Is it ok to ride a bike every day

Top 0 Reasons to Get on a Bike (For Life)

Everyone should learn to ride a bike. It’s as easy as. well, how to ride a bike. And most importantly, having learned to ride, you will never forget how.

Almost all of us learned to ride as children. Many probably keep the memories of the first bike in a series of carefree childhood days: long summer games with friends, walks with parents in the park, trips to school. Someone continues to travel all their lives, and even their advanced years are not a hindrance to them. Others abandon their bike as soon as they get behind the wheel of a car. But I’ll tell you what. Never stop cycling. I’m serious. Everyone has their reasons to stop, not stop, or even not start, but in fact, there are many reasons for everyone to ride bikes and learn to ride every day.

Some of them are obvious, others are not so obvious. If you want to save money, are determined to lose weight eventually, or are even going to make the world around you a little better, the forty reasons you are reading now will explain why you should have a metal tube between your legs and pedals underneath on this bright path.

The reasons.

This is very, very good for your heart. Let’s start with the most obvious. You don’t have to compete in a mountain bike rally in bad weather or squeeze out seven sweats in training to experience the benefits of cycling. It is enough to wind 33 kilometers a week to reduce the risk of coronary insufficiency by 50%. Imagine, even such an unsportsmanlike, overweight person in the middle of his fourth decade, like the author of these lines 4 years ago, managed to overcome this distance in a little over two hours.

This will strengthen your immune system. Riding a bike provides you with a normal physical activity, which gives your body the strength to cope with colds and seasonal infections faster than if you were staying at home. Evolutionarily adapted to constant physical activity.

On the scale of human history, the transition to a sedentary lifestyle happened just yesterday. In the end, our backside appeared before we thought of sticking a chair under it. So it is unnatural for us to sit in a chair! A person is healthier the more he moves.

I Biked 5 Miles Everyday for 30 Days

A bicycle is an economical means of transportation. This is a great way to spend your money on something more important. There is no need to spend money on travel or gasoline when you can ride a bike to work. Among other things, it eliminates the need to listen to stupid radio programs with boring news interruptions, because of which you can never properly listen to your favorite song.

The car will last longer. I am not kidding. For short trips, it’s best to take a bike. The more often you drive it, the less stress on the car. Frequent short trips will shorten the life of the engine. Frequent turning on and off of the engine leads to the fact that the engine oil does not heat up enough and does not lubricate moving parts well, so they wear out faster.

The best way to make money off a car is to sell it. I understand that the idea of ​​changing a car for a bicycle sounds ridiculous, but it might be worth considering if you really need a car, especially if you don’t use it very often or only commute to work. And you can also save on car insurance, tax, maintenance and repairs. By the way, if it comes to that, keeping a bicycle in working order is much cheaper than a car.

Sell ​​one car. What, about the car again? Exactly. Nowadays, many families acquire several cars. And what, you really need both? But not so long ago, having two cars was considered a fad of rich people. Okay, enough about them already. The following advice will definitely thrill you.

Cyclists have longer sex times. Yeah baby! The bike helps with sex! (Not in that sense! You don’t need to take him to bed!) Riding makes you more enduring, more flexible, generally increases your tone, so you can safely suggest that someone spend the night in one bed, meaning the whole night.

Cyclists have better sex. The stronger you are, the stronger the sensation of orgasm. The release of hormones at the end (not in this one, but, by the way, in this one too) of sexual intercourse in a trained body is more intense than in a sluggish and fattened one.

Sexuality lasts longer. Physically fit men look five years younger than their flabby peers. Don’t you want to be a seductive, handsome athlete?

The bike maintains potency. Do not believe these tales that the bicycle is supposedly harmful to male strength. Scientists have found that men over 50 who pedal regularly have a 30% lower risk of impotence.!

Correction of the female figure

Cycling workouts are ideal for beautiful ladies in a number of parameters:

  • They allow you to independently regulate the load, depending on the physical form and state of health of the woman;
  • The load builds up smoothly and gradually, leaving the body time to get used to new exercises;
  • At the same time, cycling is a cardio workout that helps to develop the correct breathing technique, which is necessary both in everyday life and in the most important woman’s business. childbirth.
  • Allows you to adjust the figure gently, without losing the contours of femininity.

ride, bike, every

As for body shaping, cycling activates muscles, the work of which affects all of its most problematic areas:

  • “Loose” full legs;
  • hips and buttocks;
  • saggy belly;
  • flabby arms.

Constant training of the calf muscles makes women’s legs fit and pumped up, “picks up” problem buttocks and helps to solve problems with cellulite crust. According to statistics, stage 1-2 cellulite completely disappears from exposure to constant cycling loads in 90% of cases. The abdominal muscles are strengthened and help to deal with the hated folds of fat on the abdomen and sides. And ugly thickening of the arms above the elbow disappear due to the constant training of biceps and triceps.

Along with muscle training, an active release of energy takes place, “turning on” the mechanisms of burning fat deposits. By itself, it can lead to a loss of 7 kg of excess weight per year. And if you follow a special diet, this result can be improved by 1.5 times.!

How cycling affects your figure

Cycling training is becoming more and more popular every year. One gets the impression that all thinking humanity is getting on a bicycle. It makes no sense to deny yourself this pleasant and very useful activity, because knowing what riding a bicycle gives for a figure, you clearly understand what kind of joy you give your body.

Men’s benefits of cycling

A beautiful male figure assumes a pumped up abs, a powerful torso, well-developed arms and shoulders, pumped up buttocks, that is, all the same muscle groups that were mentioned above should work for the result.

The influence of cycling loads on the male body is so great that over time they become one of his urgent needs.

In addition to the undeniable advantages of burning fat, cycling helps men constantly maintain their body in good shape, relieves problems in the genital area, and is an excellent prevention of prostate adenoma.

Cyclocrossing helps young and mature people to maintain themselves in excellent psycho-emotional state. It is not customary to talk about this widely, but the prevailing stereotype “men don’t cry” systematically drives millions of representatives of the strong half of humanity into stress and depression. During cycling, switching occurs when consciousness ceases to focus on pressing problems, releases aggression and any other negative energy, gives creative forces.

