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Choosing a bike rack

Summer time, fresh air, sunny weather There is a desire to walk or, for example, ride a bike. It is very good if there is a green area near the house. And what if it is not there? How to transport a bicycle by car to the desired location? Today we will look at several methods of transporting a bike.

Ways to transport the bike by car

There are several ways to transport your bike by car. You will learn more about each of them below.

The first method is the simplest. transporting the bike in the cabin or trunk of the car.

In order to transport the bike in the car, most likely, you will need to disassemble it: remove the wheels and, perhaps, turn the steering wheel parallel to the frame. In this position, the bike will fit well in the trunk or in the back seat of almost any passenger car. During loading, it is worth paying attention to the rear derailleur. it is very easy to damage it. It is also worth checking if the bike is interfering with the driver and passengers. Under heavy braking, it can fly through the cabin and injure them.

The second way is to transport the bike on the roof of the car on a special trunk.

This is the most common way of transporting bicycles. In this case, a special mount is installed on the roof of the car, which securely fixes the bike. At first glance, it can be said that such an attachment does not inspire confidence. This feeling arises from the fact that sometimes you can see how the bike on the roof of the car is fixed not only with the help of fastening, but also tied with ropes or fastening expander. Perhaps these people are simply reinsured. We could not find any cases in which the bicycle fell when it was properly secured.

There are several types of bike mounts on the roof of a car:

For the frame. This mounting method is the most popular. Its disadvantage is that you can scratch the frame at the place of its attachment.

For the pedal. It seems that it is very unreliable, although in fact it is no different from the first attachment.

For the fork. Such an attachment requires the removal of the front wheel, due to this, the aerodynamics of the car with the bike is improved.

Behind the wheel. The bike is attached to the steering wheel on the roof of the car upside down. This mounting method is already outdated.

The advantages of such mounts are that the bike does not take up space in the car’s interior or trunk, and in comparison with other mounts, their cost is the lowest. Disadvantages of this method of fastening a bicycle: not everyone can lift a bicycle on the roof of a car by himself; the height of the car increases; the aerodynamics of the car deteriorates, a hum appears at high speed; each bike needs its own mount, that is, when transporting two bicycles, you need two mounts.

The third way. bike racks on the towbar of the car.

The advantages of this type of mount include:

– Ease of use. Bicycles do not need to be lifted onto the roof of the car.

There is also a negative side of the towbar mount:

The fourth method is to attach the bike to the back of the car.

This type is attached with hooks, slings and various devices to the trunk lid and bumper (sometimes there is a mounting option under the bumper). The bike is secured in the same way as when fastening to the towbar of the car. A maximum of three bicycles can be transported. Such bicycle mounts are bought individually for each car, less often you can see universal mounts for different body types.

In terms of cost, the mounts on the rear of the car do not differ much from mounts on the towbar. But in terms of convenience, they are much inferior (sometimes access to the trunk is closed). This type of mount is suitable for those who do not have a towbar on the car, but do not want to lift the bike onto the roof of the car either. The advantages of the mount include convenient installation (it is not necessary to lift it to the roof), it has almost no effect on the aerodynamics of the car.

The disadvantages of fastening are:

Often only one bike can be secured.

High cost for such functionality.

There is a possibility of damage to the paintwork of the machine.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bike Rack?

When choosing a bike carrier for a car, the following points should be considered:

Does your favorite mount fit your car? Some small things, such as antenna, sunroof, may interfere with the installation of the mount.

Are there all the elements for installing the mount? Sometimes you need to buy some parts that are not always cheap.

Is the mount suitable for your bike?

Will the bike get scratched during installation? The attachment point of the bike must be soft.

Do you like the design and material of the mount? Does the mount spoil the look of your vehicle??

With a positive answer to all these questions, it is worth buying a mount.

Tips for transporting your bike

Here are some tips for transporting your bike by car:

1. Do not forget that the dimensions of the vehicle have increased. When transporting a bike on the roof of a car, you should not drive at high speed, you need to pay attention to the height of signs, barriers so as not to catch them. If you have a towbar mount, do not forget to be careful in the parking lot or when moving back.

When transporting bicycles in wet weather, wear protective covers.

Bicycle mounts must be removed if you are away from the car for a long time. Otherwise, attackers can do it instead of you.

Remember that the weight of the car increases when the bike is transported.

Be careful when parking and respect the speed limit.

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What is a bike rack?

Tourism, including cycling, implies long journeys in which you cannot do without a car. You can, of course, ride within the city, but such a walk will bring much less joy than country cycling.

