What is the Pressure in the Xiaomi Scooter

Working app for Xiaomi scooter

I myself ride a scooter from this manufacturer and I sympathize with our brother. along the way, with the pokatushki we become repairmen. I chose a working application for a scooter and will tell you about my findings.

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I’ll tell you right away for those who are going to buy a scooter from this manufacturer. Official versions:

  • XIAOMI Mi (Mijia) Electric Scooter m187 with 5200mAh battery (power reserve. 20 km)
  • XIAOMI Mi (Mijia) Electric Scooter m365 with 7800mAh battery (power reserve. 30 km)
  • XIAOMI Mi (Mijia) Electric Scooter m365 Pro with 12800mAh battery (power reserve. 45 km)

These versions are supported by the Mi Home app. Xiaomi scooter counterfeits are not supported by the app. Note. I’ll talk about the Mi Home app below. And the easiest way to test a scooter of what type and quality they are selling to you is to use the M365 Battery app, which will show the type, quality of the battery, and its duration.

Apps that work with Xiaomi Mi (Mijia) Electric Scooter

Ninebot app. which Xiaomi scooter owners worked with previously resembled the Mi Home app. It supports scooters, gyro scooters, monowheels and other devices from the Segway and Ninebot brands

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But the m365 Tools app works great. The application reads settings, data from sensors and allows you to control the scooter. turn on / off the rear light permanently, turn on / off cruise control. M365 Tools cannot set Eco mode. Unfortunately, this functionality is also not available on the Pro scooter model. Anyway. Here is the main application window. You don’t need to create an account, everything works right away.

So, I feel the app is great. Pros:

  • When changing wheels from standard 8.5 ″ to any other size, you can enter a correction factor in the application settings and it will display the correct values.
  • You can customize any theme, be it light or dark.
  • Everything that can be configured and displayed.
  • The developer immediately answers questions on the application page in Google Play.
  • There is a convenient report and a map of the route covered, which can be shared with a friend.
  • No need to connect any accounts.

The app contains ads, but I bought the minimum paid version right away. It is definitely worth the money. Here is a video from the developers.

Why can the application not connect the scooter for a long time? At first I didn’t understand how to fix it, but then I figured it out. First you need to turn on the scooter, and then launch the application.

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Let’s go further. Mi Home app. Application for smart gadgets, including scooters from Xiaomi. Accordingly, you need to have a Mi account. Some have it, while others do not need it at all. Even though I love Xiaomi products, I don’t have such an account. There is a test one, but only for experiments. I find Chinese app developers overwhelmingly curious. And problems with Mi accounts are not rare.

The advantage of this application, I will call minimalism and conciseness. Everything is simple, clear and accessible.

M365 Battery Battery Tester app helps you quickly test your battery. This is important for those cases when there are doubts whether the scooter is a fake, whether they are trying to sell you a cheaper model or when you buy a used scooter. This functionality is available in other applications, but the M365 Battery starts instantly, weighs little and does not require an account or additional rights.

With a good battery at 100% charge, the residual capacity should be equal to the nominal one. On an old battery, it will be less.

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The number of charges should be minimal. After the factory, it is 0. If the previous owner had few full charges and the total number of charges is high. then we can say that the scooter was charged from time to time, in fits and starts, which is not the best for any battery.

The voltage across all cells should be as close as possible. If it is noticeably lower on some cells, then soon they may need to be replaced.

This concludes the review. If you have not started any application, then they have similar analogues. Let me remind you that the firmware of the m365 scooter version 1.5.1 blocks the work of some third-party applications and flashers. Keep in mind. Good luck!

Great news for those who bought KickScooter Max after Xiaomi and used m365 Tools. App supports Ninebot Segway Scooters. ONE UNIVERSAL APP FOR XIAOMI AND NINEBOT SEGWAY

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