Overall benefits of cycling

The basis of any workout is the gradual increase in physical endurance. The bike does this very well. Fitness instructors recommend cycling as an excellent aerobic exercise. On average, for 1-1.5 hours of skiing, you can burn up to 400-450 kcal of energy, while enjoying the fresh air, communicating with nature and contemplating new places.

It is important for a cyclist to burn excess fat not only through physical effort, but also as a result of improved energy exchange, which also contributes to cycling.

The body receives a versatile load: both cyclic (leg muscles during pedaling) and static (neck, arms, shoulders). Actively engages all muscle groups.

In addition to the benefits for the figure, a bicycle helps to get rid of a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system (attention: serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels have contraindications for cycling, you need to decide on the possibility of training with a doctor!), Vegetative-vascular dystonia, insomnia, neuroses, chronic fatigue syndrome.

How best to train

To improve your figure and lose weight, not every bike is suitable, not every time of the day. It is best to consider a number of recommendations:

  • choose a bike with not too large wheels for training, otherwise they will reduce your energy consumption;
  • gradually increase the training intervals: for the first time, 15 minutes is enough, then you can add 15 minutes every day until the total duration of the walk reaches 2 hours;
  • start workouts with calm skating, complete them at a fast pace with increasing load;
  • in summer, try to ride your bike after 7 pm, when the sun reduces its activity, or choose shady sections of the path for walks;
  • do not forget to bring a bicycle flask with sweetened water to replenish the water-salt balance;
  • do not train on a full stomach, wait 2-3 hours, let the body cope with the digestion of food;
  • after mastering the city bike, get on a mountain bike: it will give you additional loads and new opportunities.

It is always pleasant to have a wonderful figure, and it is even more pleasant to prancing around on an “iron horse”, demonstrating all its advantages. So forward to new achievements!

Approximate training plan

Are you looking for a decisive result? Then get ready to sweat a lot. You must clearly understand that a simple ride at a walking pace will not achieve the desired result. Not one-time 15-minute trips, but regular intense workouts will help you get a dream figure. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the correctness of the training process.

  • The duration of the trips. If you have never ridden a bike before, and in general are as far from sports as the moon is from mars, do not start right away with intense, long workouts. Take care of yourself, get involved in the process gradually. For the first walk, 20 minutes is enough. The optimal riding time is 1.5-2 hours. You can train in two approaches: morning and evening.
  • Frequency of classes. Here the rule works quite well: the more often the better. But if you do not have the opportunity to go skiing every day, 2-3 lessons per week will be enough. The interval between workouts can vary. Everything here mainly depends on the weather.
  • Mileage. Do not try to cover a distance of fifty kilometers at a time. For beginners, 10-20 km per day is quite enough. If you are already an experienced rider, 50-60 km will be enough for you.
  • Route. Do not even dream of cheating and getting maximum results while riding the bike paths in the park. This will soon cease to bring effective results. It is most correct if you change the route every time, introducing not only straight trajectories into it, but also descents and ascents. Equally important is where you plan your route. Choose suburban areas with minimal car exhaust and more fresh air.
  • Time. The best time for a bike ride is morning or evening. Avoid skating at noon, when the sun is at its zenith and can bake your head a lot. You need to ride in dry weather, if it rains outside, then it is better to postpone the workout until a more favorable moment.
  • Loads. Know that the more often you pedal, the less negative stress is put on your joints. The fewer revolutions you do, the higher the load. It is optimal to do 80 rpm. If you are an experienced athlete, then this number can be increased to 110.

The benefits of cycling

Surely, many will just shrug it off when they hear that cycling will give real results in case of problems with extra pounds. Like, nothing but pumped calves and the front side of the thigh can be achieved here. And there is no need to talk about the waist, tightened press, bicycle trains are definitely not an assistant here. But this is a big misconception, and if desired, combined with proper nutrition and balanced physical activity, this sport can work wonders. In 10 minutes of intense skiing, you can lose up to 125 calories. It all depends on the individuality of the organism: weight, volume of muscle mass and intensity of training.

  • Cycling belongs to the category of aerobic exercise, which means that it helps to establish the work of the cardiovascular system, improves blood flow, as a result of which the oxygen saturation of the body is invariably improved.
  • During the load, the lungs enter into active work, the person learns to “hold” the breath, keeping the rhythm.
  • Against the background of active physical work and saturation of the body with oxygen, the work of the immune system improves.
  • Thanks to long-term training, the overall endurance of the body increases significantly. Therefore, if there is a desire to increase efficiency, it’s time to transfer to a two-wheeled iron horse.
  • During cycling, the entire muscular system is actively working, there is an outflow of fluid, which leads to a guaranteed decrease in excess fluid in the body.
  • The efficiency of the joints increases significantly, which is why this type of training is so useful for people suffering from poor elasticity of the joints.
  • The condition of the muscles improves, the body is tightened, the figure acquires clear contours.
  • If you wish, you can lose up to 750 calories for a workout without problems, but for this you will have to give your best and spend at least an hour on a class.
  • Already after 40 minutes, the body begins to spend the fat reserves available in the body. And even after the end of the class, fat burning still continues.
  • The result from such training appears very quickly, literally after 2 weeks of intense regular exercise, the skin begins to tighten, cellulite gradually disappears, fats recede.
  • For a month of intensive exercise, you can lose up to 7 kg of excess fat. And this volume is not the limit, with a special desire it can be brought up to 10 kg.
  • Since training takes place exclusively in the fresh air, an excellent mood appears after the class. On the basis of this, the mental health of a person is leveled, the chance of “getting” a nervous breakdown or depression decreases.
  • There are no age restrictions for cycling. There are only contraindications for health.
  • Regular cycling is the same as exercising in a gym and can be easily replaced if needed. The main thing is to choose the right pace of driving.

