Make A Bicycle Seat For A Child

DIY child seat

I strongly recommend that all work be done not in a bicycle frame, but on a pipe of equal (or almost equal. Special accuracy is not required here) with its diameter. In any case, no claims for scratched bicycles, torn cables, etc. will be accepted. Everything is at your own risk. I will not give here drawings with exact dimensions. Firstly, all models have frames of different diameters, and secondly, I made my own seat “by eye”, without any drawings, since ideas came to mind along the way.

Next stage. Making a clamp for attaching the saddle to the frame. I used a steel sheet about a millimeter thick. The thickness of the material was taken such that the workpiece could be cut with scissors and bend, but at the same time, sufficient rigidity of the structure had to be ensured. Clamped in a vice with scissors for metal, Cut off a strip 40 mm wide. Now you need to bend the workpiece as shown in the figure below.

First practice the gesture strips and then use it as a template. Tin can be easily bent, and it is much easier to redo the work in case of failure. Make sure that there is enough space between the ears of the clamp after tightening for the cable. The clamp tongue should ideally touch the opposite side, that is, full coverage of the pipe is obtained. Don’t forget to remove the burrs from the ends. This will protect your hands from cuts, and the frame. From scratches. Next, drill a hole for the saddle. Choose a drill diameter much larger than the axle diameter. It will be easier to get into the holes during assembly. We are trying to assemble our structure. My saddle ears are located outside, and the clamp. Inside. It is not necessary to apply great effort when the nuts are heavy, otherwise the ears will bend. It is necessary to ensure that the clamp does NOT rotate on the pipe. An error in the manufacture of the clamp can be eliminated by gluing a rubber gasket of suitable thickness to its inner surface. I used the old “Zhigulevskaya” camera. Now measure the distance between the ears of the clamp and make an inner sleeve of arbitrary diameter (if only it could be put on the saddle here). It will not allow the ears to bend and will provide a good tightening of the nuts. Well, we have coped with the most difficult stage.

It remains only to paint our parts in a suitable color and you can proceed to the final assembly. Gently unbend the saddle clamp and place its tongue under the cables. There are some difficulties with the cables: so that they do NOT rub against the edges, I put standard rubber stoppers inside the mount, which tend to come out when the cable is working. In an amicable way, it would be better to put a sheath on the cables, but my hands did not reach this. We put on the saddle from above and insert it, while simultaneously inserting the sleeve inside. It may not be easy at first, but later on you will get used to it. I have the whole operation to install-remove the seat. It takes a few minutes. They attach the nuts, align the entire structure and tighten the connections. It is very important to stretch the nuts well as children do. The people are restless and love to fidget in the saddle. Choose the place of attachment of the saddle yourself so that the child’s knees do not rest on the steering wheel, but there is also a place where you will jump from the saddle when you stop. Child’s feet on the step must NOT hit the front wheel fender when turning. Well that’s all.

How to choose the right bike seat for your child

Indeed, in those years when it is still too early for a child to take independent walks, albeit in the company of his parents, it is possible and necessary to introduce him to a bicycle, because it is better to share the hobbies of parents. Carries a child in a sling or basket is not particularly convenient and safe, and craftsmen have long been adapting small additional seats on the frame of old Urals for the seat of children and younger sisters and brothers.

Well, who of us did not ride on the trunk as a child? Nowadays, it is NOT big brothers that worry about safety and comfort, but manufacturers of bicycle accessories. In this article, we will find out which bicycle seats are produced for a child, which ones are more popular, more comfortable, cheaper and more affordable.

Choice by price

If, when choosing second accessories, a lot of attention is paid to well-known brands, a variety of models and the choice among them, then when it comes to such unpopular devices as a seat for a child, the choice is too pic. Stores, due to low supply, raise prices, and manufacturers, paying little attention to this area, do not particularly follow competitors.

When choosing, price is not something to be guided by. When buying, just check:

  • Are the fastenings reliable;
  • Is the base strong;
  • Is the fit and size comfortable.

The rest for most models, even those not belonging to well-known brands, is at the same level, and the price rarely indicates the real quality of the product.

