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Frame size is the biggest challenge when choosing a bike. Here I have a frame that is not in height on my aggressor. Velodrive.ru has some good thoughts on this. Everything was invented before us 🙂

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Choosing the right frame size is one of the most important parameters when buying a new bike. This parameter is closely related to many others: the type of bike, riding style, personal preferences, etc.

Nearly all bicycle frames today come in a range of sizes. They can be from two or three for simple walking bicycles, up to ten or more for road racing cars of classical geometry. Dimension marking can be both digital (in inches or centimeters) and alphabetic. Typically, the height is tied to the height of the frame seat tube, which is measured from the center of the BB axis to the top of the seat tube. Some companies measure the height of the seat tube differently, so the same markings on bicycles from different companies (and sometimes even on different lines of machines of the same company) may differ. In addition, differences in frame sizes are not due only to different seat tube heights: almost all sizes, tube angles, and often design solutions of individual frame elements change. In addition, depending on the purpose, the frames can also have different geometry from each other, even from the same manufacturer. Riders generally choose a frame based on the effective length of the upper tube (the so-called ETT value) and parameters in general, and they look at the size last. But for the vast majority of cyclists, it’s best to focus on frame size.

This short excursion into the shaky world of bicycle frame dimensions is not given in order to confuse novice cyclists. but to explain that there are no absolutely clear criteria in the spirit of a height of 170 cm, a frame of such and such a size is needed, and nothing else. over, bicycles of noticeably different sizes may be suitable for a particular person. depending on the company and the model line. Therefore, the following correspondences of human height and frame size have rather large tolerances. Nevertheless, they will allow you to understand what you need to focus on and, in most cases, successfully independently choose a bike of the correct size.

Here’s a simple, practical way to select a frame size: Stand over the bike frame with your back touching the saddle. In this position, the distance between the upper frame tube and the crotch should be approximately 50-150 mm (for small bicycles this distance will be shorter due to the strong inclination of the upper frame tube). Also, the distance may be shorter in the case of certain proportions of the human body (in particular, with relatively short legs). Ask the sales assistant to hold the handlebars and adjust the saddle height, sit on the bike, put your feet on the pedals. Enjoy a comfortable ride, you can even pedal back to get a better feel of the ride in your chosen car. This quick fit is very useful.

The size of the bicycle frame (size) is a parameter that affects the length and height of the frame, i.e. by its overall size. With an increase or decrease in the size of the bicycle frame, the upper, lower, and also the seat tube change proportionally.

By choosing the right bike size, you will ensure yourself a comfortable daily ride without back and knee pain. When purchasing a bike for sports or competition, choosing the right frame size is even more important.

There are 3 types of designations: (inches), conventional units (XS, S, M, L, XL) and centimeters (cm). The size range of a specific bike model is usually either even or odd.


Most folding bikes are available in one size. It is designed for the average person with a height of 155 to 185 cm. Based on our experience in sales, we can give recommendations for specific models. If your height is 183 cm and above, we recommend the Shulz Goa 8 V-brake, Shulz Goa 8 Disc, Author Simplex models.

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Bike model Optimal growth
Author Simplex 150. 195 cm.
Shulz easy 150. 185 cm.
Shulz goa 3 155. 185 cm.
Shulz goa 8 175. 195 cm.
Giant Expressway 1 & 2 155. 185 cm.
Giant halfway 160. 180 cm.
Giant subway 160. 180 cm.
Strida mini 140. 160 cm.
Strida LX, 5.2, SX, SD 153. 193 cm.


All children’s bicycles are classified primarily based on age and height. There is now a lot of confusion on the Internet regarding the figures between the size of bicycles and the age of children.


To select road bikes, I suggest using a table taken from the original Giant bike catalog 2011. 2012. All road and road bikes are available with Compact Road geometry.

