Scooter 2t Honda Dio 27 does not start

There is a spark but does not start Honda Dio

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If the engine starts poorly from the starter, you first need to check the fuse located in the battery compartment. Why does the Honda Dio scooter not start? The location of the fuse on the battery is marked with an arrow Due to the often poor-quality manufacture of fuses, and therefore of the entire starter, the wire inside the starter glass bulb can barely touch the contact caps, which is why the fuse contact becomes inappropriate. Read more

It is worth noting that you need to be extremely careful, as it can shock you well. If there is no spark, and the external signs of the candle are normal, then the scooter is checked for electronics for acidification why the Honda Dio scooter does not start. Read more

I bought a Honda Dio AF27 from my hands for about 200 with such a problem: the previous one drove normally until winter, then there was a loss of power, stalled. The owner removed the scooter until the spring, tried it in the spring. it still won’t start. In general, I brought it to my garage, tried to start it (50 times), there is no result. I bought a new candle and charged the battery. I checked. there is a spark, gasoline enters the cylinder. He removed the piston, rings and cleaned the annular grooves, polished the piston, put it back. I took off the carburetor, for some reason the petal filter cannot be removed, I’m afraid to break it with a strong blow. Suspicious. a little gasoline returns to the air filter if you start it with full squeezed gas (only this way there is a sound of weak pops when starting up. if the throttle knob is not turned, there is no emotion at all) I read in the net that the switch may be broken. but I don’t know where it is located and how to check it. And also did not find a sensible description of how to check the ignition timing. I know that it should be 17 degrees. and what and where to look is unclear. I would be grateful if you can help with advice! Read more

This explains the fact why he cannot develop very high speeds. The maximum, why the Honda Dio scooter does not start, it is capable of. to move at a speed of no more than 60 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the safety of the moped driver is at risk, since no side safety arches, as on full-fledged motorcycles, are provided here. Read more

Also, before making the final diagnosis and starting the repair of the moped, if it does not start from the starter, you need to make sure that the candle can do its job, and the carburetor is functioning normally. Remember that the scooter starts from the starter when it has an integral part with proper operation why the Honda Dio scooter, clutch, camshaft group and valve do not start. Read more

Honda Dio 27: Do not touch

Then you can repair why the Honda Dio scooter does not start on its own. Sequence of actions during repair The main rule for detecting a malfunction and repairing a scooter is the step-by-step elimination of system elements, when identifying the causes of a breakdown in one of them. Read more

If it is empty, then it is filled. It is worth noting why the old gasoline spills out why the Honda Dio scooter of the carburetor float chamber does not start. How to do it? There is a bolt at the bottom of the carburetor, it is unscrewed, and after all the fuel has flowed out, it is screwed back. Read more

Hello, I have such a problem: the Honda Dio scooter does not want to start, there is a spark, the compression is excellent, the gasoline comes in, but why is the candle always wet, as I understand it, this is something with ignition, but I was told that the ignition is not tuned on such scooters. Before the breakdown, he was capricious with the start-up, it was very hard but he started up and did not pull, he was driving as if he was carrying a ton, he couldn’t drive up the hill. Help, please, what you can. Read more

when his father brought it in. it didn’t even start. after 1 day of torment in the garage (I started the hole but it stalled after 30 sec-1 minute then I started it! (Oh miracle) he worked for 5-7 minutes, then I rode it for 10-15 minutes and he died again and for 3 days already I can not start its new candle, there is gasoline oil, the carburetor was cleaned, the glushak was cleaned before me (you can see it). the new piston put new rings. and still won’t start it has no limiter, the former owner said that the hole is eating 80 km / h is generally easy. But then the carburetor began to go 30-35 km / h I poured new gasoline. Spark goes from the spark plug compression is also in order