Additional seats

The most “classic” option is attaching an additional seat to the bike frame. There are two ways here:

  • Fastening the seat to the frame;
  • Attaching the seat to the trunk.

Rare models of additional seats are equipped with protection. The maximum that can be found in manufacturers is belts for fastening a child.

If, in the case of self-manufacturing, the additional seat is an ordinary bicycle saddle removed from the pins, then the manufacturers apply considerable effort to organize the correct fastening, because in most modern bicycles, cables in shirts can interfere with installation, and vice versa, after installation, the cable may, for example, fray.

It is even more serious if the brakes are hydraulic. Here, the drive must be protected Not only from fasteners, but also from a small passenger, because repairs are unlikely to be included in the plans of the parent who decided to ride.

Manufactured, although very rarely, additional seats for the trunk. They are fastened with very simple brackets, but the placement of a child, fastened with only one belt and sitting on an open seat, and not the most sensible act of a parent who cares about the health of their child.

Choosing a mounting location

A chair is the best seat option for a child on a bicycle, but the question always remains: which anchorage point is better. front or rear? There are several opinions, and so far there is a single commentary result. All accessory manufacturers offer both options.

Pros and cons of placing the seat on the frame:

  • Control over the child.
  • More options for placing and securing the passenger. there are options with “pillows” on the steering wheel and other accessories.
  • Greater stability of the bike due to weight distribution.
  • A big problem with the convenience of steering and pedaling. a chair on the frame in any position will interfere with the cyclist.
  • NOT the most reliable mounting options, which, moreover, is dangerous for cable and hydraulic drives.
  • Greater risk of injury in case of accidents. the steering wheel may turn in an accidental direction.

On the other hand, the placement that replaces the trunk. in the back, also has its arguments:

  • More options for attributes on the chair. and protection of legs and arms, and additional fastening straps.
  • Simplicity of fasteners and their reliability. like the trunk, it has many connection points that you can use, there are even quick-release fasteners that allow you to remove the seat in a matter of seconds.
  • Comfort of the cyclist. the child in the back DOES NOT interfere with riding.
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These seats are likely to remain options for a long time, because each positioning has its own advantages that do NOT outweigh each other. The trunk seat is more comfortable to use and the frame seat is safer.

Homemade options

Of course, you can recall the “original” option for transporting children. a free trunk. Not very convenient and safe, but it does not require any expenses. Over time, this option becomes less and less convenient. On mountain bikes, simply comments on the luggage racks, and I want to carry not only teenagers, but also very young guys.

Many are trying to make a full-fledged home-made chair, but this task is quite difficult and non-trivial, and handicraft production has one big drawback. it’s reliability. In any case, when planning to do something with your own hands, we must not forget that the main thing is the safety of the little passenger.

Solid armchairs

Fortunately, for their safety, modern parents prefer to transport children on bicycles in specialized chairs.

What is a chair? The chair completely covers the child’s body and consists of a seat, a high backrest, separate niches for legs and a network of fastenings. Various manufacturers are making changes to their designs:

  • Seat. can be made in a hard version (budget models) or with a soft cover. for convenience.
  • The backrest. can be removable, with a soft or hard coating, but the main parameter is hardness. on most inexpensive models of seats, the back is very thin and breaks with any damage, sometimes just under the weight of the passenger.
  • Leg protection. in budgetary supplies of this element may not be at all, this is usually done when fixing the chair to the frame, since when located in the trunk of the trunk, there is a very high risk of the child’s feet getting into the spokes of the wheel.
  • Fasteners. usually one or two straps with Multiple adjustment positions and additional straps for securing legs.

A bicycle seat is the most secure option for transporting a child, but there are also disadvantages:

  • Bulky and heavy weight of fastening elements. it is not so comfortable to ride with a chair.
  • Incomplete protection and reinforcement of the child. many note that the head of the child “dangles” on the bumps, which is not particularly useful for the child’s weak spine, and you will have to worry about protecting the head separately. Even when riding in a chair, a children’s bicycle helmet is required.


