What bike for walking in the woods

The Formula Breeze bike is a smart choice for a nice price

It is not always easy for novice cyclists to get used to the idea that even an average bike of a well-known brand costs at least 500, but whether it is suitable or not, and whether you want to ride it in a year is not clear.

In such cases, people pay attention to budget models. they don’t mind spending money, and if necessary, the bike can always be upgraded or changed to a more advanced model. Low-end companies from top firms also cannot boast of a low price, and Chinese no-names already at the time of purchase look very unreliable. Local manufacturers help to solve similar problems.

Formula bicycles are assembled in Ukraine, and although the simplest and most affordable equipment is used for production, high-quality assembly and savings on delivery make these bicycles one of the best in their price category. One of the most popular models of the Formula brand. the comfortable Formula Breeze city bike.

At the heart of the bike is a sturdy open-type steel frame. Steel is heavier than aluminum and does not have the best effect on the speed characteristics of the bike, but the low price and high reliability make steel frames almost the only option for budget bikes.

The geometry of the frame and the wide, comfortable saddle help keep your back relaxed and spend more time on the bike. The bike is equipped with a maintenance-free cartridge carriage that can serve thousands of kilometers without additional maintenance. Despite the fact that the bike is oriented more towards the city, it has universal wheels with rather wide tires that absorb small vibrations. Such wheels are suitable for driving on dirt roads and allow you to use the bike in the country, in the countryside, for walking in the forest.

Comfortable rim brakes are simple and unpretentious. The brakes are powerful enough and at the same time smooth, which makes it possible to quickly stop the bike, eliminating overbraking and diving over the handlebars. The Shimano drivetrain is a very low-end drivetrain, is not designed for heavy loads and is rarely used on older bikes, but still allows gear shifting on dry roads and makes it easier to climb steep grades.

Velik is also equipped with fenders that protect your clothes from dirt and allow you not to go around every puddle, which makes parking easier with a footboard and a convenient trunk to which you can tie regular bags or hang a bike bag and carry large loads. In general, the Formula Breeze bike is an excellent workhorse that can be used both in the city and in the country. The bike is suitable for both adults, especially the fair sex, and teenagers, and the low price gives everyone the opportunity to try themselves as a cyclist.

4.Smart Machine 90

The bicycle, developed and assembled in Russia, is equipped with 21 speeds, disc brakes with hydraulics, a lightweight aluminum frame, and a comfortable saddle that takes into account human anatomical features. It has a stable 100mm fork on the front wheel.

In terms of lightness and equipment, the model is ideal for out-of-town walks.

What a bicycle should be able to do for the forest and the city

To determine the functional purpose of such a bicycle, it is necessary to clearly understand that the asphalt surface of the roadway, sidewalks, cycle paths, as well as dirt roads and trampled paths in the forest, will not require any superpower from the vehicle. Therefore, a bicycle for a city and a forest should be:

  • easy;
  • maneuverable;
  • able to develop good speed;
  • safe in terms of equipment.

The requirements for build quality are, of course, relevant, as with any other model. City bikes must have perfect brakes, a sturdy frame, and a modern gear system. At the same time, given that the bike will be used for long walks, it is desirable that it match the rider’s height, have a comfortable saddle, as well as strong rims (in case of unexpected forest surprises).

As for the shock absorption, it is wise to choose an intermediate MTB option that meets the existing requirements for bicycles of this class and relatively light compact models. Hardtails or bicycles with a rigid rear suspension (heavy tail), equipped with a front suspension fork, meet all these criteria.

How to choose a bike for the city and forest

Every year there are more and more riders on the roads. People are getting a taste for quality riding and hoping to improve ride comfort. Amateur cyclists are looking for reliable bikes for relaxed riding pleasure. When choosing a bike that is good for the city and forest, a beginner cyclist usually does not count on off-road riding or participating in serious sporting events. He has enough weekly outings in nature in the warm season, or longer rides in the forest or park during his vacation.

The benefits of hardtails

Comparing bicycles with rigid rear and full suspension, you can find disadvantages and advantages in each of the groups. To choose a bike of one of the classes, you will have to decide for yourself whether they are right for you.

