What can be done from a bicycle with your own hands

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Bicycle stroller for dog

The guy made a small stroller for his bike, in which his dog rides with pleasure.

Homemade bike: from project to production

A team of students of the Product Design course, Level 4 talks about how they created a unique bike and what difficulties arose during this.

One of the assignments this semester was to make a cycling kart, a custom type of bicycle that has 3-4 wheels and is propelled by human power. And most importantly, he had to actually go.

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Initially, we were given a little over a month to work, but we immediately set ourselves a rather difficult task. to make a complete structure out of metal. We were stubbornly against the advice of our teachers and friends, who said: Guys, don’t worry, make it easier, don’t bother, there is plastic, plywood In the end, we are very pleased with the result, although we suffered for three months and spent a decent amount of money on it. (Further…)

Gear bike

The homemade product was sent by: German Izmalkov

Description: The bicycle has a frame on which two toothed rims made in the form of arcs are mounted with the possibility of rotation on rods around the centers of their initial circles, connected by gearing with the rear wheel through bushings, which are connected to the wheel through free-wheeling mechanisms of one direction of action, both these links are the same. the axes of these rods of toothed rims, on which they rotate on the frame, have a rigid connection with the consoles with pedals, and at the same time these consoles are connected to each other by a flexible connection, for example, a cable that passes through a block mounted on the frame with the possibility of rotation. (Further…)

Unusual bike

An unusual bike with a shortened frame and no chain drive. The main feature of the bicycle is the rear wheel mount, which is fixed by analogy with the front one, and accordingly, it can also be used to control the movement of the bicycle. To understand how a bicycle works. be sure to watch the video.

DIY bike homemade products

On our site you will find the most interesting homemade bicycle products collected from enthusiastic craftsmen around the world. Most of them can be made with your own hands, with a minimum of tools on hand. From homemade products for a bicycle are presented, including:

  • Solutions used to improve bicycles and expand their scope (strollers, racks, trunks, etc.).
  • All kinds of products made from bicycle components (furniture, souvenirs, wall clocks, tools).
  • Non-standard bike models from professional designers and DIYers.
  • Indoor and outdoor bike storage (parking, racks).

We will also be glad if you add any of your homemade bike with descriptions and photos.

Bicycle frame fence

From bicycle frames and metal pipes of small diameter, you can quickly assemble an original fence for a garden or other plot of land.

Homemade bicycle sprocket watch

From the rear and front bicycle sprockets, you can make an excellent homemade watch with an original look with your own hands.

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The easiest option is to attach the large chainring to a round base (plastic, wood, chipboard) with screws, bolts or even glue. Well, displaying arrows and adding numbers is no longer a problem (by the way, you don’t have to add them).

Homemade bike

Altering a bike can be a real hobby. To this day, despite the increasing availability of various devices, homemade bicycles remain relevant. If there are no devices on sale that meet your needs in functionality or appearance, you can try to make them yourself. After all, it only takes a little enthusiasm to get started.

What are homemade products and why are they needed

The most common accessories are parts of old bikes, which literally give new life to old mechanisms. One of the simplest alterations can be turning your bike into an exercise bike. You can often find such a device from bicycles as a three-, four- (or more) wheeled car. From time to time you can find just unusual bikes, transformed according to the idea of ​​a craftsman. These are all kinds of recumbent models with comfortable and spacious seats, models with a manual or other modified drive, bikes with an unusual frame shape, and so on. You can endlessly list the various homemade bicycles. The size, shape and purpose of a homemade bike depends only on the imagination and perseverance of the master.

Along with making homemade products from a bicycle, homemade products for a bike remain relevant. Making various bicycle accessories yourself can be interesting for several reasons. This is a banal saving of money, and the creation of a unique style for your bike, and the desire to increase its functionality. If desired, you can make most of the necessary bicycle accessories with your own hands.

These include, for example, the manufacture of an anti-theft lock, fasteners for water bottles, glove compartments, and so on. There are bicycle carts and strollers. To create a cart with your own hands, an old children’s bike, or rather its wheels, is well suited. A homemade trolley or bicycle stroller can be useful for transporting goods, it will be very useful for summer residents.

Bike wings. How to make the wings of “Bolotniki” with your own hands.

Bike tuning

Recently, such a type of tuning as an unusual illumination of a wheel rim or a luminous wheel cap is gaining popularity. All this can also be done independently, without resorting to expensive materials or ready-made solutions. You will need LEDs, a wire, a battery, a soldering iron and a little savvy.


Of course, a very old bent wheel with a worn tire is not very suitable for a bathroom mirror, but for a garage or hallway it is. For the bedroom and living room, do not regret to write off the wheel a little ahead of time and make a nice piece of furniture out of it.

As we wrote in one neighboring article, wheels are one of the most important parts of a bicycle. And outside of the bike, they can do a lot of good: in addition to furniture, mirrors, shelves and much more, they can be very stylish watches.

In fact, almost any round (and not only round) part is suitable for a watch: crafts from stars and cassettes are very popular.

Bicycle parking

The world of bicycles has its own reincarnation. after a while, old bicycles may again find themselves in their familiar world. For example, in the form of bike racks made from old bike frames.


Such a chair looks quite comfortable and sturdy. Not sure if it is worth reproducing the idea using old rusty rims and burst cameras. it may not turn out so aesthetically.


We are sure that for such a shelf, some camera defects are quite acceptable and will not affect the performance. The idea looks extremely simple to implement.

