Motor Wheel Do It Yourself For A Bike

Wheel motor

One of the most advanced options for converting to an e-bike is installing a motor-wheel with accompanying electrification. Recommend Check out Bafang’s 1500W Complete Wheel Motor Conversion Kit. The kit contains everything you need, except for the battery (links to batteries below). The lot has a choice of options for 500W / 750W / 1000W / 1500W, respectively, I select a battery for 36V / 48V.

E-bike frames

The heart of any bike is the frame. If you are remodeling your existing bike, one of the kits above will suffice. And if you are assembling from scratch, or a deep alteration involves replacing the bike frame, then turn your attention to ready-made hybrid frames with an already installed motor. The frame for MTB E-BIKE 29ER is available here with an integrated 500 W central motor (maximum torque 120 Nm). If you want to facilitate assembly, choose modern components, namely carbon parts. One carbon frame gives a tangible reduction in bike weight.

Electric Bike Batteries

Battery for electrifying your bike. Fits directly under the bike frame, or on the trunk. We determine in advance with the engine and select the desired assembly voltage: 36 V or 48 Volts. There is a small selection in terms of total assembly capacity (13/16 Ah). Inside the LG 18650 cell, a charge / discharge controller is installed, as well as the necessary protections. IPX4 waterproof grade.

How to make a cool DIY electric bike: a selection of links on electric motors and conversion kits

Making an electric bike with your own hands is quite simple. Quality ready-made kits available to convert your bike with the addition of a motor, battery and controller.

I offer a selection of links to ready-made conversion kits and proven electric motors of various types, batteries for mounting on a frame or in a trunk, controllers and screens for tuning and control, as well as accessories for an e-bike.

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Immediately I would like to draw your attention to the following: to select a specific set, you should decide on the type of conversion. Will it be a wheel motor, or a motor mounted on the rear carriage or center axle. Immediately you need to decide on the voltage and layout of the traction battery assembly. And finally. choose a controller (screen) to control the electric bike.

Central motor (set)

One of the most powerful options is the Bafang G510 frame mount center motor conversion kit. Available engine power. 1 kW. The voltage for the battery is 48 volts. Suitable for all types of e-bikes, including MTB, cargo-cargo bike.

Electric motor kits for bicycle carriage

The inexpensive bottom bracket / center motor mount kit. BAFANG BBS01B (250W Allowed) is a quick way to complete your bike conversions. The powerful BAFANG BBS02B kit (750 W) will cost a little more. Both have a good weight / price / power ratio and will work in most situations. There is a model even cheaper. this is a simple DIT motor, which is suitable for beginners.

Assembly accessories: controllers, control screens, programming cables.

For the convenience of controlling the modes of the electric bike, as well as for controlling the main parameters while driving, it makes sense to install a remote screen for the central motor controller. Some of these are the Bafang DPC18 and Bafang C965 screens, available here. In general, there are a huge variety of controller screens with color and monochrome displays and many functions.

And at the end of such a useful collection I add.unpacks of sets of sets. You can evaluate the composition of such a set and the ease of alteration according to below.

Unpacking the Bafang 1500W Wheel Motor. The kit includes everything you need to convert the bike. Well, except for the battery. we will buy the battery for the frame or for the trunk separately.

Motor Wheel Do It Yourself For A Bike

Unpacking the BAFANG BBS01B 250W Bottom Bracket Motor.

Detailed review of the Bafang BBS02B 750 W motor. This model represents the optimal version in terms of weight / price / power ratio. We can recommend this particular model for beginners.

Unboxing the control screen for the bike’s central motor controller.

Below is a list of second screen models for the controller.

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I hope this collection was useful to you.

The pros and cons of the selected kits can be discussed in the comments.

Personal experience and links to other tested kits are welcome!

Direct-Drive motors

Universal motors with electric braking function. Faster (up to 60 km / h), more powerful (up to 1.5 kW) and heavier (up to 7.5 kg). For aluminum frames we recommend dropout amplifiers.