The 4t scooter will not start. 1. if the candle is broken (damp, in soot, faulty), the spark is out of step (the wires from the sensor are inverted, only 2t can be turned in the other direction, you cannot turn 1 wire for 4t), the switch is faulty, but there is a spark. a weak spark due to a breakdown or turn-to-turn circuit in the ignition coil, the resistance in the cap has burned out, the cap, coil and explosive wire breakdown to the body, the alarm is faulty (it is better to turn it off for the duration of the check). 2t in such cases, it is better to start higher rpm from the kick, for 4t HZ, combine battery. Read more

vgen tell me who can not start Honda dio 34 mister incorrectly plugging the tuning switch and scooter stop giving the screen to the switch? The battery charger was remembered for the switch of the cable relay and for turning the starter and for turning the starter and the screen is dumb Read more

Hi Eugene! Tell me the problem started 1.5 months ago, on the move it began to stall, start all the rules from the kick, then everything repeats, and now it does not show signs of life at all. there is a spark, the candle is wet, the petal valve is good and there is no visual leakage of air. cleaned the carburetor. Yes scooter 2t Chinese. new 2 years run foolish I go only in the country. help with the problem, thank you in advance! Read more

Eugene hello, please tell me honda dio af35 sr, does not start from the starter, turns perfectly, there is a spark. From the legs it starts the first time, I thought it was in the switch, changed it to switch 34 with a white chip, connected the contacts as in the video. the problem persisted. ignition lock with two wires. please tell me where else to look? Read more

Hello Eugene, I have a Honda dioAF35 there was a comut of a green chip and it burned out bought another comut but with a white chip they connect as for 35 it does not work as for 34 the plus fuse is on, I disconnect the Akum. I connect it like 34 there is no spark like 35 there is no spark where else to climb I don’t know help me please. Read more

So so. ))) What does an internal combustion engine need to start?)))) Compression, spark and gasoline for a start So compression. we turn out the spark plug and measure it with a compressor. at least 8 atm on the kickstarter, at least 10 atm on the electric starter (from Akum Depends)))) Spark-wire in the pliers, screwdriver into the tip, and bring it to the engine mass by 1 cm))) Twist-the spark should slip through this gap. The gasoline-supply hose from the carburetor was removed, the tap was opened-flowing?))) Excellent Then we remove the wire from the candle, turn the starter, then take out the candle. is it wet? smells like gasoline? So he goes there, into the combustion chamber, As for the glushak, it’s not a joke))). this is a sore of two-stroke))) Gasoline and oil are mixed together))) Carbon deposits clog the exhaust))) The hole decreases. The speed decreases.Unscrew the muffler and try to start the moped. by itself there should be a spark and a working candle and gasoline))))

If there is even the slightest doubt about the serviceability of the candle, it is worth replacing it immediately, thereby making your life easier for the future. Acidification of contacts If the external signs of the candle correspond to suitability, and there is also no spark, then it is necessary to check whether there is a discharge. Read more

The SAE parameter indicates the viscosity grade of the substance and consists of an alphanumeric abbreviation, where the letter “W” indicates the possibility of use at low temperatures. The number in front of it indicates the viscosity at negative values ​​of the thermometer, and the numbers after the “dash”. at positive values. These indicators characterize how easy it will be for the liquid to be pumped through the system and how quickly it will reach the surfaces of rubbing parts, preventing them from dry friction. Why the scooter won’t start, Honda Tact 24 mp4 Read more

Scooter 2t Honda Dio 27 does not start

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SANYA, it’s not about the filter. When I went to the CPG without it, I could get various garbage and just kill her.

SaNya10 June 2013 23:03 1 how do you need to ride to lose the filter in the same place, even from the sound you can immediately hear. Brother, what a moron. 2 after installing the nulevik, it is MANDATORY to re-adjust the carb, otherwise there will be no sense but in general nulevik this shit with it is easier to ditch the engine than 2 fingers

scooter alpha 49cc. drove 5 km and stalled as if the benz was over then it did not start. the carburetor was cleaned, the oil is new, the benz is in the carb, the candle also has current norms. before that day, I drove more than a hundred km the next morning, I left and stalled the gasoline in the tank, but I drove a hundred km. compression is what can be? and what to change?

