Review of Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter

Review of Xiaomi M365 Mijia electric scooter

What happens when the beloved Xiaomi manufacturer launches an electric scooter? First of all, they give it a new name, combining a brand and a device: it turns out Xiaokat. Naturally, the first to pay attention to him are the owners of other Xiaomi devices, popularly called Xiaomi witnesses. But they are not alone in their joy: Mijia M365 turned out to be good enough to attract buyers, hitherto not familiar with its creators.

Specifications Xiaomi M365 Mijia

The Mijia M365 is a black or white (your choice) 12.5kg scooter made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, very sturdy and monolithic in appearance. Foldable. the rear fender clings to the steering wheel (fixed by the bell tongue), a small triangle is obtained that can be carried in the hands. Folded rolling will not work. The wheels are large, chambered, 8.5 inches. The battery of thirty LG 18650 cells gives a capacity of 7800 mAh: one charge is enough for 30 kilometers. The scooter can accelerate up to 25 km / h. The torque is 16 Nm. Engine power. 250 W normal and up to 500 W at maximum. When braking, kinetic energy is regenerated. Any person no heavier than 100 kg can ride. There is a bell and a metal step.

It would seem that a scooter is such a simple means of transportation, what else can be screwed onto it? Can! Regenerative brakes forwards and discs backwards, for example (stick braking), LED headlights front and rear, ABS, cruise control. And link the gadget on wheels with an app for iOS or Android, so that all the statistics are on your smartphone, of course.


The buyer receives the electric scooter almost assembled, all that remains is to connect the steering column. There are screws and a hex key for this. In addition to them, the box contains a 42 V and 1.7 A charger (it takes 4-5 hours to fully charge), an extension cord for the nipple and instructions. Although the instructions are in Chinese, it is clear from the pictures that passengers cannot be rolled, that you should not leave on the roadway, you need to go around puddles and stairs, it is better to wait out heavy rain at home (there is no complete waterproofing), and letting go of both hands is extremely unwise. Xiaomi carefully reminds of the protection of the head, elbows and knees. the usual protection kit for roller skating will do just fine.

Management and technology

The steering wheel power button also turns on the headlights. Four LEDs above the button indicate the charge level. The engine does not start from scratch (Zero-Start function). You need to get on the scooter and push off strongly, as if you were riding a regular mechanical one. Only after that, pressing the throttle handle will start the engine and a gradual increase in speed will begin. It is programmatically limited to 25 km / h, it will not be possible to go faster in any case. This way of starting is good for safety, saves battery, gives a reason to move a little. there are many advantages. True, in some cases there is not enough opportunity to disable such a start (when you go uphill or roll a scooter along a ramp, for example).

The rotation is carried out by shifting the center of gravity in the desired direction. Braking is also carried out with the help of the handle. first the front regenerative brake is applied, then the rear disc brake. Important: there is no possibility of rear wing braking! You cannot get up on it. this can damage the occasion going to the headlight.

Modern design

The model looks very good. All that was needed was to hide the fittings and wires. everything under plastic covers or inside the case. It turns out stylish and minimalistic. Those who have already tried other variants of electric scooters are delighted with the solidity of this model, the difference is huge. Good wide (33 mm in diameter) cast handles, soft to the touch. One drawback is that they do not fold, so that when folded, the scooter remains quite overall. But it is precisely their integrity that gives a big plus to solidity. Rubber foot pad is soft, you can even ride barefoot in summer, although at other times a rougher pad would be more reliable.

Application (APP)

The model can work with two applications: Ninebot from Segway (easier to connect, more convenient to manage, slightly less data) and MiHome from Xiaomi (a little more difficult to connect, but more information). Through the app, you can adjust the brake levels, cruise control and other details. There is not enough display of speed and statistics on the steering wheel of the scooter. all this is visible only in the application on the smartphone, which is also not attached to the handle anywhere. Here, of course, a minus.

