Pregnant Women Can Ride A Bike 1 Trimester

Decide on how it feels

Davar Lee Bennett succeeded in Survey of both women who gave up cycling altogether in the early stages, and those who continued to ride. part of pregnancy or until delivery. Their opinions were divided. Someone complained about the inconvenience associated with an increase in the abdomen. But there are those who noted that travel helped them get rid of back pain and nausea. Some said they found it easier to get around by bike than on foot.

At the same time, the Royal College of Obstetrics believes: “There is no evidence that cycling negatively affects pregnancy, for example, causes the risk of premature birth or the birth of a child with low birth weight.”.

Pregnant Women Can Ride A Bike 1 Trimester

Mounts a bike or not. see how it feels

What is the use?

The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology believes that the benefits of physical activity can be both psychological and physical.

“Pregnancy is often associated with fatigue, varicose veins, swelling, and exercise will reduce the severity of these symptoms. Plus, women who stay active during pregnancy have less insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression, ”explains Dr. Ward.

There is also a study from the PRC. It proves that overweight pregnant women who spend 30 minutes cycling 3 times a day reduce the risk of getting gestational diabetes (a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy).

Cycling Reduces Pregnancy Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant on a bike: is it possible, for how long and what do doctors think about it

Can pregnant women ride a bike and until when? The opinion of doctors on this matter has changed a lot lately.

Pregnant women DO NOT lack advice. In the role of consultants are not only relatives and experienced friends, but also government agencies. So, the British National Health Service a few years ago did not recommend that pregnant women get on a bicycle, Considering it too risky. But now the position of the department has changed.

“If you decide to do aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, cycling, walking, or aerobics, inform an instructor in your pregnancy and start with 15 minutes three times a week. Gradually Bring the duration to half an hour four times a week, “- says the website of the department.

Do not overdo it

Pregnancy is not a good time to set new sports goals or sign up for a charity bike ride. “As pregnancy progresses, your physical capacity will naturally diminish, so set realistic goals for yourself,” Dr. Ward won the Cup.

Often doctors advise you to know when to stop, listen to your body, and not get exhausted, and not travel long distances.

The women Bennett spoke to commented that the design of the bike is very important. Most preferred a bike with a wide seat, a low frame and a high ride.

Wide saddle, low frame and high riding position are the ideal combination of factors for cycling pregnant

What are the risks?

“There are two main risks: falling or overheating. in the first trimester this can lead to fetal malformations,” warns Dr. Ward. “To avoid overheating, I would recommend dressing lighter, drinking plenty of fluids and refraining from traveling on hot days.”.

Some progressive obstetricians say: “If you are used to cycling every day and use it for transportation, there is no point in changing your habits.”.

But not all doctors think so. According to Davara Lee Bennett, published in the Journal of Transport and Health, doctors often reinsure themselves: they say that it is worth tying up with a bicycle. And this often becomes the main prerequisite for the refusal of pregnant women from cycling.

DO NOT ride your bike in hot weather. Especially if you are a pregnant woman

Drive carefully

The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology believes that pregnant women should get on the bike with “extra care”, while Dr. Andy Ward, who is also a bicyclist himself, believes that everything depends on previous experience.

“If a woman rode her bike confidently towards pregnancy, I would have no problem allowing her to continue such trips. The likelihood of falling into it is the same as for pregnancy, says the doctor. “The main thing is to understand that any accident creates a risk for pregnancy, so participating in BMX competitions is not a good idea.”.

The Royal College of Midwives have a similar opinion:

“Exercise during pregnancy benefits both the mother and the unborn child. If a woman has ridden a bike before, pregnancy does NOT increase the risk of falling. In many cases, cycling is the best choice because it is an aerobic exercise rather than lifting weights. “.

Riding a bike is not about carrying bags. Such aero load is useful

How long can pregnant women ride a bike??

