What clothes to wear on a bike

Myth: You can’t ride in bad weather.

Let’s admit, in very bad weather, for example, in pouring rain or gusty winds, it is uncomfortable to be outside even without a bicycle. On such days, it is wiser to leave the bike at home and go to work by public transport or by car.

In a light rain, you can ride around the city, and urban models of bicycles allow you to do this. guards and mud flaps protect the driver from water drops and dirt, the protection of the chain will leave pants and shoes practically clean. To avoid getting wet on top, put on a raincoat or raincoat with a hood.

Riding a bike in the rain is no different from walking in the rain. the right clothes and the desire to move solves the problem.

What Not To Wear On Your Mountain Bike

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And the same number of sure arguments for their destruction

When it comes to commuting on a bike, many people say something like “I would ride, but”. The options for excuses may be different: I live far away, I drive badly, I get tired quickly, there is no special clothing. If you have similar doubts, we will try to dispel them. Perhaps everything will be easier than it seems.

Myth: Only experienced cyclists ride.

Riding a bike to work is not a Giro d’Italia bike ride. If the distance from home to office is about 10-15 kilometers, even a beginner can handle it. This distance is easy to cover on a city bike.

Start small. once or twice a week. Before your first trip, try to drive the entire route on a weekend, calculate the time spent on the road, explore difficult sections, consider alternative routes. Choose a speed that is comfortable for yourself, and if you feel tired, you can always leave your bike at a metro station or a large shopping center and continue the route by public transport. Most likely, you will get there without any problems the first time.

To ride a bicycle around the city, you do not need to go to the roadway, this is prohibited in the traffic rules of Belarus. You can drive along sidewalks, pedestrian and bike paths without worrying about being hit by a car. You don’t need to be an experienced rider to ride a bike. Just know how to drive and you’re ready to commute.

Myth: Bicycles are not for serious people.

If your task is to demonstrate to others your high social status and high income, then an expensive car, perhaps, will cope with this better than a bicycle. But if it is not the form that is important to you, but the essence, then you understand that a bicycle is no worse than any other transport.

Many very wealthy people, including well-known politicians and businessmen, ride a bike to work and are not ashamed of it. On the contrary, choosing a bicycle over a car today means being confident and doing what you like. This is the position.

Myth: You sweat a lot when traveling.

You don’t sweat any more from a city bike ride than from a brisk walk. If you are able to walk a couple of kilometers at an average pace and not sweat, you will most likely not sweat from a 10-15 kilometer bike ride either.

If the ride is exhausting and sweaty, you probably have the wrong bike. Many Minskers ride mountain bikes around the city, which are simply not designed for long distances. Everything in mountain models is designed to overcome obstacles: wide tires, small sprockets, shock absorbers. This is suitable for off-road, but on level asphalt requires a lot of strength to accelerate and maintain the pace.

All other things being equal, it is much easier to travel the same distance on a light fitness bike or a simple city bike than on a mountain bike. On a suitable bike, 10-15 kilometers from home to work, you probably hardly notice.

Try driving the entire route on a weekend and see how wet your shirt gets. It should be borne in mind that most offices open at 9 am and close after 6 pm, which means you will be pedaling fresh in the morning and cool in the evening. Believe me, driving in a temperature of 15 degrees is much more comfortable than in 25 degrees of heat.

If you’re still worried about scaring your coworkers away with the smell of sweat after a trip, consider changing your T-shirt when you get to work. Wet wipes and deodorant may also help.

Myth: I need special clothing.

You don’t have to wear tight-fitting tights to ride a bike. Ordinary things may work for city trips. If there are no requirements for the appearance of employees in your company, try to ride in your usual daily clothes.

Choose things that are loose fit, elastic, and do not restrict movement. This may be enough. If your company has a strict dress code and you don’t want to pedal in a suit and tie, there are several ways you can try to solve this problem. As they say, there would be a desire.

In some companies, you can come to the office in informal clothes on Friday. If so, you can use this day as an excuse to come to work on a bike.