Disadvantages, unfortunately, were also not without them:

  • The main disadvantage of this type of training is seasonality. Alas, but cycling all year round will not work for sure. Only if you are so lucky and you live in a mega warm climate. But on average, the training season lasts 3-5 months. Even in the southernmost regions, winter comes and you have to give up your favorite hobby. But if you don’t like to give up what you started, get on an exercise bike. This is quite a worthy analogue of a two-wheeled horse.
  • Improper riding can lead to too much stress on the lower limbs, as a result, instead of toned muscles of the whole body, a person gets pumped calves. You can fix the situation if you completely revise your driving style.
  • Improper driving can lead to joint diseases. If there is no desire to suffer with these ailments, do not be too lazy to make sure once again that you are doing everything right.
  • If you notice that the weight goes away too slowly or does not stand at all, it means that you have missed something. Your diet may be inconsistent with a balanced diet.
  • The quality of the bike plays an important role in training. You need to choose inventory carefully, do not be lazy to study the opinions of users, this will allow you to avoid mistakes and disappointments yourself.
  • Often, after a hard day, you no longer really want to make an effort and force yourself to roll the bike out of the apartment and ride for an hour or two. Cycling performance is often diminished because of laziness.
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Don’t underestimate this point. Keep in mind that while driving, you will have to develop an increased speed, and this is fraught with severe injuries in the event of a fall.

Make sure the saddle is not rubbing anywhere. To do this, clothes must be correct, do not chase fashion, wear bicycles or elongated shorts. Best if they are specifically designed for cycling and have a specially padded padding.

Shoes also need to be chosen wisely. The sole should not be slippery, it is better to choose a relief pattern.

Gloves will also not become an unnecessary element and will help protect your palms from chafing.


Many people underestimate this parameter, but the fit on the bike should be sporty. Don’t try to take a chair position with your back straight. Firstly, this will lead to an increased load on the spine, which can result in injury in the event of a sudden collision with a bump, and secondly, the efficiency from such a ride will be very low, it is unlikely that it will be possible to develop a good speed in this position, and therefore about big loss of calories needless to say:

  • Make sure the handlebar and saddle are level. Lower the steering wheel if it is too high.
  • The leg on the lower pedal should be fully extended during straightening, even slight bending of the knee is not allowed. This will help protect the ankle from increased stress.


If you really want to get real results, make sure that the intensity of your training is appropriate. You need to ride at least 3 times a week. over, the duration of each race should not be less than the control 45 minutes. Remember, only at the fortieth minute begins the active burning of existing fat reserves.

Do you want to clearly understand how many unfortunate calories you need to burn in order to achieve the desired result? Here’s a simple calculation. By spending 1000 kcal, you lose 100 g of weight. So consider how many kilometers you need to drive if for every 10 minutes you lose 50-125 kC. To lose 100 g of the unfortunate weight, you need to “wind” on the bike for 1.2-3 hours.

Is it possible to quickly lose weight by cycling?

Who didn’t like to ride a bike as a child? But entering adulthood, many abandon such a pastime in favor of other interests. And completely in vain. Especially if you are keeping an eye on your figure and counting every calorie. Cycling has great advantages over other sports.

The biggest plus is that classes are held exclusively in the fresh air. Daily walks will fill your life with movement and help keep your figure slim and fit. But in order to maximize the benefits, you will have to take into account some of the nuances.

How food should be structured?

  • Eat 4-6 times a day, ideally if there is a 3-4 hour interval between meals.
  • Remember to drink water. It should be at least 2.5 liters per day.
  • Do not neglect vegetables and fruits, it is better if you can eat them fresh.
  • Nutrition should be balanced, so do not exclude carbohydrates from your diet, but choose only healthy ones, those that “live” in cereals, whole grain loaves.
  • Choose lean meats and fish.
  • Give preference to boiled and stewed dishes, avoid food fried in oil.
  • Be sure to eat fermented milk products, but watch out for fat content, it should be minimal.
  • Legumes and nuts should also be in the diet, but in no case should these products be overused.

This is what happens to your body when you cycle just 5 minutes a day

We shape the legs, swing the buttocks

Do not like to run, but would like to ride a bike in a circle or two? Consider that you have not lost anything, the degree of impact on the leg muscles of a cycling train is in no way inferior to running. The muscles of the legs work intensively, developing and shaping. At the same time, you can be sure that not only the calf muscles are working, the thigh muscles come into work. You can especially feel this load when going uphill, when there is an increased load on both sides of the thigh.

In this situation, the gluteal muscles also actively enter into work, they are involved in this process by the quadriceps. So if you dream of a tight ass, go ahead and conquer the roads by bike.

Where can you go by bike?

Since 2014, there are six cycling locations:

  • Bike path;
  • The far right lane;
  • Roadside;
  • Sidewalk.

You need to look from top to bottom, that is, if there is no cycle path, then you must go along the far right lane of the road. If you can’t go there, then you can go along the sidewalk, and if it is busy or not, then you are guided by the fourth point. the sidewalk!

  • You can drive along the road if the width of the load is more than one 100 cm;
  • If you are traveling in a group, then you can go on the road.

Since 2014, we have equipped dedicated lanes for cyclists. And since 2015, cyclists have received the right to ride in dedicated lanes on the road.!

Interesting case

This story happened to my friend. (Further narration from his person)

Once my friends and I went on a bike trip. On the first day we planned to get to Ryazan. It is not far. We all already had a lot of experience in such events. I alone have a decade of cycling experience behind me.

When we were near Voskresensk, a traffic cop stops us and begins to tell us that we have no right to drive along the highway. We begin to tell him that we are moving in a group, that we have full reasons for this, but he claims that we still have to go by the side of the road. As a result, we argued with him for about five minutes, then realized that he just needed money. We threw off and it turned out that the nine of us gave him five thousand rubles.

We continued the route, reached Ryazan, stopped there for a couple of days, rode around the city and drove further towards Ufa through Penza.

It also happens that sometimes they stop and just take the money, although my friends tried to tell him something, but the traffic cop did not want to listen to them.

Basic concepts you need to know

Let’s start with the key concepts to make it easier to deal with traffic rules later.

The wording clearly says “TC”, which means that all the rules that apply to cars also apply to bicycles.

If you ride a bike, you are a direct participant in the traffic, and you are prohibited from riding on the sidewalk, and if you walk next to a bike, then you are a pedestrian.


Traffic police officers are quite loyal to cyclists, but the law provides for fines for them too!

If you look closely at this wording, then any violation made by a cyclist should be punished with a fine of 800 rubles. If he was not sober, then a fine from one thousand rubles to one thousand five hundred rubles!

