Store your bike on the balcony in winter

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Rims and tires

They do not require special training, but how to properly store the bike in the winter with the wheels removed should be taken care of in advance. Since during a long stay, the nipple will slowly let air through. The cameras will deflate and an unevenness will be imprinted on the tire of the standing bike. It is advisable to bring the pressure to normal for this model before conservation. Some recommendations advise to bring the pressure to half and pump up periodically. However, practice shows that everyday worries will distract from winter care. It also makes no sense to disassemble the wheels, winter will not harm aluminum rims.

Brake system

The hydraulic brakes are cold resistant. They are filled with non-freezing liquid, which is not afraid of low temperatures. You shouldn’t worry about the condition of the brake discs either, especially since you should never apply lubricant to them.

V-breaks are ready for winter in a matter of seconds. you just need to unbuckle the mount above the wheel to loosen the tension on the cables.

Front and rear derailleur

The metal parts are cleaned of dirt and dust, after which they are abundantly lubricated with a water-repellent agent. To reduce cable stretching, the position of the switches is shifted to the smallest stars in the front and rear.

Chain and sprockets

Ideally, the chain should be removed, cleaned of dirt and placed in a kerosene or oil bath. It is not easy to dismantle the sprockets, so they are simply washed with warm water, after which they are lubricated.

Choosing a storage location

So, if the question is, where is it better to store the bike, and there are several possible answers, then the choice should go in the following sequence:

  • flat;
  • warm dry garage;
  • glazed loggia;
  • cold garage;
  • open balcony.

Now bike shops offer winter storage services, which is also a good option. There not only optimal conditions are provided, here the masters will prepare the bike for the new season.

A place where in no case should you leave transport is an entrance or a staircase. Even the most reliable chain will not withstand attack by intruders. The bike lock takes a bite in a few seconds, and a seemingly reliable lock won’t last more than a minute.

How and where to store your bike in winter

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Both the owner of a road bike and a simple bike enthusiast who bought an inexpensive model for rare trips think about how to store a bike in winter. The problem of storing two-wheeled vehicles worries everyone who has a bicycle. Even the presence of a warm garage, the perfect place to wait out the winter, forces the owner to solve some problems.

How to choose a place to store your bike

The ideal place for the preservation of all parts will be a room with minimal humidity. At the same time, the temperature does not play a critical role if there are no sharp drops. There is a lot of controversy about whether it is possible to store a bicycle on the balcony in winter.

Supporters of the balcony content argue that this is iron and nothing will happen to it. Opponents say that here it is impossible to protect him from adverse weather conditions. And they are right, but it is not always possible to allocate a separate room to a two-wheeled friend, you have to adapt to the existing conditions.

If the bike is stored in a closed, albeit cool, loggia, it will need to be protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. To do this, cover the bike with a cloth or oilcloth. If the balcony is in the open air, then you will have to get a waterproof cover.

Before storing your bike in the garage in winter, you need to find out its temperature conditions. Ideally, a dry warm garage will be enough to put it in a corner and that’s it. In this case, you do not need to remove the chain, although it will not hurt to loosen the cables and adjust the tire pressure. It is better to refuse a damp garage, the frost of a closed balcony will do much less harm than damp.

Storing the disassembled bike

There are situations when you cannot fit the whole bike on the balcony. either the balcony is too small (as in Khrushchev’s apartments), or it is littered with useful rubbish. In this case, it is advisable to store the bike disassembled. Use one of two methods:

How To Store Your Road Bike Over Winter

In the original box (if you haven’t thrown it away) or in a carrying case. A very simple way to disassemble a bicycle. you only remove the front wheel and all the parts sticking out: the handlebars, saddle, pedals, fasteners for the bottle and pump, lights, etc. In order not to lose the mounting bolts, screw them back, but not as much as possible, otherwise you may damage the threads. The protruding parts that cannot be removed must be protected from damage. wrap the ends of the forks in several layers with bubble wrap or thick cardboard, do the same with the stem and connecting rods.