If you have a place in the office where you can change clothes, you can come in any clothes you like, and then change them for a work suit.

If there is no such place, try wearing trousers and a T-shirt with a jacket, and carry the jacket with you or leave it at the workplace. Changing the top of a suit is much easier than changing pants.

Afraid of getting your pants dirty on the way? Many city bikes have a guard to protect your clothes from the chain and chainring so your trousers stay clean.

To prevent wide trousers from interfering with pedaling, you can pinch them even with ordinary clothespins, not to mention special Velcro tapes. simply and effectively. Almost any shoe will fit, the pedals of city bikes are designed for this.

If you find it uncomfortable to ride in your usual clothes, consider alternatives. Today there are manufacturers of clothing that is specifically designed for cycling but looks completely casual. Slight differences in cut and fabric composition make things more elastic and comfortable for cycling.

Jeans with a high waist and a high percentage of lycra in the fabric, jackets with special reflective stripes at the seams, outerwear with a ventilation system and wind protection, T-shirts and jumpers. all this looks quite ordinary, but is suitable for cycling.

Try different options, one or two trips will show you what is comfortable for you and what is not, and you can adjust your cycling wardrobe.

Myth: Fatigue after a trip makes it impossible to fully work all day.

This is the most incredible myth of all! A morning bike ride to work will cheer you up like a cup of strong coffee (which you can also drink upon arrival at the office).

Regular cycling increases your stamina, helps you lose weight and strengthen your muscles, is great cardio workout and is just fun! Believe me, your satisfied smile, fresh mind and cheerful mood will energize the entire office. Perhaps some of your colleagues even want to join you.

If you’ve wanted to ride a bike to work for a long time, but hesitated for some reason, just give it a try. Who wants. he will always find a way, and who does not want. will find an excuse. Perhaps you will enjoy being a computer and the bike will become a part of your everyday life.

What to ride a bike in the city?

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A healthy lifestyle is gaining popularity among advanced urban dwellers. This is proper nutrition, outdoor recreation, giving up bad habits and, of course, engaging in various sports. The trend is to spend as much time as possible on the street: open-air libraries, cinemas appear in cities, all kinds of festivals are held and, of course, special sports zones are organized.

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and more persistently and assertively motorists on the roads are crowded by bicycle lanes, along which cyclists who have become full participants in the road traffic are rapidly flying. Cycling is perhaps the second most popular after running. People of all ages, social groups and strata are fond of it: from a teenager to a pensioner, from a worker to an enterprise manager. Everyone is not averse to taking a ride “with the breeze”, combining business with pleasure.

Since for the most part, cycling is unprofessional in nature, namely “for oneself”, “for the soul” and is combined in parallel with many other daily activities (study, work, cultural program, etc.), then clothes are selected for riding not emphasized sports, but one that could fit into the urban casual style. Fortunately, fashion, no matter how capricious and fickle, is flexible, subtle flair and the ability to adapt to the public mood. World fashion designers have caught the general cycling madness and offered their consumers a middle ground. high-tech clothing that meets all the requirements, which not only makes cycling comfortable, but also emphasizes the individual and unique style of its owner. New cycling clothing is breaking the barrier that has traditionally separated practicality from presentability. Many popular world famous brands create separate tailoring lines for cyclists, or collaborate with famous cyclists or bicycle brands (for example, River Island, Strelsson, Levi’s, Fred Perry and HM).

Of course, you don’t have to bother and put on the first favorite T-shirt and jeans that you come across, however, in any sport, be it professional, professional or amateur, there are certain rules and requirements: for a bicycle, for riding technique, for behavior while riding and for equipment

It is better if clothes for cycling are sewn from high-quality “breathable” materials that can remove moisture, and also protect from bad weather: wind, rain. For ardent fans of “pokatushek” at any time of the year. things that can maintain heat exchange and provide good thermoregulation. Most often, modern synthetic materials or a mixture of synthetics and natural threads are used to make clothes for cycling. For hot summer days, you can get by with things made of cotton and linen.

