Which electric motor for a bike to choose

How to choose an electric bike

In the past few years, electric bicycles have been gaining increasing popularity among residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as other Russian cities and towns. After all, this is the ideal form of urban and suburban transport, the advantages of which are:

  • economy of movement (no need to spend money on fuel);
  • lack of exhaust gases and the smell of gasoline;
  • high maneuverability allows you to bypass traffic jams;
  • a fairly high speed of 25-55 km / h;
  • sufficient mileage from one battery charge of 25-60 km, and sometimes up to 100 km;
  • affordable cost;
  • no need to drive with a license and undergo technical inspection.

Riding a bike with an electric motor is good for the health of a person with any physical fitness. While driving, it is not at all necessary to constantly pedal, the movement will be fully or partially provided by an electric drive. The power source for the electric motor is a rechargeable battery. It does not matter at all how you feel today and how old you are, this miracle of technology will always take you where you need to.

Choosing the type of electric bike

Electric bicycles are divided into the following types:

  • mountain (E-MTB). designed for off-road and bumpy roads, they are distinguished by a high-quality air suspension fork with a travel of 100-120 mm, a high-quality mountain transmission and hydraulic disc brakes, a better motor and a capacious battery, a more advanced bike computer, as well as wide tires with aggressive tread.
  • hybrid (E-Cross). designed for driving on smooth and slightly bumpy roads, as well as light off-road, they are distinguished by a high-quality engine, a medium-level transmission, a high-quality shock-absorbing fork with a short stroke of 60 mm and tires of medium thickness, about 42 mm.
  • road (E-Tour). designed for driving mainly on flat city roads, therefore, they have a more vertical fit, a rigid or simple short-travel suspension fork, medium-thickness tires and a mid-to-entry-level drivetrain.

Of course, there are also pseudo mountain electric bikes on sale, equipped with a weak motor, a low-capacity battery, as well as a simple spring-elastomer suspension fork and a low-level Shimano Tourney transmission, but we will not consider them in this article and recommend them for purchase either.

which, electric, motor, bike, choose

If a budget city electric bike with similar equipment, but with a vertical fit, narrower tires, full-size fenders and a soft wide saddle, it still makes sense to buy in the case of an extremely limited budget for a leisurely ride on flat roads, then a pseudo mountain electric bike is not suitable for almost any operating conditions.

Also, we do not recommend the most popular American companies that charge a large markup for the brand. In this case, you will have to pay a decent amount for a cool bike, and if you want to save money, you will choose a model equipped with a weak motor and battery, as well as a lower class body kit.

We advise you to choose a well-known European or Russian manufacturer that does not charge a large markup for the brand. For those who are looking for a high-quality electric wire, we recommend the Czech brand AUTHOR, whose bikes are distinguished by a very reliable and light frame, as well as high-quality equipment. Good urban models are made by the young Italian manufacturer WAYEL. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive electric bike for traveling on flat city and country roads, we recommend the very popular domestic brand ELTRECO in Russia, which specializes in the production of electric vehicles.

The most important thing to look for when choosing a motor is its manufacturer. Brand engines such as the SHIMANO Steps E-5000 are of high quality and reliability. They are excellent for use in any road and weather conditions, therefore they have a long service life.

Engines from second-tier companies, for example SUNTOUR or BAFANG, are less reliable, but for a city bike that will operate in good road conditions, this is a good option, because they are cheaper.

The worst option is what kind of Chinese non-name engine, whatever power it has, its service life is short, its mechanics will wear out pretty quickly, so we do not recommend such engines.

which, electric, motor, bike, choose

A very important parameter of the engine is its rated power, which determines the maximum speed of the bike and the ability to overcome steep climbs. If you plan to drive fast, at a speed of about 40 km / h or more, you will need a powerful engine. For example, an e-bike equipped with a 400 W motor will be able to move at speeds up to 40 km / h, an 800-1000 W motor will reach speeds of up to 55-60 km / h, but this is already too much for a bicycle.

