with brisk walking. You can then lengthen your run and minimize walking breaks. Gradually you can switch to high-speed types of training, increasing their duration.

You can improve your running performance by doing some exercise during it. You can raise your knees high or run, touching your buttocks with your feet. Side running is also effective.

To increase the amount of body fat burned when riding this vehicle, you need to take into account several nuances. They relate to riding technique, and the choice of transport, and the choice of terrain.

Cycling tips:

  • It is necessary to move at the maximum speed that can be maintained for a long time. With each new workout, this indicator should increase.
  • The longer the workouts, the higher their effectiveness. You need to drive at least two hours a day.
  • It is advisable to choose difficult terrain. The more descents and climbs on it, the more calories will be burned during the workout.
  • The heavier the bike, the more calories you can burn while riding it, but the harder it will be to move around.

Cycling or running is best for losing weight. Which is more effective for weight loss: running or cycling?

If a person has a specific goal to lose extra pounds, it is worthwhile to determine exactly the answer to the question “running or cycling”. Running is aimed at burning stored calories, but cycling helps to develop muscle mass. Based on this, it follows that jogging is more effective for losing weight.

It is important to take into account the fact that in order to maintain the tone of the developed or already developed muscles, the body also spends a large amount of calories consumed. This means that cycling helps to speed up the process of losing weight. With regular cycling, the extra pounds will go away slowly, but the achieved indicator will have a longer-term effect than with jogging.

All the same, when choosing an effective way to lose weight, you should not choose one thing. It is best to approach this process in a comprehensive manner, together with the selection of a special diet and additional physical activity. So the effects of both running and cycling will give in the complex a win-win system for getting rid of extra pounds.

Which is better walking or cycling?

Which is better for losing weight: running or cycling

It is believed that running is much more efficient at burning fat and consuming calories than cycling. Like, cycling is pampering, but if you really need to lose weight, then it’s just running.

I categorically disagree with this and want to develop this topic a little. This note is part of my recommendations for a simple and painless weight loss, read who is relevant.

I’ll answer right away that when talking about the effectiveness of running or cycling, people subconsciously compare these modes of movement, but here you really cannot argue. a bicycle is designed to spend as little energy as possible per kilometer.

But now we’re not talking about “fuel” efficiency, but about what burns fat better. running or cycling. It doesn’t matter, it all depends on the pace.

Runners make the following argument: while running, almost all the muscles of the body work, and on a bike only the extensors of the legs, so I burn more energy during a run than during a ride.

Guys, here’s a road bike. try to ride it for a while at an average speed of 30 km / h, this is considered a normal, not very fast pace. I assure you, you will burn no less calories than while jogging, and this despite the fact that only your legs worked hard.

So there is no difference in the effectiveness of fat burning, just give yourself an adequate load.

A source

How to run correctly to lose weight. The advantages of a bicycle

  • Significantly more attractive than walking, indicators of calorie burning (for a bicycle this is an average of 250 to 1260 kilocalories per time, depending on weight and intensity of the load, and for walking. From 180 to 630 kilocalories per hour).

Which is better walking or cycling?

Cycling is not necessarily better than walking when weight loss is your goal.

Each has its own merits and demerits, and the best choice for you depends a lot on what you like the most, the health of your joints and how much weight you would like to lose.

There are several differences between cycling and walking.

Walking is a weight-bearing exercise.

Cycling available.

This means that when cycling on a flat surface, it does some of the work for you.

When you walk your body is the only thing that works.

Leisurely driving on level ground will burn fewer calories than walking on similar terrain.

Generally, weight-bearing exercises burn more calories per session than non-weight activities (bicycle).

Although this can be changed by increasing the intensity of your exercise.

Plus, non-weight training has less impact on joints.

If your goal is calorie burning and weight loss, walking may be the best exercise for you.

However, if you are looking for exercise due to knee, hip or other joint problems, cycling may be the best form of exercise for you.

Cycling and walking should NOT be painful

The benefits of a bicycle. How to ride to lose weight?


Even Hippocrates recognized that the benefits of walking for a person are so enormous that they can NOT be compared with any medicine. This is a natural, habitual and physiological type of physical activity for a person of any age and gender. The movements performed by a person when walking are cyclical, that is, various muscles of the body alternately relax and tense, which allows you to achieve an excellent training effect. Physical activity when walking is NOT too intense and high, which guarantees the absence of overload and associated dangers, such as injuries, excessive stress, fatigue, etc. Walking promotes weight loss, improves mood and general condition of the body, as well as normalizes blood pressure, prevents atherosclerosis and Reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, a person literally avoids heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis, thrombosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. Thus, walking is the optimal workout for a long and active life without the burden of chronic diseases.

