Is it possible to store bicycles in the stroller

So how can you store a bicycle in an apartment so that it looks aesthetically pleasing and your feet don’t cling to the pedals??

When a similar question arises, the first thing we do is try to move our oversized transport away from the apartment. But we don’t even think about the fact that not all places are suitable for storing a bicycle. So where should you not store your bike and why?

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Koopers Co-Rider Stroller Bicycle

  • Outside
  • At the entrance
  • In the stroller
  • On a common area or balcony

These days, leaving anything on the street is more expensive. Not to mention the bike. Even if you have a protective mechanism, be sure that after some time your “iron horse” will still be snatched away or seriously damaged. In addition, changes in temperature and humidity have a very detrimental effect on parts, leading to the appearance of rust and cracks. On the street, even covers will not save you from this.

The entrance, common area or balcony, as well as the place where neighbors store strollers, of course, are more reliable. They are locked with a key, but can you be sure that your bike is safe behind seven locks? And the risk of damaging something when they roll out the stroller for a walk is also great.

It remains to accept and carry the bike to the apartment. But I really don’t want to leave it in plain sight or disassemble and store it folded. Especially if you like to pedal every day. You can, of course, try to rent a garage, but it’s hardly worth it.

How to store a bike in an apartment

This has become a real problem for city dwellers. And not only those who live in small apartments, but also those who are accommodated in impressive apartments. After all, a bicycle is not at all the interior item that will fit into any design.

Since it is still compact to store bicycles in an apartment?

The ideal location should be free from sudden temperature changes, humid, or near a battery. This way your two-wheeled horse will last much longer.

Some traditional ideas:

An excellent option for those who are lucky enough to have this small room in their apartment. Why not move the seaming cans a little and put the bike on the rear wheel.

A storage room in a house is almost a luxury. Therefore, if it is not there, a balcony immediately comes to mind. The most ideal option is if the balcony is glazed. This way the bike will be less exposed to humidity, cold or temperature extremes. However, it is best to store it in a case to avoid direct sunlight. If it is not possible to simply put the bike down, then you can nail special holders to the wall and hang it. So it will not interfere and free up some space.

Option for those who have a deep enough wardrobe. Bindings can be nailed to the rear wall and the bike can be suspended in an upright position. Of course, it will be quite problematic to take it out and put it back every time, especially if it is a wardrobe. But on the other hand, your corridor will be free, and the interior will not be spoiled.

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These are all classic ideas for storing a bike in an apartment. However, we also offer you some unusual ways to harmoniously fit the bike into the interior.

If the living space and the height of the ceilings allow, then it is quite possible to fix the bike under the ceiling. So it will not be a hindrance in the corridor or hallway, and even in the living room it will become an unusual addition to the decor.

Surely many of you have repeatedly thought to simply hang your bike on the wall in one of the rooms. But it can be done with taste. No one will doubt that a bicycle is just a part of the interior ensemble. To do this, you can think of a whole composition of decorative items, among which the bike will look great.

You can also place a suitable applique or image on the wall, which together with a bicycle will create an extraordinary picture. It is unlikely that you have seen such wall decoration on your friends.

This method is not suitable for everyone, but the owners of duplex apartments will surely be satisfied. Just hang your bike under the stairs. The best economical place you can imagine.

On special racks and shelves

Surprisingly, modern furniture makers have taken care of bike lovers as well. Now you can buy special shelves or racks for storing not only books, personal belongings and decor, but also bicycles! And if you are not yet ready to purchase additional furniture, then you can easily figure out on your own how to fix an iron friend so that it looks favorably on one of the shelves.

On racks and stands

Special bike racks allow you to place your vehicle in any corner of the room. Just make some space for it. Recently, you can also see more sophisticated options for coasters, which will appeal to a lover of traditional style in the interior. It is not a shame to put such a stand with a bicycle next to furniture of classic design.

Who said a bike cover has to be boring? Buy special bike covers with a colorful print. Such a cover will be not just a dust collector, but an excellent decorative element. It is not even necessary to wipe the wheels every time after the street or in dirty weather. The cover will allow you to put your bike anywhere without the fear of ruining the carpet or smearing the floor. Hanging the bike in a case, however, will be a little more difficult, but this option will look much more spectacular.

What to do if the whole family is athletic?

The problem. where to put the bike. turns into a disaster if there is not one cyclist in the family, but three or even more. It is almost impossible to hide 4 two-wheeled horses. However, do not immediately give up buying a bike. Many options will work for you too. There are special stands and stands for the whole family on sale. They will take up a little more space than for one vehicle, but they will not disturb the harmony of your apartment.

In addition, it should be remembered that this is a seasonal activity. When buying, it is better to think over initially where to store it and choose a model that understands as much as possible. Then you will have more places where you can hide it.

