What should be the height of the bike

Sport bikes

How to choose a speed bike for a man? Models with such parameters have several standard configurations, which are so different:

  • Cross bike. How to choose a bike for a man of this model? These machines are considered to be of increased durability. Characteristic features: large wheels, tires with a distinct tread, large welded body, designed in the form of a diamond. This model plays a leading role in extreme sports and is an indispensable companion for outdoor travel. It is acquired by men who take extreme walks.
  • Road bicycles. Such cars are usually visible on the trunk, foot brakes, there are no shock absorbers on the wheels, there are no gears. They cannot travel off-road, they are purchased for asphalt roads.
  • Road bikes. This bike is purchased for fast movement only on a good road: asphalt highway or smooth and hard gravel surface. The leading features of such machines are: light weight, small wheels, strong frame structure. In general, the vehicle is designed to travel at its highest speed. Even the position of a person on such a bike is assumed by the manufacturer so as to take into account the laws of aerodynamics.
  • Hybrid bicycles. Similar models are obtained by combining several specialized machines. Hybrid bicycles are intended for movement both on good roads and off-road. The models are designed with thicker tires, have a softening fork in the front, multiple gears, the ability to attach an additional rack. Vehicles are easier to cover long distances than mountainous terrain, however, it should be noted that this bike is much more convenient to travel off-road than on road models.
  • Road bicycles. This is another sports model. They are preferred by men who love fast driving. High speed trails on perfectly paved roads are the most effective application for this bike. Characteristic features: light weight, not very strong construction, thin wheels of considerable diameter, few additional accessories. The disadvantage of the vehicle is a rigid attachment to a good road, it will quickly break down on a bad bike.

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Based on these parameters, you can decide which bike to choose for a man.

Saddle parameters

So which saddle to choose for a bike for men? An essential parameter of a bicycle saddle is its width. Usually it is between 14 and 18 cm. precise sizes are always adjusted individually, since the sizes of the pelvic bones are individual for each person. But it should be borne in mind that the width of the saddle does not depend on the volume of the body, but on the width of the pelvic bones, which is often not the same, especially in overweight people.

Another parameter that is usually given a lot of time is the saddle structure. There are hard and soft saddles, and the rest are intermediate. Both extreme cases are physiologically harmful. Therefore, taking into account the characteristics of your body, it is necessary to treat the saddle with a material of the required rigidity so that you are not only comfortable, but also cycling is beneficial for your health.

Another aspect of the saddle is its shape. The classic look of the saddle is elongated, slightly wide at the rear and narrow at the front. Pure physiology.

How to choose a bike for a man? The saddle of an iron horse should be such that it is comfortable to ride a bicycle. This is the main thing.

Mountain bike

How to choose a mountain bike for a man? All types of mountain bikes are reliable, safe and comfortable to use. These bikes are great for long cross-country rides.

The hallmarks of these machines are sturdy wheels, large tires and an ultra-reliable body. The comfort of the owner depends on the choice of saddle for the vehicle. there are different types of seats for men. Seats are available in a wide range, so choosing the right one is easy.

Mountain bikes are designed for tough road travel. Their leading features are:

  • large and strong embossed wheels (for good grip), enlarged rims and tires with protectors;
  • good shock absorbers, soft wheel recoil.

Which brand to choose a mountain bike for a man? The most famous mountain bike brands are Shimano and Sram. They manufacture parts for building bicycles, from regular to racing grade. However, if you are just a beginner, you shouldn’t buy expensive and powerful bikes. For beginners, parts and bicycles from Acera and Altus are suitable.

Things to consider when choosing a bike

The important question of how to choose a bicycle for a man should be well thought out, since a number of aspects must be envisaged:

  • Purpose of buying a vehicle. The bicycle always solves multi-purpose tasks. It can be purchased as a means of transportation for city trips, for sports and training, or for travel. The task set also determines the type of bike designed specifically for you.
  • The quality of the road surface. This is a very important factor in our country. As they say, there are two problems in Russia, one of them is the roads. over, they are different both in composition (asphalt or gravel) and in quality.
  • The indicators of the future owner are of great importance. Depending on the weight of a person’s body and his height, the size of the bicycle itself is also chosen.
  • Vehicle cost. It all depends only on the financial capabilities of the future bicycle owner.

How to choose a bike for a man by height, weight and type?

If you are having trouble getting a car, don’t be upset. There is always the opportunity to purchase a healthier vehicle for a much cheaper price. A bicycle does not need fuel, which is constantly becoming more expensive, or electricity, the acquisition of which also becomes overgrown with a lot of problems. He sat down and drove off! In addition, there will be a lot of opportunities to strengthen your health. your heart will become stronger, blood pressure and breathing will stabilize, and your weight will return to normal. Buying a bike is a great idea.