Previously, transporting bicycles was a very difficult task: drivers took off their wheels, steering wheel, shoved their bike into the trunk or even into the interior of the car. The problem with transportation was resolved after the bike rack was invented. a reliable and durable device that allows you to transport large over any distance.

Every year manufacturers are improving installation methods, expanding the capacity of bike racks, and improving the design of the device.

For family people who decide to go on vacation in the summer, a bike with a tailgate is ideal. The roof rack in this case will not be able to accommodate all the bicycles.

which, bike, mount, choose

Features of bike carriers

Amos is considered one of the leading manufacturers of tailgate bike racks. Compared to top brackets, such devices have a number of important advantages:

  • Profitability. The trunk on the door does not exert aerodynamic resistance when driving: the car travels lighter, which saves fuel.
  • It is quite difficult to fix the bike on the roof of the car.
  • The number of bicycles that can be carried with the door rail is much higher.

A high-quality bike rack can be installed on a car in just half a minute. The bicycles are attached to the base of the device with two straps made of tubular materials that do not damage paint. Even in moments when the car is moving at high speed, you can be calm: the bike will remain in place.

How to choose a bike rack

Bike rack classification

Bicycle fasteners are divided into types depending on the method of their installation on the car. The bike carrier for a car can be located:

  • On the roof.
  • On the tow bar
  • On the back door of the car.
  • For jeeps, bike racks are used for the spare wheel.

Each type has both advantages and disadvantages. In our country, most drivers prefer to transport bicycles on the roof, although experts consider the best way to transport them on the rear door of a car.

Bike rack manufacturers

MONTBLANC recently introduced the newest bike mount for a car. the device was named Barracuda. The bike rack features a unique design that firmly holds the bike. The manufacturer supplies the trunk with all the components: the assembly of the device will take a few minutes.

High-quality bicycle racks of all types are produced by the Swedish concern THULE and the Polish AMOS. The company covers all parts of the bike carrier with a rubberized material that come into contact with the car.

It doesn’t matter what you have to do: an excursion to protected areas or just transporting bikes, transporting a bike by car will be an ideal option that meets all safety standards.

On the hitch

Towbar mounts are reliable and durable, and many of these types of bike carriers offer the ability to carry custom frame bicycles or bicycles with wide wheels. For example, the Thule VeloSpace XT 3 towbar bike carrier can carry fat bikes and mountain bikes, while the adapter can carry a fourth bike. There is also an accessory available to protect the carbon frames if your bike is made of carbon fiber. And the BOSAL TRAVELER III bike carrier allows you to transport even an electric bike, a fat bike and a bicycle with any frame design.

Towbar bike carrier suitable for city bikes, road bikes with aluminum or steel frames, fat bikes, hardtails, full suspension bikes, mountain bikes, adapters required for bicycles with carbon frames or ladies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Towbar Bike Mount

Benefits of a towbar bike rack

  • Easy to install. just stick it on the towbar.
  • There is usually no need to remove the front wheels to mount bicycles.
  • Easier to lift and secure bikes in place
  • Reduced chance of scratching car paint when installing bicycles.
  • Carry up to 4 bicycles on one device.

Disadvantages of towbar bike mounts

  • The installed trunk can block access to the rear tailgate of the vehicle; folding models for better access are more expensive.
  • Spacers may be required between bikes to avoid bumping or scratching.
  • Bicycles can be damaged by reversing or rear impacts.
  • Additional support may be required to support irregular bikes.

Please note that in accordance with the changes in the Customs Regulations, the installed means on the towbar, in this case the bike carrier, must be certified and checked by the traffic police:

In connection with the change in the Customs Regulations, the installation of a towing device on the vehicle, the transfer of state registration plates, as well as the installation of additional lighting devices, is a change in the design of the vehicle, which requires the implementation of the procedures established by Section 4 of Chapter V of the Technical Regulations.

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For more information on how to transport bicycles on a towbar bike rack without fines, read this article.

How to choose a bike carrier for your car

Car owners who love to ride a bike always have the question of how to transport bicycles by car safely, reliably and without unnecessary hassle. And if you have a family where everyone loves to ride a bike, or you are going to go on vacation with a company, then even more questions arise.

To travel to the dacha, workout or vacation without spoiled inventory, you need to choose a bike mount that suits your needs, comparing the features and nuances of bicycle racks. Every bike rack is different, so the right rack should fit your bike as well as your car and fit your budget.

Bike carrier with fixation for the frame

This mounting option is faster than a fork mount and is the most popular mount type. Wheels are installed in a profile, the rod fixes the frame, double or single; the frame is fixed with a special clamping device.

