Threw a scooter at a child broke his arm with a scooter

How to teach a child to ride a scooter?

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Is a beautiful, brand new scooter designed to become a wonderful gift, source of pride and joy for a baby, gathering dust in a closet or on a balcony? The child refuses to ride?

First of all, you need to interest the little one. Then consider that half the battle is done! You can promise to give a scooter to the boy from the next doorway, but it’s better to just let him and the whole yard ride your scooter.

In this case, the natural sense of ownership should work, and your child will certainly want to try. Since all children like the scooter, it means that there is something in it.!

A three-wheeled scooter is best suited for training: it is more stable. But if you have a two-wheeled one, it doesn’t matter! The two-wheeled scooter is faster and more agile, which your little one will appreciate later.

Even an apartment is enough for the first trip. First of all, adjust the handlebar according to the child’s height, hold the handlebar with the child and invite him to try to push off with his foot.

By the way, it is desirable that the child does not give preference to any one leg, but alternates them (so that the muscles of both legs are equally developed).

When the scooter has picked up a little speed, both legs should be placed on the stand. When the scooter slows down, you need to push off again.

First practice driving in a straight line, then practice turning. When turning left, you need to turn the steering wheel to the left and push off with the left leg. When turning to the right, the steering wheel turns to the right, and you need to push off with the right leg.

For the most advanced students: you can try to ride in circles and zigzags.

Teach your child to slow down and stop. Also practice falls. Let the baby know that his safety is more important to you, and not the safety of the scooter. Therefore, in the event of a fall, you do not need to grab the scooter, but it is better to try to group without it.

Take the baby for a while around the apartment, do not rush him and do not insist, if suddenly the child is tired of it. After all, if he has a fear of a scooter, then it will be very difficult to persuade the little one to ride again.

If the child is more and more confident in pushing off with the foot, then periodically release the steering wheel for a short time. Let him learn to drive, turn and stop himself.

Now you can go outside. If you see that this disturbs your baby, put on a protection and a helmet.

Discuss safety rules: look around, do not crash into curbs, fences, etc., all the more, you cannot drive onto the roadway.

Just a couple of short workouts separates you from the recklessness. The first time you are nearby, pick up the steering wheel if the child cannot cope.

But! If the kid does not want to ride a scooter in any way, this is not a reason to be upset. Offer him this entertainment a little later, after a month or two. Each child has its own time for new achievements!

Dear Readers! Does your kid know how to ride a scooter? At what age did your child become interested in the scooter? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.!

We discuss on the forum:

3 years. age of privilege

Tips for choosing a scooter for a three-year-old child (the average height of children at this age ranges from 90 to 100 centimeters) practically does not differ from those relevant for two-year-olds. Again, choose models with two wheels in front and one in the back, as they have anatomically correct steering. The bar height range, as in the previous case, is about 50-75 cm. At this age, the child shows sympathy for bright colors, so we advise you to pay attention to the unusual models of the Lil series: Pop or Tek. Practical scooters, and even very beautiful!

What to choose for children over 5 years old?

The requirements for scooters for children from 6 to 10 years old practically do not differ in anything, since in children during this period of growing up, only growth changes. You can buy a model with adjustable steering wheel and don’t worry. many scooter models have enough stock for several years to come! If the child wishes, you can choose an off-road scooter, which is equipped with large-diameter inflatable wheels. Such models have high reliability and good cross-country ability, as well as an impressive appearance that boys will certainly like. Well, for girls there are excellent bright scooters, including those with LED lighting.!

Most of the range of Razor scooters falls into this middle age range. it can be classic folding scooters, it can be bright and juicy clumsy and quiet Party Pop scooters, or unusual scooters of the Spark series.

In the age group from 6 to 10 years old, the main requirement for scooters is their durability and indestructibility. Children rarely understand the material value of things, which means that we, as a manufacturer, must take care of this, making very durable scooters so that they can be dropped, thrown and do with them everything that young mischievous people do with them! It is also worth paying attention to the stiffness of polyurethane wheels. its value should not be less than 76A. Otherwise, excessive wheel wear will be observed, which will negatively affect the life of the scooter. But do not worry, because almost the entire line of Razor scooters has 84-88A wheels, and this is the very maximum wheel stiffness that is used in this kind of vehicles.

We select the height of the steering wheel

The specific height of the scooter’s handlebars will completely depend not only on the child’s height, but also on his individual preferences. For this reason, only general recommendations should be highlighted, which will allow you to independently select the required value of the rudder height:

  • Take measurements of the child’s growth. To do this, using a measuring tape, determine the height of his arms from the floor to the elbows (when his arms are bent at the elbows at a right angle, as if he were holding the steering wheel of a scooter). Remember this value and buy that model of a scooter, the steering wheel of which can have about 5-10 cm of stock (both in plus and minus) from the result you received.
  • The correct adjustment of the steering wheel of the scooter is easily detected by the correct position of the hands and body of the child. his hands should not rise above chest level, and the baby himself should rest against the steering wheel, but not with efforts to reach for it.
  • The optimal position of the arms is at the level of the solar plexus, bent at a right angle. Someone prefers a lower steering wheel. this is acceptable within reasonable limits. It is better when the steering wheel is lower than it will be very large, because this will negatively affect the handling of the scooter.
  • When driving a scooter, the child should not bend over or tip his body back. the back should remain straight with correct posture.