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Moron, this is putting it mildly))) thanks for the information, I will look for the reason in the CPG

SaNya11 June 2013 17:37 check the compression if in your opinion it is weak, then you will have to change the CPG, but first clean the carb properly and especially blow the jets, most likely they are clogged, but from experience I will say that it is best to replace the carb with a new one after such a shake-up it is almost impossible to adjust it GOOD LUCK.

nikolay11 June 2013 16:43 check if any valve is jammed, this usually affects suction very similar to this

nikolay11 June 2013 19:06 in general, these engines are very unpretentious and not capricious, try to play with a candle, it’s not just that he refused if the candle is wet, it is to blame if it is dry, then the carb.

NO, NORTH, here the hike is not in the piston case, the fuel valve does not hold))) either overflows or underfills, but with a Chinese scooter who will tell you how to add relics, well, except for the piston??

Nikolay, I had the same problem, but it was like this: the food goes slowly, it goes well, you wrap it up a little more, it stalls, the problem was that the mosquito got stuck in the gas line))) check the hoses, maybe the mosquito is also sitting

SaNya11 June 2013 22:57 but by no means only replacing the piston with a large

Honda Dio grabs sneezes but does not start for the life of a piston cylinder new carber clean adjusted what can be

# 517Aleksey07 June 2013 18:13

Ilyas02 June 2013 10: 27Clear and nickname the starter looks like it punishes and does not give out the necessary rewards and eats energy

Honda Dio grasps sneezes but does not start for the life of a piston cylinder new carber clean adjusted what can be tell me with two tactics I have never come across but figure out what the trouble is, desire is

The scooter 120 is Chinese, the scooter does not start at all, the point is that I washed it a few days before that I thought I had filled it in and did not touch it for 4 days, but now “” and “-” the starter heats up from the battery, checked it works before the starter “incoming” or as it is called, it seems to work and it only gives a knock like “knock” “knock” when trying to ignite, I thought the engine was covered, but then why the wires heat up from the battery to the “incoming” if there are options write [email protected] I will be grateful in advance thanks

Dima June 14, 2013 20:33 The explanation is chaotic and incomprehensible, but if the wires are heated when connecting the battery, then the rectifier-stabilizer is out of order if I understood everything correctly

hello, tell me yesterday I changed the piston from 50 cubic meters to 80 cubic meters, and in my case it turned out that the combustion chamber became larger and because of this bad compression and won’t start tell me what to do

Scooter suzuki sepia zz The plug is wet, there is a good spark, I cleaned the carburetor thoroughly, I thought I was pouring out bad fuel, I filled in something else, it didn’t help. From the leg I start it, he wants to start but will not start. Help who can.


The fuel supply system is essential for engine operation. If there are craftsmen who can ride without a battery, then the scooter will not even start without a carburetor. However, a more modern analogue. an injector. is increasingly common. It is common in Europe and Japan, but here the owner of an iron horse usually has to deal with a traditional device. It is important to correctly adjust the carburetor on the scooter, otherwise you cannot avoid excessive consumption of fuel and breakdowns.

4 Комментарии и мнения владельцев on “Adjusting the carburetor on a scooter. how to adjust the carburetor correctly”

how to clean an injector on a Suzuki address v50g? 1 liter for 25 km began to eat. against 70 km half a year ago. where are they cleaned? or can you manually?

Admin replied: March 25, 2012 at 12:17 pm

In your case, it is better to contact the service center, since the work is quite delicate.

Roman replied: 23 May 2017 at 11:38

Good day, stroke 16, the problem with the carburetor air leaks through the carburetor overflow fitting

Sergey replied: 12 March 2018 at 08:31

Good afternoon. I have a Honda 34 at medium revs loses speed in the fruit before stopping at high speeds, it works fine, what is the reason

San-sanych replied: Mar 15, 2018 at 11:19 am

The reason is the carburetor. At a certain position of the throttle, the required amount of the mixture is not prepared. You need to shoot, wash, watch.