In a special container. This method is more suitable for long-term conservation. for six months or more. In this case, you completely disassemble the bike and put all the parts in a hard waterproof case. To implement this method, you must have all the necessary tools. for removing the fork, chain, for disassembling the cassette and bushings, etc. A bicycle in this form takes up a minimum of space. it can even be removed from the balcony and tucked under the bed.

Some parts of your bike are best kept warm. This applies to rubber and leather parts. store tires, tubes, grips and saddle in a warm, dry place. They will not take up much space, but in the spring you will not run into trouble when assembling the bike.

How to properly store your bike on the balcony

A big city imposes restrictions on the living space of a person. in small apartments you need to accommodate a family, a couple of pets and a bunch of things. Therefore, the convenience of the bike is the last thing they think about, and when winter comes, they just shove it somewhere. the main thing is that it does not get in the way under your feet. As a result, in the spring, the iron horse looks very pathetic and requires careful maintenance.

But 90% of apartments have a balcony! This is as much as 6 meters (on average), where there is absolutely nothing to put, and keeping a bike on the balcony solves two problems of efficient use of living space at once.

Which mount on the balcony to choose?

There are three types of bike mounts: 1) Floor mounts. Option for a family with no more than two bikes. The most convenient type of rack. after all, in order to pull out the bike, you do not need to make any special efforts.

2) Wall mounted. These fixings are designed for those who want to use the balcony floor for other purposes. The convenience of this type of arrangement of bicycles is that they can be stored on floors. the most used ones on the lower, the most unused ones above. But this is, of course, an option for people who have more bikes than family members. By the way, on such mounts you can also hang large-sized spare parts. tires, forks, rims, etc.

3) Under the ceiling. This type of attachment implies long-term storage of the bike. for example, in winter. Matches perfectly with a floor stand. There are two types. with a pulley system that allows you to raise and lower the bike without using a ladder, and a simple mount with hooks under the ceiling. Not recommended for models heavier than 22 kg.

How to prepare your bike for wintering on the balcony?

The same rules for storing a bike apply in the summer, although it is possible to simplify them slightly for quick access to the bike. For example, to protect against UV rays, you can use not paper, but a large piece of dense cloth.

Experts recommend doing full maintenance at the end of the season, rather than before the next one. This is more correct, since then all you have to do is put the bike on the balcony for storage, and as soon as the snow melts, take it off and go for a walk. And secondly, you can avoid long queues at the bike service.

Storage pouch

A bicycle cover will keep your car safe from dust and moisture, but will not provide a barrier to the cold. You can make protective equipment yourself by stitching a car storage case made of durable water-repellent fabric.

The base for the cover is an ordinary tarpaulin, this fabric is highly durable, does not allow water to pass through and practically does not get wet in the rain.

A cover made of tarpaulin for storing a bicycle must be sewn with handles that are convenient for carrying and hanging a bicycle, in such a cover it is convenient to transport a two-wheeled car to the dacha. Traveling on a summer holiday with a bike will also not be burdensome if the car is packed in a reliable and durable case.

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How to store your bike on the balcony in winter

Storing a bike on the balcony is certainly not the best way out, but what to do if there is no garage, shed or other utility rooms. In any case, storage on the balcony is a possible option to overwinter without the risk of loss or major damage to the mechanism. You can keep the car in working order by taking a number of protective measures to prepare the bike for wintering and preservation of individual components and mechanisms.

Bicycle: winter storage

How to store a bike on the balcony in winter if there is no insulation and protection from atmospheric precipitation? What other enemies lie in wait on the balcony of a two-wheeled friend?

For him, the effects of sunlight and sudden changes in temperature are detrimental.

These influences will not affect the steel frame, but rubber tires can deteriorate completely. Steel parts are adversely affected by high humidity, including spring drips and rain. In areas where fog and dew often occur, a bicycle on an open balcony is also subject to deterioration if its parts are not protected.

