Which bike to choose for off-road

Types of off-road bicycles

There are quite a few types of bicycles for rough terrain. They all differ from each other in characteristics and prices. It is important to correctly determine the style of skiing for yourself and, already based on this, make your choice.


The firm is not the main criterion when choosing a bike. Of course, it is better to take GT, Merida, Cube or another well-known company, but they are often overpriced. It is worth choosing a bike for its technical characteristics, and not for the picture on the frame. If a popular model suits you completely, both in price and in terms of installed parts, a well-known company is another plus. Many world-famous manufacturers provide an extended warranty on their frames, this is also worth paying attention to.


Full suspension. a bike with two shock absorbers and designed for extreme off-road riding (Downhill, Freeride, Cross country). Technically sophisticated suspension provides a soft landing after jumping and excellent handling on complete off-road.

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The best equipment is put on good double suspensions (not from the supermarket), and the frame is designed for colossal loads. The long travel fork and rear suspension ensure minimal shaking even in the absence of a road. But do not forget that the shock absorption eats up part of the effort spent on pedaling, and the for good double suspensions start from 1000. Such bicycles are simply not needed by most amateurs, they are more likely for professionals.

Off-road bicycles

Cycling is developing very rapidly, and many people get bored with boring city riding, they want to ride comfortably over rough terrain. However, on an ordinary bike, off-road riding turns into a real horror: everything shakes and rattles, and every pebble means a blow to the steering wheel. Riding a regular bike over bumps is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous: even a slight unevenness can cause you to fly off the bike. City bikes or road bikes are simply not designed to ride over bumps and bumps. This ride requires a dedicated off-road bike.

Differences between an off-road bike and others

A cross country bike is very different from an urban bike.

  • Frame. The shape, design and material of the frame directly affects the characteristics of the iron horse. Typically, urban models have a very light, stiff, but not strong enough frame. This is necessary to increase speed.
  • Depreciation. In the rough terrain implement, good damping is installed: at least one wheel. This ensures comfort and safety when traveling. In the urban version, this is not foreseen as unnecessary: ​​the shock absorbers will take some of the energy that you put into pedaling.
  • Bushing materials. The bushings take the entire load of the cyclist. During impacts, the pressure on them increases many times over due to overloads. Urban models are equipped with soft aluminum bushings. They are of a two-cone design, not designed for heavy loads.
  • Tires. This is a purely personal thing, since everyone puts them to their own needs. But it’s worth noting that the bump and bump models are equipped with aggressive tread tires for better traction.
  • Protection against moisture and dust. Rough-terrain bicycles are most often equipped with industrial bearings that are protected from moisture and dust, which significantly prolongs their life.

Supermarket bike

Despite its attractive appearance, this bike has a huge number of disadvantages: the quality of all elements is extremely low. The front fork has a spring-elastomer design, while the rear shock is just a spring that will cause more inconvenience than more comfort. It is very likely to start crumbling in the first week of skiing. In no case do we recommend this type for purchase. It is better to add money and take another option, it will give you much more positive emotions.

Fat bike

This type is characterized by the presence of large wheels (wide and high in profile). This distinctive feature allows him to overcome a variety of obstacles, including even small swamps. Due to the low pressure in the wheels, this type allows you to move with comfort even without a suspension fork.

What Mountain Bike Should You Choose For Your Riding Discipline?

However, a fat bike has one big drawback: wheels with such tires have high rolling resistance. In other words: it will be much harder for you to pedal and turn the steering wheel, and climbing a hill will be a real challenge. At the moment, the price of such monsters bites.

Choosing a bike: where to start

Among the manufacturers and models, you should choose a bike taking into account the following parameters:

  • own height and weight;
  • specialization of bike types;
  • driving style.

Growth is one of the key criteria to be guided by when choosing a horse. The logic is simple: the taller the person, the greater the load on the frame. Therefore, it must withstand you and ensure the comfort of movement. As a rule, manufacturers create their own dimensional charts for the convenience of buyers. In this regard, find out exactly your height (of course, having removed your shoes first). An error of less than 3-5 cm is not significant. The smaller the bike, the lighter and more maneuverable it is. The more. the stronger and more reliable.

