Which Bike For Walking In The Woods

Difference between men’s and women’s city bikes

Women’s open frame city bike.

Usually male frames are composed of two triangles front and rear. The front triangle is formed by the connection of the tubes connecting the seat tube, the bottom bracket of the bicycle and the handlebars. The rear triangle is formed by a pair of tubes that adjoin the seat tube, joining the rear wheel of the bike, the bottom bracket and the seat tube. These frames usually weigh a little while maintaining high rigidity.

Open (female) frames are frames that do not have an upper tube or are connected to a lower tube. These frames have the same rigidity as the closed (male) frames, however they are heavier.

City bike selection

Classic men’s bike for the city

When choosing a bike, it is very important to determine the purpose and application of the bike. The bike betrays a lot of positive emotions and is aimed at maintaining and improving human health.

Today, there are many types of bicycles, which have their own purpose, namely:

  • Want to choose your road bike, find out more about it
  • Want to choose a women’s city bike, find out more about it
  • Road bikes. for high speed riding on tarmac and highway.
  • Mountain Bikes. Rough Terrain.
  • Hybrids. for driving on asphalt and rough terrain.
  • Touring bikes. for walking outside the city limits.
  • BMX, trial. for jumping and overcoming obstacles.
  • City bicycles. for comfortable movement in the city.

This article will focus on city bikes. As you know, this type of bike is widespread in Europe. In recent years, along with mountain bikes, the number of city bikes on the vastness of our roads has also grown at a significant rate.

City bicycles prevail with significant advantages, since you do not have to stand in traffic jams, calmly walk through the evening garden, admiring the surroundings, as well as get to work, supermarket, study, rest while NOT pushing in public transport and you will have to ride in everyday clothes. With all this, of course, you will feel the pleasure and comfort of driving.

The main purpose is a comfortable walk in the parks and unhindered movement within the city. However, they are NOT designed for long distance and cross country travel.

City bikes can be considered a mixture of road and mountain bikes.

  • LIGERAD: let’s go lying! The history of the popularity of an unusual model.

Consider the features of a city bike:

  • Wide bike saddle;
  • Narrow 28 inch wheels (622 mm);
  • Small tread pattern;
  • Front shock absorber (can be a rigid fork)
  • Steel or aluminum frame
  • High speed;
  • Comfortable fit.

Let’s decide on each item separately, Considering the advantages of each of them.

So, a wide saddle is one of the most important components that affects the ease of movement. City bicycles are equipped with a saddle-sofa. This saddle is massive, soft, comfortable and springy compared to the second type saddle. This saddle will give your ride maximum comfort.

Narrow 28 ” wheels (622 mm). keep the bike at a high speed on hard road surfaces and provide good roll-forward throughout your entire city trip. It is believed that the size of the wheels directly affects the speed, however, this is far from true. Speed ​​depends only on the capabilities of a person and his physical fitness.

Small tread pattern. will give some softness while driving and will provide quiet and smooth movement on asphalt.

Front shock absorber (maybe a rigid fork). often in city bicycles a rigid fork is used and, extremely rarely, a shock absorber with a small fork travel.

The steel frame of the bicycle has high strength, allows you to soften shocks and dampens all kinds of vibrations that may arise while riding. In case of breakdowns of this frame, it can be welded and operated in the future. However, the steel frame is NOT resistant to corrosion, is heavy and has little energy loss. Bicycles saddled from steel are the cheapest and belong to the lowest frame classification.

The aluminum bike frame is dynamic, durable, highly corrosion resistant and lightweight. In addition, aluminum frames damp vibration worse (in relation to steel) and are difficult to repair (with argon). These frames have so-called accumulative fatigue and the service life of the aluminum frame should NOT exceed 10 years. Bicycles with aluminum frames are more expensive than steel ones and belong to the middle class of frame classification.

High-speed. have a set of stars up to 8 pieces. This set of stars allows you to select the most suitable and comfortable mode for different road junctions throughout the trip.

Comfortable fit. they have a high seating position due to the wide saddle-sofa and wide curved handlebars, as a result of which you feel comfortable when moving due to the absence of stress on the arms and wrists.

