What is the difference between a fat bike and a regular bike

Trefecta RDR

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The Trefecta RDR is a completely eco-friendly bike that is propelled by the charge accumulated in the electric motor. And what is most surprising and unique for a bike of this type: it can provide a pleasant ride without recharging for as much as 200 km. Despite the apparent lightness of the design, the Trefecta RDR has a powerful engine and modified suspension, which provide the vehicle with excellent cross-country ability even on rough roads. The model is provided with advanced electronics and the ability to connect the bike to a mobile application, with which you can monitor its condition, track the route and length of the path.


A normal walk at a speed of up to 5 km / h allows you to move on the road at a speed of up to 25 km / h. It is pleasant, efficient and fast. If you want to take a break, you can use the built-in electric motor. Then the movement will resemble riding an electric scooter, only with even greater comfort and stability.

Urban arrow family

Cycling can remain an integral part of life, even for young parents. Both adults and children can move comfortably in an unusual vehicle Urban arrow family, and, if desired, also pets. You can go shopping, for a walk or on business in a large group. In front of the bike there is a fairly spacious transport cabin. The safety margin and free space in it is enough for two children. Urban arrow family allows you to comfortably transport children from 4 to 6 years old. In the basket, you can firmly fix the chair from the stroller and transport an infant there.

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Helpful Hint: For comfortable travel in bad weather, the bike can be supplemented with a raincoat. Electric motor makes travel easy and enjoyable.


When unfolded, the Bergmonch is not much different from a regular bicycle. However, it has one unique feature. it can be folded down and made very compact. The assembled vehicle is barely larger than a small travel backpack. A special cover is included with the Bergmonch bike, which allows you to assemble it as neatly and compactly as possible, so that you can then carry it behind your back without discomfort. Transforming the bike takes only a few minutes, is done without any additional tools and is simple enough for anyone.

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Peugeot EF01

This bike has not only a stylish design, but also a very useful feature for everyday use. a foldable compact design. The maximum driving speed is 20 km / h. When assembled, the Peugeot EF01 can be stored in the trunk of a car or even under a work table.

Mastretta MX3

It’s never too late to learn to ride a bike. Especially if this is the Mastretta MX3 model, which is specially designed for those who are afraid or do not want to fall at all. This bike features a unique assembly that includes three wheels. Despite this fact, which would seem to connect the model with children’s vehicles, the bike looks very stylish, cool and beautiful. One of its main features is the movable frame. It allows the Mastretta MX3 to surpass standard bikes by a head in its agility and handling.

The model works not only due to the pedals, but also thanks to the electric motor. On difficult climbs, it makes the task easier and makes the ride even more enjoyable. The company produces several versions of the Mastretta MX3, designed for a faster or more comfortable ride. Maximum characteristics that can be obtained: 80 km of charge, or high speed of driving. up to 50 km / h.

What is a fat bike for?

The fat bike is designed for off-road riding: mud and soft ground, loose sand, gravel and snow. Where a regular MTB will not pass, the fat bike will not notice the difficulties. He won’t be able to cope with meter-long snowdrifts, but he will cope with the snow porridge. For the ability to ride on snow, a fat bike is also called a snowbike or “snow bike”. A fat bike can be used not only off-road, but also as a city all-season transport, especially in cities where snow is poorly removed.

How to choose a fat bike and how much does it cost

Fatbikes are single-speed and multi-speed, folding, mechanical and electric, all-wheel drive. The choice of model depends on budget and goals, but the most common options are a regular fat bike with gearshift switches and an electric fat bike.

An electric fat bike is a conventional fat bike with an electric motor mounted on a frame. Electrophets are much more expensive and should be chosen only if you want to use your bike as a means of transportation. For sports purposes, choose a regular.

Choosing a fat bike in terms of frame size and body kit level is similar to a regular mountain bike. Therefore, if you already own a bike, choose a frame of the same size. Read about the level of derailleurs, brakes and frame materials in our article on choosing a bike.

Bike with wide wheels: design and features of a fat bike

A fat bike can be easily distinguished from a regular bike by its large, wide wheels, similar to motorcycle ones. The width of the tires is 3.5-5 inches (for a standard mountain bike. up to 2.5 inches), the width of the rims is 65-100 mm. The pressure in the fat bike chamber is in the range of 0.5-2 atm. Depending on the road surface, the pressure in the chamber must be reduced or increased. Wide wheels with low pressure create good shock absorption and go off-road. If you increase the pressure, it will be convenient to ride on the highway. Pressure needs to be experimented with because very high or very low pressure will cause the bike to jump and reduce handling.