Most problems can be avoided by purchasing a reliable bicycle storage cover in cold weather, when it is impossible to use the machine.

Preparation for wintering

Apply a lubricant to the chain before hibernating your bike.

Thoroughly wash all parts of the bike with warm water and soap, wipe dry with a clean cloth. Dirt should not be on the parts of the car, especially the cleanliness of the tires should be monitored. All dirt embedded in the rubber is carefully removed from the tires.

For reliable protection from moisture, preventing the occurrence of corrosion on the metal parts of the bicycle, they are treated with protective silicone grease, such processing will keep the metal parts of the machine in perfect order.

The chain must be thoroughly cleaned of dust, stubborn and adhering dirt, and the remaining grease must be washed off. For cleaning it is convenient to use a soft brush and a cloth soaked in solvent. All movable parts and mechanisms of the bicycle require lubrication, this operation is allowed only after cleaning old dirt.

Want to keep quality tires? A glycerin-based lubricating compound will protect the rubber from cracking. On the balcony in winter, the rubber is exposed to frost, so there is a fear that the tires may be damaged. It is best to bleed the air from the chambers, in winter it is easy to pump them up with a pump.

Inspect your bike before sending it out for the winter

The spring mechanisms of the bicycle (brake levers, caliper, pads) should be significantly loosened, ideally, the car should be disassembled.

The chain must be removed after cleaning it from dirt and grease. During the preparation of the car for wintering, you can identify breakdowns, carry out the necessary replacement of parts.

Let’s talk about how to store your bike on the balcony. The best way is to hang it from the frame with hooks or nails. The bike must be positioned in a place where the sun will practically not fall on it.

How to store your bike on the balcony

The bike must not be secured by attaching hooks to any part of the machine; fastening must be carried out only on the bicycle frame. A winter storage method for a two-wheeled friend should help keep all parts in working order, without compromising performance.

Fitting the bike storage rack

The choice of where to store your bike on the balcony is of great importance:

  • Avoid direct sunlight. choose a shady storage location.
  • Do not expose the machine to moisture. Do not hang your bike behind a balcony slab or canopy. In this position, it cannot be guaranteed that rainwater streams do not fall on machine parts and cause icicles to form.
  • Using a cover is ideal for storing your bike in the winter, providing maximum protection for all parts of the car.

We recommend watching a video on how to properly prepare your bike for wintering on the balcony.

How to save space on the balcony

Is it possible to store the bike on the balcony so that the car does not interfere with the passage of people? There are several rules, following which, you can provide a more compact storage of a two-wheeled vehicle:

  • Dismantle the front wheel.
  • Remove bike pedals for separate storage.
  • Turn the steering wheel parallel to the frame, for which it is necessary to rotate the assembly 90 degrees.
  • Remove the saddle from the bike frame.

Watch the video on how to mount the bike rack.

Suspension of a bike in a cover can be provided in a place on the balcony where the cover with the car will be raised to a considerable height. The position of the bike in the case is with the wheels up. In any case, it is necessary to hang the bike for the winter under a canopy or a balcony slab so that autumn rains, snow and drops do not spoil the mechanism.

If the bicycle is used until late autumn (fishing, a trip to the forest for mushrooms), the news about the temperature drop to minus zero should serve as a signal to preserve the mechanism.

How to store your bike in winter

As a form of transport, the bicycle is experiencing a rebirth today. It is used not only by athletes or tourists. On all inhabited continents in large modern cities, there is now a real boom in bicycles. Millions of people use them not only for walking, but also as a delivery of mail, sick people, other goods, and especially as a daily means of transportation. This is explained by a number of advantages: high mobility, environmental friendliness, low cost, undoubted health benefits.

This type of transport is also very popular in our country. Only bad weather conditions impose restrictions on its use. In winter, it is inconvenient to use the bike because of the low temperature, thick snow cover, ice and frequent precipitation. Therefore, in late autumn, winter and early spring, in most cases, they prefer not to use this transport. But not everyone knows how to properly store a bike in winter.