Frame size (regular geometry) Cyclist height Frame size (Giant Compact Road geometry Frame tube length (seatpost / top)
49. 51 cm. 157. 163 cm. XS 42/52 cm.
51. 54 cm. 163. 170 cm. S 44 / 53.5 cm.
55. 57 cm. 170. 178 cm. M 50 / 55.5 cm.
57. 59 cm. 178. 183 cm. M / L 53.5 / 57 cm.
58. 60 cm. 183. 190 cm. L 55.5 / 58.5 cm.
61. 63 cm. 190. 198 cm. XL 58.5 / 61 cm.


Frame size, inches Your height, cm. Frame size, cm. Frame size, conventional units. Designation
13″ 130. 145 33 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fourteen” 135. 155 35.6 XS (XSmall) Minimum
fifteen” 145. 160 38.1 S (Small) Small
sixteen” 150. 165 40.6 S (Small) Small
17 ″ 156. 170 43.2 M (Meduim) Middle
eighteen” 167. 178 45.7 M (Meduim) Middle
nineteen” 172. 180 48.3 L (Large) Large
twenty” 178. 185 50.8 L (Large) Large
21 ″ 180. 190 53.3 XL (XLarge) Very big
22 ″ 185. 195 55.9 XL (XLarge) Very big
23 ″ 190. 200 58.4 XXL (XLarge) Maximum
24 ″ 195. 210 61 XXL (XLarge) Maximum

Notes to the mountain: when choosing hardtails, you can safely use this table. There are rare exceptions, for example, Gary Fisher bicycles are longer in base than most bicycles from other manufacturers. Consider this if you are going for more walks than sports. Double-hangers of the frame are often only 2x. 3x sizes.

Remarks to urban: comfortable models. If you have a transitional height, such as 178 or 165 cm, look for a shock absorbing seat post. It does not allow the saddle to be fully lowered into the frame, as can be done on all mountain bikes. Therefore, with a height of 177, it is better to take a bicycle with an 18 “frame than with a 20”, and with a height of 165 cm, it will be more convenient to ride a 16 “frame than an 18”. Cruisers: Be simpler when choosing a cruiser size. these models only have one or two. Cruisers are usually designed for the average woman (155. 180 cm) and the man (170. 190 cm). If you have any doubts, ask us your questions.

Hybrid Notes: Same as Comfort (about shock absorbing seat posts).

BIKE FRAME SIZE AND GROWTH. HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE? : 15 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Good article. I just can’t choose the size I need, specifically, for the Cube Travel Pro. On many manufacturers’ websites there is also such a formula: the length of the leg on the inside is 0.66 = theoretical size for a city and touring bike. If there is a shock absorbing seatpost, subtract 3-5 cm from the result obtained.

According to this formula, if you simply multiply my 82 cm by 0.66, we get one frame size, and if suddenly with a reserve that I will put a shock absorber pin, there will be a different size, less.

Think of a couple of sizes and just try on bicycles. Otherwise, it just won’t work to pick up a size.

I need a mountain bike, my height is 165 will the diameter of the wheels be too small??

I ride with this height at 26x and generally gorgeous;)

do not tell me which brand of bike is better: izh-bike or stealth?

my height is 171-172 will Trek Superfly 5 (2015) fit me in height https://market.yandex.ru/product/11158340/spec?hid=91529track=tabs. According to the table, it looks like it will BUT when I got on this bike without pedals, my feet barely touched the ground, I was embarrassed by the fact how to get out of the bike when stopping? when I stood over the frame with my back to the saddle, the distance between the tube and the groin was about 50 cm.I just haven’t ridden a bike for a long time and I don’t remember my feelings: is it normal that my feet barely touch the ground (without pedals) or does it mean that I need another large smaller than 17.5.

Feet and should not touch the ground practically. About the frame and pipe. If you stand above the frame, then it should not touch you at all. Well, so that the eggs are safe;)

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Hello! Thank you for the article! Everything is very well planned. With a height of 168 cm, do you think a 16-inch frame and 26 wheels are normal? I figured that the choice is between 16 and 18 inch frames on 26 wheels. 18 will definitely not be for me. And at 16, you can simply raise the saddle to the desired height.

