What can be made from a bicycle chain

How to assemble a key from a chain: step by step photos

To make a key, not the whole chain is needed, so you can make a couple of keys from one piece and share your homemade product with your friends.

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This completes the work, the key is ready, and you can use it immediately.

What you need to make a bike chain universal wrench

Of the skills, the ability to work with a welding machine will come in handy. As for the materials, prepare a long bolt and a large nut or threaded stud. It would also be nice to find a comfortable wooden handle.

In addition to the welding machine, you will need a handy vice and pliers. All work will take half an hour.

How to make a universal wrench from a bicycle chain

How to use the master key

This wrench is useful for unscrewing a large diameter part.

Such a universal wrench will also come in handy in plumbing work. To unscrew the pipe, you can not weld the chain to the nut on both sides, but fix it only on one side, and make a strong hook on the second. Then you just throw in the chain, fix it with a hook and you can use the key in the most difficult to reach place. Instead of the hook, you can use the same chain lock that you removed originally. Users who repeated this experience noted that it is very convenient to unscrew the oil filter in the car with such a tool.

And here is another modification of the same key, perhaps it will seem more practical to you:

Where did the idea come from

I have been interested in bicycle repair since the 7th grade. In my youth, I saw a similar idea more than once, so I tried several times to attach a piece of bicycle chain to my wrist as a bracelet. But I ran into two problems. First, the chains are always dirty and no amount of degreasing, cleaning or soaking will get rid of a black wrist. Another problem was that I was trying to use the chain unsafely. Scratched several times and eventually gave up this venture.

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What can be made from a bicycle chain

And then I came across a similar idea on the Internet and decided to repeat the experiments. As a result, I managed to get a safe bracelet that does not get dirty, and also serves as a magnetic holder for small metal objects. Let’s take a closer look at how to make this unusual and incredibly useful accessory.

What do we need?

Nothing else is required. It is noteworthy that 4 functional bracelets can be obtained from one bicycle chain at once. On average, one bracelet cost me about 400 rubles. But if some parts are partially there, you can find a cheaper chain, then.

But it’s worth noting that everyone’s wrists are different. Therefore, in order not to miss, it is worth wrapping it around your hand several times and only then disconnect the chain. To do this, simply push out the retaining pin and check again that the chain fits well to the wrist.

A beautiful accessory with a useful function: how to make a magnetic bracelet from a bicycle chain

This is a great bracelet made from a bicycle chain that serves two purposes at once. It has tiny glued magnets so you can use it as a part holder. A very useful accessory that every man will like.


If you want the bracelet to work as a magnetic holder, then cold-weld the magnets. You can choose any glue with which you have already had experience of work. Apply a small drop of adhesive to each pin. But remember that magnets will jump out of your fingers and stick to the chain.

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Get ready for this. Prepare a clean cloth so that in case of carelessness, you can immediately rub in the remaining glue. It is worth working on oilcloth or any other material that you do not mind throwing out later. I accidentally dropped the part on the table and then rubbed off the glue for a long time. It is also worth doing everything with gloves so that later you do not have to rub the skin of your hands with a coarse brush and soap for several hours.

Once you have all the magnets in place, place them somewhere to dry. Choose a place carefully. If there is a metal surface nearby, then the work will be lost. After all, we are dealing with magnets. If they fall off the chain, then only unpleasant glue stains will remain on it. Also, do not bend the chain. Then the magnets will just stick to each other. Don’t ask me how I know. But after applying magnets to the chain, it is necessary, without bending or twisting it, to transfer the product to a flat surface, as far as possible from the metal.

Making a clasp

Take a rivet or bolt and if it doesn’t fit, cut off the excess. In the end, it has to crawl through the pin holes on the thickest part of the chain. If you make it a little longer, it will be easier for you to slide your fingernail under the head of the rivet to pull it out, but it will be much more noticeable. As a result, the bracelet will constantly cling to everything and tear the sleeves of clothes. So take your time and adjust the bolts in such a way that they are well fixed, but do not go beyond the “decoration”.

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Twirl the bracelet around your wrist. It should be loose enough not to put pressure on the wrist, but also not to subside. Now you can try to attach some screws to the magnets. Is it holding on? Great, it means everything is done correctly and the magnets are doing their job. It is noteworthy that there are quite a lot of magnets, so you can wear a bunch of useful things on one bracelet.

I’ve been wearing mine for a few weeks now, and there has never been any dirt or other nasty marks on my wrist. I don’t see any signs of rust yet, but keep in mind that most chains are made from plain old untreated steel, so getting it wet will quickly change the attractive appearance of the bracelet for the worse. It is worth considering treating it with some kind of anti-corrosion compound. I’ll deal with that later. In the meantime, you can try this DIY tutorial and create such a useful little thing.

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