Features of winter bike storage

Of course, the answer to the question of how and where it is best to store a bike in winter depends on your capabilities and place of residence. But first of all, you need to consider which factors have the most adverse effect. The main ones are unstable temperature conditions and high humidity. In order to avoid accidental mechanical damage is great, it is better to store it in a secured state and ensure it is inaccessible to pets.

  • on the balcony;
  • in the apartment;
  • in the garage;
  • in the barn;
  • in the pantry.

It must be remembered that it is not important at what temperature to store the bike in winter, but that this temperature is constant.

Not suitable for storage: open balcony, damp basement, cellar, street, that is, places where it can be exposed to dampness and sudden changes in temperature.

Balcony storage

You can store your bike on the balcony in winter if it is glazed and has no drafts. If you live on the top floor, make sure that the roof of the balcony does not leak. If you are going to store your bike on the balcony in winter, at the very least, be sure to protect it from direct sunlight or close proximity to fluorescent lamps by covering it with a tarpaulin, other thick cloth or packing it in a special case.

Storage in the apartment

You can store your bike in the apartment in winter. To do this, it is advisable to choose a calm, dry place, located away from heating appliances and the bathroom. The disadvantage of this storage method is often the lack of free space. Disassembling the bike can be a way out of this situation. Remove either only the front wheel with a shield, or both wheels. At the same time, the chain is also removed, which is packaged and stored separately. To protect it from dust, the disassembled bicycle is wrapped in a thin cloth, paper, film or placed in a cover. In this state, it can be stored in the pantry, on the wall or even under the bed.

Preparation for winter storage

The bike consists of metal, plastic and rubber parts. Dampness leads to corrosion of metal and chrome-plated parts. Also harmful to painted surfaces is bright light, which leads to cracking and fading of the paint. Temperature changes are very harmful for all parts. They create stress in the materials, which leads to subsequent cracking and a reduction in the service life of the machine.

To keep your iron friend in the best possible shape in the new season, no matter where it is stored, you need to ensure proper storage of the bike in winter.

  • Thoroughly remove dirt, wash and dry the bike.
  • Examine carefully. Identify worn-out parts and replace them. Carefully remove old grease from all parts with solvent or detergent and replace with new.
  • Loosen the springs and fasteners.
  • De-energize and remove all electronics. Batteries, bike computer and navigator must be stored separately at a positive temperature.
  • Coat all surfaces (or the entire frame) with a special silicone-based preservative lubricant.
  • Pack the transport in a dense, opaque cloth or in a special case.
  • Store in a place free of mechanical damage (in a rack, suspended or disassembled) at a constant temperature (positive or negative).
  • It is important to know how to store your bike wheels in winter. It depends on how the machine is stored. If it is stored in a standing position, in an assembled state, then the wheels must be rotated periodically to prevent deformation. If the bike is suspended, or the wheels are stored separately, they must be lowered to 1–1.5 atm, and to protect against cracks, lubricate the rubber top and bottom with glycerin.

If you follow all these simple rules and recommendations, the iron friend will delight you for a long time.

Accommodation options

Storing a bike in an apartment in the winter can be a lot of work. The most convenient option is a hook in the wall or a special rod. The bike stored in the least likely to wear out. It also protects tires and prevents wheel deformation. All that remains is to find a free wall.

If there is a lot of space under the bed, and it has high legs, then it is possible that the bike will fit there. It is most convenient if the bike is disassembled: the frame can be hidden behind the cabinet, the wheels can be put on the mezzanine, etc. The most important thing is not to forget what and where it is. Regardless of the storage option, cover the bike or its parts with a rag. Then in the spring you won’t have to clean it from dust and dirt for a long time.

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Few cyclists use their maneuverable transport during the cold season. If the owner knows how to store in winter, then in the spring with the arrival of heat, he will not expect unpleasant surprises. In order for a two-wheeled friend to always be in good condition and serve as long as possible, you must follow a few simple rules.