Please note that the more powerful the motor, the greater its weight. And he needs a more powerful battery, which further increases the weight. Therefore, for most cyclists, for whom very high speed is not a priority, a motor with a rated power of 250 W is sufficient. The SHIMANO motor of such power is quite enough for normal driving on any terrain, road surface or rough terrain, at a speed of up to 30 km / h.

The declared power of cheap models may not correspond to reality, it is often overstated. They can indicate the maximum power instead of the nominal, or even take numbers from the ceiling. Therefore, it often turns out that a branded 250 W motor develops a higher speed and pulls better uphill than a cheap 400-500 W motor.

When purchasing an electric bike, be sure to find out the power and type of battery, these parameters will determine how much you can travel without recharging. The power of the storage battery is measured in watt-hours (Wh) and depends on its nominal voltage and capacity, the more these parameters, the more power. The battery voltage is measured in volts (V) and is selected based on the motor voltage. Capacity is measured in milliampere hours (mAh) or ampere hours (Ah). For a bicycle, 400-500 Wh is usually sufficient, but the more the better.

The type of battery and the manufacturer are also important. A good quality battery should be of the lithium-ion or lithium-polymer type. A lead acid battery weighs about 3 times heavier than a lithium battery and discharges faster. But, it costs less, so it is suitable for those who are looking for a budget option, if the weight is not particularly important.

3.3. Frame and attachments

The frame is the basis of the bike, your safety depends on its strength, and the weight of the bike depends on its lightness. Therefore, the frame must be strong and lightweight. In order to be sure of the strength of the frame, buy bikes from reputable manufacturers who have a quality control service.

Most often, e-bike frames are made of aluminum or steel. The first option is preferable, because aluminum is lighter than steel. To further reduce the weight without sacrificing strength, the frame tubes are made using butting technology.

Also pay attention to the transmission and brakes. A multi-speed transmission is needed for traveling on roads with different terrain, because the electric motor is not always able to pull the cyclist up a steep hill in one gear, low gears are useful here. On horizontal terrain and downhill slopes, high gears will allow for high speeds.

E-bikes often use mountain transmissions or planetary hubs. They are subdivided into different classes, on which the quality, reliability and convenience of gear shifting depend. For those who do not know, here are the names of amateur transmissions from the Japanese company Shimano, the quality increases from left to right: Tourney, Altus, Acera, Alivio, Deore. Shimano SLX semi-pro group and Shimano XT and XTR pro groups. A similar range of transmissions from the American company Sram, amateur transmissions: X.3, X.4, X.5, semi-professional X.7, professional X.9 and X.0.

Popular planetary hub names: Shimano Nexus and Sram i-Motion 3 are 3-8 speed planetary hubs. Shimano Alfine, Sram i-Motion 9. more advanced planetary hubs designed for 9-11 gear shifting.

Your safety depends on the reliability of the brakes, therefore, you also need to pay attention to them. Better if the brake system is hydraulic disc. Mechanical disc brakes from a good manufacturer are also a good option. Cheaper rim brakes fit on a budget city bike.

Choosing an electric bike model

If you are staying on the mountain (E-MTB) type, we recommend the chic models from the Czech company AUTHOR: ELEVATION and ELEVATION 29. These bikes are distinguished by chic air suspension forks with 100 mm travel RST F1RST 29 15 TRL air, high-quality 10-speed SHIMANO transmission Deore and hydraulic disc brakes. For girls, the same models are produced with the ASL prefix.

You can take a slightly simpler option, but also very worthy: AUTHOR ELEVE 29, ELEVE, ELEVE 29 ASL or ELEVE ASL.

For adolescents and small adults, AUTHOR EFFECT 2021 is produced on a 13.5 frame.

AUTHOR’s top-of-the-line electric mountain bike, the ELITE 2021 model, is equipped with a professional FOX 34 Float 27.5 Remote Air suspension fork with 140 mm travel, frame suspension, 11-speed SHIMANO Deore transmission and of course a hydraulic braking system.

Among the hybrid models, we recommend AUTHOR EMPIRE 2021 for men and AUTHOR ENIGMA 2021 for women. These bikes are built on lightweight aluminum frames and are equipped with SHIMANO Steps E6100 250W motors, SHIMANO E-8035 36V lithium-ion batteries, 14 Ah, as well as the high-end SHIMANO Deore transmission, RST ViV Air TnL air fork, with travel 60mm and hydraulic disc brakes.

