Which bike is suitable for a child of 3 years old

5 Best Bikes for 3 and 4 Year Olds (12 Inch and 14 Inch Bikes)

Tricycles with a handle for toddlers from 1 to 2 years old

The very first three-wheeled friend can be called a bicycle stroller. The kid is happy that he is driving himself, and the mother is happy that she can control the process with the help of a special handle. On such a bike, you can move not only by rotating the wheels, but also pushing off with your feet.

Today, tricycles are produced that look like bright, elegant toys. Tweeters and horns, musical panels with a mass of buttons and interesting details entertain the toddler who cannot yet drive a vehicle.

Attention! It is important that the bike fits the child. Therefore, the main principle of selection is moving parts, with the help of which the bike grew with the child.

The first children’s bicycles were designed for maximum safety. Before buying a gift, you need to check if the bike is stable, if it is equipped with additional parts:

  • five-point belly belts;
  • metal safety rim that can be folded back;
  • footrests in the form of pallets;
  • front wheel blocker;
  • additional low handles so that the kid rolls the toys himself;
  • wide seat with backrest to prevent slipping.
  • basket and awning.
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The kid will quickly feel like an “adult” and will try to pedal and drive his vehicle. Therefore, items such as the safety headband, footrests and tarpaulin should be easy to remove.

Features of children’s bicycles for 5-7 years

These are already full-fledged serious bicycles without styling like motorcycles or animals. No additional wheels. complete freedom of movement and good maneuverability.

Steel horses can repeat the design of mountain, city, sports bikes. Speed ​​selectors and a number of design features and additions appear in different models:

  • sturdy aluminum frame;
  • disc brakes;
  • durable helmet for head protection.

How to choose the right children’s bike from 1 year to 3 years and older

A treadmill for the little ones

Starting from 1.5-2 years old, children are actively trying to move on cars or bicycles, pushing off with their feet. A runbike is a lightweight, pedal-less bike that can be learned to ride in no time.

The main selection criterion is the length of the child’s legs. The balance bike should be such that, while sitting on it, the baby slightly bends his knees and rests on his full foot.

The required parameter can be determined in advance. To do this, measure the child‘s leg on the inside from the groin to the foot, and you are 3-4 cm Honor. This indicator is indicated in the description of each model of the balance bike.

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The runbike is the first independent vehicle for toddlers

Kids Bike Sizes: 3 Tips for Picking the BEST Sized Bike

Bicycles for junior schoolchildren from 10 years old

Teenage bikes are almost identical to adult bikes. They have a smaller frame and wheel diameter. The most popular transport for schoolchildren has between 18 and 21 speeds.

For 10-year-olds, you can buy a bike with a gearshift

Advice. During the shopping process, ask your child to sit on the bike on a level surface. Feet should be firmly on the floor, and the distance between crotch and frame should be at least 10 cm.

You should also pay attention to stunt bikes, which are designed for jumping and rough terrain. All BMX models are equipped with the same speed and small wheels combined with a very robust construction.

Bicycle for kids 2-5 years old

The interesting age of funny why and mischievous people suggests a desire to ride on their own. For this age, the so-called four-wheeled bicycles are relevant. In fact, they are two-wheeled, but equipped with two additional removable wheels.

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At this age, pictures and music panels are no longer relevant, bicycles also “mature”, become more strict and serious.

  • on some models, a seat with a backrest is also installed, but mostly they are equipped with standard saddles with a hard side;
  • on the steering wheel. a special shockproof pad;
  • equipping with both hand and foot brake (it is easier to operate);
  • on the chain. plastic or metal shields that protect against injury and dirt;
  • experienced mothers are advised to choose not plastic, but metal wheels with rubber tires. They do not rattle and serve as good shock absorbers;
  • necessary additional elements: horn, handbrake;
  • the steering limiter will help you steer the vehicle on tight bends.

Experts warn that if there is an opportunity to choose between rubberized, plastic and metal pedals, it is better to stop at more reliable. metal.

Bike selection table by height