But the scooter‘s firmware will be updated, so much more will be improved and refined. The firmware controls controls, settings, lighting. Updating is very simple: the application itself will inform you about the availability of an update, it remains to approve it and wait until the application and the firmware are updated.

The scooter is very pleased with the possibilities, design and especially the price. A minimum of mechanical components. a minimum of reasons for breakdown. Those who have used other models may have a difficulty at first with weaning from braking with the rear wing: here this is not only not provided, but it can also damage the headlight wire. In all other respects, excellent transport for the city, compact, safe and smart!

Review of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter: the ideal xiaokater

pros Minuses
High-quality assembly No screen on the steering wheel
2 kinds of ABS brakes Contacts on the battery are losing
Maximum rider weight 100 kg Electronic brake “not emergency”
Cruising range 30 km

Package Xiaomi M365


  • wheels 8.5 inches;
  • electric motor 250 W;
  • lithium-ion battery, 30 LG 18650 cells (7.8 Am / h);
  • cruising range on one charge 30 km;
  • classic steering wheel;
  • LED headlight, brake light;
  • wheel arch liners made of strong plastic;
  • load 100 kg;
  • dimensions: height 114, deck width 14.5, width from the edges of the handlebars 49 cm

The frame is made of aluminum and is powered by a 280 Wh battery. On one charge, it is capable of covering 30 km. For this, it was tested with a driver weighing 77 kilograms, on a flat city road. I managed to accelerate on it to a maximum of 26 kilometers per hour, let me remind you that the weight is 12.5 kilograms. At the same time, the start is quite playful, the torque is 16 Nm.

Xiaomi M365 in travel mode

When braking, kinetic energy is regenerated, which allows the battery to be charged.

The road is illuminated at night by a LED headlight with a narrow beam. For a smartphone, you need to download an application that shows the charge level in real time and gives you access to full functionality.

Steering rack folding mechanism

Folded scooter

Wheels deserve special attention. They are chamber, pneumatic. You can pump up to 3.5 atmospheres. Because of our Russian roads, tube tires are ideal for dampening bumps. But you should be careful about punctures. They will, since the tire is thinner than that of a scooter or car. Experienced xiaokaters are gradually switching to rubber wheels, abandoning inflatable.

The control panel gives access to the speed mode switches and other functions.

If your roads are relatively empty, activate the sport mode, the speed limit has been removed here.

Phone app

To urgently stop the Xiaomi scooter, use the handbrake, since activation by a button does not guarantee emergency braking, but smoothly stops. To start moving, you need to accelerate a little on the scooter, after which the Zero-Start function is triggered and the engine turns on automatically.

Steering wheel unfolded

Xiaomi m365 test drive. Main problems

A review of the Xiaomi M365 would be incomplete without considering its shortcomings. There are few of them, you can eliminate it yourself.

  • The control panel is located on the steering wheel, so in bad weather, you need to cover it. Better to do it right away. carefully wrapping it with a film.
  • Over time, the tires wear out the chamber and the wheel begins to deflate. To avoid this, you can constantly pump up the wheels. If this option is not suitable, you will need to take another camera and glue it from the inside.
  • If the scooter stops starting, the battery contacts are likely to be missing. To do this, you need to disassemble the deck and solder the contacts.
  • If your scooter app on your smartphone crashed or you forgot your password, use the following life hack. Plug the scooter into an electrical outlet. You need to simultaneously press the gas, brake and power button. If you do not do this, then after 180 minutes the lock is removed automatically.

Review of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter

Compact means of transportation around the city are gaining popularity among ordinary people. They are designed to save time and money (on public transport or gasoline). Hoverboards and electric unicycle are rather fashionable devices that look more like toys. But the Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter with a nice price and excellent design is more suitable for these purposes.


The scooter is made of aluminum alloy, which provides resistance to drops and protection from corrosion (which is especially important when used in adverse weather conditions). The dimensions of the device are 108 x 43 x 49 with a weight of 12.5 kg. The scooter is available in two colors. black and white.