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What Is A Fat Bike? | GMBN Explains Fat Bikes

Depending on the size of the model, the weight of the fat bike can be from 10 to 20 kg. Fatbikes can withstand a load of 80-140 kg. Due to its size, the fat bike seems clumsy and dangerous.

Fat bike frames are available in steel, aluminum and carbon. The latter greatly facilitate the design, but they also cost 2-3 times more expensive than the others.

A fat bike, like any SUV, accelerates slowly and develops a low speed. up to 25-30 km / h. For faster driving, there are electrophets with a motor and a battery. These models are much heavier and more expensive than regular fats.

Source: Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay

Fat bike: pros and cons

  • Passability: rides on snow, sand, soft ground, stones and other off-road
  • The perfect bike for winter
  • Smooth ride: tires swallow all the bumps in the road
  • Impressive appearance
  • expensive than MTB
  • Heavier and larger than a regular bike
  • Significantly inferior in speed to other bicycles
  • It’s harder to pedal
  • Need to adjust tire pressure on different surfaces
  • Difficulty finding some parts

Source: Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Fat Bike: Pros and Cons of a Fatbike

Fatbike (English fatbike). a bicycle with thick wheels, the name literally translates as “fat bike”. This is a mountain bike with wide wheels for off-road riding in winter and summer. The idea for the bicycle belongs to Mark Grunwald, who lives in Alaska. You can ride a fat bike at any time of the year. It rolls both on flat asphalt and off-road: snow, sand, mud and stones.

How much is a fat bike

Like any other bikes, fat bikes vary greatly in price depending on materials, components and brand. On average, fat bikes cost more than regular mountain bikes for the same drivetrain and frame material.

Fatbikes range from 300 to 5,000. Quality models with reliable hardware start at 1,000. Decent discount models can be found from 500.

Fat bike or regular mountain bike

You need to start from goals and weigh well whether you really need a fat bike. If you need a bike to ride cross-country in summer and winter, a fat bike is a great option. They are easier to drive off-road. wide tires do not sink in snow and sand, swallow all the unevenness of the road.

If you ride around the city most of the time and do not ride a bike in winter, a fat bike is definitely not needed. It is more difficult to pedal and gain speed, it is massive and heavy. For commuting and driving around the city, a city bike, touring or regular MTB is better suited. It will also be a universal bike and is suitable for riding in parks and even trips in winter along a trodden path.

What is the difference between an electric bike and an electric bike


A fat bike is a type of bike that is easily recognizable by its “fat” wheels. Thanks to its wide tires, the pressure in which can be reduced to 0.2 atm., Fatbike impresses with its cross-country ability and smooth ride when driving on off-road, mud, snow and other difficult conditions. Such SUVs are unmatched in rough terrain. At the same time, they provide a comfortable movement on ordinary roads.

To adapt the fat bike to the conditions of the trip, it is enough to change the pressure in its tires:

  • for off-road driving, forest, mountainous terrain. a pressure range of 0.2–1.5 atm is appropriate;
  • for driving on asphalt. a standard pressure of 3–3.5 atm is suitable.

In fact, a fat bike is an off-road version of a mountain bike and a real godsend for riders who like to ride all year round and in any weather. Another advantage of the fet is its excellent natural cushioning. It rides on gravel and roads with numerous bumps without shaking and vibrations, which compares favorably with conventional bicycles.

Differences between a fat bike and a standard e-bike

Let’s list the characteristic differences between an electric bike and an electric bike of a standard design:

  • tires from 3.5 to 4.8 “wide;
  • frame and fork of special geometry, allowing the use of wide tires;
  • the ability to change the tire pressure from 0.2 to 3.5 atm. to adapt the bike to specific operating conditions;
  • thanks to soft wheels. minimal risk of puncture;
  • at low tire pressure. smooth flow around all kinds of irregularities on the way;
  • an unusual view that attracts everyone’s attention;
  • off-road qualities, the ability to drive even where an ordinary bike will have to be rolled or carried;
  • versatility;
  • improved stability;
  • the possibility of year-round use, including for driving on loose soil, stones, sand, swampy areas, snow, grass;
  • smooth maneuvering on a variety of surfaces;
  • soft ride and effective damping of irregularities. due to the use of wide tires, there is no need to use additional shock absorbers;
  • often. using hard forks;
  • increased weight. each wheel of a fat bike, together with a hub and spokes, weighs about 3.3 kg;
  • Accent is not for speed, but for cross-country ability and ride comfort. electric bikes usually reach speeds of no higher than 45 km / h.
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These are the main differences between a bicycle hybrid and an electric bicycle of a standard design. Otherwise, the construction of a fat bike is the same as that of a mountain bike. They all have identical attachments. Electric bikes are usually rear-wheel drive. But you can assemble an option with both front and all-wheel drive. The brakes on these bikes are
usually disc brakes, mechanically actuated (cheaper) or hydraulically actuated (more reliable). E-bikes are no more difficult to ride than regular bikes. Driving difficulties can only arise when driving at speeds above 30 km / h.

Fat bike device

He can handle any off-road. a proven fact. To understand what a fat bike is for, let’s figure out how it works.

Fatbike literally means “fat bike”. Indeed, thick wheels that allow you to conquer the most difficult sections are a distinctive feature and the main advantage of a fat bike. Tire widths range from 3.5 to 4.8 inches. much more than a regular bike (2 inches). The wheels are unique in their versatility. With low tire pressure (about 5-7 PSI), fat easily overcomes bumps and bumps. Its wheels “spread” over the surface, creating a high traction patch, concealing bumps and reducing pressure on the surface. This ensures the all-passability of the fat bike. With high pressure (20-25 PSI), the bike rolls on flat roads as well as a mountain bike. By choosing the correct tire pressure, you can significantly ease driving on a certain area of ​​the terrain.

  • Thick wide tires;
  • Wide handlebar (720 mm);
  • Frame and fork geometry (rear triangle feathers are curved to accommodate a “fat” wheel);
  • Disc brake system (mechanical or hydraulic);
  • Weight ranges from 12 to 19 kg.

What is a fat bike and what is it for?

The bicycle is the embodiment of freedom of movement. It does not require a license or gasoline, is inexpensive and unpretentious to use. Every bike enthusiast knows the feeling of excitement that a bike gives. As well as the feeling of annoyance when a two-wheeled vehicle gets bogged down in mud or sand. Are there bicycles that can ride anywhere? It turns out that they exist, and their popularity is growing every year. These are fat bikes designed to overcome routes of any difficulty. Despite the fact that they are increasingly common on the streets, many still see thick-wheeled bicycles as nothing more than a toy, wondering why a fat bike is needed.

From the history of fat bike

The first mention of a fat bike is found in an American bicycle publication back in 1932. One of the rooms depicts a man on a bicycle with fat wheels. But in those days, few people took the revolutionary idea seriously.

The first mass-produced fat bike was the famous Surly Pugsley, which revolutionized the bicycle world. Today, many models of fat bikes are produced on various equipment using the latest technologies: carbon and titanium frames, soft shock-absorbing and rigid rigid forks, rims and other components. The massive popularization of a bike with a mountain bike character and high cross-country ability is not surprising: the fat bike is truly unique.

What is an electric fatbike for?

It seemed that could be even more powerful than a brutal fat bike with its characteristics? Only a fat bike with an electric drive! But why do we need a fatbike with a motor, if there is a familiar fat bike?

The electrofetbike is a modern modification of the popular SUV that allows you to cover decent distances and develop unprecedented speed with a minimum of effort. Electrofetbikes are equipped with engines of various powers (1000 W is considered optimal) and a battery. Thanks to the motor, fat is much easier to cope with loose and loose soil, grass beds and other off-road “delights”. The weight of a fat bike with an electric drive is usually higher. But this does not affect its dynamics, maneuverability and speed. Simple operation does not require certain skills, and most importantly: if the battery runs out and the cherished outlet is not nearby, you can get home by pedaling.

The popularity of electric wide wheel hardtails is increasing every year. The productivity of an electric bike is several times higher than a simple fatbike or mountain bike. With the support of an electric motor, you can appreciate the beauty of extreme off-road driving!