When choosing such a mount, measure the diameter of the bottom tube of your bike frame and ask your consultant if the clamp is designed for this diameter. You do not need to remove the front wheel, but you do need to climb higher to put on the bike, and many unusual frame shapes do not fit.

The frame lock is suitable for city bikes, road bikes with aluminum or steel frames. Bikes with carbon frames or wide wheels may require additional adapters.

We have frame-secured bike carriers:

  • Functional and lightweight LUX Smart bike carrier
  • The versatile and safe LUX PROFI bike carrier
  • Practical and inexpensive bike carrier LUX Bike-1
  • Simple and stylish Thule ProRide 532 bike carrier
  • The proven Thule ProRide 598 bike carrier

Towbar bike rack

Towbar bike racks come in different sizes, your choice will depend on the number of bikes to be transported and your vehicle.

Types of bike carriers

Car bike racks generally fall into three distinct categories: roof bike racks, towbar bike racks, and tailgate bike racks. All three types have their pros, cons, and installation features.

A roof rack is inexpensive and versatile, while a towbar bike rack is more expensive, but more functional and easier to operate. There are also special mounts that can be attached to the rear door.

Consider the following when choosing a bike rack:

  • How often will you use it?
  • How many bicycles do you need to carry?
  • What type of bike do you want to carry?
  • You have a custom bike: with wide wheels or with an unusual frame shape?
  • Your car already has a towbar or roof rack?

For example, e-bike enthusiasts will need a rack that can support the weight of an e-bike (most of which weigh an average of 20 kg), while owners of bicycles with wide wheels will need wheel holders that can support the size of an e-bike. And if you have a bike with a female frame, be aware that some mounts will require the use of an accessory, such as the Thule bike carrier, to properly fit your bike to the rack. Likewise, if you have multiple bikes, such as a tall adult bike and a very small kids bike, then the versatility of the rack should be considered.

Factors such as bike weight, wheel size and frame material determine which type of rack will best suit your needs.

Roof bike rack

Roof mounted bike racks attach to your existing roof rack. If you are choosing a roof rack bike rack, you need to understand if it is suitable for your type of bike.

Rear door bike rack

The tailgate bike carrier is one of the most popular options for transporting bicycles due to its simplicity, adjustability and accessibility.


The second option for transporting bicycles is on a towbar. The towbar bike carrier is designed to carry from 2 to 4 bicycles. When choosing such a rack, consider how far you are going to go. If it is not far away, then you can purchase a mount in the region of 2-3 thousand rubles, where the bike frame is fastened with polyurethane straps, and the wheels hang in the air. To transport a two-wheeled friend with a so-called lady’s frame, you will need to purchase an additional false crossbar. an adapter for a non-standard frame.

If you have a long journey, then it is better to choose the option with a platform. Here the bike stands confidently with two wheels in special grooves, and the lights will repeat all the light signals of the car, which will not cause complaints from the police. Top models have a tilt function that allows access to the luggage compartment with bicycles installed. The flagship among towing attachments is THULE with its EuroWay and EuroClassic mounts. Italian models MENABO Winny look pretty good against their background.


The first is the most popular and widespread method. it is transporting bicycles on the roof of a car. To implement this option, you must have a basic roof rack. two crossbars (you can pick it up in the corresponding section of our website). (or even less) up to five. ) are made of aluminum or impact resistant plastic. They have a more streamlined shape, beautiful and comfortable design, protected by locks. over, both the mount itself on the base rack and the bike in the mount can be locked with a key. Installation of these bike racks on the roof takes 1-2 minutes (after preliminary adjustment).

The roof can accommodate from one to four fixings. The most reliable and convenient models are THULE Proride, MONTBLANC Barracuda, MONTBLANC Discovery. From budget models THULE Freeride, MONTBLANC Scott. When transporting bicycles on the roof, remember that your car has become at least a meter higher in height and that you must be extremely careful when driving under arches and spreading trees. And yet, manufacturers of car luggage carriers impose a speed limit of 120 km / h on their products.

How to choose a rack for transporting a bike?

Finding a bike carrier is as easy as shelling pears. First, decide whether it is convenient for you to lift the bike to fix it on the roof, whether your car has a towbar, or is it easier for you to fix the bikes on the trunk lid (or the fifth door)?


The third option is on the back door or trunk lid.

