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Open bike frame. is it really female??

Hello everyone! We all constantly see that bicycles are divided into women and men. As a rule, female models have low frames: either the upper tube is understated, or there is none at all.

This is especially true for bicycles designed for a quiet ride around the city or outside. Mountain and road bikes usually have closed frames, even if they are specifically designed for women.

But the fact is that the open frame, as such, is still called female. Once, in the distant 19th century, it was developed with the goal of allowing women to ride bicycles too. After all, initially bicycles had closed frames, and women who were forbidden to wear trousers in those days simply could not climb on these two-wheeled vehicles without violating decency.

Nowadays, it’s no secret that women wear jeans and any trousers, just like men. It would seem that there is no longer a need for open bicycle frames. However, manufacturers continue to produce a great variety of open frame bicycles, positioning them as exclusively female models. Often bicycles have low frames and are painted in such a way that men simply cannot ride them.

If today women wear trousers, then why do we need bicycles with low, open frames in our time? In fact, they are still needed. And not only for women. Low frames can often be useful for both teenagers and retirees of both genders. Often, open frames are chosen by men who install a child seat on the rear trunk or transport bulky loads on it, which exclude throwing their legs over the rear wheel. Many men just love low frames, and with their calm riding style, they absolutely do not need the special rigidity of the structure, which is provided by closed frames.

Open frames have a number of advantages. They are safer, they create extra comfort, they provide a living space between the saddle and the handlebars. Getting on an open frame bike is easy not only for women in skirts, but also for cyclists of both genders in winter clothes. Surely the strengths of the open frame are not described exhaustively on this.

So why, then, are open frames called feminine? It turns out that if the bicycle does not have a high-positioned tube connecting the head tube and the seat tube, then it is intended as if it were already only for women. Even despite the versatile design. In addition, today among city bicycles you can find many models with open frames, the design of which seems to indicate that such a vehicle is not so intended for women. In other words, it is not uncommon for people to get the impression that it is simply absurd to call open frames female.

make, bike, woman

There is no real reason for this. It can be mentioned that most folding bicycles have open frames, which are not considered feminine at all. Folding bicycles with open frames differ only in the presence of a folding hinge. Is the hinge capable of making a universal frame from a female frame, for both sexes? Also worth remembering are adult tricycles. As a rule, they have just open frames, since the latter are practically uncontested for them. And such three-wheeled models are also not positioned as women. It turns out that the addition of a third wheel somehow affects the frame, which ceases to be female.?

Of course, open bike frames for women can only be called traditionally. But in our time this is completely irrelevant. Nowadays, open frames are popular among both women and men. And it is clear that the location, as well as the presence or absence of only one pipe, cannot be considered a basis for the gender division of frames. Men can, and often ride bicycles with open frames. The most important thing is that such a bicycle does not have a female color.

Make from a man’s bike a woman’s

The reason for writing this article was an emotional discussion about women’s bicycles that flared up in our forum. Since at the moment almost all major manufacturers declare in their catalogs a separate women’s line of models, we decided to “separate the grain from the chaff”, try to introduce a classification and, without unnecessary numbers, finally figure out the question: what is a women’s bicycle and whether such a concept has the right to a life?

Unisex Bicycles. Are there really gender differences in bicycles?

Anatomy It is obvious that by positioning the bike as made especially for women, the manufacturer is trying to justify the difference from an anatomical point of view, often in these arguments slipping into a banal lie. The proportions of the body of a man and a woman have obvious differences, but not as fundamental as they are trying to convince you of this. After all, whatever one may say, we are all representatives of the same biological species 🙂

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Let’s start with the basic proportions. The most important fact: the body of a European man and woman of the same height, have, in general, the same length of arms and legs. Longer female legs and shorter arms are a common myth and misconception. over, this statement is being stubbornly replicated by manufacturers and sellers of all stripes to highlight the difference between the bike lines. Since this is not the case, a logical question arises, do some manufacturers really make bicycles that take into account a non-existent anatomical feature? Hopefully this is not the case.