City bicycles can be equipped with:

  • A call on the steering wheel, which will help in any situation.
  • A bicycle mirror that will allow you NOT to turn around every time if necessary, while not being distracted from the road.
  • Handlebar horns, which will provide maximum comfort when driving by changing the position of the hands, as a result of which numbness of the hand and wrists is prevented.
  • Cycling basket in the front that allows you to transfer every little thing.
  • Chain guard that prevents sand and moisture from entering.
  • Front and rear bicycle headlights, which can be powered by a hub dynamo and are designed to move in the dark and will allow you to be seen on the road.
  • Cycling footrest, which will allow you to put your bike in any convenient place.
  • Wheel mudguards, which will ensure the prevention of splashes, small stones from under the wheels.
  • Rear luggage carrier, which will allow the trailer to a small bag, things.

The main disadvantage of a city bike is its high weight, which reduces the chances for fast cycling. However, due to the good security of the principal driving units of the bicycle and its simplicity, it does not require frequent maintenance.

When choosing a bike, it is important to choose the right bike for the rider’s height. In the article how to choose the size of the bike frame by height, this table of sizes for city, mountain and hybrid bicycles, which will help determine the size when choosing the next bike.

In a, an expert will help you choose a city bike and tell you how to make this choice correctly.

  • Also, city bicycles include a tricycle for adults.
  • Tandem bike is ideal for leisurely family walks

Women’s city bicycles are suitable for a resident of megacities; which bike to choose for the city?

The female model of a city bike (city bike) has a comfortable, spring-loaded seat, features 3-7 speeds, large wheels, a high seating position (plus for the back), a rigid fork. The complete set includes a trunk, fenders, foot brakes, chain guards, etc. The price will depend on the hitch and frame. Maintenance is practically not needed thanks to the maintenance-free mechanisms. The city bike, of course, is not designed for high loads.

What to look for when buying a mountain bike:

  • The height of the standover (distance from the groin to the upper tube of the frame) when traveling on asphalt should be 3-5 cm below the groin, when traveling along other paths. by 5-8 cm, for rough terrain. by 10 cm or more.
  • The length of the top tube of the vehicle should be in accordance with the length of the body and arms, driving experience and riding style.
  • The saddle is selected based on your comfort, female anatomy and adjustment in 3 directions (angle, height, longitudinal offset).
  • Frame. If extreme skiing is NOT planned, then a frame made of carbon fiber and other super-materials is not required. The ideal choice is aluminum. But provided that the body weight is at least 70 kg, and in the presence of a shock-absorbing front fork (its presence on a mountain bike is required!).
  • It is advisable to choose hinges from well-known Japanese manufacturers.
  • Tires. For the highway: slicks. no pattern and hard rubber; for dirt roads. soft tires, wide, large tread; for tourism. semi-slick.

General rules for choosing a women’s bike. how to choose a bike for women?

First of all, we decide on the purpose of the purchase. What is a bike for? For country bike rides, for the city, or maybe you decided to go cycling? Based on the goals, bike transport is purchased:

  • Road (country) bike. Differs in simplicity of design, very low price and high reliability. Ideal. travels on country roads. Cons: heavy weight, sluggishness, low level of comfort (you won’t go far. you will get tired).
  • Mountain bike. Universal bike transport. Suitable for riding on forest paths and asphalt roads. It has many subspecies. from entry-level bicycles (for amateurs) to transport for freestyle (performing tricks), downhill (skiing from the mountains), etc.
  • City bicycles, or city bikes. NOT designed for heavy loads. they are suitable for quiet trips along city streets, for walking in the park.
  • Road bikes. This option is suitable for high-speed driving exclusively on Smooth asphalt. Its entire design assumes maximum travel speed. Fan bike “Tour de France”.
  • Touring bicycles. Designed for cycling trips. They are distinguished by the possibility of transporting a cycling backpack and attaching a trunk, thick and wide wheels.
  • Hybrids. Combines the properties of mountain, road and walking bikes. They feature a high frame, suspension fork, sometimes a trunk, fenders and disc brakes.
  • Cruisers. For a relaxing bike ride.
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It is clear that a women’s bicycle should be chosen taking into account its main features. Attention when buying (after choosing a model. for walking, sports, etc.) You should choose the following points:

  • Frame. It is desirable that it be made of aluminum (for greater ease), of high quality and the most expensive (driving performance depends on it).
  • The size. The length of the frame and the size of the bike itself is selected taking into account the height of the girl.
  • Frame level. Lowered frame allows you to ride in a skirt.
  • Steering wheel. On women’s cycling, the handlebars are narrower, longer and thinner.
  • Pendants. This part in a bicycle for women is soft for maximum riding comfort.
  • Design. Modern design of a women’s bicycle, worked out to the smallest detail (decoration with baubles, saddle straps, patterns, etc.). Therefore, choosing your own individual bike does not make much effort.
  • Brand. As for the manufacturer, it is preferable to choose a transport of a well-known proven brand, so that later your bike does NOT rust in a barn in the country.
  • Accessories. Like a man’s bike, a woman’s bike can have a trunk, a bicycle pump, a first aid kit, gloves and other necessary things.