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You can take the hybrid version a little simpler, but also very worthy: AUTHOR EDICT 2021 for men or ESSENCE 2021 for girls.

If you are looking for an inexpensive foldable electric bike for the city, check out the highly maneuverable ELTRECO Good LITIUM 250W on small, 20 ” wheels. It can withstand a weight of up to 110 kg, while it develops a speed of up to 25 km / h, the battery capacity is enough for 35 km of run.

The budget road bike is equipped with a steel frame and 26-inch ELTRECO XT800 wheels, with a suspension fork and disc brakes. Maximum speed: 30 km / h. Battery capacity 10 Ah, voltage 36 V. Mileage from one battery charge: 60-70 km.

If you are looking for a good city electric bike, we recommend AUTHOR ELEMENT for men and AUTHOR ELECTRA for women. They feature a quality Shimano Alivio mid-range mountain drivetrain and a large 14 Ah battery. SHIMANO Steps E-5000 engine power. 250 watts Simple shock absorber built into the fork.

Another interesting option for the city from the Italian company WAYEL Long Ride S, which differs in the transmission, a planetary hub with 7 speeds Shimano Nexus 7 is installed here. Great is assembled on an aluminum frame and 26-inch wheels. Motor power 250 W, battery. 12.5Ah, 25.2V.

How to choose an e-bike

Now more and more people are trying to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. That is why the bicycle is becoming more and more popular every year. It gives you the opportunity not only to significantly improve your physical condition, but also to see a lot of beautiful and fascinating places. In our time, the cycling industry is developing at an astounding speed. The most advanced technologies and materials are used in the production of bicycles. Electric bicycles have become one of the most relevant novelties of bicycle manufacturers in recent years. The full article on how to choose a bike by riding style, height and price. read here.

By their design, they do not differ much from the classic models. Their main feature is the presence of an electric motor that sets the device in motion. All electric rover models can be roughly divided into three categories. one-piece, three-wheeled and foldable. The latter are considered ideal for getting around the city. If necessary, they can be transported folded in a train, tram or bus. In turn, one-piece e-bikes have a monolithic design, as well as a huge number of models designed for specific cycling disciplines (downhill, mountain biking, road riding, sand, hiking, etc.). Electric tricycles are used primarily for the transportation of heavy and bulky goods.

Many people still prefer the traditional compact means of transportation around the city, such as a moped and a scooter. But their capabilities are much more limited compared to electric bicycles.

  • The electric bike can be easily stored in an apartment or any other convenient room;
  • Lack of unpleasant odors and environmental friendliness;
  • Compact design;
  • Practicality and reliability;
  • Versatility;
  • Variety of all kinds of models;
  • Connection of two types of traction;
  • Lighter weight;
  • The ability to ride anywhere.

The e-bike will give a completely new sensation from the ride, having done all the hard work for the cyclist. Overcoming steep and long climbs, headwinds, long distances. all these constraints fade into the background when riding an electric bike. In addition, modern electric bicycles are able to give real drive not only to ordinary users, but also to advanced amateurs and athletes. Due to the high speed, as well as the presence of professional-grade suspensions in many models, you can feel the real extreme from riding in absolutely any place, without having to go to the mountains. One has only to leave the flat asphalt and skiing on any off-road can be turned into a real exciting adventure, feeling like a professional racer in all mountain or freeride. Of the disadvantages of this type of transport, one can single out a large weight, as well as a rather high price, which is associated with the relative novelty of this technology.

When choosing a specific e-bike model, you need to take into account a huge number of characteristics. The main ones are the type of motor-wheel and its location, electric motor power, power reserve, maximum speed, maximum permissible load, protection of the case from dust and moisture. These characteristics can vary greatly from model to model, which is why it is imperative to determine for yourself the intended scope of use of transport, as well as the main tasks that are required from it. As with conventional bicycles, the presence of additional components and accessories will make the ride much more enjoyable and safer. A flask, bell, trunk, front and rear fenders, chain guard, headlight, charger are almost essential components of any bike. When choosing from several similar e-bike models, the availability of additional accessories can play a decisive role.