There is also a formula that will help you indirectly determine the compatibility of the bike with your height:

  • Measure the length of your legs (from groin to toe), in centimeters.
  • Multiply by 0.66 (road bike ratio) or 0.57 (mountain bike ratio).
  • Convert data to inches by dividing by 2.54.

The resulting number is the so-called. size. the size by which the frames are divided into large and small.

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Choosing a bike by weight follows the same principle. The more body weight, the thicker the frame. For people of large build, it is not recommended to choose high models. a bent back will get tired much more, and great efforts will have to be made to develop high speed. A low frame and a long seatpost are also undesirable in such cases. An upright bike ideal for people weighing over 90 kg.

Which bike to choose for city walks and off-road trips

Modern bicycles have a clear specialization. For dirt roads and rough terrain, it is easier to get around on a mountain bike. But it will be inconvenient to drive on smooth asphalt. There you need a road bike, which, in turn, is completely unsuitable for traveling out of town. Their fundamental difference is in shock-absorbing devices that mountain transport has, but urban transport does not.

It is convenient to move around the city on these types of bicycles:

  • Highway. Able to develop high speed on a flat hard surface. Lightweight, low-grip bar, slim and well-inflated wheels. made for racing on asphalt.
  • Urban. A simplified version of the road model, but the most complete (trunk, chain guard, taillight, etc.). This type is very popular in the world, in cities where cycling is used for everyday travel.
  • Mountain Classic (MTB). Ideal for cross-country, because forest, field, sand are his element. Equipped with a front shock-absorbed fork without rear suspension, a strong frame and steering wheel, wide tires. You can also move on it on asphalt.
  • Hybrid. I took the fork and handlebars from the mountain bike, and the narrow tires from the road bike. However, it will not be as fast as a highway or as confident on difficult terrain as a mountain.
  • Two-suspension. It has rear shock absorption, so it’s more comfortable to ride on the road. Designed for difficult and extreme terrain. Uncomfortable on a flat road.

Which bike is suitable for women

From a marketing point of view, manufacturers are trying to emphasize the female specialization of models. This is especially evident in cruisers. Small pieces of art sometimes appear with the help of appropriate designs, stylized baskets, seating and décor. On mountain bikes for girls, manufacturers also reduce the size and weight of the elements, and also lower the frame. But many cyclists calmly ride male models that are suitable for height.

In general, when choosing any bike, they are more often guided by their own taste. And to understand that this horse is yours, you can simply ride it.

Author Trophy

Leadership in the ranking of inexpensive city bikes rightfully belongs to the Author Trophy (2017) bike made in the Czech Republic. It is equipped with everything you need to comfortably travel on tracks of good and average quality, designed for leisurely skiing. Its design is designed for the amateur or novice cyclist.

Desna 2610 MD

The model has a soft short travel fork that dampens bumps in the road, protecting your hands. The double-rim wheels resist impacts easily and the steel frame is quite heavy. Mechanical disc brakes, like other equipment, are manufactured by reliable manufacturers. Comfortable driving on various roads will be provided by 21 speeds.

Best budget bikes for the city

For the city, they usually choose universal bikes with basic or semi-professional equipment. Their weight should be such that there is no difficulty in carrying the bike over curbs, using underground passages, as well as overcoming other city obstacles.

Author Impulse 29

A model of a sports bike of a famous Czech brand with a decent complete set. A bike for traveling on urban and country roads in average condition. The 24-speed drivetrain, which is assembled from Shimano parts, is reliable for the entry-level, providing a comfortable ride in the wilderness and ease of handling. Spring-loaded elastomer fork does a great job and cushions vibration and shock.

Which bike to choose for the city and off-road for an adult

Fans of an active lifestyle, it will be interesting to know which bike to choose for trips around the city and off-road. Ride comfort depends on the quality of your two-wheeled friend.

The type of bike directly depends on the goals pursued. A bike designed for city driving, completely unsuitable for off-road travel.

Universal (urban)

The bike is a universal model, you can choose for the city. They combine all the best that is in mountain or urban models. The wheels on these bikes are medium, not small, usually 24-26 inches, with medium sized tires. The bike is easy to handle, its weight is small. Often the model comes with a box with 3-8 speeds.

