Which bike to choose for a 10-year-old child

Popular models

Pay attention to several current models of bicycles for girls 10-12 years old.

Features of the

By design, models for girls 10-12 years old are quite similar to adult specimens, and the differences are in a more compact size and the absence of some functions. Teenage designs include shock absorbers to enhance ride comfort over bumps and a multi-speed handbrake.

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The weight of the girl’s model is lightened due to the design of the frame, connecting rods, steering wheel. The saddle is softer and wider than the adult model. Most models are equipped with a lowered pipe, so that the girl can take a bike ride in a skirt or dress.

As a rule, models for schoolgirls are brightly decorated and have an interesting design. These are mainly red, orange, burgundy colors. Girls at this age also like pastel colors. pink, peach, white, blue. And also models for a young lady may differ in the presence of additional details that do not affect functionality. This can include, for example, a basket for women’s little things.

At this age, a girl can be offered 2 options for a bike. city or mountain. Urban models are designed for riding on flat asphalt, it is convenient to transport things on them, but you cannot perform various tricks. They often have only one speed, which is enough for a quiet city bike ride. The urban option will appeal to a young cyclist with a restrained character.

For more athletic and active racers, a mountain specimen is suitable. In urban conditions, you can jump on it, visit a forest, park or beach, overcome various obstacles, for example, curbs.

The presence of several gears allows you to drive up the hill and overcome uneven surfaces.

If we consider this classification in more depth, then we can distinguish 3 acceptable types of bikes for girls aged 10-12 years.

  • Cruiser. This is a bike for a city ride, has a low frame, smooth curves of the body, a comfortable fit. The frame is most often made of aluminum, which makes the weight lighter.
  • Mountain bike. Teenage option for urban off-road driving. It has a 7-21 gear, a straight frame and a complex structure. The girl will have to press her torso against the steering wheel while riding. The weight of a modern teenage mountain bike is 5-6 kg.
  • BMX bike. This teenage version allows the daring girl to do bike stunts like extreme jumps. Instances are made of durable steel alloy. There are also lightweight aluminum options, but they wear out quickly during extreme use. Models are suitable only for girls with extensive experience in cycling.

Folding models can be distinguished in a separate category. They are good for city trips, and even more so girls like their minimum weight.

However, the mechanism itself often causes difficulties when used by a teenager, so many parents prefer the classic awkward options.

Formula Smart 14G 24

Simple and easy-to-use universal model for teens 11 years of age. Well suited for light walks on asphalt surfaces, and for driving on uneven countryside. The size of the wheels is 24 inches, which means that the model can be used even by an adult, as it is designed for a height of 130-165 cm.

The suspension has no shock absorbers and is equipped with a rigid fork, so the weight of the specimen is very small. 16.4 kg. There is only one speed, but the main advantage is a folding mechanism that allows you to store your bike at home, on a balcony, in a closet or trunk of a car.

Among the shortcomings, there is a low level of comfort when riding on rocky surfaces, so it is better to operate the model on a flat surface.

How to choose?

When choosing a bike for a 10-12-year-old girl, use the recommendations of specialists.

If a neutral shade seems boring to a young lady, then she can transform her two-wheeled friend on her own.

For example, you can decorate a bike with LED strips, decorate with flashlights, purchase a cute bell in the shape of a flower, decorate the frame with funny inscriptions.

Bicycles for girls 10-12 years old: rating of manufacturers and selection

Girls at the age of 10-12, when choosing a bike, already pay attention not only to the bright design, but also to the quality of the unit. At this age, they already know all the design features of the “iron horse”. It’s good that the choice is not so difficult due to the wide range of teenage models, although there are several nuances in this matter.

Premier Cobra 20 V-brake

This model attracts the attention of girls with its bright design. the specimen is painted in yellow tones with light green accents. The optimal age range is 9-13 years. Has a closed frame type. Well suited for high-speed cycling on uneven trails, while comfort is provided by the shock absorption of two wheels.

The frame is made of anti-corrosion steel, which adds weight to the bike, but at the same time extends its life. The model has 6 easily changeable speeds. Girls love it for long distance rides.

Stels Navigator 410

This option is intended for cyclists 10-12 years old. Wheel diameter 24 inches. this size makes it easy to maneuver on the road. The model is equipped with mechanical disc brakes with a 160 mm rotor, which shorten the braking time and ensure comfortable handling of the bike.