These tips will come in handy as babies grow very quickly and adjusting the handlebar height will become a frequent and necessary activity for you.

How to choose a scooter for a child’s age?

Choosing a scooter for a child by age

A children’s scooter for a child is not only a means of transportation and good entertainment, but also a full-fledged simulator for a developing child’s body. In the process of riding, numerous muscle groups and body systems are involved, which has a beneficial effect on the overall development of the child. But in order for the scooter to really be useful, it is necessary to choose the right scooter. At what age are scooters allowed for children, which scooter to choose for a child of a certain age, and what should be paid close attention to when choosing?

Summary of the lesson “Resentment

Irina Donskova
Summary of the lesson “Resentment”

Summary of the lesson on the development of the emotional-volitional sphere in the senior group of the kindergarten according to the Federal State Educational Standard “Resentment”

purpose: Getting to know the emotion of resentment.

-teach to emotionally perceive the mood of people who are offended;

-to acquaint with ways to remove negative moods;

-teach to convey an emotional state using words and intonation;

-cut picture “Offended girl”;

-pictogram “Resentment”.

-acquaintance of children with various emotional states;

-carrying out exercises to relieve muscle tension, relaxation;

Course of the lesson

A psychologist shows children a drawing depicting an offended boy.

Leaving the circle of friends with resentment,

“Learn to forgive insults son,

Examine the drawing and show the offended child on it. Look carefully at his image and name the signs by which you can understand that the person is offended. (he has lowered the corners of his lips, he is crying, he looks unhappy, his head is tilted low, shoulders are lowered, etc.). Draw the face of an offended child.

2.Answer the questions correctly: who was offended? (Boy with a car, boy with a scooter). It’s a shame why? (Quarreled with a friend). Resentment at whom? (On a friend). What caused the resentment?

What actions can an offended person take? (Cry, get upset, take offense, pout, be capricious).

What to do or say if you have offended someone? (Apologize, ask for forgiveness). What words can help calm an offended child? (Don’t be upset, don’t cry, let’s go play together).

Complete the sentence “I take offense when.”

The boys took away and broke the doll from the little girl. The girl sits alone and cries.

Misha spent the whole day sculpting a snowman with his dad in the yard, and a neighbor’s boy threw a ball at the snowman and broke it.

Listen to the poem and show the characters with facial expressions and gestures.

But I didn’t want to search. (Emma Mashkovskaya).

The psychologist examines and discusses resentment from different angles. Involving children in this and encouraging them to remember specific situations from life.

Katya and Masha played in the sandbox. They were building a city in which they would live with their favorite toys. Katya wanted to build a big city, and Masha wanted a small one. They started arguing. Katya is tired of it. She took and destroyed the building. Masha was offended. She moved away from the sandbox and stood aside. And Katya began to build her city alone.

– Let’s say it all together in unison: “I want to help myself! Go away, insult, away! “

Exercises. helpers “If you have been offended”

-Ignore a stupid teaser, because a smart kid wouldn’t say that.

-Move away from the offenders and walk quickly, run, jump on one leg, stretch out on sports equipment.

-In winter, go outside and throw snowballs.

-If there are trees nearby, lean against the tree with your back, face or palms.

Children collect a cut picture “Offended girl”

Relaxation exercise “Everyone knows how to dance.”

Everyone can dance, jump, run, paint.

We have such a game. very easy, simple,

Movement slows down, tension disappears.

And it becomes clear. relaxation is pleasant!

“Duet of Drummer Monkeys”. Lesson summary of the lesson using the LEGO constructor The relevance of this development lies in the fact that robotics in kindergarten introduces 21st century technologies to pupils, contributes.

Summary of the GCD “Tiny-Khavroshechka” and the summary of the lesson “Chanterelle with a rolling pin” Summary of the GCD on the topic: “Tiny. Khavroshechka” Area: “Speech development” Section: “Reading fiction” Topic: “Acquaintance with.

Summary of traffic rules lesson Purpose: Consolidation of traffic rules in practice. Objectives: To systematize the lessons of children on the rules of the road. Develop.

Summary of the open lesson on the non-traditional application “Flower for Mom” ​​in the middle group Outline of the lesson for the open lesson on the non-traditional application “Flower for Mom” ​​in the middle group. Purpose: to form family values.

Summary of the lesson in the logorhythmic lesson “Who lives where” based on the poem by S. Eremeeva. Outline of the lesson in logorhythm in the middle group “Who lives where?” (Based on the poem by S. Eremeev.) Educator: Volegova E. A. Objectives:.

Summary of the application lesson in the senior group “Streets of my city”. Teamwork

Abstract of a lesson on traffic rules Abstract of direct educational activities Topic: “Traffic rules” “Travel to the country of traffic rules”.

Summary of traffic rules lesson “I am a pedestrian” MB Maidakoskaya secondary school Preschool groups Educator Bredova AA Summary of traffic rules lesson. “I am a pedestrian!” Objectives:. to repeat and summarize the rules.

Summary of the lesson of the complex lesson “Examining the toy” Cat “Topic:” Murka visiting the children “Purpose: Introducing children to a pet-cat. Tasks: Learn to recognize and name a cat. Teach.

Abstract of a lesson in mathematics Topic: Measurement. Program tasks: Exercise in the counting by twos, within 20; In measuring the length with different measures; Develop observation.