Of course, if you plan on cycling all day or taking part in a city cycling marathon, then you should wear special cycling shorts, cycling overalls and a compression T-shirt. But for a relaxed city skiing, you can outfit in a more informal style.

For the upcoming spring season, you may need leggings or skinny pants, a windproof vest or waterproof windbreaker, a bandage or hat, a long-sleeved T-shirt, a turtleneck, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, sunglasses, a backpack. And for the summer: shorts, capri pants, T-shirt, Polo, T-shirt, top, baseball cap or visor, light vest, windbreaker, sunglasses, cross-bag. If you still want to wear jeans or pants, then choose a narrow model, slightly shortened or three-quarters in length. it will be more convenient to pedal in them. The girl can choose a skirt-shorts or a jumpsuit. For any weather, season, and style of clothing, it is recommended that you wear a bicycle slap for safety reasons. And it is definitely better to have reflective elements on your clothes if you are riding in the dark.

So, if you are looking for practical and stylish clothes for urban cycling, then you can turn to brands such as “Adidas”, “Giro”, “Cube”, “Mag-Russia”, “FINDRA”, “Milltag”, “Vanmoof”. “Assos”, “Pearl Izumi”, “Terrybicycles”, “Vulpine” and others.

We examined the collections of different brands, more or less specialized, and chose the most interesting options for urban cycling.

We recommend that girls pay attention to the clothing of the “Terry Bicycles” brand. This is an old women’s bicycle company that specializes in cycling, but creates very fashionable and bright things, in which it is not a sin to walk along the city boulevards or go to sit in a cafe. For example, a knee-length striped dress, bright floral shorts, and a gray sleeveless hooded sweatshirt. Also on the brand’s website you can find many sweatshirts, printed T-shirts, skirts, windbreakers and various accessories up to neck pendants in the form of bicycles.

There are quite funny models for girls in the collections of the Milltag brand. For example, a T-shirt from the collaboration with graphic designer Jamie Banks-George and a blue t-shirt with a zip that goes well not only with leggings, but also with a skirt or shorts.

And of course, you can always choose a jumpsuit, shorts or skirt-shorts of any brand you like. The main thing is that nothing hinders your movements, does not rub anywhere, but gives comfort. it should be comfortable to sit in the saddle and pedals. That is. no “mini”, too wide or too tight things.

And now attention for lovers of denim pants: especially for cycling, sports jeans with straight legs “Keirin Cut Jeans” were developed, made of stretch denim, thanks to which the buttocks and thigh muscles are comfortable during riding.

As for men, there are also quite a few interesting proposals for them. Coureur du Monde produces stylish and high-quality cycling clothing that can be safely worn outside of training. Their collection consists of plain T-shirts with prints and plain Polo shirts.

This also includes the British brand “Vulpine”, which is known for its functional waterproof trousers. Thanks to the classic cut, they can even go to the office, and high-tech materials allow the skin to breathe and protect it from moisture. And of course, the jeans “Jinzu Raw Selvedge Jean”, which, by the analogy of “Keirin Cut Jeans”, are ideal for active pedaling.

Interesting for the stronger sex may be the Japanese brand “PEdAL ED”, whose clothes are closest to everyday ones, but have unique protective properties and have reflectors in the most unexpected places. On the site you can see jackets, shirts, T-shirts, vests, half-overs, as well as accessories and shoes.

At the intersection of sports and street styles, Rapha creates clothing for cyclists, while Outlier creates business-style clothing for cyclists: soft cotton and merino shirts and T-shirts, trousers and shorts. Clothes for business people who choose a bicycle as a means of transportation are produced by the American brand “Parker Dusseau” (for example, a shirt with holes on the back for improved ventilation and cuffs with reflective piping).

Cycling ammunition options can be easily viewed from streetwear brands such as Stussy, Supreme, Vans, WeSC, etc. Their jackets, sweatshirts, dresses, raincoats, sleeveless jackets, baseball caps and T-shirts are great for driving fast through city parks. Good accessories, backpacks and baseball caps, are available from the brands “Chari Co” and “Mission Workshop”.

