What Is The Size Of The Bike For A Child Of 8 Years Old


The kid, who is just getting acquainted with cycling, will definitely like the call. Given the changeable weather, it would be useful to think about buying a model with a visor, awning and protective fenders on the wheels. Of course, do not forget about the helmet, which will save you from serious injury in the event of a fall.

Rating of bicycles for children from 2 years old

To avoid wasting time looking at hundreds of options, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most successful bike models for kids who are just getting acquainted with riding a bike:

  • Lexus Trike Original Grand. An extremely popular bike among kids. Contains a comfortable visor, which protects from the sun and precipitation. It has a comfortable plastic seat with a backrest and soft pads. Has a controllable parental handle and conveniently located footrests. The model looks the best option for babies from 1 to 2 years old.
  • The Icon 2 RT Original is a fairly expensive option due to its lightweight carbon frame. The seat is fixed both in the direction of travel and towards the adult. Thanks to this, the bicycle can be converted into something akin to a stroller. The soft seat is height adjustable. The model contains a sliding parent handle. Toddler footrests are also foldable.
  • Puky Cat is a high quality model made in Germany. The model has a low center of gravity, which prevents rolling over during driving. Soft, ergonomic seat with removable cover contains seat belts. The design has a parental handle and comfortable footrests for the baby.
  • Smart Trike 1962000 Recliner is a comfortable and reliable bike. Comfortable, height-adjustable seat. Contains safety harnesses. The model has a wide footrest. Therefore, the bike can be used as an alternative to the stroller. The parental handle is height adjustable. An additional advantage is the presence of a roomy bag for things and a basket for toys.
  • Injusa 325 Tricicl o Body. the main advantage is the presence of wide, stable wheels. The seat is made of plastic and contains seat belts. There is a Parental handle. The disadvantage is a non-removable visor, as well as an abundance of small parts, which create annoying noise when riding on irregularities. Despite this, the model is liked by many children, since the bike is very light, and the design resembles a real motorcycle.
  • Children’s bike Merida Fox 12 is a model with a lightweight aluminum frame. Contains a durable plastic cover that prevents contact with the chain along its entire length. The parental handle is missing. The Merida Fox 12 kids bike has additional wheels on the rear axle for increased stability.
  • The Pony Welt 12 bike is a model equipped with quality components and is suitable for both boys and girls. The grooved tires guarantee the most reliable grip. The bike contains a foot brake, easy and safe to use. The presence of removable rear wheels allows the baby to quickly learn how to maintain balance and switch to independent driving without support from adults.

Bicycle for a child from 2 years old: an overview of models, characteristics, selection rules

From an early age, kids show interest in cycling. Therefore, Caring parents often face the question of choosing a good model. Let’s find out how to choose a bike for a child 2 years old? What to look for?

Run bikes

According to many parents, the best bikes for children from 2 years old are the so-called balance bikes. The latter are models without pedals for the smallest users. Sitting on the seat, the child has the ability to rest with his full foot on the ground. Moving here occurs by repulsion from the surface. At the same time, skiing is as safe as possible, since if necessary, the baby will be able to stand up.

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What Is The Size Of The Bike For A Child Of 8 Years Old

During the ride on a balance bike, the child hones the coordination of movements, balancing the body, learns to brake and steer. Such models are most often equipped with wide, stable wheels, which guarantee excellent cross-country ability on a wide variety of irregularities. In general, such models contribute to the complex physical development of the baby, therefore they are extremely popular.

Bicycle size for a child 2 years old

Children of the specified age are suitable for two-wheeled vehicles in which the rim size is 12 inches. When determining a suitable frame, you need to focus on the growth of the baby. As a rule, by this time children grow up to 85-110 centimeters. No matter how tall the crumb has, it should be comfortable to stand on a flat surface holding the frame between the legs. There should be at least 10 centimeters of free space between the crotch and the metal bar. It is necessary to comply with this rule Not only in terms of comfort, but also proceeding from safety. Such parameters will allow the child to easily jump off the bike in case of an emergency.

When deciding on the size of a bike for a baby, it is important to pay attention to the presence of adjustments. Children from 2 years of age grow rapidly. Therefore, it may soon turn out that recently purchased two-wheeled vehicles have become too small. The seat and handlebars can be raised to keep your bike comfortable as your child gets older. Of particular importance is the ability to tilt the steering wheel. This is required to maintain the correct posture of the baby.

Helpful hints

There are several rules when choosing a bike, the observance of which contributes to the correct physical development of the baby and the observance of safety:

  • It is necessary to choose a bike for a child from 2 years old with a sufficiently low frame. This is the only way, in the event of an emergency, the kid will be able to jump off the motorcycle in time or lean his feet into the ground without hitting the structure.
  • In the process of rolling, the child should rest on the pedals with the middle of the foot without any problems. In this position, the leg should be straightened. This can be achieved by adjusting the seat height.
  • Before using the bike, it is necessary to adjust it to the individual parameters of the child’s body. The kid should NOT sit hunched over. If this happens, you need to raise the steering wheel higher or change its tilt. It is desirable that the control contains special constraints for rotation around the axis. Otherwise, the steering wheel may turn sharply, which will lead to an emergency.

Available solutions

What is the best option for acquaintance with the bike? Several solutions are available for children aged 2 years and older. We are talking about three-wheeled and four-wheeled bikes, as well as balance bikes. You should dwell on a specific option, based on the physical development of the child, his height and temperament.

Three-wheeled models are suitable for kids who are just getting acquainted with riding on such vehicles. In this case, parents will NOT have to worry about the safety of their own child. On a tricycle, the baby will feel as confident as possible while in the saddle. Because this bike is stable and will never roll over.