  • mountain hardtails do not require large investments in repairs, are easy to operate;
  • Rigid aluminum or carbon frame reduces energy consumption for improved roll and pedaling performance
  • there is no swaying;
  • a rack is easily installed on the bike, allowing you to transport children, you can also attach a shopping basket.
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Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the risk of rear wheel skidding (after all, there is no shock absorption on it) and the high return of the rigid suspension to the knee joints. True, these disadvantages are easily corrected as you master the technique of smooth pedaling and improve your riding skills.

1.Giant Rincon LTD 26

This stylish bike is equipped with 21 speeds and has a nice starting price: from 15-16 thousand rubles. Giants have proven themselves well among cycling enthusiasts: they are easy to maintain, quite cheap to repair. Entry-level Shimano brakes perform well on flat surfaces, small off-road terrain, but they can no longer cope with more serious uneven terrain. A fixed fixed fork is another nuance that may not suit everyone. Otherwise, the bike is ideal for summer walks of any length.

3.Scott Aspect 660

Respectable American Scots remain leaders in many ways. This model is lightweight and compact. The bike is constructed on the basis of an aluminum alloy frame with an internal shock absorber hub. There are mounts for the trunk, which can carry loads and / or passengers up to 150 kg. The wheels are fitted with high quality Shining 32H double rims. The only drawback of the model is the mechanical disc brake, but it is striking only against the background of the powerful rest of the equipment.

Original Walking Bike

Budget models

It is advisable to start a review of hardtails with the most inexpensive, but at the same time proven brands and models in the price category up to 30 thousand rubles. Let’s make a reservation right away that bicycles from supermarkets will not be considered.

Merida matts 6.40-D

This Taiwanese bike is unusually soft and docile. Its main advantage is a non-separable cartridge bearing carriage, which creates ideal acceleration and is good for sports riding. The Promax DSK hydraulic rotor brake system is 100% reliable and eliminates the dangers of high-speed driving. Soft spring fork and special pin under the seat reduce vibration and completely eliminate the problem of shaking.

  • It is worth considering the nature of the ride. The most optimal steering wheel location depends on this criterion:
  • in the case of walking for a walk, the optimal handlebar distance is about 5 cm above the saddle area;
  • in the case of an aggressive ride, the presence of frequent crosses when using. in this case, the steering wheel should be located at the level of the saddle;
  • a distance of 5 cm below the saddle area is the most successful for sporty riding.
  • The maximum speed, acceleration of this type of transport depends on the size of the wheels. Functionality, the ability to overclock normally depends on them. The ideal size for this part is 20. 29 inches.
  • It is worth noting the number of speeds in the mechanism. This is the maximum possible connection of the front, rear sprockets. Choosing the maximum number is not always a good decision. It is important to pay attention first of all to the quality characteristics of the product.
  • Saddle cushioning is important, the ability to adjust the handlebars.
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By following these recommendations, you will achieve maximum convenience, comfortable conditions for using your bike. In addition, the right choice will ensure that the load on your back is minimized, you will be much less tired on the way.

Walking bike

It is believed that road bicycles are affordable, simple in their mechanism. These are the first models, it was on them that riding began. This product has a metal, large frame. Because of this, the model is quite heavy, clumsy due to its size. There is no multifunctional operation of the mechanism.

These types of structures consist of one speed, foot brakes. Among the significant advantages are the affordable cost, ease of care. These qualities attract the model. Often, some road types are referred to as urban because of their staffing.

The next type is a city, or walking bike. This model is more convenient than the previous type. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum materials. The saddle has a soft, comfortable surface, almost vertical fit. Thus, even a long ride does not burden the back. The brakes are manual, it is possible to choose from several speeds. The presence of a front shock absorber is possible. With its help, hands are not overloaded in case of driving on a non-asphalt road.

Repair and service

The good performance of your bike depends not only on the regularity of use, but also on the frequency of maintenance. For normal walking, dry, warm weather is suitable, while the road is asphalt, sandy is not quite suitable. The driving time is ideally 25 km, a month this figure can reach 150 km for a month of use.