Speaking of price, it’s worth noting that saving on a bike will NOT be beneficial. Your vehicle must be as reliable and safe as possible.

Women’s mountain bikes are suitable for walking in the mountains and for trips to the country

Mountain bike is the most popular because of its versatility and reliability. The price depends on the choice of the model and its functional features.

Women’s bicycles for summer cottages, cities, touring, walking, high-speed, for tourism. how to choose?

A team of professionals in various fields

Reading time: 6 minutes

Women’s bicycles are no less reliable and ergonomic than bicycle transport for the stronger sex. Same technical functions and equipment. Unless the designs themselves are developed taking into account female physiology, and the design is more stylish. What makes a women’s bike different and how to choose it correctly?


How to choose a women’s cruiser bike?

  • Check how it fits your height. Its frame should be slightly below (a few cm) of your belt.
  • You should easily reach the steering wheel with your hands slightly bent.
  • The bike frame is selected based on financial capabilities. Steel will cost less, but its weight will be much higher. If you’re looking for lightweight transport, check out the carbon or Kevlar frame.
  • Wheels are best chosen with aluminum rims to reduce overall weight, strength and reduce the risk of corrosion. When choosing a bike for good city roads, choose narrow tires with no deep embossed pattern.
  • The saddle should be adjustable in height and horizontal direction. The extended leg should reach the pedal completely. In terms of shape, the wide saddle is comfortable for walking, the narrow one for sports.

And don’t forget to check the condition of your bike. There must be no chipped paint, visible defects, or faults. All the necessary parts Must be included in the kit.

Graceful ladies’ bicycles cruisers. for real ladies; how to choose a women’s walking bike? A touring bike for women will allow you to travel off-road

This type of bike is a tourist bike. It is suitable for cycling on different roads.

  • Lightweight, durable frame.
  • The presence of a trunk.
  • Rudder “ram’s horns”.
  • Front fork with shock absorber.
  • Wheels with an average diameter of 28 tires with tread (tire thickness about 32-42 mm), spokes. 32-36.
  • Caliper brakes.

Choosing the right road bike. how to choose a women’s speed bike?

The functions of a road (speed) bike are speed, efficiency and agility. The main features of the bike:

  • Lightness of wheels, frames and accessories.
  • Narrow wheels are for speed, wide wheels are safer.
  • Carbon Composite Fork (Front).
  • Rudder “ram’s horns”. Pay attention to the correct handlebar height. “for you”.
  • Female size.
  • Lack of rear (front) suspension.
  • Saddle. Gel inserts in the saddle provide maximum comfort.

What a bicycle for a forest and a city should “be able to do

In order to determine the functional purpose of such a bicycle, it is necessary to clearly imagine that the asphalt surface of the roadway, sidewalks, cycle paths, as well as dirt roads and trampled paths in the forest, will NOT require any superpower from the vehicle. Therefore, a bicycle for a city and a forest should be:

  • Lightweight;
  • Maneuverable;
  • Able to develop good speed;
  • Safe in terms of equipment.

The requirements for build quality are, of course, relevant, as with any other model. Urban bikes should have perfect brakes, a sturdy frame, and a modern gear system. At the same time, taking the fact that the bike will be used for long walks, it is desirable that it correspond to the height of the rider, have a comfortable saddle, as well as strong rims (in case of unexpected forest surprises).

With regard to shock absorption, it is reasonable to choose an intermediate MTB option that meets the existing requirements for bicycles of this class and is also lightweight compact models. Hardtails or bicycles with a rigid rear suspension (“heavy tail”), equipped with a front suspension fork, meet all these criteria.

Budget models

It is advisable to start a review of hardtails with the most inexpensive, but at the same time proven brands and models in the price category up to 30 thousand rubles. Let’s make a reservation right away that “bicycles from supermarkets” WILL NOT be considered.