Basic types

In order not to get too deeply involved in the topic, we will try to highlight the main types of bicycles suitable for the city or rough terrain.

BMX, trekking, sports models

Young people in Russia have deeply absorbed the Western culture of courtyard entertainment, the infrastructure for which is still being built on our streets. Bicycles in this category will only show their potential on an appropriately equipped site or on elements of the urban landscape.

It will take more than one year of hard training to master all the potential and a set of tricks. Technically complex elements can seriously injure an athlete, so people with an initial level of skiing should be protected from buying such highly specialized equipment.

Which bike is better to choose?

  • Where and how intense are you going to ride
  • What is the approximate budget for the purchase of a bicycle
  • Who else will use the bike and for what purposes
  • The age, height, weight, gender of the owner, as well as his physical condition

You can ask yourself many more questions, but they already seem to be nuances in comparison with these completely rhetorical considerations. Answer them. and get a clearer idea of ​​the type, model and parameters of the suitable model.

What to rely on when choosing a bike?

Rely on the answers obtained after analyzing the above questions. If we briefly comment on the main ones, then the following basic rules will become the main points of support for proper cycling:

  • Do not immediately choose the most expensive option from the offered assortment. Often expensive models are too expensive to repair and maintain, and the components themselves can cost as a separate good entry-level bike
  • Do not select based on the comfort of the original saddle. Replacing it in case of an unsuccessful combination with the owner’s pelvis will be relatively inexpensive and will take very little time.
  • It is imperative to choose a bike for your size to reduce the risk of injury and to improve the road characteristics of the chosen transport.
  • The bike should look solid and reliable. If the bicycle dealership positions itself as a good conductor of pre-sale preparation, then the looseness and flimsy of the structure can only be attributed to the manufacturer’s idea. If the test drive raised doubts about the reliability of the equipment, then you should refuse to buy it.
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Knowing how much an entry to advanced bike should cost, it is much easier to choose the right brand. It is important to understand where the bike is purchased, what time of year and what is the reputation of the equipment of the manufacturer in question.

Some of the elite, but still quite affordable brands are:

  • GT
  • Giant
  • Connandale
  • Author
  • Specialized
  • Cube

Among the domestic brands are:

Merida provides an optimal combination of price and quality, which for a long time did not allow competitors to get close to its positions in the Russian market. But fluctuations in the market for such equipment slightly smoothed the difference in the rating. In addition, domestic brands, following the of their products, still try to improve their quality.

Types of bicycles

Here are just a few of them:

  • By type of road surface:
  • Mountain (MTB)
  • Road (urban hybrids)
  • Road
  • By class:
  • Entry level
  • Amateur
  • Professional
  • By the size of the wheels, or rather, by age:
  • Baby
  • Teenage
  • Adults
  • Sexual orientation:
  • Mens
  • Womens
  • Unisex
  • By the presence of shock absorbers:
  • Rigid and fork
  • With one suspension fork
  • Double-suspended
  • Such types of bicycles as Dirt, Street, BMX and others similar to them in spirit can be attributed to stunt bicycles, since they are primarily designed to perform certain non-standard elements of possession of a projectile, but certainly not for fitness or high-speed riding.

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    Mountain bikes

    Hardtails or mountain bikes are the most popular in our country with a lot of rough terrain. Most of the so-called mountain bikes are not suitable for really difficult trails on slopes and hills. This class is distinguished by the size of the wheels (26 or 29) and rather aggressive tire tread.

    The minimum set of mountain bike also includes:

    • 1 or 2 shock absorbers
    • reinforced frame
    • reinforced rims
    • from 18 to 30 speed combinations (forward and reverse)

    Repair and service

    Doing bike repairs yourself is fun, but messy and expensive. Equipping a workshop in an apartment can cost more than the bike itself. It is easier to give money to a specialist who will do the main work himself and with better quality.

    What you can and should, however, do yourself:

    • mechanical cleaning of the chain after each contact with dirt or rain;
    • cleaning the chain and transmission (chain, stars) with auxiliary substances up to several times a season;
    • broaching the main units using a universal set of hexagons;
    • cleaning the frame, derailleur, wheels with a rag or brushes.