If your car does not have a towbar and it is inconvenient for you to lift the bike onto the roof, then this option will do. Rear door bike carriers can be custom or universal. Specials are selected individually for the car. The bike rack is fixed to the rear door of the car rigidly by means of rods. Places of contact with the paintwork are rubberized to avoid scratches. This mount allows you to get into the trunk of a car even with bicycles installed. There are modifications with a high position of the transported bicycles and with a low one. The advantage of the former is that bicycles with wheels in special grooves hold more rigidly and do not obstruct the rear lights and license plate, which has a positive effect on safety. Such bike racks allow you to carry 2-3 bicycles, rarely when 4. Among the optimal ones, you can name the THULE ClipOn mount.

Universal bike carrier. these are fairly inexpensive designs that are attached to the rear door or trunk lid by means of fabric belts. This option is good for its low cost and the ability to install on most cars. The disadvantages of such a bike rack include the need to tighten the fastening belts at a certain distance (especially in the rain), because the fabric of which these straps are made, despite its density, tends to stretch. As a rule, 3 bicycles are placed on such racks. Good proven models THULE FreeWay, PERUZZO Milano, MENABO SteelBike.

And finally the last option

Another option is possible for SUV owners with an external spare wheel.

In most cases, such a mount is fixed to the wheel with straps; for this, the wheel must be free of covers and casings. As a rule, two bicycles can be transported on such a rack, since the carrying capacity of the spare wheel bracket is small.

What type of bike carrier to choose

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Transportation of a bicycle by car requires the purchase of special mounts. They can be of several types and differ in cost, method and place of installation on a vehicle.

What are the mounts for a bicycle on a car.

Most often, such devices are bought if the bike is heavy. They are considered the most reliable, but require installation on the roof of the trunk. Elements can be made of steel and aluminum. You will also need wheel locks to keep the bike upright. If you intend to transport several bicycles, then each of them will need a separate rack.

The advantage of such devices is the ability to transport the assembled bicycle. However, this will reduce the aerodynamics of the car. In addition, installed bicycles will require careful travel in tunnels or under a bridge.

Rear door mount.

This type of mount is very popular, and although it appeared recently, it is already actively used by motorists. Such clips are suitable for installation on SUVs or hatchbacks. Installation is carried out on the back door, and the driver is able to transport three bicycles at once.

The advantages of this type of mounts are the ability to travel anywhere. under arches, bridges. At the same time, there is no deterioration in the aerodynamic qualities of the car. But at the same time, it is worth making sure that the bike does not cover the license plates, otherwise the driver may be fined. It also becomes difficult to use the trunk of a car, access to which will be blocked by bicycles.

The advantages of these mounts are ease of use and tightness of fixing the bike. And as disadvantages, many mention their high cost and clutter up the review.

There are many nuances to consider when choosing a bike holder. If they will be fixed on the roof, then it should not have hatches and antennas that will interfere with the transportation of bicycles or fixing the device.

You will also need to find out the features and configuration of the clips. Some of them require the purchase of additional parts for installation.

You need to find out what material the retainer is made of, whether it can reliably hold the bike being transported. The device should not scratch it. It is also worth finding out the cost of fasteners, because some of its types can have a high price.

Types of towbar holders

If you want to transport your bike on a towbar, then you need to purchase a separate bike holder design. This method is used quite rarely, it can even be called original. For such transportation, it is necessary that the towbar is attached to the car, as well as fasteners and electrical wiring to a special connector. All this requires financial costs.

Even advanced versions of such fasteners can be found on sale. They are presented in the form of a special platform, supplemented with turn signals, mount for state. numbers and other elements. If we consider the pros and cons of this option, then they are the same as the fasteners for the rear door of the car. The only thing worth noting is that this option allows you to transport 4 bicycles at the same time, state. license plate and taillights are not obscured, and vulnerability in the event of an accident is also reduced.

Popular manufacturers

Consider companies that are now enjoying fame because they offer a quality product and have an excellent reputation.

How to choose

You should be extremely careful when choosing a bike mount for a car, as the wrong approach can lead to a road accident, damage your car or cause the bike to be stolen. So, when choosing a rack for transporting a bicycle, it is better to be guided by a number of criteria.

  • Fastening method. The most common is to transport a bike on the roof of a car, although this option negatively affects the aerodynamics of the car. Tailgate fasteners are also often chosen, since this option reduces the likelihood of catching on something, but the trunk becomes blocked. The rarest option is to install on a tow bar.
  • Lock. The presence of a lock allows you to be calm about cycling, but without it there is a possibility of theft of a bicycle, so it is better not to leave the car unattended in this form.
  • Number of bicycles. This has a direct impact on the choice of model.
  • Fastener weight. The heavier the mount, the greater the load on the car. The fasteners must be strong and reliable, but not very heavy.
  • Carrying capacity. The higher this parameter, the better.
  • Installation. Installing a bike carrier should be quick and easy.
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Notable models

Below are a few of the Thule bike carrier options.