Falls on an electric scooter

Falling on an electric scooter is an interesting topic for all owners of these wonderful carts. Analyzing the causes of falls helps you stay healthy. In this review, we have collected all the cases encountered on the network. Comments describing your experience are welcome.

28%. bruises, sprains and ligament ruptures.
30%. fractures.
40%. head injuries.

Dockless Electric Scooter-Related InjuriesStudy — Austin, Texas, September – November 2018 published data for Austin, Texas, USA. 190 injured electric scooters (less than 1% were wearing helmets) had the following injuries:

48%. head injuries (skull injuries, abrasions, cuts).
70%. injuries of the upper limbs (hands, forearms, elbow joints, shoulder).
55%. injuries of the lower extremities.
18%. chest and / or abdominal injuries.
35%. had fractures (where exactly the bones were broken is shown in the picture).

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Of these 190 injured, half (80 people) received injuries classified as severe.
84%. bone fractures (excluding nose and fingers / toes)
45%. injuries to nerves, tendons or ligaments.
15%. head injuries.
5%. heavy bleeding.

A third of the injured electric scooters surveyed were injured during their first trip. 63% had driven an electric scooter nine or fewer times prior to injury.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages 12 hours before the injury was reported by 29% of the respondents. than one third (37%) reported being injured as a result of excessive speed. 19% believe that the electric scooter was defective (eg brakes, wheels, etc.). Only 10% were injured in a collision with a motor vehicle. One person was injured while talking on the phone; six people reported listening to music / audiobooks when they had an accident. The calculations of the authors of the study show that there are 20 injured people for every 100,000 trips on an electric scooter.

Israel’s National Research Center for Traumatology and Emergency Medicine, in its Q1 2019 report, reports that there has been an almost 30% decrease in the number of accidents caused by e-bicycles in the first three months, while there has been an almost 90% increase in the number of accidents caused by the use of electric bicycles. scooters. (In both cases, the data were compared with the same period in the previous year).

Owners of powerful electric scooters pose an obvious danger to pedestrians. There are no statistics on this topic, but there are a lot of individual descriptions of cases of collisions with pedestrians. The situation is aggravated by the fact that most pedestrians are brainless and walk on bike paths.

First-person text descriptions

On the forums there are a lot of descriptions of cases of falls and accidents from their direct participants. Reading them is no less useful than watching videos. But all the branches of the forums are covered with a flood of participants and digging out descriptions of falls from them is another task. So I will put into the article what I got.

Because of those who like to walk on bike paths, I slid off her onto the dirt road, which is why the scooter sagged and could not enter the curb. flew over the steering wheel, fell right with all its weight on the arms outstretched in front of him, as a result, the elbow was dislocated and a strong sprain on both arms. Couldn’t bend them for about 2 weeks.

Today I decided to go to the park (Peter, Tavrichesky Garden) to evaluate how the scooter behaves on the sandy park paths. Everything was going well until I decided to move down a small hill. It seems that the rains washed away part of the sand down the path, as a result, on a dry day, the coating in the lower part of the hill turned into a layer of loose sand 5 centimeters deep. On the very slope, the track was normal and allowed for good acceleration (unfortunately). When I realized that there was deep sand below, it was already too late. Speed: 20-23 km / h. The motor-wheel was buried in the sand and the scooter flew off somewhere to the right and down, and I was left alone with my kinetic energy.
Landed on left knee and left side. He fell into that very deep sand, which softened the blow somewhat. Raised a cloud of dust) Apparently the sight was quite epic, tk. several vacationers came to check if everything was okay with me.
I have big bruises on my side and knee. Didn’t seem to break anything.

Caught Renault on the sidewalk. We drove along the way, Renault turned into the yard in front of me. There was either no povortnik or I didn’t notice. Crashed into his wheel, flew along the hood, grouped, rolled on the asphalt. The result. abrasions on the elbows, the left elbow hurts. apparently a bruise. Also hit to the right of the lower back, apparently in the hip bone. There is also an abrasion, there will be a bruise.

I drove along the bike path, then, like a click, I went to the ambulance. They said that I was driving 49 km / h. There were cops along the way, since all my things are described. I don’t know anything else.
I almost lost my kidney, but everything healed quickly. It remains to lick the fractures of the jaw, face and hand.

At low speed, I hit a hole in front of a low curb. I was wearing a roller guard, so only a bruise from the leg stand and a slight ache in the tendon of my left wrist. Scrubbed protection doesn’t count. Knee pads and protection of hands (wrists) worked 100%.

Yesterday I fell off a scooter while riding. There was no protection, no knee pads or elbow pads. Falcon Zero 10x scooter, weight 35 kg.
We drove in a column along the VDNKh bypass. Then the phone rings. Once it rings, the second, the third, and does not stop. Well, I think we need to see who is calling there, maybe something super important.
I dropped my speed from 50 to about 40, tore my hand off, took my phone out of my pants. There is wobling.
It all happened in an instant. The pain in the hand is immediately sharp, knees torn into blood. The trigger broke off.
Ilyukha returned from the column, which had gone far ahead, and gave me duct tape and pain pills. At first I did not attach any importance to the pain in my arm, I thought it was an ordinary injury. I reached the metro (Ilya helped me to wrap the trigger with electrical tape). Dragged the scooter up the stairs to the house.
In the morning I woke up from a wild pain in my left arm, and my right leg ached. In the emergency room, they made a picture: a fracture with displacement of the humerus. On the leg there are just bruises and wounds to the bone.
I am now undergoing treatment, while I am still visiting the doctors, they must make a decision about the operation.