The electric bike is driven by a wheel motor. It can be of two types. geared and gearless. The main advantage of the former is to provide high torque. These motors are very economical, consume a low amount of electricity, and also easily allow the bike to climb any climb. As with any engine, the high torque does not allow them to reach high speeds, which in the fastest models reach 30 km / h. Buying an e-bike with this type of wheel motor will be an ideal solution for a quiet unhurried ride, as well as for transporting heavy loads, where a high speed of movement is not required. Direct drive makes it possible to develop a higher top speed, which can reach up to 50 km / h. At the same time, you need to come to terms with higher energy consumption, as well as frequent charging of the battery. In addition, the weight and dimensions of gearless motors are somewhat larger.

In terms of power, all electric bicycles can be conditionally divided into three groups. low, medium and high power. The most economical models have this indicator at the level of 250-300 watts. It is they who are most often equipped with a gear-type motor. The average power is 500 watts. It is quite enough for the full-fledged operation of a gearless motor-wheel. The difference in performance between these two categories is not very noticeable, although it is. The most productive models with a power of 800-1000 watts allow you to fully experience the full potential of an e-bike. They will give you a real drive from the ride, and experienced cyclists will be able to use all the reserves of such devices to the maximum.

The location of the engine also affects the bike’s technical and performance characteristics. Front-wheel drive is characterized by maximum simplicity of design. These bicycles have excellent stability as well as handling. This is facilitated by a good weight distribution of the entire structure. Among the shortcomings, one can single out the limitations on engine power, a large load on the front fork, as well as difficulties with removing the front wheel. The presence of a rear-wheel drive ensures maximum grip of the wheel with the road surface. This design implies the installation of even the most powerful engines. To improve weight distribution, the battery is located in the middle of the frame of these bicycles. Rear-wheel drive bikes are more sporty, which should be considered when buying. In the most expensive models of electric bicycles, the motor can be installed in the area of ​​the carriage assembly. Although this design is quite complex, it has several tangible advantages, such as the ideal balance of weight, better possibilities for assembling bicycles with two suspensions, the presence of a multi-speed transmission that allows you to fully unleash the full potential of the electric motor. The choice of a specific type of e-bike comes down to the personal preferences of the buyer, his financial capabilities, as well as the scope of use of the bike.

An essential element in the design of any e-bike is a rechargeable battery. It can be of several types, have different capacities, as well as operating voltage. The battery voltage must match that of other components such as the wheel motor and controller. Most often, the entire system has multiple voltages of 24 V, 36 V, 48 V or 60 V. Electric bicycles with a voltage of 24-36 V are quite light, compact, have an average power and can reach speeds of 24-32 km / h, depending on the specific models. The 48-60 volts are the most powerful bikes that show the maximum performance. Battery capacity is measured in ampere-hours. The range of the bike directly depends on this characteristic. As a rule, manufacturers independently select this parameter, taking into account the compatibility of all structural components. There are several types of batteries. lead acid (SLA), lithium ion (Li-lon), lithium phosphate (LiFePO4). The first type is the most popular and inexpensive. Such batteries are heavy, low cost, and also designed for 500-600 charge-discharge cycles. Lithium-ion batteries are more modern. They have a high cost, low weight, and a fairly large number of charge-discharge cycles (500-1000). Most electric bicycles are equipped with this type of battery. The third type is the most technologically advanced, but it is rarely used due to its high cost.

We also recommend reading the article on choosing the right bike. It discusses all types of bicycles, how to choose the right bike for price and height, how not to be mistaken in the quality of bicycles.

E-bike controllers

Powerful sine wave controller with current control. Provides silent motor operation. Battery current up to 60 A. Regenerative braking. The kit includes:

Sine wave controller for popular Hailong 1-2 enclosure.

Included: LCD display, throttle trigger, brake levers with sensors

Powerful controller from the Chinese manufacturer YYK. Rated voltage: 48, 60 or 72 V. Battery current up to 80 A. Regenerative braking. Dimensions 245x117x62 mm. Connects via Bluetooth to deathphone, displays parameters on the display via the application. Weight 1.65 kg.

