Which bikes are better than stealth or stern

Hydraulic disc brakes or mechanical disc brakes, which is better?

When choosing bicycle brakes, a question often arises before the buyer. which brakes are best to give preference to. hydraulic or mechanical?

And here it is important to consider all the nuances, since different types of brakes have significant differences in quality, price, and other important parameters. To understand which brakes are best, you need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both types of brakes, and choose the best option for yourself. What are we going to do.

Disc hydraulic brakes

Let’s start with the benefits of hydraulic brakes.

But one cannot fail to mention the cons. Disadvantages of hydraulic disc brakes.

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of such a braking system is its price, and good hydraulics cost a lot. In addition to the cost of the hydraulic system itself, its repair, if necessary, also costs a lot.
  • In addition, the hydraulic brake system is quite difficult to maintain. The brakes need to be pumped, and it is very difficult to do this without a set of special tools.
  • Hydraulics can freeze when skiing in winter.
  • If it becomes necessary to transport your bike, you should not do it upside down, this is fraught with sticking of the pads.

Mechanical disc brakes

Benefits of mechanical disc brakes

  • The obvious advantages of disc mechanics are their price compared to hydraulic ones.
  • Even in the field, this type of brake can be easily serviced. brake levers and cables can be easily changed to any other suitable.
  • Mechanical brakes can be used regardless of the season

Disadvantages of disc mechanics

  • The cable is in constant motion that leads to friction and backlash, and hence faster wear and less precise braking
  • And again about the cable. Since it is constantly moving, it gradually stretches, so it is important to keep an eye on it and constantly adjust.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that if you are engaged in cycling professionally, if you have a workshop nearby, where they can service your hydraulics at the first request. why not. In all other cases, mechanical brakes will be enough for you

In general, which braking system to choose depends a lot on your own preferences, after all, a bicycle. it is a personal means of transportation, and what is more profitable and reliable for you. it’s up to you to decide! Don’t skimp on your safety. choose a quality braking system!

7th place. TREK

In order to better understand how true what is said in the advertisement is, it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons of the brand using the example of a specific product or model. For TREK we have chosen the most popular model 820 in our country.

Not a bad weight for a steel frame that perfectly dampens vibrations on any bumps! The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty

The presence of an “optimal minimum” for comfortable walks, everything is assembled with the highest quality

Great option for forest paths and off-road.

Relatively weak rims, designed more for a neat ride. So under off-road you will have to “customize” a little (pick up the rims stronger) the initial assembly.

Considering its design, weight and wheel width, it will not pick up high speed in a short time.

V-brake brakes quickly go out of tune, you constantly have to tighten something. over, with such brakes, driving on serious mud becomes almost meaningless after the first bend.

This American brand was founded in the distant 70s in the USA, and the TREK company was at the origins of the most innovative developments. The “father of mountain bike” Harry Fisher himself was involved in the design of new bikes. Under this brand, by the way, the first ultra-light two-wheeler with a carbon frame was released (1986).

Nowadays, the company’s developers also strive to be at the forefront of bicycle engineering, and this year the result has been the release of many updated and modified modifications. One of them. TREK 820, a versatile MTB with an aluminum frame and a weight of about 15 kg.

Body kit. standard, Shimano Tourney with 21 drivetrains, rim brakes. Tektro, the rims and tires are of high quality, represented by the Bontrager brand. I would like to pay special attention to a good SR Suntour M-3030 fork, with a carbon spring and a travel of up to 75 mm.

Decent price coupled with acceptable specs from the legendary brand. here is what can be said about the TREK 820. For a western brand in general, the here are quite democratic. Among other lines of this brand are also popular VERVE women’s bicycles, women’s version 820 and more professional and sports lines, such as DUAL SPORTS, ROSCOE and FX2.

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5th place. Giant

Price: 23,000 (basic equipment)

This brand has long won recognition among thousands of domestic bike riders. The focus of GIANT engineers on the MTB segment is also well known. What do these bikes win over, and what is missed at first glance, but is a clear drawback? Consider the Talon 3 model as an example.

