On gruel, I became thin as a bicycle

With the powerful three-wheeled Velolider Energy we are ready for the cycling and walking season! ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope many of you remember those exciting moments from childhood years that disappeared without a trace, when we tried to learn to ride a bike. Remember? Personally I. yes

My childhood fell exactly at the beginning of the 90s. In the village. Childhood in the country. Uh!

Those who survived these very 90s know very well that there was hardly enough money for the necessary things. Fortunately, he fed his garden, and all kinds of cattle (oh, forgive me now, sinful, vegans!) In general, the food was somehow easier.

It was much more difficult to have, for example, uh-ummm. my own bike)) And I wanted to be terrified! I immediately remember a phrase from the wonderful cartoon “Kid and Carlson”:

Kid:. Believe me, Carlson, not in pies with a Part.

Carlson:. Are you out of your mind. What else?

Kid:. They won’t give me a dog (languid inhalation-exhalation).

Well, the most important moment in the education of the cyclist’s fighting spirit was the following. you are not you if you have not learned to ride a Ural bicycle!

Of course, later my dad bought me a bike. As I remember now. the Kama brand. No frame. Burgundy metallic. Mmmm. I was the happiest child on planet Earth when I saw this miracle (my personal miracle!) In front of me.

Well, today I would like to share with you my general impressions of buying a Velolider bike.

Our son just turned 5 years old (my God, already five!)

On the child’s DR, I wanted to give him a bicycle. He has somehow grown out of a children’s tricycle (yes, we rode it up to 4.5 years old, because our child is rather thin and short). Therefore, it’s time to get a new one.

Initially, we looked at options for two-wheeled bikes with training wheels in the back. But as soon as I saw this option, I immediately caught fire or something.

First, the color bribed. I love yellow. But the son loves him much more

And, secondly, somehow I didn’t really notice that there are such three-wheeled bikes for older children. His design really caught my attention.

The Great Leap Forward | Mao Zedong and the History of China

Extras: Soft material handles, brake lever adapted for children’s hands, keyless saddle height adjustment, reflectors, chain guard

For reference. Kisa is such a friend of our guy. Fluffy and toy

What can I say about the quality of the bike?

It’s good enough. Indeed, it is made of steel, which also looks impressive. Not flimsy in general in appearance.

I like the seat. It is very child-friendly.

By the way, due to its size, this unit makes turns and turns quite easily. At first, the child rode at home, so the doorways have dents and scratches in some places))) But nevertheless, the son quickly enough learned to handle his three-wheeled friend and now he drives smoothly and fits into all doorways (we haven’t skated on the street yet, we are waiting when the puddles and mud come down)

BUT! But there is, as always, one “but”. If on the street your child turns sharply, then there is a high probability of turning over on this bike. Therefore, I do not recommend doing these tricks at all, under any circumstances. Try to explain to your child right away that the big three-wheeled bike is NOT designed for sharp turns.

Well, here in general 5 points for the idea and implementation. Attached well, no dangling. no dangling from side to side.

It “sits” quite tightly and firmly, but at the same time, of course, I do not advise you to carry bricks. So, buckets / scoops for sand, a bottle of water.

Personally, our son really likes the very fact that he has a trunk and he can carry anything in it)))

Due to the three wheels with a rather impressive diameter and thickness of rubber, the large can definitely be called a stable and safe vehicle for children.

Personally, I believe that you can not be afraid for those moments when a child can run over some bump or hole and roll over on a bike. This won’t happen with this three-wheeled friend.

Naturally, I’m not talking about some potholes on the sidewalks the size of a horse’s head (I don’t know about you, but our city is full of such holes, and not only on the roads. the sidewalks are generally in a deplorable state). Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry about small pits and stones.

Fortunately, we have an equipped playground behind the house, as well as well-paved paths around, i.e. there is where to ride)))

Yes, they are available on all wheels as well as pedals.

This, of course, is a plus. Not only for beauty, but also for safety.

You never know, you will take a walk until a late summer evening on the street with a child, and these same reflectors will warn everyone, they say, be careful! Here is a young cyclist

I really like that the handles on the steering wheel are rubberized. Conveniently. If the child’s hands sweat, they will not slide back and forth on the steering wheel.

Also, a big plus is that the bicycle chain is protected by a special metal cover.

And less dirt will fall on the chain. Yes, and playful children’s little hands will not constantly pull and take it off)))

I also consider it a plus that the seat is adjustable without keys. The child is still two years old this big, and later he can raise / lower the harness himself as it is convenient for him.