I managed to fly over the steering wheel at a speed of about 10 km / h)) On the usual route through the park, along the way, a border of 4 centimeters well, I slow down to 10 somewhere and jump in. and then someone or something dug in front of him a hole that is abundantly sprinkled with autumn foliage. and the leaves are already dark in the parks, so you won’t notice anything right away, that’s actually a surprise. when the samik stood rooted to the spot. with that hole the border was already 15 centimeters)))

M365 Pro. Taki made his first flight. Front wheel slipped on gravel. Although the speed was close to 25, I got off with a small abrasion on my hand. I ripped it off on the lining of my motor gloves, slightly grazed it under the knee, and managed to knock my lip with a couple of minor abrasions during the roll. Escaped with cosmetic injuries. The scooter did a somersault and stuck the steering wheel straight into the ground.

29 km / h, a gust of wind breaks a branch on a tree and the okurat flies into the visor of the helmet. I think with a bare head, at least my nose would have broken.

Kugoo m4 pro. A couple of months ago, I decomposed. I was driving along the sidewalk at a speed of 25-30 km / h. The sidewalk was between the sidewalk and the courtyards, and at some point a car drove out of the yard towards the sidewalk. without looking at the situevina on the sidewalk (I was already close to the intersection of the sidewalk and the exit), I stupidly stopped on it, letting the car go to the sidewalk I am also good: there is no protection, all black clothes (there is no question of any noticeableness), I’m not really used to the brakes. I squeezed the last to the skid, that’s why I fell on my right arm, got a dislocation with a fracture of the shoulder, torn elbows with knees.

Yesterday he turned me around on dirty wet asphalt and threw me under a metal bump. I counted about 4 columns: the first one hit with my hand, the second fell on the helmet. and then I lost control of the situation.
On the scooter, cosmetic damage, itself intact. the protection worked. I thought I broke my finger, but it did go 🙂

In mid-November, flew to Mini4 pro, in the evening in the dark on an unfamiliar road (sidewalk along Volgogradsky Prospekt).
Without protection :-)) The speed is about 25 km / h. suddenly I see a piece of gravel covered with gravel across the road, began to slow down, managed to drop the speed to 15 km / h and think over several fall scenarios :-))) I see how the front wheel is buried in gravel, at this moment I fold the scooter to the right and, as it were, jump off, the scooter behind me and to the right does a somersault (took a blow and the rear wing broke), as planned, I fly horizontally forward with my head substituting my right side (more precisely, the point of contact was closer to the right shoulder blade). I rubbed the right side of my jacket and my backpack into the trash (he took over the work of damping friction), then, at the end of braking, I was spun a little around the axis. the hat pulled over my eyes and saved my face (a hole was rubbed in the hat). At the very last moment, a pebble was caught that cut the forehead on the right (1.5 cm seam, sewn up) and the neck ached.

I rode to work on a scooter sitting, as usual. My path ran between several houses along the adjacent territory, which I had not traveled through this year. There was a puddle on the asphalt in the entire width of the asphalt, which could not be bypassed in any way, and after it, a few meters later, a steep ascent up a hill of degrees, probably 25-30 degrees, began. It looked like the depth of the puddle was small and I decided to drive along it along the edge. The speed was no more than 15 km / h, but it was accelerating. So, driving through this puddle, I hit the front wheel in a deep hole in the asphalt invisible under water, as a result of which, even despite the low speed, I flew over the steering wheel of the scooter and landed on the palms of both hands extended forward. Gloved hands. Somehow I got to work, both hands ached, especially the left one. By the morning of the next day, the left hand was decently swollen and the fingers were barely moving. In traumatology, I made an X-ray, thank God there was no fracture, but only a severe bruise.

The other day I flew over the steering wheel to get off with torn jeans and nasty scratches. This happened because I did not put a lock that prevents my foot from pressing the folding pedal, in the end I pressed it all the same and folded.

A banal combination of sand at the turn and for some reason not filmed cruise at 3 speeds. Somersault from a seated position into the lawn. Almost zero injuries. Mostly a scooter. The T-shirt is only slightly dusty.
The cruise is disabled. Nafig such an adventure.

I was driving in a village with a 2-lane road, I was driving as always sitting, a car was driving behind, there is a place in the village where the whole road turns left, slowed down, turned, and. fell, why? But because some clever guy spilled the right lane with water for some reason, and the width of the wet asphalt was less than the lane, about a meter, when I finished the turn and tried to pick up speed, the scooter suffered, namely the front wheel, first in one direction, then in another, and actually the fall, it was useless to brake here, the speed was about 20-25 km / h. Since I was riding in jeans and a sweatshirt, and even with a backpack, only a peeled finger from my injuries.

Today I also wound up, 25 km / h, forgot what shit the slicks were, hit the wet asphalt, entered a turn with a tilt, and the scooter flew away from under me. About the helmet. in vain, I kissed my face on the asphalt, as I understand I made half a turn on the ground, thanks to the backpack, how the pillow worked. The protective shield cracked, even on the tip of the nose there was dirt, the right hand was peeled off, the trouser leg was slightly torn, it seemed to dislocate the left hand and tore off the fingers on the knuckles.