Which Bike For Walking In The Woods

1.Kross Lea F4

The amazingly designed KROSS LEA F4 women’s bike is a princess of style. Suitable not only for walking, but also for cross-country. He is considered the best ladies’ model in his class. The VELOBIKE features a 24-speed, high-quality Shimano Alivio derailleur. True, the brakes are NOT disc, but mechanical. But there is a double rim with bushings, a fork with a travel of 75 mm. Such beauty costs 31 thousand rubles.

How to choose a bike for the city and forest

  • What a bicycle should “be able to” for a forest and a city
  • The benefits of hardtails
  • Budget models
  • For those who can afford a little more

Every year there are more and more riders on the roads. People are getting a taste for quality riding and hoping to improve ride comfort. Amateur cyclists are looking for reliable fables for relaxing, fun riding. When choosing a bike that is good for the city and the forest, a beginner cyclist usually does not count on off-road riding or participating in serious sports competitions. He has enough weekly trips to nature in the warm season or longer rides in the forest or park during his vacation.

Merida matts 6.40-D

This Taiwanese bicycle is unusually soft and docile. Its main advantage is the non-separable cartridge bearing block, which creates ideal acceleration and is good for sport riding. The Promax DSK hydraulic rotary brake system is 100% reliable and reduces the risks of high-speed driving to comments. Soft spring fork and special pin under the seat reduce vibration and completely eliminate the problem of shaking.

For those who can afford a little more

In the price range from 30 thousand rubles, you can take a closer look at the bicycles of the brands Kross, Merida, Scott, Specialized.

The benefits of hardtails

When comparing bicycles with rigid rear and full suspension, one can find disadvantages and advantages in each group. To choose a bike of one of the classes, you have to decide for yourself whether they are right for you.

  • Mountain hardtails will NOT require large investments in repairs, are easy to operate;
  • Rigid aluminum or carbon frame reduces energy consumption for improved roll and pedaling performance
  • There is no swaying;
  • The bike rack can be easily installed on the bike, allowing you to transport children, you can also attach a shopping basket.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the risk of rear wheel skidding (after all, there is no shock absorption on it) and the high return of the rigid suspension to the knee joints. True, these disadvantages are easily corrected as you master the technique of smooth pedaling and improve your riding skills.

3.Scott Aspect 660

Respectable American Scots remain leaders in many ways. This model is lightweight and compact. The bike is constructed on the basis of an aluminum alloy frame with an internal shock absorber hub. There are mounts for the trunk on which you can transport goods and / or passengers up to 150 kg. The wheels are fitted with high quality Shining 32H double rims. The only drawback of the model is the mechanical disc brake, but it is striking only against the background of the powerful rest of the equipment.

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4.Smart Machine 90

The bike, Designed and Assembled, is equipped with 21 speeds, hydraulic disc brakes, lightweight aluminum frame, comfortable saddle, taking into account human anatomical features. It has a stable 100mm fork on the front wheel.

In terms of lightness and equipment, the model is ideal for out-of-town walks.

Editor’s Choice

FORWARD Tracer 26 3.0. A model made for a comfortable ride around the city. Wheels with a diameter of 26 inches provide excellent roll, maneuverability and overcoming small obstacles. The frame is lightweight due to the aluminum alloy. The weight of the bike is only 14.6 kg. Two Promax TX-119 rim brakes will give reliability to your stops. The strong point is the planetary hub, which provides minimum time for servicing the transmission. Only three speed modes. Of course, there is a folding function, otherwise this bike was not in this top. Components. Fenders and footrest.

Robust, reliable frame
just folds

The Novatrack TG-30 bike is suitable for both men and women and children. This is a budget model, without the various bells and whistles for walking around the city. The bike is distinguished by simplicity of design, absence of speeds, shock absorption. The brake is available only rear, foot. But it can be folded, easy to ride and the price is very low. The bike is reliable, there is almost nothing in it. Riot of salesmen. Cheap and angry option. Good equipment. Roof rack, chain guard, running board, fenders and bell.