The second fact: men are taller than women by an average of 10-12 centimeters. Here are the main differences between the skeletons, physique and physiology of a man and a woman of equal height that somehow relate to a bicycle.

  • The body of a woman‘s body is shorter by several centimeters.
  • Women have narrower shoulders.
  • Carriers of the complete set of X chromosomes have smaller palms.
  • The woman‘s pelvis is wider. Women have a significantly higher percentage of body fat than men (20-30% versus 10-20% in men). A woman‘s fat is stored on the thighs and buttocks, which creates a lower center of gravity than men (in men, in the abdomen and chest).
  • Due to the higher content of adipose tissue and a less heavy skeleton, women are easier.
  • Women, objectively the weaker sex. This is due to many factors, from the strength of the skeleton, to the transport capacity of blood, the volume of muscle mass and its structure.

It’s all. Calling a spade a spade, the anthropometric differences listed above do not require any very special geometry from a classic bicycle and for more than 100 years, the main difference between women’s and men’s bicycles has formed. fashion!

Classic women’s bicycle The most important wardrobe item that influenced the design of bicycles for a fragile half of humanity is a skirt. In the midst of the Victorian era in Europe, a lady in a skirt freely throwing a lady in a skirt over the saddle would be an unacceptable and extremely vulgar phenomenon. We couldn’t talk about men’s trousers for a similar reason, so the manufacturers needed a workaround.

It turned out that it was enough to lower the upper tube of the frame so that the lady could get on the bike with dignity stepping over the frame, fix the full chain cover and a protective mesh that prevents the skirt from getting into the knitting needles, and the women massively left on the cobbled European paths on their simple women’s affairs.

Note that from the point of view of the classical geometry of the bicycle, such a solution is of a compromise nature. The absence of a normal front triangle significantly reduces the torsional rigidity of the frame, which, however, does not make the bike less suitable for unhurried city riding. In subsequent years, the classic geometry remained practically unchanged and there are still a fair number of manufacturers of this type of bicycle on the market.

For the sake of completeness, it is worth mentioning that the female frame currently exists in three main versions. Two parallel pipes as in the photos above,

beveled triangle (more modern version),

or one massive tube, as on Soviet folding bicycles. Anyway, at the heart of this versatile design is the ability to ride such a bike with your head up and in any clothing, including an evening dress. What residents of European cities are happy to do.

In the world created before the appearance of the Le Corbusier modulator, objects that specifically took into account the difference in the structure of the body of men and women practically did not exist. And much later, by tradition, even when women put on jeans and sneakers and went in for sports, almost all types of bicycles for ladies over the next hundred years were built according to the old scheme: we take the male geometry of the bicycle and spoil the position of the upper tube of the front triangle. The result was the appearance of very strange hybrids in terms of characteristics.

Transitional type of women’s bicycle Even if this type of bicycle does not have clear signs, it is still worth noting its existence and trying to give a description. They say that transitional evolutionary forms are not so viable and this rule applies to these bicycles.

Their appearance was caused by two factors: the massive worldwide promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the 80s and the widespread use of mountain bikes. A strange situation has arisen. If earlier, the moderate pace of driving forgave the distorted geometry of the front triangle, but now, when the loads have grown to sports, manufacturers still persistently offered compromise, crippled frames, but already equipped with a sports linkage and suspension forks! And although women playing sports began to wear shorts or tight cycling shorts for a long time, skirt stereotypes of thinking continued to play the first violin.

