What red bicycles look like for girls 5 years old

12 inches for 2-4 years

In the budget segment for boys, the 2020 model Novatrack Vector 12 is suitable. It costs 5,300 rubles. Steel frame, foot brake, chain guard and soft steering wheel pad, “combat” paint schemes.

In the more expensive segment for boys, you can offer Schwinn Koen 12 for 8,490 rubles. The frame is steel, there is a front brake. Soft steering wheel pad and a set of shields are present.

For girls aged three, we recommend the Novatrack Maple 12 model. Very similar to Vector, additionally equipped with a plastic basket on the trunk, painted in “girls” colors.

And for girls, the Royal Baby Princess Jenny Girl Steel 12 is produced. also a steel frame, but with a soft plastic coating, a front brake, various decorations and a basket on the steering wheel. There is also a soft pad.

Purchase “for growth”

The second and no less important mistake is buying a bike for growth. When a boy or girl is faced with a heavy, poorly controlled car, that can also be disappointing. Of course, it is worth providing a margin. But not for 5 years.

20 inches for 7-10 years

For boys, Desna Phoenix 20 is suitable for 8300 rubles. Steel frame, austere stylish design, hand and foot brakes. everything a rider needs at 10 years old.

The high-end segment will delight young athletes with the cool Format 7413. aluminum, a 7-speed system and a weight of only 10.2 kg. an excellent choice. Such a bike costs 23 850 rubles.

In this category for girls, we recommend Navigator Bingo for 6,800 rubles. Steel, but not heavy. less than 12 kg, this bicycle will become a worthy iron friend for a young lady of ten years old. Restrained design, good functionality, lack of unnecessary details and an affordable price are the arguments in favor of this model.

For 20,999 rubles, you can buy an aluminum. only 10 kg. bicycle TREK Precaliber 20 CST Girls. There is no gearshift system on this model, but girls at this age do not need it either. The frame is made with a lowered crossbar, which is, of course, more comfortable for girls.

In the saddle from the cradle. Choosing a bike for a child

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A few energetic pedals and you are flying above the ground. The breeze is blowing, the sun is shining, and there is a road ahead to the very horizon and all life. It was worth reinventing the bicycle for these sensations.

In fact, we are not planning to reinvent the wheel. But this article will help you to choose a bike so that riding on it would bring your child pleasure and health, to save as much as possible from disappointments and possible injuries.

Let’s go back to the Soviet past. Some 40 years ago, a child’s cycling path was limited. Three-wheeled unnamed bicycle. up to 4 years, then two-wheeled:

  • type “Lyovushka” on thick wheels, with lateral support. up to seven years;
  • “Schoolboy” with a regular frame. in elementary school;
  • “Uralets” in adolescence.

The choice of bicycles for girls was small, so they usually bought folding Kama or Salut. heavy, expensive cars. They were also sported by high school students. Bicycles with a regular frame for adults were also popular. the road “Ural”, or sports models.

Of course, every Soviet schoolchild will have this list of models, depending on what was supplied to his region under Soviet rule.

Let’s see how things stand in 2020. How to choose a children’s bike so as not to miscalculate?


The main safety features are not on the bike, but on the cyclist. A helmet is a must! Modern helmets are lightweight, well ventilated, and reliably protect the head. Gloves, elbow pads and knee pads are highly recommended for children who are only changing two wheels from three or four. And in the future, there will still be falls. and protection will help to avoid complications of the “asphalt disease” in the form of scars on the elbows and knees. They most often suffer from various kinds of bicycle incidents.

The second step is to try on the height of the steering wheel. The child should reach the handlebars, sitting with an almost straight back (the left figure in our illustration). Forward tilting of the body is the lot of athletes. By the way, the bike should have handlebar adjustments both in height and tilt. this way it will be possible to achieve the correct fit when the back is straight, the legs are practically straightened when riding, and the knees do not knock on the handlebars.

Shock absorbers

On city bikes, front shocks are simply not needed. The simpler, the easier and more reliable. There is no talk at all about a frame with a rear suspension.

16 inches for 4-6 years

For boys we recommend Stels Arrow 16. Cool stylish steel frame, large wheels, soft steering wheel, hand and foot brakes, attractive paint schemes. what else does a young athlete five years old need. Such a bike costs a little less than 6,000 rubles.

In the premium segment, pay attention to the Cube Kid 160 (2019). a very cool car with an aluminum frame and weighing 8.1 kg. like 12-inch steel.