Some women continue to ride a bicycle almost until the very birth. This is normal as long as simple safety rules are followed. “In the later stages, I would recommend being less ambitious,” says Dr. Ward. Try NOT to travel alone and keep your phone with you at all times. Make sure you feel comfortable, this is the main thing “.

In fact, much more problems can arise in the first trimester. it is on it that the bulk of miscarriages falls. If a woman is tormented by nausea and fatigue, there is no need to force herself, it is worth taking a break. Cross-country travel during this period is strongly NOT recommended.

Pregnant. no cross-country driving

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Can pregnant women ride a bike

To answer this question, let’s first define: cycling is not the same as sports training. Rather, a pleasant pastime. Of course, the expectant mother should be careful and follow the safety rules when riding. In addition, there are certain contraindications to this type of physical activity for pregnant women.

When riding a bicycle, the following are included in the work:

  • Leg muscles, namely the thighs and calves.
  • Gluteal muscles.
  • Arms, abs, back: work to maintain balance.

In addition, the driving process puts stress on the cardiovascular system, especially when going uphill.

It would seem that a pregnant woman is categorically contraindicated even to approach such a dangerous vehicle as a bicycle. But in reality, everything is not so dangerous. Yes, there is a load on the body. But when driving on flat terrain, energy is spent 2.5 times less than when walking. This means you can drive much further than you would have walked. And you can regulate the load on the heart yourself, rest if necessary.

The opinions of doctors and pregnant women about this type of physical activity are sometimes directly opposite. Some argue that pregnant women should not ride a bike, others can, and even need to.

Cycling for pregnant women. risks and benefits

Pregnancy imposes many restrictions on the expectant mother. There is hardly a single woman who is NOT worried about the health of her unborn child. But there are many controversial moments in the life of a pregnant woman, in which doctors have a common opinion. Cycling is one of them. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of cycling during pregnancy, as well as features and recommendations for cycling.

The negative impact of cycling

For expectant mothers, a very dangerous moment when riding a bicycle is the risk of falling. After all, a bicycle is an unstable vehicle, and in pregnant women, the reaction rate is reduced. Therefore, if you have NOT cycled before, it is not worth starting learning while pregnant. Falling off a bike has completely unpredictable consequences. You can get off with a scratch, but a strong shake is dangerous for the fetus, it can even provoke a miscarriage.

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Fast driving over rough terrain, bumps, curbs causes strong shaking, which is NOT good for pregnant women. In addition, there is a risk of placental abruption or premature discharge of water. For skiing, you must choose flat and familiar areas. It is advisable that your routes do not run along roads with heavy traffic, breathing exhaust gases while riding is not the best option.

Heavy loads are unacceptable for pregnant women, and prolonged driving or climbing uphill can cause an increase in pressure. In addition, there is a risk of dehydration, but only on long journeys.

Another circumstance important for the expectant mother is the weight of the bike. When you sit on it, you DO NOT feel heavy. But the weight of the bike can be up to 25 kg! It is absolutely impossible for you to lift and drag the bike up the steps, find yourself an assistant. This also applies to those cases when a malfunction occurs on the road: the wheel is flat or the chain has fallen off. Always have a mobile phone with you to inform your loved ones about the problem, or better find yourself a company.

Rules and recommendations for safe driving

What do you need for a pleasant walk? Nice weather, of course! The intense heat immediately disappears: the expectant mother does not need overheating. Cold is also bad, you can get colds in your throat, because breathing when driving is deep and rapid. The optimum temperature outside for you is 17 to 27 degrees. It is not recommended to ride in or after rain because the wheels can slip and the risk of falling increases.

Separately, we can say about clothes. Choose shoes that are comfortable and soft. From clothes. pants, T-shirt, windbreaker. You don’t have to follow a sporty style, but you don’t need skirts either. you are uncomfortable on your bike, they bulge up from the wind, you can get tangled in a long skirt and fall. DO NOT dress too warmly as you will get hot while riding. In sunny weather, do not forget about a hat so as not to get sunstroke.

Be sure to bring a bottle of water with you. Even if it’s chilly outside, you might still feel thirsty. You can also take something from food for a snack, for example, an apple or a banana.