The girl convincingly asked her to turn on the second speed (at the first max. 15 km / h), as she was sure that she would cope with the scooter after a couple of hours of riding.
The smooth and empty asphalt track of Losiny Island predisposed. But then suddenly a real elk appeared on the road. (By the way, I saw for the first time).
As a result. panic, instead of a brake. an attempt to jump from the scooter onto

28 km / h, of course a fall.
The result. jeans on the knees torn, knees ripped to blood, bruises on both legs and on the elbow. Fortunately, nothing more serious happened. It stood sideways, it allowed to group and fly head over heels.

On Saturday he was hit by a minibus. I rode as usual while standing. They converged almost 90 degrees. He has a speed of 20 to 30, well, mine is in the region of 20. First he applied his head on the hood, then on the asphalt. Protection was: helmet 3/4, roller knee pads (under the pants), elbow pads, gloves. Threw five meters away. The scooter went under the hood. The carrier had time to slow down. Damage: torn jacket and two pants in the area of ​​the left knee. The helmet was intact, but the blow was resonant from the inside. No physical damage.

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I drove at a speed of 25-30 in the evening (I dropped it at the moment of impact, I think up to 20, it could be even stronger). The road is illuminated, the center of the city of St. Petersburg, stripes of shadow from the pillars crossing the roadway. I look ahead (not at the phone), which is characteristically sober and not after the daily shift. I have been driving this route for the second year, but …… one of the lanes was not a shadow strip, but a strip cut in the asphalt across the roadway for some sort of secret communication cable
Jaw fracture and one tooth.

Right in front of NG, he flew into the freshest deep pothole on the road, just behind the lying policeman. He got off with an impressive bruise on his thigh. I have been traveling on this route for a little less than 2 years, every weekday.

I did not calculate the height of the curb, the speed was 5-7 km / h, as a result I didn’t jump up the front wheel on it. Rested. Through the wheel. Gloves and knee pads helped. I got up, brushed my jeans on my knees and drove on.

Has already fallen 2 times. Speedway Mini 4. The first time unsuccessfully at 20 km / h, I missed the curb sideways (that’s what I was thinking about). Torn trousers with a broken knee, a ripped palm on the right hand, a ripped left elbow and shoulder. I hobbled to the nearest pharmacy, bought a repair kit made of peroxide, bandage and brilliant green and sat on the curb smearing.
The second time I got caught in the rain, drove carefully but poked through the mud, one small turn of the steering wheel and a roll. the scooter instantly went to the side, and I went to the other side. The speed was about 10 km / h, the result was an increase in the previous hole on the right palm and kotska on the left. In general, now I try to ride more carefully, I bought gloves (I had a helmet).

a week and a half ago.
First fall on the first day (hour) of ownership. After a couple of kilometers euphoria from the trip appeared. Experience “0”, protection “0”. Driving down the sidewalk

20 km / h, at the next crossing by the sidewalk of the exit, I slowed down and jumped off a small curb and the next curb seemed tall. Has slowed down, the scooter has already stopped and the rider’s body is not yet. Jumping down, by inertia made a couple of steps and stumbled over the scooter, first landed softly on the wrist and a little harder on the elbow and knee. The result is a small bruise of the wrist (miraculously without scratches) and a broken elbow. Now I scare my neighbors and envy the kids with my formidable appearance in a helmet and protection

I drive from work along a small road among the private sector and warehouses. I drive up to the bend and slow down, because the car might pull out at any moment. And there are bushes, trees and other vegetation because of which you can’t see anything. The speed is about 5 km / h-10 km / h and then, because of the turn, a teenager flies into me on a push scooter at a decent speed. In the end, he wanted to get away from the collision and turned to the side of the road, where I had nowhere to go already.
In general, it flies into my forehead, we both fall, and instead of a scooter, I catch a guy so that he does not get killed and does not fly off to the side of the nettles. In the end, no one was hurt.

I was shot down here a couple of days ago. Lublinka, leaving the parking lot. The woman, leaving, looked the other way. And I didn’t see her. I rode at the speed of a running man, not an athlete. The scooter has a bent steering tube and is carried out into pieces. I got off with a split eyebrow and completely crumpled pride.
At least repair the bumper of the car. In general, we parted with her peacefully, she paid my potential expenses and a taxi.

Fell from the Jack But clone forward through the steering wheel, head on the tile at a speed of no more than 15 km / h. … I rode among the people and watched, as if I would not hurt anyone, but I didn’t notice the deep hole in front… I had to have time to look behind the holes or go slower or the engine in general among the people did not turn on, as I did before, but then I decided to maneuver…
Head hemorrhage, calling an ambulance, sending to the hospital. half a day in the hospital.
Health consequences: a large bruise on the cheekbone and a 1 cm incision above the eyebrow, from which blood was abundant and flowed. The bones are intact, the brain is not affected (I finally did an MRI of the head, I was planning to undergo it). The consequences of clothing: everything is covered in blood, there are no tears.

I am recovering from a severe broken arm after falling over the steering wheel. The scooter just lay on its side. Didn’t notice anything at the front wheel. I did not look around in detail, since I broke my face too.

Fell off the minicar. Out of the blue. I drive 25 km / h. I think it’s a bit chilly. Since there is little practice, the left hand automatically reaches for the zipper on the jacket. The grip of the right hand is weakened by the trigger. What happened, a pebble or a hole, I don’t know. I’m losing control. I landed on the asphalt with my left shoulder. As a result, my jacket was torn and my side hurt for three days. Now any manipulations, only after a complete stop of the vehicle.