A bike with fat wheels on electric traction allows you to ride at your own pleasure, regardless of the season and road conditions! Subdue the off-road, making it a pleasant addition to the walk, and not an obstacle on the way. Ride on sandy beaches and rocky grounds, wetlands and eightieth leveled mud, snow crust and firn. Significantly expand the geography of tourist cycling! To patronize and surprise the audience! This is why a bike with wide wheels!

You should not expect the impossible from a fat bike. sometimes it is better to go around an obstacle than to race ahead. Experienced fat bikers do just that. However, a new thrilling fat bike ride is guaranteed! Most likely, you will not want to change to another bike anymore.

What is a fat bike for??

So what is a fat bike? This is an SUV among bicycles. A bike for those who love uncompromising skiing all year round. Thanks to its thick wheels, fatbike has increased cross-country ability not only on the crossroad. the element of mountain bikes. He easily rides on dry sand, arable land, snow and complete off-road. Hence the other name for a fat bike. snowbike, i.e. “Snow bike“.

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Where a mountain bike, even on specialized mud tires, makes the biker feel not very confident, and can even force him to temporarily become a pedestrian, fatbike feels like a fish in water.

What is the main thing in a fat bike?

But fat wheels are not the main feature of fat bikes. The main thing is the low pressure in the tires, which they can have without the danger of puncture or wheel breakdown, thanks to their hefty tires, which sometimes reach 5.5 inches and wide rims from 65 to 100 mm. All this allows you to keep the pressure in the chambers of the fet in the range of 0.5 atm. up to 2 atm.

The main advantage of the “fat man” or, as stated above, the snowbike is also the main disadvantage. Gravity is a merciless force, and such large wheels will tend to the ground with twice (if not tripled) the force of a mountain bike wheel. After all, one feta wheel weighs about 3 kg! But there are also loopholes here. You can drill a lot of holes in the rim, which is what many manufacturers do.

Partially compensates for the weight by not requiring a shock suspension for the fet. The front fork is installed on them with a shock absorber, but there is no special need for this, because the stroke is so soft that even an expensive double suspension, with a high-quality suspension, will be a stool in comparison with a sofa-like feta.

For many bikers, this is even more important than the all-terrain fat bike. The difference is especially noticeable on gravel roads, and other small irregularities in the road, making the mountain bike tremble and the one who sits on it with a small tremor.

Another advantage of the fat bike is its unusual appearance. Although they did not appear yesterday, there are still very few of them and you will definitely not be deprived of attention, both from pedestrians and drivers.

What is a fat bike?

What is a fat bike? A new round in the evolution of a mountain bike, or just someone decided to reinvent the bicycle again? Let’s figure out what kind of fat bike it is, as well as who and why it is suitable.

Fatbike is the Russian spelling of the English word fatbike, which consists of two parts fat (fat). fat and bike (bike). bicycle, i.e. literally the name of such an off-road bike is a fat bike. Looking at a fat bike or just fat, it immediately becomes clear that we are talking about its wheels, which are much thicker than the wheels of mountain bikes.

Is it difficult to ride?

At first glance, it seems that riding a fet bike is extremely difficult. This is not true. Modern fetas are stable and reliable. Despite the large wheels, the ride of a fat bike is almost the same as a conventional bike, and thanks to the same transmission, it is easy to find the right gear ratio for a comfortable ride, both in the city and on difficult terrain. Riding a fatbike will only become significantly harder at speeds above 25-30 km / h. If you need faster, a fetbike will not work.

But even then there was a way out. an electro fat bike. This is the same bike, only with a motor inside the wheel or in the bottom bracket assembly, and a battery on the frame or bike rack. Of course, it is more optimal when the battery is located at the place of the bottle. And it looks more ergonomic and the center of gravity is lower. And it is convenient to take off and charge. And not shove the whole bike, like models with a built-in battery in the frame, which, by the way, are more expensive.

Yes, a fat man with a motor will be heavier, but you will only notice this when you pick it up or when the battery runs out. By the way, the pedals of the electrophete will remain, and you can go with a discharged battery simply by twisting them.

The advantages of an electric fat bike are high speed. The battery charge (depending on the capacity and intensity of the ride, of course) is enough for a trip up to 100 km. Do not forget about the ability to use the power of the motor as a pedaling aid, which, by the way, greatly saves the battery. Or you can, having rolled on your own, let the electric motor take you home, tired of pedaling.