Mount for a bike on a car which is better

Mount for a bicycle on a car: features, types and choices

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Many people prefer to relax in nature while cycling. Today, the trend is to take cycling with you on vacation. They are transported by car. The roof of the car, the rear door or the tow bar can be used. Thanks to such fasteners, the transportation of bicycles is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

To easily transport a bicycle by car, first you need to equip it with a special fastening system.

In the article, we will consider their main types, well-known manufacturers, the subtleties of choice and the nuances of use.

Features of car luggage carriers on the back door

Quite often, a trunk is used to move a bicycle, which is located on the rear door of the car. This is a fairly recent solution as it is not yet as familiar as the one above. The car mount is suitable for all types of vehicles: station wagons, crossovers, SUVs, minivans and hatchbacks. Thanks to this design, from 1 to 3 bicycles can be simultaneously secured.

This variety has such advantages as:

  • height doesn’t matter;
  • no effort is needed to lift the bike;
  • the risk of catching something is reduced;
  • practically does not affect the aerodynamics of the car.
  • this type is not used for sedans, as the spare wheel will need to be removed;
  • the load on the rear of the machine increases;
  • there is no possibility of using the trunk while the auto fastener is on it;
  • in the event of a traffic situation, the bike, like the rear of the car, will be damaged;
  • the presence of a bicycle in the back can lead to obstruction of the state. numbers or tail lights.


A major manufacturer of car accessories. This company is well-known throughout Europe. Its products are of excellent quality and reliability.


This German brand is familiar to many. He is the first manufacturer of roof racks with lifting means.

Types of towbar holders

If you want to transport your bike on a towbar, then you need to purchase a separate bike holder design. This method is used quite rarely, it can even be called original. For such transportation, it is necessary that a towbar is attached to the car, as well as fasteners and electrical wiring to a special connector. All this requires financial costs.

Even advanced versions of such fasteners can be found on sale. They are presented in the form of a special platform, supplemented with turn signals, mount for state. numbers and other elements. If we consider the pros and cons of this option, then they are the same as the fasteners for the rear door of the car. The only thing worth noting is that this option allows you to transport 4 bicycles at the same time, state. license plate and rear lights are not obstructed, and vulnerability in the event of an accident is also reduced.

Notable models

Below are a few of the Thule bike carrier options.

  • OutRide is a lightweight and comfortable fork-retaining mount. Its weight is only 2.5 kg. It is mounted on the roof of the car. This fastener is characterized by fast loading and reliability. Its versatility makes it suitable for bikes with standard 9mm axles and disc brakes. The rear wheel is secured with a quick release strap. The fastener can be used for wheels up to 3 inches wide. The set includes locks. The carrying capacity is 17 kg. Its dimensions. 137x22x8 cm.
  • HangOn 4 is a towbar mount that can fit 4 bicycles. The roof rack attaches to the towbar quite simply and easily, with the ability to tilt to provide access to the trunk. Fixing the bike to the restraint is carried out using rubber straps, characterized by elasticity. A special adapter is required to mount bicycles with non-standard frames. Its carrying capacity is 60 kg. Fastener weight. 10.3 kg, and dimensions. 47x64x90 cm.
  • FreeWay 3 is an excellent choice for a car tailgate. This model is suitable for transporting three bicycles. All mounting parts are covered with rubber, which will protect the bike and car from scratches. This solution can also be used for two-wheeled vehicles with non-standard frames if an adapter is additionally used. The load capacity is 45 kg, while the bike can have a maximum weight of 15 kg. Mount weight. 5.1 kg, equipment dimensions. 56x82x78 cm.

Peruzzo trento

This company manufactures luggage systems that have unique fastening methods. They can be used to transport three bicycles at the same time.

How can you transport a bike without a rack?

Before talking about how you can fix a bike on a car and what fasteners are needed for this, it is worth talking about simpler and more budgetary methods. The following transportation methods will be relevant if you only need to transport the bike once. For example, you want to send him to the dacha and arrange cycling there, or you bought a two-wheeled friend as a gift and you just need to deliver him to the place of delivery. In such cases, it is impractical to purchase a bicycle mount for a car, because you will only waste time looking.

Let’s remember how the bicycle was transported during the Soviet Union? Just thirty years ago, no one could even think about where to buy fasteners for a bicycle for a car. they simply did not exist. Therefore, we had to get out in different ways. Most often, bicycles were disassembled for transportation. With the help of wrenches, the wheels were unscrewed and removed, the steering wheel mount was loosened and the steering wheel was folded parallel to the frame. Further, the bike and wheels were folded either into the salon or into the trunk of the car.