Long-term storage in winter is not easy to remove the bike, only it did not get in the way under your feet, this is a whole range of measures. Throwing the vehicle onto the balcony or into the far corner of the garage is not enough. You want to quickly and easily return to your favorite pastime next year, then you need to provide your iron horse with a decent rest.

High-quality bicycle preservation consists of several points. First of all, all elements should be cleaned of any contamination. You can get rid of dirt with a special brush.

Pay special attention to switches, brake levers, wheel hubs. It is also necessary to carefully process the parts of the bike that have gotten grease.

Any solvent will help you remove any residual lubricant from the chain and sprockets (front, rear). To reduce the consumption of detergents, kerosene, acetone or other special liquids, use a spray bottle instead of a regular cloth or napkin.

At the second stage, a thorough technical inspection should be carried out and all minor problems should be eliminated. As long as the memories of vulnerable spots are fresh, and you have not forgotten what creaked and where, the worn out elements must be replaced.

Experts recommend renewing the lubricant on a bicycle annually. All movable components are processed. Pre-washed elements: chain, brake, cables, switches should also be lubricated. Storing the bike in a room without heating in winter requires additional application of silicone grease. You can apply the product to chrome plated areas or to the entire frame surface. Silicone protects metal elements from rust, prevents the formation of cracks in the paint, it is absolutely safe for rubber parts.

The cables, springs, brake levers and other similar mechanisms must be relieved of tension during storage.

It is also important to reduce the pressure in the wheels of the bicycle. It is not necessary to completely lower them. it is enough to reduce the normal operating pressure by half.

During long-term storage, two-wheeled vehicles should be periodically checked and, if necessary, inflated. Even if the vehicle is stored in a suspended state, you should not neglect the care of cameras. If your bike will be in a room without heating, then experts recommend glycerin treatment of tires, lubricate the inner and outer surfaces. The procedure will prevent the appearance of cracks on the wheels from temperature changes.

The final stage is the disconnection of all power supply elements. If your bike is equipped with electronic gadgets, you need to remove them and remove the batteries from them. The minimum batteries will be discharged, the maximum. they will flow, releasing a destructive electrolyte.

How To Wash A Road Bike When You Live In A Flat Or Apartment

Tire pressure selection

Tire pressure depends on how the bike will be stored. If it is hung on a wall or ceiling using special mounts, then there is no need to leave the wheels fully inflated, as the tire and tube will be subjected to unnecessary stress. In this situation, the pressure can be reduced to 0.5 atmospheres.

If the bike will be stored on the floor, then the tire pressure must be at least 1.5 atmospheres. With this pressure, the tire will be able to hold the load and this will prevent the formation of cracks in the rubber.

Storing the bike in the room

In the room, you can use wardrobes for outerwear, mezzanines, sliding wardrobes, pull-out podiums. You can put two bicycles in a wardrobe without even taking them apart. If the height of the room allows, you can attach your vehicle to the ceiling. in this case, three copies will fit. For greater safety, a suspended ceiling structure should be erected in the corner of the room. The simplest solution is to place the iron horse behind a bed or sofa, where it will not interfere. If there is space between the wall and the closet, feel free to take this place. If the room is spacious, then use transport as an interior item or decor, for example, turn it into a flower stand by placing indoor plants in baskets on the steering wheel and trunk.

Do not place your vehicle near heaters because the high temperature and dry air will damage the wheels and fork seals.

Special mounts

There are many different fixtures for keeping your iron friend on a wall or ceiling. These are mainly bike hooks, all kinds of racks and shelves. You can find a place for such storage in almost any room, in the hallway, bedroom, closet, and even in the toilet. There are a lot of bike hook designs: some are screwed in like screws, while others are attached to a common base. Hooks can be designed for vertical or horizontal fastening.

How to prepare your bike for wintering?

If the bike will not be used in winter, then it must be properly prepared for wintering. To begin with, all parts of it are thoroughly washed and lubricated. Some parts are moved to a different position for convenient storage.