Well thought-out frame and handlebar geometry

A large number of speeds, as on professional models. 24 (3×8). Now you can easily conquer any slope, and every transmission will be useful

The ProWheel Burner crankset has three removable sprockets, which reduces the cost of further maintenance: when the sprocket is worn, it is replaced without the need to replace the connecting rod.

This model also fully reflects the manufacturer’s focus on the mid-price segment: in particular, this can be seen in the quality of the body kit, which, however, can always be “pumped” if desired.

Sufficiently delicate paintwork, easily scratched, which can be noted in full after the first season of use. Therefore, it is better to immediately acquire a footrest (which, of course, are not included in the delivery set) and avoid leaning against walls and trees

The package does not include fenders, which are sometimes difficult to match.

Before us is another legendary Taiwanese brand, a company that, like many, began with the production of bicycles under other names. However, Giant has not stopped doing this even today. about 55% of all branded bicycles are manufactured at Giant factories (Scott, Trek, Colnago and many others). Nevertheless, there is precisely the “Jaynt” style and quality that almost cannot be confused with anything.

This year, this company pleased us with updated versions of many already well-known models, including Talon 3 2019. Lightweight frames. a chip of this brand, and the ALUXX-Grade Aluminum frame fully confirms this (14 kg of the model’s weight is also strong evidence).

which, bikes, better, stern

Other specs include 27.5-inch wheels and a reliable SR Suntour XCT HLO 27.5 (100mm) spring-elastomer fork. Brakes are Shimano Acera and Altus disc brake systems, 24 gears (Shimano Altus, 3×8). In general, not bad at all for a workhorse, with which you feel equally comfortable on city slides and on country slopes.

Among other successful model series of bicycles produced under this brand dozens can be called, the main differences of which are always versatility, lightness and quality. Mountain biking is perhaps what the Giant really excel at. Along with the Talon, you can find other “mountain” and “hybrid” representatives on the roads. Anthem, XTC, Rock and many more.

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Bike rating 2019

Every cycling season, manufacturers present new models of their products, or updated versions of already well-known and popular lines. This year, 2019, is no exception. That is why in this review we decided to consider in detail what this year we were able to please our favorite bike brands.

6th place. SCOTT

You will have to pay extra for quality separately. this is true for SCOTT products. However, is such a pricing policy justified in the domestic market? Let’s try to figure it out on the example of the SCOTT ROXTER 620 model.

Excellent weight for an aluminum frame. 13.5 kg. almost a record.

Tires are relatively average quality, as are pedals (baseline).

Unjustified mark-up, albeit with the “Swiss quality” postscript. Why pay at least one and a half times more for the “same” SHIMANO body kit?

This Swiss company, originally engaged in the production of ski equipment, has launched its own production of bikes since the mid-80s (while continuing to operate in the ski segment). The roll-off and reliability of two-wheelers produced under this name proves that all SCOTT models are of the elite class. This certainly affects the price as well.

Price. an important factor in our conditions, especially if the spread However, the company also offers decent budget options that do not have the entire arsenal of professional modifications, but sometimes superior in quality to analogues from other brands.

In this regard, the ASPECT series is a good option for adults. In the first case, you can call the most budgetary model of this year’s mountain bike. This aluminum frame hardtail isn’t all that heavy. only 13.5 kg, but in all other respects (we take into account the price!), before us, to put it mildly, an amateur set of equipment.

Rim brakes. SHIMANO Tourney, Shimano FC-TY301 42x34x24 wCG Shifting System, HL Zoom 565 (80mm) Fork. In short, simple and with a small overpayment for the brand. Modifications equipped with disc brakes and other components will cost at least one and a half times more.

1st place. STELS

Model: Navigator 910 MD 29 V010

Let’s try to point out the main disadvantages and advantages of the STELS NAVIGATOR model, which are easy to highlight upon a more detailed examination, and even more so when used during the first several hundred kilometers:

Good value for a model with disc brakes and 24 gears. In fact, the best offer with a complete set of this class in this price segment.