This method can be used today, but it is worth noting that most modern bicycles are equipped with special folding mechanisms. So, for example, almost all Stels bikes can be folded in half, thanks to the folding mechanism in the middle of the frame. Thus, the bike can easily fit in the trunk or the passenger compartment of the car, there is no need to carry wrenches with you, and most importantly, there is no need to buy a bike mount for the car.

Car mount for a bicycle. what are they??

If circumstances develop in such a way that transporting a bicycle is not a one-time task, then you cannot do without a bicycle mount for a car. Still, whatever one may say, but transporting the bike using a special bike mount on the car is much easier and more convenient. We will now tell you in what ways you can do this, and what types of fasteners are used today.

Bicycle rack

The easiest way is to buy a special trailer, referred to as a rack for transporting a bicycle. With such a trunk, you will definitely not worry about anything, although it is used very rarely in Russia. But this method has the least number of disadvantages. Indeed, complete with such a trunk comes a special set of wires for connecting to the car. that is, the van will be equipped with repeaters of turn signals, as well as rear stop lamps.

In addition, you again get good aerodynamics, ease of installation, a large amount of space for placing several bicycles at once, and most importantly, secure fastening. Perhaps the only disadvantage that should be recognized in this situation is.

Mount for a bicycle on a car. types of fasteners, which is more reliable

Summer is the time when you can not only lie in the sun on the seashore or go to the country house. At this time, active recreation, as well as sports, is very relevant. It would seem that there is everything for this. open stadiums, free sports grounds with various equipment, as well as bike paths. But what to do if you are leaving the city and want to ride a bike in the fresh air in the country or even go on specialized bike trails? Wherever you go, you will most likely have a question about transporting your bike. It’s also good if he is alone, but what to do when every member of your family has this type of transport? No need to rack your brains. today we will tell you about a bike mount for a car.

Car roof bike rack

Perhaps today, this method is considered the most popular, and most importantly, the safest. With this method of fastening, bicycles are installed vertically on special crossbars on the roof, or, as they are also called, rails. When purchasing such a mount, it is necessary to have the same crossbars on the car, on which the mount with bicycles will be installed.

This method of fastening is good because it does not require disassembling the bicycles and allows you to fit several bikes at once on the roof of the car. And the fastening process itself is quite simple. The disadvantages of such an attachment can be attributed only to the fact that the aerodynamics of the car deteriorates, and there is a possibility of catching some low hanging branches. Also, another 3-4 thousand rubles will be added to the purchase price if there are no special crossbars on the roof of the car.

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Car rear door mount

A less popular, but also quite relevant solution is a bicycle mount for a car on the back door. This mounting method is most often used in Europe, due to the fact that the car must be equipped with a special towbar or a ledge at the door. In Russia, the following method is used quite rarely, but it still makes sense to discuss it.

First of all, it is worth making a reservation. this method is suitable for all body types, except for the sedan. That is, any body that has a rear door, and these are station wagons, hatchbacks, SUVs, crossovers, etc., can carry up to three bicycles in this way.

The mount itself is a design with special clips that can hold up to three bicycles. The advantage of this particular method is considered to be that it practically does not impair the aerodynamics of the car, this type of attachment has no height restrictions, and, therefore, the probability of catching on branches is minimal.

But the disadvantages include the fact that such a mount cannot be used with sedans. But this is a trifle compared to the fact that for some SUVs, you will have to remove the spare wheel, which is mounted just on the back door. Plus, even with a small accident, bicycles can be very badly damaged, and during the ride, most likely, you will not see the rear lights, turn signals, as well as the license plate.

Car bike mount. which one is better?

In this article, we tried to tell you as clearly as possible about the types of fasteners that exist today. Which mount is the best for you is up to you. The only thing we would like to tell you is that do not skimp on your purchase. It is best to immediately purchase a good bike mount for the car, since it is primarily about safety.!

Towbar bike rack

New system of fastening the bike to the car. Suitable for SUVs, SUVs, station wagons and five-door hatchbacks. The trunk is attached with a tow bar, the installation of which is not a cheap pleasure. Well suited for those cycling enthusiasts whose car is already equipped with a tow bar. This platform can accommodate up to 4 bicycles. There are several types of bike mounts on the market for this type of rack:

  • Fastening to the bike frame. The most popular mount. The bicycle becomes the wheels in a special holder, the frame is fastened with a special rigid mount, the wheels are covered with belts;
  • Fastening with straps. The platform is divided by a rigid divider into separate zones for each bike. The bike is fastened to the separator with durable straps with wheel fixing.