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There is nothing superfluous in the M365: all wires, nuts and screws are hidden inside the frame or under plastic covers. The features of the gadget include a soft comfortable pad on the platform for the legs and wide comfortable molded handles with a diameter of 33 mm.

The device has a folding mechanism, a metal step, a bell, a disc brake with a handle on the handlebars, headlights, a rear brake light and reflective stripes. The height of the steering wheel is not adjustable, but despite this it is comfortable to operate the device (with a height of 185 cm).

On the control panel there is a power button (which also turns on the headlights), above it there are 4 LEDs that reflect the level of charge (in 25% increments). The scooter is driven by the front motorcycle wheel, which brakes regeneratively, and the rear wheel has a disc brake. Both wheels are splash-protected by fenders. Rear wing braking is not provided.

To fold the scooter, you need to pull and lower the mechanism lever. The steering wheel is fixed with a bell tongue on the rear fender. The handles do not fold in this case. When folded, the scooter must be carried by the steering rack.

Main characteristics

Xiaomi M365 has 250W rated power, while the maximum speed is 25 km / h.

The device comes with 8.5-inch inflatable rubber tires with a tube.

As noted above, the scooter has two brakes: at the back. disc, which is driven by a handle, in front. recuperative, it works automatically as soon as the gas is released, and begins to generate energy for the battery.

The maximum user weight is 100 kg. Protection class IP54.


The declared maximum speed (25 km / h) corresponds to reality, the real speed is 20-22 km / h. Acceleration is obtained only on a slight incline or on a straight road.

How the scooter handles uphill climbing depends on the incline and weight of the user. With a small slide with a slope of up to 15 degrees and a user weight of about 80 kg, the device will cope without any problems. And with a slope of 20 degrees, you will have to help with your foot, or turn on recuperation.

The M365 supports three recuperation modes that are set on the smartphone when it is connected to the scooter. When light mode is activated. energy builds up slowly and the M365 is like a regular scooter. If you set the medium mode, then rolling in a straight line or at idle will not work, you need a slide at an angle of 20 degrees, otherwise the scooter will constantly slow down. The strong mode perfectly “returns” the charge: if you drive half a kilometer downhill with a slope of about 30 degrees, the energy is restored by about 4%. In this mode, you can forget about the brake. as soon as you release the gas, the scooter brakes (if there is no slope).

It is also worth noting the presence of cruise control. To activate it, you need to push and hold the speed trigger for 5 seconds.


The battery, consisting of thirty LG 18650 cells, gives a capacity of 7800 mAh, one charge is designed for about a 30-kilometer trip. With the correct use of recuperation, this distance can be doubled (somewhere I walked, somewhere I went down a hill).

It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the device. As mentioned above, the electric scooter has the ability to synchronize with the application, which, in particular, displays information about the battery level.

If you are looking for a compact means of transportation around the city, then the Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter can be a great option. The device, neither externally nor along the way, is inferior to competitors, while it is cheaper.

The disadvantages of the device include:

non-folding handles;

lack of display with mileage and speed;

However, the scooter has more advantages, and they are more significant:

control of the battery charge level through the application;

Review of Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Electric Scooter

The electric bike that Xiaomi released last year has generated a lot of interest. Indeed, it turned out to be a very high quality bike with a smart component and an electric motor. But the Chinese manufacturer did not stop and just recently introduced another two-wheeled vehicle. this time a scooter called Mi Mijjia Electric Scooter. Snow-covered Kiev didn’t scare us, so we took a new scooter for review.

Design and materials

The construction is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which really inspires confidence. the metal is really strong, it will be difficult to bend it. The handles are rubberized, the front “dashboard” with indicators is made of glossy plastic, which is very quickly covered with scratches.

The wheels are quite voluminous, because of this, Mi Mijjia Electric Scooter looks unusual, a kind of crossover in the world of scooters. Two options will go on sale. black, like ours, and white.