Best places to store bicycles

The most ideal place is an apartment. But not everyone has its area allows you to store additional equipment. There is no need to place bicycles in close proximity to heaters. Heat will do a disservice to tires and fork seals.

Oddly enough, but the best option is to store the disassembled bike under the bed. It does not occupy free space, is not exposed to temperature extremes and constant sunlight. If there is no shortage of money and a large apartment, then you can purchase a special cabinet for storing your iron pet in winter.

The most affluent people prefer to give their expensive bicycles to specialized service bicycle workshops or to special parking facilities equipped for this purpose. There are warm and dry boxes, with dim lighting. But such a service is available only for residents of large cities.

Bicycle and vacuum cleaner: is it possible to store on the balcony in winter

For convenient storage on the balcony of the vacuum cleaner, you can install shelves or, for example, a wardrobe. For storage, you can also equip an analogue of a cellar. a thermobox, which you can do yourself and even store vegetables. When storing a bicycle and a vacuum cleaner on the balcony, do not forget that objects stored in the neighborhood can create high humidity. These items can be drying laundry or vegetables.

Storing your bike correctly on the balcony

Every cyclist must know how to store a bike during the winter. Before storing, the bike must be prepared. To do this, you need to perform protective actions.

Remove dirt from the bike. First of all, you should clean the bike from dirt with hot water and detergent. This is important because urban dirt contains harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your bike. Carry out a technical inspection. It is better to fix all minor faults at once, so that next season you do not think about eliminating them and immediately start using transport. Refresh lubricant.

Lubricating the undercarriage is an important step in preparing your bike for winter:

Old grease can be removed with acetone or gasoline. Next, grease the shifters, brake axles and chain tensioning wheels. It is also recommended to wipe the frame with a cloth soaked in machine oil.

The oil forms a protective layer on the frame, thanks to which dust will not settle on it.

To prevent the tires from deforming during the winter, you need to inflate the wheels to the recommended pressure, and turn the bike over, or hang it on the wall. Also, the tires need to be protected from cracking, so they should be treated with a special silicone gel or glycerin. Do not forget that the wheels must be pumped up as the pressure decreases. The best way to store your bike is in a suspended state, as in this case the tires are not subject to stress. If the bike is on the floor, the wheels should be rotated periodically. then the point of contact with the floor will change.

Shift the chain to the smallest gears front and rear to prevent rusting of the derailleur springs. If the bike is not folding, you need to loosen the nuts, remove the front wheel, and turn the handlebars 90 ра relative to the frame. In addition, the saddle can be removed or lowered. If the bike is foldable, just open the lock on the frame and fold the vehicle.

Recommendations: how to store your bike on the balcony in winter

The bicycle is a popular and healthy means of transportation. Often, when cold weather sets in, bicycle owners cannot decide where to store their vehicles. Usually the apartment, garage and balcony become storage places. But, since the apartment does not always have enough space to place a bicycle, and it is not at all recommended to store it in the garage due to possible sudden temperature changes, the balcony becomes the optimal storage place. How to prepare your bike for winter hibernation, and how to properly store it on the balcony.

Bicycle storage systems on the balcony

In addition to bike hooks, there are various bike storage systems. If the balcony area is large enough, you can use any of these systems. The bike storage rack is a convenient storage solution for people who want to not only hang their bike, but also make it a stylish piece of furniture. Attaches to the wall with screws and holds the bike like a lock.

  • Ceiling mount;
  • Lift;
  • Rack;
  • Stand.

Ceiling Mount. This mount can hold up to 4 bikes and includes hooks for different wheel sizes. The distance between the bikes makes it possible to shoot one bike without interfering with the others. Lifting system. such a system consists of tensioned ropes, and the built-in clutch lock allows you to store the transport at the level that you need. This design can usually support up to 50 kg, which is a lot for a bicycle.

Keep in mind that whatever storage system you choose, you should always keep your bike in good condition.