Powerful controller from the Chinese manufacturer YYK. Differs in high operating voltage, nominal range: 72-120 V. Battery current up to 150 A. Dimensions 305x117x62 mm. Connects via Bluetooth to deathphone, displays parameters on the display via the application. Weight 2.3 kg.

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Powerful controller from the Chinese manufacturer YYK. Rated voltage: 48, 60 or 72 V. Battery current up to 50 A. Regenerative braking. Dimensions 175x117x62 mm. Connects via Bluetooth to deathphone, displays parameters on the display via the application. Weight 1.2 kg.

Powerful controller from the Chinese manufacturer YYK. Rated voltage: 48-72 V. Battery current up to 100 A. Regenerative braking. Dimensions 340x117x60 mm. Connects via Bluetooth to deathphone, displays parameters on the display via the application. Weight 2 kg.

A powerful new generation controller from the Chinese manufacturer YKZ. Differs in increased power of phase current. Rated voltage 48-72 V. Battery current up to 200 A. Dimensions 250x135x65 mm. Connects via Bluetooth to deathphone, displays parameters on the display via the application. Weight 2.2 kg.

A powerful new generation controller from the Chinese manufacturer YKZ. Differs in increased power of phase current. Rated voltage 48-72 V. Battery current up to 150 A. Dimensions 250x135x65 mm. Connects via Bluetooth to deathphone, displays parameters on the display via the application. Weight 2.2 kg.

Lightweight rare wheel motor with rolling for electric scooter

Motor weight: 3.2 kg2. Width: 100 or 120 mm

Buy motor wheel

Rear motor wheel MXUS XF55H in 18 moto rims front 19 moto

Rear wheel motor 5000w2. Spoke into 18 ” motorcycle rim

The MXUS 1000W is a reliable and easy-to-maintain Direct Drive DC motor. Speed ​​up to 45 km / h. The kit is equipped with a controller, LED Display, 2 brake levers, throttle stick and the motor itself. MK spiked into a 26-inch rim, front or rear wheel to choose from.

Which is Best electric motor kit and Best battery for Electric cycle | How Can I Help U

Magic Pie 5 is the latest modification from the world leader in wheel motors. It features a Bluetooth interface that allows you to transfer data on speed, mileage and battery charge to your smartphone! Built-in 48v programmable sine wave controller. Regenerative braking, cruise control.

Magic Pie IV. 4th generation Golden Motor wheel motors. It features a 48v programmable sine controller built right into the wheel and the ability to connect an LCD display. Regenerative braking and cruise control.

The Golden Motor Magic Piie Mark III wheel motor is the third generation of the powerful Golden Motor wheel motors. Waterproof wiring with silver plated contacts. Built-in 48v controller. Regenerative braking, cruise control.

Rear gearless motor-wheel Leili 1500-3000w. Spitsovono in a wide 60 mm rim in black. The set includes a 48v, 40A controller, a power of 2000 watts. Speed ​​over 60 km / h! Regenerative braking. Large LCD display.

Rear geared motor clasp JB105C separately, under the spoke

500W nominal, 48V2. Dropout 135 mm

Rear geared fat bike motor-wheels 24-inch double 80 mm aluminum. rim

Motor weight: 4.1 kg 2. Dropout width: 175 mm

Rear geared wheel motors 20-inch double 80 mm alum. rim

Motor weight: 4.1 kg 2. Dropout width: 135 mm

Making an electric motor for a bicycle yourself

To upgrade your old bike on your own, you need to find the right engine for its new purpose. Since all electric motors are charged from the network, then you need to provide them with a battery of the required power. Sometimes they can reach impressive sizes, which is not always convenient and looks beautiful on a bicycle.

The most popular motor used to improve the bike is the motor from an old lawn mower or grass trimmer. The power of the motor should be taken into account, as if it is weak, the bike will not even move. But too powerful will not work either, since it will have large dimensions.

The advantage of electric motors is considered to be their quiet operation, compared to engines running on gasoline.