Ergonomics, ease of transportation

Mi Mijia Electric Scooter is a city scooter. And this should mean a minimum weight and a folding structure to get on the subway or bus. With these parameters, he is doing well. The weight of 12.5 kg means practically nothing for the average young man, but for girls it is questionable, it may already be hard enough to carry it into public transport.

The folding system was invented very cool. just snap off the steering wheel and put it on the rear wheel, where it will be fixed by a special hook. To assemble the scooter, simply move the handlebar slightly to the side and raise it. On the left on the steering wheel there is a bell to alert pedestrians.


In terms of “sophistication” the scooter is only slightly different from the Xiaomi bike, the main difference is the absence of an on-board computer with key indicators. speed, mileage, battery, etc.

This is now the responsibility of the smartphone application, in which these parameters are tracked. The program is beautifully done and has a list of various settings, up to the installation of a new version of the firmware on the scooter. In front of Mi Mijia Electric Scooter, there is a bright LED-lamp with a lens, in the back there is a stop that blinks when braking.

A monowheel is a difficult transport for an untrained user. Gyro scooters, like the Nineboot Mini, are a little lighter. QiCycle bike. almost everyone is given the first time. Well, on Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter, absolutely everyone becomes the first time. It’s really easy to ride a scooter.

review, xiaomi, mijia, m365, electric, scooter

The main difference from the classic scooter is the lack of roll-over at the minimum speed (when the maximum speed is reached, you can go down the hill at a higher speed), the engine turns on immediately after you push off with your foot. At the expense of the engine. its power is 250 watts, and the maximum speed is at around 25 km. There is even cruise control, which is very convenient when traveling long distances. Front-wheel drive, drifting is hard, but you can come up with something, of course, if you really want to.

The speed is regulated by the knob, which is located on the right of the steering wheel and has the ability to smoothly supply electricity. you can accelerate both smoothly and sharply with slipping.

The scooter is equipped with disc brakes with E-ABS function, which works in a similar way to ABS in a car’s braking system. But this is relevant only at high speeds, when you can really fly away on a locked rear wheel.

The relatively large wheels provide good cross-country ability, I drove on asphalt, grass, earth, ice and even snow. And even if in the snow you still have to help the scooter with your foot, but at the same time it rides and does not fall. The model is protected from moisture and dust according to the IP54 standard. you can ride in the rain or drive into the sand.

The manufacturer claims that the Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter can withstand a maximum of 100 kg. We gave a ride on a scooter to people weighing from 50 to 120 kg. It is possible that in the long term, some parts of the device may deform due to the fact that the weight is exceeded. Nevertheless, when a two-meter man weighing 120 kg rode the scooter, there were no problems. the only thing was that the acceleration was smoother.


Inside the Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter, 30 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries of 18650 format are installed. This solution is enough for up to 30 km of run. The scooter is charged from the network for about 5 hours.

Review of the electric scooter xiaomi mijia m365

Modern electrical devices such as a monowheel, a hoverboard and an electric skateboard have earned themselves a reputation as an advanced toy, not a vehicle for covering distances. Of course, all trips would have to be done on something more powerful, reliable and simple to use. An electric scooter is the perfect choice for this task.

But not every electric scooter device is equally reliable. Consider the model of the Smart Electric Scooter electric scooter, and also figure out why this model is accepted as one of the best options for both simple riding and simple movement around the territory of a settlement, to summarize: for what purposes is it more appropriate to operate the device.

An overview of the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 Electric scooter, thanks to the increased base length with lateral direction and a pair of wheels, this scooter model has improved stability. An unexpected fall will cause the person to be thrown to the side, which improves safety!

Many beginners to master this model of an electric scooter will like its high deck. It will help everyone who has previously used a regular scooter to break the habit of kicking. Sometimes, people riding ordinary scooters cannot get rid of this “reflex”.