Disadvantages of geometry and problems with the routing of cables and hydraulic lines. were compensated by experiments with the profile of pipes, the introduction of additional struts, but the manufacturers were able to step over themselves and come to the modern concept of “sports women’s bicycle” only at the end of the last century. Unfortunately, the market is inertial and you can still find a huge number of such “bastards” even from large manufacturers on sale. No skirt. There is no protection against rear wheel spokes and dirty chain. Heavy Skirt Frame: Available. It seems that manufacturers consider a woman unable to raise her leg above the knee. over, the general level of attachment of such bicycles rarely crosses the border of “mechanics for tourism and leisurely riding”. And this at a time when women’s cross-country is recognized as an Olympic sport.

make, bike, woman

In our opinion, the only option when such a frame has the right to exist is a very insecure girl who psychologically finds it easier to see the open frame under her. In reality, in an emergency, this geometry will not provide any additional benefits. Landing only.

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Modern sports bike We are at a loss to say which of the manufacturers was the first to take a sober look at the anthropometric difference between the sexes and smell money. It is possible that it was the Trek company that launched the Trek Woman Specific Design line at the turn of the century. For convenience, in the future, we will use the term WD (Woman Design) as a collective term for bicycles of this class.

It was a real breakthrough. Imagine. All women in the world, sportswomen and those who are simply keen on cycling, who used to ride sports bicycles for men, suddenly had the opportunity to purchase a bicycle created for them, but of classical, engineering correct geometry. And here it began: each brand vied with each other to offer a bicycle more tailored for women than competing models, and super-expensive ( 3,000-7,000) women’s versions of top professional bicycles finally appeared on sale. And this was correct both from a technical point of view and marketing: passionate women spend money on themselves no less than men 🙂

So. What are the differences between a bicycle made with a female “geometry” in mind? Let’s recall the previously highlighted features of the female anatomy and apply them directly to the bicycle.

What’s the Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Bikes || REI

Individually, these are little things. All together, nuances noticeable for a cyclist. As a result, a sports bike for women is not just a small size male frame painted pink.

To summarize. If you choose a bike for a leisurely ride or you have a psychological fear of a bike. your choice is the classic beveled triangle frame for women.

If you feel more or less confident on a bike, a model with modern female geometry will give you an advantage in speed, a more correct and comfortable fit for fitness, sports walks, and even more so, for sports. Fortunately, bicycles with modern female geometry exist not only in super-expensive professional versions, but also in affordable budget modifications from 400-500.

Of the manufacturers of such sports bicycles with the correct geometry, it is worth noting:

  • TREK. WSD bikes from 4300
  • CUBE. WLS line
  • Author. ASL ruler
  • Cannondale
  • Rock Machine. WXC line
  • SCOTT. Contessa line
  • Merida

The list is far from complete and is constantly expanding, here we give only basic guidelines for potential buyers.

And the last thing. When buying, make sure that the name of the woman is due not only to the color of the frame, but also to the real nuances in the complete set of the bike.

Flashlights and headlights

The headlights of bikes such as the MAGNUM M come in a variety of designs and designs. They are also distinguished by the method of installation and type of lighting.

The basic types of bicycle headlights are front and rear. The fact that a vehicle should be equipped with them has practically become the norm. After all, this is the main lighting that makes the cyclist visible on the road.

Headlights are used to illuminate the path and indicate their presence at night. Not all types of lights are suitable for this: LED lights do well, which are affordable, and xenon. these will cost more.

The taillights will provide safety at night or in bad weather. they will help the cyclist to be identified by those who are riding behind. Such lights should work in two modes. flashing and constant. As a rule, LED lights are used for these tasks.

A new feature in light tuning is turning headlights. Their use to indicate maneuvers is more comfortable and safer for the cyclist and other road users.

LEDs and neon will help make a bike like ONTARIO SPORT brighter and more attractive. The LED strip is a flexible strip on which the LEDs are located at an equal distance. It is sold in bobbins, and it is easy to divide it into the desired lengths. The long ones are suitable for frame upgrades, and the short ones can be installed on wheel rims or spokes.

Neon tubes will appeal to those who prefer soft, slightly diffused light. Such illumination looks aesthetically pleasing, but you cannot see it from afar. In addition, tubes are easily damaged and require more LEDs to operate.