Fines for cyclists cannot be compared to fines for motorists. For the latter, driving in alcoholic intoxication. fifty thousand rubles!

Despite the fact that there are fines for cyclists, in Russia fines are rarely fined.

Ride a bike, have fun and do not violate traffic rules!

Can cyclists ride on sidewalks?

Summer’s soon. You and your children will go rollerblading, scooters, bicycles. Each parent, before explaining to the child where he can ride according to the traffic rules, should find out for himself whether it is possible to ride a bicycle on the sidewalks, on the road.

Now laws change almost every day, and it will take a long time to follow them. In this article I will tell you if a cyclist can ride on sidewalks and where he generally has the right to ride.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев (1)

then you are targeting the fourth point. the sidewalk! this is the advice that cyclists beat pedestrians in the back from.

Bicycles, boards, skates, scooters and between them grandmothers with grandchildren with oohs, oohs. Summer landscape on the sidewalks. They tear up bags, cell phones, collide, get injured, get into a fight. Old men with canes, a bicycle stumbled over a cane, the old man is to blame. The cyclist pushes the old man, it’s up to the fight. One older on a bicycle, runs into a younger runner, both suffered bruises. Mothers, forgetting about children, fight for their children. Adorable.

Well, why did they give money to this non-cop? They humiliated themselves. They would send him far and for a long time. And nothing he would have done.

Personally, I am generally shocked by what I read. They took pity on the traffic policeman, chipped in. They gave him fives. Loch. this is destiny. I was not there, I wish I had stopped us at all.

And what to do with pedestrians who walk exactly in the middle of the sidewalk, neither to the right nor to the left, but like kings on a walk? And at the same time they do not react at all to the bicycle call? That is, they behave extremely inconsistently (some animals are smarter), I think they need to be “taught”, since they themselves do not guess.

well, it is not necessary to punish. Not everyone should be quick-witted. They just live in their own little world, in which everyone is obliged to them) for that they and people

Pedestrians have and should have advantages on the sidewalk. Otherwise, the kid who jumped out would be to blame for being crushed. And for those who run into conflict. have to go to a meeting, but. dismounted.

The sidewalk is for pedestrians first! The cyclist is no longer a pedestrian, but a driver of a non-mechanical vehicle. And, violating traffic rules with his passage, he must modestly drive along the side of the road or on the right side of the road. You have strange indignations. Insolence rushing.

Until the age of 14, a cyclist moves on the sidewalk and has no right to enter the road, it’s a shame not to know. We have right-hand traffic and pedestrians must move along the sidewalk on the right in the direction of travel, otherwise they will interfere with oncoming pedestrians, but here everyone goes as they want, and then they are surprised that other pedestrians or young cyclists have crashed into them.

Animals are smarter than many cyclists. A bicycle is a vehicle. Let it scratch along the way. Pedestrian sidewalk. Does it mean that old people, women with children and people with sore legs are obliged to give way to the bike? Such bicycles, which are impatient to threaten those who have the right to walk safely on the sidewalk, must be taught, since they themselves do not guess! No need to play bicycles, there. where you can walk on the sidewalks and use public transport no.

That is, I am driving in the right lane at a speed of 5-10.150 km per hour (there is no speedometer). Let’s say 5t. A kilometer traffic jam is gathering behind me. And I’m driving myself, after all, according to the rules! Let’s say I didn’t go to the hospital, but reached the 1st gayts. He slows me down and says, You are a moron. You drive slowly and create a 2-kilometer traffic jam. And sculpts me according to Art. 12.30 hindrance. Question: I should “fly” at a speed of at least 50 km per hour on the road. Or, in principle, fly ?

Yeah, I understood article 12.30 in general for pedestrians. Why did you bring it? I understand correctly, according to the rules, I can move in the right lane at any speed, and the drivers behind me can at least crack. So cyclists have no limited power at all. You can stop all traffic in the country.) At least in the right lane!

It is necessary to provide in the traffic rules the possibility of adults to ride on the sidewalk, even if they are driving themselves, and do not accompany a child cyclist, even if there is a road next to the side of the road (it can be dangerous with heavy traffic, and an adult cyclist is a person with a nervous disease, in which there is a delayed reaction.I consider it unacceptable to prohibit such people from driving a bicycle, it is also not necessary to prohibit them from driving on public roads.It is enough just to give them the opportunity to choose where to ride depending on their current state of health, for this it is enough to allow them to ride wherever it is allowed children under 14). Or already provided?

It is also necessary to more clearly prescribe in the traffic rules regarding electric scooters with a motor of 250W or less that this type of transport is equated to electric bicycles of similar power and does not require a driver’s license to drive. Also, to simplify the procedure for checking such vehicles by traffic police officers, introduce new methods for checking engine power so that you do not need to carry a registration certificate (which may not be available: it is not always when buying a bike, or the bike was retrofitted with an electric motor homemade) and so that such collisions on the part of the traffic police. when the drivers of such electric scooters are instructed to have with them not only the registration certificate for the vehicle, but also their passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation (!). type instead of a driver’s license, as in the video from Novosibirsk. You don’t need to carry a registration certificate with you on an ordinary bicycle. in case of suspicion that the bike is stolen, the traffic police will check it by the number on the frame or something like that, and identity documents are not forced to carry (carry) either. so why not extend the same reasonable attitude to e-bike and e-scooter (scooter) drivers with a motor of 250W or less

My grandmother was hit by a teenage cyclist on the sidewalk and disappeared, severe injury !! You will kill old people and children like that! Should be banned from driving on sidewalks.

If cyclists rode the roads, as prescribed by the rules, the accident rate among them would increase tenfold, and the mass of drivers would go to jail. So where, I ask, do you propose to ride cyclists, if these traffic rules were drawn up by people suffering from mental retardation, and there are no bike lanes in the country??

If you want with a bike on the sidewalk, carry on. Sidewalks are for pedestrians, and they are complete masters there. And then they go and honk again! Go around, rattle! PS: I ride myself often, but driving on the sidewalk makes me angry. Even if there is no one. But it infuriates me more when I go on foot, and these “lisapetuns” twig.

