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City bicycles

Citybike (citybike), also known as a city bike, is the most convenient option for moving on flat terrain within a settlement. Such models are usually specially designed for comfortable driving on asphalt and other types of terrain found in the city. There are hybrid species that are suitable for forest riding and even sports training. Here the choice already depends on the specific preferences and hobbies of the person.

The main features of city bikes are practicality, reliability, minimal equipment and stylish design. They are usually equipped with a rear rack and a small set of speeds, and their distinguishing feature is the frame. Its design can be closed and open. The first is considered a male version, and the second, with the top bar lowered, was created for the convenience of women, who can easily ride it in a skirt or dress.

Citibikes are not suitable for hilly, too relief terrain. in such conditions, it is easiest to break it. This is the main difference between a city bike and a mountain bike. The second, on the contrary, is designed exclusively for bumps, slopes and holes.

What are city bicycles

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Fully equipped city bikes. This bike has everything you need from the factory. from the trunk and flask to lights and protection from dirt and chain lubrication. Everything for the convenience of the user: buy and use. This type of city bike is well suited for tourist routes (take note if you want to support tourism in Ukraine).

The best solution for girls is cruisers. Already from the name alone, it breathes with a certain imposingness, leisurely and chic. Indeed, they are designed for quiet city walks and leisurely suburban driving. These beautiful and super comfortable bikes feature authentic styling and special frame geometry for a comfortable ride. These retro models are usually equipped with wicker baskets so that you can take everything you need with you on the road. On them, it is ideal to sail slowly along the paths and alleys of the park, sitting comfortably on a large saddle, as if on a soft sofa.

Another popular walking bike is the folding bike. This is a mobile and compact transport (it looks like a teenage bike), so you will not feel the problem of where to put it ─ the small size of the bike makes it convenient to carry it with you both in the car and in public transport, and at home it will take up a minimum of space.

And hybrids are also a common variant of modern city bikes. In fact, it is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. They have full-size, usually thin wheels with a focus on speed and maneuverability. Often these are male models with a raised top tube, which are distinguished by a classic or sporty design.

Also suitable for urban conditions are electric bicycles, singlespeeds and fixes (single-speed), as well as tourist, which combine the characteristics of several models. road, road and mountain.

How can a beginner choose a city bike, and what are the crucial factors to consider before deciding on a purchase? The question was sorted out by Beauty HUB.

A bicycle is an ideal means of transportation for the city and beyond. But in order for you to ride it not only pleasantly, but also comfortably and safely, you should approach the purchase with special attention. We tell you what types of city bikes are, what you should consider when choosing and what to focus on in the first place, so that your new friend will serve you for a long time without any disappointments.

What to look for when buying

We have come to the most crucial part. choosing a bike. Let’s analyze the main criteria that your city rocket must meet, so that it is convenient for you to bypass traffic jams, seeping between cars, quickly accelerate and stop, and unhurried trips are a pleasure.

The most important aspect. The whole success of the trip depends to a large extent on the frame. you should be comfortable, soft, you should not get tired quickly. Here the material from which it is made plays a key role.

Steel. It is considered the most budget option, while the quality is not inferior: bicycles with a steel frame are very reliable, suitable for maneuverable turns and measured riding. They dampen vibrations well and serve for a long time. The only drawback of steel is a lot of weight, which loses to more mobile options.

Aluminum. The most widespread and advantageous material in terms of price. quality. It is much lighter and stiffer, so with such a frame you feel less fatigue even when going up. Their disadvantage is that they are not particularly repairable ─ after a breakdown the pipe is difficult to repair, it will be easier to find a replacement.

Carbon. This frame is the lightest of all. The bike with it turns out to be really weightless, but at the same time resistant to scratches. Among the disadvantages. fragile material, which is not suitable for riding with a lot of weight and extra luggage, and a high price compared to other offers.

Two types of cushioning are commonly found in city bikes. rigid and hardtail. If you are going to ride on good, flat roads, not too much on the terrain, and at the same time you want a light and inexpensive bike, choose models without shock absorbers, or a rigid. Otherwise, it is worth considering the second option. It is suitable for those who plan to travel often outside the city. Into the forest, for example, where it is full of holes and bumps.

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Here it is better to focus on wide and soft seats. If you want to ride around the city in a relaxed manner and not go far, give preference to seats with various softening fillers. gel, silicone, etc. And for those who sometimes want to travel long distances, hard saddles are suitable. There are also models with springs that are optimal for driving on uneven roads and rough terrain.

Here, use a simple rule. the steering wheel of the city bike should match the width of your shoulders. In urban environments, cyclists tend to mount the handlebars high so you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable while riding.