A child on a bicycle. This is not only a young cyclist, but also a passenger. Parents can comfortably and safely carry their children with them, even on long walks, using seats and armchairs. With these accessories, a child of any age and skill level can enjoy the bike.

Manufacturing process

1) cut off the legs from the chair, drill 3 holes in it (1 in front, 2 in the back)

2) we make a carved hole in the rear rim of the bike and fasten a bracket with 3 holes to it (2 side ones are fastened with screws to the chair using nuts and washers)

3) we drill a hole in a metal plate (the length of the plate is equal to the length of the trunk), put it under the trunk and connect it with a screw with a highchair (this will give rigidity to the seat while driving)

4) Cut out the soft seat on the chair from the fabric and insulation, so as not to get scratched into the protruding screws (do not forget about the ties, which will allow you to tightly attach the seat to the chair)

5) we stretch a braided tape between the rods of the back of the chair and sew a carabiner (to fix the child in the chair when pushing and hitting the bike during a fast ride)

6) we braid the side rods under the seat with a cord or thin wire so that the legs do not fall into the spokes of the bicycle wheel.

All. The baby bike seat is ready. Now you can safely hit the road in search of adventure and good mood. Happy road!

Voroshilina Irina, Minsk, Especially for the site:

How to make a bicycle seat for a child with your own hands

Front or back?

The baby can be seated in front of you or behind. Tiny children are put in front, so it is better to control them, and they are fascinating, because there is an excellent view in front.

For the convenience of parents, you should choose a chair that is easy to install, many manufacturers indicate this as an advantage in their models. You can ride right away, as soon as the baby learns to sit well, this happens at the age of 6-9 months, and the frame can easily withstand the weight of children at this age. It is recommended to be transplanted behind the back when children interfere with visibility and taxiing, this is about 3 years.

Consider the features of each type of child bicycle seat.

Make A Bicycle Seat For A Child
Bicycle frame seat Bicycle rack seat
Suitable for children from 9 months. 1 to 3 years. They carry children 2-3 years old, weight from 10 to 22-25 kg.
Enables you to better monitor your child’s behavior. Models are usually more closed on the sides, the parent’s back protects from headwinds.
Low back, the baby may catch a cold. The parents are hands-free, but additional control of the baby’s behavior behind is required.
Free trunk. Busy trunk.

When choosing a chair on the frame, pay attention that the frame itself is not sloping, there should NOT be wires or cables passing through it.

When is the best time to transfer children to the back seat? Usually when the child’s feet reach the center of the front wheel. The rear seat is mounted on the seat tube or on the trunk. Chair models can have sleep functions, reclining backrests and ventilation holes. To watch your baby behind the back, it is recommended to make a mount for rear-view mirrors.

When it comes to children and riding, the first thing they think about is how safe it is for the child, therefore the helmet. This is an integral part of cycling with children.

Before riding, check if all fasteners are secure and hold well, always fasten your child with seat belts. Modern manufacturers produce adjustable soft 3 and 5-point belts. In models for the trunk, the child’s legs are fixed on the footrest with perforated plastic straps so that they do not accidentally hit the wheel spokes, and the footrests themselves can be adjustable.

Please note that the device must meet standards and be certified for transporting children!

An accessory such as a child seat for a bicycle will allow you to arrange walks for very young riders.

Children’s bicycle seat with their own hands. DIY community on DRIVE2

In anticipation of the new cycle and moto season, I post my handicrafts from last summer. What if my idea comes in handy? ))) My eldest son and I are lovers of cycling and the younger one also wanted to join us. Since it is still small for independent rides, I started looking for a way to transport it on my bike. You need a baby bike seat. I monitored the Internet and realized that I would not buy this thing, but as always I would do everything myself. In total, we got the following design:

Technical drawing with approximate dimensions

Fitting on a bike

Saddle ready-made

The saddle is attached to the bike with two bolts through the technological holes in the frame