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The rules do not prohibit driving on the sidewalk. Is it so hard to step aside and make way? You probably obscure the entire sidewalk

I go home from work with a heavy bag, I still jump here and there every time because of every bike. you are a bum, move out on the road once you have plenty of time.

You don’t want bikes on the sidewalks to build bike paths if it’s so annoying.

Are the cyclists themselves not interested in building paths? Should pedestrians build you? :)))) There are plenty of clubs, but there is no one to turn to legislators and managers? We twist the pedals and there are no brains? Or are you busy. knocking people down the sidewalks and pedestrian crossings? :)))

Allowed then allowed, but in vain! Now, in the analysis of the case of an accident, the driver turned left, there were no pedestrians, he continued to move and then a cyclist flew out from behind an oncoming car and flew into the front fender, broke his leg when falling Now they are trying to blame the driver, they say he had to miss And what was it was already dark, there was no headlight on the bike and the fact that it crossed the carriageway outside the intersection zone is somehow hushed up! The most interesting thing if there was a pedestrian crossing, then the cyclist would be unambiguously to blame, but he is not there!

One evening I was walking with my grandchildren (twins, 5 years old) along the sidewalk near the park, a family was driving opposite. in front of the parents, behind the daughter of 9 years old, she lost control and ran into my grandson and ran over him, my parents started yelling at me that we were walking on the sidewalk illegally! Why is it allowed to use the sidewalk for a cycle track??

Can You Lose Weight By Cycling Every Day Reviews

Can You Lose Weight By Cycling Every Day Reviews

And how did I manage without a bike? This weight was fine for me, even though the body was far from athletic, and when. The bike does not help me lose weight. But the problem is that all attempts to learn to ride a bike.

7 04. My husband bought just 2 bicycles. I haven’t skated since 7th grade, but I decided to start. I lost 4 kg, although there was no goal to lose weight, I got rid of cellulite. Believe me, on legs that drive 20 km a day, it will simply disappear! In the photo I am after the first week of intensive riding) 29 06. An hour of cycling consumes from 400 to 750 calories. If you can’t devote so much time to sports every day, think about how. 14 07 28. Will this help me lose weight (if I go to fitness)? 14. I ride my bike every day for 10-15 km. For some reason, I have. If you ride at a leisurely pace of 20-30 km a day. then you will not lose weight, That. increase the mileage and ride in the LDPE By the end of summer, the resemblance to the Beavis will increase;). Total, 72 kg, that is, 8, I set records every time on the bike, that’s it. in short, to lose weight on a bicycle how to do it. the main thing.

Decide on a goal: exercise bike and benefits. how to extract it from. If you know how to ride a bike. then you have to. The benefits of the simulator for women who want to lose weight. in this plan. The exercise bike has one drawback that not every athlete notices. this is the monotony of training.

If we consider a bicycle. as a way of getting around for every day. there are more and more pluses. It’s much more convenient not to walk to work. Healthy weight loss. Is cycling good for men for weight loss? Of course, yes. They, like women, are worried about extra pounds.2 03. And therefore, we will answer the following questions: how does running and cycling affect health. is useful, then in terms of burning calories and losing weight, it will be more effective. If you go at the highest possible pace, then 45 minutes of running will be. I want to lose weight CheboksaryDr. Kovalkov’s Weight Loss Technique Free DownloadDiet For Liver Menu For Every DayDiet I Lost By 30 Kg In A MonthHow to Lose Weight By 50 Kg For Six Months Of DietDiet For Gastrointestinal Diseases TableQuick Weight Loss In 3 Days For 10 Kg At HomeLose Weight Drugs ReviewsHow To Lose Weight In Two Weeks For 5 Kg Menu Every DayJapanese Diet For 14 Days Menu Correct Weight Loss Weight Loss Belly The Official SiteHow to Lose Weight by 20 Kg Summer At HomeHow to Lose Weight While DancingDiet 10 Table Diet Table Diet Table Diet Larissa Dolina Diet Reviews Lose WeightHow to Lose Weight 5 Kg In A Week And Remove Belly With SodaHow To Lose Weight Walking On Foot SlimHow To Lose Weight Fast With Diabetes Type 2Diet 4 Days 4 Kg Lose Weight Fast Egg DietWant to Lose Weight But I Can’t Take Themselves in My Hands Exercise MonthsDukan’s Book How To Lose WeightHow to Lose Weight With Hoop VideosDiet For 20 KgSiofor Weight Loss Reviews And ResultsHow To Lose Weight For 3 Weeks At 15 Kg At Home OopsDownload Abdominal & Lateral Weight Loss VideosHow to Lose Weight Elliptical Exercise MachineFast Weight Loss Nutrition DietFast Lose Weight Lose Weight Toddler DietHow to Lose Weight 11 Year Old Girl At Home In A Week VideoFish Diet For A Week ReviewsHow To Lose Weight 90 60 90 After Diet To Lose Belly And Flanks For Men And Lose Weight 20 KgLose Weight 100 Percent The Official SiteLose Weight Apple Cider Vinegar ReviewsDiet For Weight Loss 10 Kg Per MonthWhat Pills Help To Lose Weight FastLose Weight By 30 Kg For Three MonthsLose Weight In 2 WeeksDiet Is HarmfulHow To Lose Weight By 2 Kg Diet For Gout And Increased Uric Acid Dos And Don’tsHow to Lose Weight 10 Kg in 2 Weeks DietLose Weight With Massage HoopOsama Hamdiy’s Diet Egg Menu And ReviewsLose Weight By Summer Quickly And EffectivelyDukan’s Diet What to Do 25 For Every Day With Pancreatitis And CholecystitisSalt-Free 13 Day Diet Baby MenuHow To Lose 4 Kg In 10 DaysHow To Lose Weight Nutrition And ExerciseWeight Loss Vomiting ReviewsDiet 5 Table Menu After Gall Bladder RemovalLose Weight Lose Weight at Home

Bad sides. how a bike can hurt you

The bicycle is touted as the perfect tool for developing body and spirit. You read sites like mine and it seems that there are no flaws, just roll farther and faster. But this is not so: a bicycle, like any tool, can not only benefit, but also harm. Let’s discuss this question, which is not very popular in our circles.