Evaluating the model, the conclusion suggests itself that the product has an eye-catching beauty and looks modern. Small details, including all kinds of nuts, screws and screws, are not visible. everything is neatly hidden under plastic covers or are inside the frame. The design style resembles strict minimalism. Wide comfortable grips, comfortable foot platform, bell and metal footrest look nice.

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The design of the scooter has a well thought-out folding mechanism, which, if necessary, allows it to be easily folded for transportation or so that it does not take up much space in the room.

User safety. The developers of the smart gadget took care of the safety of users. The device itself will not be able to go anywhere until its driver gives a push. A simple push on the trigger will not lead to anything either. the scooter will remain in the same place without a definite movement of the user’s leg. Abrupt starts are not scary. the movement always starts smoothly. Inflating the tires of a gadget is as easy as shelling pears. Their distinctive features are increased elasticity and softness.

It is worth focusing on the recuperation method. The scooter manufacturer promises that the gadget can cover a distance of 30 km without recharging, and with the use of recuperation the distance will double. 60 km.

To enable the activation of the recuperation process, you need to synchronize the electric scooter with a smartphone using the “Mi Home” application developed for iOS and Android devices.

Brief characteristics of recuperation modes: 1. Light recuperation. a rather slow mode of energy storage, the scooter can be quickly accelerated and maintains a stable speed. Medium recuperation. charge recovery is more intense, but even direct idling is difficult. Descent from the hill is desirable, otherwise the scooter will constantly slow down. 3. Heavy recuperation mode. excellent energy recovery, brake can be omitted.

In the recuperation mode, the scooter goes into the generator mode, which charges the battery. Movement is hampered. it seems to “slow down”, so you need a slide with a good slope and a stable load on the scooter. This mode will help restore a partial charge to the battery.

The charge panel now has a new design. it is modest and elegant. The LEDs located on it indicate the charge. The glow of all speaks about 100%, three out of four. about 70%, etc. It will take about 5 hours to fully charge the battery.

The manufacturer recommends not to use the gadget in wet weather and to avoid puddles more than 2 centimeters deep. Although practice has shown that he is not afraid to work on rainy days. no breakdowns occur and movement for the user is completely safe.

Conclusions About the Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter, we can conclude that it belongs to one of the best options among similar gadgets with a similar price. By purchasing it, you get a stably reliable gadget with a long service life, and an excellent option for saving time on trips when moving around the city.

Xiaomi electric scooter apps

Mijia scooters from Xiaomi are a very convenient vehicle that is perfect for use within the city. The functionality allows you to travel about 20 km on a single charge, so the device is a great alternative to public transport when you need to travel short distances.

One of the important advantages of such an electric vehicle is a well-thought-out control system, thanks to which it can be controlled even by means of a mobile device, having previously installed a special application on it. What is such software, how to configure and use it. we will consider further.


One of the options is Ninebot, a Xiaomi electric scooter app that is freely available on the Google Play Market. Can also be used for Xiaomi Ninebot Mini segway.

After downloading, installing and launching the application, you need to press the button with the “9” icon and the inscription “Vehicle”, it is located in the lower left corner of the program window. This will start the search for the electric scooter. Before connecting the transport, you should turn on the power on it, and activate Bluetooth on the phone.

After the search is completed, synchronization will start, then the main software menu will open, where the user will have access to the following information:

  • speed in the form of a pie chart;
  • the distance that can be covered with the remaining charge;
  • Energy Recovery. energy saving mode;
  • cruise mode.

From a smartphone, you can lock the Xiaomi scooter by pressing a button with a lock. If at the same time press in the center of the screen. the camera mode is activated on the phone.

When opening the section with the energy saving function, the user will be shown the model of the product, as well as the password required to connect it using Bluetooth.

When Rear Light is active, the rear light of Xiaomi electric vehicles will be constantly on, and when driving, when the brake pedal is pressed, the light flashes: this will attract the attention of pedestrians, reducing the likelihood of an emergency.