Classic city bikes. wheel sizes 26, 28 and 29 inches. It is usually easiest to ride with the second and third diameters, especially if you have to overcome uphills and other obstacles along the way. With these wheels it will be easier to jump onto curbs and other small elevations.

An important aspect of all the components of a bicycle. Nothing fancy is needed to navigate the homogeneous urban landscape, however. a system with rim or disc brakes is enough for you. Better to choose a bike with a brake on both wheels or only on the rear. This design will provide reliable braking even on slippery surfaces, for example, after rain.

For urban models, a simpler or single-speed bike is suitable. This will affect both the cost and the weight of the vehicle. But for residents of megalopolises with difficult terrain and elevation changes, a wider range of gears with a speed switch is needed. Climbing steep descents, ascents and valleys is much more convenient with the 21-gear transmission. But on average, up to ten speeds in the city will be enough.

The business will not be limited to one city bike, therefore, bicycle accessories and equipment for a comfortable ride are often indispensable. Given your preferences and intentions, you may need some extras for your two-wheeled friend. A must-have kit for a cyclist who values ​​personal safety includes reflectors (headlight and blinker), a rearview mirror, goggles, gloves and a durable helmet, as well as a spare camera, pump and chain lubricant.

In addition, if you plan to carry bulky luggage, take care of the presence of a spacious trunk or front basket. It is also advisable to get a repair kit and a set of hexagons with a screwdriver in case of unforeseen situations on the road. They can be conveniently stored in a bag under the seat. And a flask for water if you plan to take long distances.

The price, of course, plays an important role when buying a city bike, but still it will directly depend on the features of each specific model.

  • 120-250. Mostly Chinese options. The most inappropriate category for adults: they break down quickly, and repairs will cost the price of a bicycle.
  • 250-400. Decent low-budget bikes if you don’t ride them too often and avoid forbidden terrain.
  • 450-750. Good city bikes for fairly long daily walks.
  • 1000-2000. High budget and best city bikes on the market. City bikes, which are not to be found fault with (except for the price). Requires a minimum of maintenance. Will serve virtually eternity.

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike: Which Is Harder?

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How to quickly learn to ride a bike

Protective gear

It is also extremely important to prepare for the upcoming falls, not only mentally, but also physically. It is highly recommended to purchase special protective ammunition: knee pads, elbow pads, helmet.

Don’t be afraid to look stupid. If you still want to avoid the views of others, then you can go with your bike to those places that are not very crowded, for example, just go outside the city.


As a rule, beginner cyclists try to ride slowly. Discretion is, of course, good. But in this case, it is still more likely to go to harm. The fact is that the higher the speed, the easier it is to maintain balance. However, too fast, of course, is also not worth going.


You need to choose the right clothes. How warm it will be depends, of course, on the air temperature. If it is more than 25 degrees outside, then it will be enough to wear something light, for example, a T-shirt and shorts. If the weather is colder, you will need warmer clothes.

It is highly recommended to choose clothing that wicks away perspiration. The fact is that an organism not accustomed to such loads will get tired.

Shoes must be closed. This will help prevent many injuries. And you need to put on special cycling gloves on your hands. Otherwise, the hands may be severely damaged if dropped.

Moral preparation

Morale is very important in this matter. First of all, a beginner cyclist should be prepared for the fact that in any case he will have to go through several falls, no matter how carefully he behaves. The likelihood that a beginner trying to learn how to ride during training will never fall is almost negligible.

It is important not to stop exercising no matter what. Attempts must continue, no matter how many failures.

General recommendations

Now we will give some general recommendations regarding the behavior of a novice cyclist behind the wheel.

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You only need to learn to ride a bike once, and this skill will never be lost. This statement concerns only the ability to keep balance. But some of the nuances of riding, such as the choice of suitable equipment or the choice of the model of the two-wheeled vehicle itself, can be forgotten if a person does not approach the bike for a long time.

And there can be many reasons why people who have learned to ride simply forget about the bike. Someone, perhaps, simply does not have money to buy a new bike or to repair an old one, someone simply does not have enough time.

Well, if a person who wants to learn how to ride a bike, but at the same time is constantly looking for some reason not to start practicing, for example, I may fall or I will never succeed, then the wrong psychological attitude is to blame. And in fact, this has nothing to do with the physical capabilities of a person.

So what do you need to do in order to learn to ride a bike? Further, useful recommendations will be given both for a beginner and for those who already know how to ride, but are still afraid to apply this skill in practice.

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If you need to cross a bridge, select bridges in order of priority

  • Paton Bridge. sidewalk;
  • Moscow bridge. sidewalk Trukhanov island Pedestrian bridge;
  • Metro bridge. sidewalk;
  • Darnytskyi bridge. roadside.