Puky ZL 16-1 Alu weighs 9.5 kilograms. an aluminum bicycle for girls. Attractive design, additional decorative elements will make the car at the price of 22,990 rubles a desirable acquisition for little princesses.

Bicycle for a girl 5 years old: popular models and secrets of choice

Royal Baby Jenny Girl 14

The cute model is available in white with pink accents. The saddle and frame are decorated with butterfly prints. The structure is made of steel. Travel safety is ensured by single aluminum rims and a reliable braking system consisting of manual caliper, rear and drum brakes. The chain is protected from dirt and dust. The steering wheel and seat are height adjustable. A roof rack with a rubber seat for better fixation of the passenger, a bell, a basket for small items and a soft steering wheel pad are included.

Royal Baby Stargirl Steel 14

Ideal for real princesses. Delicate and beautiful bicycle of blue and white color with pink accents is perfect for a little lady. There is a similar option, but with a red frame. Wheels with a diameter of 14 inches are equipped with sealed rubber. The frame and rigid fork are made of steel. Single rims and a reliable V-brake system, consisting of front hand and rear brakes, are responsible for a safe ride.

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The chain is protected from dirt and small stones. Includes a support handle for parents, a white wicker basket, decorating bows and a bell.

Stels Flyte Lady

This product is available in two sizes with 14 “and 16” wheels. You can choose a pastel pink or pale blue shade of the frame, decorated with drawings in the form of flowers. The bike looks very gentle and attractive. Steel frame and fork. Single rims, reflective elements on the wheels and a rear foot brake are responsible for the reliability of riding. Chain guards prevent moisture and dust from entering.

Convenient trunk is tightly attached to the body, you can ride your girlfriend. Includes bell, wicker basket for small items and removable side wheels.

Stels Wind 14 х020

A pink metallic bike will delight any girl. White inserts and patterns in the form of flowers and butterflies give the product a delicate and beautiful look. The frame and rigid fork are made of Hi-Ten steel. The chain is protected by a metal plate from dust and dirt. Foot brakes and single rims are responsible for driving safety. Wheels with a diameter of 14 inches have integrated reflective elements. The steering wheel has rubber inserts and a soft pad. In addition, there are removable safety wheels and a bell.

How to choose a bike for girls under 5 years old

As a rule, a child can sit behind a bicycle at the age of 3-4 years. Children’s models do not technically differ into “boy” and “girl”. The only difference is the external design. So, for a boy, it can be blue or green, and for a girl. pink or crimson.

Models for little ones are presented on the market in three versions:

  • tricycle;
  • running, non-pedal;
  • two-wheeled with additional protective wheels at the rear.

On which of them to stop, it is up to the parents and their child to decide. However, the third option will be the most useful. The little girl will quickly learn to keep her balance and at the same time to pedal correctly, which is impossible on three-wheeled “sadik” bikes. When it comes to a running bike, it is possible to learn how to keep balance well, but it will not work out the pedaling skill.

Rules for choosing a two-wheeled bike for girls under 5 years old:

  • it should be bright and beautiful;
  • handles should reach the steering wheel freely;
  • comfortable saddle shape;
  • simplicity of design.

The basic rules for choosing are great for the age of 5. 10 years

The beauty, functionality and design features of a bicycle are of increasing importance. Design Features: Lowered Curved Frame, Wide Saddle, Smaller Wheels Compared to Boys’ Models.

Bicycle color: pink, white or lilac, preferably with additional drawings.

  • trunk, or basket. will help you carry your favorite toy, handbag or water bottle;
  • wings. protect from dirt, which girls do not like so much;
  • chain protection. keep your feet clean, prevent cuts, and save the mechanism;
  • bell. allows you to give a signal if a person or an animal meets on the way.

When choosing a bike for a girl, you need to strive for less frame weight. This design is easier to control, and if it falls on the body, there is less chance of injury.

Many models are equipped with speeds, hand brakes and front suspensions. Whether you need to buy such a bike, decide based on the girl’s preferences and your own budget. Although a regular bike outperforms a fancy one, here’s why:

  • in childhood, the main thing is the process of movement, correct control, landing and balance, and here the multi-speed transmission fades into the background;
  • the girl may not master the hand brakes, because a strong squeeze of the lever is required. Much easier will be the foot brake. It is both effective for children’s skating and cannot be broken;
  • shock absorbers will also not play a significant role in children’s rides, unless, of course, parents are bike fans and do not take their child with them for trips to the wild.

