Stealth bike rear wheel assembly


A rather vulnerable part of the structure. In addition to the cyclist’s mass, which affects them, the spokes are regularly subjected to the stress arising from the unevenness of the road surface. The spoke is fixed in the rim with a nipple. The most common materials for manufacturing are steel and aluminum.

Depending on the production process, the knitting needles can be:

  • katan (the cheapest option);
  • pulled (lighter, but more expensive);
  • flat (the most expensive option, surpassing others in weight and resistance to oncoming air currents).

Stealth bike rear wheel device

Bicycles with one gear and foot brake are still popular today, because many people simply do not need a bicycle with gears for their purposes. Also, single-speed hubs are available on all children’s bicycles up to 20 inches. They are reliable, simple in design, but the problem is that if a low-quality lubricant is used in the hub, it will strongly resist rotation and it will be frankly difficult to ride a bicycle. And if an adult can resist this resistance, then the child after a short period of time simply will not want to get on the bike anymore. Therefore, take care of changing the grease in the rear hub.

We’ll be looking at the rear wheel bulkhead for an adult bike, but keep in mind that the construction is exactly the same on kids’ bikes. For the purity of the experiment, we took a new wheel, weakened the cones so that it spins easily, but also does not play. This is how it spins

Bearing grease. We will use Mobil XHP 222 multifunctional grease. You can get by with cheaper greases such as lithol.

!Important. The lubricant must be plastic (not liquid).

We start work on the right side (where the asterisk is located).

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Remove the retaining ring holding the star with a screwdriver

Remove the star and the metal boot, then grab the 15 mm cone with a cone wrench and loosen the lock nut with a 17 mm wrench

Unscrew and take out the right side of the coupling together with the bearings

We take out the left part of the clutch together with the brake lever

As you can see, this is not the worst option for lubrication. Despite its overly viscous consistency, judging by the flash photo, the grease is similar to graphite. But this happens on adult bicycles. Unfortunately, for children, either a drying paste or Moment glue is laid, which simply do not allow the wheel to spin normally. It’s good if the bushing manufacturer regrets the lubrication. then your child will be able to ride more or less normally. Otherwise, cycling will take place with a great deal of suffering.

First, remove as much of the grease as possible with rags or toilet paper. Take some kind of cleaner (we used a pressure cylinder carburetor cleaner) or solvent and clean as much of the inside of the bushing as possible. By the way, the beloved WD-40 is also suitable.

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Wipe clean the parts. If you don’t have a cleaner, you can simply wipe it down more thoroughly with rags.

Apply grease to the inside of the bushing housing, including the surfaces that the bearing interacts with

The main task is to assemble the left side of the clutch and completely install it into the bushing together with the pads.

We install a washer in part of the coupling, behind it a spring so that the antennae are directed outward

Lubricate the cone next to the brake lever, install a bearing on it

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!The bearing should rest against the bushing cup with balls, and on the other side should be supported by a cone.

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We fall with antennae into special holes made in the cone. For clarity, the photo without lubrication

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Lubricate part of the coupling, put pads on it. The protrusions on the pads must lie on the cone between its protrusions

stealth, bike, rear, wheel

In this form, we install the resulting structure into the sleeve body.

We install a bearing of a larger diameter into the bushing housing with balls inward, and a bearing of a smaller diameter into the right side of the coupling, after having lubricated all surfaces

We tighten the coupling, fasten the cone and locknut, then grab the cone and tighten the locknut. It is important to choose a moment when the wheel turns easily, but does not have any backlash.

We install the boot, the asterisk, and then put the retaining ring in the groove specially designed for it

The video shows a visual result of changing the lubricant (compare with the video at the beginning of the article)

An hour-long video of single speed hub with coaster brake overhaul will perfectly complement our article.


Having studied the internal and external design of the rear bicycle hub, it is recommended to pay attention to the wide range of standard sizes of this system. The presence of some differences in parameters is due to the use of hubs on various types of bicycles:

  • track models. 10×120 mm;
  • road bikes. 10×130 mm;
  • the bulk of common mountain models. 10×135 mm;
  • downhill bicycles. 12 × 135 mm;
  • professional models of the cross-country class. 12 × 142 mm;
  • models of bicycles for freestyle, extreme sports. 12×150 mm;
  • BMX bicycles. 14 × 110 mm.


The rear hub of a bicycle must be equipped with bearings with a dust cover. Only in this case it will be possible to forget about their maintenance and replacement, having driven more than 10,000 km on the bike. Frankly low-quality bearings will make you endure unpleasant sounds and suffer from wheel play after the first ride in rainy weather, not to mention winter. Reliable dirt protection is represented by various seals that prevent contact of the lubricant with the external environment.

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Currently, there are bulk and industrial bearings for rear bushings. The difference is that the wheel play can be eliminated by performing the usual adjustment of the bulk bearings. If there is a similar problem in the case of industrial bearings, most likely they will have to be replaced. Therefore, the rear wheel hub of the bicycle should be selected based on the type and reliability of the bearings.

stealth, bike, rear, wheel

The main parameter of the rear hub axle is its length. To select the hub according to the axle length, you just need to measure the distance between the opposite outer nuts on the corresponding mountings of the bicycle frame.


The rear hub of a bicycle includes the following structural elements:

  • body;
  • flanges;
  • axis;
  • bearings.


The lacing is the order in which the hub, rim and spokes are locked. It can be radial or cross. Radial provides for the installation of the hub without crossing the spokes with each other. Crossing the needles occurs.


These are specific annular protrusions that are contained on the rear hub body. This element is used to connect with the spokes of the wheel. Flanges contain special holes where the needles are inserted when dialing.

The main requirement for flanges is a high strength index. Based on the small size of the part, it is enough just to imagine how much increased loads fall on its share. After all, a third of the structure of the bicycle, together with the cyclist, is located precisely above the area where the rear flanges are located.