What Age Tricycle

Which children’s tricycle is better to choose?

When the baby grows up, he gets tired of constantly sitting in a stroller, he wants more movement and games. But children from one to two years old still walk poorly and get tired quickly. it is difficult for them to cross long distances. The mother often has to carry the child in her arms, and this is a constant load on the back weighing more than 10 kg. In such an intermediate period between a sidecar and a regular bicycle, a children’s tricycle with a handle can be an excellent option.

Types of children’s tricycles

Before choosing a children’s tricycle, you need to decide which type of “iron horse” will suit your child.

  • A stroller is a hybrid of a tricycle with a regular stroller. An adult manages such a bike with a push handle. An imitation is created for the child that he is driving and driving the transport himself. Suitable for children from 8 months old who have just learned to sit up to 3 years old. An older child will not be interested in such a vehicle.
  • Classic children’s tricycle. this design has nothing superfluous. Steering wheel, pedals, wheels and a comfortable seat. It is inappropriate to use it earlier than 2 years old, since rare children before this age can boast of the ability to pedal independently and maintain a good balance.
  • Transformer. contains a model with a handle and a classic children’s bike. Up to a certain age, the child will tinker with adults with a handle, after gaining the necessary skills, the child will be able to operate the bike on his own. Before that, you will need to remove all safety elements, a handle, a footrest, after which you will get a regular bike. Suitable age for such a child’s tricycle is 8 months to 5 years.
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Features of choosing a bicycle stroller

In addition, we can say that the presence of a spacious trunk for a children’s bicycle with a handle is very important. Mothers of babies know how much to take with them. Decent cycling strollers can be found at https://ultrasport.ru/velosipedy/detskie/detskie-trekhkolesnye-velosipedy/

Features of choosing a classic tricycle

Which kids tricycle to choose for an older child who is already striving for independence? A classic model will be a great gift. It remains practically unchanged since the generation before last, except that the materials and equipment have changed. All modifications were made to improve child safety.

  • Despite the fact that the baby has grown, it is still better to opt for a vehicle with a back-chair. There are models for this age and with a saddle, but then it is important to ensure that the material of manufacture is not slippery and that there is a encircling rigid side. It runs along the sides of the saddle and behind the back.
  • The pedals should be wide so that the child’s foot fits completely on them and does not slip. A rubberized pedal surface is a good option.
  • Better to give preference to options with rubber tires. These tricycles have a softer ride on uneven surfaces, reduce shaking, and are more stable. The larger the wheel diameter, the more stable it is.
  • The rudder stop is a protection against sudden steering movements and falls after that. A bonus will be the height adjustment of the steering wheel.
  • You should never buy a bicycle for growth, when your legs dangle near spinning pedals, this is not safe.

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Features of choosing a transformer

These models are more bulky in size and weight, due to the fact that they contain two in one: a classic model and a bicycle stroller. Therefore, before choosing a children’s tricycle with a handle, with the possibility of transformation, it is necessary to take into account the physical capabilities of the person who will transport it. In addition to this feature, there are other things to consider.

In all other respects, when choosing a transformer, you can focus on the nuances of selecting an ordinary tricycle children’s bicycle with a handle and the classic version.

Which bike to choose?

After identifying the features of each type of children’s tricycle, you need to choose one thing. Each parents base their choice on personal preferences and depending on what they expect from this type of transport.

If small dimensions and weight are more important for the mother, then it is better for her to stop at a simple children’s tricycle with a handle. It is much lighter than a stroller, but in fact it can perform almost all its functions. In addition, a child in a bicycle wheelchair with a handle has a greater view and more playability. Each trip turns into an adventure for him, he thinks that he drives the transport with his own hands. While the baby is small, it is important that the parents have full control over the process of his movement.

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The main advantage of the classic children’s bike is that the child will quickly become accustomed to independence and will learn how to pedal and maintain balance himself. It also has small weight and dimensions.