  • The OutRide is a lightweight and easy-to-use fork lock. Its weight is only 2.5 kg. It is mounted on the roof of the car. This fastener is characterized by fast loading and reliability. Its versatility makes it suitable for bikes with standard 9mm axles and disc brakes. The rear wheel is secured with a quick release strap. The fastener can be used for wheels up to 3 inches wide. The set includes locks. The carrying capacity is 17 kg. Its dimensions. 137x22x8 cm.
  • HangOn 4 is a towbar mount that can fit 4 bicycles. The roof rack attaches to the towbar quite simply and easily, with the ability to tilt to provide access to the trunk. Fixing the bike to the restraint is carried out using rubber straps, characterized by elasticity. A special adapter is required to mount bicycles with non-standard frames. Its carrying capacity is 60 kg. Fastener weight. 10.3 kg, and dimensions. 47x64x90 cm.
  • FreeWay 3 is an excellent choice for a car tailgate. This model is suitable for transporting three bicycles. All mounting parts are covered with rubber, which will protect the bike and car from scratches. This solution can also be used for two-wheeled vehicles with non-standard frames if an adapter is additionally used. The load capacity is 45 kg, while the bike can have a maximum weight of 15 kg. Mount weight. 5.1 kg, equipment dimensions. 56x82x78 cm.

Features of car luggage carriers on the back door

Quite often, a trunk is used to move a bicycle, which is located on the back door of the car. This is a fairly recent solution as it is not yet as familiar as the one above. The car mount is suitable for all types of vehicles: station wagons, crossovers, SUVs, minivans and hatchbacks. Thanks to this design, from 1 to 3 bicycles can be fixed at the same time.

This variety has such advantages as:

  • height doesn’t matter;
  • no effort is needed to lift the bike;
  • the risk of catching something is reduced;
  • practically does not affect the aerodynamics of the car.
  • this type is not used for sedans, as the spare wheel will need to be removed;
  • the load on the rear of the machine increases;
  • there is no possibility of using the trunk while the auto fastener is on it;
  • in the event of a traffic situation, the bike, like the rear of the car, will be damaged;
  • the presence of a bicycle in the back can lead to obstruction of the state. numbers or tail lights.


A major manufacturer of car accessories. This company is well-known throughout Europe. Its products are of excellent quality and reliability.


Fastening mechanisms from this brand are fairly easy to operate. They can be used for products weighing up to 15 kg. They are made from aluminum. One of the famous models is the Menabo Alphard, which is designed to transport two bicycles at the same time, while their total weight can reach 50 kg.

Types of bike mounts

By using the walls and ceiling, the garage space will be used to its maximum benefit (especially if your family has multiple vehicles). Here are the modern mount options:

  • Wall-mounted universal brackets for horizontal bike storage. The system consists of 2 holders (adjustable to the desired distance between the wheels) and 1 belt, thanks to which the angle of inclination (the degree of adherence to the surface) is adjusted. Such a wall mount for a bicycle is designed for a load of up to 20 kg and guarantees a strictly horizontal position. If necessary, it is completed with a special adapter for placing the scooter.
  • Horizontal wall hanger with bike hooks up to 18 kg. Hanging the bike from the frame in this case will be easier, but the design takes up a little more space compared to the previous version. It also has a convenient storage shelf where you can put gloves, a helmet, a uniform, etc.
  • A wall-mounted bike rack that allows you to stand it upright, withstands a load of up to 23 kg. This mount can accommodate 2 bikes and sports accessories at once: this solution saves space and is suitable for families with a significant bike fleet.
  • Ceiling Italian bike rack will place your bike under the ceiling. Can be supplemented with a 360 degree turntable. Smooth lifting and lowering are due to the hydraulic lift. The height of the ceiling does not matter. a special platform will be made for it.

If desired, bike holders can be combined within the same room (for example, use horizontal brackets for daily storage, and ceiling lifts for winter storage of an iron friend).

Bicycle mount on the wall: which option to choose?

  • Types of bike mounts
  • Wall mounting methods

How do you usually store your bike? At home, two-wheeled vehicles are often sent to the balcony, where it takes up a lot of space, and if there is a garage, it is simply placed on the floor, which also eats up useful space. The most convenient option is to use a bicycle mount for a wall or ceiling. over, modern manufacturers offer interesting solutions for storing bulky items.!

