Installing the bike rack on the roof

Bicycle rack for car roof. bike rack

Riding a two-wheeled horse for hours in picturesque places is undoubtedly a very pleasant experience. But not everyone has such places within walking distance from home. A great option: drive to a beautiful natural area by car and, leaving the car, go on a further trip by bike. For lovers of such a holiday, a rack was invented for transporting a bicycle on the roof of a car. This option is the most common, as it is simple and reliable.

Fabbri Bici 2000 alu roof bike carrier

Peruzzo Top Bike PZ 314 roof rack

Thule FreeRide 532 roof bike carrier

Bicycle carrier on the roof Green Valley Fast Rider 659 article 160.659

Thule ProRide 591 roof bike carrier

Thule FreeRide 532 Twin Pack (2-in-1) Roof Rack

Thule ProRide 598 roof bike carrier

Yakima Forklift Bike Carrier Roof Carrier

Thule ProRide 598 black roof bike carrier

installing, bike, rack, roof

Thule OutRide 561 roof bike carrier

Yakima Frontloader Bike Mount for Roof Carrying

Thule proride 591 Twin Pack 2 bike roof rack

Yakima Highroad Rooftop Bike Carrier

Thule ThruRide 565 roof bike carrier

Thule UpRide 599 roof bike carrier

Experts say that roof-mount bicycles are the most modern and convenient way to transport them while traveling. Outdated models were very far from the concept of a professional device. they could not provide expensive sports equipment with reliable fixation, applicable not only to urban road conditions, but also to country trails.

Roof bike rack. brands

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By monitoring the competitive market, we keep the for original products as low as possible. Everything so that the desired roof rack for a bicycle is available to every lover of an active lifestyle. Do not deny yourself long bike rides in picturesque places, ride your favorite and unexplored routes, move in comfort. Any sports ride will now be available!

Installing the bike rack on the roof

Characteristics: Loading capacity (kg): 20. Dimensions (cm): 145x32x8,5. Weight (kg): 4.2. Color: gray. Compatible sizes of round frames (diameter in mm): 22-80. Compatible maximum dimensions of oval frames (mm): 80×100. Compatible maximum wheel sizes (inches): 3. Compatible with One Key System. Suitable for roof racks with T-rails 20x20mm: Suitable for roof racks with T-rails 24x30mm: yes. Adapter Required: T-track Adapter 889-1. Suitable for roof racks with rectangular bars: yes. Adapter Required: Thule ProRide SquareBar Adapter 8895.

Thule ProRide 598. Roof-top bike rack for quick and easy attachment of bikes up to 20 kg.

Features :. Automatic bike alignment at the moment of locking thanks to the unique design of the frame holder and wheel stands Easy and quick fixing of the bike. the torque limiter scale controls the force applied to the frame with an obvious indication of correct installation Pressure is evenly distributed over the large soft holders that adapt to the tubes of the bike frame. minimizing the risk of damage to it Secure fit. extended bottom of the clamp prevents the bike from falling Stable wheels. securely locked in smart wheel holders with quick release diagonal wheel straps Convenient interface for tool-free transfer of the rack from one side of the car to the other Maximum weight bike: up to 20 kg Includes T-Track adapters (20×20 mm) for mounting the bike rack directly onto the T-slots of the car trunk rails Compliance with City Crash standards.

Differences between ProRide 598 and ProRide 591: the shape of the frame grip was changed, the lower part was lengthened to prevent the bike from falling during installation, the wheel mounting tray was changed, now it automatically adjusts the correct position of the wheel, which will allow fixing the bike with less effort, it became possible to install a fatbike. a bicycle with thick tires. Thule 598 holder straps that wrap around the wheel are not at right angles to it, but diagonally to prevent the front wheel from wobbling; it has become much easier to convert the mount from the passenger to the driver’s side (from left to right and vice versa), no need use a special tool, there are enough available tools and this operation will take only a few seconds; the handle for clamping the bicycle frame has been changed, it was equipped with a torque limiter (ratchet).

Car roof rack

The main task that manufacturers of bicycle fasteners are striving to solve is absolute reliability: it is obvious that transporting a bicycle on the roof of a car should be as safe as possible. If the bike flies off the roof of the car, tragedy can occur. At the same time, the operating conditions are extremely difficult: the strongest aerodynamic resistance, rain, bright sun.

Hence, special attention to the materials from which the bike fasteners are made. The trunk must withstand the effects of moisture, ultraviolet radiation, aggressive components emitted by cars. Another important factor is the strength of the material. The bike carrier is exposed to heavy loads and constant vibration.

The best materials for roof mounts are aluminum alloys and high strength polymers. The combination of these materials makes the bike harness as durable as possible, so users don’t have to worry that their excursion will end as soon as it starts.