In terms of footwear, cycling shoes or cycling shoes are made specifically for cycling, but not quite suitable for walking or walking, in case you leave your iron friend and go on business on your two. In this case, sneakers or sneakers, or other low-speed, soft and “ventilated” shoes are best suited.

In general, the selection of clothes for cycling also depends on the type of bike, your plans for the day, and also on the fact that for you a bike is a transport or a part of your image. Be that as it may, the main thing remains one thing. how comfortable you are in these clothes and having a good bike, of course J

Now let’s take a closer look at the purpose of your trip.

On business

The difference from the first two points is that this trip involves not just a trip from point A to point B, but includes a much larger number of points and stops in the route.

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This means that you will not need to be in wet clothes for a long time and, most likely, you can limit yourself only to waterproof outerwear.

An important point. it is better to clarify and memorize the route using electronic maps before a trip or in dry intervals, since the touch screen becomes poorly controlled under the influence of drops and, moreover, there is a great danger of completely flooding an expensive gadget.

Bike ride

The easiest and most enjoyable of all types of rain trips.

First, there are always few people in the rain, even in the most popular and crowded places.

Secondly, you can choose any convenient route for yourself (for example, avoid highways), as well as end the trip at any time and go to warm up with delicious coffee.

If the route of the walk is well known to you and is safe enough. for example, it is a park or an embankment. then your favorite music in headphones or a speaker will help improve your mood (again, it is important to remember about the waterproofness of the equipment).

How to ride a bike in the rain

The rain itself does not spoil your cycling day, it only imposes some restrictions, and in some cases even removes them.

What To Wear At A Bike Park

Yes, a ride in the rain is not as pleasant as a ride on a spring morning, but it is exactly the same road, the same bike and the same arms, legs and torso! It turns out that it’s just a matter of mood.

The worst thing that can be threatened by the water from the sky in the city. wet hair, clothes and the contents of bags, as well as the lack of a backup plan (how to keep warm, what to change, how to revive wet equipment).

All these troubles can be avoided by remembering a few simple rules.

Let’s make a reservation right away that in this article we will not consider large cycling trips and situations when the Ministry of Emergency Situations sends an SMS with a recommendation not to leave the house.

Also, we will not consider the option in which your work is associated with constant cycling. desperate bike messengers know what to do in the rain without this article.

About changing tires and chains specifically for weather conditions, perhaps also in a separate article.

The first, what has to be decided. it is the weather forecast and the degree of your confidence in it. Better to always prepare for slightly worse weather than promised.

Third. it is the choice of what you would like to leave dry in the first place.

For documents / technology. from a regular backpack with a bag system to a comfortable waterproof bag

For body. a waterproof jacket, raincoat or a bright and comfortable raincoat (why bright, I think, can not be explained).

For legs. gaiters (for example, such) or just spare sneakers. Or at least socks.

For a bicycle (fenders, stationary or temporary, mud flaps, special water-repellent chain lubricant).

To work

It is worth remembering the location of all heating items and drying surfaces (as well as their availability and the possibility of using them in general) that are near your workplace. If you have a shower, then great.

Depending on the strength of the elements, take with you such a set of spare clothes that will allow you to feel comfortable and not violate the dress code adopted in the organization.

If the rain is weak and its intensification is not predicted, it will be enough just to put on one of the universal raincoats, which can be easily put in a bag or backpack on the way back and dried on any nail sticking out of the wall.

It’s also worth having a backup plan in case the weather gets worse. find out in advance if it is possible to leave the bike at work in a safe place in order to return home by public transport.

On a visit

Recommendations are similar to a trip to work, with the only difference that there is a possibility of intercepting dry and suitable clothes from friends.

But it’s still better to have the required minimum with you.

When visiting (if your friend is not Count Dracula), you have every chance to get the necessary set of heating surfaces and take a warm shower.

About mountain biking. How to choose clothes for riding?