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Jogging does NOT require a gym and expensive exercise equipment. It is enough to buy a tracksuit and sneakers. You can run anywhere, anywhere. While running, the work of the heart increases, which improves the movement of blood through the body. As a result of muscle loading, small vessels are cleared, and fresh blood access to organs is facilitated. In the process of training, the intestines are stimulated, which fully recovers from ailments. Constant running workouts are good for the stomach and pancreas. The stretching and warm-up that we get when running helps not only eliminate stagnation, but also give the body an impetus for the growth of new cells and tissues. Scientists have proven that running makes a person sociable and balanced, and also promotes the production of endorphin. the hormone of pleasure.

Weight loss bike

The calf muscles are the most stressed when pedaling. The cyclist simultaneously strengthens the biceps of the hips, his abdominal muscles work hard, the lungs and heart are trained, the spine is stretched.

In a season suitable for travel, you can pedal on a computer stationary bike, which will calculate your heart rate and determine the speed of the “ride”.

Is it possible to replace running on a bike?

Does cycling replace running? Quite. But in the event that you are not riding for 10 minutes, but making long full-fledged bike rides. So DO NOT be lazy.

But! If we talk about exercising on a simulator. a treadmill and an exercise bike, then the first is more effective. Only the legs work on the exercise bike, the upper body is practically NOT involved. And on the track, a person performs movements with the upper body, works actively and loses more calories.

What is more effective running or cycling

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  • Running vs bike. Advantages and disadvantages
  • What is more effective for losing weight?
  • Is it possible to replace running on a bike?
  • Can I run after cycling?
  • . Which is better: cycling or running?

Running vs bike. Advantages and disadvantages

In order to understand which running or cycling is better, we list the advantages and disadvantages of each sport.

The benefits of running are as follows:

  • Least traumatic sport
  • NO additional inventory required
  • Safe. you can run around the stadium, and the path of cycling runs through busy streets, you need to know the traffic rules
  • Diverse. there are several running techniques (interval, sports, jogging, sprint), you can alternate so that the workouts are NOT annoying
  • If jogging is not on a treadmill, but on the street, this is an additional opportunity to breathe fresh air
  • Trains the cardiovascular system, strengthens the heart muscle, develops endurance
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Has almost no contraindications
  • You can run in any weather, even in winter. you just have to dress warmer

But there are also disadvantages:

  • It is difficult for a beginner to run long distances. it takes time for the body to get used to
  • Running can quickly get bored. constant jogging along the same route becomes boring, the load becomes too light
  • The house does not always have places suitable for running, jogging along the track is harmful, and around the house it is boring

Now let’s talk about cycling. Benefits:

  • Excellent load on the legs and gluteal muscles
  • Promotes weight loss, develops endurance, trains the heart, blood vessels
  • You can ride a bike to work
  • You can detour the whole city, cycling never gets boring because you can constantly change the route
  • The load is almost not felt, it is even, trips do NOT cause discomfort
  • Cycling is very popular, you can find friends, meet interesting people if you join a bike party.

A person who has once sat on a bicycle will never give up cycling. The sport has become popular. active recreation, good for health, is back in fashion!

There are also disadvantages:

  • You will have to spend money. a good bike is expensive, and constantly renting an “iron horse” is ruinous
  • You can ride a bike only in the warm season
  • It is difficult for a beginner to travel long distances. the muscles need to get used to it
  • Requires special equipment. helmet, bell, glasses (if you are going to drive around the city)
  • You need to know the rules of the road so as not to get into an accident and accidentally knock down a pedestrian
  • By the beginning of bike rides, you need to learn how to ride a bike, keep balance, slow down, move over curbs

The ideal option is to combine running and cycling. For example, you run in the morning and cycle around town on weekends. On weekdays, after work, it is difficult to force yourself to exercise, so it is worth trying the alternation of THESE sports in this way.

What is more effective for losing weight?

If your goal is to lose weight, you need to know which is more effective: running or cycling. Running more calories is burned, and the bike puts more stress on your muscles, helping to build them. Therefore, for weight loss, it is better to choose running.

But there is a nuance. the more muscle mass, the more the body spends calories to maintain it. Therefore, cycling indirectly accelerates weight loss. You will lose those extra pounds slowly, but the result will be fixed for a longer time.

The best way to lose weight is to alternate cardio and strength training. Keep track of the calorie intake. Therefore, it is most efficient to both run and ride a bike, at the same time Monitor your diet.

Can I run after cycling?

We do not recommend running after the bike. Have pity on the body. do not torture it with excessive stress. You think: “The more you exercise, the sooner I will lose weight and healthier.” This is mistake. Too much sports is also harmful. you run the risk of overtraining and feeling unwell. After that, it will take a long time to recover, and the training will have to be suspended indefinitely.

Therefore, take care of the body from excessive stress. Moderation and a healthy approach to sports will ensure the most effective result.