Folding bicycle

The good thing about a folding bike is that it is smaller, more mobile and lighter, while in the working position the vehicle has the same dimensions as conventional bicycles. Because of this, these bikes are now very popular.

How to choose a folding bike for a man? Men’s folding bicycles, like other similar vehicles, have joints on the body and special mounts. When the bike needs to be transported or stored more conveniently, the mounts unwind and the frame folds in half. Depending on the type, the bike can be assembled in different ways: some vehicles fold in half, others are also equipped with a folding handlebar. The main requirements for a folding bike are: secure bindings and easy handling while riding. When choosing a new model, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the joints and the reliability of other parts of the entire mechanism.

Men most often prefer folding single-speed bicycles, which are stronger than other models and are quite undemanding to operate.


A bicycle, despite its apparent simplicity, is a rather complex structure, consisting of a large number of parts. Most of them are extremely necessary. without some the bike is inoperative, without others it becomes very dangerous, and in this case the trip will cost you an injury, while others are needed solely for comfort.

Choosing a bike for an adult man is difficult. This requires a lot of attention during the assembly already in production, and after the purchase, the new owner devotes time to further modernizing his steel horse. And after such work, the bike can be made of parts of different brands. The final configuration depends on the tasks for using the bike, the cost of parts and the capabilities of the owner.

Among the individual parts, the saddle plays an important role. Those who consider it an absolutely secondary accessory should ride a bike for several tens of kilometers. And the greater the distance, the greater the value of the saddle. Sitting on an iron horse should be comfortable, but it’s not just about comfort. the wrong saddle is harmful to health.

When you are just getting started with a bike, saddle problems can arise for the following reasons:

  • lapping to a new saddle is in progress;
  • the saddle is poorly adjusted;
  • improper fit;
  • unsuitable riding clothes;
  • unsuitable saddle shape.

For professional athletes and amateurs, there are sports saddles and travel saddles.

In addition to the type of saddle, there are various parameters that play a large role during the operation of the bike.

Fundamental rules

The use of bicycles has become very popular among all categories of the population. In any city you can meet people of the older generation, youth and children who enjoy riding two- and three-wheeled vehicles. Due to its reasonable price, ease of use and environmental friendliness, the bike does not lose its relevance, on the contrary, every year it becomes more and more in demand. The opportunity to relax in the fresh air, improve health, spend time on your own makes this transport option ideal for many.

Not only do adults enjoy cycling, children are also addicted to this process from a very young age. Children’s transport has a huge number of options and modifications designed for different age groups.

To choose the right children’s bike, you need to navigate the classification by which products are distinguished by wheel types and diameters.

There are these types of bicycles:

  • for trips in the mountains;
  • for road riding;
  • for walking in the city;
  • tourist destination;
  • inventory that can be folded;
  • for freestyle;
  • for riding on the track;
  • children’s options.

Focusing on the types of bicycles, it is possible to find a starting point for the search, and then select the diameter of the wheels, which is individual for the type of bicycle transport and for the person who will use it. Two-wheeled vehicles are represented by the following dimensions in inches:

  • 12;
  • fourteen;
  • sixteen;
  • eighteen;
  • twenty;
  • 24;
  • 26.

To find the right bike for your child, it is important to consider the recommendations according to which there are specific search rules for each age group and height. In addition, there are some more nuances, without knowing which it will be difficult to find a suitable product for children. When planning the purchase of a children’s bicycle, you must remember that this type of transport is not taken for growth, it must correspond to the height and age of the child, otherwise the risk of injury is high. Based on the leg length indicators, you can choose the desired wheel diameter, do not forget about the frame, the dimensions of which should be comfortable for the rider.

When purchasing a bicycle, you should go shopping with your baby, which will help in choosing, since he will personally test the models and will be able to determine which option is most comfortable for him. It is important to estimate the height of the frame, relative to the child’s body, so that when jumping off he does not hit it and not get injured. The most correct would be a margin of up to 10 cm, in the position of a child on a standing ground with a bicycle between his legs. Another significant factor is placing the young rider in the seat and checking if the on DO is reaching the pedals with a straight foot.

While pedaling, your knees should not come close to the steering wheel, much less touch it.

How to choose a bike for a child?

Each parent strives to provide his baby with everything he needs from the first second of his life. Every year, the needs of the crumbs grow, and much more complex things are replacing rattles and cubes. For the normal development of a child, it is very important to provide him with physical activity, for which a child’s transport will become a real helper.