A simple singlespeed is a great option for temporary skiing. When my daughter has grown up, and interest in the bike has not lost, you should think about buying a more advanced bike.

Buying a teen bike for a young cyclist

In this age group, children become happy owners of full-fledged bicycles without auxiliary wheels. Wheel diameter. from 20 inches and above, it all depends on height.

The hallmark of a girly bike is the curved, low frame and color. The frame can be full size or foldable. Basic rules for choosing a bike for a girl 10. 12 years old:

  • the bike must ensure a correct fit;
  • the hands on the steering wheel need free play in order, for example, to press the brake lever;
  • there should be a good overview before the eyes;
  • comfortable saddle.

After selection, you will need to adjust the height of the saddle and handlebars so that the leg is almost straight in the lower position. However, this is a general rule, not only for girls. As well as the fact that the incorrectly selected frame size will not be able to fit in height.

The teenage model can be purchased with both single and multi-speed transmissions. Teaching a girl to use the gear is not so difficult, but she will have more room in the choice of driving conditions.

But, as practice shows, active riding requires good endurance of the bike. Of course, manufacturers make sure that both the brakes and the transmission can withstand increasing loads. However, this applies to more adult models. On children’s bikes, they can easily break due to inaccurate riding. That is why, especially for teenagers, it is also advised to take ordinary unpretentious bicycles.

How to choose a bike for a girl?

Children learn about what is great already in the first years of their lives. The keen interest is not aroused by chance, because a bicycle is freedom, speed, pleasure, play And if parents ride a two-wheeled vehicle with might and main, then the probability that their child will also reach for it is close to 100%.

Safety equipment

It’s no secret that bike rides involve falls and collisions with obstacles. Of course, you should strive to get into such situations as rarely as possible, but no one is 100% insured against this. In the case of girls as the weaker sex, all this becomes negative. That is why it is worth taking care of the safety of skiing.

Protection during cycling is provided by:

  • bicycle helmet. a lightweight and durable mini helmet that will help avoid head bumps when falling from a bicycle;
  • knee pads. will allow you to avoid unpleasant abrasions, soften the impact of your knees on the road, which will help keep your joints intact;
  • elbow pads: the function is the same as the knee pads, only protects the elbow joint;
  • cycling pants. beautiful and comfortable in the saddle;
  • cycling shoes. provide a secure grip on the pedals.
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When buying a bicycle for a child, parents should not forget about the safety of riding. It will not be provided by a regular cap, skirt or flip-flops. over, at first, falls are inevitable.

Navigator Sports (BH20217)

The first in our review is the Navigator Sports children’s two-wheeled bicycle (BH20217). This practical children’s sports bike is designed for children aged 6 to 9 years up to 135 cm tall, weighing up to 50 kg.

It has a bright and interesting design. There are three body colors. red, black, blue. The body is made of durable steel with a protective coating. It does not corrode and retains its attractive appearance for a long time.

The rims and steering wheel frame are made of steel, the wings are made of plastic The seat is comfortable and ergonomic. The curved handlebars are fitted with special pads at the ends. They help to hold the bike while riding, keeping the child’s hands from slipping. The steering wheel can be adjusted in height. This way the bike will grow with the child and will serve for a long time.

The bike has large wheels. They are made of durable rubber. The bike chain is well protected. It does not get dirt on it while driving.

The bike is equipped with a foot brake. There is a protective pad on the stem, a footrest.

The pedals rotate freely and effortlessly. They have a ribbed surface. The foot fits snugly against the pedal and does not slip when riding.

  • type. classic;
  • age. from 6 to 9 years old (height up to 135 cm);
  • material. steel, metal;
  • options. adjustable steering wheel;
  • brake. rear foot brake;
  • wheels. 2 pcs., diameter. 20 inches;
  • chain guard, side wheels, fenders, footrest, steering wheel protector;
  • weight. 10.7 kg.

Royal Baby RB20B-6 Freestyle 20 Steel

The next bike in our review is the Royal Baby Freestyle 20 Steel. This is a versatile bike. It is suitable for both boys and girls. The bike has a lowered frame. This ensures an easy fit on the seat. There are several color options for the case. you can choose the option you like.

The robust frame is made of durable steel. This adds some weight to the bike, but makes it more durable.