Even seasoned cyclists are sometimes confused when it comes to the question of what clothing to choose for a ride. The fact is that it is impossible to absolutely accurately forecast the weather for every day. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any weather, despite the fact that it is supposed to stop in comfortable hotels and take a lot of equipment with you.

A cyclist’s clothing requirements should be even stricter than those of an ordinary tourist going on a trip without a bike. Because even the most anticipated trip can be interrupted due to a frozen chest and frostbitten hands. Cycling requires special clothing, which has many advantages over ordinary clothing: a regular windbreaker does not allow air to pass through, as a result of which overheating and additional sweating can occur. A special windbreaker for a cyclist consists of a special fabric that allows sweat and air to pass through, is well ventilated and protects well from rain; choose a raincoat made of rubberized material in rainy weather. it will keep the body dry in light rainfall; for trips in cold weather, you need to take care of such accessories as a balaclava (a mask with a continuous slit for the eyes, which will protect the back of the head, ears, chin, nose from drafts), a fleece or woolen hat and special ski goggles;

the composition of the ordinary traveler’s clothing is mainly made of synthetic material or cotton, which dries slowly. And cycling clothing is made from specialized materials that behave great in any weather. These materials are natural wool or high-quality synthetics, which, even when wet, can retain heat well; simple shorts in cold weather are not able to heat all the circulating air, and besides, clothes fluttering in the wind will look ugly. Therefore, it is better to replace them with cycling shorts (special tight pants with inner insulation and tapered ends of the legs to avoid getting into the chain); to keep the warmth of the feet, you can pick up bicycle shoe covers. They have slots on the bottom for a calm and unhindered ride in contact shoes. However, the shoe covers only the top of the foot. As a rule, it is made of thin materials, so it is suitable for late autumn and early winter;

Cycling tights and cycling shorts tighten the muscles in your legs, warm them up and make them easier to work, and sportswear or just long pants can be pulled into the drivetrain. Cycling shorts in the groin area have a special synthetic material or cotton fabric that softens rough material and regulates moisture during long trips; your feet tend to sweat, so wear merino socks to keep warm. These socks are good at absorbing unpleasant odors. Of course, there are also socks made of high-quality artificial fabrics. you can find them in thermal clothing sales departments. Cyclists highly appreciated the breathable membrane socks that don’t get wet at all (in practice, they cope with the rain for three hours).

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Clothes for hot weather In hot weather, it is necessary that the clothes provide good protection from the sun and absorb sweat. Sometimes a cyclist can be under the sun for more than one hour, so it is recommended that you protect your hands, feet, neck and, of course, your face with a sun cream. After a while, do not forget to do it all over again. Shirts with cropped sleeves with zippers for ventilation, cycling shorts and light sunglasses will be needed to protect against the heat. And in order to avoid sweat dripping into your eyes, you can wear a special headband.

The choice of cycling gloves is very important. Well-chosen gloves with helium inserts will provide comfort for any ride. They also contain a special material that helps prevent sweating of the palms and, accordingly, the scrolling of the hands. Cycling gloves will also protect your hands if you fall.

Clothes for cold weather If you are cycling during the colder months of the year, your hands, fingers, knees and chest may start to freeze. This happens because working leg muscles consume a lot of heat and not enough heat for other parts of the body. The way out of this situation is quite simple. Take armbands, gaiters and put them on yourself. The chest can be protected with a nylon vest that is waterproof. At a temperature of at least 10 degrees, it is recommended to wear the following clothes: a special windproof vest; knee pads or leg warmers; bicycle shoe covers; light cap or headband (under the helmet); Fingerless cycling gloves or thin regular gloves; armbands.

All this can be kept in a bike shirt or in a small purse at the handlebars or under the saddle.

How to dress like a cyclist | Cycling Weekly

What to wear for a cyclist in winter When planning to ride a bike in winter, you need to be clear about what you need to wear for such an active holiday. Of course, you cannot wear quilted jackets, down jackets and fur hats. Dress so that it is cool at first. Because after 10 minutes of active driving, the cold will largely cease to be felt. It is even possible to sweat a lot, and this is a rather unpleasant sensation. If after stopping you feel cold again, then the issue is resolved in just five minutes. Just start pedaling harder.