The most versatile can be considered a bicycle that can be used from a year. To find the right transport for your baby, you need to know what to pay special attention to.

How to choose the right one by age?

The selection of bicycle transport for children is made individually, since peers can differ significantly in height and weight. The first bike needs to be purchased for a baby starting from 2 years old, when his body is already strong enough and can perform more complex movements than before. It is advisable to immediately purchase three-wheeled products in order to prepare the young cyclist for what awaits him in the future. As soon as the child begins to confidently pedal and steer, you can think about picking up a two-wheeled vehicle with safety wheels.

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When choosing a bicycle transport for boys and girls aged 2 to 7 years, it is worth giving preference to the model with two main and two auxiliary small diameter wheels, which can be removed as needed. When evaluating a specific model of such a transport, it is worth looking at the level of the side supports, if the wheels are significantly higher than the main wheel, this will cause the baby to fall frequently during the ride. The most correct distance of the wheels from the ground is 0.5-1 cm, which will allow you to drive confidently without falling over and without losing balance.

When choosing a bike for representatives of the younger group, you should look for a model where the seat with a steering wheel can be maximally transformed, which will allow you to use the transport much longer. This product must be equipped with a chain guard that prevents the entry of foreign objects while riding. In this case, the brake should be pedal, which will allow the baby to brake and stop in a timely and convenient manner. Representatives of primary school age are advised to buy products with two types of brakes. hand and foot, which will allow them to smoothly retrain from one braking system to another.

As soon as a child turns 8 years old, he can choose products from the age category of 5-7 years old or 7-10 years old, which will depend on the child’s personal wishes and his anthropometric data. When looking at cycling, you need to pay attention to the frame due to the wide variety of its structure and shape. There are options adapted for riding either a boy or a girl.

Boys’ models often have a high and even frame, while girls have a flatter and lower frame for comfortable use of the vehicle.

Novice cyclists, who are trying their hand at cycling for the first time and are up to 1 meter tall, are advised to choose a transport of small size, where the wheels are 12 inches, which will be most convenient for small children. From 3 to 5 years old and with a height of no more than 115 cm, it is recommended to choose medium-sized products where the wheels are 16 inches. Children aged 4 to 6 years with a height of no more than 125 cm can ride bicycles with a wheel diameter of 18 inches comfortably.

How to choose according to height?

The choice of a bicycle by a parent for their child is an important task, therefore you need to understand which version of the vehicle is suitable for the child and which one should be abandoned. To find out the diameter of the wheels and the dimensions of the frame, as well as to correlate these indicators with the selection of the desired product, you need to refer to the well-established norms.

The table of the ratio of the height of a young cyclist and the criteria for a future bicycle will significantly help a parent to determine the desired option.

In the process of selecting a bicycle, first of all, it is worth focusing on the growth indicators of the child, because these values ​​can be completely different for peers. The smaller the child, the more important it is to find the exact size of transport.

As soon as the growth indicator passes the 135 cm mark, then you can purchase an adult version of the transport, which can be used for a long time.

Useful Tips

When purchasing a children’s bicycle transport, you need to be well versed in the features of the selection of this sports equipment for your child, and also take into account a number of nuances.

  • Body material. Bicycles, depending on the country where they are made and their cost, may have a different alloy, which affects the strength of the frame and other structural elements. Due to different materials, the weight of the entire product may vary significantly. If there is a need to transport the bike from the apartment, lowering it down the flights of stairs, then it is better to look for a lighter model. A light option will be more convenient for the baby, who will be able to cope with it in any situation. The most practical material is aluminum, which will be easy for both boys and girls. If the child rides in the private sector, and there is no need for transportation, you can opt for heavy models.
  • Brake system. For each age, it is recommended to look for a bicycle with a specific brake that meets the needs of children of a specific age. For the smallest, it is better to use pedals that roll back to stop the movement. Having mastered the pedaling process, the child will have no problem stopping the bike by using the pedal brake. For older children, you can try combined models, gradually retraining them to stop not with their feet, but with their hands. As soon as the skill becomes stable and constant, you can safely purchase vehicles with a handbrake.
  • The presence of additional elements. Rear-view mirrors, bells, light and sound effects are considered inappropriate for the smallest cyclists’ vehicles, as this will distract them from their main task and increase the risk of losing control over control and falling off the bike. Children of the younger and middle age group can safely buy vehicles with a trunk and a basket in front, with a variety of additional functions that will only cause an additional desire to ride a bike, while not distracting the child. Older children are already striving for a minimum set of additional elements, leaving only necessary and useful gadgets for themselves. Any bike requires fenders to protect the rider from dust and dirt rushing from under the wheels.
  • Chain protection. An important element of safe riding and long-term use of the bike is the pad, which is attached to the frame, covering the chain. Such protection can be made of metal or plastic, it is necessary to protect the child from getting laces, toys or other elements into the chain while moving, in some cases it helps to protect children’s fingers from especially curious babies. Another important function of this protection is to prevent the bulk of dust and dirt from getting on the chain, which has a negative effect on ride quality.
  • Protective equipment. For a child planning his first cycling, it is worth purchasing a set of protection, which consists of elbow pads, knee pads, palm protectors, and a helmet. Over time, only a helmet will be used, but at first it is worth using the entire set to protect yourself from injury and psychologically calm the child.