Wall mounting methods

The big question is, how do you mount these mounts to support the weight of the bike with frequent use? When it comes to wall mounting, the best option is to use modern modular storage systems. These are produced and installed by GarageTech. engaged in the professional arrangement of garages and utility rooms.

The innovative systems consist of wall panels or tracks (rails) on which any storage accessory can be mounted, including for bicycles. The company also installs ceiling lifts, and racks and shelves from the GarageTech range are perfect for related sports equipment. Thanks to them, the space will be used efficiently, and you will have room for other things.!

Mini Table Tripods

Mini tripods for mobile devices come with flexible or rigid legs. They are compact enough to fit in a jacket or purse. The smallest of them. Joby GripTight Micro Stand. will allow you to mount a smartphone from 54 to 72 mm wide. The tripod has a ball head that allows you to tilt and rotate your smartphone.

Another version of the JOBY mini-tripod is the MPod Mini Stand. Due to the flexible legs, the tripod can be placed on any uneven surfaces. on stairs, on stones, wrap around pipes or tree branches. This tripod is suitable for smartphones up to 8 cm wide.

Depending on the model, goosenecks can be equipped with different phone mounts, magnetic feet, or a tripod head for video shooting, as is the case with the Joby GripTight Gorillapod Video tripod.

Selfie stick

A selfie stick or selfie stick is the most common smartphone device. It allows you not only to fix your phone, but also to control it remotely. For example, the GreenBean iMate SelfiePod BT. In addition to Bluetooth control, this monopod is supplemented with a tripod, which will allow you to place the phone on a flat surface, and not just hold it in your hand.

Holders for smartphones

If you already have a regular photo or video tripod, all you need to attach your smartphone to it is a special holder. Almost all tripods for photography and camcorders have a standard ¼ inch screw. All smartphone holders can be screwed onto it without any problems. The simplest and most affordable of them is the Fujimi SM-CL1 sliding clamp. The mount is designed for phones with a width of 5.5 to 8.5 cm.

The disadvantage of this holder is that you cannot install the smartphone in a vertical position. This option can be provided by another device. a smartphone mount for the Joby GripTight Mount PRO tripod. With it, you can set your smartphone in a horizontal and vertical position and change the angle of inclination. GripTight Mount PRO fits any smartphone from 56mm to 91mm, such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note.

These mounts are suitable for smartphones. But what about a bigger device like an iPad? The GreenBean iHolder PAD metal bracket will help you to mount the tablets. It can be attached to any tripod, monopod, magic arm and other device that has a standard ¼ inch screw.

If you are not limited to shooting with only a tripod, and you need a truly universal mount for your smartphone, then the Joby GripTight POV Kit is a universal holder for many situations. Can be hand-held or placed on a flat surface. And with a GoPro-compatible mount, the GripTight POV Kit can be attached to your body, helmet or bike. The set includes a Bluetooth remote control. place your smartphone on the holder and take pictures from a distance.

There are many reasons why you need to mount your smartphone to the handlebars of your bike. The main thing in such a situation is the reliability of the fastening. If your smartphone is between 56mm and 91mm, check out the Joby GripTight PRO bike mount for smartphones. The combination of durable materials and high-quality workmanship will ensure a secure fit of the smartphone on the steering wheel.

Steadicams for smartphones

Having started their way with professional systems of body kits for TV and cameramen, steadicams have reached the amateur level. It is now easy to find similar devices for light cameras and telephones. Steadicam GreenBean STAB 100 is designed for cameras weighing up to 0.5 kg. Attach your smartphone to the STAB 100 with the holder and you can shoot smooth, professional-quality videos. This device is especially useful when shooting scenes on the move, climbing stairs, or following a subject. When smooth handheld shooting is not possible, the steadicam will help out 100 percent.

Electronic steadicams for smartphones

Smooth, sliding camera movements are key to a good video. This problem is solved by electronic steadicams. They are available with two-axis (pan and tilt) or three-axis (pan, tilt and horizon) stabilization. In the short list of such devices, the Feiyu FY-G4 Plus electronic gimbal must be present. With the help of brushless motors, the electronic gimbal keeps the smartphone stable when walking, running, climbing stairs, driving, etc. If necessary, an additional extension can be screwed onto the handle.

To shoot video on a mobile phone, you can use almost any stabilizer for photos, camcorders, attaching a corresponding phone holder to it.

For example, if you need smooth rolling for a video, use skaters or sliders as an alternative to expensive electronic gimbals.