However, if you are already sweating, then it would be better to spend some time in a warm room or train. If this is not possible, continue to move on the bike and maintain the body temperature that has already developed under the clothes and thus do not let yourself cool down. Here it is necessary to immediately notice that it will not work at all not to sweat at all. Much depends on the correct choice of your clothes and on the specific organism. If you do not change your body, then you are quite capable of choosing the right clothes.

Winter cycling shoes should be tight, always with a high collar. Insulated boots should have minimal ventilation properties. For hands, you need to purchase special gloves. It is important that the accessory does not cause discomfort while driving and that you can safely change gears. Winter cycling gloves differ in price compared to ordinary ones. They provide protection from wind currents, have special inserts on the palm.

For longer winter trips, it is better to get comfortable thermal underwear, which consists of a jacket and pants. Multifunctional clothing will allow not only to keep the body warm at the same level, but also to cope with perspiration, absorbing excess moisture in the structure of the fabric. Thermal underwear is sewn from soft and elastic fabrics. It must be worn under the clothes in which you are going to travel in winter.

The most proven option is clothing in layers. Better not a down jacket on a T-shirt, but a couple of layers of light clothing and a waterproof and windproof jacket over it. The whole point is that with this way of dressing, you can always regulate body temperature by simply taking something off or putting it back on.

Top layer The top layer of clothing (jacket) is designed to protect against snow, rain and wind. This layer needs to breathe so that you do not bake and then freeze. Good quality outerwear can be the key to a comfortable journey.

In the absence of extra money, this must be taken into account and be careful. Actively used membrane clothing quickly loses its advantage over ordinary clothing and after a while your nano jacket will turn into an ordinary one, which will also get wet, but at the same time will remain a good windbreaker for a long time.

Advantages of membrane clothing: it is not blown out; she does not get wet; she can breathe, but do not believe when they say that moisture will magically disappear. If you skate very actively, you can sweat in any clothes; a huge selection of possible styles and models, hence a good opportunity to make the best choice for yourself.

But if not a membrane jacket, then what? Remember what was used for these purposes before, when the price of the membrane was too high. And at that time everyone wore what they had. Usually most of the equipment was homemade. Bolognese fabrics, tarpaulin and raincoat, as well as a widely used material called avisent.

Avizent Avizent is a special nylon fabric, very dense and of special weaving. It gets wet quickly, but also dries very quickly in any weather. Breathes well and is not blown out. Compared to the membrane material, it costs mere pennies. And at the same time, it has increased strength, so it is almost impossible to break it.

If you don’t have enough money for outerwear made of membrane, buy yourself a jacket made of avisent or anorak, and you can easily keep within two thousand rubles. This is a great budget option. However, do not forget that in case of heavy rain, you may still need a raincoat on top. And if the weather is frosty and dry, then you don’t have to worry at all, outerwear from avisent will reliably protect you from hypothermia. A nice addition. compared to a membrane, avisenta lasts forever.

Advantages avisent: breathes well; low price; not blown out; dries very quickly.

As you can see, the choice of clothing for a cyclist is quite extensive, but even with the right equipment it is impossible to always have a guaranteed result when fighting bad weather. It is very important to learn how to use this equipment correctly. Therefore, when you get on the bike, the first thing you will feel should be a little coolness, and when you ride. dryness and comfort.

It so happens that thermal underwear does not cope with moisture when lifting. Don’t be discouraged, just allow yourself some quiet driving time. Put on something warmer after stopping. We’re talking about the cold season. There is another option, after stopping, change your membrane jacket for a lightweight sports jacket. In a short time, your jacket will dry completely and you can put it back on.

From all this it follows that the cyclist needs cycling clothing that retains heat well, resists wind and prevents high sweating. Finding such clothes is possible only through trial and error.