When choosing a bike for the youngest cyclists, you should opt for those models where there is a special foam rubber protection attached to the handlebars, which will help protect the child’s head from hitting an iron object. If you find a suitable bike for a child, then he will quickly be able to master the basics of riding it and in the shortest possible time will be able to learn how to maintain balance and switch to a two-wheeled version, instead of a four-wheeled one.

The good quality of the product will allow you not to worry in case of frequent falls of the baby, and protective equipment will protect the body from abrasions and bruises.

For information on how to choose a bike for a child, see the next video.


The best option when choosing wheels. these are 24, 26 and 29-inch sizes. The most common and convenient size. 26-inch. They are suitable for any person making a selection of a bike for height. If it is taller than 180 cm, then, most likely, 29-inch ones are needed, and in this case everything is individual. The small wheel size is mainly intended for stunt riding, and of course for kids’ bikes.


The most acceptable option. aluminum, in which there are 32 holes for the spokes. They are suitable for different road surfaces, but for more extreme driving it is better to choose those with more spokes.


For non-extreme riding, rim brakes, also called v-brakes, are suitable. They are easy to maintain and customize, and are much less expensive than discs. However, they have drawbacks: in the rain, when the wheels are wet, it will not be possible to brake immediately. Because there is water between the pads and the rim, which prevents a reliable grip. And the second drawback is that if the wheel has an eight, it can get stuck in them, and then, in order to get to the house, you will have to disengage the arc and go without one brake. So, when choosing the size of the bike by height, you should also look at the brakes.

Disc brakes can be mechanical or hydraulic. They do not clamp the rim, but the disc located on the wheel hub. Thanks to this, they are more reliable and work more accurately. But they need to be constantly monitored for their good performance. If dirt gets into these brakes, their performance will deteriorate, but in the rain they perform better than rim brakes. Also, if you need to remove a wheel, the disc brake does not need to be disengaged as a rim brake, and this is a very significant plus on the road.


For the city, tires of medium thickness without studs are suitable, and for rural or rough terrain, it is better to take studded tires.

How bicycles differ from each other

If you need to ride long distances on smooth asphalt, then you need a road bike. It has thin wheels that roll well on a flat road. And the weight of such devices is the smallest of all.

If you need to ride on dirt roads or where there are none at all, then you need a mountain bike. It has studded rubber which is ideal for these conditions. These bikes are some of the most durable, but they are much heavier than road bikes. This is due to the thickness of the wheels. Their treads are the thickest to effectively “absorb” impact energy when driving over bumps. They are also equipped with a massive frame, and in general all the components of which they are composed are very durable. The weight of such devices is twice that of road vehicles.

Touring bikes come in a variety of shapes and wheels, and are not as strong as mountain bikes, but can go a little faster around town. This is due to the fact that they are equipped with a smooth tread. But, of course, such a great speed cannot be compared with a highway one. It is designed for quiet short-distance driving and maximum comfort.

Extreme bikes come in many varieties and are mostly bought by people who already know what they need. These are highly specialized devices.

Now determine which bike is better to choose, or rather, the required category.


There are many of them for every taste, shape, size and material. Racing saddles are thinner and stiffer, just like the bikes themselves. Most comfortable. these are walking saddles: they are wide and soft.

Choosing a bike. What to look for

The main bearing element is the frame. It is made from aluminum. This part weighs little, but at the same time has the necessary rigidity. Steel frame suitable for city and folding bikes.

It is important that the pedal assembly is of a reputable company. The pedals are constantly under heavy load. That is why high-quality components are needed.

If the derailleur is of poor quality, backlash is noted during operation. As a result, the speed does not turn on completely.

Brakes are disc and rim, with a hydraulic or mechanical drive. It all depends on the needs and budget.

How to choose a mountain bike for a man by height

Today, a huge range of bicycles is offered, so choosing the right one is quite difficult. If you are a beginner cyclist, then you often think about which bike is the best to choose. Sometimes it happens that a person acquires a vehicle, and then in the process of its direct use, it suddenly turns out that it does not meet the requirements for it. To get a really suitable option, it is worth understanding the variety that exists. You will learn some shopping secrets, as well as how to choose a bike for your height.