There are many types of towbar bike carriers on the market. The quality is different. From simple and cheap, costing about 60, to very expensive at a price of around 1700. Popular models on a platform of 3 bicycles start at 300. Models of the middle price category and above have additional brake lights, turn signals, parking lights and a mount for car license plate backlit. To access the luggage compartment of a car, expensive platforms have a tilt function.

  • Easy and convenient loading of the bike onto the platform;
  • Rigid bike mounts prevent rocking;
  • Almost does not affect the aerodynamics of the car.
  • High cost of fully functional models;
  • In rainy weather, bicycles will get dirty with mud;
  • Inexpensive trunk models can cover license plates and taillights;
  • Bicycles standing on a platform can impair rear visibility;
  • Rear parking sensors actuation;
  • Damage to bicycles in a rear collision with a car.

Bicycle rack for the rear door of the car

A relatively new type of bike-to-car attachment. Suitable for vehicles with a tailgate. This structure is attached to the lower and upper parts of the rear door with an emphasis on the rear window. Bicycles are secured with clips, straps or straps. The trunk is matched to an individual car model; universal mounts are rarely found. This design is used for infrequent transport of 1 to 3 bicycles.

There are many models of tailgate bike racks on the market. start at 50 and end around 400. The difference in price is determined by the build quality and the versatility of the design.

There are no rigid mountings in this type of trunk, which can affect the rocking of the bike and damage to the paintwork. Sometimes dirt can get clogged into the mount with the rear door and scratches at the place of the structure clamp.

  • Affordable design;
  • Easy and convenient loading of the bike onto the trunk;
  • Almost does not affect the aerodynamics of the car.
  • Not suitable for sedans;
  • It is easy to damage the paint of the bike and car;
  • Access to the trunk of the car is limited;
  • Bicycles can obstruct the license plate and vehicle headlights;
  • Few places for bicycles.

This tailgate bike carrier is a good compromise for bike riders who don’t have a towbar, rarely carry a bike, and rarely travel with more than one bike.

Whether they are deprived of their rights for refusing a medical examination for alcohol, find out here.

Car bike rack: which one to choose?

Transporting your bike in or by car is a great way to expand your cycling skills. This makes it possible to conveniently find suitable places for a two-wheeler ride on country lanes, quiet country roads, away from city traffic jams or mountain tracks.

In most cars, you can carry your bike in the trunk or in the back seat, but this requires partial disassembly. Even if there is a spacious SUV, some disassembly will still be necessary and there is always the opportunity to stain the interior with chain lubricant. By attaching the bike to the outside of the car, there is more room for friends and things for cycling trips.

Which car bike mount to choose? Let’s take a look at three popular ways to mount a bike on a car: roof mount, towbar mount, and tailgate mount.

Car roof rack

The beauty of this mount is that the installed roof rack can be used after transporting bicycles. Depending on the type of car, up to 4 pieces can be placed on the trunk. Special holders with bike mounts are installed on the trunk. There are the following types of mounts:

  • Fastening to the bike frame. The most common mounting method. The disadvantage is that you can scratch the bike frame;
  • Mount for the pedal. In terms of reliability, it is comparable to the fastening for the frame;
  • Fork attachment. This type of bike carrier improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The disadvantage is that you have to constantly remove the front wheel.

Budget models of bike roof mounts are made of painted steel, high-quality and expensive models are made of durable aluminum and are equipped with special locks to prevent theft of the bike. The cost of fasteners starts from 100 and ends around 500.

The advantages of expensive models are as follows:

  • Versatility. Installed on different types of roof racks;
  • Security. Have high quality security locks;
  • Assistance in installing the bike. Some models have a lift to help you more conveniently attach the bike to the trunk of your car.

The mount must be selected for each bike separately. When choosing a bike carrier for the roof of a car, the following indicators are taken into account:

  • Bicycle type: walking, mountain, road, etc.;
  • Bicycle frame type: round or oval frame;
  • Bicycle frame diameter: 20 to 60 millimeters on average;
  • Car roof size.

Consider the main advantages and disadvantages that a bike rack has on the roof of a car.