It is convenient for shopping to have a basket on the steering wheel so as not to worry that something has fallen out of it

The benefits of cycling

The most obvious benefit is the pleasure you get, the source of positive emotions. The second positive point is physical activity. And it’s not just that you move and speed up your metabolism. When riding a bicycle, an unnoticeable, involuntary training of the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and perineum occurs, the hip joints are developed, which in the future will have a beneficial effect on the process of childbirth and recovery.

There is one more point that is very relevant for expectant mothers: the load on the legs. When cycling, your weight is distributed differently, your legs are NOT going to take on all of your weight. This also increases blood flow in the legs due to the fact that you pedal. As a result. reduction of edema, prevention of varicose veins.

As for the cardiovascular system, pregnant women will only benefit from moderate short-term exertion. Breathing and heartbeat when cycling increases, blood supply to body tissues increases. After such active walks in the fresh air, sleep, appetite, and general well-being improve.

An important point: you can load the bike with purchases and DO NOT carry weights, in your position it is harmful.

How to choose a bike

If you already have a bike, then you should try. is it comfortable for you to ride it in your position? But for expectant mothers there are certain recommendations for choosing a bike. An off-road bike is not your option. The position of the body on it turns out to be strongly inclined forward, the seat is very narrow. It will not be comfortable for a pregnant woman to ride such an Iron Horse, especially when the belly becomes large.

A mountain bike is not suitable for a future mother

Off-road and sports bicycles have many subspecies: mountain, fat bike, road and others. All of them are distinguished by a special design, designed to develop high speeds, overcome obstacles and perform tricks. It is clear that all this is not necessary for a pregnant woman. You can consider a city bike, just not with a male frame.

A city bike with a horizontal frame is uncomfortable for a pregnant woman

Even if you have ridden such a bike all your life, you still shouldn’t ride it during pregnancy, because if you fall, it will not be easy to jump off it.

The best choice would be a women’s city bike. They are presented in a large assortment and are in constant demand.

The design of the urban women’s bicycle takes into account the anatomical differences between women and men

This type of bike has several advantages:

  • Low frame allows you to jump with two feet in any direction if necessary.
  • The position of the steering wheel is adjustable so that you can keep your back straight without leaning forward.
  • The seat height can also be adjusted over a wide range.
  • There is where to attach the shopping basket.

When choosing a bike, you should focus on your height, the presence of a shock absorber on the handlebars and under the seat. By the way, the standard bike seats are NOT particularly comfortable. And a woman in a position needs to experience as little shaking as possible when moving. Therefore, pay attention to the wide soft seats with springs, they even come with a cut in the center for ventilation.

This seat will be comfortable for a pregnant woman.

Features of cycling during different stages of pregnancy

Physiological changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy affect her ability to ride a bike. Of course, every expectant mother has her own characteristics, pregnancy can proceed in different ways. But there are general recommendations for all pregnant women, which should be followed in order to bring you and your baby only benefit.

II trimester

This is the optimal period for active cycling. The belly is still small, toxicosis usually ends, so nothing prevents you from enjoying the trip.

I trimester

The first weeks of pregnancy, a woman may NOT feel her condition in any way. Nevertheless, the fetus is still weakly anchored in the uterus, therefore, sudden jerks, inhibitions, falls can end badly. In addition, during this period, many expectant mothers suffer from toxicosis and sudden dizziness. Accordingly, cycling should be as comfortable and careful as possible, as if you are carrying NOT yourself in the saddle, but a crystal vase.

Critical periods of pregnancy

According to doctors, in each trimester of pregnancy, there are periods when a UNBORN baby is especially vulnerable:

  • From the second to the end of the third week;
  • Eighth to twelfth;
  • From the eighteenth to the twenty-fourth week;
  • Twenty-eighth to thirty-second.

The above periods. This is the time when the greatest care should be taken. Cycling is best replaced by relaxing walks. If the previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage at a certain time, then this time should also be attributed to the critical period and be extremely attentive to your condition.