HIPER Engine BF200. An interesting, modern model of a complex electric bike for a city dweller. It is compact in itself, and when folded takes up very little space. The frame is made of steel. The bike is capable of withstanding considerable mass, especially in combined mode, when the motor helps pedal, the load can increase up to 130 kg. The electric motor is capable of accelerating the bike to 25 km / h, followed by the use of cruise control. This will give you maximum comfort during your trip. If the battery is DISCHARGED, then it does not matter, controllable like a normal bike with a six-speed mode. Since this is a city bike, NOT the most expensive V-Brake disc brakes were installed on it. This is quite enough. The power of the electric motor is 250 W, and the capacity is 8500 mAh. Bright headlight and brake light for night driving.

High-quality assembly
Electric motor
Fast acceleration

This model combines comfort, functionality and practicality. At least that’s what the manufacturer says. The STELS Pilot 970 MD 26 V022 bike is mountain-oriented, its frame must meet the criteria for extra strength. The frame is made of an aluminum alloy, which is especially resistant to corrosion and has a high strength, with a low weight. The bike has a soft hard tail fork with 60mm travel. Wheel diameter 26 inches. A fairly common size for a mountain bike. The braking system is represented by mechanical disc brakes. There are 21 speed modes. Stylish appearance worth noting. Convenient folding
looks nice

Strida SD is a bike with a very unusual design. Triangular folding frame. A very curious technical solution, Engineer Mark Sanders, creating this model, wanted to achieve minimalism in dimensions and which he can comfortably carry with him. Unusual design gives rise to its own peculiarities. For example, changing from a regular bike to a Strida SD is very difficult. It is difficult to maintain balance at first. The second aspect of the design Speaking of increased maneuverability, it is possible to turn around literally on the spot. A kevlar belt is used instead of a chain. Mechanical disc brakes are very sensitive. Includes a trunk and a footrest. The model has two speeds. The average speed of driving in the city is 20 km / h. The weak point is the hinge connection of the steering wheel to the frame. Simply folds down to resemble a luggage bag with wheels.

Intelligent bike folding system
Placement of speed switches on pedals

Another budget and simple folding bike designed for urban use. It features a robust steel frame, only one speed, rear foot brake. Wheel size 24 inches, which is not bad for the city. Generous equipment. Trunk, chain protection, fenders, bell. This bike is suitable for those looking for an inexpensive and reliable option for easy cycling. The possibility of folding is also very conveniently implemented, which significantly reduces the space it takes.

Easy assembly

The Airwheel R3 214.6wh is another type of sophisticated e-bike in our top. This model is equipped with a folding frame, steering wheel and pedals. Very simple disassembly / assembly. When folded, it is compact, takes no pains 0.2 cubic meters. M. The battery is of the lithium-ion type, which gives a long service life. The bike has three types of riding: electric motor, combined, manual. An electric motor can drive a maximum of 100 km. Battery charging time is about 3 hours. The frame is lightweight and durable, made of aluminum alloy. Maximum load up to 100kg. The diameter of the alloy wheels is 14 inches. Perfect for getting around the city. Pros include reflector and easy battery charging.

Electric motor
easy charging

Foxx Zing H2 26 belongs to mountain folding bikes. This model is more suitable for cross-country, as for EXTREME riding on mountain peaks, then the bike can withstand such loads, but the risk of sudden breakdowns will be increased. The Hard tail is damped by a Foxx MD-N790 soft spring elastomer fork with 80mm travel. This bike has a standard aluminum alloy frame and 26-inch wheels. In this category, nothing extraordinary, everything is within the normal range. Mechanical disc brake STG, 160mm is quite reliable and unpretentious. A total of 21 speed modes with Shimano Tourney FD-TY500 and Shimano Tourney RD-TY300 derailleurs will help you comfortably adjust your pace. The set includes wings that will protect the BIKE from dirt.

nice design

ALTAIR City Kids 20 Compact folding bike for children aged 5 to 9 years. No gear shifting, just one speed. The bike is simple and sturdy in design. The frame is made of steel. The rigid steel fork is perfect for leisurely city driving with the whole family. Braking system The foot pedal brake acts. The bike comes with removable side wheels. Rich equipment: trunk, side wheels, fenders, footrest, bell, protective pad on the steering wheel. Good model for teaching a child.


Top 10 rating according to KP
. Best folding bikes 2020

How to choose a folding bike

A folding bike is usually chosen by city dwellers or people who are often on the road and take the “iron horse” with them in the trunk or just in their hands. Some models not only fold down the frames, but also the pedals and handlebars, making them even smaller. For such bikes, special covers and bags are sold so that they are conveniently carried and NOT packs of tires around.