The design is based on a classic steel frame Steel. The maximum possible load on the bike is 70 kg, and the weight of the entire unit is 15.6 kg. There are 21 speeds in total.

How to choose a good bike for a teenage girl, see the video.

Children’s bicycles for a child 10 years old: the best models and tips for choosing

Bicycles are fun for active children and are also very useful in everyday life. But the choice of a children’s bicycle for a child of 10 years old is quite difficult. this is already a “turning point” age. Fortunately, taking into account the simplest principles greatly simplifies the matter.

Features of the

The key nuances when choosing bicycles for such “adult” children are:

  • accounting for anatomical features;
  • accounting for personal growth;
  • rider body weight;
  • bike comfort.

GCN’s Top Ten Tips For Buying Kids Bikes

The age of ten is conventionally referred to as “semi-adolescent”. such children have features that are usually characteristic of both younger children and adolescents. Emotionality, irrepressible initiative and overflowing energy are more likely to bring them closer to children. But the skills of responsibility are developed (with normal mental development, of course). The sense of self-preservation is also strengthened. Therefore, the safety level of a bicycle may well be less than in absolutely children’s models.

However, this is a very individual thing. After all, the temperament and demeanor, the propensity to take risks are different for everyone. As for the anatomical features, a regular children’s bicycle for 10 years of age is calculated for a height of 1.3-1.43 m. Body weight is usually assumed at the level of 26-35 kg. But no one bothers to choose a bike designed for other parameters. even if it is formally classified as suitable for a different age group.

How to choose?

A very important parameter, which, however, is rarely written about, is the exact ratio:

  • frame length;
  • wheel dimensions;
  • rider height.

Typically for 10-year-olds. it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. the wheel diameter of a bicycle is 20-24 inches and the frame length is 13 inches. But structures with a higher fit also firmly occupy their niche. They have a wheel rim of 26 inches and a frame length of 14 inches. Most often, these bikes are suitable for children with a height of 1.35-1.6 m.

Important: for 10-year-olds, you can safely choose bicycles with both foot and hand brakes.

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It is by this time that the muscle strength of the hand increases and reaches the required level. over, if the growth exceeds 1.4 m, it is time to switch to purely hand brakes. Curiously, the number of gears is also linked to growth. If this figure is less than 1.4 m, you should limit yourself to 6 gears. Taller cyclists are physiologically ready to ride a 21-speed bike.

There is no need for safety wheels. But if the child has never ridden on his own before, a model with the ability to install additional removable wheels is suitable. Of course, they are removed immediately after mastering the first full-fledged driving skills. important is the design of the pedals. A metal pedal, or some other durable material is best.

Important: regardless of the strength, the size of this part is also worth evaluating. Only when the foot rests comfortably on the surface can the pleasure of riding be guaranteed.

As for the seats, they have a universal unisex design for 10-year-old riders. This can even apply to design. But there is also an alternative approach. the choice is only for the consumer.

There are a few more subtleties to choosing the most suitable bike. The distance from the edge of the seat to the handlebars should ideally match the distance from the tip of the index finger to the elbow (arm extended). When the child sits on the seat, then with an even landing, his back should touch the saddle. In this case, there should be a distance of 0.07-0.1 m from the surface of the saddle to the upper pipe.

All other things being equal, it is worth giving preference to bicycles of well-known brands. This applies not only to bikes in general, but also to individual parts. It is strictly forbidden to take a bicycle for growth. While this may seem like a cliche recommendation, in reality its importance is often underestimated. You will have to buy a bike again every 1-2 years, and nothing can be done about it.

At the age of 10, it’s too early to use advanced sports bike models. All the same, children are not yet ready to perform tricks and dizzying maneuvers, and most of the functionality will be paid in vain.

Girls are advised to buy aluminum products that are relatively lightweight and mobile. But even boys are unlikely to like steel bicycles. Falls during skiing are almost inevitable, and not everyone can bring heavy transport home.

Continuing the conversation about safety, it is pertinent to say that riding will be more comfortable if the chain is protected by a special case or casing from the penetration of foreign objects and dirt. Of course, along with the bike, you must immediately purchase all the auxiliary equipment. First of all, we are talking about:

  • wheel fenders;
  • headlights;
  • flickers;
  • reflectors;
  • elbow pads and knee pads;
  • gloves;
  • helmets;
  • cycling glasses.