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Stand. mounted on a wall with support on the floor. A great option for a family with several cyclists, as the rack can hold up to 3 bicycles. There are rack options with additional hooks for accessories and equipment. Wooden stand. It holds several bicycles and requires minimal financial costs. You can make such a stand with your own hands. The advantage of the stand is that its appearance can be easily adapted to the interior of the room.

Is it possible to store a bike on the balcony in winter

You can store your bike on the balcony, but it is not recommended to use an unglazed balcony for this. Some bicycle owners store their bike on an open balcony in winter, and sometimes they even hang it on the outside of the structure.

When storing a bicycle on an open balcony (loggia), it is negatively affected by:

  • Sudden changes in temperature;
  • High air humidity;
  • Rain;
  • Snow and fog.

Currently, apartment owners are insulating and glazing their balconies and loggias, creating additional rooms in apartments. What to keep on the balcony? You can store anything. In addition to bicycles, such a necessary item in the household as a vacuum cleaner is stored on the balcony. Is it possible to store the vacuum cleaner on the balcony in winter? It is possible, but just like a bicycle, you need to store it on a warm glazed balcony. If you leave the vacuum cleaner on an open balcony in winter, due to a possible sharp temperature drop, condensation will form on it, which will certainly lead to breakdown.

Leaving your bike for the winter on an open balcony is like leaving it outside.

On the balcony, you can organize the storage of pickles, as well as vegetables grown in your own garden. This is very convenient, because in winter the for vegetables are much more expensive, especially since it is more pleasant to cook food from your own cabbage and potatoes.

Is it possible and how to store a bike on the balcony in winter

With proper care of your bike, you keep its attractive appearance for a long time and ensure yourself the minimum cost of its operation.

Preparing your bike for winter correctly and quickly

All maintenance work on the vehicle before storing the bike for the winter will take you no more than 2 hours. They are carried out in the following sequence:

Lubricate the bike before wintering it

  • Without exception, all bicycle parts are lubricated. If you neglect this point, then in the spring, most likely, you will find rust on many parts. You will have to prepare your horse for repair. and this is a very costly event. over, for winter storage, you can use an inexpensive lubricant. after all, rubbing parts will not be subjected to mechanical stress. Brake cables, a chain need lubrication (after all, during storage it will be stationary for a long time), switches and steering column bearings.
  • During the lubrication process, carefully inspect the mechanisms. perhaps some spare part needs to be repaired. You can immediately replace it, or you can add it to the list of planned works in the spring.
  • The frame is covered with a thin layer of rags.
  • Rubber tires are lubricated with glycerin. This will allow them to survive the cold without any problems, because the rubber will soften and not crack.
  • Tip: Modern bicycles do not like domestic solid oil at all. Prolonged exposure to it may cause some parts to darken.

    All these preparatory measures will ensure that you keep your vehicle until spring. But there is one more nuance regarding how to store your bike on the balcony in winter. this is the availability of free space. It may well turn out that even on the balcony there is no place for a bicycle. Some craftsmen hang the bike on hooks outside the balcony. The result of such an invention is deplorable. condensation constantly forms on the case, and sometimes even icicles due to falling and freezing water from above. This, in turn, means that your bike will be overhauled in the spring.

    It is not recommended to store the bike in this way in winter if you plan to use it in the future.

    Storing a bike on the balcony in winter. rules for preparatory work

    Bicycles are perhaps the most widely used transport in the world. In urban areas, it is also a convenient way to travel, as well as an opportunity to have a great time traveling with like-minded people. And many people have a question about where to store the bike in the winter. It is clear that a separate garage for a bicycle is not bought and with the onset of cold weather you will have to decide how to store a bicycle on the balcony in winter, for example. The only exception is when you install winter tires and continue to use the bike, but in our climatic conditions this is rather a rarity.

    Strictly speaking, storage on the balcony is a perfectly acceptable option. But you must properly prepare your iron horse. Simply taking your bike out onto the balcony, especially without glazing, is not the best solution. Transport that has stood for a long time in conditions of temperature and humidity changes will have to be repaired or completely changed. But a complete properly carried out maintenance will allow you to successfully save your bike until spring, even in the open air.