Again, if we recall the great Soviet times, then we could not do without the help of adults in order to raise or lower the saddle, tk. I needed special keys all the time.

I completely forgot to report that we took the bike from the window. Since he was the last in this color, I had to take it ready))

But if suddenly you get a bike in a box, then do not be afraid. Detailed instructions will help you put all the details together.

Also in this booklet you will find a great maintenance and a description of seat adjustment.

When the child grows out of this bike, he will have to take a new one, and he will already be two-wheeled. That is, the child will most likely learn to ride a bike again. But I hope that it will be given to him easily and naturally)))

It is also important that the smell from the Velolider tricycle (more precisely, the smell from its wheels) will not leave you alone for a long time. It is well, very unweathered!

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We have had the bike for more than 1.5 months, but the smell only slightly disappeared, the main part of it remained. Therefore, the smells at home are not so hot, as if we keep new rubber for cars here)))

Well, the weight. He’s over 12-13 kilograms, that’s for sure. Therefore, the elevator will help you!

And so, in general, I am very pleased that we took this particular bike. Satisfied with the quality and performance. Satisfied with the bright and rich color.

Satisfied that the child was satisfied

I give 5 points and recommend to buy.

You can also read the story of how our son was born (tyk-tyk)

All good.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Katherine and Christina

Source: @katherineschwarzenegger Source: @filmsactu_officiel

“Iron Arnie” has two pre-Chery. 32-year-old Katherine and 29-year-old Christina. The eldest is more like a mother, and the youngest is a copy of dad. Both took the best from their parents.

Katherine writes books and maintains her page on Instgram. Her books are devoted to finding herself and describing her personal experience, but they can be useful to young people who do not yet know what they want from life and do not believe in themselves. For example, its first edition was titled “One’s Destiny: How to Love Your External and Internal Beauty. Advice from someone who has gone through it. ” Katherine is also engaged in animal protection. The girl is married to Chris Pratt, the couple have a daughter, Layla.

Christina is a model and producer. She received her education in public relations. In 2018, she produced the documentary Take Your Pills, after which she participated in several TV shows, where she was noticed by representatives of the fashion industry. Christina cannot be found on social networks, and nothing is known about her personal life. Several years ago, she was credited with an affair with Brayson, the brother of Miley Cyrus.

Andrey Gubin

Source: @andreygubin_thebest

In the 90s, Gubin’s songs were heard everywhere, but then he disappeared, and nothing was heard about him for a long time. It turned out that he is not performing due to health problems. He continued to write songs, but for other artists and produced the singer Julia Beretta.

He was struck by an illness, left-sided prosopalgia of the face. Andrei was in constant pain and could not sing. The disease affected his appearance.

Tatiana Arno: windsurfing

Source: @mila_ignatik

The TV presenter loves windsurfing and does it professionally. When I was just starting, I got hit on the head with a mast more than once. Tatiana even thought about giving up this occupation, but on vacation in Turkey she was really carried away.

She also tried skydiving, but in tandem with an instructor (she is afraid to jump alone).


Creative professions leave their mark on the mental state. Stars often experience emotional overload and, as a result, they need the help of specialists.

Dima Bilan

Source: @bilanofficial

In the fall of 2005, Dima’s producer Yuri Aizenshpis died, the production center passed to his wife Elena Kovrigina. Bilan refused to cooperate further, for which his colleagues called him a traitor. They also wanted to deprive the singer of the pseudonym Dima Bilan, since he was the property of the production center. Due to strong pressure from the side, the artist developed a nervous breakdown, and he himself went to “Kashchenko” (Alekseev psychiatric hospital).

Thanks to the treatment, he was able to take control of his emotions and signed a contract with Yana Rudkovskaya, and in 2008 won Eurovision.

Dolph Lundgren: Ida and Greta

Source: @idaslundgren Source: @gretalundgren

The action star also has two pre-Chery. 24-year-old Ida and 19-year-old Greta. When you look at the elder, there is no doubt who her father is. Both girls were born in Lundgren’s marriage to designer Anette Quiberg, with whom he is now divorced.

Ida starred as a child with her father in the film “Dangerous Tour”, now she starred in the action movie “The Fall of the Castle”. Ida has been boxing for a long time, but gave up this traumatic sport. Now she is building a career in the modeling business, and her father actively discourages her from filming a movie. Greta lives with her mother in Spain.

Simona Yunusova

Source: @ simona280

Model Anastasia Reshetova has been in a relationship with rapper Timati since 2015, however, later it turned out that they secretly met even before he broke up with Alena Shishkova.