There is a large selection of supporting devices for both hobbyist and professional smartphones. Even with the cheapest one, you will take a photo or video at least one level higher.

Bicycle storage is a real problem for apartment owners in a multi-storey building. If there is no spacious garage on the territory, then cycling enthusiasts use special fasteners for a bicycle on the wall, which are very different from each other.

But before choosing a place for your bike, you need to follow a few simple storage rules:

which, bike, mount, choose
  • In winter, it is forbidden to leave the bike in a cold room. metal parts become narrower when hypothermic, which reduces their strength.
  • The sun’s rays are also not the best option. Heating is especially bad for rubber.
  • Be sure to use special covers or a regular cape made of thick fabric. This will protect the parts from dust, snow and rain.
  • While the bike is not in use, all parts must be lubricated and dust-free.
  • If the bike is modern, and it has spring shock absorbers, then it is advisable to weaken them so that they retain their original properties, and not weaken over time.
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Once all the requirements are met, you can start choosing a bike mount on the wall. For a pedal, frame or wheel. the choice is already individual.

Frame parallel to wall

A vehicle normally placed near a wall will take up quite a bit of space. In order not to get dirty when passing the wheels, the bike must be hung at a short distance from the floor with the help of fasteners. Such a bike rack is convenient, even if there are several of them in the house.

The type of construction is very convenient, since transport will take up very little space in the apartment. But the installation itself needs a lot of free space. Ideal for placement. a wall corner behind an entrance door, a gas water heater or a refrigerator. In order not to constantly touch the bike, the wheels are placed closer to the wall.

Securing your bike to the ceiling is a smart and efficient way to store your vehicle. Using this method, you can free up much more free space than in the previous two cases. A system of brackets is used, with the help of which it will be possible to raise and lower the bike to the ceiling without much effort. Usually this option is used if the room has high ceilings. Ceiling bike mount requires hooks or brackets.

It is convenient to place the bike on the loggia or balcony, if available in the apartment. But here it is necessary to take into account the temperature differences that are characteristic of an open space. The transport is usually placed right next to the partition separating the street from the apartment, or they use a bicycle rack on the balcony. But there are also negative aspects. you have to carry it through the whole apartment. This is very inconvenient, as there is a risk of staining the carpet with wheels.

How to choose a bike mount for a wall

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Having decided on the type of bike storage, you need to choose the right mounting mechanism itself. For this, there are certain nuances that will have to be taken into account:

  • Height at which it is possible to place the vehicle.
  • You need to know exactly the material of the wall.
  • Directly the view of the selected mount.

Each of the points must be disassembled in more detail in order to clarify them as much as possible.

Before carrying out installation work, first of all, you need to check the material from which the selected wall is made. The fact is that the hardness, density, and also the bearing properties of the entire structure depend on this indicator. If the wall is weak, for example, made of plasterboard, then the mount will simply break off over time under the weight of the vehicle.

The height at which the bike will hang

Then you can proceed to the choice of the height that will be enough for the location of the bike. To correctly determine the required parameters, you need to ask someone to hold the bike at the selected height. It is better to try on at different heights in order to determine the most comfortable one. If you approach the task carelessly, then the vehicle will simply get in the way, or the person will constantly touch it. The low position is inconvenient, since the landlord will stain his outerwear on the bicycle wheels. But too high a position is unsafe if the bike is removed from the hooks by a person with poor health, for example, suffering from frequent dizziness. Therefore, the most ideal option for such people is a bicycle lift.

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So that the bike in the apartment is located as conveniently as possible and does not interfere with the household, you need to pay special attention to the choice of the mount itself for storing the bike. There are several types.

A hook for attaching a bicycle to a wall is widespread. The popularity is due to the low price of the device, as well as the fact that it is easy to use. The simplicity of operation lies in the fact that only a few long self-tapping screws are used to attach the hook. It is important to note that it is advisable to hang the bike on the wall not on the plastic version. It is less reliable than metal.

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This is also a fairly popular type of fastening, which does not have to be screwed into the ceiling. The counter is an easy way to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the room. Modern samples are immediately completed with additional units, where you can hang a sports jacket, helmet or bicycle repair accessories.

An undoubted advantage is the fact that the racks are in good harmony with the appearance of any apartment, even the smallest. Also, with the help of the unit, it is easy to carry out repair work on your bike. This is especially true if a person is engaged in professional driving.

But the rack has a drawback. poor ergonomics.

Usually shelves are used to store a bicycle in the living room, as they look the most harmonious, thanks to the special holes for the frame. This kind of storage can not only fulfill its original function, but also decorate the interior (color, shape).