In a small apartment, it is certainly much more correct to keep a folding bike. He will be the best choice when there seems to be enough space at home, but you want to ride further, where you have to go by car or bus.

The lineup

Desna Meteor 24 deservedly opens the rating of the best bicycles for children aged 10 years. This bike looks nice and stylish. The design is optimized for riding both in the city and beyond. This is accomplished with 24-inch wheels with Wanda tires. Sturdy steel frame is solid but a little heavy.

Even at first glance, it is noticeable that the design of the model is very interesting. Of the advantages, they also note:

  • brightness of colors;
  • comfortable seats;
  • the presence of a double rim;
  • ease of gear shifting.

However, the bike is quite heavy and difficult to climb steep slopes.

Another good model turns out to be the Stinger Defender 24. This bike is praised for:

  • affordable price;
  • optimal performance for city and suburban driving;
  • ease of assembly;
  • excellent design.

The steel frame is relatively strong. But still, the model is hardly suitable for driving on real off-road. Designed for entry-level Shimano derailleurs. Since they are tough, there is no amortization. V-brakes live up to expectations.

Stels Pilot 260 20 V020 is one of the best candidates when it comes to mountain bikes for junior schoolchildren. The model has a variety of colors that will suit boys and girls alike. It is convenient to conquer difficult places (steep slopes, river banks, weeds) on 20-inch wheels. Shifting between six speeds is realized with a rotary knob. Dual-suspension cushioning makes the ride comfortable even in ambiguous terrain.

Forward Unit 1.0 occupies a very good position. This unisex bike comes in black or purple paint. On large wheels, there is an excellent roll, which allows you to put up with the only speed limit. Promax TX-107L rim brakes will help you to stop at any moment. It is also worth noting the presence of a footboard and wheel fenders. The weight of the bike is only slightly over 12 kg.

Next, watch a video with medical advice on how to choose the right bike for your child.

Basic rules for choosing a children’s bike

When choosing a bike, it is important to remember that the “buy for growth” rule in this product category is absolutely inapplicable, otherwise it is fraught with numerous and frequent injuries.

Since with the same height in children, the height of the legs can differ significantly, then it is imperative to take the future owner on a trip to buy a bicycle. It is clear that such an acquisition will no longer be a surprise, but it should not be a disappointment either.

Based on the classification of bicycles, based on the height of the child, the size of the wheels is selected. It can also be calculated using a simple formula: height in centimeters is divided by two and a half and again by 2.54 (inch in centimeters).

In this case, the optimal length from the front end of the saddle to the handlebar should correspond to a value equal to the distance from the fingertips of the child’s hand to his elbow. this is how the length of the frame is selected.

Mostly in bicycles for children and teenagers, each wheel size has its own frame size.

After choosing the wheels and the length of the frame, the bike itself follows. The child is placed on the bike while standing, so that the frame is between the legs, while the distance from the frame to the crotch should be 7-10 cm. This is necessary to safely jump off the bike. Then, in a sitting position on the saddle, check whether the fully extended leg reaches the lower pedal and whether the knees touch the steering wheel when pedaling.

In bicycles, the handlebar and seat are height adjustable. Therefore, if by some criteria the bike is suitable, but by some it is not, then you should try to adjust it. The steering wheel must be suitable for both height and inclination. The steering angle must not exceed 90 °.

Classification of children’s and teenage bicycles

The first thing to understand is the classification of bicycles. There are two main classifications. by the type and by the diameter of the wheels.

By type, bicycles are:

  • mountain;
  • road;
  • urban;
  • tourist;
  • folding;
  • for freestyle;
  • track;
  • children and others.

Professionals classify children’s bicycles according to the diameter of the wheels corresponding to the height of the child. So, for example, when a baby is 85-110 cm tall, 12-inch wheels are selected. If the child is 110-125cm tall, 16 “wheels will do (with a frame about 9”). For children 115-135cm tall. wheels have a diameter of 20 inches.

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If the child’s height is from 125 to 150cm, the wheels should be 24 “(frame about 13”). There are teenage bicycles with 26-inch wheels designed for a child’s height from 135 to 160 cm. this is a type with a low frame of 14 inches.