The use of reflective elements is necessary, first of all, for the safety of the biker himself and other vehicles. So, both pedestrians and cyclists are advised to wear clothes with stripes or prints that reflect the light of car headlights in the dark.

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To become more visible on the road, reflective stickers on the bike will not interfere with the biker. You can stick them on the frame, rim or fork. In addition to safety, this design looks stylish and discreet in the daytime.

Phosphor Stripes Phosphor stripes are great for highlighting or spotlighting the controls. You can choose a contrasting color with the main color, or vice versa. in tone.

Bike styling

The easiest way to update the led and give it personality is to paint. Even an old Stork can transform a fresh color, let alone the fashionable Leon XC 80.

  • sandpaper;
  • primer;
  • solvent;
  • paint of the desired color in cylinders.

First, you need to scrupulously wash the frame, twisting the rest of the parts from it. After. remove the old paint using a solvent. Irregularities and roughness should be sanded with sandpaper, and then the surface for painting should be degreased and allowed to dry completely.

As before painting the walls, the frame needs to be primed. Better. in 2-3 layers, while each previous layer must dry before applying the next. And only after the last layer has dried, paint is sprayed onto the surface. The manufacturer usually indicates the drying time on the cylinders.

Important: You should take care of good ventilation in the room where the staining is carried out.

Additionally, you can decorate the frame on a model like the Cross 1300 with your favorite designs. To do this, you will need special stencils, which can be purchased at specialized retail outlets or made yourself on self-adhesive film.

Wheels are painted in the same way as frames. But it is imperative to close the sleeve and knitting needles from the paint. Also available for DIY styling:

  • change of tires;
  • hauling wheels with a film;
  • equipping them with blades made of plastic or plywood.

Those looking for a big change should look out for cast wheels with a robust and eye-catching design.

DIY bike tuning. 3 easy steps

The concept of tuning came from the world of cars and means the improvement of transport. The goal can be different. to improve ride comfort, improve technical parameters or appearance. But if it is problematic to upgrade an iron horse without the help of professionals and special equipment, modifying a bicycle with your own hands is a feasible task for a cyclist. How to do this. in the article.

light on the bike. so every ride is different

Light tuning has been popular in big cities for many years. And for good reason. the backlight led not only looks spectacular in the dark, but also protects the rider on the road. Of course, it is not at all necessary to turn the bike into a Christmas tree, like the aliens in the Men in Black tape. But some elements really come in handy and help you stand out.

Additional accessories. we make the bike even more convenient and practical

To make a model like the Discovery Canyon as comfortable as possible in everyday use, you can gradually add the necessary accessories to it. Details like these will also make your rides safer and give your bike a special charm:

Fenders will protect the rider from dirt on the road or in bad weather. If you drove without them, you can put new ones. Alternatively, replacing relatives with more suitable design and materials.

The rearview mirror is no longer the prerogative of motorists. On the track, this accessory will help to monitor the situation and correct maneuvers in time.

Those who prefer to move on the sidewalks need to get a horn or bell. It’s much more impressive than screaming back and forth every now and then!

Why Do Men’s Bikes Have a Horizontal Crossbar and Women’s Usually Don’t?

Only those who try to gently lean the bike against benches, walls and fences several times every day will truly appreciate the value of the peg.

A trunk or a retro basket is not only useful in the household. These accessories create a complete and holistic image of the bike and its owner.

For long-distance travelers without water, no way. Yes, and in the hot summer you won’t go far without her. Therefore, a bottle or bicycle flask holder is a priority purchase.

Experienced bikers will need a bike computer. The gadget will help you get and analyze the most useful information about the distance traveled and physical activity.

Of course, for those who take out a bike from the attic a couple of times a year, tuning it is an unimportant task. But cyclists who can no longer imagine life without riding their favorite bike will enjoy the do-it-yourself upgrade. After all, you can arrange the lead exactly as you want, and not explain the reasons for your choice to anyone. Therefore, it is worth doing improvement at least in order to create something special, unique, reflecting an attitude to life.