At first, the relationship between Timati’s mother Simona Yunusova and her daughter-in-law seemed perfect. When Anastasia gave birth to her husband’s son Ratmir, the grandmother did not look for a soul in him. But Anastasia did not allow her mother-in-law to impose an opinion about the upbringing of her son, and on this basis they often had conflicts. If Simona spends a lot of time with her granddaughter Alice, then Ratmir was never left to her.

In 2020, when the couple’s relationship cracked, rumors emerged that the mother-in-law was to blame. A year ago, Nastya’s subscribers noted that there are practically no family photos with Reshetova on Simona’s Instagram page. As if Timati’s mother does not consider her a member of the family.

Viktor Sukhorukov

Source: @victor_sukhorukov_fan

After filming the film “About Freaks and People” Victor began to abuse alcohol. Later, the actor said that he poured vodka into a kefir bottle and applied to it during the day. This led him to a neuropsychiatric dispensary with metal alcohol psychosis (or “delirium tremens”). Thanks to treatment at the Bekhterev clinic, Viktor managed to cope with his addiction. The actor claims that he has not drunk alcohol for 20 years.

Sukhorukov admits that the roles of scoundrels have always been difficult for him. However, he looked very harmonious in the paintings “Brother” and “Brother-2”, which really glorified him.

About dignity

Judging by the destructiveness of the consequences displayed by dry statistics, the big bang, which entailed both the collapse of the USSR itself and the accompanying transition from “developed socialism” to wild capitalism, fell on our country, causing the most devastating consequences here. Despite a relatively small drop in 2020, in general over 30 years we have demonstrated the worst GDP decline rates not only among the CIS countries, but throughout the world, becoming the worst in the world in terms of the rate of decline and the worst in Europe after Moldova in terms of poverty. We confidently took a place in the last third of the world rankings of welfare, happiness, demographics, credit ratings.

It is important not even to realize it. to feel it. Today, economies comparable to ours are not Poland, the Russian Federation or, at worst, Belarus, as some may still think. No. this is Mongolia, Dominica, Bhutan, Egypt, Paraguay, Cape Verde, Bolivia. And no, not Armenia, Guatemala, Gabon (which the brilliant Miho teased us with, probably not knowing that Gabon is one and a half times richer than us), not Ecuador, from which we are 10 years behind. Or Colombia, a country of many years of war, corruption and powerful organized crime, despite this significantly ahead of us in the ratings.

We are the worst in Europe. And according to the dynamics of the fall. the worst in the world. This is a stated fact that does not require discussion. We are not an area of โ€‹โ€‹square kilometers, an abstract country on a map with the ruins of Soviet industrial giants, we are not a simulacrum of a state with a name, anthem and Constitution. And, of course, we are not only our power, and of course not only and not so much abstract, constantly growing rich, practically imperceptible, but always guilty oligarchs in everything. We are all of us. All those who have spent these 30 or almost 30 years in the legal status of capable persons, who may not mentally come out of the children’s worldview, but from this they are even more responsible for the future of themselves and their descendants.

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We are post-Soviet generations who have received as a gift from the Lord God without any suffering and sacrifice that which hundreds of thousands before us have not been able to achieve for centuries, at the cost of their lives. their country. We are constantly blaming the authorities, foreigners, the West, the East, Jews, Russians, Americans, the boss, the neighbor around the corner for what we ourselves are always to blame. Go out into the yard, look at the neighbors. but these people are all “we”. We, who never became “we”, despite the dashing 90s, permanent revolutions and even war.

We, whom the last 30 years have not united with each other, but, it seems, on the contrary, have been separated, plunging into squabbles, quarrels, fights, sharing dirty linen in an apartment where the water supply system needs to be repaired urgently, the heating is terribly out of order, and the stove burns out. We, who do not understand that all together “we”, if we are for each other. this is strength, and one by one. immigrants in our own country.

Remember our villages up to the beginning of the 90s, remember not big cities, and sometimes even separate areas of big cities, where people in the summer evenings, after work were going to “walk”. on benches in front of fences at the same time several yards. Children frolicked nearby. The neighbors were having slow conversations on general topics. They had common themes. They really well, on business, and not from the page in the FB, knew each other. They trusted, helped or did not reach out their hands, embraced by the general meaning, there is no non-completion of the five-year plan in 4 years. let’s call it a little pathetic, but true. the general meaning of being.

And then in an instant, as if in one day, all this unity ended. By the way, long before the Internet and social networks.