Denis replied: May 2, 2012 at 21:19

what can it be when refueled, let’s say 2 liters, the level of gasoline shows 2 times less gasoline ?? and I began to eat a lot of gasoline, I did not observe gasoline leaks, but eats a lot how to reduce gasoline consumption? and can a forgotten muffler cause high consumption ? Moped Honda 35, Thank you !

Administrator replied: May 3, 2012 at 09:38 PM

35 Dio doesn’t eat much by itself. A clogged muffler can easily cause overruns. The fuel gauge is responsible for the gasoline level. Most likely, the problem with the incorrect display is in it.

Vitya replied: 6 May 2012 at 12:57

gasoline is pouring out of my carburetor from a small slag and the scooter immediately stalls! what to do? cleaned the carburetor, the tank too!

Vitya replied: May 6, 2012 at 14:51

Vitya replied: May 6, 2012 at 15:12

Vitya replied: May 6, 2012 at 15:16

what to do? maybe the needle is bad or! I don’t know!

Vitya replied: May 6, 2012 at 19:27

the carburetor is filled with gasoline! the needle is bad or the carb needs to be cleaned!

Administrator replied: 8 May 2012 at 21:10

Second option. over, great attention should be paid to the float chamber.

Administrator replied: May 8, 2012 at 21:00

It floods. It is necessary to remove the carburetor and thoroughly rinse everything again, check the condition of the shut-off needle of the float chamber.

Vitya replied: May 9, 2012 at 12:00

Vitya replied: May 9, 2012 at 12:43 pm

Vitya replied: May 10, 2012 at 21:31

Administrator replied: May 10, 2012 at 21:35

No more than 30. Although the rest is on the conscience of the seller.

Vitya replied: May 11, 2012 at 14:12

what needs to be done to prevent the needle from sticking!

Admin replied: 13th May 2012 at 21:28

What kind of needle are we talking about? Throttle valve or shut-off needle of the float chamber?

Vitya replied: May 14, 2012 at 20:29

throttle like! I forget these names!

Nikita replied: 7 March 2017 at 19:52

Vic replied: Jun 15, 2019 at 04:22 pm

Alexander replied: 8 July 2012 at 18:10

Guys need advice. Nonda Dio 27. Starts normally. Acceptance is good. Drives 500-600 meters. It starts to twitch and stalls. The fuel level is set according to the recommendations of your website. passes these 500 meters and stalls. What can be where to look. The piston is normal, changed 2 months ago. The compression is good. Crankshaft oil seals can be to blame? There is no shaft in the crankshaft. There is no obvious exhaust smoke. I drove normally until yesterday. I would be very grateful. for help. Best regards, Alexander.

Administrator replied: July 10, 2012 at 20:58

And it’s all about the fuel level in the carburetor. You need to raise the level a little, yours is too low. After that, the problem will be resolved. Remove the carburetor, unscrew the float chamber cover, turn the carburetor over and note the location of the float. When upside down, it should be parallel to the carburetor. Yours is most likely a little higher. Bend the tendril so that the float is level or dropped a couple of mm below the parallel level. There every mm counts.

Alexander replied: 11 July 2012 at 07:05

Hello. Thank you for your answer. I was convinced of your competence. Yesterday, before the arrival of your answer, I set the fuel level higher and the scooter drove off. But it feels like the level is a little higher. According to the method you recommended for determining the transparent tube, it turned out that the level is about 5 higher. 7 mm of the bottom cover. But I was afraid to touch, I was glad of that. Yes, and my wife had to go to work. The candle became normal color. About this method that you answered me. Turn the lid of the carb, I did not know. You feel your great practice. We have all the masters set it up like this: bend the antenna, then pump up the fuel and look at the level. It should be a little more bend in the float chamber. I can’t post a photo, but I think you understand what I’m talking about. It did not work out for me, it was constantly not enough because the scooter was deaf.And I thought that this was normal. So it took 3 days. I set it up according to your recommendations and at the same time put in place my own float. It has a recess for the needle. But as I understand this recess should be. Answer about this. And another question: With great difficulty I took out a new float valve. It worked for about a month and as a result the scooter stalled. During disassembly it turned out that the rubber tip remained in the channel and itself a needle on a float. I got a defective Chinese. I had to put my own one in place. But from time to time he started fuel and filled in carb. What glue can I glue the rubber tip to the needle? I leaned towards super glue or epoxy but doubted not to clog the channels if the gasoline dissolves glue. Or maybe there is another way? Or just throw it away? Thanks again for the prompt answer and the correct practical advice, everything was confirmed. Guys. I recommend this site to everyone. A really knowledgeable person with a lot of practical experience.