The younger one has already ridden this saddle for several hundred kilometers and practice has shown that the child feels comfortable, does NOT get tired for a long time (withstands 25-30 km mileage) and safety is at a sufficient level. And most importantly. he really likes it! Materials: 30 mm steel corner 3mm thick, a piece of sheet steel, steel pipe, 16mm plywood, a few furniture bolts, grips and frame protection from the old baby bike. All connections are welded. After painting it looks more or less decent, even a couple of times people came up and asked where we bought this))) Not in the photo, but now a sheet of packing foam rubber 10mm thick is glued to the saddle to soften the child’s butt)))

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The passenger is satisfied! And of course, the elder with his horse)))

My eldest son and I are lovers of cycling, and the younger also wanted to join us. Since it is still small for independent rides, I began to look for a way to transport it on my bike. I considered two options. a bike trailer and a chair. The trailer is both expensive and bulky, so the choice fell on a bicycle seat. I monitored the Internet and realized that I would not buy this thing, but as always I would do everything myself. The result may not be as safe as in the purchased versions, but I like mine better, because while driving, I completely control the child and can communicate with him. The youngest has ridden this saddle for thirty kilometers and practice has shown that the child feels comfortable, does not get tired and safety is at a normal level.

Tech saddle drawing

Fitting on a bike

Materials: 30 mm steel corner 3mm thick, a piece of sheet steel, steel water pipe, 16mm plywood, a few furniture bolts and grips from an old bike. All connections are welded. After painting it looks more or less decent, even a couple of times people have already come up and asked where we bought this)))

Ready for pokatushki!

Homemade baby bike seat

Making a homemade bicycle seat for a child from a broken highchair.

If a children’s plastic highchair has become unusable (cracked leg), do not rush to throw it away. Give it a second life as a homemade toddler bike seat.

To make a homemade children’s bicycle chair you will need:

Child seat for bicycle frame

A child teaches better by example, and not by words. this is better remembered. That is why, if you want to introduce your child to cycling, Travel with him.

A device such as a child seat on a bicycle frame will make travel easier for parents and more interesting for kids. You can rest assured that the trips will be safe if the children are in the bicycle seat, the bindings are fastened and the head is protected by a helmet.


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Soft seat on the trunk of a bicycle finishing.

And then there was the action from to Ali.
I put it in my basket, paid and started waiting.
The seat came quickly enough.
On August 29 it was sent and on September 12 I took it from the post office.
Package weighing 900g. The bolts were jerking a little and sticking out of it. Having unpacked this miracle at home, I had a slight shock.
Quality was completely absent.
Not only is the metal all gnarled, (It’s not the mail’s fault), the metal itself is clumsy, the bolts are NOT tightened, the leatherette is pinned with staples but not in all places. I took off the trunk and started trying it on, but it doesn’t fit, the distance between the bolts is a little more and on one side they rest against the edge of the trunk. Immediately I remembered about Chinese hands and their mother. I took a pair of tweezers and pliers and began to knock out Uncle Liao’s work.
To be honest, what I saw inside is clearly not 14, taking into account delivery. This rubbish does not have a red price 5-6 A piece of exfoliated plywood from time to time with traces of construction debris and the smell of putty.
4 long bolts, 8 nuts, 3 short bolts for fixing the backrest and 3 round nuts are already inserted into the plywood itself.
2 more bolts hold the backrest on the steel corner.
2 strips for attaching to the trunk.
Leatherette yaky covered all this disgrace from below, very thin and seemingly of the lowest quality, at the slightest tension it breaks.
On top of the seat, the leatherette is stronger, sewn from three parts.
Inside there is some kind of soft foam, like in the seats of a scooter and a motorcycle.

I took a drill, drill a six and made 4 new holes. I also drilled out the metal strips for fastening with a dremel. I went to the market and bought 4 washers of 6mm, should not be superfluous.
I took the stapler and started putting everything back together. Trying on.
In my opinion, I did it even better than the Chinese =) fasten it to the trunk and install it on the bike. Added a rear light to the seat. I also installed a once broken fender, fixed it directly to the trunk of it.