Motorcycle kits

Two Stroke Gas Motor For Bicycle

This type of engine was invented by Chinese manufacturers. Its volume is 48 cm3. Its difference from a simple electric motor is that a gas cylinder is mounted in it for the place of the gas tank. The whole design of such a motor is in doubt. Such a motor does not save anything, since gasoline engines also consume little fuel.

Electric motor of the outboard type for a bicycle Kometa

This kit is usually installed on the rear rack. The principle of operation of such a motorcycle kit is to transfer torque to the rear wheel sprocket.

In the case of installing the electric motor on the front rack, the torque will be transmitted to the front sprocket of the bike.

The set can be of different types. Engine power ranges from one to two horsepower. The most powerful engine can accelerate to 50 km / h.

Also, the kit can include a gas tank and a muffler. The total mass of such an electric motor will be no more than five kilograms.

But such motors also have disadvantages. For example:

  • The electric motor of this modification is relatively expensive;
  • The quality of the motor raises some doubts;
  • The aesthetic characteristics of the electric motor are not ideal either.

Wheel motor

This type of engine has become very popular among bicycle lovers. Its main advantage is the ability to convert a simple bicycle into an electric bike.

It should be noted that when this engine is mounted in a bicycle, it is practically invisible, since the wheel motor is similar in design and appearance to a simple hub. This engine can be installed either to one of the wheels, or to both wheels at once.

After completing the installation of the battery and throttle lever, the bike can be considered ready for use.

The power of this type of motor ranges from 150 W to 2000 W. Depending on the power, a motor with a certain voltage is selected. from 24 to 48 V. For each of these options, it is necessary to select the required battery.

Varieties of electric motors

The following types of electric motors can be installed on a bicycle:

  • Wheel motor;
  • Motor in transmission of frictional action;
  • Outboard type electric motor.

Outboard Electric Bicycle Motor

If you choose transport between a car, a motorcycle, a bus or a bicycle, then, probably, many will choose the latter option. If you think about it, then this is the most convenient and fastest way to travel. Since a car is a rather expensive thing, and it will take a very long time to get anywhere on it due to eternal traffic jams, the bus is also not an option. you will have to huddle in a crowd of people, among whom it is very hot and uncomfortable.

A motorcycle requires a driver’s license and, moreover, riding it can be dangerous. Therefore, all that remains is the bicycle, which, if equipped with an engine, would be the ideal vehicle. This vehicle has become very popular in recent years. Even a simple old grandfather’s bike can be equipped with a motor and can safely move around the city, quickly and without traffic jams. At your discretion, you can choose an electric motor for the bike.

ICE Kits


A wheel motor is the most common type of electric motor today. It is worth noting that this type of electric motor is usually installed when converting a regular city bike into a bike with an electric motor.

As for the appearance and design of the bike, they hardly change, since the motor-wheel is almost imperceptible. This engine is mounted to both the front and rear hubs, but sometimes it happens that they put one motor on each wheel.

The bike is considered to be completely re-equipped when the battery and throttle are installed. Often a wheel hub motor is sold with spokes that are already mounted to the hub.

The motor-wheels have a power in the range of 150. 2000 W. Note also that the wheel motors have three main versions: for 24, 36 and 48 V. And each of these types requires its own battery.

A bicycle on which a motor-wheel is installed is capable of accelerating to 60-70 km / h and has a power reserve of about 40-50 km. Naturally, if you move uphill, these indicators are significantly reduced.

To increase the power and speed of the electric bike, some experimenters increase the power supply to 72 V. But, this is a rather risky idea, because the electric motor installed on the bike can be damaged.


Even bicycle motors are produced by a well-known manufacturer. It is worth noting that these engines have much better technical and quality characteristics than the motorcycle kits mentioned earlier. These motors can be up to 4 hp, which is enough to not pedal assist.

But the cost of such a toy is quite impressive. Today Yamaha is gradually switching to the manufacture of bicycle electric motors, and in the near future gasoline engines from this manufacturer will be in short supply (there are already few of them).


An ideal solution for those who want to make an electric bike with their own hands is an electric motor for a bicycle. Consider the main types of electric motors, by installing which on a regular bike, you will get an electric bike. capable of speeds of 50-70 km / h.