To begin with, I can say that cycling brings unambiguous benefits to psychological health, there are no options here. everyone who started to ride feels positive changes. Stress goes away, freedom comes, the brain begins to generate new ideas.

difficult with physical health. People tend to get carried away, cycling turns into a lifestyle, moderate doses of a bicycle turn into equine, and the therapeutic effect can be replaced by an overdose. Unfortunately, a bicycle is such a thing that, with frequent use, you can very quickly and seriously harm your body, ignoring proven cycling dogmas.

I will try to list the main negative aspects of cycling and suggest ways to neutralize them, and in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев write down the problems that you yourself encountered and how you can solve them.

Bicycle health risks

The person is seriously carried away, began to skate intensively, storms distances of 100 km and more, travels in any weather, and…. goes to sick leave. Instead of improving health, constant problems. The fact is that passion wins over common sense: knowing his weaknesses, a person still chooses to skate.

Back problems, shock loads on the spinal column are contraindicated. nonsense, I will still ride over rough terrain. Chronic bronchitis or asthma is bullshit, you have to ride in any weather, the frost won’t stop me.

People are very different, and someone will say: “Yes, I had a bouquet of chronicles, but when I started to skate seriously, everything disappeared.” Yes, it also happens. And it happens quite the opposite. You need to know your health problems, think with your head and imagine a little the consequences of a fanatical hobby.

  • Brute force

The bicycle is a provocateur, it very quickly draws a beginner into its nets, and you will not notice how you are competing with yourself. Distance, average speed, new routes well, you understand me.

It turns out that a completely unsportsmanlike person, who had been sitting in the office for years before the beginning of his enthusiasm for cycling, for a short time is involved in rather serious loads, this is almost always not beneficial. And if the muscles adapt quickly, then the cardiovascular system works all the time with overload. Add to this the fact that beginners rarely bother buying a heart rate monitor and ride according to the sensations.

The problem is compounded by the fact that cycling, unlike other sports hobbies, takes a much longer amount of time. 100 km, which is so pleasant to roll on a weekend, take four to five hours of pure traffic. For five hours your body works with overload, your heart rate is driven into an unusual training zone (you want to improve your average speed a little).

At the same time, the cyclist feels relatively normal, fatigue is attributed to “something rolls badly” and “glycogen has run out”, but in fact his body is screaming about exceeding the permissible load. Over time, the loads only grow, new horizons appear, for example, participation in amateur races.

Skating in the company of like-minded people turns into a race, because no one wants to look worse than others and slow down the group. The pace is set by the strong participants, and the weaker ones follow them with their last bit of strength, harming themselves. This is a completely common scenario for group rides, very rarely it happens that they roll at the level of the weakest. Usually, a certain average pace is chosen, which seems to suit everyone, at long distances and it turns out to be overkill for many.

Solution: constantly monitor your pulse, ride alone or with those who agree to maintain a safe pace for you. Long rides are useful only when your heart is working in the fitness zone, heart rate is 110-130 (depending on age). Training heart rate, above 140. for athletes and those who want to seem like them. Don’t overload yourself. If you decide to train seriously, be sure to go through an examination with a cardiologist, find out what problems there are.

  • Hands and feet become numb or sore when cycling

A common problem is improper fit, bad saddle, or incorrect frame size. Most often, fingers become numb, wrist joints hurt, but sometimes numbness happens to the toes. Unfortunately, many cyclists give up on discomfort: like, it will pass over time.

Do not wait for serious problems, start looking for the cause as soon as symptoms appear. Put on soft or even cork grips, buy gloves with built-in gel pads, this helps to reduce vibrations.

In terms of fit, first assess how you feel on the bike, is the frame short or long? Would you like the steering wheel higher or lower? Is the slope better, the vertical fit or the more elongated? If possible, ride your friends’ bicycles, so you can understand where to move the landing. Not enough length. put a long stem. I would like to raise the handlebars. buy a height-adjustable stem.

Move the saddle longitudinally. Not enough adjustment to get a comfortable position, your choice is the offset seat. Adjust the correct tilt of the seat: it is because of this that the crotch often grows numb. It is best to put it parallel to the ground and lower it in height literally a centimeter lower than usual.

The saddle itself is also an extremely important point of contact with the bike. Which saddle to choose for a bike is a question of the fiercest holivars at bike forums, so you have to spend money on experiments until you find something that suits you.

  • Bicycle knees hurt

This is a huge separate topic, which is widely covered on my website, read the article What to do if your knees hurt from cycling. A serious problem that almost every cyclist faces sooner or later. Unfortunately, our passion is also to blame here. instead of reasonable loads, we roll in full, ride long distances, not really thinking about the consequences.

Very often the reason is complex. we went for a ride in a group of strong cyclists, the weather was warm in the morning, so we put on a short bike uniform. As a result, they fell like mad, flew into all the junkies in the middle cadence, then it started raining, a headwind began, but the pace did not decrease, they went in shifts. Warmers for the knees were with them, but it rolled well, no one wanted to stop for a halt.

The increased load, cold wind and excitement, causing insensitivity to your body have done their dirty deed. upon arrival home you feel that something is wrong with your knees. A familiar story, isn’t it? This happened to almost anyone who imperceptibly turned into a sports-type cyclist. Now you will sit at home, wait until the inflammation in the knee joint subsides and the pain subsides to such an extent that you can go for a ride in a calm style.

How hard and how often should you cycle?

But you could initially ride in a calm style, dose the load, listen to yourself. Watch the weather finally. I have already said many times, buy knee warmers and put them in your purse: they almost do not take up space, cost a penny and will save your knees in bad weather. These are the heaters. buy them and close the question. Wear insulation under the bike tricot, in the off-season, so as not to blow your knees.

  • Persistent runny nose when driving in cool weather

This is also a familiar topic to many: autumn has just begun. your nose dripped when you ride a bike, but in ordinary life everything is in order. There may be several reasons for this, but there is only one accompaniment: we breathe in much more air. Because of this, a huge amount of dust, dirt, exhaust gases, etc. passes through the nasal passages. The mucous membrane is irritated, and against the background of a low temperature, a constant cycling runny nose begins, which disappears as soon as we enter the room.