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Balance bikes and four-wheeled bicycles should be considered as full-fledged devices for the development of coordination of movements and physical capabilities of the baby. Having mastered driving on such models, the child will be able to transfer to the two-wheeled version without any problems. Such solutions are suitable for the most energetic, active children.

Four-wheeled bicycles

A four-wheeled bicycle for children from 2 years old is a design close to the classic, adult version. The only difference is the presence of additional balancing wheels located on the rear axle.

Unlike a tricycle bike, the pedals are in a comfortable position. The kid initially learns to ride in the correct fit, at the same time, we feel complete confidence, since the side wheels make it possible to avoid excessive inclination to one side.

The disadvantage of four-wheeled bicycles is the ability to ride only on flat, spacious areas. All kinds of potholes and bumps on the road can present a solid obstacle. After all, additional wheels will cling to them. Driving onto low curbs without the help of parents will also be problematic.


When choosing a bike for a child over 2 years old, it is recommended to opt for models with foot brakes. With such a system, the kid will be able to stop the bike quickly and without emergency consequences. It is too early to buy a two-wheeled vehicle with a hand brake. The crumbs still do not have enough strength to squeeze the handle located on the steering wheel. If this happens, there is a possibility that the baby will simply roll over with the bike as a result of sudden braking. That is why the leg system is the safest for this age.

When choosing a bike according to this criterion, the first thing to think about is safety. It is desirable that the chain be protected with a special cover. Otherwise, during riding, it is NOT ruled out that items of clothing and shoes, in particular, trousers, laces, will get there.

When choosing a bike for a child from 2 years old, many parents prefer models made of steel. This option makes it possible to save some money on the purchase. However, a steel bike can be quite heavy for a toddler. Therefore, the aluminum model will be the best option for the crumbs. When it comes to balance bikes, most of these bikes are made of plastic. Their average weight is 3 kg, and in some cases even less.

Bike Cronus Best Mate 24

This option is suitable for young women aged 8-10 years. The model is made in France and has 24-inch wheels. There are 21 speeds. The frame is made of aluminum, due to which the weight of the unit is low. Frame size. 12.5 inches.

Wide tires are suitable for walking both on asphalt and in forest areas. The girl will also be attracted by the interesting design. the bike is presented in soft white or deep lilac color. To reduce the load on the shoulders, the bike was equipped with a front shock absorber. Facilitates operation by the presence of a footrest and a mechanical brake.

How to choose?

When choosing a bike for an 8 year old child, heed the following recommendations.


Children’s bicycles have their own differences in comparison with units for preschool age and adult models. For example, there is a hand brake, which is absent in fables for toddlers. Kids models for 8 year olds have headlights, and the most suitable wheel size is 20-24 inches.

If this is a motocross model, then its frame is made in the shape of a diamond. The frame is 13-inch in most versions. And also one or more gears are available.

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Bicycles for a child 8 years old: an overview of models and secrets of choice

Finding a bike for an 8 year old child is not an easy task. At this age, the young rider will already outgrow children’s bicycles, and in adults, on the contrary, is not yet an adult, so there are problems with choosing a suitable model. Let’s try to deal with this issue.

Popular models

Avanti Dakar 24 bike

Model for boys. Outwardly, it looks like an adult racing model, which is very attractive for active, brave 8-year-old guys who want to grow up faster. The frame is 16 inches long. In this case, the frame is made of steel, so the bike is quite heavy. The frame geometry is specially designed for kids aged 8-10. The bike has 18 speeds in total.

Boys love this model for the ability to ride comfortably on rough roads, thanks to the padded saddle and suspension fork. Convenience is also achieved with rim brakes. The diameter of the wheels is 24 inches. Includes rear fender, reflectors and a kickstand.


Among the models for children of 8 years old, male and female variants can be distinguished, although, in fact, there is a special difference between them. So, for girls, views are performed in bright saturated colors, two contrasting shades can be combined. Most often, young cyclists prefer to choose bicycles in pink, red or lilac. Boys, on the other hand, like more respectable. “masculine”. colors, for example, blue, black, dark green. In addition, the version for girls may differ in the presence of a basket for small items.

This indicator is extremely important when choosing a model for a child‘s height. At this age, children can grow in different ways, schoolchildren of the same year of birth sometimes differ significantly in height, which is quite within the normal range. So, the boundaries of the growth rate for a child at 8 years old are 115-140 cm.

If the height of a small rider is 110-125 cm, then models with 16-inch wheels with a 9-inch frame are suitable for him, and for children with a height of 115-135 cm, it is better to select options with 20-inch wheels. For a height of 125-150 cm, a bicycle with 24 “wheels and a 13” frame will be comfortable. In addition, there are teenage models with 26-inch wheels, but with a low frame (14 inches), designed for a rider with a height of 135-160 cm.

Children’s bicycles can be city or mountain bikes. The first option is suitable for leisurely bike rides on Rovnoe asphalt. True, they are inconvenient to climb on curbs, they are quickly driven, and they practice extreme tricks. Usually these options are offered with lowered frames and calm soft colors, which attracts girls with a calm character.

For more active guys and girls, you can choose a mountain model. On such a bike it is more convenient to get to the forest and the park, it is good to go to the beach, to overcome various city obstacles. Mountain varieties have a sporty fit and multiple gears that allow for cross-country riding.

Kellys maggie

Universal option for 8 year old boys and girls with 24 ” wheels. Good ability to drive both on city asphalt and forest unevenness. The model has 3 speeds in total. Parents like this option because of the steering wheel adjustment. The advantages include the presence of a footboard, high-quality chain protection, classic comfortable pedals, a trunk and a lighting device.

For information on how to choose a children’s bike, see.