  • Low price compared to other mounts;
  • Access to the car and trunk remains open;
  • Possibility of further use of the trunk when changing a car.
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • The appearance of a hum when driving at high speeds;
  • Increase in vehicle height;
  • Bicycles should be clearly parallel to each other in order to avoid instability of the car on the road;
  • Choose a specific mount for a specific bike.
  • Fading paint on the roof of the car during everyday driving with the trunk installed.

Using this method of transporting a bicycle requires some attention and following certain rules that will help to avoid trouble:

  • Consideration should be given to changes in the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle when there is a load on the roof rack. Do not drive at high speeds on motorways, because this leads to both increased fuel consumption and a change in the behavior of the car.
  • It is necessary for the Honor to have an increased vehicle height (up to approximately 1m). It is worth carefully driving under low branches of trees, wires, signs and arrivals to city parking lots or to MacDrive. Often, drivers forget to remove the bike from the trunk before entering the garage, which leads not only to damage to the bike and fastening equipment, but also to the car itself.
  • Avoid driving fast on bumpy road sections, even if the equipment manual says it has high durability.
  • Anchor the equipment securely. Especially with a bike fork mount. There are cases of the fork jumping out of the holders and damage to the car roof.
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Trailer for transporting a bicycle on a car

Transporting bicycles with a special trailer is a fairly convenient way. Do not worry about the car’s paintwork, access to it, or its handling. These trailers can hold from 4 to 18 bicycles. They are both open and covered in the form of a trailer for transporting animals. You can also find special one-wheeled structures. The price of trailers is quite high and not everyone can afford it.

  • Ease of use;
  • Does not violate the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle;
  • The ability to transport a bike of any weight and size;
  • The ability to carry a large number of bicycles.
  • High cost;
  • Registration of the trailer with the road control authorities is required (but you should ask the seller when buying a trailer);
  • Reduces vehicle maneuverability when overtaking or reversing.

As you can see, none of the methods is perfect. Each type of attachment to the car has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the method that is suitable for a particular car, financial capabilities and the number of bicycles transported. The main thing is to remember about safety when transporting oversized cargo.

If you are worried about the reliability and stability of bicycles on a car trunk, we suggest watching a video with a test drive:

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Mounts for a bicycle on a car, their types and features.

Perhaps every bike enthusiast sooner or later asks a difficult question: how to transport a bicycle? Situations can be completely different: someone moves to the dacha for the summer season, someone goes on vacation and wants a bike at hand, someone wants only quiet forest walks, and someone needs to go to the mountains for training downhill. All these situations are united by the need to transport a bicycle. There are a number of transportation methods that we want to talk about below.

Both for storage and for transportation, a bicycle is a very inconvenient thing, since it is large and has various protruding parts, such as a handlebar and pedals. Therefore, the transportation process must be approached very scrupulously in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you have a folding bike, then you can easily transfer it in the trunk of a small sedan without spending any additional resources.

If you are a pickup truck owner, then transporting bikes shouldn’t give you any problems either. You can easily place 3-4 bicycles and any additional equipment in the body, of course, without forgetting to secure all this securely.

Sometimes well-known car manufacturers equip certain models of their cars with built-in (retractable) systems for transporting bike bikes. For example, Opel’s FlexFix: this system is integrated into the bumper of the car and allows you to carry from one to three bicycles.

Or BMW, for example, in its concept BMW Active Tourer Outdoor has provided a special fastening on the side rails in the trunk for transporting two bicycles. In this case, you will have to remove the front wheels and saddles, which are fixed in specially provided places in the trunk.

Rear door bike carrier

This type of bike rack is not initially suitable for all types of cars, that is, it is only suitable for cars with a rear door: SUVs, crossovers, hatchbacks, station wagons and minivans. This design is fixed to the fifth door of the car from the top and bottom. This type of bike attachment to a car allows you to transport no more than three bikes and is selected directly for a specific car model. Do not forget about the lack of access to the trunk after installing the mount on the car door, and if the spare wheel is installed on the rear door, it will need to be dismantled.

In our opinion, this type of bike carrier has more disadvantages than advantages.

  • Not designed for sedans
  • No access to the trunk of the car
  • Increase the rear overhang of the vehicle
  • Contamination of bicycles during transportation
  • The possibility of damage to bicycles in an accident
  • Most models cover the taillights and license plate.