Electric scooter or bike, which is safer?

According to the Washington Post, scientists from the University of California from September 2017 to August 2018 studied patient data from two emergency departments in Los Angeles. Electric scooters were the main cause of injuries and accidents during this period.

Due to incidents with scooters, 249 people thundered into the hospital (228 owners of electric scooters and 21 pedestrians who knew the electric scooter indirectly). For comparison, the number of injured cyclists in the same period was 195 people, pedestrians 181 people.

The study notes that 40% of the injured scooters received head injuries, about 30%. fractures, 28%. bruises, sprains, ruptures of the skin and ligaments.

Electric scooter and protective equipment

Protective equipment for traveling on an electric scooter is almost the same as that of cyclists. There are three differences:

  • Scooters tend to acquire knee and shin protectors. Here it should be borne in mind that it is designed to be worn under pants, and not over. Only fuckers wear her pants.
  • The knee and shin protectors are designed so that when the rider vibrates, it is in a bent position, and the lower part of the shields is clamped by the tops of the motorcycle boots. When using it on straightened legs and without fixation in motorboots, you will either have to tighten it too much with belts (which creates discomfort), or it will slide down your leg.
  • Since a person is inactive on an electric scooter, like a standing penguin, you can use motorcycle turtles. Up to 20 0 C it is not hot in them on a scooter.

The brightest embarrassment of George W. Bush

On November 8, 1994, George W. Bush became Governor of Texas. Much later, for many years, Bush was the master of the White House, but how do ordinary US citizens remember him? As studies have shown, nothing flattering about Bush usually comes to their minds. The Americans who chose Bush Jr. as president were never happy with their leader and did not see him as a strong personality. And meticulous scientists from Pennsylvania found out that George W. Bush is the “stupidest president” of the country since the pre-war times.

Bush never tired of proving to everyone that he was not that smart. True, of course, without wanting to. One day he began to count in public: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, five.” Then the president stopped, obviously puzzled, what number is next. On another occasion, he announced that he would triple the appropriations for some needs of the Americans. from 50 million to 195 million.

A well-known case was at a reception at the White House during the visit of Elizabeth II. “The American people are delighted to welcome Your Majesty to the United States, a country with which you are well acquainted,” Bush spoke. Whatever one may say, you dined with 10 American presidents. You took part in the celebrations in our country on the occasion of the bicentennial of its creation at 17. “

Then Bush stopped short, noticing that the then 81-year-old queen gave him a surprised look, and quickly corrected himself: “In 1976.” Later he said: “She looked at me as only a mother can look at a child.”.

The news that the US President lost consciousness for a few seconds, choking on a salted pretzel, spread all over the world.

According to his personal physician Richard Tubb, the unfortunate incident occurred when Bush was watching television coverage of an American football match in the White House.

The pretzel itself was nicknamed “Mr. Salty”. During an anti-American demonstration in Paris on May 26, 2002, participants carried banners depicting a pretzel.


According to the doctor, the president fainted due to the fact that his heart rate dropped sharply when he choked.

Quite often, Bush “fought” with the doors. For example, during a press conference in Beijing, President George W. Bush, refusing to continue answering journalists’ questions, hastened to leave behind closed doors.

Another annoying embarrassment happened to George W. Bush during his family vacation in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Then the Supreme Commander of the US Army could not cope with the scooter. Eyewitnesses said that after playing tennis, Bush decided to try out the new generation Segway scooter.

Without letting go of the tennis racket, he tried to jump dashingly on the “miracle of technology”, but did not keep his balance and fell. Failure did not embarrass George W. Bush.

After a few minutes, he nevertheless got behind the wheel and, along with his father George W. Bush and the dog Barney, went on a long scooter ride.

At one of the summits in 2007, Bush announced that Australian Prime Minister John Howard had visited Austrian troops in Iraq (instead of Australian ones) a year ago.

And in one of his many official statements on the conflict in the North Caucasus in August 2008, made in September of the same year, Bush confused the parties to the conflict, changing his earlier words and calling Georgia an “aggressor” that invaded Russian territory.

Many phrases from the speeches of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, especially his impromptu speeches, have been called “bushisms.” They became an example of the fact that the president is far from shining with intelligence.

In particular, Bush stated that he knew for sure that American lunar rovers were flying to Mars, but he was very surprised to learn that there are blacks in Brazil.

Traveling Latin America, Bush apologized for not knowing Latin.

He also promised that he would not let the terriers take over America.

A joke about how Bush’s library burned down. two whole books, one of which he did not even have time to paint, appeared after the American leader said that “one of the best things about books is that sometimes they have wonderful pictures “.

“This is my job. to think beyond my nose,” the American president once said.

Another bushism: “To be honest, teachers are the only profession whose representatives teach our children.”.

Bush also shared his happiness that he had “the opportunity to shake hands with the brave Iraqi citizen, which Saddam cut off to him.”.

Once the president told about a meeting with a certain Teresa Nelson, who, according to Bush, is both “a parent and a mother, or just a father.”.

George never concealed that he was concerned about the problems of the Americans. He once lamented: “Too many doctors are leaving the business. Too many gynecologists are unable to do what they love to do with women across the country. “.

