Rohloff bicycle chain lubricant


Anti-friction oil forms a thin, durable non-oil film that significantly reduces friction and wear. prevents scuffing, provides protection against dust, abrasives, water, ice, salts.

Possesses the following unique properties:

rohloff, bicycle, chain, lubricant

Смазка цепи Rohloff и Gazpromneft Chain Oil масло цепное

High penetrating and adhesive ability

Provides long-term reduction in friction and wear


Professional bicycle chain oil (B-CYCLING series) Professional bicycle chain and derailleur oil (PRO TOUR level).

rohloff, bicycle, chain, lubricant

Bicycle chain antifriction oil is a professional oil made from synthetic compounds. Designed for effective lubrication of chains, gear shifters, cables, shock absorber forks of modern bicycles and motor vehicles. Can be used in all weather conditions.

Lubrication tests were carried out in conjunction with professional cyclists from several world-class PRO TOUR teams and showed the superiority of BARDAL lubricants.

BARDAL is the official supplier of lubricants for the professional cycling team COFIDIS Pro Cycling Team.

Application Information:

Pre-clean the chain and derailleur with Bardahl Degreaser Chain B-CYCLING (p / n 3228). Apply chain lubricant to a clean, dry surface. Wait a while. Wipe off excess grease with a cloth before using treated equipment.

Use nitrile gloves when handling to protect your hands.

lagging counterparts: Rohloff Oil, Finish Line Cross Country, Finish Line Wax Krytech, Finish Line Dry Teflon Lube, Finish Line 1-Step Cleaner Lubricant. Pedros Syn Lube, Holmenkol Dirt Protector, Force Lube Star Original, Hutchinson, Holmenkol Lube Extreme, Shimano, Daytona

Chain care products

Let’s talk about proper chain maintenance.

1) Initially, there is a conservation lubricant on the chain, namely technical petroleum jelly. over, in most cases, it is just dirt that sticks to him, but in the case of shame. there seems to be something else added and indeed the chain remains clean for a long time. I must say that any conservation grease is far from the best resistance to wear and friction.

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2) Do not lubricate with engine oils, as they are really very active in picking up water, and therefore a large amount of dirt. At the same time, then they are also very difficult to wash out. In cold weather, they thicken very much, which makes pedaling very difficult (although in a street it may not be so critical) and besides, they smell disgusting.

rohloff, bicycle, chain, lubricant

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3) How to lubricate? In general, it’s not just that manufacturers make special oils for chains. And the lubrication process involves far from pouring oil on the chain.

  • Lubricate carefully. The chain should initially be cleaned of dirt and old oil, here either cleaning machines with a special detergent composition, or a can of gasoline, or, at worst, will help you a lot. soap, toothbrush and a little diligence
  • Then carefully drip from the bottle or syringe onto each pin, and try to drip not into the middle of the chain, but into the gap between the roller and the external links of the chain.
  • Now unwind the chain well so that the oil flows into the pins, and immediately wipe off the excess with a cloth. over, if you want the chain to remain clean for a long time, then wipe it. do not hold the rag around the chain, but apply it only to the rollers, top and bottom, so that the side walls remain dry.
  • After such lubrication, the chain will not need maintenance for a long time. If you ride a street. then this is 1-2 weeks if you are actively skating XC or LH / FR. then maybe 1-2 times a week. So it’s better to spend half an hour once than every day for 10 minutes.
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4) How to lubricate? I can hardly list all the companies, but here is a list of what I personally tried:

1st place: Rohloff chain lubricant 50ml bottle costs 300-350r. The grease is thick and originally designed for the correct lubrication process (see point 3) very good rolling characteristics and wear life. if used correctly, one bottle will last for the whole season and there will be more left over. It is extremely useful to use it in the autumn-winter season, because does not become viscous and perfectly retains its properties at both high and low temperatures. Plus very resistant to washout.

2nd place: Pedro’s Grease. The company has long been known for its excellent tools and did not disappoint in the maintenance of chains. bottle 200ml. costs 500-600r. In general, it practically does not differ from Rohloff, except that I would rather recommend it for cross-country. And her price tag is quite high.

3rd place: Barbieri lubricant. Like Rohloff, this company has been dealing with chain maintenance products for a very long time, which speaks for itself. sold in a 125 ml tube. costs 300-350 rubles. It is not as thick as Rohloff and is consumed faster, therefore it is easier to wash out. Very resistant to dirt adhesion, and also copes well with low temperatures. However, in extreme heat, it will most likely wash out quickly enough.

4th place: Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the lubricant. It is sold in small bottles of 25 or 30 ml and has a pale pink hue. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the price either. When used correctly, it lasts for a very long time. Not very thick, but copes well with temperatures and almost does not wash out. Practically does not collect dirt.

5th place: Weldtite lubricant bottle 150ml, costs 100-150r. Not a bad lubricant, in principle. Quite runny and washes out quickly enough. It also does not handle dirt very well. But inexpensive, and still better than engine oils.

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Spray Lubricants.

WD-40, TF2, Zefal, etc. These lubricants should not be taken seriously. their purpose. cleaning the chain rather than lubricating it. It is useful to carry a can with you, in case of a long absence of the opportunity to lubricate the chain normally, or it can help out if the bike has been under heavy rain for a long time, which led to the washing out of the normal lubricant. The advantages of sprays are that the lubricant is applied easily and quickly, but such a lubricant is enough for a day at best. An exception may be lubricants for motorcycle chains, such as Liqui Moly, which include graphite or cobalt. These are rather liquid lubricants, simply driven into a cylinder under pressure. But such lubricants are still enough for 2-3 days a little, and the cylinder is consumed quite quickly. Plus, we must not forget that when lubricating the chain with a spray, it is very easy to spray the brake rotor.

And remember that the conventional wisdom that the chain, in principle, can not be lubricated (like so it is cleaner and more beautiful, and it won’t get anything anyway) is fundamentally wrong. Yes, a dry chain will pick up less dirt and look cleaner, but the coefficient of friction in the chain will be much higher, which will lead to a rapid stretching of the chain and, as a result, the swallowing of the front and rear sprockets, the replacement of which will cost you much more than timely service and lubrication of the chain Know that these are not horror stories, but, unfortunately, the harsh truth of life.