I want a Micargi Rover LX-M or Schwinn Mark V cruiser. What can you say about their size? Height 188 cm, weight 80 kg. Thank you

daughter’s height is 155cm, wife is 165cm, frame for 17 will suit them? 26 wheels, saddle down, frame for women

Hello, a bicycle with a 16 frame will be big for a girl with a height of 142 cm? Bravo Tango bike (2017). Thank you

How to choose, depending on the type of bike

The table below will show you how to choose the right size for your bike frame. It contains universal sizes for an adult (men and women).

Height, cm Size in cm Size in inches Rostovka in conventional units
130-145 33 13 XS
135-155 35.6 fourteen XS
145-160 38.1 fifteen S
150-165 40.6 sixteen S
156-170 43.2 17 M
167-178 45.7 eighteen M
172-180 48.3 nineteen L
178-185 50.8 twenty L
180-190 53.3 21 XL
185-195 55.9 22 XL
190-200 58.4 23 XXL
195-210 61 24 XXL

Based on the parameters in this table, you will be able to choose the frame size of a mountain bike, as well as a hybrid, city, road bike, and folding.

Mountain Bike Information : Mountain Bike Frame Size for Height

  • If you are interested in which mountain bike frame to choose according to the height of the rider, find yourself in the table and stop at the previous option.
  • For extreme stunt riding, it is allowed to take two steps back;
  • Urban and hybrid bikes often do not allow the seat to be lowered too low, so in this category it is advisable to choose the size exactly according to the table. If you find yourself in the transition range, lean back in size one step.
  • To choose the size and height of the road bike frame, you need, on the contrary, to slightly add the size to the option suitable according to the table. Literally one step, no more. This is especially important for tall riders, they should definitely choose a size one order of magnitude higher.
  • Folding bikes are simple. most of the time their frame size matches the universal table. Find your cm and do not hesitate. you managed to find the right size.

If you do not know what size of a bicycle frame to choose for a child, it will not work to fit the height according to the above table. It is intended for adults, and children also need to consider the diameter of the wheels.

Pay attention to the following plate:

Child’s height, cm Age, years Wheel diameter, inches
75-95 1-3 Less than 12
95-101 3-4 12
101-115 4-6 sixteen
115-128 6-9 twenty
126-155 9-13 24

As you can see, in order to choose the wheel diameter of a child’s bicycle by height, you also need to look at the child’s age.

Please note that wheels with a diameter of 20-24 inches are also suitable for adults, but only on condition that the size of the frame at the same time was chosen for the height correctly.

How to choose the right size of the bike frame for height: instructions

Let’s find out how to choose the correct size of the bike frame for height. not only the rider’s comfort depends on this factor, but also his health and safety. So that you have no doubts about the importance of this aspect, let’s find out why it is important to choose this size exactly according to your height.

  • In order not to damage the knee joints of the rider;
  • Contribute to the correct load on the back and lower back;
  • Increase the productivity of skiing;
  • Improve the parameters of the cyclist’s endurance;
  • Facilitate the correct seating position of the rider. The safety of the rider depends on this, which is especially important for children.

How to choose the right size?

Why are we talking about how to choose a bike frame for height without affecting the dimensions of the bike itself? The fact is that all other parameters depend on the size of the frame. The larger the triangle, the proportionally larger the rest of the pipes in the structure will be.