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Pavel replied: 13 September 2019 at 20:43

Hello, I read on your website that the float in the float chamber needs to be adjusted so that the fuel is just below the edge of the lid curb. But I have a CVK-30 carburetor and my lid is tilted, and how can I adjust?

It is very important that the combustible mixture on which the scooter is operated corresponds to the proportions set by the engineers. When the mixture is too lean, the scooter does not work properly, overheats, loses power. With a rich mixture, there is increased fuel consumption, carbon deposition in the combustion chamber, the carburetor is usually wet.

adjusting the mix quality This can be done with the adjusting screw or by moving the needle into the choke. In the photos above, you can see the location of the auger in terms of mix quality. If it is absent, adjustment is made only with a needle.

Turn the screw clockwise, we enrich the mixture by unscrewing it for a while. Thus, as the needle is lifted, the needle is enriched, reducing the impoverishment. The combination of both methods allows us to achieve the most favorable results during tuning, however, in the absence of the former, such as the Suzuki Sepia and Suzuki Assress carburetors, we will only be satisfied with the movement of the needle. And thank you for that.

Before adjusting the carburetor, warm up the scooter for 10-15 minutes, the carburetor must be clean (inside). The ideal operation of the engine is with the location of the screw, the quality of the mixture in the unscrewed position for 1.5-2 turns. Depending on engine wear and other malfunctions, this range may vary. The scooter should accelerate smoothly, without interruptions, there should be no jerks when moving. If you cannot achieve acceptable scooter performance, remove the choke from the carburetor and raise or lower the needle. To do this, remove it from the valve and insert the retaining ring down the grooves. You can find out the quality of your mixture and, therefore, in which direction it should be regulated by a candle, or rather, by color and application to its electrodes. If it is black, with a lot of soot, the mixture is rich. If the candle is almost white, the electrodes overheat and the mixture does not melt well.

Honda Dio carburetor tuning

It is necessary to put the needle between them so that the needle is cheerful on the two lower support ones and rested against the upper one. My Honda Dio scooter won’t start and gasoline gushes from the orange hose when starting the scooter.

To begin with, tighten the screw in front of the hose, this screw for releasing the gasoline from the carburetor. And start the scooter, it will not start right away when the carburetor chamber is full, if there are no more reasons and breakdowns, if, of course, we are talking about the hose of which I thought.

However, there may not be a mixture quality screw. then the quality is adjusted by manipulating the throttle valve.

The factory settings are as follows: What does this mean? This means that the screws must first be tightened clockwise as far as the stop, and then unscrewed back to the appropriate number of revolutions.

It is from these initial settings that the configuration should begin. Tuning the Honda Dio 27 carburetor quality tuning the Honda Dio 27 carburetor can be done both with the adjusting screw and by moving the needle in the throttle valve. In the photos above, you can see the location of the mix quality screw. In its absence, the adjustment is carried out only with the needle. Turning the screw clockwise, we enrich the mixture, unscrewing it counterclockwise we make it lean. It is the same with the needle, raising the needle we enrich, lowering we impoverish.

The combination of both methods allows you to achieve the most acceptable results when tuning, however, in the absence of the first, as for example on the Suzuki Sepia and Suzuki Assress carburetors, we will be content with only moving the needle.

And thanks for that. Before adjusting the carburetor, warm up the scooter for minutes, the carburetor must be clean from the inside. Ideal, the engine operation is considered when the mixture quality screw is in the unscrewed position by 1.5 2 turns.