How to choose a bike for height: a table for children

All children are very active. They like to run, jump, race down the street on a scooter, rollerblading or bicycle. So that riding does not lead to injuries, a bicycle for a child should be chosen very carefully, following many rules. Therefore, parents’ questions about how to choose the right children’s bike are always relevant. After making such a purchase, moms and dads want to be sure of the safety of their child, take care of his health. If you ignore all these requirements, then the bike can be not only inconvenient for riding, but also hazardous to health. And, of course, it will not bring any pleasure to the baby. How to choose a bike for a child will be discussed in our article.

How to choose a bike for a child 3-4 years old

At this age, children still do not know how to balance well, therefore, preference is given to models with four wheels, where there are 2 main large wheels and 2 small safety wheels located on either side of the rear wheel. They can be easily removed when no longer needed.

You should not raise small wheels above the surface level, since in this case the child, placing emphasis on one of the wheels, will roll in an inclined position, which fundamentally contradicts proper driving. In addition, it is dangerous. you can lose balance and turn the bike over.

The handlebars of the bicycle must have a foam rubber protection (to cushion in case of a head impact) and a rotation limiter around its axis. The saddle should be strong, soft, preferably rubberized.

Both the handlebar and saddle must be adjustable so that the bike can last as long as possible. Bicycles of this configuration are usually equipped with a rear foot brake and one speed.

How To Choose A Kids Mountain Bike | Tips For Buying The Right Kids Bike

The design of the bike itself assumes the presence of a strong lowered frame, which is why the weight of the model is impressive, and the presence of additional wheels makes it also large-sized.

Since the average height of a child at the age of 3-4 years ranges from 98 to 110 cm, the diameter of the wheels will be 12 inches. The wheels already have a rubber tube. For safety reasons, the circuit must be covered with a metal guard.

How to choose a bike for a child 5-7 years old

The lineup of this age category is not much different from the previous one. The main difference is the diameter of the wheels. Depending on the height of the baby (on average, it ranges from 110 to 128 cm) and the length of the legs, both 16-inch and 20-inch wheels can be used. They are more stable, their cushioning properties are better than that of 12-inch ones, which allows the child to overcome uneven roads with ease.

For kids 6-7 years old, the bike may already be equipped with a hand-type front brake. The rear foot brake is a must. it is reliable and acts as a guarantor of safety. The speed switch at this age is not yet relevant.

Safety wheels may still be necessary until the child feels more confident. The chain and handlebars must be protected. Consideration should be given to additional protection for the rider. knee pads, a bicycle helmet and elbow pads at this age will help protect the baby in the event of a fall.

You should pay attention to the material of the frame and spare parts. preference is given to aluminum structures, since schoolchildren prefer to transport their “iron horse” themselves, especially over high curbs. A must-have alarm bell for extreme situations.

How to choose a bike for a teenager

In fact, these are adult models with a reduced frame and a wheel diameter of 24 inches. If a teenager’s bicycle with such wheels is small, then the choice falls on adult models with a wheel diameter of 26 inches.

The choice of a bicycle for a teenager should be approached taking into account his wishes and preferences. Many young men prefer stunt bikes, bicycles for motocross (BMX), freestyle, turf, freeride, downhill. You can’t do this without the advice of a professional.

If the bike is not intended for stunts, but involves riding on small off-road, city roads or in the yard, then you should pay attention to the following characteristics.

Models for girls and boys are already significantly different. In designs for boys, the frames are reliable. steel, and for girls, they are lightweight, made of aluminum alloys and have a configuration with a lowered top bar. In addition, the saddle design for girls is different from that for boys.

In youth models, there is already a 24-mode speed switch (maybe less). Models are equipped with hand brakes and shock absorbers. The brake system can be disc and V-shaped. Disc preferred, but not on track bikes.

Choosing a bike, an important point is that you should pay attention not only to technical characteristics, but also to the assessment and opinion of the child himself. his desire to ride depends on this, thereby learning the world, finding new friends and playing sports.

Novatrack Forest 18 (2014). Best Design

Stylish model suitable for children from 4 years old. The model is equipped with a universal lightweight, but at the same time reliable frame. Such a vehicle is characterized by unpretentious maintenance, reliability and high maneuverability. A special cover protects from accidental contact with the leg chain, which also acts as an additional design element.