Can pregnant women ride a bike? Risks When Cycling During Pregnancy

Pregnancy. This is a period of new impressions, unexplored sensations and a huge number of prohibitions. Especially many restrictions are imposed on everything related to physical activity. According to the opinion of others, a young woman, full of health, having become pregnant, suddenly becomes seriously ill. All she is now allowed is leisurely walks in the park. The question of whether pregnant women can ride a bike is not even discussed.

But pregnancy. This is not a disease at all. I would like, as before, to communicate with a group of friends, to make forays into nature, to play sports. However, Numerous “no” and “dangerous”, sounding from all sides, do not allow to do this.

Why cycling is good for a pregnant woman

During pregnancy, many women find it difficult to ride public transport. Odors and lack of fresh air can cause dizziness, nausea, or fainting. Plus, rush hour travel can be downright dangerous.

Traveling with your own car does NOT cause much delight either. On an uneven road, the car can suddenly bounce, and the smell of gasoline becomes very unpleasant. Leisurely cycling is the best solution.

Regular cycling strengthens muscles, makes a woman stronger and more enduring. Doing this kind of sports strengthens the nervous system, helps fight stress and depression.

Having given birth to a child, a woman often begins to feel like she is locked in a cage. Lack of sleep, 24/7 baby care and homework can be exhausting. In order to bring yourself back to normal, you need to leave the child with a nanny or someone from relatives for a while and go on a bike ride. After the baby is born, cycling can help you lose weight and quickly regain your prenatal shape. So in most cases, the answer to the question of whether pregnant women can ride a bike will be positive.

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Safety rules for pregnant women while cycling

In addition to choosing a suitable model, it is necessary that the bike is in excellent technical condition. If along the route there are steep ascents, descents or there is a need to raise or lower the bike up the steps, then you should adjust your route.

It is better to drive an extra hundred meters bypassing on a flat road than to strain once again. Clothes of a pregnant woman should be made of natural materials, and not impede movement and be bright enough, clearly visible from a long distance.

What do doctors say about this

Opinions about whether pregnant women can ride a bike are extremely controversial. Sometimes you can hear completely opposite judgments. There is agreement on this issue even among physicians. Some believe that cycling is extremely beneficial for the health of the expectant mother and her baby, and there is no need to deny yourself such pleasure. Especially if the woman led an active lifestyle by the time of pregnancy and was engaged in this sport.

Others, on the contrary, argue that cycling while pregnant is extremely dangerous due to the risk of falling. Indeed, with the onset of pregnancy, changes occur Not only in the appearance of a woman. Dizziness, absent-mindedness, poor concentration, a tendency to faint with a sharp change in body position. Almost every woman expecting a baby encounters these phenomena. For some, they are temporary, while others suffer from them throughout the entire waiting period. So there is no definite answer to the question of whether pregnant women can ride a bike. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between.

How can pregnant women ride a bike?

The inevitable weight gain during pregnancy causes significant discomfort and the need to find new, more comfortable positions. Women especially often complain of back pain. For this reason, choosing a bike should be approached very responsibly.

Due to the need to constantly keep the lower back straight, pregnant women can ride a bike only with a high handlebar and an upright position. Therefore, road bikes and mountain bikes, where it is necessary to constantly hold the body in an inclined position, are NOT suitable for a pregnant woman.

Also pay attention to the shape of the saddle and frame. The saddle should be wide, comfortable and slightly springy. It is advisable to purchase a special women’s one, riding which does NOT cause scuffs. As for the frame, then definitely preference should be given to womens or folding models. After all, getting on a women’s bike with a low frame is much easier than throwing your leg over the High bar of a men’s bicycle.

When cycling is absolutely contraindicated

Unfortunately, pregnancy does not always go as smoothly as we would like. Despite the fact that in most cases all problems are resolved safely and a healthy baby is born, there are still situations when doctors’ prohibitions are absolutely justified.