Scooter 2t won’t start on cold? Check the cold start system

Who has this happened. scooter 2t won’t start on cold? I think many. It is often said: in the daytime he started up with half a kick, and stood at night. everything is useless, like a dead person, he does not even grasp.

There are several reasons, but the main one is a malfunction of the cold start system.

What failures happen, how to identify and eliminate them?

Structure and principle of operation

The cold start system works like a second mini-carburetor, in which the solenoid valve acts as a throttle. It is open only at start and gradually closes when the engine warms up.

The air mixture enrichment system consists of:

Eliminate the reasons

It will be cheaper to supply a high-quality Chinese piston with rings, since Chinese rings will not fit on a Japanese piston.

And if the output is large, then you need to bore a Japanese cylinder for a repair piston, than completely buy a set of Chinese piston.

  • check the cold start system:

The solenoid valve must have a complete rubber O-ring. If the ring is cut, then be sure to replace it with a new one so that there is no air leak.

That’s all. It takes about two hours to tinker with your scooter on full alert. But if suddenly a scooter or moped, after working for several days, does not want to start again and the reason for this is dirt in the carburetor, then you will have to remove and rinse the tank inside, plus disassemble and blow the gas pump along with the gas line. And it also does not hurt to replace or clean the air filter.

Subscribe to updates. I hope that this article will be useful to you in finding and eliminating the cause of the bad start of the scooter.

The scooter won’t start on cold. the main reasons

You can often find a situation when a heated scooter engine works normally, but problems arise on a cold one, it becomes extremely difficult to start it, and in some cases, it is impossible. At the same time, you will not be able to start the scooter with either an electric starter or a kickstarter.

In this case, usually the problem lies in the ignition system or in the power system. Both breakdowns require serious attention and adherence to clear instructions, which I will describe below.

Since most often the problem lies precisely in the ignition system, we will consider this item in more detail. After that, let’s move on to the power system.

The scooter does not start on cold due to problems in the ignition system

To begin with, we unscrew the candle and consider the electrodes, if they are melted or have any defects, we replace the candle with a new one.

If the candle is wet, be sure to remove it from the cap and dry it, for example, I do this on a gas stove. Now put it back into the cap and check for a spark.

How to check for a spark on a scooter, the scooter will not start on a cold due to problems with candles

To do this, you need to attach a spark plug to an unpainted part of the engine, usually to the cylinder, and turn the crankshaft using an electric starter or kick. Before doing this, do not forget to turn on the ignition of the scooter. You should not check the spark with your bare hands, you should definitely protect yourself with special thick rubber gloves or a piece of rubber.

Не заводится скутер. Что делать ? Do not start a scooter. What to do ?

Another point to consider is that the candle must be kept away from the spark plug hole in the cylinder head, as gasoline can splash from there and ignite. In my practice, this has not happened, but recommendations should not be neglected.

With a sharp scrolling of the crankshaft, a blue spark should run through the candle, sufficiently powerful and constant. If there is no spark, or it is yellow and appears occasionally, first of all, we take it for a faulty one, and check the spark in the same way on a new candle. As a rule, in more than half of the cases, at this stage the problem is solved and the scooter works properly. That is why it is so important to always have a working spare candle with you, which will always save you on the road in such a situation.

If, after you installed a new plug, the problem remains, we are looking for a deliberately faulty place further:

The scooter does not start on a cold one due to a faulty spark plug cap or connection to it.

It also happens that the cap may not be in tight enough contact with the high-voltage wire. To exclude this from a possible cause of a malfunction, we must check it. We unscrew the cap from the wire and bring the wire 2-3 mm to the metal part of the engine. Please note that if, in the case of a candle, we pressed it against the engine, then in this case it is imperative to observe the specified distance.