There are a number of tips that help with the operation of the product, to increase this period:

  • it is necessary to regularly care for the bike, clean it from dirt. For these purposes, soft, damp rags are suitable;
  • regular cleaning, chain lubrication is a must. Chainrings, cassettes also need to be cleaned;
  • it is important to clean the suspension fork.

For the high-quality use of this type of transport, it is necessary to carry out the following manipulations on a monthly basis:

bike, walking, woods

30 Minutes Workout. Virtual Scenery. Treadmill / Exercise Machine (Cotswolds UK) 1080/60fps

  • inspection of circuits, cassettes, switches;
  • check for compliance with the location of all bolts, nuts regarding the saddle, additional elements;
  • inspection of the cable, gear selector for defects, checking for their wear;
  • Inspection of the wheel hubs, stitching of the steering column area.

Inspect every three months and lubricate the brake levers if necessary. Check the attachment, reliability of the pedals. Viewing light reflections, connecting rods is required.

Every six months, you should carry out the procedures for replacing the lubrication of the pedals, seat post, replace the cartridge if necessary. Lubrication of the suspension fork is also included in this list.

By following simple recommendations, you can significantly increase the life of the product.

Choosing the best bike

After determining a specific type, it is worth evaluating the main criteria, characteristics of the choice.

  • It is worth evaluating the size of the frame properly. The parameter is indicated in the form H. This is the distance between the carriage axis. The end of the seat tube. The size of the frame is determined individually, depending on how tall a person is:
  • with a height of 140. 155 cm, with a lean body design (size XS), a mountain bike frame is selected in size 13, an urban type has 14 inches;
  • with a height of 150. 165 cm, with a size S, select a mountain bike frame in size 15, an urban type has 16 inches;
  • with a height of 160. 175 cm, with clothing size M, select a mountain bike frame in size 17, an urban type has 18 inches;
  • with a height of 170. 185 cm, clothing size L, a mountain bike frame is selected in size 19, an urban type has 20 inches;
  • with a height of 180. 195 cm, clothing size XL, select a mountain bike frame in size 21, urban type has 22 inches;
  • with a height of 190 cm or more, clothing size XXL, select a mountain bike frame in size 23, urban type has 24 inches.

So, based on these characteristics, you can choose an appropriate, comfortable frame for you. When choosing a product for a child, you need to pay special attention to 16 inches. this is the most optimal size for children.

  • It is important to choose the material of the product that is able to withstand loads, to be resistant in its characteristics. Additional elements are attached to the base. The material of their manufacture is different, in particular, all 4 types are used: carbon, aluminum alloy, steel and chromolybdenum.

Among all materials, steel stands out for its cheapness. The material is used less often due to the large weight of the products. This indicator significantly affects the driving speed. Among the advantages, steel pleases with its cheapness. Has a good look. This option is used mainly for the manufacture of road models.

The opposite of the previous material is carbon. It is very durable, reliable, and lightweight in its basic characteristics. For example, individual carbon frames weigh less than 10 kg. This type is available for true connoisseurs, fans of cycling. This material is used for mountain products, or extreme driving.

Most often, aluminum alloys are used in the manufacture of bicycles. This option is affordable, characterized by its quality features. The diameter of the pipes made from them is large, which does not affect the weight. The designs are quite lightweight and easy to use.

The last, fourth type of material is chromolybdenum. It is a combination of molybdenum and chromium, which contributes to durable impact resistance, high strength of the product. This option is not so common. It is quite light in its weight class. It is ideal for performing tricks, or for extreme activities.

  • When choosing a bike, pay attention to the brakes. Your safety depends on the quality of this criterion. Find the best option for you:
  • rim brakes contribute to the clamping of the wheel on both sides. With the help of special brake levers, this action takes place. Inexpensive models, or the middle class of mountain types, use such braking. The positive aspects of the choice include lightness, cheapness, no additional load on the sleeve and less heating. Among the shortcomings, the frequent replacement of the element, the gradual decrease in the quality of the brakes due to the ingress of liquid of any nature, is of great importance. Also, it is noted that when driving on an uneven surface, the pads touch the wheels; forks are not installed on some models;
  • disc brakes are used on expensive models. The cost of such an option is high, they are effective and reliable in use. The advantages of this choice include low frequency of service, high power, minimal exposure to contamination. To this list is added not wear of the rim, rather smooth regulation of the braking process. The disadvantages include the use on flat surfaces, high cost. Also, the product is heavier, with this choice the load on the back becomes greater.