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Let’s talk about riding style

If you need to commute to work and enjoy cycling, urban models are worth a look.

If you plan not only driving around the city, but also periodic trips out of the city, you should give preference to mountain bikes with characteristics of the average type.

If you intend to ride frequently on rough terrain, you must give preference to the actual mountain bikes. In this case, it is worth considering certain features of operation: difficult areas, hills.

Especially for stunts and extreme use, BMX bikes are suitable. Their frame is heavy-duty, the wheels are also extremely durable. Frame of relatively low height.

For use outside the city, tourist types are well suited. They are similar to road racing, but equipped with special mudguards for excellent mud protection.

And for the winter version, when there is nowhere to ride a home exercise bike.

Let’s talk about the types of bicycles

All kinds of bicycles are sold nowadays. Each is specifically designed for a specific use. However, there is a difference in structural elements. There are simple options and more complicated ones. How to choose a bike for a man? Let’s try to figure it out.

They are specially designed to operate under the most difficult conditions. These models are ideal for climbing and descending and riding on rough terrain.

The frame of the mountain bike is very strong, the ground clearance is specially increased, the width of the tires is large. It is also equipped with contact pedals, straight steering wheel, disc brakes. Usually there are 15 gears or more.

If you are wondering how to choose a mountain bike, know that these models are well suited for walking off paved roads. They are suitable for those who prefer an active life. Mid spec bikes can also be used in urban environments.

It is worth noting the following advantages: extra strength, excellent maneuverability and excellent off-road properties. There are also disadvantages: the expensive cost of branded bicycles, the complexity of the design, low speed.

Designed specifically for city driving.

These bikes have a trunk. There are usually more than seven speeds. Wheel diameter 26 inches. As for the landing, it is the most comfortable here. Available with suspension fork.

Suitable for frequent driving on city roads. Suitable for people using a bicycle as a substitute for urban transport.

On urban models, you can transport goods, the design is impressive with its simplicity. You can choose a suitable variation and, if necessary, equip the bike with additional equipment. Shock absorber softens driving in urban conditions.

Disadvantages include less durable wheels and frame. Also, these bicycles weigh much more than other models.

Ideal for driving on smooth roads at high speeds.

The frame length is increased. The steering wheel is of a sporty design. You can ride in a bent position, as a result of which the resistance to the oncoming air flow is significantly reduced. Wheels are usually 28 inches in diameter. The speeds can be 15 or their number varies. Usually equipped with a lightweight frame.

Well suited for those who are fond of cycling. Also suitable for trips over 50 kilometers. Light weight, the possibility of long runs, high constant speed. These are the three main advantages of these models. But these bicycles are not designed for bad roads, only a sporty fit is required, there is no trunk.

A special kind of urban models. They differ in the structure of the frame. The frame stiffening tube is located below. A complete set of various transmissions is possible. If necessary, you can install an additional trunk.

Their frame can be folded if desired. The wheels are up to 24 inches in diameter. It is possible to adjust the required landing height. That is why they are also suitable for children. These bikes are easily transported in a regular trunk. Convenient to store in the apartment. Suitable for those who are just trying themselves as a cyclist.

The wheels of these models have a diameter of 28 inches. The steering wheel is traditional. The speed is one. Equipped with a foot brake. These bicycles are as reliable as possible. If you do not know exactly which bike is better to choose, you can purchase these models.

How High Should My Bike Seat Be?

Choosing a bike by height

Take a look at the special chart to help you choose the right bike for your height.

It should be said that the mountain models are quite small in size. The thing is that people are often of average height. That is why models are produced according to this parameter.

Most models fit almost everyone. Keep in mind that the steering wheel and seat are usually adjustable. It is only important to consider the driving style. If it is calm, then the size of the bike should be taller. If the ride is sharp, this size should be smaller. Smaller bikes are suitable for seniors.


Now you know how to choose a bike for your height.

Branded models simply cannot be cheap. That is why you should not pay attention to inexpensive equipment that can be seen in almost any supermarket today.

If you are a beginner, it is worth giving preference to bicycles that are produced by already established firms. The cost depends on the components and the material from which the frame is made.

If you are not sure how to choose a bike for a man, always pay attention not only to the manufacturer, but also to the reliability of the nodes. At the same time, such tricks as a lot of speeds, a huge number of shock absorbers and something like that are absolutely not decisive.