Won’t start scooter Honda Dio

Turn the crankshaft and pay attention to the end of the wire, a spark should slip between it and the engine (do not forget that we do all this with the ignition on). If a spark appears, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We consider the candle cap, if it is wet (and often because of this, the normal spark disappears), then dry it with a hairdryer, put the candle in place and check the spark. No changes? Then we change the cap for a new one and go.

Now we will consider an option in which there is no spark even on the wire and the scooter will not start on a cold one.

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This phenomenon can occur with the so-called leakage current. The essence of this phenomenon is that any bare section of the high-voltage wire touches the metal part of the scooter. It may not be directly, and the role of a conductor can be played by water that accumulates in the area of ​​a bare area when driving through puddles.

Consider carefully the wire going from the spark plug to the ignition coil, if you did not find any disconnection and damage points, then we can assume more serious breakdowns in the ignition system, namely:

  • the ignition coil is out of order;
  • the ignition sensor (hall sensor) is out of order;
  • the switch is faulty;

Scooters Service and Repair

Scooter or moped does not start on cold due to problems in the power system

You should pay attention to this point first of all if you have a spark on the scooter and there are no problems in the ignition system.

Difficulty starting the engine, if considered only within the framework of the power system, will arise either from a lack of fuel or from an excess of it.

Older mopeds such as Karpaty and others have a fuel cock just below the tank. Disconnect the hose from the carburetor and open the tap, if gasoline starts to flow from the hose, skip this point and pay all attention to the carburetor. If gasoline does not flow, although it is available in the tank, then the problem is either in the tap itself or in the main line, we disassemble and look.

On modern scooters and mopeds, an automatic fuel valve is installed, which works by discharging. A striking example of such scooters is Yamaha and Suzuki equipment, as well as Chinese scooters similar to them. Here the gas tank is installed above the carburetor, and a small membrane-based device plays the role of a crane. sometimes it is this membrane that can fail due to contamination and other factors. This type of fuel valve is not repaired, and in case of failure, it must be replaced.

On Honda scooters, the gas tank is generally located below the carburetor and is supplied with fuel through the fuel pump. In this case, of course, the aforementioned fuel taps are missing, since they are simply not needed. It is very simple to check the operation of the gas pump, disconnect the gas supply hose to the carburetor and pump the crankshaft with a kick or electric starter, the gas pump should produce fuel and gasoline will start pouring out of the hose.

Since we are considering problems with starting the engine of a scooter and moped “cold”, and the starting enricher is responsible for this start, you should definitely check it too. Briefly describing the operation of the concentrator, the point is that a cold engine requires more fuel to start and run smoothly. It is this function that the starting enrichment performs. A special needle opens an additional channel and a little more fuel than usual enters the carburetor. Initially, the needle is in the retracted position. Inside the starting enrichment there is a heat element, which, when heated, pushes the needle and closes the channel.

If the starting enricher is defective, then the carburetor does not get enough fuel to start normally, and of course there are problems with starting. To check the enricher, remove it and connect it to a voltage of 12V, after some time the needle should smoothly come out of the body by a few millimeters, if this does not happen, it is faulty.

If all channels are clean and there are no problems in the fuel cock, as well as in the fuel pump and enrichment, we proceed to disassemble the carburetor and thoroughly rinse it. How to do this has already been described in previous articles.

It should be noted that difficulties with starting a cold engine, when the scooter does not start on a cold one, also arise when the piston engine is worn out, so it will not be superfluous in this case to check the compression, especially if your scooter or moped has traveled more than one thousand kilometers.

If you have any difficulties with starting the engine, and all the above remedial measures did not help you, ask a question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев field, we will try to solve the problem together. Good luck with the repair.

You can also check out other articles on the topic:

Battery check

If the scooter will not start in both cold and warm weather, the owner should check: gas tank, enrichment, tap, filter, carburetor and pump.

It is recommended to first diagnose the fuel cock. To do this, you need to disconnect the hose from the carburetor and turn the crankshaft. If everything is in order, gasoline will start flowing from the pipe. But if the fuel does not drain or flows even when the engine is not running, then the valve should be replaced.