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A great option for a beginner or a basis for further “pumping”.

The first thing that catches your eye. the relative build quality and some components. Most likely, after a few weeks of initial use, something will have to be replaced.

The frame, although very sturdy, is at the same time quite bulky. it is felt at the first ascent up a steep hill. Why drag great when everything should be the other way around?

It is better to take an already assembled version, and not in a box, since there is a high probability that something “will not fit”.

There are quite a few complaints about the quality of disc brakes, and even the flatness of the rims. Assembled, you can see all this and foresee.

The STELS brand, well known to many bicycle riders, with which we will begin, is a Russian brand. Manufacturing company. Velomotors was founded in 1996 by the Nachevkin brothers. At first, they were engaged in the sale of foreign bicycles, and since 2003 they have launched their own production. STELS bikes are in no way inferior to Western and Asian counterparts, and in terms of cost. they are almost always cheaper (the plant is located in the suburbs).

This year, the company presented an updated version of the well-known great Stels Navigator, modification 930 MD V010. For a relatively affordable price, you will be offered a 29 “standard wheel size 29er, a steel frame (total weight just over 18 kg) and a 24-speed SHIMANO Tourney TX FD-TX800 system.

There are modifications with bracket and disc brakes. In the latter case, it is the MICROSHIFT system. Front fork travel: 80mm. In general, we have before us a full-fledged semi-professional set of components for a reasonable price.

The STELS brand is also known for its other models, such as the Agressor fatbikes and the Pilot kids’ bikes.

9th place. SCHWINN

Model: SCHWINN Frontier

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Of course, the overpayment for a brand and a legend sometimes justifies itself, but SWINN always offers options without extra charges, just practical models. SWINN Frontier. one such option is cross-country. Let’s take a closer look at this model.

Well thought out geometry and modern design

The optimal number of speeds for any riding style

Entry-level body kit, suitable only for beginners, and you will have to suffer with the setup

Poor painting. it is better to immediately cover the point of contact between the frame and the chain with electrical tape. It’s also better to get a footrest right away.

Another American legend, with more than 130 years of history, considered by many to be a “purely American bicycle”. Throughout the twentieth century, various versions of the famous bikes were produced, including the Aerocycle, Paramount, Phantom, Sting-Ray and many others. Today, SCHWINN also remains a world leader in manufacturing and technology development, significantly influencing the development of cycling culture for a century.

Separately, I would like to note the company’s pricing policy, which provides for fairly low for its products, not much higher than similar models of domestic production. Among the lines available and popular in our country, I would like to mention SWINN Frontier.

These are great all-rounders with 26 ”wheels and a weight of about 15 kilograms (considering that the frame is steel, this is a great result!). Includes rim brakes and 21-transmission shift system (Shimano Tourney). In general, the bike is a good solution, given the fact that we have a brand that has been tested for centuries.

3rd place. AUTHOR

Many will say, in all sincerity, that AUTHOR is a fairly proven brand, and has a good package for the offered price. However, an objective assessment of the pros and cons subdues any enthusiasm, because the main thing for a bicycle is. practicality. What does this company offer in the performance of its one of the budget options??

Beautiful minimalist design with a lowered upper frame, comfortable regardless of the height and gender of the rider

A full-fledged 29er, with large and comfortable wheels

Excellent weight provided by the aluminum frame

Always excellent build, in comparison with other manufacturers.

It is difficult enough to find full fenders that are not included in the delivery

Entry-level brakes, and even with adjustment, the first time will have to suffer a little

Relatively unreliable pedal assembly

Unreasonably thick steel bar tube.

This Czech brand uses components made in Taiwan (as well as most of today’s popular brands), and is well known in our country for over 10 years. The company offers good bicycles, sometimes corresponding to the highest level, at a relatively affordable cost.

This year, they have worked on the previous modifications of their bikes, presenting many updated options. One of them was the female hybrid Author Thema, representing a “ladies’” version of another, purely male model. Author Compact.

