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Road bikes

Discover our range of road bikes. It doesn’t matter if you exercise regularly or from time to time, looking for a bike for competition or leisure, in the section “road bikes” from decathlon you will certainly find the bike that is right for you.

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Carbon wheels: pros and cons

Check out our range of road bike wheels.

At decathlon you will find exactly the bike you need

The Cycling Project Team is committed to meeting the expectations of our athletes and ensuring the availability, ease of use, safety, comfort, durability and compatibility of bikes with various accessories.

That is why the line from tm triban is suitable for:

  • athletes who want to start mastering the road bike and gain an incomparable experience.
  • athletes who want to keep fit through regular or irregular cycling.
  • athletes who select a bike for medium and long distance cycling all year round.

Riding on the highway or off-road?

The decathlon range allows you to ride anywhere:

  • Road bike: The road bike is the most popular among both beginners and professionals. The decathlon models have been developed by experts to accompany you on outings, long walks and even competitions.
  • off-road bike: whether you ride on gravel or do cyclocross, with the decathlon off-road bike you can conquer any road (of course, except for mountain trails).
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Check out our range of off-road riding equipment.

Other features of the road bike:

When buying a bicycle, the question of choosing a braking system will also arise in front of you. The first, more common type of braking system is based on braking with pads, the second type is disc brakes, which are more effective in rainy weather, but the discs are often heavier.

How to know what size Road Bike to buy

Among the models of different brands that offer a different number of speeds, (9, 10 or 11), you also need to choose a suitable speed selector.

Most of the models in our range are equipped with an 11-speed shimano shifter for improved technical performance.

The shimano sora groupset used in our budget models is highly efficient and allows safe braking and shifting.

Then comes the shimano 105 groupset, followed by the shimano ultegra, which offer the best value for money. We also have the dura ace groupset for the most experienced cyclists. In addition, we offer the di2 electronic shifting system for smoother shifting.

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Cycling line from tm van rysel

Cycling designers do their best to meet the expectations of our athletes and provide them with performance, rigidity, energy, aerodynamics, safety, comfort, competitiveness and high performance.

This is why the van rysel range of touring bikes are suitable for:

  • athletes who regularly ride a road bike with more or less intense rhythm changes.
  • athletes taking part in competitions who strive for continuous excellence.
  • athletes looking to improve their performance with a lighter, more dynamic bike.

Road Bike Set Up Tips For Taller Riders

There are two types of bicycles in the van rysel range. Aluminum bikes that are perfect for cycling beginners looking to master their first bike to improve their skills. As well as a range of carbon road bikes that are stiffer and more dynamic to help you reach your goals.

Road bikes specially designed for women:

To work on the road bike women project, decathlon has organized a 100% female design team for women to anticipate the challenges women may face when riding. road bike. This allows us to offer you a range of road bikes perfectly adapted for women.