The risk of termination of pregnancy. This is the main answer to the question of why pregnant women should not ride a bike. Even if the threat has passed and the condition is now stable, all cycling should be postponed until the postpartum period.

Increased blood pressure and the threat of gestosis. This is another big reason why pregnant women shouldn’t ride a bike.

In addition, such walks are highly undesirable with increased uterine tone, abnormal fetal position, acute toxicosis in the first half of pregnancy. In the event of such problems, cycling is best replaced by calm hiking.

What to fear while cycling

So can you ride a bike while pregnant? In all other cases, yes, this is a wonderful sport, and for such a position too.

How to choose a cycling model during pregnancy

You have already decided if you can ride a bike during pregnancy. Then read on for what you need for this.

During pregnancy, you need to remove further mountain bikes as well as Highway. Take a simple but high-quality city or folding bike so that additional loads do not torment your back, but only bring comfort.

The bike should be lightweight and upright.

The seat should be wide and comfortable. You can put a special women’s saddle with a hole in the middle so that there is no tren in intimate places. You can lower the seat a little lower to make it easier for you to get on and off.

I would like you to use NOT a men’s bicycle with your husband, but that you have a women’s bicycle with an open women’s frame.

Why do pregnant women need cycling?

So pregnancy and cycling are NOT mutually exclusive things.

There are different nuances at different stages of pregnancy:

First trimester. This is the most important time for the fetus, it must gain a foothold, get used to it, and it does not need shaking at all, because at this time there is still a risk of miscarriage. Therefore, in the gymnastics of the 1st semester, and in swimming, and in riding, everything must be done very gently and carefully, the bike should be carried only on flat terrain, I DO NOT go anywhere to avoid an unplanned situation.

Second trimester. The body is already accustomed to its innovations, toxicosis has left us, there is fatigue, but just at this time we can transform it into energy thanks to movement. You will immediately feel a surge of strength, as if you are returning to the past, riding will reduce Pain, give energy. But do not forget that you are pregnant and take all precautions to prevent any surprises.

Third trimester. The tummy will begin to grow strongly, and the child will often remind you of himself. During this period, avoid poses where the tummy can rest against the steering wheel. Try NOT to ride uphill to avoid shortness of breath. As soon as you Feel that your tummy is already getting in the way, trust your body and free it from cycling.

Can pregnant women ride a bike

If a girl loves to ride a bike, if she is used to the feeling of freedom, speed, fresh wind, active life, then with the onset of pregnancy it will be difficult to tear her away from this type of transport, her favorite habit is a terrible thing. Moreover, everyone around will surely dissuade her from this, of course, with the best intentions, worrying about her.

And she herself, no longer alone, and bearing responsibility for the unborn child, will think more than once and look to our website with the question. is it possible for pregnant women to ride a bike? We will try to answer honestly and easily.


Contraindications to cycling

In addition to what you yourself Feel. fatigue, shortness of breath, inability to move because of the tummy, you need to stop driving or not drive at all with such problems:

There may be other problems, your doctor sees them in the test results, so if he has forbidden you to ride a bike, then you will NOT have to choose.

Pregnant safety while cycling

If everything is fine with health, and you are good at riding, ride for health, but wisely, and not performing feats, but enjoying cycling. Your activity should be reasonable, so set yourself narrow and pleasant goals. You already have much less energy, and you owe it to yourself and the child, so DO NOT plan long and difficult routes.

In this we see a blogger’s journey in the 38th week of pregnancy.

We looked. In which there was no story about the benefits or harms of a bicycle, in indications or contraindications, there was a story about the main thing. about a strong family, on friendly cycling trips, about love, when the husband supports his wife, and their child participates in everything with them. And a pregnant woman on a bicycle, happy and surrounded by care, looks very cute.

Hence the conclusion: everyone is healthy and positive, be happy, surround yourself with loved ones and favorite things, love to swim. swim, love to ride. drive. In this situation, you will not get sick, and you will transfer your pregnancy easily and unobtrusively. But, as always, we remind you. be reasonable and consult your doctor.