Important! When installed in a model with disc brakes, the price of the bike is automatically raised. If your goal is urban, walking use, then the first option will suit you.

  • Choosing the right wheels is important. Softness, smoothness of movement depends on this detail. The optimal size is considered to be 28. 29 inches. If this value is exceeded, driving stability decreases, in particular, this applies to beginners in cycling. Smaller wheels will also add uncertainty. Choose bushings, in this case the axles are attached to the nuts. This procedure minimizes the risk of theft. This option does not provide for extreme jumps. Choose double rims, this minimizes the risk of damage to the structure from the influence of irregularities, possible defects in the roadway.

How to choose a bike for walking

There are many advantages to using a bicycle. This is comfort, fast movement, economy, because you do not need to use fuel. This is a kind of simulator that keeps the body in good shape.

It is difficult enough to choose a specific model. This takes into account the price, the perspective of the long-term service of the product. When buying a model for a child, such a criterion as external showiness is taken into account, in particular, color, the presence of various images. Having considered the main types of road, urban models, their differences, the advantages and disadvantages of each, you can make the right choice.

Bicycles for men and women

Products of this type are universal due to the design of the frame, they can be used by both men and women.

The most common type is mountainous, which is associated to a greater extent with a wide choice, versatility of application. These advantages include:

  • distinguish a number of budget mountain models, which in some respects differ from the urban plan. The difference in advantage, efficiency when used on different surfaces;
  • more expensive models are used for extreme driving, capable of withstanding fairly heavy loads;
  • versatility of application.
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Also, special characteristics include a wide tire with a powerful selection system, gear shifting, with a large tread.

The construction has an aluminum or carbon frame. Budget options have a steel frame.

Based on the individual purposes of use, they select inexpensive bicycle models for walking. Low cost mountain models are in demand on the market. Their advantage is in fast driving, both in the city and on uneven country roads. The material of manufacture is of high quality, durable, which contributes to the long life of the product. For young people, or energetic teenagers, this is the best option.

expensive options are characterized by their exceptional reliability and endurance. They are suitable for climbing a slope or a sharp descent. Their frame is solid, the brakes are of high quality, enhanced braking. The two-suspension variants have shock absorbers on both the front fork and the rear. Due to these features, the price of products is different.

Please note, if you are not planning frequent, difficult cycling trips, then it makes sense to choose a budget option.

Choosing a specific model, pre-determine the purpose of use, conditions. Thus, you will choose the right option for you. The complete set should be of the highest quality possible, correspond to the cost of the product.

If you want to save money, choose a profitable, but at the same time durable, reliable option. After all, your safety depends on this criterion.

How to choose a city bike

City and touring bikes are very similar, but also differ. Any touring bike can be a city bike, but not every city bike will be suitable for touring. Despite the name bike for the city, the bikes themselves are very different in appearance. The full article on how to choose a bike by riding style, height and price. read here.

First you need to understand how the city bike differs from the standard mountain bike, which many consider to be universal. As a rule, the model for the city is chosen by people who do not have off-road riding skills, as well as a certain physical preparation for fast movement on a mountain bike. That is why there is no need for components such as wide off-road tires, heavy suspension forks, and expensive multi-speed transmissions.

The second important aspect is frame geometry and rider fit. On a city bike, there is no need to use a thin and firm sports saddle, or sit in an uncomfortable position when the main load is on the arms and shoulders. First of all, it is designed for a leisurely and comfortable ride, in which the landing is vertical, hands only slightly hold the steering wheel, and all vibrations from the road surface are smoothed out by a comfortable saddle and high wheels.