Option Moscow bridge Trukhanov Pedestrian bridge is especially convenient and pleasant for residents of Troeshchina and Voskresenka, and from Levoberezhna and Darnitsa you can get here through a pontoon bridge under the future Podolsko-Voskresensky bridge, check-in from the Rusanovskiye gardens.

Get directions where there is less traffic. Ideal. where there is none at all

“His bike was so much easier to ride” HRC rider Mitch Evans compares his Australian race bike

How to ride a bike to work in Kiev: 10 tips for beginners

Top tips for residents of the capital who don’t know how to ride a bike to work or school.

The advice is shared by the Association of Cyclists of Kiev.

Draw line from start to finish on the map

You must understand where and in which direction to move.

Leave a little earlier the first week

Better to drive quietly than to race.

Ride your bike to work early the first time

Draw your route on the goolge map and calculate the mileage

If you get less than 10 km. you can easily overcome this route, if more. try looking for shorter options (city train).

Explore city train traffic

Almost empty, it runs every 15 minutes in the morning and evening. Bicycles on the city train can be transported free of charge.

If the door of the carriage is marked Bicycle, there are special places in this carriage for transporting your bike.

How to ride a bike without hands

Learn basic cycling tricks? Easily! The simplest element is hands-free riding. How you can learn to ride a bike without hands, you will learn in this article.

  • If you’ve recently gotten on a bike, you probably still find it difficult to ride a bike with one hand. First, practice this skill for both hands. When you are able to ride in a straight line with one arm, practice turning smoothly. Always keep your other hand ready and ride in defense!
  • Once you’ve mastered this, start doing the following: hold the steering wheel with both hands, then slowly tilt the body back. Relax your hands gradually. You need your hands to be on the steering wheel, but not to hold on to it.
  • If you can already ride with your hands relaxed, try to move your hands away for a few seconds. Your entire body weight should be above the seat.
  • When you’ve learned to ride in a straight line without hands, try turning, gently deviating in the desired direction. You need to learn to feel the turn. Turn slightly at first. Then, when you feel confident on the bike, you can start more difficult maneuvers. Next, you will learn to turn sharply and avoid unexpected obstacles, but this takes time.
  • It is easiest to ride hands-free at high speed and low cadence. Find a long, straight and level road where no one is in your way, and try to drive without hands at high speed. When the cadence is high, the bike bounces from side to side, making it much harder to ride.
  • Ride only in defense! Helmet, knee pads and elbow pads are as essential as air! If you fall hard, you may lose all motivation due to your injuries. It is even worse if you injure your joints, which take a very long time to recover.
  • Remember that sudden movements will make the situation worse. If you suddenly feel that you need to shift the body to the other side, it is better to stop and try to drive again.
  • The easiest way to learn to ride without hands is on bicycles with a slumped steering angle.
  • Correct riding position is when the leg is almost fully extended in the lower position of the pedal. So, with this landing, the bike is easier to control, its stability increases.
  • When you are idling (do not pedal), you can pinch the frame with your knees. This will give you a better feel for the bike and better handling.
  • You can use your knees to adjust the balance. This is especially true if you are driving without hands at low speeds.
  • Don’t be nervous at all! A joyful mood and a fighting spirit will help you learn to ride without hands.
  • When driving, look in front of you or at the road, but not at the steering wheel. Otherwise, you increase the risk of falling.
  • When pedaling, bring your knees closer together so you can easily keep your balance.
  • The higher the handlebars are in relation to the saddle on the bike, the easier it is to ride.
  • On a heavy bike, as well as on a suspension or bicycles with a double crown, reduced handling. These bikes are not at all suitable for learning to ride without hands. over, these bikes cost a lot of money, and you still have to fall!
  • If you are in no hurry to learn how to ride without hands, then don’t! Over time, when you feel the bike is like yourself, you can just let go of your hands. To do this, you need to ride a bike a lot, learn to maneuver not only by turning the steering wheel, but also by your weight. Just try to turn without making movements with your arms, but only with your body weight. At the same time, you will definitely not fall, because you will control the steering wheel with your hands.


Never ride without hands on roads or crowded sidewalks! So you endanger not only yourself, but everyone around you. Look carefully where you are going and avoid obstacles by steering with your hands.

How to ride a bike at speeds?

Experienced cyclists advise, when learning how to learn to ride a bike, not to change speeds while climbing. This is required for the reason that the pedaling rhythm will be lost and, moreover, there will be excessive fatigue. In addition, when moving upwards, parts wear out during such manipulations. For this reason, it is recommended to shift even before lifting, when the chain is most relaxed.