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Certificate of the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus 040 dated 14.01.2010

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Is it possible to store strollers and bicycles in the entrance vestibule or under the stairs?

  • Many residents of multi-storey buildings leave bicycles, baby carriages in the entrance vestibule or under the stairs. Can you do this? Larisa, Gomel

According to Art. 21.16 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Administrative Offenses, violation of the rules for the use of residential premises or maintenance of residential and auxiliary premises of a residential building entails the imposition of a fine on an individual in the amount of up to thirty basic units (up to 630 denominated rubles).

The Ministry of Housing and Utilities explains that there is no space for storing strollers, children’s bicycles, sledges in most multi-storey buildings. Therefore, it is recommended to store them in an apartment, including to prevent possible theft of this property.

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What can be stored in the stroller

When a child is born, many parents are in a hurry to acquire multifunctional modern all-season baby carriages, sometimes similar to another minicar, sometimes forgetting that their apartment is on the fifth floor of a house built during the Khrushchev thaw and every day to lower it for the baby’s walk. and lift back after it, the occupation is quite laborious.

The first thought that most likely should visit you after the next return from a walk home with a baby in one hand and a heavy stroller in the other. is it possible to leave the stroller at the entrance of the house, at the level of 1. 2 floors, so as not to drag it to your apartment on last? Indeed, as a user of a residential premises, the owner also uses common property in an apartment building, and the entrance of the house is the common property (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 13, 2006 N 491).

That categorically cannot be stored in the inter-apartment corridor

It is forbidden to arrange dryers and clothes hangers, wardrobes in the vestibules (with the exception of individual residential buildings), as well as store (including temporarily!) Inventory and hazardous materials (paragraphs in paragraph 36 of the Fire Regulations Rules in the Russian Federation).

In case of fire, building materials not only block escape routes, but also create additional smoke.

Is it possible to store things in the common hallway

The interroom hall is designed to serve several apartments on the floor at once, so it a priori cannot belong to any separate apartment (subparagraph 1 of paragraph 1 of article 36 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation).

Five Bike Storage Solutions That Don’t Stink!

However, there is a slight clarification: this property is determined in shares that are proportional to the area of ​​apartments (clauses 2, 4, article 37 of the RF LC). That is, if your apartment is three times larger than the neighbor’s, then by law you can store three watermelons in the common corridor, but your neighbor is only one.

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When do neighbors break the law?

The rules of the fire regime in the Russian Federation state that it is prohibited to clutter up evacuation routes and exits (including passages, corridors, vestibules, galleries, elevator halls, staircases, staircases, doors, escape hatches).

It is forbidden to block the doors of emergency exits with any objects, be it household rubbish or an antique carved chest of drawers.

At the same time, in accordance with clause 5.1.1. Code of practice “Fire protection systems. Evacuation routes and exits “SP 1.13130.2009, the width of evacuation routes in residential buildings must be at least 1.2 meters.

All parents should pay attention to the fact that the law does not separate children’s clothes and wardrobes. If the owner does not have a place in the apartment in order to store a baby stroller, this is not a reason to litter escape routes.

We don’t know how wide your shared corridor is, but a twin stroller will most likely not fit into safety regulations (unless it folds).

Volvo S80, 2001 / September, 252,000 km, 252.0 l

For sale Volvo S80, Year of issue: 2001 / September, Technical inspection: 07/2019, Mileage: 252 000 km, Gas-Petrol. Main characteristics: Engine capacity: 252.0 l., Power: 132 kW / 180 hp, Transmission: Mechanical / 5-speed., Body type: Sedan, Color: Black / Metallic, Number of doors: 4/5, Number me.

What to do if neighbors broke the rules

If your neighbors cluttered the inter-apartment hall with their belongings, store prohibited materials or block escape routes, use the following algorithm of actions:

Conversation. First, talk peacefully with your neighbors. But keep in mind: if you justify your request by the fact that you need to bring a large-sized item into the apartment once, then the things will return to their places. It’s better to talk about the long term.

Since people may start to press on pity (“We have a large family, the living space is small, there is nowhere to store things.”), explain that keeping things in the lobby is a threat to general safety and ignoring the rules of the fire regime.

Most likely, such a simple conversation will be the solution to the problem, and the neighbors will meet you halfway. And if not?

“At our entrance to the wheelchair, neighbors store old stoves, household appliances, even used batteries. How to put things in order? Maybe hand over the old equipment to the scrap? Reader”

NG: Disposal of old household appliances that are stored in the stroller must be coordinated with its owners. As the specialists of PZhKH explained, the residents of the house have equal rights to public places. One stores a stroller in the stroller, another keeps a bicycle, and the third stores an old gas stove or used batteries. The decision not to litter public spaces and to put things in order must be collective.

Prepared by Natalia Salagubova,

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BMW 530, M sport package, 2004 / January, 293,000 km, 3.0 l