And I really want to ask you if you drove during pregnancy? How did you feel? How did your family feel about it? Did you have conflicts, did they support you??

When cycling can benefit a pregnant woman?

During pregnancy, women do NOT need to stay in bed at all times. On the contrary, it is advised to move more, engage in light physical exercise. Cycling can be beneficial if the sport is viewed correctly. When pregnant, it is recommended to choose a flat area, avoid busy roads. Cycling Should be done not too often, so as not to overwork the body.

As an alternative to the usual bicycle, you can choose a modern exercise bike. You will NOT have to fall from it, choose places for skiing too. In addition, the technical equipment of modern sports equipment, you can choose the appropriate training regime. Moderate stress during pregnancy will only benefit both mother and baby. The main thing is NOT to overdo it with an exercise bike.

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About an individual approach to cycling for pregnant women

Doctors’ recommendations for an active lifestyle during pregnancy may differ slightly. This situation may be caused by the desire of some to play it safe, and the second. to follow fashion trends. But the main focus is always on a woman’s health. Only she herself can control her behavior. We need an individual approach to classes, to rest.

If a woman has a strong desire to ride, then why do you need to give up the body’s need for active rest? Careful, safe driving should become a habit. But if, with all the desire to ride a bike, there is still some uncertainty about whether pregnant women can ride a bike, then you need to refuse the trip.

Usually, you have to give up at the 28th week, when the stomach does not allow the usual actions and movements. Cycling can be postponed until later, in the postpartum period, when you need to recover, gets in shape.

For pregnant women, cycling can help:

  • Eliminate blood stasis in the lower extremities and small pelvis.
  • Strengthen and elasticize the muscles in the perineum.
  • Train the muscles of the back, which will be very useful when the tummy becomes heavy.

In addition, moderate physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins in the body. hormones of happiness, which contribute to maintaining a good mood.

What else should you pay attention to?

For lovers of cycling, experts recommend adhering to a number of technical rules:

  • Choose specialized tracks for classes;
  • Choose the right clothes and shoes for training;
  • Choose a bike that is suitable for height with good shock absorption;
  • Choose good weather for cycling;
  • It is desirable to ride with the company.

Why cycling is good for a pregnant woman

During pregnancy, many women find it difficult to ride public transport. Odors and lack of fresh air can cause dizziness, nausea, or fainting. Plus, rush hour travel can be downright dangerous.

Traveling with your own car does NOT cause much delight either. On an uneven road, the car can suddenly bounce, and the smell of gasoline becomes very unpleasant. Leisurely cycling is the best solution.

Regular cycling strengthens muscles, makes a woman stronger and more enduring. Doing this kind of sports strengthens the nervous system, helps fight stress and depression.

Having given birth to a child, a woman often begins to feel like she is locked in a cage. Lack of sleep, 24/7 baby care and homework can be exhausting. In order to bring yourself back to normal, you need to leave the child with a nanny or someone from relatives for a while and go on a bike ride. After the baby is born, cycling can help you lose weight and quickly regain your prenatal shape. So in most cases, the answer to the question of whether pregnant women can ride a bike will be positive.

Useful walks

Everyone knows that any kind of sport, including cycling, as well as an active life rhythm, has a beneficial effect on the health of every person, especially women in position. Cycling during pregnancy helps:

  • Get distracted from problems;
  • Maintain good physical shape;
  • Strengthen the muscles of the perineum and back;
  • Eliminate congestion in the pelvic area and lower extremities.

In addition, women who used to ride a bike before and during pregnancy recover much faster after childbirth. Also, while riding, a woman’s body begins to actively produce endorphins (hormones of happiness), which have a positive effect on the mood and condition of the expectant mother.

Is it safe to ride a bike during pregnancy

Nine months of pregnancy is the most important and crucial period in the life of every woman. At this time, the expectant mother begins to experience new sensations, she does not always have explicable desires, but at the same time she faces many prohibitions.