Cruise Mode option. enable cruise control. In this case, it will be enough to hold the throttle stick in one position for 5 seconds. then the scooter will continue to ride at exactly the same speed. To turn off the mode, you just need to change the position of the throttle.

This section also provides access to the function of restoring the capacity of the built-in battery. weak, medium and maximum. The principle of its use is as follows: during the trip, the gas is suddenly released, the scooter slows down, the battery is recharged. The energy reserve is also replenished during coasting and when descending a hill.

Access to the rest of the application’s functions is opened by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. There the user has access to sections:

  • Firmware Update. download and install the latest version of the program for the phone.
  • Basic Information: information about the firmware version and serial number of the scooter, its battery temperature.

Mi Home

Another option for controlling the Xiaomi Mijia M365 scooter and other models is using the proprietary Mi Home application. In fact, this program is designed to create and manage a smart home system, but it provides the ability to perform many settings for Mijia electric vehicles.

Connect and sync

To connect and sync Xiaomi Mijia M365 with a mobile device, do the following:

When the progress indicator reaches 100%. the gadget and the vehicle will be connected into one network.

Work in the program

When you start the program in the main menu, a complete list of supported smart equipment is provided, among which you just need to select a picture with a scooter. after that you will have access to the main menu.

The first screen displays the current and average speed, distance traveled and the level of remaining charge. To fine-tune the device, select the button with three dots in the upper right corner.

As a result, it will be possible to perform the following actions:

  • activation of the cruise mode;
  • enable energy recovery mode;
  • ensure continuous operation of the rear headlight;
  • update firmware and change password.

The Basic Information item contains the same data as the similar menu in Ninebot.

The item with information about the battery contains a lot of useful information, including:

  • total number of charges;
  • full charge cycles;
  • battery temperature of electric scooter and phone;
  • battery firmware version.

M365 Tools

To synchronize with an electric vehicle, you only need to press the connect button in the lower right part of the screen.

The software interface is intuitive. At the top of the main window there is a menu with tabs for settings and performance reports. Almost all data from the sensors are available there:

  • speedometer with the ability to adjust the maximum value of the scale;
  • battery temperature, power consumption, voltage, charge level, capacity and distance that can be traveled on the current charge;
  • distance and time of the current trip;
  • back light;
  • Cruise control;
  • trip recording. tags on the map, reports and the like.

An important advantage of M365 Tools is the ability to introduce a correction factor in case of changing wheels of standard sizes to some others, as a result of which the correct values ​​will be displayed in the reports.

The only serious drawback is the presence of ads, which can only be disabled by purchasing the paid version, there are several options with different costs.

It should be noted that all the programs considered are capable of providing convenient control of electric transport and finding out detailed data on its operation. It is often difficult to give preference to any one option, so many users decide to use several scooter apps at once. In the process of work, it is determined what is more convenient.

Electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter m365

Xiaomi’s electric bike, launched a year ago, immediately began to be in demand. This is a really high quality bike with good components and an electric motor. The manufacturer from China decided to continue improving the technology and released the two-wheeled scooter Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter m365.

The product is made of aluminum for aviation, thanks to this metal, the strength and reliability of the product is guaranteed. The scooter handles are wrapped in rubber, the “torpedo” has indicators and is made of glossy plastic, such plastic tends to scratch easily.

Controlling the Xiaomi Mijia m365 electric scooter

This is a scooter for the city. That is why it should be lightweight and fold easily so that you can easily enter public transport with it. The product has these parameters. A weight of 12.5 kg for an average man will seem light to carry, but for girls this weight can cause problems.

Chassis and brakes

The manufacturer says that the speed can reach a maximum of 25 km / h. Xiaomi Mijia m365 can reach it if it moves on a flat surface. The scooter program limits the speed. However, when driving downhill, the speed can be higher. The scooter on the descent must turn off the engine by activating the power save and battery charging mode.