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Many cyclists rarely use the front derailleur. And there are also cyclists who prefer to use forward gear during sharp changes in the slope of the road. Such a shift will be several times more effective than 2-3 reverse gear shifts. Here it is very important to set the middle position on the rear sprocket well in advance. When you have to go before a good descent, it is better to switch the speed in advance, since there is simply not enough time for this during descent.

When studying, it is important to understand at what speeds to ride a bike. Most modern bicycles have 2-3 sprockets and 7-10 sprockets. The large chainring is recommended when driving on a good level road when there is no headwind. It is also customary to use 4-8 driven stars. The middle guide sprocket is best for driving on dirt roads, poor asphalt and not very loose sand. In addition, slaves 2-6 are used with it. Small chainring should be used when climbing, riding in mud, swampy soil, sand, thick grass.


Optimum stiffness and weight parameters are achieved with an aluminum frame. The number of speeds on bicycles of this company is 14. V-brakes and attachments from Sunrun are used.

Professional bicycles of this brand will cost about five thousand dollars. Quite a high price due to the availability of high-quality aluminum frames with carbon forks and well-proven attachments from Shimano.

This company is widely known for its two-wheeled track horses. However, its history began with BMX bicycles, which have been successfully sold around the world since 1975.

Trying to balance

How to ride a bike confidently? For this, it is important to maintain balance. During your workout, try to push off the plane with your feet to get a feel for how the bike is steering and leaning. Practice until you are confident you can control the vehicle. Try to push off with your feet and not put them on the pedals, using only your hands. You will be able to notice how the body bends slightly to maintain balance. Spend most of your workout doing these exercises. This way you will learn two basic riding skills. steering and balancing.

How to teach to ride a bike? To do this, support the vehicle from the back to make the rider feel more confident.

Tire pressure

Remember how we used to check the tire pressure as a child? We worked with a pitch, squeezed the tire on the side with our fingers. Couldn’t squeeze. pumped up. We were able to squeeze our fingers. we swing further Surprisingly, many people now inflate tires in this way. and not only regular cruisers, mountain bikes and road bikes are the same. Wrong approach, and dangerous too. For the sake of curiosity, look at the tire markings on the side.

For example, on tires for mining, it is not uncommon for an indicator of the required pressure of 3-4 bar. Grandfather’s way is not pumped up to this. We recommend getting a compressor for your car or, in extreme cases, a frog. The main thing is that the device has a pressure gauge. Try to follow the manufacturer’s advice once. Immediately see how much easier it is to ride. Just do not need excessive zeal. Over-pumped wheels will rigidly send bumps in the road to the steering wheel and saddle.

ADVICE. When adjusting the height of the handlebar, pay attention to the brake and shift cables. They should remain in a free state, without twisting, entanglement and kinks. When finished changing the height, check if you can reach the brake levers and gear cuffs.

For asphalt or concrete one pressure, for priming another. Therefore, the first answer to the question: How to ride a mountain bike?. will inflate tires to the lower limit. The tire adheres to the road softer, bumps are not so felt. In general, cushioning is much better. In urban conditions, we recommend pumping to the upper limit. On the asphalt, such a wheel rolls easier. Means less pedaling

Do not forget about your own weight and additional weight. The greater the load on the bike, the higher the pressure in the wheels should be. Now a little about tires. Cheap bike. cheap tires. But it does not mean. That nothing can be done. Even if the budget is large in general, no one forbids putting advanced tires. Spend once, but make your life easier.

If we talk about brands, then products from Kenda, Continental, Maxxis, Michelin and Schwalbe showed themselves well. Don’t be surprised to see well-known auto rubber manufacturers. The principle of the wheels is the same. You don’t have to buy premium tires right away. It is still expensive, but it is quite possible to make yourself a gift for your loved one for some date. over, it is better to invest in a healthy lifestyle than in medicines.


All bearings and other mechanisms are treated with special grease. In the cold season, it gradually thickens and can freeze, so in winter it is recommended to use more liquid or non-freezing compounds. In cold weather, the quality of operation of the switches is significantly reduced, so you should not save on high-quality lubricants, because the safety of others and yourself is at stake.


To improve the efficiency of the track bikes of this brand, the Vigorelli frame has been slightly modified, which is immediately noticed in practice. Columbus Airplane No-Flex profile and down tube provide maximum stiffness.

As for BMX bicycles, the most popular models from the following manufacturers: Format and Kross Spade Pro.

Pedaling types

  • Standard. pedaling while sitting in the saddle;
  • Reception dancer. pedaling is carried out while standing on the pedals. For example, riders have to pedal while standing. It is used to increase speed or to overcome certain obstacles, for example, to drive up a mountain as quickly as possible. The standing cycling technique is accomplished by distributing most of the weight to the front wheel by tilting the body close to the handlebars, distributing that weight to each pedal in turn. At the same time, a lot of energy and effort is expended.