A type of rear door bike carrier is the rear spare wheel mount, which is mainly useful for SUV owners. When you open the rear door to the side, you will still have access to the luggage compartment, otherwise you will not be able to use the luggage compartment.

Bicycle transportation in the salon

For those who need to transport a bicycle one time, it hardly makes sense to buy any device for transportation. Transportation of a bicycle in the cabin or trunk of a car can be done in different ways, but at the same time you will need, at best, to remove only the front wheel, in the worst case to remove the steering wheel and saddle. it all depends on the size of your car. Without a front wheel, handlebar or saddle, a bike in the trunk can fit in many sedans, and on most cars with a different body type, you will need to fold the rear seats. If you do not want to fold the rear seats, then one bike with the front wheel removed can be placed between the front and rear seats of the car. When transporting in the cabin, do not forget to securely fasten the bike so that during an emergency stop it could not injure you.

The main advantage of transporting bikes in the cabin is that there is no need to purchase any mount on the car, but otherwise, these are just some disadvantages.

Bike carrier on towbar

A rack for transporting a bicycle to a towbar will be the most optimal for owners of large and tall cars, but it is also suitable for absolutely any car, if there is an installed towbar. This luggage device is mounted on a towbar with a retainer clip and allows you to mount up to four bicycles, even there are models of luggage carriers with the ability to transport and five bikes. On inexpensive models of roof racks, bicycles are suspended from the frame using fixing straps, on other models they are installed on a special platform and secured.

As a rule, inexpensive mount models are more limited in their functionality: for example, they do not have duplicate brake lights, side lights, turn signals and a mount for a license plate. In addition, they usually do not have the function of tilting the mount, for access to the trunk of the car.

The bike carrier on the towbar, like all other transportation methods, has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Convenience and ease of fastening bicycles
  • Virtually no effect on vehicle aerodynamics
  • Reliability of construction
  • There is access to the trunk of the car (on most models)
  • No height limit
  • Increase the rear overhang of the vehicle
  • Contamination of bicycles during transportation
  • The possibility of damage to bicycles in an accident

Car roof mounts

This method of transportation came from cycling and at the moment it can be considered the most common among cyclists. The bike rack for the car is installed on the crossbars of the upper rack, the bike is placed vertically and fixed with clamps for both wheels, and with a special holder for the frame or pedal.

Depending on the size of the car, up to four “iron horses” can be transported at the same time, but each must have its own mount. It makes no sense to purchase the most budgetary mounts, because they are usually made from the cheapest materials and do not have special locks against theft.

A rack for a bicycle on top of a car has both advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits include the following:

  • The bike is transported as an assembly
  • Safe transportation (bikes will not be damaged in case of a minor accident)
  • Reliability of fastening (the bike is mounted on a car and does not have any suspended parts)
  • Free access to the trunk and interior of the car

The disadvantages include:

  • The complexity of installation, especially if you have a tall car (a special step, which is attached to the car wheel, will help out)
  • Deterioration of machine aerodynamics
  • Increasing the vehicle height up to 1.5 meters (forgetfulness can lead to body repair, replacement of the luggage system and repair of the bike itself)
  • Increased fuel consumption

What Honor’s About When Choosing a Bike Rack

As you already understood, transporting bicycles by car is a very time-consuming task, so when buying a device for transportation, do not forget the following points from Honor:

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We strongly recommend not to save money by buying cheap mounts; make a choice in favor of proven famous brands.

  • Will the selected device fit your car (the tailgate bike carrier does not fit the sedan)
  • Will there be any problems with the installation (the presence of a hatch, antenna, spare wheel on the rear door may interfere with the installation)
  • Is the bike carrier suitable for your bike (bike frame configuration)
  • Do you have all the elements for installing the device (for example, a bike carrier on the roof is installed on the crossbars of the trunk)
  • Device reliability
  • Design and quality of fastening

We hope that thanks to the information in this article, it will be a little easier for you to navigate how to transport a bike by car.

Bicycle transportation in the salon

It turns out that the bike can be safely transported in the cabin, in the back seat, the only thing that is needed for this is to remove the front wheels of your mountain transport. If you are afraid of ruining the interior, you can use either a bicycle cover or a car seat cover, it is also good if you have large grips on the handlebars (see the article “How to put on grips”), as it is less likely that you will dirty the interior.

But remember, it is important to secure the bike well, otherwise you can get it on your own head, and this is not pleasant.