The braking system deserves special attention. Braking can be carried out in two modes, be automatic or manual.

The motor participates in automatic braking when the brake handle is released. Braking occurs because the engine recharges the battery and creates resistance that prevents the wheel from turning. Automatic deceleration can be configured using a dedicated application. When the mode is set to maximum, then grip braking is not often required.

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There are several aspects to be aware of when it comes to manual braking. The brake handle is made of plastic. It can control not only the rear brake, but it also has a sensor that activates the motor to save energy when pressed. The handle has no regulation.

When the brake lever is pressed, the rear lamp gives a signal, it starts blinking, thereby warning of slowing down.

Battery and autonomy Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter m365

The most important question when testing a scooter: “How long is the charge?” To answer this question, it is very important to consider the autonomous operation of the scooter.

The Xiaomi Mija m365 scooter receives its energy from the built-in battery, it is produced by LG, has a capacity of 280 Wh or 7 800 mAh. The voltage is 36 V. it is absolutely safe for people. The manufacturer does not say what resource the battery has, so it is very difficult to say for what time you can focus.

Running stock 30 km. Of course, in real conditions the value will be slightly less, but in general you can be sure that it will be up to 27 km.

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Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter: review

At the present time, movement in a city or other area can be carried out in much larger ways than before. Skateboards, gyro scooters, and possibly even monowheels are suitable for this. But none of the above combines the comfort and quality of an electric scooter.

Electric scooters are a fairly popular method of transportation now, so many companies, including Xiaomi, are engaged in their production. The company has released its own model. the Xiaomi Mijia M365 or Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro electric scooter. Why this device is so good. we will discuss in this article.


So, the box itself looks like:

The kit, in addition to the scooter itself, includes:

  • battery charging device (power. 42 V, current. 17 A);
  • a hex wrench and a few screws for installing the steering wheel;
  • adapters for pumping wheels;
  • 2 cameras;
  • 2 tires;
  • instructions for use in Chinese;
  • warranty documents.

E-scooter xiaomi mijia m365. package content


The main nuance is the user manual, which is presented only in Chinese, and even on the Internet there is no way to find a translation into Russian. only amateur instructions.

But in any case, the manufacturer made sure that any buyer, even not very versed in such matters, could assemble the device.

Handlebar assembly instructions:

  • Prepare screws and socket wrench.
  • Fix the two parts of the handlebar. place the connecting wire inside the pipe. The steering tubes are of different diameters, so there will be no questions about where to insert.
  • Secure the handlebars with screws on all sides.


The design of the scooter, like all devices from Xiaomi, looks minimalist and laconic, comes in the shade of Black (black). A huge plus of the concept of “practicality and comfort” is that all “equipment” (wires, screws, mechanical parts, etc.) is hidden inside the frame under a plastic sheath, so nothing like this is observed outside (only one wire, most likely responsible for the brakes). this only makes the appearance more attractive.

It is noted that the pad on the deck. the platform for the feet. has the most convenient dimensions, not too narrow and not too wide.

The Mijia M365 has two powerful headlights. front and rear. The power provides a lighting efficiency of 6-7 meters. There are reflective stickers on the rear wheel.

The frame itself is made of aluminum alloy. This ensures maximum strength in relation to weight. Aluminum also gives a high load capacity.

On the top of the steering wheel there is a control panel made of glossy plastic, with four LEDs showing the battery level and a main on / off button.

Regarding the LED notification of charge:

  • if 4 lights are active. the charge level is 100%
  • if 3. 75%
  • respectively 2 bulbs. 50%
  • 1 LED. 25%
  • but not lit. the scooter is discharged.

The height of the fully assembled electric scooter is 114 cm, the width of the handlebars is 43 cm, and the platform for setting the legs is 1.45 cm. The dimensions allow you to leave the device in an apartment or corridor. But for transportation you have to strain yourself, since the weight of the device is as much as 12 kg.