Features of the roof bike rack

Structurally, bike rack on the roof. a fairly simple device, the assembly and installation of which is within the power of even a layman. All parts are included in the kit, the installation procedure is elementary, but you need to monitor the quality of all connections.

The roof rack for a bicycle on the roof of a car consists of the following elements:

  • Frame.
  • Brackets with which the frame is attached to the load arches of the machine.
  • Frame-mounted sliding clamps that grip the wheels of the bike.
  • Frame holder with regulator. One side of the holder is attached to the frame of the bike rack, the other to the bike frame.
installing, bike, rack, roof

This is the basic package for the unit, but every manufacturer strives to complement the bike roof rack with additional details. Models are available with spacer brackets, with a rubberized frame base. Manufacturers equip roof racks with locks that securely hold both bikes on the roof and the structure itself.

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How to transport a bike on the roof?

Those for whom tourism is a massive departure from the city should not be upset. Installation of bike fasteners is carried out on the load arches of the car, and the number of roof racks that can be placed on the roof depends on its width.

Roof Rack Manufacturers

The Italian corporation Peruzzo has been producing high-quality bicycle fasteners of various designs for two decades. One of the best models of the company is PERUZZO TOP BIKE. car roof mount for a bicycle that meets the highest international standards. The bike rack can be easily attached to the car arches.

Riding alone is not always pleasant, and many tourists prefer noisy companies. In this case, you need the PRORIDE 591 TWIN PACK double roof bike rack from the famous THULE corporation. This model belongs to the elite, it is made of the strongest aluminum alloy, light as a feather. The holder is covered with polymer, so the device will definitely not scratch large.

And if you have a limited budget, then we advise you to take a closer look at inexpensive bicycle fasteners Lux Bike 1 or Polish AMOS

ATERA Strada Sport M2

The user-friendly ATERA Strada Sport M2 has rear light repeaters and space for an additional license plate. These accessories eliminate the occurrence of conflict situations with traffic police officers. The bicycles are attached at three points, the wheels and the frame. Platform tilts to provide access to the rear tailgate.

Number of bicycles 2
Mounting method 1 Installation on the ball of the hitch
Mounting method 2 Bolt-on removable hook
Rear light repeaters There is
Additional license plate There is
Socket: 13 pin (adapter to 7 pin) Included
Maximum loading 40 kilograms
Guarantee 3 years
Dimensions (edit) 1000x720x200 mm
Country Germany

Review (TOP-15) of the best bike mounts for a car in 2019

Despite the development of road transport, bicycles do not give up their positions and are relevant for out-of-town walks. Often a question arises related to the transportation of a mechanical vehicle in a passenger car. For this, a bike mount for a car comes in handy. Of course, there are models that have a folding frame that can be placed in the trunk or, in extreme cases, in the cabin of the car, but mostly bicycles are produced with a solid frame.

A review of the best bike mounts for a car in 2019, which presents three types for different types of vehicles, will help solve transportation problems.

THULE HangOn 9708

The structure is attached exclusively to the towbar without any additional attachments to the body. A folding mechanism is provided for easy access to the luggage compartment when loaded. Bicycles are attached to the bike carrier behind the frame with plastic clips that do not scratch the paint.

Mounting method Tow bar
Number of bicycles four
Material Steel, plastic
Carrying capacity 60 kilograms
Product weight 10.3
Country Sweden

For all its ease of transportation, four bicycles completely hide the rear registration number, and therefore quite often there are conflicts with traffic police inspectors. Some users have noticed a strong sway at the rear of the car on a bumpy road in a busy state.

THULE FreeRide 532

The Swedish manufacturer THULE took care of its potential customers and tried to make the use of the FreeRide 532 model optimally comfortable for all types of cars. The device is equipped with two locks with one key, which prevents the actions of intruders. The original mounts allow assembly and disassembly without any tools. The holder allows you to transport bicycles with frame sizes up to 80 mm and weighing up to 17 kilograms. The set includes T-track adapters (20 × 20 mm) with which you can fix the structure directly on the grooves of the car rails.

  • SquareBar;
  • AeroBar;
  • SlideBar.

Design is One Key System compatible, City Crash and TÜV / GS compliant.

Maximum bike weight 17 kilograms
Attachment points Frame and wheels
Protection Two locks
Mount weight 3.6 kilograms
Acceptable frame dimensions 22-70 mm in diameter for round frames; 65-80 mm for oval frames
Package size 150 x 23 x 7 cm
Country of origin Sweden

Low weight of the product ensures the use of plastic and aluminum.

PERUZZO Cruiser Delux

The structure is made of steel pipes with a diameter of 25 mm and is designed to carry three bicycles. The mount is attached to the rear door with six straps designed for a total load of 1,500 kilograms. The two upper belts are equipped with a self-tensioning system. Mainly used on vehicles with a tailgate.