Now let’s summarize.
I think the cost of the seat is overpriced, the workmanship is three with a minus.
You can use.
Perhaps two more minuses, it is better to put the seat on a bicycle with a lowered frame, because Throw your leg over it, you need a stretch like Jean-Claude Van Damme.
The second minus is that the trunk is NOT suitable for everyone, in my case it was necessary to finish it, and also to install additional props, which will have to be done a little later, child Until I ride.

Now you need to weld the corners and fix the trunk on the bike.

Weight, kg: 0.46 (heavy.)
Length, mm: 1000
Material: steel
Diameter, mm: 10
Alloy / Steel: Steel
Color: white zinc
Load, kg: 2320
Type: rod

Saddle hole

Several manufacturers are making bike seats with a concave or cut center section along the nose. This design is quite well thought out, since its purpose is to reduce pressure on the soft tissues of the perineum.

Skeptics of the need for such a design suggest that if you sit on a saddle that is too narrow with holes, the soft tissue will fall into the seat opening. So, instead of the intended benefit, a seat with a hole will only do harm. But these are all assumptions, because in reality no one sits calmly on a bicycle saddle, but mostly in motion: stands on the pedals, shifts back and forth.

In addition, like any other saddle of a different design, it is not a problem to choose a similar product with a hole in width, taking into account the peculiarities of your pelvic bones.

Soft or hard. Form requirements

  • Ischial support pads Must be of sufficient length to accommodate back and forth movement when riding.
  • The nose of the saddle should be thin and long.
  • The sides of the spout should NOT protrude to avoid chafing the inner thighs.

Circled pads for the support of the ischial bones

Leather saddle

The first bicycle saddles were made from leather. The main advantage of leather as a material is that it can take on a new shape, and it also allows air to pass through and absorbs moisture.

A new leather seat will be uncomfortable at first, perhaps even painful for you. The cause of pain will be an unformed surface at the pressure points of the ischial bones. During cycling, the pressed leather is squeezed over time at the points of contact with the bones. Once passed, the leather saddle is shaped to perfectly fit the rider’s body. A real leather seat can be compared to a leather chair for its convenience. The choice of a saddle should be stopped on products made of genuine leather.

It is important to know that most saddles sold as leather are NOT actually leather. In the sports type of products, leather is used only as a thin coating, and their base is made of plastic or carbon. The base of these saddles is NOT breathable and too rigid to be pressed by the pelvic bones.

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One of the few saddles in which pressed cowhide is used for base and cover is Brooks. The best leather saddle is made with no foam or helium lining. Without any soft insulating material, the bike saddle allows sweat and heat to pass through better in hot weather.

A leather saddle is very comfortable to travel long distances. And when the old worn seat bends, then just tighten the tension bolt on the frame a little, and it’s like new.

Brooks and similar saddles are too heavy and too large to be used in cycling and tricking, but they are ideal for cycling.

Creation of the famous Brooks saddles in a factory in England:

Saddle without spout

An innovative proposal. the MoonSaddle. completely avoids crotch pressure when cycling. It has a nose at all, and a large ergonomic support. a crescent. serves to support the torso. The crescent seat is universal in size and is suitable for children and adults.

MoonSaddle made of abrasion resistant elastomer, bent mount made of durable stainless tubing

Narrow saddle

Professional cyclists always use a narrow saddle made from quality plastics or composites. Most often, softening lining is not used in such products. Indeed, in fact, the cyclist does not sit: he most often stands on the pedals, rotating them, and the athlete hangs most of his weight on the horns, lying on the steering wheel.

Typically, narrow, rigid saddles are fitted to Road bikes. They are also very convenient when mountain biking in cross-country style, that is, when actively riding through forests, fields, parks.

Plastic saddle

Most modern bicycle seats are assembled from a polyvinyl chloride base, foam lining and synthetic materials. These seats fit on virtually every bike on the market.

Since most plastics are inexpensive, the seat made from them will be of poor quality. When riding a bicycle with a plastic seat, it is advisable to wear a cycling uniform or thick clothing, as you will very quickly rub blisters when fidgeting on slippery artificial turf.