Bush has never hidden his admiration for his own country. “We are the most generous nation in the world,” the president said. We are very generous. I am proud that we are so generous. But despite our generosity, we should not boast of our generosity. “.

Of course, US security came first to Bush: “Our enemies are resourceful and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and so do we. “.

Bush was said to have used obscene language in the workplace. His colleagues noted that his language is not very diverse: he uses the common word “fuck” as a verb, and as a noun, and as an adjective, like the word shit.


And once he said: “The most important thing is not to be the ruler, or the first lady, as in my case.”

With his words, at times, it is difficult to argue: “I think we agree that the past is over.”

In 2004, summing up his meeting with the Chilean President, Bush said: “We reaffirmed our readiness to resolutely fight terrorism, root the drug trade and pay tribute to those who spoil our youth.”.

Well, and sometimes the movement of the thoughts of the President of the United States is simply not possible to understand: “You are free! Freedom is wonderful! But, you know, it takes time to restore chaos and order. order separate from chaos. But we will do it! “

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“I think war is a very dangerous place,” Bush said and it’s hard to disagree with him.

“The woman who knew I was dyslexic. How could she know if I have never even met her? “. George once indignant.

“I hope to have a good night’s sleep on friendly soil.”. he said before his visit to Denmark.

“I wanted to say that don’t put a finger in this guy’s mouth, but it probably won’t look very good in translation. Is it okay if I say that I won’t put a finger in your mouth? “. said Bush, addressing the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker.

Bush was especially remembered for his extravagant behavior in Russia at the G8 summit in St. Petersburg.

The American Washington Times even awarded Bush a symbolic prize for the most unexpected dictum: “Yo, Blair! Well how are you?”. This is how the American president greeted his closest ally, British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In general, Americans have never been afraid to laugh at Bush. A couple of years ago, the satirical animated series “Little Bush” was released on the screens of one of the US TV channels.

In the first episode, the main character and his friends all go to warring Iraq “in search of good news” to please George W. Bush on the occasion of Father’s Day.

Another satire on Bush was also released. Oliver Stone’s film “W”, in which Bush is played by Josh Brolin, in one of the episodes of the film he sits in the Oval Office of the White House in the president’s favorite pose, putting his feet in black cowboy boots on the presidential table.

An Egyptian journalist at a press conference in Baghdad was not at all humorous towards Bush. He suddenly stood up from his seat and said, “This is a gift from the Iraqis. This is a goodbye kiss, you are a dog “.

and threw a shoe at the President of the United States, then the journalist bent down, took the second shoe and threw it as well.

Only after that, the security of the US President attacked the journalist and neutralized him, immediately taking him out of the hall where the press conference was held. Bush was unharmed as he deftly dodged both boots, but Bush’s press secretary, Dana Perino, who was hit in the eye with a microphone in the confusion, was injured.

Immediately after the incident, Bush, among other things, said that “he does not hold a grudge against that guy,” and generally considers the incident “funny.” “It happens, and this is a sign of a free society,” Bush summed up. He later described the incident as the strangest moment of his presidency.

After the end of his presidential term, Bush announced that he was not going to sit around idle. “You know, I somehow can’t imagine myself in a big straw hat and a Hawaiian shirt, sitting somewhere on the beach,” he said at his last press conference as head of state. “Especially since I stopped drinking.”.

Model choice: there are different proposals for taste and color

First of all, the question arises about the choice of this vehicle. What all scooters have in common is that they do not have a seat, they are propelled by pushing the foot off the ground. You can control the scooter using the steering wheel. But further. a matter of taste!

Scooters are of different modifications (small and large; racing or semi-racing; for adults and for children; city, road, cross, snowmobile; bike-driven, motor scooters, electric scooters; regular and folding). Decide for yourself what is more important to you: stability, maneuverability, design, steering wheel height adjustment, body and wheel material, etc.

A variety of models allows you to choose a scooter for a child of any gender and age.

Toddlers are better off starting with a three-wheeled scooter. it’s more stable. Older children will master a two-wheeled “horse”. it is faster and more maneuverable.

Stronger and more durable, of course, iron scooters. If you hope to leave the “horse” as a legacy, it is better to choose just such a body material. But! Iron scooters are correspondingly heavier. Consider this moment, when your child will whine: “Mommy, bring them.”.

If you want the scooter to serve for more than one season and the child does not grow out of it, pay attention to the models with adjustable steering wheel height.

The wheels are better rubberized. they will last longer and it is more pleasant to ride on them.

Why a scooter is useful: we ride and develop

If you are still in doubt about whether to buy a scooter for your child, think about how you can benefit from such a purchase.

An ordinary walk will turn into a functional muscle training, moreover, into a pleasure and with a breeze! For every parent, an important task is to strengthen the child’s back and joints, lower and upper limbs, and abdominal muscles. Scooter to help you, friends!

Riding a scooter is not just a fidget’s whim, it is also an excellent workout for developing balance, spatial thinking and coordination of movements.

In order for the load on the lower limbs to be evenly distributed, you need to periodically change the jogging leg.

As a rule, having learned the maneuverability on a scooter, children can easily then change to a two-wheeled bicycle.

In favor of the scooter is also the fact that it is safer to ride on it, it is less traumatic, it is easy to carry and it does not take up much space in the apartment.