How to solve this problem, I do not know, I myself, fortunately, this cup has passed. On the contrary, I can say that in the fall I have allergy attacks with a severe runny nose, and so, as soon as I go for a drive, the runny nose miraculously disappears. And appears again as soon as you get home.

  • The harm of riding in the city

Addition to the previous point. I recently read an article about a study by scientists on the harm from urban cycling, and so, it turned out that there is harm, and it is considerable. It is precisely due to the fact that more air is inhaled while riding, that cyclists receive much more harmful substances into the lungs than pedestrians and even more car drivers.

People who cycle for hours in the city center, instead of health benefits, harm themselves, increasing the risk of heart disease several times. I will not argue how representative this study is, but I note that there is a reasonable grain in these observations. Better to ride outdoors, away from the city center and the highway.

  • Problems with the genitourinary system
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An article about whether a bicycle is harmful to potency has been written by me for a long time, and the main conclusion is. no, not only does it not harm, but even vice versa. is useful. This is a direct answer to a direct question, but there are also nuances.

A bicycle can harm the genitourinary system, but this is not due to the process of sitting for a long time in one position, which beginners are afraid of, but to the fact that it is very easy for a cyclist to catch a cold in the bladder, prostate, and so on. Cycling shorts are very thin, they absolutely do not protect from the wind, sweat cools the skin and if the weather gets even a little colder, the likelihood of catching a cold is greatly increased. For women, this problem is even more urgent, because the consequences can be more serious.

The problem in our attitude is that we do not follow the forecasts, we don’t dress for the weather, we try to leave too early in the summer bike. Solution: have a long windbreaker with you.

  • Falls and injuries

I hate to mention such things as the possibility of getting into an accident on a bicycle, but it happens. Driving in car traffic is always a risk, you can’t get away from it. Only understanding, awareness and caution will help the cyclist avoid accidents.

There are people who have never fallen off a bicycle, but personally I have never met such people. Everyone falls, the only difference is the consequences. By the way, do you know what is the most common injury from a fall from a bicycle, according to statistics from medical institutions? Perineal trauma. So that’s it.

Head injuries, on the other hand, are rare, an argument made by opponents of helmet wearing. To which I reply with information from the same statistics:

74% of fatalities are related to head injuries, 97% of cyclists killed did not wear helmets, only 13% of seriously injured cyclists wore helmets.

Although head injuries are not common with falls, TBI is the most common cause of death. Do you understand what I mean? The helmet is a kind of line, between life and death.

During normal driving, it is not customary to wear protective elements such as knee pads or elbow pads, a tortoise or cervical protection. The only thing I can advise not to neglect is gloves.

Personal harm

A very big disadvantage of cycling is that it eats up a cloud of time. In the terminal stage of the development of a hobby, it looks like this: after work, immediately on a bike (sometimes you even come to work on a bike), on the weekend, two big rides or a two-day LDPE (weekend hike). On vacation only with a bike. In the case of sports cycling, replace pokatushki with training, and LDPE for competitions, training camps and marathons.

Now imagine how it looks from the outside, for example, for your spouse. She, perhaps, also does not mind sometimes to go for a ride, but you do not have time to keep her company. you need to ride with the club, you need to prepare for a marathon. And even if there was time, you cannot go so slowly.

As a result, the husband constantly disappears somewhere, he has an interesting company and a rich life. Even in those rare moments when you can find him at home, he constantly hangs in the computer and communicates on bike forums.

I will not dare to give recommendations on how to correct the situation (in any way), the only advice to unhappy spouses is to endure, maybe he will let him go. Although why am I deceiving you, if the bike lets him go, he will immediately get carried away by a motorcycle, paragliding, or even hitchhiking around the world.

At this point, dear women, it was necessary to look at whom you were marrying. It is not difficult to recognize a person who is addicted to it: he has interests besides you, no matter how sad it sounds. Look for men who are interested in computer games, beer and football, most likely they will always be at home. If a man is fond of hiking, bicycles, motorcycles and other stupid things, it is better to stay away from him.

  • Sucks money

Another negative side is that the cycling hobby draws money. It seems that a bike. what could be more affordable. bought an inexpensive entry-level bike and ride it calmly. But no, one has only to get carried away a little harder, and the spending begins: bike form, accessories, bike upgrade, buying a new bike.

Then the stage of bicycle fetishism may begin, and this is already quite scary. The patient loses touch with reality and starts doing strange things. assembling a bicycle from expensive components and weighing it on a scale.

Then there is the purchase of bicycles for all riding styles, which the sick person is fond of, as a rule: cross-country, all mountain, highway, cyclocross or gravel, sometimes tourism. In parallel with this, there is a maniacal desire to build an expensive custom for the wife as well (despite the fact that she will not distinguish the rear derailleur from the front derailleur).

The amounts that go down to these events depend on the patient’s income level, but true connoisseurs go into debt in order to collect the coveted bike by the beginning of the season and show it off at the bike forum. I remember my resident of Sokatal spent his last money on a new top-end road car. The curiosity was that his parents gave him this money for a wedding.

It is useless to treat it, you need to get sick and gain immunity. Relapses are possible, I judge by myself: somehow I recently began to look closely at gravel bikes with an unhealthy interest.

Probably, there are also negative aspects of cycling, please read it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Let’s not be like rainbow ponies and admit that a bicycle is not always good.

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Strong lungs, beautiful body and vibrant sex: 33 reasons why you should ride a bike

We have collected 33 pretty good reasons for you to start riding this popular two-wheeled vehicle right now! So what are the benefits of cycling??

Helps you look younger

Scientists at Stanford University have found that regular cycling protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and reduces the signs of aging. A Harley Street Dermatologist explains:

The circulation of blood, through physical activity, more efficiently delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells and flushes out harmful toxins. Exercise creates an ideal environment inside the body, optimizes collagen production, which prevents wrinkles and speeds up the healing process.

However, do not forget to apply sunscreen before leaving.

Improves sleep

Riding your bike early in the morning can seem exhausting, but it will give you quality sleep when you finally get to bed in the evening. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine suggested that sedentary people with insomnia should cycle for 20-30 minutes every other day. Result: The time it takes to fall asleep was halved, and the sleep time increased by almost an hour.