Alternative formula

To calculate the optimal frame size using the alternative formula, stand against a wall and measure from your crotch to the floor. Multiply the result by 0.57 if you are choosing a mountain bike, by 0.63 if you are choosing a trekking model, by 0.66 if you are choosing a road bike. You have received the size of the frame in centimeters. Divide by 2.54 to get frame size in inches.

How to size a bike for your height

To ride a bike safely and comfortably, it must fit the rider in all respects, including wheel and frame sizes. You don’t have to sit on it and listen to how you feel to figure out which size bike to choose. You can also choose a flawlessly suitable model remotely.

It is known that frames of various sizes have different tube lengths. The main indicator of size for a long time was the distance from the axis of the carriage to the edge of the seat tube.

While the frame structure did not change and looked like a double triangle made of unbent pipes, this dimensional parameter was decisive. But over time, the frames began to be made from curved tubes, and the junction of the upper and seat tubes became variable.

In addition, the length of the seat tube outlet over the top is variable and can oversize the frame without changing its geometry. Therefore, starting from the size of the frame in inches or centimeters is not always logical. Many manufacturers have switched to the letter designation of frame sizes. With this designation, it is enough to know which frame is suitable for your height. But for different brands, the growth limits for each specific letter may differ. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right size for your bike remains relevant.

Instructions on how to choose the size of the bike frame for height

To find the right size for your bike, follow these simple steps:

Approximate frame height (in “) when choosing a city or touring bike

Approximate frame height (in “) when choosing a mountain bike

  • Consider the following guidelines before choosing your final bike:
  • if the cyclist’s height is in the borderline values ​​of neighboring sizes, for a quiet ride it is better to give preference to the smaller option, and for high-speed rides. to the larger one;
  • smaller bicycles with identical characteristics weigh about 200 g less than the larger “neighbor” and surpass it in maneuverability;
  • when buying a niner, you need to choose models one size smaller than when choosing models with wheels of 26-27.5 inches;
  • solid frames (starting from L) can have thicker-walled tubes to support a solid weight;
  • overweight riders need to choose models with increased strength, but not compensate for it with an increased frame size;
  • riding a bike that is too large is dangerous due to impaired handling and an increased risk of injury to the perineum when dismounting from a vehicle.

What size should a bike frame be for a girl?

When choosing a women’s bike, you can choose a mountain model, a women’s full suspension, a road version or a comfortable bike with a low frame, wide soft saddle and a large high handlebar. For girls who love high-speed driving, drive and extreme sports, a sports model with a classic or slightly lowered frame is suitable. The size of the bike must be perfect for its owner.

An introductory table will help you to roughly determine the suitable size of a bicycle frame:

What size should a bicycle frame be for a lady, “

How to choose the right adult bike

And so, now we are faced with the question of choosing the right adult bike.

How to choose the right bike for yourself, where to start?

The first step is to decide which type of bike you prefer:

  • City bike. for driving along city streets and bike paths
  • Road bike. for fast driving on asphalt roads
  • Mountain bike for riding on rough terrain and bumpy roads
  • Or maybe even a hybrid, in which there is a little of all of the above types of bike

If you have not decided yet, perhaps this article will help you make your choice: What are the bicycles

Now that we have decided on the type of bike, we move on to the next, but no less important stage.

How to choose the right bike frame size for your height?

And now we come to the main reason for the discomfort on the bike. frame size

The wrong size of the bike entails excessive fatigue of the muscles of the back, knee joints, arms and neck muscles.

Naturally, such trips will not bring you much pleasure.

Every modern bike has its own size. Often, one and the same model is produced in several frame sizes, which means that there should not be any problems with choosing a bike for your height.

Get on your bike, grab the wheel.

The arms should be slightly bent at the elbows. You should not reach for the steering wheel, and when cornering, your hands should not lose the steering wheel.

If it is a mountain or sports bike, then the landing should be slightly tilted on the handlebars; the load is evenly distributed over the back and arms.

On road and city bikes, the seating position is usually with a straight back.

Very important: sitting on the seat with your foot on the pedal in the lowest position. the leg should be almost straight, this will save your knee joints from unnecessary stress.

Stand forward from the saddle. For safety, there should be a gap of 5-10 cm between the inner thigh and the upper tube.

Use this table and you can easily determine which bike frame size you need.

Choosing a bike size according to your height

Frame size, inches Your height, cm Frame size, cm Conditional value Designation 13″ 130-145 33 XS (XSmall) Minimum fourteen” 135-155 35.6 XS (XSmall) Minimum fifteen” 145-160 38.1 S (Small) Small sixteen” 150-160 40.6 S (Small) Small 17 “ 156-170 43.2 M (Medium) Middle eighteen” 167-178 45.7 M (Medium) Middle nineteen” 172-185 48.3 L (Large) Large twenty” 178-190 50.8 L (Large) Large 21 “ 182-195 53.3 XL (XLarge) Very big 22 “ 195-210 53.9 XL (XLarge) Very big

Bicycle wheel size selection

The size of the wheels of a bicycle determines its overall clearance (the height of the bicycle), and also affects the maneuverability, handling and roll of the bicycle.