    Road bikes

    Bicycles for the highest possible speed for two-wheeled vehicles on pedal traction are called road bicycles. They use incredibly lightweight and aerodynamic components:

    • triangular rigid frame
    • the thinnest tubeless tires
    • steering wheel. steering wheel

    For city driving, these representatives of the cycling world are too tough, and for rough terrain they are not suitable at all due to the same excessive rigidity and low passability values ​​of their narrow tires. A variation on the highway theme, due to the enthusiasm of cyclists from some landscape-specific countries, are cyclocross cars for high-speed travel on asphalt and moderately rough terrain.

    Types of bicycles

    Before making recommendations on the choice, you should take a look at the modern market, see what types of bicycles are now represented there. The classification given below is rather arbitrary, since the main differences are not in the name, but in dozens of characteristics. But bicycle sellers will fully understand you if you use this or that name of a class of bikes when communicating.

    Which bike is better to choose?

    We come to the question of choosing a bike quite often. The Urals, which served for 20-30 years, have long been in the past, and technology is advancing so quickly that a five-year-old bicycle is considered something like a dinosaur.

    Which bike to choose to replace the old one? Which model is best for a girl or a child, what should you pay attention to when choosing a model, which brand is better and how to spend less money on a purchase, which can be used for many years and with pleasure?

    • Who will ride?
    • How and where will you ride?
    • How much are you willing to spend on it?

    Let’s keep these questions in mind and move on to examining the bicycle market and its opportunities.

    Trends and brands: cycling novelties. how to figure them out?

    If the request is formulated, you can proceed to the choice of a specific model.

    For whom

    A family bike is an antiquated, if ever, approach. The bike should always be chosen for a specific person who will continue to ride it. Because all the components of the choice are who, how and where to ride.

    There are several subgroups to consider, but by default the advice is of course geared towards men.

    How to choose the right aluminum road bike and save on show-offs

    Now about the wings. no one says that this is bad. Carbon and aerodynamics, hydraulics and electronics. now it’s all about bicycles. You will have to fork out more for a fashionable novelty, but no one will reproach that you do not follow trends.

    The road bike is chosen by people who are trained, passionate about sports. This hobby, however, is very expensive: an advanced road bike is an expensive piece of equipment, the cost of which is often comparable to the cost of a car, used or even new.

    For athletes

    It’s one thing. bicycles for daily rides, another thing. sports equipment, on which you can and should demonstrate your maximum in terms of skills and physical readiness.

    Let’s start with road bikes. Kind and correct, simple and honest, who travel surprisingly fast and at the same time cost less than an airplane wing. And in appearance they look more like not him, but a normal bike, from the pictures of the Tour de France of the pre-marketing era.

    The highway is about speed, lightness, smoothness and instant response to any effort. Everyone would love to feel it on a good road bike, especially those who think mountaineers are for the mountains. The cost of a top-end professional bike is comparable to that of a new budget car. Let’s see what you can and cannot save on in order to choose a decent road bike for adequate money.

    Choosing a bike

    Once upon a time we wondered which bike is best suited for city rides. Each type has its pros and cons, you just need to decide which advantages are important for you and what disadvantages you are ready to close your eyes to.

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    We took five of the most popular bike choices. mountain, hybrid, comfort, foldable and road. and compared them to see how one bike differs from another and which can be considered the best choice for the city. This is a bike test drive.

    The new cycling season will come anyway. The most complete guide to cycling catalog

    The warmth is approaching, and, despite all the doubts and hardships, summer will come anyway: a healthy, full and fun summer. And then you need a bike. We have prepared the most complete guide to the bike catalog so that buying a new cool bike is meaningful and interesting.


    Let’s analyze several famous manufacturers, whose bicycles can be purchased in almost every city in Russia:

    • Stels is a Russian company, bicycles are quite reliable, but they require care and adjustment by specialists. They occupy low and medium price segments;
    • Forward is the second Russian company to focus on inexpensive bicycles;
    • GT is one of the best brands in terms of reliability, but price tags start from 25-30 thousand rubles;
    • Trek, Scott, Merida. above average brands, not as outstanding as GT, but sometimes surpassing them in layouts;
    • Author and Giant are mass producers represented in all segments. They do not have a special name, you should choose according to a set of components;
    • Specialized, Schwinn and other legendary brands are manufacturers of status rather than practical. It is worth choosing if you have money and want to get a very specific model.