Transportation of a bike in a car

It seems that there is nothing special in transporting a bicycle and there is a moment true in this, but only if your car is a jeep, and what to do if you have a sedan. But in fact, if you approach this problem correctly, then it can be solved without damage to the car, bicycle and, accordingly, the driver.

Carrying your bike on the roof of your car

Many cars have roof racks. They just come in handy when you need to transport a bike. True, there is one drawback, because of the pedals, steering wheel and other parts that protrude, the car can be easily scratched.

Of course, if you only needed such a process once, then you can rely on luck and caution, but if there is a need to do this often, then it is better to purchase a special mount that allows you to attach the bike securely and without any damage, both for him and for auto. The choice of such mounts is great, so everyone can choose the most objective option for themselves. Often, fasteners are divided into expensive and cheap, in this case, the more expensive options have advantages:

  • They are versatile and can be attached to different types of roof racks.
  • They have high-quality locks, and no one can steal a bike in your absence.
  • In some variants there are special lifts to facilitate the process of fastening the bike to the roof of the car.

True, such bindings have one significant drawback, bicycles must be lifted to the level of their own height, and this task can be painful, for example, for women. In addition, when lifting the bike, you have to rub against the car, as a result: dirty clothes. a clean car (or vice versa), we recommend doing this with cycling gloves (see the article “How to choose bicycle gloves”).

If you have chosen this method of transporting your bike, there are some rules to keep in mind to make your ride easier:

Which Bike Rack is Right for You? by Northrock Bikes

  • It must be remembered that the car becomes taller, on average by about 1 meter. Therefore, driving under trees, wires and signs that have not hitherto interfered with you, you need to be careful, as you can destroy them. In addition, the vehicle itself may be damaged.!
  • When there is a load on the roof of a car, its aerodynamics become worse and fuel consumption becomes correspondingly higher. This suggests that you should not drive at high speeds, because how the car will behave on the road is unknown.
  • If you know that there are rough roads ahead, then you need to slow down in advance. No matter how they tell you that the mount can withstand any obstacles and has high strength, it is not worth checking in practice.
  • Driving into the garage, you need to remove the bike.

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Car tow bar

Another way to transport your bike with a car is to purchase a special mount and tow the bike on a towbar. This option has its pros and cons.

Among the advantages are the following points:

  • It is easy to secure the bike as it does not need to be lifted up. This suggests that, if necessary, even a girl can attach and transport a bicycle.
  • This mount allows you to carry up to 4 bicycles at the same time, which is good for large families.

But, unfortunately, there are many more disadvantages:

  • If you have to ride on bad roads, and even in bad weather, bicycles will be covered with a layer of dirt, dust, etc. Therefore, each time after transportation, they will need to be thoroughly washed.
  • By moving your bike on the roof, you will not be faced with the fact that the car will become dirtier, but you will receive your transport after the road in the same form in which you put it there.
  • Some bicycles attached to a towbar cover license plates, and law enforcement officers have the right to stop such a vehicle.
  • Sometimes the bike can impair the rear visibility, and in some cases it is especially necessary.
  • To get something from the trunk, you will first need to remove the bike and only after that you can get to the necessary item. It is worth saying that on long journeys, it is not very convenient.
  • If the bike is female (has a “female” frame), it cannot be transported on a towbar, as it is rather inconvenient.
  • When transporting several bicycles at the same time on uneven roads, the rigidity of the mount may not be as good as it should be, and they may bump off each other.
  • Modern cars are often equipped with dedicated parking sensors. Bicycles that are attached to a towbar interfere with their operation.
  • When handing over, you need to remember that the dimensions of the car are increased!

Of course, some of these problems can be solved by purchasing expensive mounts that are not only more durable, but also improved as much as possible. So, on the platform on which the bike is mounted, it can be folding, and this allows you to open the trunk at any time with almost no problems. Also, platforms can be arranged in such a way that the license plate of the car will be visible, and on the platform itself there will be light signals. Accordingly, you will not have any problems with the traffic police.

But, nevertheless, when choosing a structure for transporting a bicycle on a towbar, you should pay attention not only to the features of your car, but you should also think in advance about how the roads have to be overcome.

These are not all possible options for transporting your bike with a car. First, because the technology is constantly improving, like, for example, mounting on the rear wheel. Secondly, there is no limit to human imagination. But still, the options described above are the most acceptable and have already been used many times, so choose what you like the most based on your own preferences and on the features of the car.!

The text was prepared by Roman Borisov.
Posted May 28, 2020.
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