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Very nice trophies from Andres Scheiger (his site). The idea is quite simple: from a handlebar, a saddle and a small piece of wood, you can make a holder for a bicycle or other items.

Color, type and shape of the handlebars or saddle is almost irrelevant.

What can be made from unnecessary bike parts

In fact, you can make absolutely anything out of bicycle parts. It is not always appropriate, it is not always practical, the result does not always look great, but if you have free time and materials, everything is really possible.

Let’s look at the main categories of such crafts:

In our article, we examined various categories, and also wrote an approximate composition of parts that will be required to reproduce a particular idea.

Which of the ideas belongs to which category, we are sure you will guess.


Most likely, such a fence will give you away the former owner of a bicycle workshop, otherwise where did you get so many unnecessary bicycles from?

As for how exactly to make a fence out of a bicycle, there are no exact recommendations. as you can see in the above examples, you can turn on your fantasy to the fullest and you will succeed.


It is difficult to call this example a craft, it looks more like art. The chandelier diameter is 48 inches. You can read more at the link.

крепление для бутылки на велосипед своими руками / Bicycle holder for your own hands


The main thing in jewelry is to maintain balance and not go into excessive brutality.

Most often, chain links are used to create jewelry. On sites like Etsy, you can easily find many craftsmen focused on jewelry like this.

Christmas tree

You heard right, a set of wheels will make an exclusive New Year’s beauty. Nowadays, it has become fashionable to make Christmas trees from improvised means, wheels are no exception. The idea will need wheels of different diameters, large and small. To assemble a Christmas tree about 1.5 meters high, five wheels are enough. An ordinary steel rod with a diameter of at least 10-20 mm will serve as a rod for fastening the wheels. We fasten the wheels along an increasing trajectory, from the largest at the bottom to the smallest at the top. Now it remains to decorate an impromptu Christmas tree with toys and celebrate the New Year!

Hanging kitchen utensil hanger

Two old remanufactured wheels will serve as an ideal dish hanger. To do this, you need to fix the wheels to the ceiling or to any convenient surface. Hooks are attached to the knitting needles, on which the kitchen utensils are already placed. Also, such a hanger can serve to store clothes, the meaning will be exactly the same. Your guests will be surprised at this solution and will definitely want the exact same design for themselves.

Coffee table

Everyone understands that the shape of a bicycle wheel is round or oval (it all depends on how you felt about the bike), its ideal dimensions can be used as a coffee table. If you try, you can assemble a mobile table. For a regular table, you need a base for attaching the wheel, an old table or a metal structure will do. The spokes from the wheel must be removed, everything must be sanded, painted or left in its original form, this will give a special entourage.

Also, we need a material for the table top, tempered glass is ideal. We turn to the nearest glazier or cut out the required size according to the inner diameter of the wheel. We fix the tabletop, the table is almost ready! It remains only to install it on the base. If you are a more advanced craftsman, you can fill the wheel rim with a special transparent epoxy resin. In general, there are a lot of options for implementation.!

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What can be made from an old bike

Cycling is one of the easiest and most popular means of transportation for people of all ages. Riding a bicycle invigorates, builds muscles, and maintains the health of the body at a high level. Cycling more than 10 km each day cuts your risk of heart disease by almost half.

recently, in our country, no one knew about professional two-wheeled bicycles, and children were bought outdated, but high-quality creations of the USSR (stork, satellite, eaglet, Salute and much more). For many, these bicycles evoke good memories, and for some, they still collect dust in the garage. If you feel sorry for throwing away an old gift from your parents, we will help you use it for useful purposes! Especially for you, we have prepared a selection of unique ideas for using old unnecessary bicycles in everyday life. Give new life to your favorite bike!

Bench for the garden and the yard

An interesting and somewhat difficult option. To implement the idea, you will need two wheels from an old bicycle, large diameter wheels are best. They must be removed from the bike frame and prepared for installation, sanded, rust removed and painted. Can be opened with a special varnish to prevent further rusting.

Next, you need to prepare the base for the bench, for this ordinary boards of the required length are suitable, we fasten them together. The cleaned and painted wheels need to be installed on the sides of the structure and the pivot should be fixed so that your bench does not roll away while you enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

Chandelier in the house

The idea represents the most creative choice. If we consider the wheel as a ceiling chandelier, it is necessary to install lamp holders on the rim, fixing them along the entire diameter of the wheel. The needles do not have to be removed, they add exclusivity. To mount the chandelier, you will need the usual materials and fixtures.

You can decorate the structure with various elements, creating an antique look. Ideal for a country house with high ceilings, especially since such a structure can be made multi-tiered.

What to make out of an old bike. the best decorating ideas

With a little imagination, you can extend the lifespan of your favorite items. So, people often wonder what can be done from an old bicycle. There are many original decor ideas that will help give your bike a second life.

If you have a summer cottage or a plot in a private house, you can create a kind of flower bed. The bike itself can be left in its original form or painted. Put pots of flowers on the trunk and in the basket.

The bike can be made a props for photography.

Separate details are used in the interior of the house: as elements of lamps and coffee tables, original sculptures or stands for photographs.

An unusual design trick is hanging the bike on the wall. This solution is perfect for slightly rough loft-style interiors.

You can make an unusual stand for the sink or a hanger for things.

Thus, there are a lot of options for using an old bicycle in everyday life. Original decor will give your favorite thing a new life.