If the basic fastening methods are not suitable for certain apartments, then you can use additional options:

  • A convenient place is in the closet. It can accommodate several units at once, as well as all the necessary accessories for operating a bicycle. It is usually used in a large family, where there are several who like to ride a two-wheeled vehicle. You can place not only children’s, but also adult samples in the closet. Usually, for convenience, the cabinet is installed on a warm balcony, or in a large hallway. Not recommended for use if the apartment is small. Good materials are immediately used in the manufacture of the cabinet, and it will withstand the loads.
  • Stand for one wheel. This unit takes up very little space in the apartment, but at the same time it fixes the transport securely. The main disadvantages are that a good special device is quite expensive, and cheap plastic ones break quickly. The stand does not save space at all in the apartment, since the bike will still stand on the floor in a certain place inside the room. The equipment is used to prevent vehicles from rolling or falling.

It is important to note that these two ways of storing a bike are extremely unpopular in Russia, since one of them takes up too much space in the apartment, and the other is expensive. From this we can conclude that the most popular types of fasteners are racks, hooks and shelves.

Hooks are sold in the price range from 100 to 1000 rubles. The price depends on the material of manufacture, dimensions, as well as load-bearing properties. The better the hook, the more expensive it will be.

Brackets are sold at a price of 300 rubles and up to several thousand.

But there are also more expensive samples (usually foldable).

It is important to understand that you should not save on equipment, since high-quality samples will last longer. For help in choosing, it is advisable to contact consultants.

If you do not want to purchase standard options that are not suitable for every apartment, then you can try to make a bike mount on the wall with your own hands. Also, this method will help significantly save money. You need to follow the instructions to make functional and beautiful shelves that can be fixed in a convenient place.

  • The most important part of the construction is durable chipboard and plywood with a thickness of 16 mm or more. The length of the shelf will be approximately 60% of the length of the bike frame itself.
  • You can’t do without good wood screws. The length should be chosen individually, depending on the size of the structure.
  • Screwdriver or electric electric screwdriver. It is preferable to choose the second option, since it is much faster to work with it.
  • Saw and jigsaw for shaping the wood.
  • PVA glue.
  • The depth of the shelf is determined from the distance between the end of the grip and the stem.
  • You need to find out the diameter of the cutout for placing the bike in the structure by measuring the frame with a caliper.
  • The width of the structure depends on the frame: the higher it is made, the wider the shelf will be needed.

The first step is to create the walls for the shelf. Special grooves will be made in them with a jigsaw, where the bicycle structure is attached. Contours can be chosen in any shape. depending on your individual preferences. But you need to adhere to the basic conditions. The groove must be higher than its vertical plane. Thus, you can ensure a secure attachment of the bike. it will not slip out of its intended place. The part must be uniform along its entire length. This figure is equal to the diameter of the frame, with the addition of about 10 mm.

Next, a screwdriver is used to fasten the side and top walls together. The fastening of the partition is done with a distance of 10 cm from the end area of ​​the grooves located on the sides. In this element, holes are made for screwing in screws in the wall of the structure. Prepare in advance and attach two pieces of plywood to increase rigidity. Construction details must be greased with good glue, and then additionally fastened with screws.

The finished shelf is positioned with special bolts in place. Installing the top wall frame to make the exterior look more attractive.

The main types of work are prohibited. If there are any cavities from screwing in the screws, you can treat them with a putty on wood, and then cover the entire contraction with a paint and varnish coating. But first you need to process the tree with sandpaper.

Features of fastening a bicycle to a car

For transportation by car, you can use 3 ways to mount the bike on the car:

  • A car roof rack is one of the most common and oldest options for transporting a bicycle. It is considered the safest and most familiar. Transport is placed from above in a vertical position, fixed with wheels or pedals using special holders on the car. But it is advisable to purchase more expensive and reliable modifications in order to avoid problems and possible damage on the road while driving.
  • Bicycle rack for the rear door of the car. Hatchback owners can use bike racks that attach to the rear door of the car.
  • Bicycle rack for tow bar. This option has not yet become the most common. Fastening is done with a towbar ball and secure belts. This design will cost from 3000 rubles and more. Significant advantage. hassle-free use of the trunk.

All variants of the bike mount for the car are reliable and convenient. Don’t worry about keeping your bicycles safe. A significant plus of each design is that you can place several bikes on them at once.

Various mounts can be used for more than just storing and transporting your bike. Special devices are also made in order to hang additional devices on the two-wheeled vehicle itself.