You will get to the place faster

Cycling through major UK cities will get you there in half the time of a car, a Citroen study shows. Edinburgh’s transport leader Andrew Burns predicts that the current 20-minute drive in Scotland’s capital could take about 1 hour in 2026, but bike rides will be shorter as infrastructure improves.

Improves Digestion

According to experts from the University of Bristol, the benefits of a bicycle go deep inside.

“Physical activity helps reduce the time it takes for food to travel through the large intestine. As a result, the amount of water absorbed back into the body is reduced; the stool is thinner and easier to pass, ”explains Harley Street gastroenterologist Anna Raimundo.

Why a bike is useful

25 Reasons Cycling Is Good For You

  • Better sleep. Riding a bike early in the morning is a great way to wake up faster. And with regular exercise on a bike, your sleep will be healthier, which means you will wake up refreshed. Regular cycling detoxifies the stress hormone cortisol, which prevents you from falling asleep when exercised frequently. Thus, cycling can help you get rid of insomnia.
  • Improving digestion. Cycling improves metabolism. Thanks to this, the appetite increases and the digestion of food improves. Remember how you feel hungry after your bike ride? Appetite is a sign of active metabolism.
  • Increased endurance. Thanks to regular cycling, you increase the overall endurance of the body, you feel more vigorous, more active and stronger, it is easier to endure stress during the working day, and your emotional background is stabilized.
  • Weight loss. The bike is very useful for those who want to lose those extra pounds. During a cycling trip, a large number of calories are burned, unwanted deposits in the hips are reduced. At the same time, your body burns fat not only during the trip, but also for several hours after. And those who drive fast, but for short distances, burn several times more fat than those who drive for a long time, but more slowly.
  • Improving skin condition. Regular cycling helps slow skin aging. This is because increased blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells more efficiently, while simultaneously removing harmful toxins. Cycling also creates ideal conditions for the production of collagen, which in turn helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Increased muscle tone. Regular cycling helps you exercise your muscles in your legs, chest, back, arms. Thanks to this, their shape improves and at the same time increases muscle endurance.
  • Reduced stress. Riding a bike is the easiest and fastest way to get your dose of happiness hormones. Cycling, like other cycling sports, is a great way to distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts. Try to drive at least a couple of kilometers. everything superfluous will fly out of your head right there. Monotonous movements, measured breathing. all this automatically puts thoughts and feelings in order.
  • Strengthening the nervous system. Cycling has a beneficial effect on the general emotional state, helps to strengthen the nervous system. your mood and general well-being improve, you get a huge boost of vivacity. Bicycles are the best way to blow off steam after a day at work.
  • Improving thinking ability. Cycling increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, which activates and reactivates receptors, and encourages the creation of new brain cells in the hippocampus, an area that is responsible for memory. In addition, writers, musicians, artists, executives and many other professionals use cycling to switch and stimulate creative thinking. Indeed, due to the increased flow of oxygen to the brain, neural activity is activated.
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system. Cardio load, which is provided by cycling, helps to strengthen the heart muscle, increase vascular tone, reduce the level of “bad” and increase the level of “good” cholesterol. This significantly reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Enrichment of cells with oxygen. While cycling, your blood is intensively enriched with oxygen, which, along with other nutrients, goes to the cells of the brain and other vital organs of your body. Cycling improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which is especially important for men as a prophylaxis for such an insidious disease as adenoma.
  • Improving blood circulation. The bicycle as a whole makes the blood circulation more efficient and efficient. The normal heart rate in a healthy person is 65-70 times per minute. In people who regularly ride a bike, this frequency is reduced by 8-10 times / min. the heart switches to a more reasonable mode of operation, thus saving the “resource” of the heart, preventing its premature “wear and tear” and the onset of all kinds of heart diseases.
  • Prevention of varicose veins. For people with a genetic predisposition to varicose veins, pedaling is very helpful. At the moment of making rotational movements of the legs, the blood begins to actively circulate through the blood vessels, without stagnating anywhere. At the same time, when riding a bicycle, there is no shock load at all, and this is beneficial for the joints.
  • Improved lung function. When cycling, your lungs work much more actively than usual. during long, at least an hour, cycling, the human lungs work at full strength. Thanks to forced ventilation, the lungs are quickly freed from toxic substances, which are in excess in almost any modern city. At the same time, of course, you should try to plot your route closer to nature and away from busy roads.
  • Improved vision. Cycling is very beneficial for eye training. Judge for yourself: wherever your route runs. along forest paths or sidewalks. you have to keep a close eye on the road. Your gaze constantly focuses and switches from subject to subject. This training of the eye muscles reduces the risk of myopia and sharpens vision.
  • Strengthening the immune system. Anyone who regularly spends his free time cycling significantly increases the body’s ability to resist infections (immunity), which makes him much less likely to suffer from seasonal illnesses. flu, colds, etc.
  • Development of the vestibular apparatus. Cycling is excellent for training the vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements.
  • Saving travel time. Cycling is definitely faster than walking. And if you compare it with a car, then you do not need to stand in traffic jams, because of which we stand longer than we drive. The bike allows you to independently plot your own route, without adjusting to the public transport schedule and traffic jams.
  • No parking problems. The bike will pass where the car will not pass. The bike is very easy to park. it takes up significantly less space than a car.
  • Saving money. for bicycles are very democratic and bicycles are usually unpretentious in maintenance. If you bought a bike, you don’t need to refuel it every day, you don’t have to pay taxes and insurance, if something breaks in the bike, then its repair will not require a lot of money.
  • The development of a growing child. A child who rides a child’s bike gets all the benefits that adults do. The bicycle lays the foundation for a child’s health in the future.
  • A positive example. In addition, it is worth remembering that children are influenced by their parents. If your kids see you cycling regularly, they will soon want to follow your example.
  • Strengthening relationships. Riding a bike together promotes the release of hormones of good mood, so that all minor conflicts and irritations disappear without a trace. The trip is also a good opportunity to talk about something romantic.
  • Spending time with your family. Cycling is a great family activity, where there is a place for everyone. The smallest child can climb into a seat or special chair and join your journey.
  • Meeting new friends. In addition to good health, a bicycle has a positive effect on the social side of your life. Cycling is a great way to meet like-minded people who are more likely to become your friends, because you are united by common interests.