Perhaps this has led to a shift from traditional ethical values โ€‹โ€‹to price tags that determine the “value” of a person as an asset? However, capitalism in the world is also different. It is different in Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries, different in the USA and Japan, different in the 18th century and in the 21st century. Modern capitalism unites nations, capitalizing, synergistically multiplying the value and capabilities of each citizen, as well as the value of his assets. Why, then, did we create the most disgusting type of capitalism, carefully selecting the most negative experience of all times and peoples, discarding completely that which in capitalism unites, for example, respect for the law?

Why and how our images of idols degraded from those who are better in their intelligence, hard work, will, talent, breadth of soul and sacrifice to thieves and swindlers competing in cunning. Why do they want to be like them? How did we manage to become a country where Bender is an idol? Where did the dignity that our grandfathers minted as a sentence, saying “I have Honor”?

It is clear that the most advanced link of milkmaids, working 24/7 and in a few lives, will not be able to milk even a hundredth part of what one agro-oligarch for one vote in parliament to reduce his own VAT rate. But why does this “skill” determine the value of a person in our eyes? Haven’t we read the novel to the end? Don’t we remember what and how Ostap Ibrahimovic finished on the Romanian border?

And if we follow the equally charming and shameless Ostap for 30 years in a row, why are we surprised that in 30 years we find ourselves on the border in the hands of Romanian border guards? The border is our reality. On it, and on both sides, we are standing, waiting for a better future who is in the west and who is in the east. We are trying to cross it mainly illegally, running away from yesterday or catching up tomorrow, unsuccessfully trying to open a new page in our life, perceiving our country as a checkpoint, not understanding that there is no one waiting abroad, that no one needs us there and that the only way to change the world around you is to change yourself. that is the only thing that you can really influence by working today, here and now.

Physical immigration has already become a real way out for many professional, honest, smart and decent people who have forever changed their country to someone else’s. This immigration has dire consequences without exaggeration. There is a deprofessionalization of the country and society. Deprofessionalization is a disaster for the country. It’s not just added value that kills. It kills morality, the foundations of society, because a person’s conscience begins with professionalism.

The departure of professionals gives rise to their deficit, the absence of competition between them here, which means that it frees those who remain from the need to think, analyze, i.e. work with brains, and this degrades society as a whole. It becomes easier to manage it, easier to impose myths. The discussion in such a society takes place not along the line of meanings and ideas, but along the line of innate, immanent, simple criteria. place of birth, nationality, gender.

And yet why? Why We Rapidly Continue to Immigrate From Ourselves.

Why have we for 30 years strengthened anyone except ourselves and our “we”, treating the latter sometimes with disdain and sometimes with contempt? Playing like children with matches in our home, we have built one of the most unbridled democracies in the world with a childishly sincere hatred for the teacher’s command and the bell to class. Having received freedom from the authoritarianism of the USSR, we, as Classic predicted, do not know “what I will do with it”, we remained slaves, replacing the Central Committee of the CPSU with the worship of ghostly, false stereotypes and myths, the set of which is constantly replenishing.

Why do we cling to the existing reality, which we hate so much, with such enviable fanaticism? Why do we reject, indiscriminately, with rapture we criticize all those positive reforms that other countries went through decades ago, and which the authorities are trying to introduce. Why, again and again, without inheriting the best world practices, we demand to build a Ukrainian bicycle based on euro numbers, designed to ride along the Ukrainian path, which is guaranteed to stand still. Fiscalization, land, gambling, capital market, anti-offshore laws, financial monetary, non-banking financial sector, alcohol, amber, privatization and much more. Is it not clear that a successful Ukraine is not possible without them? Isn’t it clear that every Ukrainian needs this? It is necessary even yesterday to feel worthy today, communicating with a Pole, a Belarusian or a Czech.

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I am convinced that we have enormous potential not only for accelerated rates of development, but also for regional leadership. Here and now. Of course, we need to do a lot for this. There are many systemic and necessary decisions that need to be made to make our development easier, so that 2021 will be the year of the beginning of growth. I wrote about this earlier.

But first of all, we need to change ourselves, remember from childhood a simple and very capacious meaning of the concept of dignity. It is dignity to respect yourself, your country and your neighbor. your friend, not your enemy. Dignity to pay taxes, and having paid, to demand from the state that belongs to you on the right of ownership of an adequate state service. Dignity to respect the law and condemn its violation. The virtues of living your own mind. The dignity of working and respecting work according to the level of skill and talent, and not the ability to weave from the fence to lunch. Advantages of hands tired after a hard day. Dignity to be friends and dignity not to shake hands with a swindler and a thief. Dignity is not to whine, blaming everyone but yourself for your problems. Dignity not to invent or spread lies, vile rumors. To be proud of our “we” with dignity, without collective farm pathos, on business.

