What is the tire pressure of the Xiaomi electric scooter

Xiaomi scooter tire pressure

A scooter is a vehicle that is convenient to travel around the city. Xiaomi has released an electric unit that has a nice design and affordable cost. The Xiaomi scooter has a tire pressure of 0.5 ATM (50psi), but they are often pumped up to 55psi. The unit is equipped with 8.5 ”pneumatic wheels, on 1 charge the device will travel 30 km.

Carrying capacity of the vehicle. 100 ku, weight 12.5 kg. It is compact in size. Installed motor power. 250 W.

Wheel repair

The electric scooter has wide pneumatic wheels. They work well on the road surface. They are not afraid of small pits, so the owner of the vehicle will not feel the shaking while driving. But there is a problem, which is that cameras on an electric scooter quickly fail. The reason for their rapid wear under the influence of load lies in the tires.

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If you study the internal structure of the wheel, you will see that the central part of the tires is smooth. Closer to the edges, the rubber becomes rough, so even the new Xiaomi electric scooter camera quickly becomes scarred. It is enough to ride the scooter several times, as its walls are covered with wrinkles despite the talcum powder coating. Tires lose strength, the slightest puncture puts the front wheel out of action.

Do-it-yourself repair of weak points

The weak point of the wheels is the camera, replacing it will fix the problem. The restoration of Xiaomi mijia does not take long, it is enough to purchase high quality spare parts. You can fix the wear problem by purchasing a product designed for a bicycle. This is a KMS 8 ”camera.

Before dismantling, you need to think about protecting it. If you neglect this action, the problem will recur. In order to prevent cracks from appearing on the camera again, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Put anti-puncture tape, so the contact of the tube with the rough rubber of the tire will be limited. The layer will perform a protective function. The tire must be wiped from the inside, carefully put the tape and fixed with a slightly inflated tube.
  • Laying the wrapper can be called the easiest repair method. You need to take an old camera, for example, a punctured one, and then cut it lengthwise. The new product should be installed on the disc, and from above, close it with a “cover” made of old rubber.

For ease of installation, the camera should be lowered as much as possible, and inflated only after installing the tire. It is not necessary to buy original spare parts for the Xiaomi scooter. they can be replaced by choosing the right analogs correctly.

What is the tire pressure of the Xiaomi electric scooter

Front wheel drive electric scooter with rear disc brake and load capacity up to 100kg. Announced by Xiaomi on December 12, 2016. Sales start on December 15, 2016. Belongs to the class of medium-sized electric scooters. include E-TWOW S2, Pat Drive, I-Max S1

According to information from April 23, 2017, the official distributor does not plan to sell Xiaomi M365 in the Russian Federation. All Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooters sold in Russia are “gray”.

Features of the

  • Zero Start function
  • Mobile application developed by NineBot (it is also used in NineBot One). It allows you to configure the reaction of the lever (three modes: weak, medium, strong), enable cruise control (5 seconds of constant speed and a squeak is heard), statistics, firmware updates and social functions of Ninebot. It is possible to see other Ninebot owners on the map, if they have given permission to do so.
  • Rear disc brake
  • Two speed modes: 18km / h, 25km / h
  • E-ABS (in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the announcement it was assumed that this is an abbreviation for Absorbing Braking System, but on the official website it is translated as “anti-lock braking system”, although so far this has not been confirmed in any review)
  • Pneumatic wheels (no other shock absorption)
  • Braking distance: 4 meters (achieved under the following conditions: speed 20 km / h, temperature about 20 ℃, 75 kg load, tire pressure 30-35PSI, dry flat asphalt surface)
  • Lighting range: 6m.
  • Steering knobs do not fold

What is the tire pressure of the Xiaomi electric scooter

for future and new owners


If you are planning or have already purchased a Xiaomi scooter, then this memo will help you understand the basic nuances of operating a scooter. It was written based on the experience of scooter owners and service specialists. Initially, you can do nothing with the scooter, except for 1 part. The degree of refinement of the scooter depends on how you plan to use it. The following is a recommendation. You yourself determine the need for intervention in the design of the scooter.

1.1. Read the instruction manual and understand what it has read.

You can always find something new and useful in any manual.

1.2. Inflate tires to the required pressure.

Practice has shown that insufficient pressure leads to wiping of chambers. The battery charge consumption also increases. Check the tire pressure periodically! For convenience, use an extension cord with a valve for pumping the rear wheels of a GAZelle vehicle (photo 1).

1.3. Glue the rubber boot of the hook on the rear fender.

Some people think that they are very careful about things and will never lose this elastic, but still they have to buy a new elastic. Don’t repeat their mistake!

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1.4. Set the recuperation level to “low” via the app.

This will make it easier for you to understand the controllability of the scooter and not “dive” over the handlebars. Subsequently, you will be able to decide which level of recuperation is most convenient for you.