Another important difference is the availability of additional equipment. To reduce the weight of mountain bikes, manufacturers often neglect such important components as guards, chain guards, bell, headlight, trunk, reflectors, rear-view mirrors and others. All of these accessories can be found on most models designed for city driving. Due to the fact that the transmission of city bicycles is reliably protected and hidden with a shield, no special equipment is required to use this transport. You can ride in trousers, jeans, a business suit, dress and any other type of clothing without risking staining or damaging it. There are also no strict requirements for shoes, wide pedals make it possible to use any type of sole.

There are a huge number of different types of city bicycles on the market, which differ in both technical characteristics and price. That is why, a specific model should be chosen based on your personal preferences, as well as riding skills.

Consider what city bikes are:

  • Equipped with everything you need at once;
  • Quite comfortable fit;
  • Suitable for long trips and cycling.
  • Heavy compared to light speed city bikes;
  • When used in tourism, they “dislike” too muddy and slippery roads.
  • Mobility and compactness, thanks to which you do not feel the problem of “where to put your bike”, just transporting it with you;
  • Convenient to use in ordinary clothes.
  • Low speed, not very comfortable for long trips.

Basically, they are a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike, which is why they are also called “hybrids”. Bicycles with full-size, typically thin 28-inch wheels with a focus on speed and agility. Their vocation. avoid traffic jams, seeping between cars, and be a “city rocket”: quickly accelerate and stop.

  • Good speed and maneuverability.
  • Not very comfortable to wear in business attire.

The very name “cruiser” contains a certain imposingness, leisurely and chic. And so it is: these are beautiful, heavy and comfortable bicycles, designed not only for riding, but also. for beauty! Long wheelbase, plump and soft tires, wide handlebars and a huge couch saddle. give an excellent soft ride, absolutely flat landing (like on “Harley”) and will not leave indifferent either passers-by or motorists. The most relish (as they say in Ukraine). slowly “sail” on such a device along the paths and alleys of the park. The main thing. rub chrome more often!

This device has always been focused on maximum comfort, style, as well as overcoming short distances. Cruisers have wide enough tires, a rigid rigid fork and from one to several gears. Also, there are cruisers on the market equipped with a planetary hub. It has a closed mechanism of action, a different number of speeds, high reliability, and energy efficiency. On such a bike, you are unlikely to sweat or get tired. Due to its weight, it slowly accelerates, but after gaining speed, it rolls confidently and smooths out irregularities. At traffic lights, you don’t have to jump off your bike: you just need to put your foot out like on a motorcycle. Some bikes even have a cup holder in which you can put a glass of juice or.

  • Extremely comfortable fit;
  • Original design, style;
  • Absolute usability in everyday wear for both men and women.
  • Low speed;
  • Difficult to use in hilly areas and on long (more than 20 km) trips.

City electric bicycles have become a real hit in recent years. There is every reason to believe that in a few years they will take the leading position in the urban bike category. This popularity is due to several factors. Electric bicycles make it possible to move around the city at a fairly high speed, without spending almost any effort. The battery charge is enough for several tens of kilometers. On flat areas, as well as when riding downhill, you can pedal yourself, thereby significantly increasing the total mileage on one battery charge.

This type of transport is suitable for absolutely all people, regardless of gender, age, and physical fitness. To charge the battery, you only need a regular 220 V socket, and the process itself takes place in a fairly short time. With all this, manufacturers complete electric bicycles with all the accessories necessary for a city bike, which makes their use as comfortable and safe as possible.

How Does It Feel To Ride A Bike Made Out Of Wood?

  • Slides can be ignored;
  • You can ride in regular clothes, staying fresh and not sweaty;
  • The mileage is indifferent and does not depend on the level of training.
  • Electric motor speed up to 25 km / h;
  • Mileage is limited to 100-150 km;
  • Heavy weight.

They combine the characteristics of several models. road, road and mountain. Due to the presence of 28 “wheels, they have excellent roll and perfectly dampen the vibrations of the road surface. These bicycles are equipped with a rigid fork, which makes it possible to install more accessories. Also, the owner can install both thin road tires and more aggressive ones that allow you to cope with off-road elements For gear shifting, a closed planetary hub can be used, which is equipped with a different number of gears. Depending on the price and level of equipment, their number can be from three to nine.