But not all plastic saddles are of poor workmanship. For example, there is the Tioga Spyder saddle, which has a complex structure with holes. It quickly takes the shape of the human body, is well springy and perfectly cools. When traveling in hot weather, it only brings pleasure, upset only by the high price for it, which equals 90-100 dollars.

Gel pad

There are many bicycle seat gel covers on sale now. But such innovations need to be taken critically. Logically speaking: a soft pad on a bicycle saddle is needed by the same people who put “pillows” instead of a seat, that is, unhurried cyclists.

Excessive padding on the saddle when the gel boot is attached to the saddle increases side swing. Ducks not only interferes with pedaling, but also leads to chafing of the skin of the thighs.

Faux leather

Faux leather as a material for covering bicycle seats is used on specimens of the middle price level. There are many types of imitation leather, they are different in density and strength.

  • Dermatine wears out quickly.
  • PVC is resistant to wear and tear, but very slippery and completely NOT permeable to sweat.
  • Stretch leather is the most durable of all substitutes, but Slippery.


A bicycle seat for a child is a very useful and useful thing for families with small children. From the age of one, the child can be seated in a bicycle seat and go for walks together. The seat for a child on a bicycle is very convenient for the cub and for his parent. Such a chair will allow you not only to go cycling together, but also to overcome long distances.


I bought a seat for a child on a bicycle, you can take your child with you for a walk or on a short bike trip. When riding a bike, it is very important that the child is comfortable. Choosing a safe bike seat does NOT guarantee the success of your walks, especially if they are long walks.

Therefore, choose such a chair so that the baby is not pressed anywhere, does not rub, it is NOT hard. And if you want your child to enjoy skiing, choose a route with a beautiful landscape.

Then the kid will be fascinated by viewing the environment, and traveling in a comfortable chair will not be tiring.

To choose a good safe bicycle seat for your child, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The seat must be deep, the seat itself must have a High back and solid side protection from the back to the footrests.
  • Feet Must be fully protected and secured with straps to prevent child’s foot from getting into the wheel.
  • Seat belts Must be made of material that is sturdy but not rigid on the child’s body. Their latches Must be made so that only an adult can unfasten them. Better to choose a chair with adjusting straps.
  • Many bicycle seats have, in addition to seat belts, a front handrail, which is necessary not only for safety, but you can hang some of your child’s toys on it.
  • Handles and armrests will make cycling more comfortable, the baby will be able to sit in a comfortable position, as well as change it and turn.
  • It’s good if the footpegs on the bike seat are adjustable.
  • A rear bicycle seat is better to choose with an adjustable backrest.
  • Pay attention to the ventilation of the chair so that in hot weather the baby does not “fried “on the seat.
  • The shape of the back should allow the baby to sit in a helmet.

To ensure the comfort and safety for the transport of small children, the child’s bicycle seat has been developed. Safety is achieved by belts that can be adjusted according to the height of the baby.

The three-point harness system allows you to fix the child by the shoulders and between the legs. The seat itself is very securely attached to the bike, so spontaneous release is excluded. Today, a bicycle seat is a reliable way to transport children on a bicycle.

CHILD bicycle seat ON THE FRAME

The frame of the bike is not designed for too much weight, and a large child will interfere with the control of the bike. Therefore, a child seat for a bicycle on a frame is intended for transporting children from one to three years old.

All parents know what kind of children are at this age. Only and you know Watch them and control. When the child sits in the front bicycle seat, he is under the full supervision of a parent. And the kid himself will like to travel like that. After all, he is behind the wheel and observes all the way.

Another plus of the bike seat on the frame is that the trunk remains free, you can take all the necessary things with you on the road.

Therefore, when choosing a front bicycle seat, pay attention to the shock absorber so that the ride for the child is softer. Choose a strong and durable body of the chair so that in the event of a fall, you cannot crush the child too much.

Be sure to seat the child in a helmet in a chair, because the body is protected by the bicycle seat itself, seat belts, steering wheel, and the head remains open.

The armchair is attached to the frame thanks to the lock-holder and “mustache”, which will help to fix the armchair firmly and securely.

Be sure to follow the instructions for securing the seat and check the attachment before each cycling with your child.