    Tip: During the inspection process, be sure to use anti-corrosion grease. All metal (especially chrome-plated) elements are wiped with an oiled rag.

    If your balcony is still open and not glazed, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our material on which plastic windows are best to put on the balcony of your apartment. Let’s talk about profiles, accessories, and their manufacturers.

    And if your windows need insulation, then there is information about this in this article.

    How to keep your bike compact during storage

    The bike can be disassembled into large parts. for example, remove the steering wheel and wheels. If prolonged disassembly of the bike is not at all for you, then you can limit yourself to just a few elements:

    Option to store your bike on the balcony using

    • remove the fender and front wheel;
    • remove the saddle, seatpost;
    • turn the steering wheel 90 °;
    • remove the pedals from the connecting rods, and then install them so that they look inward.

    As a result of disassembly, a very compact design will be obtained, which can be stored in a special case or on hangers. The use of wooden or metal hangers, fastened with standard self-tapping screws, will help you significantly save living space, even on a balcony or loggia. Such designs are cheap and compact, easy to attach and protect your bike from excess moisture settling on the floor. By the way, it is better to use wooden hangers. this way you can be sure that the metal will not scratch the frame or provoke rust.

    Using an open balcony to store your bike is far from the best option. But a glazed and insulated loggia is perfect for this. there will be no high humidity and temperature changes in this room.

    Read our article: How to insulate a loggia yourself. From it you will learn about the possible options for insulation.

    We also recommend you an instructional article, which describes the step-by-step process of insulating a loggia with penoplex.

    Of course, it is optimal to store a bicycle in an apartment in winter. if you can disassemble it, make it compact and put it in a cover, then it will easily fit on a closet, under a bed, and so on. The already mentioned hangers can also be used in the apartment. moreover, a bicycle mounted on the wall can become a full-fledged element of interior design in the style of industrial or loft.

    An interesting option for storing a bike in an apartment

    For the balcony, all these obvious rules are also valid. if you do not insulate the balcony for the sake of a bicycle, then take care of your two-wheeled friend anyway. Fortunately, measures to prepare for storing a bicycle for the winter are completely inexpensive. any self-respecting cyclist has a set of tools; rags for shelter can also be found at home. You only need to purchase high-quality lubricant, glycerin for rubber and silicone spray to protect the paint. By the way, it is best to bring the wheels from the disassembled bike into the apartment. after all, you will wash them beforehand. It is worth lubricating them with glycerin in this case, otherwise the tire material may dry out.

    What can harm the bike during storage

    • Tires may crack due to cold weather. To prevent this from happening, use pharmacy glycerin to lubricate the rubber. If you do not suspend the bike, but place it stationary, the wheels will need to be rotated periodically in order for the point of contact with the floor to change.
    • Moisture and dust, which, with prolonged exposure, can destroy even metal elements. A shelter made of plastic wrap or an old blanket will help protect from this.
    • Ultraviolet radiation will adversely affect the paint. it can not only fade, but also peel off. For protection, you can use silicone spray or cover the bike with a thick, dense and durable cloth.
    • The appearance of rust. it can appear on all parts without exception, and you will notice it only in the spring, when you start the normal operation of the vehicle.

    How to store bikes in small NYC apartment? | The Hornit Clug

    You cannot store your bike on an open balcony without preparatory measures. After all, this room is characterized by sharp temperature drops, a change in the humidity regime. This will be fraught with damage to paint, metal and rubber components. If you don’t prepare your bike for storage, the result will be dull paint and brittle rubber. at best.

    Important: Even a bike prepared for the winter, try to keep it away from places where clothes are dried or vegetables are stored. after all, this is an additional source of moisture.

    Preparing your bike for winter video

    In this section, we bring to your attention a video on the topic of our article on how to store a bicycle in winter. In the video, you can watch the procedures described in the article, such as lubricating the chain, wiping the frame and others.