Dignity to create, if in one word.

So that years later, passing by, the descendants would not look at the letters on your gravestone with “the bitter mockery of a deceived son over a squandered father”.

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What is the risk of the formation of fat in the abdomen

A big belly in a thin man threatens its owner with health problems.

  • An enlarged abdomen negatively affects the spine. Overstrain of this organ leads to back pain.
  • Fat in the abdominal region presses on the diaphragm, restricts blood supply to the heart muscle, provokes the occurrence of a heart attack.
  • One of the causes of diabetes mellitus is obesity of the abdominal organs.
  • Decreased testosterone production associated with abdominal problems is a common cause of impotence.

Why does a belly appear in thin men?

A large belly in thin men is one of the indicators of health problems. About the reasons for the occurrence of such a flaw, ways to prevent and eliminate the deficiency. will tell the portal about losing weight “Lose weight without problems”.

became, thin, bicycle

The features of the physiological structure of the male body are completely different from those of women. Women tend to accumulate fat in the pelvis, thighs and breasts; men replenish their “reserves” exclusively in the abdomen.

“Corn”. so often, jokingly, men call fat deposits in the area of โ€‹โ€‹the disappeared waist. In addition to external changes not for the better, such “wealth” is fraught with health problems, limited mobility and a lack of energy.

Reasons why a thin man grows a belly

This defect, first of all, is explained by fatty accumulations in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the abdomen and nearby internal organs.

Very often, especially on the beach, you can see a man with thin arms and legs, but with a huge belly.

Rumor often attributes the appearance of such “decoration” to an excessive love of beer and abundant food. Sometimes it is called an occupational disease of drivers, because due to a sedentary lifestyle, their metabolism is impaired.

There is some truth in this, because the reasons for the appearance of the belly are as follows:

  • Lack of physical activity;
  • Improper nutrition;
  • Having bad habits.

A man is initially adapted to great physical exertion, because by nature he is a breadwinner. Modern life has made its own adjustments. physical activity has become much less, but the needs of the body have remained the same.

Lack of mobility inexorably leads to weakening of the abdominal muscles, whose role is to protect the intestines from external influences and stretching. Large amounts of food contribute to the stretching of the intestines and the growth of fatty deposits on the abdomen.

In adolescence, a young man is usually thin, and a man’s belly appears more often with age. A young body easily copes with an excess of food, because the energy produced is needed for growth and development. If you constantly test the body for strength, eat incorrectly, over time the picture will change in the other direction.

When the body stops growing, the excess energy obtained from food is converted into fat.

The concept of “improper nutrition” includes not only the abundance of food consumed, but also its quality.

Factors affecting abdominal obesity:

  • Presence of preservatives and chemical food impurities in food;
  • Uncontrolled amount of food taken;
  • Failure to comply with the rules for combining products;
  • A suppressed emotional state while eating negatively affects the complete assimilation of food.

In a thin man, fat is deposited on the stomach due to alcohol abuse and smoking. Tobacco and alcohol, stimulating appetite, contribute to overeating, and also affect the decrease in testosterone. an important hormone for men.

According to medical research, it is one of the factors that cause obesity.

How to remove belly from thin men

By applying the recommendations of the site hudeem-bez-problem.ru, you can easily cope with the problem and return to your previous form.
The best way to “triumph” over a big belly is to prevent it from appearing.

But if you notice that the forms are no longer pleasing to you, shortness of breath has appeared, there is no ease in movements, immediately begin to act.

To remove a bulging belly from a thin man, you need to make every effort.

The first thing to do is start changing your lifestyle:

  • To rethink and change the rules of nutrition, giving preference to healthy food: vegetables, fruits, fermented milk products, cereals;
  • Reduce the calorie content of consumed foods and by all means avoid overeating;
  • Get rid of bad habits: smoking and alcohol. Eliminate the use of beer;
  • Start playing sports. If for some reason this is not possible, start walking;
  • Make it a rule for yourself to be examined by doctors every year. This will make it possible to control health, because an incipient disease is much easier to treat than an advanced one.

A thin man with a big belly should understand that he has only two options for the development of events: immediately take care of his health or eventually start “working for the pharmacy.” Only bringing the body into a state of natural balance will give the joy of a fulfilling life in all its manifestations.