1.5. Check screw connections.

It happens that various screws are unscrewed on the scooter. Therefore, it is very important to check all screw connections. Particular attention should be paid to the folding axis, the mounting of the footrest and the four screws that secure the handlebars to the rack. The threads of these connections must be machined with a thread lock. It is also worth paying attention to the rear wheel bearings, as they sometimes scroll in the wheel seat. To eliminate scrolling, it is necessary to apply a retainer to the seat.

2.1. Install the rear fender support and seal the rear light.

When driving on tiles, cracks in the asphalt, joints and leaving the curb, the amplitude of oscillation of the rear wing is quite noticeable, which inevitably leads to its breakage at the points of attachment to the deck. Rigid wing fixation with support solves this problem. If you decide not to install the support, then be sure to install the protection of the rear light wire (“crap”), otherwise the wire will fray. The protection has already been installed on scooters from the new batch. The rear light housing is not sealed and absorbs dust and water, which affects its performance.

2.2. Install reinforced underbody protection.

Native protection has a number of disadvantages. It is easy to cut off protruding screw heads when moving off a high curb, which you accidentally did not notice. The native protection on the M365 is not able to withstand the sagging of the battery, which often leads to a dump of the battery contacts with subsequent repair. It is very inconvenient to wash it.

2.3. Lubricate folding unit.

To reduce wear, a small amount of grease should be applied to the moving parts of the assembly. Lithol or silicone grease will do.

2.4. Attach a 0.2mm butterfly and adjust the tongue.

Eliminates minor backlash in the folding axis.

2.5. Adjust the brake.

[Tip] Pumping your Xiaomi electric scooter tires tip

The brakes must always be effective and in good working order! When the electronics are suddenly disconnected. mechanical brake is your only chance.

2.6. Purchase a set of hex keys and wrenches.

To repair the scooter, you will need hexagons: 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5mm, as well as open-end wrenches: 8, 10 and 18mm.

3.1. Replace “tongue” and fold pivot.

On the M365, which were produced before 2019, the “tongue” and the axle often broke in half (photo 8, 9). Some owners were injured. There was also a backlash in the assembly. But there are owners whose stock “tongue” has moved away more than one thousand kilometers. On the new M365 and PRO, the “tongue” and counterpart are made of a different material, the axis has also been changed. It is currently not known how successful these changes are. But some have already got a little backlash. And be sure to apply a retainer to the axle thread. There are already cases of loss of half of the axis.

3.2. Install the enlarged brake disc.

The PRO is initially equipped with a disc of the required diameter, which ensures sufficient brake performance. The same cannot be said about the brake disc on the M365. Due to its small size, it contacts the brake pads only 60% of their area, which leads to uneven pad wear. The efficiency of such a disk is low. Under certain conditions, it can easily bend.

3.3. Saturate the MK windings and replace the bearings preventively. Seal the MK accordingly.

To reduce the risk of turn-to-turn closure, additional impregnation of the motor windings is required. According to experts, epoxy is best suited for this. It is also necessary to reinforce the Hall sensors with heat-resistant liquid rubber. Native bearings are a big lottery. Therefore, it is better to replace them with high-quality ones that will not allow moisture to pass through. Coat the MK cover with sealant. Very relevant for the PRO version

3.4. Complete waterproofing of the scooter.

In addition to waterproofing the MK, it is necessary to seal all the inputs / outputs of the wires on the deck, steering rack and head with sealant. If you have not replaced the underbody protection, then it should also be put on a sealant. And do not forget about the large hole in the steering rack, which is visible when folded, as well as the junction of the steering wheel and the rack (photo 11). Peace of mind in wet weather or unexpected rainfall.

3.4. Move the footrest forward.

This will help you avoid injury to your leg. And the scooter will be more stable.

3.5. Put on the footrest “sock”.

This will prevent the laminate from scratching.

3.6. Install mud flaps.

It is aesthetically pleasing and very practical. Especially with 10 ”wheels!

3.7. Install the overlay on the panel with the power button.

Disputes about the tightness of the button are still ongoing. Do you want to wonder about this during an occasional rain?

4.1. Fit 10 “tires.

Native tires 8.5×2 at normal pressure are quite hard, which sometimes causes discomfort. Widespread tires 10×2 designed for strollers. Their advantage lies in the relatively low price and softness, due to which you can ride comfortably even on cobblestones. But there are also disadvantages. It can be difficult to achieve an even landing, the dynamics are a little lost, and they will last about 500 km. Those who have switched to these tires are very happy. Installation will require some minor tweaking. There are also 10×2.5 tires. For comfort, something in between. Will last longer than 10×2. But their installation will require significant intervention in the design of the scooter. Also there are 8.5×2 tubeless tires. It is possible to use an anti-puncture liquid.