Thanks to these characteristics, the cyclist is able to comfortably travel long distances, regardless of the terrain and road surface. As a rule, touring machines are equipped with mechanical disc brakes.

  • Comfortable fit;
  • Good roll forward;
  • Lots of flask mounts and accessories.
  • Not designed for serious off-road use.

Recently, light single-speed and fix bikes have become very popular. These bicycles have a minimum configuration, light weight and maximum roll. Their frame can be made of steel, aluminum or carbon. It should be borne in mind that you can buy them only if you have good physical fitness, since climbing uphill comes down to how much power a cyclist can generate in one gear. The light weight provides ideal maneuverability, allowing you to overcome various obstacles as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Comfortable fit;
  • Good roll forward;
  • Lots of flask mounts and accessories.
  • Not designed for serious off-road use.

We hope this classification will help you navigate the wide range of city bicycles. And before you go to buy a cheap mountain bike, counting on all occasions, the best solution for the same money is to purchase a specialized model for city riding. It will not only last much longer, but will also give you maximum riding pleasure.

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We also recommend reading the article on choosing the right bike. It discusses all types of bicycles, how to choose the right bike for price and height, how not to be mistaken in the quality of bicycles.

Which model to choose to learn to ride?

For starters, professionals recommend choosing an inexpensive road bike model. Easier to learn on the “female” type of frame. The main thing is to choose the right size. While standing, the cyclist should not touch the frame, while sitting. do not touch the handlebars with knees.

The sizes are different for each class of bicycles. For on-road options, the ratio of frame size to rider height in cm:

  • 49-51-157-163;
  • 51-54. 163-170;
  • 55-57. 170-178;
  • 57-59-178-183;
  • 58-60. 183-190;
  • 61-63. 190-198.

Popular bike brands

Have you decided to buy a bicycle transport? First compare offers on the most popular bicycles in Minsk.


One of the best-selling models of this brand is the Navigator 550 V V030. The type of bike is universal, the class is mountain. Front shock absorption, 21 speeds with external shifting, comfortable for off-road driving. Required level of user training. advanced.

The bike has two standard brakes. front and rear. The diameter of the wheels is 26 inches. Sport saddle.

An excellent road bike for beginners is the Nomad 1.0. This design is called hardtail or comfortable. Hydraulic braking system and front shock absorber give smooth movement.

The number of speeds. 21. The enlarged wheels in 28 inches make it easier to accelerate. Equipped with a signature “double comfort” saddle.

The Shift 2 Hybrid Bike is designed for everyday, relaxed riding on long-distance, flat roads. The design includes an ultra-soft seat, high handlebars and standard 26 “wheels. The brake system has front and rear locking.

Which bike is suitable for the forest, city, mountain walks?

You need to choose a model based on your goals. If you plan to commute to work and study every day, then a road (comfortable) bike will be optimal. They are distinguished by:

  • Soft seat;
  • Large wheels;
  • Comfortable steering wheel.

For off-road trips, you should prefer a mountain bike:

  • Wide reinforced wheels;
  • Front shock absorber;
  • Transmission for 18-30 gears.

Two-suspension systems have two shock absorbers. Ideal for driving in woods, rough terrain. But the floating suspension reduces the speed by 25%. Models with pneumatic shock absorbers or a lockout system (do not dampen the speed) are expensive and designed for professional athletes.

Hybrid (touring). a mixture of mountain and road bikes. Suitable for travel and long journeys. Oversized wheels. about 28 inches.

Cruisers are distinguished by a large seat and a large steering wheel (can have different degrees of offset). Harley-type landing is widespread. Wider tires are often used.

Folding bicycles are the most compact and easy to transport. The wheels are smaller than standard, the frame folds in half. Designed for riding on flat and country roads.


One of the best touring bikes is the Nivolet LC Tour 4. The lightest in its class at just 7.2 kg with a carbon fiber frame and semi-rigid seat. The diameter of the wheels depends on the height of the frame (ranges from 38-39.5 inches). The only negative is the high price.