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Recently, bicycles with 29 “and 27.5” wheels have become quite popular. as a rule, such bicycles belong to the class “mountain bike” (mountain bike).

It is no secret that the larger the wheel of a bicycle, the larger it becomes, and therefore less maneuverable compared to other bicycles, but this does not mean that such bicycles are poorly handled. But these bicycles go better. roll smoother and more confident, well, the speed will be higher.

26 “wheels are still considered the standard for an adult bicycle, but city, road bikes and hybrids usually have a base with 28” wheels.

Now that all the main selection criteria have been taken into account, you can safely go to our bicycle catalog to choose your new two-wheeled pet.

We hope that this information was useful for you, and you will definitely find a bike that is perfect for you.

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We select what you need

Those who are overweight need to pay more attention to the wheels. Because increasing the load on the rubber can lead to rapid wheel wear. Therefore, for people who are overweight, it is better to choose a mountain bike. These models have good shock absorption, brakes, wide tires, durable wheels. A variety of seating options are available for men, making a mountain bike an attractive purchase and easy to fit.

If for some reason a mountain bike is not suitable, then you can opt for the urban model. This model of a two-wheeled bicycle is very convenient for driving on flat city roads, a good option for men and women. The selection will be successful because they have a low seating position, a very comfortable steering wheel and you do not need to bend over to it, that is, you can safely ensure yourself an upright position when driving. This is a very comfortable bike for an overweight man. Also, this model is often bought by women and the elderly for their height and weight. In terms of speed performance, this two-wheeled bike is not suited for high speeds. This vehicle is not intended for driving on mountain roads.

Also, a cruiser would be an excellent two-wheeled model for a wide range of people. This bike is simply made for comfortable movement.

This type of transport has a good massive steering wheel, wide wheels, comfortable seat, frame.

BMX bikes or stunt bikes are designed for extreme riding.

Why is the selection based on the height and weight of the buyer??

You need to know your height because it makes a huge difference when choosing a frame for your bike. You can use a generic table to calculate data. It contains data such as:

  • The cyclist’s height in centimeters with a permissible deviation in the direction of decrease or increase of 7 cm;
  • The size of the frame, which is indicated in inches (this is 2.54 cm);
  • Frame size (standard size). To make it clearer, these are sizes S, M, L, XL, etc.;
  • Frame size, which is indicated in centimeters.

If you do not have such a table next to you, or you simply have not prepared for the purchase and do not know how to choose the right bike, then you can use a different calculation formula to choose a bike by height. It lies in the fact that you will need to measure your length from buttocks to heels. This figure will need to be multiplied by a coefficient, which is 0.65. If you decide to buy yourself a mountain bike by height, then the value of the coefficient will be 0.56. The resulting value will correspond to the ideal size of your two-wheeled vehicle in terms of height.

But even if you forgot about the ratio, and there is nothing at hand to measure the distance from the heels to the buttocks, then you can go the simplest way and choose a bike for height in this way: stand next to the bike and make sure that the frame is lower than your buttocks. The optimal distance between the frame and your buttocks should be in the palm of your hand. This will help you avoid injury during sudden stops. Because, if you do not take into account this nuance, then with sharp braking you can hit the frame with your crotch very hard. You must choose the right bike for a man. Choose the most convenient way for you, how to choose a two-wheeled bike according to your height and weight, and feel free to plan your purchase.

We take into account when selecting your weight

Before buying, it is advisable to study the information on how to choose a bike by height and weight. If you are the owner of a weight that exceeds 90-100 kg, then do not choose a transport of the maximum size, being guided by the principle that the larger the two-wheeled transport, the more reliable it is. Many people think that this is the most reliable bike for a man. Do not do this under any circumstances. The external fragility of this two-wheeled bike is deceiving.

Moving around on massive vehicles will not be easier, but at times harder. You will not be able to enjoy the ride or top speed on your bike.

If you choose a bicycle for a man, then you must definitely take into account the fact that it is very important for male representatives to check their transport for speed, and if you purchase a massive bicycle for a man, then you can forget about speed.

Pay attention to the location of the frame. The frame, which is located on the principle of lowering backwards, will cause discomfort and increased physical activity for people who are heavy.

How to choose the right bike for your height and weight?