    For kids

    On the one hand, you always want to provide all the best for your child. In the case of bikes, this is not the most logical thing to do. Despite the high prices, children’s bicycles are initially made with lower quality requirements than the adult market. Therefore, you should focus not on a set of components, as we would do for ourselves, but on growth and convenience.

    Indeed, the main thing in a child’s bike is whether it fits in height. Of course, many of us in childhood both rode under the frame and mastered the huge road bikes of our parents, but all this is too unsafe. Modern road traffic is somewhat against children’s experiments with bicycles.

    In addition, a bicycle that is unsuitable for growth negatively affects the development of the child, so every year or two, the old children’s bike must be replaced with a new one. In these conditions, of course, the durability of the components is not particularly important.


    Modern technologies plus the design of the past (XX) century. and cruisers turned out. Bright, large, tantalizing bikes-choppers bikes. for city dudes. A beautiful and rather heavy frame with wide wheels makes the cruiser interesting for walks and themed skiing, but not for sports or everyday use, especially since the mountain landscape is not suitable for them.

    Nevertheless, many people choose cruisers to travel around cities and are not mistaken. It’s comfortable and really bright.

    Which bike is better to choose?

    We come to the question of choosing a bike quite often. The Urals, which served for 20-30 years, have long been in the past, and technology is advancing so quickly that a five-year-old bicycle is considered something like a dinosaur.

    Which bike to choose to replace the old one? Which model is best for a girl or a child, what should you pay attention to when choosing a model, which brand is better and how to spend less money on a purchase, which can be used for many years and with pleasure?

    • Who will ride?
    • How and where will you ride?
    • How much are you willing to spend on it?

    Let’s keep these questions in mind and move on to examining the bicycle market and its opportunities.

    BMX, tracking, sports models

    • Trial. heavy bikes with two shock absorbers for jumping on a dirt track crossed by obstacles.
    • BMX. stunt models with maximum frame rigidity and accessories for jumping and sliding, very reminiscent of children.
    • Downhill. stable bikes with maximum cushioning travel for fast downhill cross-country skiing.
    • Tracking. lightweight singlespeeds for maximum speeds in ideal closed track conditions.

    What’s The Best Bike To Buy? How To Buy The Best Bike For YOU

    Women’s bicycles

    Distinguishing women’s bike categories in modern MTBs is more of a marketing ploy than offering something comfortable. All girls, more or less interested in active skating, select completely male models for their height and do not know grief.

    What is offered under the brand for women?

    • a smaller size of the frame, grips, switches, pedals. this is logical, since the structure of a woman’s body is different from that of a man;
    • lightweight materials. a continuation of the previous paragraph, smaller sizes entail less weight;
    • the configuration of the lowered frame. since few people now ride in a skirt, this is not particularly important, but, by the way, it is quite convenient for a man, since a low center of gravity increases stability on the road;
    • cheerful colors. pink, red, white, plus interesting patterns and mascots. here designers, rather, confuse women with children, but the uniqueness of the frame reduces the chance of theft, which is not bad.

    So, modern women’s changes in bikes are rather design, and not functional, so you should not seriously focus on such models when choosing bicycles.

    Money question

    The position of the sellers is always the same. we can spend all your money. In fact, you should be careful with your funds. A bike of any class these days can be purchased for 30 thousand rubles, even basic models of road and sports bikes.

    It is worth carefully evaluating bikes for less than 10 thousand rubles. At this level, there is usually already a reduction in the cost of everything that can be done, often with ignoring the requirements for reliability and safety, just to reduce the price.


    From the names of most of the classes, it is clear what this is about. Of course, a cycling career begins with children’s models. Due to their short use, there will be no special recommendations here. Bikes are selected according to the child’s height, despite the fact that he will grow up in a year, a bike that is not suitable for height can lead to injuries.

    It is especially worth highlighting balance bikes. quite interesting toys that do not have pedals, but visually they appear to children, if not motorcycles, then real bicycles, and the level of safety (and the cost) will suit parents.