For the convenience of movement on difficult tracks or off-road, the bike is equipped with 2 additional wheels. In addition, it should be noted the presence of a soft pad on the steering wheel, a bell, several reflectors. The considered model is suitable for training and city walks. The product is equally suitable for boys and girls.

Types of children’s bicycles

A means of transportation such as a bicycle is a key factor in the proper physiological development of a child. There are many models on the market, which makes it difficult to choose. First of all, it is worth deciding on the types of bicycles:

  • Three-wheeled. They are considered ideal for children who are just learning to bike. Here the child does not need to keep balance, he can concentrate on pedaling and steering. Tricycles are distinguished by an extremely light and high-quality design, but their main advantage will be stability. Among the common models, there are 3-wheel models with 1 driving and 2 rear wheels, but there are also shifters.
  • Four-wheeled. For older children, for whom the tricycle is small, a compact bike with auxiliary safety wheels is the optimal solution. Outwardly, they are similar to the simplest adults: they have a chain and rubber wheels. Additional wheels can be detached when the child is able to maintain balance. Such models are mainly intended for preschool children.
  • Two-wheeled. These bicycles are designed for children who are already mastering the control of a vehicle. Their design is similar to adult models, the difference will be in size. Children’s stunt and mountain bikes look quite unusual, although the bulk of the market is occupied by ordinary models for walking.

TREK Jet 16 (2014). the most reliable

A bright and reliable bike with a design similar to a racing bike. The ergonomic model is assembled from parts that meet key safety rules. The device in question is intended for children from 4 to 6 years old. Children who are just starting to master the bike will be able to use additional wheels to help maintain balance. If the baby is confidently in the seat, the side wheels can be removed without much effort.

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Effective chain protection prevents the elements of clothing from being tightened and the transmission jammed. The steel frame and fork are strong enough and resistant to external influences. Bicycle wheels are equipped with quality tires. The advantages include the presence of additional accessories: side wheels, fenders, a protective pad on the steering wheel.

Puky z8

Ergonomic and stylish bike from a famous brand. The frame is made of high quality steel, which will make the product reliable and durable. The wheels, fork and pedals of the vehicle are equipped with quality ball bearings to ensure proper maneuverability, smooth pedal travel and ease of learning. The chain is reliably hidden by a plastic casing, the edges of the wings are equipped with plastic pads, which prevents damage to the baby’s legs. The product has an adjustable front wheel handbrake and foot pedal.

A special step is provided for parking. The position of the seat can be adjusted in height to suit the height of the child. The steering wheel is equipped with a soft anti-shock cushion “AirBag” and anti-slip grips. Reflectors at the back and front, a safety flag and a bell will prevent accidents. In addition, it should be noted the presence of a trunk in the configuration. The build quality of the model and the materials used will make it possible to use the bike for more than one season.

Weight, kg 10.9
Pedal design Classic
Frame material Steel
Wheel diameter, inches eighteen
Design features Flag, reflectors front and rear, trunk, chain guard, fenders, footrest, bell, steering wheel protector
  • low landing;
  • nice design;
  • reliable steel frame;
  • good maneuverability;
  • inflated wheels;
  • the wheels are protected by fenders;
  • front and rear reflectors;
  • footrest;
  • luggage compartment.

Nice, high quality model with a nice design. We have been using it for 2 years, for all the time there have been no breakdowns. Pleases the quality of workmanship and paintwork. It is worth noting the unusual design, quality of components, and maneuverability. On our advice, friends bought the same.

Merida Dakar 616 (2014)

The original bicycle, which is designed for children from 4 to 6 years old, without gear shifting. The product is not too heavy, which is achieved due to the presence of an aluminum frame. You should also highlight the excellent painting with a pleasant pattern, which will appeal to the child. The main foot brake will instantly stop the vehicle. There is also an auxiliary handbrake at the front.

To ensure proper stability and safety, additional wheels are supplied in the package, which can be removed if necessary. Full chain protection will help to hide the working mechanisms and prevent dirt from entering the elements of the garment. Every detail of the product has passed a comprehensive safety check and fully meets international quality standards. The bike is ideal for training and light walks.

How to size a kids/youth bike.