Most often foldable models are equipped with small diameter wheels. Such a bike allows you to be much more mobile, and on city streets the maneuverability in small bikes is higher. Of course, such a bike is not suitable for serious off-road racing.

At the same time, the lightness of the complex mechanism is important. If it is too heavy, then mobility will not be a joy. The folding mechanism made of steel weighs a lot, which reduces speed and comfort. They are budget friendly, but their quality is usually poor. Therefore, the rating considers models with aluminum frames, which combine lightness and strength.

Folding bike models are gaining popularity in the market today. They differ in many indicators: frame configuration, transformation principle, weight. The lightest and smallest folding bike in existence weighs only 5.5 kg.

TOP 10 best mountain bikes

The bicycle is one of the safest and most economical types of wheeled transport, and it can be designed for people of absolutely any age. Moving on it has a good effect on health. it strengthens the heart, keeps muscles in good shape, helps to strengthen the nervous system and ensure a good mood.

Bicycle companies offer consumers a fairly wide range of products that can be used for different types of riding. Depending on the purpose of the bike, it may have its own design. Mountain bikes have gained the greatest popularity today. They are very comfortable, they are versatile. it can be suitable for city walks, and used for driving over rough terrain or mountain trails.

  • How to choose a mountain bike?
  • The best mountain bike models of 2020
  • 10. Giant Rincon LTD 26
  • 9. Bicycle for adults TREK 820 (2018)
  • 8. Forward Apache 2.0 Disc 2016
  • 7. Forward Sporting 1.0
  • 6.GT Avalanche 3.0 Disc
  • 5. Stels Navigator 650 MD 27.5 V020 (2017)
  • 4. Stinger Element D 26 (2017)
  • 3. Silverback Stride 15 (2016)
  • 2. Giant ATX 2 (2017)
  • 1. Merida Crossway 20-MD
  • In conclusion, interesting
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Stels Navigator 650 MD 27.5 V020 (2017)

This is the latest model in this line and is suitable for riders of all skill levels. The bike is of excellent quality and beautiful design. This design can be attributed to universal, as it is well suited for both women and men, has excellent cross-country ability in mountainous conditions, on rough terrain, as well as on asphalt roads. The bike picks up speed quickly and is equipped with 27.5-inch wheels. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, it is lightweight and has high strength indicators. If you wish, you can purchase a bike, taking into account individual parameters, which made it the best in our review.

The fork has an original shape, is made on the basis of spring-elastomer technology, its travel is 100 mm. The fork has excellent durability and reliability, perfectly absorbs any irregularities. If necessary, the rider can independently adjust their rigidity. All major components are durable, which is very important for mountain biking. The transmission is produced by the Japanese company Shimano, which produces only high-quality parts, a total of 24 speeds are provided. Disc brakes, they work almost instantly even on a serious slope.

  • Despite the large number of positive features, it has a low cost;
  • Low weight for its dimensions;
  • Good manufacturing quality;
  • Easy to operate.
  • Not found.

GT Avalanche 3.0 Disc

This company has been on the market for a long time, cycling enthusiasts will NOT confuse its products with any other. Engineers are constantly developing new designs. This bike will be a good option for walking in urban conditions and on dirt roads. It has a 27-speed system, the wheels are quite solid, and the braking system is hydraulic. It is available in black or blue. Weight Lightweight. the frame is made of aluminum alloy, has good performance in terms of rigidity and reliability. There is a suspension fork that makes bumps in the road surface almost NOT noticeable.

  • Reliable construction;
  • The suspension can be adjusted if necessary;
  • The switches are very convenient;
  • Universal tires.
  • The products of this brand are always quite expensive;
  • Harsh seat.

9. Bicycle for adults TREK 820 (2018)

This model is quite popular among buyers with limited funds. The bike is characterized by light weight, excellent maneuverability and high build quality. Looks stylish and modern. The frame is made of painted steel, the suspension fork travel is 75 mm, which allows the model to overcome all kinds of obstacles while driving on both asphalt and dirt roads. The wheel diameter is 26 inches. They are further reinforced with aluminum rims and tires for superior grip on virtually any substrate.