“Eureka! Here is the solution! “: Teaching a child to ride a scooter

I have a hyperactive child. Not even five minutes will pass before he has time to play the trick. The energy is simply off scale and, of course, it must be directed into a “peaceful” channel, otherwise “you are my poor.”. Once I saw a boy with a scooter and heard: “Wow! Mom, buy me one too ”, it dawned on me:“ Eureka! Here’s the solution! ” And the very next day my fidget was mastering the basics of riding a scooter. Saddling and taming the iron friend turned out to be not as easy as I thought, but. I share my observations and tips.

Basic rules for riding a scooter

We decided on the choice of the model, and the question immediately arises: “How to teach a child to ride a scooter?”. The rules seem to be simple, but sometimes they are naughty and lack patience. Try to imagine that you were put behind the wheel of an airplane and said “Fly, birdie!”. How is it? Scary? So the child does not always have enough courage and dexterity to take and go the first time. Give your baby a chance to believe in himself. and everything will work out.

  • First of all, you need to explain where you can ride, and where you can’t, remind you of the traffic rules: do not go to the roadway, look around.
  • Tell your child what can become an obstacle for the scooter, why it is important to go around holes, stones, driftwood sticking out of the ground, etc.
  • It is advisable to warn the child against possible falls and injuries. wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves. Of course, it will not always be possible to run in front and lay straws, but, at least hypothetically, it is worth protecting an inexperienced stuntman.

There are many techniques for riding a scooter, but there is a time for everything. Before dashing, you need to master the basics. We start from simple to complex.

  • Learning to fall. First, we fall on our knees, then on our elbows, on our palms. You can practice this exercise without a scooter (at home on the carpet), and then on it (these skills will come in handy when learning to ride a bike).
  • Determine the location of the training. An apartment is a good place to start. The first time, so that the child does not lose balance and does not fall, insure him. We grab the handlebars with both hands, put one foot on the platform, and push the other off the ground.

Where to start training?

We start moving straight ahead. We determine the pushing leg (we will see this by which leg the child often tries to push off with). The “correct” foot at first is the first success, the first victories and enthusiasm. A left-handed child will quickly master skating with his left foot, and a right-handed person will be more comfortable to push off with his right.

During the movement, the leg that is on the platform, after the push, we unbend, and when we push, we bend it again at the knee. It turns out a kind of squat on one leg. As soon as the scooter picks up a low speed, the second leg can also be placed on the platform (this technique is used only when you have riding skills).

When we slow down, we push off again with our foot, while controlling the steering wheel. We tilt the body forward a little (we lean on the steering wheel). this will allow the child not to fall back.

When driving, we look ahead in order to see obstacles or bumps in advance and go around them. Periodically change the jogging leg, so that the load on the muscles is evenly distributed.

Turns. Having mastered the movement on a scooter straight ahead, we teach you to make turns. This skill will make it easy to maneuver when avoiding obstacles.

Moving forward, if necessary, turn left, drive to the right edge of the path, push off with our left foot, turn the steering wheel to the left. If necessary, turn right, go to the left edge of the path, push off with the right foot, turn the steering wheel to the right.

Skating in a circle. It is good to fix the turns to the right and left, performing a more difficult exercise. rolling in a circle in one direction, then in the other. If your child is small and does not know well where is right and where is left, these simple exercises will make it easy and easy to remember.

Skating along a complex trajectory. After mastering simple ways of moving on a scooter, you can invite your child to perform more complex exercises: riding in a zigzag (snake), bypassing obstacle chips. Parents themselves can act as “chips” for a detour.

Learning to slow down. Some scooter models have a guard over the rear wheel that can be used as a brake by pressing on it with a kick foot. If necessary (an obstacle on the way), it is easy to jump off the scooter, but only at low speed. This is where our falling skills come in handy. And also, the scooter can simply be rolled side by side for a while, holding the wheel with one hand.

Skating on tracks with different surfaces. Naturally, it is much easier to ride on an asphalt track, and I propose to complicate the task, as it was in our case. We used forest paths. On them there are natural barriers, the path changes in structure, then loose, then trodden. hard, roots stick out, cones lie. Thus, the child can apply the acquired skills. It is good, of course, if the paths are slightly multi-level, i.e. have descents and ascents. This will give the child the opportunity to learn how to slow down when descending, to be more mobile and feel a storm of emotions.

“Race”. Who is faster: are you a jogger or a kid on a scooter? And if there are several kids, why not arrange a competition by drawing a start line and picking up a stopwatch?

When the kid feels like an ace in riding a scooter and he gets bored of the paths-paths near the house, you can go to skate in a skate park.

The most important point. You must be patient because your child is small and inexperienced. For every child, especially a small one, your praise is very important: for every little success, praise your hero. After all, how many positive emotions he can experience not from riding a scooter, but just from your recognition. Your praise for him is protection and support in difficult times. And while he is small, you are for him the “center of the universe” and he trusts you, and only you.

By following these simple rules, you can easily teach your child to ride a scooter and enjoy riding.

Dear Readers! Tell us in the comments how your child became friends with the scooter. What difficulties arose at first and how did you overcome them?

We bring to your attention programs of developmental classes with therapy dogs, depending on the age of the child and your wishes:

  • Training to release dogs from fear. 3
  • Classes with therapy dogs “Honor to a dog”. five
  • Lesson for kids “Hug-dogs”. 0 (up to 3 years old)
  • Educational lesson “Children about the professions of humans and dogs.” four
  • Training sessions with therapy dogs within the framework of the creative camp. 8
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