Weight, kg 9.5
Pedal design Platforms
Frame material Aluminium alloy
Wheel diameter, inches sixteen
Design features Chain guard, side wheels, bell
  • build quality;
  • relatively low weight;
  • nice design;
  • there is a call;
  • the complete set includes wings;
  • there are reflectors;
  • durable tires.

We bought a bicycle for a 3.5-year-old son. The frame for him is somewhat small in length, the seat is somewhat high. The design is excellent, the components are of high quality, the wheels are maneuverable. We bought a handle for parents to make it easier to cross the road. For its price, the best option for a child.

Puky Z8. the most functional

Comfortable and stylish model from a well-known brand. The frame is made of high-strength steel, which will add reliability and strength to the bike. Wheels, forks and pedals are equipped with high quality bearings for excellent maneuverability, smooth pedaling and ease of training. The chain is protected by a plastic cover, the edges of the fenders are covered with plastic overlays, which prevents damage to the legs. The model has an adjustable front wheel hand brake and foot pedal.

There is a special footrest for parking. The position of the seat is adjustable in height, adapts according to the growth of the baby The steering wheel is equipped with a soft anti-shock cushion and rubberized grips. Reflectors at the back and front, safety flag and bell exclude emergencies. In addition, you need to highlight the presence of a trunk. The build quality and materials used will make it possible to use the bike for a long time.

Comparison of the best bikes for kids 4

The table below shows the 10 best models of bicycles for children from 4 years old, which have proven themselves from the best side.

Model Weight, kg Frame material Wheel diameter, inches Design features Price, rub.
Royal Baby RB16-22 Space Shuttle 16 10.1 magnesium alloy sixteen chain guard, side wheels, magnesium alloy wheels 14300. 16000
STELS Talisman 18 Z010 (2018) 11.7 steel eighteen trunk, chain guard, side wheels, fenders, bell, steering wheel pad 4800. 6100
TREK Jet 16 (2014) eleven steel sixteen side wheels, chain guard, fenders, handlebar guard 11400. 13200
Puky z8 10.9 steel eighteen flag, front and rear reflectors, trunk, chain guards, fenders, footrest, bell, steering wheel protector 19000. 21300
Desna Druzhok 16 13 steel sixteen trunk, chain guards, side wheels, fenders, steering wheel protector 4900. 6100
Schwinn Gremlin (2016) 9.4 Aluminium alloy sixteen chain guard, side wheels, fenders, handlebar pad, handlebar guard 14400. 17200
Novatrack Forest 18 (2014) 14.6 steel eighteen trunk, chain guard, side wheels, fenders, bell, steering wheel protector 4800. 6200
Puky ZLX 18 Alu 9.4 Aluminium alloy eighteen steering wheel pad, chain guard, fenders, footrest, bell 24100. 27300
Merida Dakar 616 (2014) 9.5 Aluminium alloy sixteen chain guard, side wheels, bell 8100. 10800
Royal Baby RB16B-7 Freestyle 16 Alloy 9,7 Aluminium alloy sixteen water tank, chain guard, side wheels, bell 12000. 13100

Desna Druzhok 16

Stylish and bright model, which is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old, without changing gears. The bike is suitable even for those kids who have not learned how to maintain balance. The device is equipped with a comfortable lowered frame (made of durable steel), which allows the child to easily get on and off the vehicle. The handlebars and saddle can be individually adjusted to suit the child’s height. Comfortable frame geometry and saddle adjustment make your child comfortable.

Auxiliary removable wheels are installed on the sides of the bike for training purposes. A protective cushion on the steering wheel, fenders on wheels, a simple trunk and a special cover for the chain will be an excellent addition to a successful vehicle design. In addition, the developer has equipped the product with an effective V-Brake system, which is good enough for a budget class model.

Weight, kg 13
Pedal design Classic
Frame material Steel
Wheel diameter, inches sixteen
Design features Roof rack, chain guards, side wheels, fenders, steering wheel protector
  • nice design;
  • reliable steel frame;
  • effective braking system;
  • long stainless steel wings;
  • steering wheel protectors;
  • big wheels.

The perfect combination of price and quality. The bike is not flimsy, versatile and can last more than 1 year. Small additional wheels are provided for easy learning to ride a 2-wheeled bike. The handlebars can be adjusted so that the bike can “grow” with the child. Happy with the choice.