In this article, we will look at the main types of such a device as an electric motor for a bicycle. So, it is worth saying that the motors that are installed on electric bicycles are of the following types:

  • wheel motor;
  • outboard engine;
  • frictional engine.


Today, a motorcycle kit for a bicycle is not uncommon. There are a number of different bike-mounted motors on sale. Usually, the motorcycle kit provides universal mounts that fit most modern bikes, but there are motors designed only for certain bike models.

Some models of motorcycle kits that are most popular, we will consider further:


The outboard is a standalone unit attached to the bottom bracket or bottom tube of the bike. A mandatory point is that a special protective cover is installed on the electric motor and chain drive.

The engine transmits power to the rear sprocket via a chain drive. The engine is powered by a battery, which is attached to the bottom of the bike’s supporting platform.

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The power consumption and speed of the bike is regulated by a special electronic controller. The controller is controlled by the handlebar (similar to the throttle on a motorcycle).

If we compare this design with a motor-wheel, then the total mass of the bike will increase slightly. However, the speed of the electric bike will increase significantly, and may even reach 120 km / h.

As well as the motor-wheel, the electric drive of the considered type can be installed on almost any bicycle.


The electric drive, which is based on a friction mechanism, works thanks to the following principle. The transmission of torque from the shaft of the electric motor is carried out directly to the tire of the vehicle wheel.

This type of transmission of torque from the engine to the wheel is considered ineffective, since it has a number of quite significant disadvantages, namely:

  • very low efficiency;
  • significantly reduces the service life of the wheel;
  • requires constant monitoring of the pressure in the wheel;
  • in wet weather, the transfer roller slips noticeably.

The only thing that justifies the permissibility of using an electric motor of this type is that it can be simply installed without disassembling the bike.

Varieties of bicycle electric motors

A wheel motor is the most common type of electric motor. Its package includes:

  • Wheel with the drive installed on the hub.
  • Accumulator battery.
  • Control unit that controls the entire motor mechanism.
  • On-off and speed control knobs.

The electric wheel, by default, is placed in the back, since the bike is rear-wheel drive by its nature. However, you can find an option with a front motor-wheel or an all-wheel drive electric bike.

The speed of a bicycle with an electric motor of this type reaches 60 km / h on a flat road and 30 km / h when riding uphill. The power range is quite wide. from 150 to 2000 W, it directly depends on the power of the installed battery. The ready-made set includes a battery and an engine that match each other in terms of power. When choosing a battery for a wheel on your own, you need to take into account its required power.

Another type of electric motor for a bicycle is an outboard motor. It works according to the classic principle of torque transmission by means of a chain drive. In other words, the driving force helps to spin the wheel more than it does with normal pedaling.

The outboard motor is attached to the bike frame as an independent unit. The battery is attached to the bottom of the bike carrier, after which it connects directly to the motor unit.

How to Choose an Electric Motor | Introduction and Basics

The torque of the outboard electric motor will be higher than that of the motor-wheels, which makes it possible to develop maximum speeds of about 90 km / h. Thanks to this, you can move freely on the bike along the track, the distance traveled will depend on the maximum battery capacity. You can control the speed using the same control knobs on the steering wheel.

The total mass of a bike with an electric motor attached to the frame will be greater than that of a bike with motor-wheels. The extra weight is known to impair driving dynamics, so outboard motors are best avoided on light bicycles.

Friction or slip motors are the simplest engine options on bikes. Their principle of operation is to transfer torque to the tire of the wheel itself using a special roller. This type of electric motor can serve as a foot aid when driving uphill, and will also allow you to develop a higher speed on highways.

The main advantage of such a device is the ability to install it without disassembling the bike. The disadvantages include excessive wear of the wheel, low speed indicators (no more than 40 km / h), poor engagement of the roller with the tire at high humidity.

In the niche of electric bicycles, there is also room for a foldable e-bike. This model is interesting in that the engine itself is located inside the case. The front and rear frame folds over the motor block, which sits in the bottom bracket area. right at the bike’s center of gravity.

Electric motors for bicycles

A bicycle is a convenient and practical transport, but its speed is significantly lower compared to its two-wheeled counterparts: motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. To give the bike high speed performance and facilitate movement downhill, special devices were invented. electric motors.