The surfaces are coated with a durable, safe paint. The bike has large, comfortable wheels measuring 20 inches. The bike is suitable for children aged 6 to 9 years, with a height of 120 to 145 cm.In the beginning, you can attach additional wheels to the bike, and when the child learns to maintain balance, they can be removed.

The bike is equipped with a front caliper brake and a rear roller brake. It is powered by a handle located on the handlebars.

The bike has a soft, comfortable seat with a recess for carrying. There is a bottle holder under the saddle.

Best Bike for 5 Year Old 2020

The chain is hidden in a protective cover. The wheels are covered with fenders that protect the bike from dirt and splashes.

  • type. classic;
  • age. from 6 to 9 years old (height from 120 to 145 cm);
  • material. steel, metal;
  • options. adjustable steering wheel;
  • brake. front caliper brake, rear roller brake;
  • wheels. 2 pcs., diameter. 20 inches;
  • chain guard, side wheels, fenders, footboard, bell;
  • weight. 10.9 kg.

Novatrack Strike 20

The next stylish bike in our review is Novatrack Strike 20. Both boys and girls will be able to ride it, since the bike is assembled on the basis of a universal steel frame. The bike can withstand heavy loads. He is not afraid of blows and falls.

There are several color options for the case. White, green, red, black. you can choose the option to your taste. The bike is designed for children aged 6 to 9 years old, up to 135 cm tall.

The bike has a quality build and a budget price. The model is distinguished by its unpretentiousness, reliability and excellent handling. A special protective cover protects from accidental contact with the chain, which also serves as an additional design element.

The bike has a comfortable soft seat. For functionality, the bike is equipped with a luggage rack. It is useful for transporting various things that a child may need while riding.

For ease of movement, there are two large inflatable wheels with a diameter of 20 inches. The bike can easily overcome both an asphalt path and a path in the park.

To make the bike more stable, you can attach side wheels to the rear wheel. They will make the ride safe at first, when the child is just learning to ride a bike. Then, the wheels can be removed and you can begin to master riding a two-wheeled bike.

The foot brake helps to stop in time while driving.

  • type. classic;
  • age. from 6 to 9 years old (height up to 135 cm);
  • material. steel, metal;
  • options. adjustable steering wheel;
  • brake. rear foot brake;
  • wheels. 2 pcs., diameter. 20 inches;
  • chain guard, side wheels, fenders, footrest, steering wheel protector;
  • weight. 11.7 kg.

Schwinn Elm 18

Now, I want to tell you about the Schwinn Elm 18. This bike, saturated with bright colors, will win the heart of a child, parents and all passers-by, whose eyes it will certainly attract! It will appeal to girls from 6 to 9 years old, up to 135 cm tall.

The bike is good not only for its design. The model is very ergonomic and functional. The bike has a sturdy steel frame with a front carriage. This makes it easy to maintain balance while learning to ride. The saddle and handlebars are adjustable in height, which means that the bike will grow with the child and will last for more than one year. For added practicality, the bike is equipped with a full-length chain guard that prevents dirt from getting dirty.

There are large 18-inch wheels with steel rims. Good cross-country ability and convenience will be ensured. At first, when the child is learning to ride, additional wheels can be attached to the bike for stability.

  • type. classic;
  • age. from 6 to 9 years old (height up to 135 cm);
  • material. steel, metal;
  • options. adjustable steering wheel;
  • brake. rear foot brake;
  • wheels. 2 pcs., diameter. 18 inches;
  • trunk, chain guards, side wheels, fenders, bell, steering wheel protector;
  • weight. 11.8 kg.

Choosing a hairstyle for girls 7-9 years old

Seven years is the age at which a child begins to live independently. School is the stage that teaches the kid discipline, so any distractions should be minimized. The first thing to look for when choosing a haircut is bangs. The bangs should in no case interfere with the child, fall into the eyes and block the view.

For this age, the following haircuts will be appropriate.

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2 yr old progression on Strider balance bike

  • The classic version of the bob haircut. Undoubtedly, the haircut is somewhat reminiscent of a “square”, but with the change that the length of the hair will be cut to the mowing line of the chin. And there is no particular need for bangs in this hairstyle. “Bob” looks beautiful and complete even on fine hair.
  • For long curls, consider a fox tail hairstyle. The ends of the hair are cut in an arc, that is, the hair on the sides is slightly shorter, and closer to the middle it becomes longer. Such hair looks great both in a loose state and in a ponytail.