Maximum speed, km / h 45
Maximum power, W 1500
Weight, kg 7.5
Maximum speed, km / h 60
Maximum power, W 1500
Weight, kg 7.5

Fat-bike motors

Wide rim, long axle motors suitable for fat bikes.

Maximum speed, km / h 60
Maximum power, W 1500
Weight, kg 4.5
Maximum speed, km / h 35
Maximum power, W 1000
Weight, kg 4

Gear motors

Lightweight (up to 4.5 kg) and freely rotates forward thanks to the overrunning clutch. Suitable for quiet (up to 35 km / h) riding in the city and parks, in pedal assist mode or only electric.

Maximum speed, km / h 35
Maximum power, W 1000
Weight, kg 3.5
Maximum speed, km / h 45
Maximum power, W 1500
Weight, kg 4.5
Maximum speed, km / h 60
Maximum power, W 1500
Weight, kg 4.5

Powerful Direct-Drive Motors

Motors for high voltage configurations (77-85 V). Develop a speed of up to 80 km / h.Only with the introduction of amplifiers for dropouts or specially designed frames.

Maximum speed, km / h 80
Maximum power, W 5000
Weight, kg ten
Maximum speed, km / h 80
Maximum power, W 5000
Weight, kg ten
Maximum speed, km / h 80
Maximum power, W 10000
Weight, kg fifteen

Electric Bicycle Wheel Motor

The motor-wheel (electric wheel) is installed instead of the front or rear wheel of the bicycle. It is directly knitted into a durable double rim of the desired size. The design allows the use of both disc brakes and v-brakes. Bicycle gear shifting is not disturbed.

Included with the wheel motor is a controller and a throttle stick to choose from. A complete set will also require a battery.


And my bike fits?
Most standard bikes are compatible.
Seat width. 100mm front, 135mm rear (standard).
The rear wheel fits a 9-star freewheel (comes with 6).

Better front or back?
The front is placed if the rear cannot be installed (for example, Planetary gear shift). Maximum front wheel power. 1 kW.

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Is it difficult to install? I myself (a) smog?
Remove the wheel from the bicycle, rearrange the tires and cameras on the wheel motor, install the wheel motor in the place of the bicycle wheel, pump up the camera. Attach the controller, throttle and battery to the bike. Connect all wires, adjust gearshift and brake.
For the first time. Several hours, on the hundredth. About 25 minutes.

Motor interferes with pedaling?
Gearbox. Comments, thanks to the overrunning clutch, it rotates freely forward
Direct drive. A bit in the way, but really noticeable only at high speeds.

Choose traction or high-speed DD?
Traction is usually better. High-speed. For rims 24 “and less.

What about the brakes?
The motors have a disc mount and a strip on the rim for v-brake. In most cases, no problems arise.

Can I charge with pedals?
Theoretically it is possible, but only at DD and high ( 30 km / h) speeds. Practically. Only sense, energy return is too insignificant.

Amplifiers needed?
For Light motor. Recommend one.
For the Classic motor. We recommend two for recuperation use and one without.

Reliable motor?
10 thousand km in a year and a half without a break for the winter. Normal flight!

There is a guarantee?
1 hour.

I want another controller, is it worth?
Usually available, complete controllers are well suited for most applications.

Brake levers are needed or without them?
For gear wheel. Not necessary.
For DD. Only needed if using an electric brake with Infineon controllers.

LCD3 required?
NOT required, but pedal assist modes (if PAS is installed) can only be adjusted from it.
No display is needed to operate the throttle stick. But it’s nicer with him 🙂

PAS sensor needed?
It adds the ability to release gas without holding the handle. Sometimes it is convenient, but LCD3 display is needed to change modes.

I want to use the motor as a wind generator / electric cultivator / tractor / track, etc. Can?
Yes. At least fly 🙂