Modern electric motors for a bicycle are divided into three types: motor-wheels, friction and hinged. Let’s consider in detail what they are and what features they have.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a motor unit

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the bicycle motor is imperfect, has its positive and negative features. As the saying goes, nobody canceled the double-edged sword. Let’s get down to the pros:

  • Speed ​​and dynamics. Any of the previously named engines will give the cyclist greater ease of movement and a couple of tens of kilometers. Needless to say, there is no fatigue when riding uphill, which is inevitable even on a super-fast bike without a motor.?
  • even load on the legs. The engine will not free you from the need to pedal, but it will be much easier to do this due to the additional pushing force. The absence of fluctuations in loads will avoid excessive fatigue of the legs, and, of course, streams of sweat.
  • Possibility of free maneuvering on highways, thanks to the speed commensurate with the car. However, there is also a significant drawback in this area. We read about him and other disadvantages of the electric bike further.

Disadvantages of bicycles with electric motors:

  • Danger on the road. A significant part of car owners are not yet accustomed to cyclists on their territory, and if the bike rushes along the road almost at the speed of a car Add the quality of Russian roads and we will inevitably have to limit the capabilities of our super-great and use low speeds. Isn’t it easier to just pedal?
  • Severity. You can’t argue, the engine will add a dozen kilograms to the frame. And if you can put up with a decrease in speed indicators, then dragging such a great one is definitely not a thrill.
  • Cost. You will have to spend twice as much on a bike with an electric motor as on a regular high-quality bike.
  • Hijacking. Unfortunately, the stolen bike remains with the thief without punishment. Taking into account the previous point, it is easy to draw conclusions.

Here we have highlighted the main positive and negative features of electric bikes relative to conventional bicycles. Deciding which one to buy is everyone’s business. Price can become a serious barrier to purchase, because of which you will have to abandon your idea. Is it worth it? Maybe you can create a motor with your own hands and install it on a regular bike.?

Self-installation of electric motors

The tasks of installing an electric motor with your own hands include the selection of a ready-made engine and battery and, of course, their installation. As a result, we will get an electric bike with an outboard engine and a battery.

To obtain the required recharging of the motor (220 V) while cycling, you will most likely need several small batteries, which will give a noticeable gain and, therefore, worsen the dynamics. Another option is to find a large, but one battery.

Devices whose motors are suitable for a bicycle:

  • lawn mowers;
  • washing machines (not automatic machines);
  • chainsaws.

The latter refer to devices running on gasoline fuel, therefore, the engine on the bicycle will be gasoline. This is an additional installation of a gas tank, it is still unknown how it will behave on the road, so it is worth stopping your attention on electric motors.

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Knowing the power of the motor (it is better to take not too high), as well as how to connect the battery and the circuit to it, will help to make the right bicycle motor. It will have to be completely removed and attached to the engine shaft at one end. From the available means for connecting to the battery, strong wires with good insulation are suitable.

The battery and motor unit are best positioned in the carriage area near the bike’s center of gravity. It goes without saying that you will need fasteners and clamps to secure it. Power on / off button extends over the steering handle.

Creating your own engine from available tools is a troublesome business. It can fail. A more rational option to turn your bike into a power machine is to buy and install a ready-made electric motor for the bike. The easiest way is to put a motor-wheel, the main thing is that it fits in size and is precisely fixed on the frame.

If your plans do not include a wheel replacement, then it is best to purchase an outboard engine. It will not be difficult to assemble such a node with your own hands, you only need to install and connect. In general terms, you will need:

  • remove the rear wheel;
  • connect the chain to the engine;
  • install the motor unit;
  • put the battery;
  • install the control unit and adjusting knobs;
  • connect all elements of the set with each other.

After installation, you need to check how correctly everything is installed and how the power unit works. In case of insufficient engine power, it will be required to push it with the pedals, which, in principle, is permissible for a bicycle.

Electric motors for bikes are indispensable helpers for those who often travel great distances or live in hilly areas. The correct location, average power and size, as well as rational use will cancel out almost all the disadvantages of an electric bike and will allow you to get the most out of it.