At eight and nine years old, young women of fashion are exposed to the trend of fashion like no other. When watching a cartoon or movie, they increasingly want to be like their idols. And there is nothing wrong with that. Often at this age, girls prefer long hair that either falls below the shoulders or reaches the shoulder blades.

The “ladder” haircut is especially popular. It is suitable for all types of appearance, face shapes, hair structure. The hairstyle does not change the appearance much. if the hair was just long and straight before, then it is slightly shortened.

Experiments with bangs can also be attributed here, because if the girl has never worn bangs before, then she will definitely want to try. The bangs can be cut without touching the main length of the hair, or you can radically change the hairstyle. Much depends on the girl’s preferences. However, the choice of bangs must be approached responsibly, because it can help to correct the shape of the face. For example, if a young lady has a very high forehead.

For different face types, the following options are suitable:

  • if the girl’s face shape resembles a square, then stylists recommend an oblique bang, but you need to cut it so that it does not interfere with the child;
  • for owners of an oval or heart-shaped face, a classic, crescent bang or arcuate model is suitable;
  • with curly hair, it is best to give up bangs.

For 7-9 years old, the aforementioned haircuts are also a good idea: “bob”, “page”, “fox tail”. Nothing limits fantasy, only the preferences of the child and mother are important. But it is worth remembering that the chosen haircut can very quickly get bored with the child, if not diversified in any way. Therefore, you should choose the optimal hair length if the girl loves braids. You cannot braid large braids on too short hair, maximum, you can pin a hair clip.

It is better to think over all this in advance, and discuss it with the child.

Fashionable haircuts for girls 7-9 years old

Any girl wants to look attractive, regardless of age. For young creatures, their mothers are a great example of beauty, who spend some time in front of a mirror every day. And for every mother, her child is the most beautiful, so a woman’s desire to make her child even more beautiful is not devoid of meaning.

But before you put your ideas into practice, you need to discuss these issues with your child. If up to five years old the baby still somehow follows the lead of adults, then starting from six, his worldview begins to form, since often many children at this age go to school, personifying this as the beginning of “adult” life. And therefore, such issues need to be solved together, because it may be such that the child does not want to change anything in his hairstyle.

Before inviting your child to have a haircut, you should independently look through either fashionable children’s magazines, or photographs with examples of fashionable haircuts, and select the most suitable option.

Best haircuts for babies

From birth, children have very thin hair, and until about 5-6 years old, pediatricians and hairdressers do not advise to somehow influence the structure of the hair, that is, often blow-dry or straighten curly curls. All this can thin already fine hairs. By the age of six, the child’s body is getting stronger, and the hair along with it. Therefore, during this period, you can conduct some experiments in the form of a curling iron, hair dryer, hair straightener.

You can also start experimenting with haircuts.

  • The first thing to look at is what kind of character your child has. It’s simple. if the girl is mobile and active, then shorter haircuts will suit her. For example, a bob haircut is simple, discreet, but nevertheless very practical and unpretentious. For a fidget, the most important thing is that after the games you can comb your hair with a hairbrush and have fun further.
  • Another interesting option can be a page haircut. a good option for those girls who by nature have very thick, straight and heavy hair. After all, the head gets very tired from the severity.

Important: these haircuts are suitable for girls with an oval face shape. There will also be an alternative choice: lengthen the haircut or not.

  • Another example is to choose a haircut “hat”, it is somewhat similar to the previous version, but the hair is cut to the same length, framing the head like a hat, while covering the ears.

The following two haircuts are suitable for those young fashionistas who are not ready to part with their long hair, but want to change something in them.

  • A win-win hairstyle for any hair is Cascade. For such a haircut, it doesn’t matter whether the hair is long or medium, what kind of structure they have (straight or curly).

Useful Tips

When choosing a master, you need to make sure that he actually cuts the children. A good master can help you with one or another choice of hairstyles. He will select the optimal length based on the external data of the child: skin color, hair structure.

Don’t forget about jewelry. Any girl considers herself a princess, so she should always have different ribbons, hairpins, bows in her casket for all occasions. After all, this will help not only to diversify the hairstyle, but also will not give the child a chance to get bored.

The main thing is to teach the girl from early childhood to take care of herself on her own. It is necessary that she comb her hair correctly, carefully pin the hairpins and remove the elastic bands from her hair. All this will help to preserve not only the natural beauty of the hair, but also the appearance of the chosen haircut.

How to make a fashionable haircut for a girl, see the video below.