When purchasing a bicycle, you need to sit on it, ride it, compare several models. So you will find the most convenient option.

Why winter walks in the forest are useful

Do you think that you need to go to nature only in the warm season? No matter how it is. Walking in the middle of the forest in winter is good for memory, attention and mood. This phenomenon is called winter swimming in the forest. Scientists from Stanford and Michigan Universities have proven this.

Walk in the winter forest video

There are many reasons for walking, and yet doing them in the forest and even in winter adds a number of advantages to them. Which ones? They can be summed up in one word. strength. In other words, it is energy, interest, pleasure and enjoyment. Each individual winter walk is different and the scenes around them change one another.

Most people feel more relaxed when they are in nature. But few of us know what lessons a calm and healthy nature can teach. Research has also shown that the combination of three factors. walking, forests and winters. can boost mood, health, and even creativity.

Walking itself is ennobling for a person. developing muscles, increasing alertness, lowering blood pressure, stabilizing heart function, and even preventing cancer. At the same time, cold weather while walking in the woods provides additional benefits.

We are very lucky to live in latitudes filled with forests, and cold winters are not a problem for us. An hour’s drive to the Dzheyrakh region will take you to the world of mountain and forest trails trodden by local residents and guests of the region. Here you can meet huge eagles soaring looking out for prey below, rare mountain tours and other wildlife that will keep you company on a walk. In winter, bare tree branches become fluffy from snow and frost so that you are even partly afraid to touch them so that they do not lose this beauty.

Here are some reasons to walk in the winter forest

  • You will be able to see more. When you hear a bird singing, you can see it. There are no leaves. You can also see animal footprints in the snow.
  • You will be able to hear more. Ever walked through the woods in the snow? Remember the sudden silence? Even when there is no snowfall, nature seems to be asleep in winter. There is no buzzing of insects, and the singing of birds is even more distinguishable.
  • You don’t have to worry about thorns, ticks, bees and other summer joys. If you happen to be closer to nature in the summer, then you understand what the conversation is about. I do not think that you will miss the annoying insects or scratched, thorny hands much. And also you will not bring home foliage and seeds collected inadvertently in the summer forest in your s.
  • Snow load. Walking in the fresh snow is fun. But this is not the same as a summer walk in the woods or a health path along a concrete path. Your body warms you up and you feel good. You will also find that you see and hear better and more, and without gnats, your walks will be deeper.
  • In the absence of leaves, nests can be seen. Yes, now you will see your neighbors better. You will be able to make out. which trees have become decrepit and become a good home for owls, birds and animals. See what they eat to winter.
  • You will find special places close to spiritual perception. As you walk, notice unique locations for future visits. There will be some that you want to write about, or where there will be a desire to pray. In such places you want to stop, sit down, look around and think, think well, or sing))
  • Try keeping a travel diary in the woods. This activity will provide you with a new kind of interesting activity. Diaries are your daily scientific articles, memoirs on travel and the life of nature. You will be surprised when you read them after a while.

By and large, a person needs to find at least the nearest forest for a walk. A small forest area is also enough to break away from the constant news flow and information load. At least not for long. You can enjoy the silence, or nature will provide you with a small audio accompaniment, in the form of a woodpecker banging on a tree with its beak.

Many problems can be solved by walking. We go out for a walk with our problem, but there are great chances that when we return we will have a ready-made solution.

The habit of daily walking can easily become a good training base. Scientists say that 20 minutes a day is enough, but many still walk longer. I prefer walking solo because it creates an open space in the imagination for ideas. Solo means complete loneliness. no family, no friends, no phone. This opens up space in the mind for thoughts and ideas. I often find myself doing these “Eureka” walking. Interesting thing. They magically appear many, many times. New and different ideas or solutions float around while walking.

Walks, including winter walks, are something that we should consider for ourselves. It’s a rewarding activity and worth a try.

If you have a lot of work, a difficult exam, or you are simply tired of the bustle of the city, come to the reboot in Armhi, which is surrounded by mountains and forests. Take a walk here in the fresh air and you will gain strength, get inspiration and return to your business with a fresh mind.