4.2. Install third-party firmware.

The firmware allows you to remove the speed limit, increase power, start from a lower speed, etc. There is a fairly good 2.6 firmware “from Alexei” with the ability to adjust through the application. You can also use the constructor and assemble the firmware yourself. Remember that after the firmware, the real mileage will be less than the predicted in the application.

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4.3. Install an increased or additional battery.

An additional battery allows you to increase the mileage. Fits in a bag on a set-up platform. The increased battery allows you to increase the mileage or increase the mileage and speed, depending on the configuration of the battery. Installed instead of the standard battery.

4.4. Install additional headlight.

The light from the standard headlight is not always enough, and good illumination is safety. Additional headlights are autonomous, with their own battery and headlights that must be connected to the scooter battery.

4.5. Install a clutch instead of the folding unit.

If you do not need to fold the scooter, and you are tired of struggling with backlash in the folding unit, then you can install a clutch. It replaces the folding unit, which gives the structure rigidity and reliability.

4.6. Convert to four-wheel drive.

With all-wheel drive, you get a dynamic start, overcoming climbs with practically no loss in speed and tangible heating of the MK. Confident movement in the winter. The disadvantage of this design is the absence of a mechanical brake, but if you wish, you can install vibrating racks. Also a minus is its weight, about 16kg. The price of such an upgrade is about 40t.r. provided that you will collect it yourself.

4.7. Install the child’s steering wheel.

If you decide to ride with a child, it is better to install a child’s steering wheel on the rack. With it, the child will be more comfortable and safer.

4.8. Install the display with the display of “vital” indicators (for М365).

Of course, you can install a phone holder and monitor the indicators through the application, but this is not always convenient. The display shows all the required parameters. Looks like one with the scooter. It is unnecessary to constantly remove and put it like a phone.

Be careful when riding the scooter! Remember that not only the steering wheel of the scooter is in your hands, but also your life and health, as well as the people around you.

All spare parts and service can be found on the website: dochello.ru

I hope this information will help you to be a happy xiaokat owner.

Regards, SNEGOVIK.

Other types of pressure sensors in the wheels of your car

Pressure sensors with Bluetooth can be considered as follows:

  • Xiaomi 70Mai. A great choice whichever modification you prefer. Good quality and fast connection to any device.
  • AudioSources TP-4001. A good choice for those who do not want to bother with the installation, since external sensors are included.
  • FOBO Tire. A whole line of interesting equipment that can be connected to the phone via Bleutooth.

We offer you to watch a video about the operation of the TPMS system:

What to look for when selecting sensors?

First of all, understand that the cheapest deals that are usually sold handheld on classified sites are a very dubious choice. In general, it is better to immediately pay attention to the internal sensors, which are installed under the tire and equipped with a special control unit with data transmission to a special screen installed in the cabin. An external installation will almost always be a losing one, as the sensor will quickly deteriorate due to difficult climatic conditions, dirt, rain and snow.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the following features:

This selection will help you choose the right set easier. The price range should also not be overlooked. It is not necessary to pay attention only to the most expensive offers, but you should be very careful when you descend into the cheapest segment. The cheapest devices will not have any confidence, they usually work normally for only a few days, and then they begin to give out non-existent indicators and spoil the owner’s nerves in every possible way.

Expensive sensors. which models to give preference to?

Among the expensive equipment, there are often options that can be safely put even on an elite car. If you want to install pressure sensors in the wheels of a car once and forget about problems with this equipment, the best solution would be to buy expensive kits. Of course, in this segment are very different, and there are incredibly high price tags. But overpaying is not always advisable, you need to look not only at the price indicator, but also at the functions that the equipment offers you.

Of the expensive devices, you should pay attention to the following solutions:

  • Recxon GTi Internal. The price is slightly above average, but you get an excellent display, an intuitive control system and settings, as well as perpetual sensors that will last as long as your car travels. Such a device is definitely worth its money.
  • Huf Electronics. Almost all sensor kits from this manufacturer can be installed on the car without hesitation. This company makes products for Volkswagen and Porsche and guarantees the highest quality. Of course, there are not so many kits for stand-alone installation, but there are several offers on the market.
  • CARCAM TPMS. Huge selection of great sensors for professional use. Please note that this company offers devices that perfectly measure both pressure and temperature inside the chamber. This allows you to make the right decisions on the road and adjust the speed when driving at high speed.

Most of the expensive systems are provided as standard equipment and are sold without control units. If you want to install HUF equipment on a machine that did not have any sensors before, you should think about purchasing separately expensive control units and complex firmware of these devices. Only a few HUF kits are suitable for installation as a non-standard system. But you pay for the tire pressure measurement system to work perfectly and never let you down.

Average price range. which models to choose?