The braking system is reliable, if necessary, the speed is released almost instantly, due to which the forced stop takes just a few seconds. The bike has 21 travel speeds. The curved steering wheel is comfortable for both hands and spine. The design is perfect for long journeys. Pedals Equipped with a so-called platform configuration, they grip well with the sole of the shoe. In general, this design is well suited for both adults and adolescents.

  • It behaves well in urban conditions, in the forest, on any unpaved surface;
  • Ergonomically shaped seat with high anatomical characteristics ;;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • High build quality.
  • The color quality of the frame is poor. under the influence of moisture or direct sunlight, the coating may begin to peel off.

10. Giant Rincon LTD 26

This model is perfect for people who are just going to master a mountain bike. The design is quite affordable, and by cross-country ability you can quickly understand whether a mountain bike is the sport you need. It is produced on the basis of an aluminum frame and the latest design of the Zoom CH410E (ATB) 26 forks. The brake system is mechanical, it will NOT work for too steep slopes, but on rough terrain or in urban conditions it will behave quite well.

The frame is lightweight, which allows you to significantly reduce the weight of the bike, while not affecting the strength of the entire structure. The fork absorbs vibration from bumps in the road quite well. This bike uses Shimano Tourney attachments, which are of the training type and require no special maintenance.

  • Quite a reasonable price for a mountain bike;
  • Behaves well in rough terrain;
  • Perfectly absorbs vibrations and various kinds of unevenness of the coating.
  • NOT too comfortable saddle. buttocks begin to leak from half an hour;
  • The steering wheel often strays from the correct position, you have to adjust it.

Stinger Element D 26 (2017)

This is a semi-professional model with high reliability and excellent handling. It is very convenient to move on it on any road surface. soil, mountains, rough terrain, asphalt and so on. The wheels have double aluminum rims, which allow them to withstand significant loads. The damping fork, like the frame itself, is made of 6061 aluminum alloys. In terms of its strength, it practically does not differ from steel, but it weighs much less in comparison with it.

The Stinger suspension fork features up to 5cm of travel for maximum comfort when riding on uneven surfaces. The tires have a well-thought-out pattern, which will provide good grip even on wet or icy surfaces. The brake system is disc, it works almost instantly, a total of 18 speeds are provided, the diameter of the wheels is standard. 26 inches.

  • Acceptable price;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Weak plastic pedals;
  • The wings are not very secure;
  • Despite the special pattern, tires are quickly erased, literally in two or three seasons they will have to be changed.

The best mountain bike models of 2020

Forward Sporting 1.0

This is a versatile semi-pro bike suitable for both men and women. It is not very suitable for traveling in the mountains, but it behaves great on rough terrain or in urban settings. The fit is sporty, the saddle and handlebars are positioned in such a way that the rider’s back is in the correct position. The weight of the product is 16.5 kg due to a steel reinforced frame, 26-inch wheels, a Zoom 327 26-inch suspension fork is installed in front. She will absorb vibration well.

The bicycle has a threaded Neco steering column, the stem is also threaded. The brake system is rim-type and behaves reliably in any conditions. Regardless of the type of road, the model will not skid even with emergency braking. The bike has 18 speeds with a conventional steering gear. The fenders are made of plastic, have a decent size, perfectly protect the rider from splashes.

  • Robust steel frame
  • Comfortable padded saddle;
  • Clear speed switch.
  • After a while, sand is packed inside the fork, it has to be disassembled and lubricated;
  • Brake pads start to squeak in wet weather;
  • Considerable weight;
  • The trunk is NOT secured too tightly.

Silverback Stride 15 (2016)

A well-known model from a German manufacturer is in third place in the rating. The latest technology and modern materials have been used in the development of this bike. It is comfortable, with an adjustable seat height, well suited for a person of any height and complexion. Also, if necessary, you can change the stem. The frame is tubular, made of an aluminum alloy with nickel addition. The undercarriage is equipped with one guide sprocket. Distinctive features include the presence of a USB port, through which you can charge your mobile phone while driving.
The suspension is unique. not a single bike can meet this. It uses a two-piece assembly and a pair of sealed bearings to increase reliability and torsional rigidity. The wheels are the same, 26 inches in diameter. The braking system is represented by a disc hydraulic unit, there is a modification with an installed internal disc element. The bike has 24 speeds. The damping fork is equipped with a spring-oil mechanism, the free travel is 100 mm. The saddle is quite rigid, has a steel frame.

  • High-quality German assembly;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Metal switch.
  • Decent mass.