In the 2019 version of Thema, the wheels are larger compared to previous years. now it is a full-fledged 29er (29 ”x 1.75). The frame has also acquired a more strict and even outlines, but the upper frame is still lowered (the frame itself is made of aluminum, like many parts of the pedals, for example; total weight: slightly less than 13 kg).

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System used: SHIMANO MF-TZ50014-28, with 21 gears, TEKTRO V rim brakes. Of course, domestic brands with a similar configuration can cost half the price. However, AUTHOR is worth even more, which you understand with daily driving.

Other popular new models from this brand include Compact city hybrids, Orbit children’s bicycles and increasingly popular fat bikes, including Author KingKong.

Should you choose a single suspension bike or a double suspension bike? What is the difference? Tips for choosing a bike

It happens, sometimes you want to ride your bike where a person’s foot has never gone before. Slides, branches, holes are natural obstacles that are very difficult to overcome with this vehicle. A two-suspension bike is a way out of this situation. It is specially designed to overcome serious natural obstacles. So which bike is better: full-suspension or single-suspension?

Two-suspension bike: price is everything

Since the price issue is very important when choosing something, we can say right away: really noteworthy bicycles with two suspensions will go from one thousand US dollars. They will still be considered amateur by class. If you need a good professional bike, then you have to lay out more than one thousand green bills for such a pleasure. Therefore, before buying a two-suspension, you should think carefully about whether it is worth buying at all.

Pros and cons of a folding two-suspension bike

Such a bike differs from a conventional folding bike only in that it has a rear and front suspension. Its plus is that when folded, it takes up very little space. If there is nowhere to put your bike in the apartment, then the folding man will be a real godsend. Due to this property, it is often taken by many traveling people. Folded it and threw it in the trunk. It also fits easily into a bag, in which you can take it with you on the subway or commuter train.

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Well, let’s start with the bad ones. Do not forget that the weight does not go anywhere. He weighed twenty kilograms, and will weigh the same. Due to the fact that there is a folding mechanism that connects the two halves of the frame, the reliability of such a bike deteriorates several times. This bike will lose all the qualities of a real two-suspension. endurance, unpretentiousness and reliability of the structure. On such a bike, you no longer jump from slides and bumps. It turns into a simple fold-up bag not meant for X-Country. It makes sense to buy it only when you need to save space.

Negative sides of double suspensions

As strange as it may sound, fuls have a lot of flaws that confuse some cyclists. It makes sense to buy a bike of this class only when a person is really going to ride on rough terrain, mountain slopes and forest paths with many bumps and holes.

Conventional double suspensions, which are not intended for some kind of sports competition, have a huge mass. Their weight can reach up to twenty kilograms. On such a bike it will be very difficult to develop high speed or climb a hill, but a hardtail will cope with this very easily. But on the bumps it does not shake so much.

When driving on a flat road, the person in the saddle constantly sways. This is due to the fact that when the pedals are rotated, oscillations are produced at that moment. It is their suspension that wants to muffle. From this, the person begins to rock up and down a little. Feelings are as if you are walking through a deep hole with mud. You can get used to this, of course. By the way, these swings consume a certain amount of energy. So fatigue and pain in the legs will remind of itself very soon.

Positive sides of fuls

A two-suspension bike has clearly some advantages over the rest of its brothers. Firstly, it has a much higher cross-country ability than a hardtail. As a result, you can safely cut along forest paths, our “killed” roads and many other places. Its suspension helps keep both the cyclist and the transport in perfect order.

A very important indicator when driving is grip. Due to the fact that a mountain two-suspension bike is endowed with good suspension, all obstacles that meet the wheels in their path, as it were, are enveloped. Because of this, grip on the road surface only increases. For this reason, the bike’s agility and braking ability increase. Needless to say, solid and wide tires, often with aggressive tread, which also increase grip, are put on the two-suspension.

Another good plus is the absence of vibrations. Well, absence is a loud saying. Most likely, it is still a softening of vibrations. Thanks to good shock absorbers, many irregularities and defects in the road surface can be hidden, but still this does not guarantee a complete absence of shaking when driving.