By the way, the steering wheel cannot be adjusted. the manufacturer chose to do with standard dimensions. But as for folding, it is enough just to detach the lock from the steering wheel and lean it against the rear wheel, where there is also a mount.

The wheels have a diameter of about 21 cm, which is almost 9 inches. At first, the dimensions may seem small, but nevertheless the speed achieved is pretty decent. Wheels have rubber elastic tires that are easy to inflate and deflate.

The soft handles are non-slip for a comfortable grip due to the embossed structure. On the right handle there is a brake lever, on the left there is a throttle lever with the ability to change the speed.

Of the additions, a stable metal stand is noted. many buyers consider this to be just an integral plus, and a standard bell mounted on the steering wheel.

Functionality and work

First, it should be noted that the electric scooter will not start moving until its owner pushes off with his foot. This is the “smart” part, so there is no need to be afraid of a sudden start of movement and to specifically hold the device. Also, do not be afraid of sudden jolts at the start. the scooter rides smoothly.

The start is carried out as follows: you need to press the activation button and immediately push off with your foot, only in this case the required speed is gained, and then the work starts, after which the scooter starts moving. Please note that Xiaomi has the Zero Start function enabled, which cannot be disabled, so the above “ritual” must be done every time to start the trip.

Further, such transport has an advantage over the others in its stability itself. You don’t have to learn to keep balance and balance, due to the strong and large wheels. the advantages of electric scooters are obvious. The Xiaomi Mijia M365 has several points of support: handlebars and foot platform.

Also, thanks to this platform, it is impossible to fall backward or forward. If something goes wrong, then the tilt will be to the side.

The front light on the steering wheel allows you to safely drive in the dark without the risk of not noticing a curb, pit or something else. there is enough lighting.

The scooter has a brushless motor that gives the device a power of 500 W, a torque of 16 N per m.These indicators allow you to reach a speed of 25 km / h.

There is a “Cruise control” function. It maintains the set speed without the participation of the driver and adjusts it, adapting to different terrain. Its operation is convenient when driving uniformly without changing speed. The option is activated only through the mobile application.

The battery pleased with its levels of protection against unwanted moments:

  • automatic voltage adjustment;
  • overheat protection;
  • regulation of the degree of humidity;
  • automatic switching on and off;
  • remote control options.


Recuperation is the ability of a device to extend the approved travel distance and travel twice as long. According to Xiaomi, the electric scooter can travel 30 km without charge, and when using recuperation, respectively, 60 km.

Recuperation converts kinetic energy into electrical energy with its subsequent accumulation and taking into account the conservation of energy.

Also, recuperation on the M365 has three modes.

  • “Easy”. The device picks up speed very quickly and keeps it well, and energy accumulates slowly.
  • “Middle”. Energy is returned to the grid with greater intensity. The mode works best in mountainous areas with an angle of more than twenty degrees.
  • “Heavy”. Energy is returned to the battery even better. It works like this: you drive up a hill any distance, and in accordance with the distance traveled, you return a few percent of the charge. In this mode, you don’t even need to use the brakes.

Synchronization with a smartphone

To operate the scooter through the phone, using additional functions, two utilities are suitable: the standard “Mi Home”, which is intended for all Xiaomi devices, and “Segway. Ninebot”.

Apps give you access to features such as:

  • scooter blocking;
  • remaining charge notification;
  • data on the distance that can be driven with the current battery level; lighting adjustment;
  • speed information;
  • recuperation modes;
  • cruise control function.

Using these programs will make the operation of the electric scooter more complete.

Specifications and price

And finally, pay attention to some of the mechanical features of the device.

  • carrying capacity. 100 kg;
  • achievable speed. 25 km / h;
  • battery capacity. 7800 mAh;
  • power. 250 W;
  • mileage. 30 km;
  • weight. 12.5 kg;
  • wheel diameter. 8.5 inches;
  • protection. IP54;
  • terrain. asphalt and soil;
  • ground clearance. 8 cm.