To choose the right bike frame for your height, you need to take some measurements:

  • The size is measured in centimeters, inches and conventional units: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
  • Measure yourself correctly, from crown to heels, try not to be mistaken by more than 10 cm;
  • Also think about what style of riding you plan to practice. extreme, calm, long distances;
  • Decide on your physique: thin, plump, tall or short, or you choose a big one for a child.
  • To choose the frame of a men’s bicycle for your height for extreme or active riding, it will be right to stop at the smaller size from the allowable size for your length;
  • For tall, thin people, it is recommended to select the largest bike frame size allowed;
  • For full ones, it is worth choosing the smallest triangle, but make sure that the pipes are thick and strong;
  • It’s great if the bike has a wide range of tilt and stem adjustments, seat positions and height.
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How to choose the right wheel diameter for your height

If you do not know what diameter of a bicycle wheel to choose according to height, start from the average values. On older bikes, the most common wheel size is 24-26 inches. This meaning is found in urban, hybrid and folding bikes. Road bridges are distinguished by a diagonal of 27-28 inches. Mountain bikes and off-road bikes are available from 28 inches diagonal.

How To Choose The Correct Size Of Road Bike Frame

How to make sure that the dimensions were chosen correctly?

We hope with this information you will be able to correctly size the bike frame for your height. Don’t forget about the wheel diameter and the future use of the bike. If, after buying online, it turned out that you did not guess a bit with the dimensions, do not worry. adjust the saddle and handlebars. If it still doesn’t fit, it’s best to return the bike and order a new one. Your comfort and health is more expensive than the financial costs of the return postage of the purchase.

Road, cyclocross and track bikes.

One of the most important parameters here is the length of the upper tube. On the road. the main indicator is ETT (effective length of the upper tube). ETT is the length of an imaginary cutter line that is parallel to the ground and extends from the top of the head tube to the intersection with the seat post. In most cases, you should use it.

Height, cm Frame size, cm Size
157-163 49-51 XS
163-170 50-54 S
170-178 54-56 M
178-183 56-58 M / L
183-190 57-59 L
190-198 60-63 XL

Rostovka. changing parameters of the bike frame in length and height. The larger the size, the longer and higher the frame.

Why is it important? With the right bike frame, you will move faster with less energy, and with an incorrectly defined size, you may experience discomfort in your back, knees, as well as problems with bike control in general, which will affect your safety.

Usually the sizes start from 13 “and can be up to 24”. The size step can be from 0.5 “to 2”. There are three types of designations for bicycle sizes:

  • inches;
  • legend (XS, S, M, L, XL);
  • centimeters (cm).

Why these tables can be trusted?

We have collected all recommendations in Russian and foreign internet, data from manufacturers, mixed it with real experience of our team and friends and as a result. weighted recommendations were made for all classes of bicycles for all people. Of course all the data has already been verified on many sales.

Mountain, two-suspension, hybrid, city, urban bicycles, as well as fetbikes.

The largest class of bicycles, common features of the frames. therefore one table.

Height, cm Frame size, inches Frame size, cm Size
130-145 13″ 33 XS
134-155 fourteen” 35.6 XS
145-160 fifteen” 38.1 S
150-165 sixteen” 40.6 S
156-170 17 “ 43.2 M
167-177 eighteen” 45.7 M
172-180 nineteen” 48.3 L
178-185 twenty” 50.8 L
180-190 21 “ 53.3 XL
185-195 22 “ 55.9 XL
190-200 23 “ 58.4 XXL
195-210 24 “ 61 XXL

Selection of the size of the bike frame by height. Table. How to choose?

Children’s bicycles

We strongly recommend that you follow this dimensional grid, as in the case of an incorrect size, you can permanently discourage your child from riding an “uncomfortable” bike.

Adjustments / settings for ergonomics and fit.

  • Saddle height. Your leg should bend slightly in the lower pedal position;
  • Saddle nose slope. The main thing is that you do not feel discomfort while driving;
  • Shifting the saddle along the seatpost frame forward or backward (if you feel that the center of gravity of the body is shifted to one side);
  • The position of the brake levers and gearshift. it is better to put them in a position where they will be an extension of your hand and landing;
  • Replacing the stem with a longer or shorter, as well as lower or higher (if the landing is too low or elongated);
  • Replacing the Seatpost with a Rear Offset Model.