The second stage in the diagnosis of the power supply system is the inspection of the fuel filter. If a component is clogged, it must be replaced. But even if the filter is clean, but not blown out, it means that a blockage has formed in it.

Due to contamination of the carburetor, problems with starting the engine can also occur. The reason for the blockage is poor quality gasoline or an ineffective filter. To solve the problem you need to:

  • Dismantle and disassemble the carburetor.
  • Blow out and flush all holes. For cleaning, a compressed air cylinder or a simple compressor is used.
  • Check the float chamber and its components.
  • Clean fuel jet.

It is also worth remembering about the most commonplace problems. lack of fuel or old gasoline. If, after a long period of inactivity, the scooter does not start from the button, you should drain the old gasoline and fill the tank with fresh fuel.

Why motor vehicles won’t start?

There are many reasons why a scooter won’t start. Most often, a similar situation occurs due to:

  • Long downtime.
  • Breakdown of the ignition system.
  • No spark.
  • Low temperature.
  • Power system breakdowns.
  • Damaged wiring.

The reason why the scooter does not start may be low compression, a timing problem (in 4-stroke devices) or clogged filters. So what should a rider do if this problem occurs??

What to do if the scooter won’t start?

Many riders, especially in winter, cannot start their “iron horse”. The scooter simply does not respond to the kick starter and electric starter, or the starter motor spins, but the power unit does not start. So let’s figure out what to do if the scooter won’t start.

Diagnostics of the ignition system

If, after testing and replacing the spark plug, there is no spark, it is necessary to diagnose the ignition system. The most common problem is an electrical leak. It occurs due to damage to the winding. If the bare cable touches a metal part, the current flow to the cap is interrupted. Therefore, the owner needs to check the high-voltage cable and insulate it if necessary. It is also recommended to inspect all connections and contacts.

If a 2t or 4t scooter does not start, and the winding is not broken, perhaps the problem lies in:

  • Incorrect operation of the ignition sensor.
  • Switch faults.
  • Broken ignition coil.

To pinpoint exactly what the problem is, the rider will need a similar donor scooter. It is necessary to remove the corresponding parts from it and install it on the “patient” one by one. But the simplest solution would be to visit the service station.

Checking the spark plug

First, the rider needs to check the candle, especially if they bought a used scooter. The element must be inspected and made sure that there is no carbon deposits or mechanical damage on it. If the electrode melts, the component is recommended to be replaced. Also, the rider should:

  • Clean the candle from burning and dirt. The procedure is best done with a metal brush.
  • Wipe off and dry the candle. The element can be held over a gas stove or placed near a heater.
  • Diagnose the spark plug.

To verify that the spark plug is giving off, you need to take out the component and touch it to an unpainted part of the motor or cylinder. Then the rider needs to turn on the ignition and crank the crankshaft. If the spark plug gives off a blue spark, then the component is healthy. But if the color of the spark is yellow or it does not appear at all, the element must be replaced.

Note: Another reason why the scooter will not start on cold is a malfunction of the spark plug cap. To check the element, it must be dried with a hairdryer and disconnected. The diagnostic procedure is the same as when testing a candle.

Checking the piston group

With a low level of compression in the cylinder, the dynamics of the scooter will deteriorate, or it will stop starting altogether. The cause of the problem may be worn rings, poor quality parts, improper cylinder bore or prolonged use of equipment at maximum power.

Diagnosing a problem is easy, you just need to start the scooter with a kick starter. If no resistance is felt when pressing, it means that the pressure in the cylinder has dropped below 7 bar. Compression can be accurately determined using a compression gauge. Ideally, the meter should read 10 bar. But if the pressure is low, repair or replacement of the piston group will be required.

Timing check

Faults in the gas distribution mechanism are found only on devices with four-stroke engines. If the 4t scooter won’t start, the rider should check the choke function. To do this, you need to put your hand on the air filter hole and crank the crankshaft. If the effect of the vacuum is not felt, then the timing is incorrectly set or its valves are covered with smoke. In any case, the rider will have to disassemble and clean the mechanism.