Tire pressure sensors in the middle price range can be the best choice for those who want a quality product, but do not want to overpay. Of course, there will not be many additional functions, but there will be fairly high-quality sensors that last much longer than cheap ones. And the accuracy of the readings will be high, you will not have to constantly double-check the data and monitor the operation of the system.

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Among the interesting offers on the market are the following options:

  • SHERIFF TP-200. One of the best options, in our opinion. Well-known brand, good quality materials, excellent measurement accuracy. Of course, this is an external sensor, so it has a number of disadvantages. But on the other hand, you get a pretty functional and easy-to-install kit with a factory warranty.
  • SteelMate TP-S4i. A great solution if you need a relatively inexpensive internal sensor. The device is difficult to mount, but it will delight you with excellent technical operating capabilities. The screen is convenient, it is possible to make custom settings.
  • Slimtec TPMS X5i. The highest quality components and long service life are the advantages of the device. The sensors are mounted on the inner side of the wheel rim. This is the most reliable way of securing, and the device will not fall off at speed. Also, the accuracy is very high.
  • Xiaomi 70mai Midrive T01. A very decent model in all respects. The device has a good battery that can be easily recharged. The accuracy of the tire pressure readings is very high. Another advantage is a well-known brand and a decent workmanship of every detail.

As you can see, in the middle price range, there are devices with a fairly high quality and good parameters. There are also well-known brand products that are well developed and customized. The advantage of buying products from a well-known manufacturer is that the company invests good money in its development. This means that you get a better quality product than when buying products from an unknown small enterprise. Therefore, the big name on the tire pressure sensor box still means a lot.

Optimal budget tire pressure sensors

Here are some examples of decent and inexpensive tire pressure sensors:

As you can see, there are budget solutions with decent functionality on the market. You need to buy them only where you will be given at least some kind of guarantee. Practice shows that many buyers have to replace a couple of kits under warranty until they find a worthy option. If you have the opportunity to choose internal tire pressure sensors, this option should be preferred. But in this price segment, it is the external options of devices that will most often be presented.

With increasing load (weight), careful driving is recommended, as the risk of puncture increases.

Adjusting the folding knot

Adjustment of the scooter is also often required in the part of the folding unit. In this part of the scooter, 2 malfunctions are frequent:

Optimum Tire Pressure and How to inflate tires. Xiaomi M365 / Xiaomi M365 PRO

  • On older models, the tongue breaks, which fixes the joints of the steering column and the wheel platform. The manufacturers took this defect into account and began to make the lock from hardened steel.
  • The lateral backlash of the toe-in unit occurs as a result of the development of the holes in the articulation mechanism. These holes become larger than the diameter of the sleeve, which causes free displacement.
  • Broken locks can be replaced with stronger and more reliable ones. Users advise 2 options for replacement: FERRY made of steel grade B95T or the more practical V6D, which is equipped with a cable attachment loop.

In order to replace the worn out tongue of the folding unit, you need to do the following:

  • Inspect this node. Its ends on both sides have a chamfer of different diameters. This is very important, since the wider is the entrance, and the narrower is the stop.
  • Lay the scooter on its side on a hard surface. Place a wooden block under the folding knot. The beam should be with a cut not exceeding the diameter of the bushing end hole. A large cut can damage the plastic washers installed on both sides of the chamfer.
  • The diameter of the tongue is 5 mm. To knock it out, you need a metal rod with a diameter of 4 mm.
  • With a quick and strong blow, you need to knock out the tongue. Impact force is very important. Light and frequent blows will cause the sleeve edge to flare. If it was not possible to knock out with a hammer and a rod, you can use a puncher. A rod is inserted into it, and blows are delivered in the “hammer” mode. If after that the lock does not come out, you can cut off the old sleeve on both sides of the lock.
  • In place of the old part, you need to insert a new bushing. FERRY tongues do not need to be hammered into the joint. All that is required is to insert the tongue and, on the other hand, pull it off with the fixing screw.
  • Fixing the part should be carried out taking into account the tension. It should be medium. A tightly tightened joint will wear out quickly, and a loose connection will lead to backlash.


Checking the headlight and motor in motion

Models of versions M365 and below have a common problem with the controller. The power supply fuse F2 is defective. The malfunction is detected when the rear light is turned on. Instead of burning evenly, it starts blinking. Fuse F2 can also affect engine operation. The motor-wheel loses some of its power and often starts knocking.

The problem can be easily solved. Open the controller cover and replace the defective fuse. With a lack of qualifications, this replacement should be carried out in a specialized service.

Scooter adjustment and setup after purchase. how to prepare for your first ride

Setting up and adjusting the scooter is mandatory. The electric scooter has long ceased to be a simple vehicle. New types are equipped with electronic controls, batteries, LED lights. All this requires debugging for the owner and road realities.