It is necessary to choose the right two-wheeled bike for a woman or a man in height and weight.

Wheel selection

As you already understood, the wheels play no less role than the height of the frame, the thickness of the handlebars and other components. In order to choose high-quality wheels that will withstand the road and the weight you need, you need to have an understanding of the types of wheels. Before making your choice, you need to remember that wheels are of the following standard sizes:

The most common and demanded wheel size is 26 inches. You will find this size on most bicycles of different models and brands.

Larger wheels are not suitable for all models of this type of transport.

For men who are not only overweight, but also short, the best option would be wheels with a diameter of 24. 26 inches.

If you want to keep your bike on track for as long as possible, pay attention not only to the wheels and frame position, but also to the material your bike is made of:

  • The cheapest option is steel. Do not forget that it is steel that is the heaviest and most traumatic material;
  • Lighter weight and much better quality are distinguished by models, the construction of which is made of fiberglass;
  • Aluminum has proven itself well in the market for bicycles;
  • Combined materials.

Before choosing a bike for a man or a woman, you need to be able to test the bike on the road. So that in practice you will already feel whether the size and location of the frame, its tilt, how confident the wheels feel on the road are suitable for you. How great is the load on the musculoskeletal system. Do you have a strong sense of the road. Is the steering wheel comfortable for you? How quickly braking occurs. After all, only after a ride on it, you can understand whether you made the right choice, whether the bike matches your height and weight.

Bike handlebar horns help lengthen the ride

This is a very important element at long distances, allowing you to change not only the position of the hands, but also the whole body. Install them almost parallel to the ground, with very little elevation. You should be able to, as it were, lie on the horns with your palms, bringing the center of gravity forward.

What Size Bike Should I Get For My Height?

Offset seat post

If even after the maximum longitudinal adjustment of the seat back, you still feel that the bike is too short, then the seatpost can help with the shift back. This will give you the extra 3-5cm you were missing for a comfortable fit.

Hope these tips help you navigate and choose the right bike size. The next logical step will be skiing itself, and soon I will publish an article on how to prepare yourself for long distances. Don’t miss, subscribe to receive my notes by e-mail.

If you have any questions or suggestions for choosing a bicycle size. please in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

ETT table for different cyclist heights

Note that mountain bikes for sporting applications now use a modern forward geometry. the frame is longer and the stem is shorter. This makes the bike more stable on trails.

Cyclist height: Effective Top Tube (ETT 🙂
150-165cm 580-590mm
165-175cm 590-605mm
175-185cm 605-630mm
185-195cm 630-650mm

I emphasize that these numbers are suitable for mountain bikes used in aggressive sporting directions, their frame is longer than usual. If your new mountain bike is not sporty, but more recreational, then subtract 5% from the above ETT values.

Of course, these are subtleties that a beginner can dismiss, but still I advise you to be very careful when choosing a bike size. If you fall ill with this hobby, then the wrong frame length will cost you the purchase of a new bike (I went through this myself).

Adjust the saddle horizontally

The saddle should be parallel to the ground. Sometimes beginners, and already well-trained cyclists, tilt the saddle forward or backward for convenience. This is completely wrong, because in this case the weight distribution of the rider is disturbed, hence the numb hands, aching back, etc.

The backside should ideally sit in its place, not sliding either backward or forward. Try to lower the saddle a little, literally by 5-7 mm, this will most likely make it possible to set the saddle straight.

Even if the frame does not fit a little, the position can be corrected with “sticks” (longer stem, horns, offset seatpost).

Bike size. How to choose the right one

The question of how to determine the correct size of a bicycle frame is one of the most common questions that beginners hear from beginners. And unfortunately, they usually get a not entirely correct answer from those people who themselves only go for a ride a few times during the summer, and do not fully own the information.

As a result, beginners buy a bike with an unsuitable frame for their height, which is fraught with knee and back problems. The wrong frame size is driving discomfort, which you will feel immediately, as soon as your mileage grows to 30-50 kilometers per day. Worst when the frame is small, but also little good when it is large.

Therefore, I decided to give some advice to my readers in the early stages of cycling. Traditionally, the size of the bike frame is indicated by the length of the seat tube (ST dimension in the drawing below). Here is a very conditional table by which you can determine the correct frame length for your height.

What to do if the bike size doesn’t fit

Now let’s say that the bike has already been purchased, but what to do. if it doesn’t fit a little. It is possible that the bike can be adjusted a little to your height, even if the frame does not quite fit. Read the following guidelines.

Longitudinal saddle adjustment

Ideally, your foot should be on the pedal so that, when shown in the picture, the pedal axis is directly below the knee joint. This can be achieved by moving the saddle longitudinally.