Can I ride a bike? Probably, this question interests many women, who led an active lifestyle to pregnancy, and the “iron horse” was an integral part of their life rhythm. For this category of women, the ban on cycling while carrying a baby becomes a real problem, since it is sometimes difficult to change your habits and desires.


Intense cycling can be dangerous for expectant mothers for a number of reasons.

  • The doctor does NOT recommend such hobbies if there is a threat of miscarriage. Or such a situation happened in the past.
  • You will have to give up cycling if the fetus is in the wrong position.
  • Low water, like the opposite situation, can also become an obstacle to active rest.
  • Severe toxicosis, especially in the first trimester, affects a woman’s well-being for a long time. Therefore, it is better for especially sensitive mothers to take care of themselves and give up the bike for long distances for this period.
  • Problems with pressure, the appearance of edema. all this also significantly affects the condition of a pregnant woman. With such symptoms, it is not recommended to expose the body to additional stress.

In general, any suspicion of complications during pregnancy should be a wake-up call. And what kind of cycling can we talk about then? And even if everything is normal during pregnancy, no one is safe from a deterioration in well-being after a long shaking, sudden braking, falls while riding a bike.

Cycling and pregnancy: can a pregnant woman ride a bike??

If the pregnancy proceeds without complications, it is not necessary to give up the usual active lifestyle. It is possible for a future mother to ride a bicycle and even in some cases is useful. But if the “iron horse” is an integral part of your vacation, and you cannot imagine yourself without this type of transport, then all the same, during pregnancy, you first need to evaluate all the pros and cons.

Cycling during pregnancy: is it possible or not?

Unfortunately, no one can answer this question in the affirmative, since in life practice there have been both bad and successful cases associated with this sport. For example, European experts have a positive attitude towards cycling during pregnancy, while our doctors are wary of this kind of physical activity during the period of gestation.

Probably, every expectant mother needs to discuss whether it is possible to go cycling with a personal doctor. In the absence of any kind of complications, most doctors advise NOT to give up the usual way of life. In some cases, such walks are even useful for pregnant women. However, every expectant mother, before getting on her “horse”, must weigh all the pros and cons.

In any case, any decision must be approached wisely. For example, driving quickly on uneven roads or having first pregnancy experiences can have a number of serious consequences. But calm cycling will NOT harm, but will only be useful for women in position. In addition, such walks have a beneficial effect on the well-being of the expectant mother and, accordingly, her baby, since during the ride they receive a large amount of oxygen, which has a positive effect on their health. Another benefit of cycling is exercising your muscles, making your upcoming labor much easier.

But in order to ride a bike for the future, you need to take into account all contraindications and restrictions, as well as the correctness of cycling during pregnancy.

Is it safe to ride a bike during pregnancy?

Nine months of pregnancy is the most important and crucial period in the life of every woman. At this time, the expectant mother begins to experience new sensations, she has not always explicable desires, but at the same time she faces many prohibitions.

Can I ride a bike? Probably, this question interests many women, who led an active lifestyle to pregnancy, and the “iron horse” was an integral part of their life rhythm. For this category of women, the ban on cycling while carrying a baby becomes a real problem, since it is sometimes difficult to change your habits and desires.

When it is better to avoid cycling during pregnancy?

As we have already noted, initially you need to discuss this decision with your doctor. If the specialist decides that there are no contraindications to an active lifestyle, then ride to your health (but only carefully). However, if there are some complications, then it is better to give up cycling.

So, let’s consider in what cases riding a two-wheeled vehicle can harm an expectant mother and her baby:

  • Risk of miscarriage;
  • Incorrect position of the baby in the womb;
  • A pathological condition in which there is an excess or, conversely, a lack of amniotic fluid;
  • Early toxicosis;
  • Gestosis;
  • The presence of acute diseases in a pregnant woman (kidney problems, gastritis, acute viral diseases, etc.).

If at least one of the above factors is present, a pregnant woman should stop cycling.