Material Steel
Capacity 3 bicycles
Carrying capacity 45 kilograms
Mounting method Belts
Pipe diameter 25 mm
Weight 4.2 kilograms
Producing country Italy

A very simple and reliable installation method. On the negative side, it is difficult to access the luggage compartment when the bicycles are fixed.


The PERUZZO Trento bike carrier is designed to be mounted on the towbar of a car. The vertical position is ensured by two side straps. Bicycles are hung on the brackets for the frame, for open frames, you should purchase the PZ 395 adapter. The fastening design is quite simple and allows you to quickly mount and dismantle on the car.

Total lifting capacity 30 kilograms
Number of bicycles carried 2 pieces
Material Steel, plastic
Weight 6.5 kilograms
Mounting method Towbar and 2 side belts
Maximum wheel size 29 inch
Packing size 1060х370х450 mm
Manufacturer country Italy

On the plus side, the hitch carries the bulk of the weight.

SARIS Gran Fondo

The SARIS Gran Fondo rack allows two bicycles to be stowed vertically on either side of the license plate in die-cast aluminum holders for 26-29 inch wheels. The wheels are secured by adjustable ratchet straps. Contact of the mount with the bike frame is completely excluded. The platform is made of aluminum, it is attached to the rear door with rubberized hooks.

Total lifting capacity 32 kilograms
Number of bicycles carried 2 pieces
Wheel fixing method Ratchet belts
Material Aluminum, plastic
Weight 6.4 kilograms
Guarantee Lifetime with restriction
Country of origin USA

Sufficiently convenient bicycle mount, has a low weight, presentable appearance, is not subject to corrosion. Does not interfere with the driver’s view through the rearview mirror.

What are the bike racks for the car?

The most common vehicle roof mount is used in almost all types of vehicles. It can be quickly installed and removed as needed, and allows you to carry several bicycles at the same time. A significant drawback is the increase in height and the driver should constantly remember this when driving under low bridges and trees with a spreading crown.

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Towbar-mounted bike racks are convenient, but it can be inconvenient to restrict access to the luggage compartment when loaded. The undeniable advantage of very convenient loading and unloading of the bike.

Official products

THULE offers quality products that have been quality tested and guaranteed for up to 5 Years against defects in material or workmanship.

Thule FastRide Fork Carrier

The all-new Thule 564 FastRide bike carrier attaches to the fork. Elegant and versatile, it fits standard 9mm quick release forks. Most Thu-Axles sizes can also be fitted with thru-axle adapter accessories. You can also transport your front wheel using the dedicated Thule Front 547 front wheel holder.

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The main pros and cons of transporting a bike on the roof of a car


There are still several rather significant inconveniences for a bicycle rack on the roof of a car:

  • sometimes a weighty bike has to be lifted to the height of the roof of the car, and this requires real effort. Sometimes you even need a ladder
  • the aerodynamic characteristics of the car deteriorate, a hum appears, especially noticeable at high speed and with a crosswind;
  • the vehicle height increases. The driver should not forget and constantly monitor the possibility of entering a covered parking lot, garage, parking lot, avoid driving under low tree branches, wires, especially when walking in nature, outside the city.
  • Maximum 3 bicycles can be mounted on the roof. And each bike will require a separate bike carrier. If there are 3 or more bicycles, then it is easier to purchase a rack for a towbar


A bicycle rack must be attached to any roof or cross member, regardless of gutters, roof rails, etc. Two-wheeled vehicles installed on the luggage crossbars of the car and all other things:

  • do not interfere with the view while the car is moving
  • do not take up space in the cabin
  • do not increase lateral and longitudinal dimensions
  • firmly fixed, guaranteeing the integrity and safety during transportation
  • in most cases do not require dismantling the bike.

Transporting a bike on the roof of a car: detailed instructions

The most reliable and popular way of transporting a bicycle out of town for cycling on rough terrain or suburban highways is its transportation of a bicycle on the roof of a car.

The roof rack for a bicycle is a special design designed to mount bicycles on the roof for long-distance transport. It is valuable for its versatility and thoughtfulness of the idea, reliable fasteners, convenience.

How to Install a Bike Roof Rack on a Car (Full DIY Guide)

Reliable, well-chosen options for bike roof racks can be used for any bike model: road, mountain, walking, road, touring, hybrids and others.

Variety of bike racks on the car roof

The roof rack for a bicycle is equipped with a variety of racks, supports, guy ropes, traverses or anchorage points of a branded, factory made. Mounts of the brands ATERA, FAPA, MONT BLANC are very common. All of them are different in configuration, type of bike mount on the roof, and at a price. They are united by reliability and quality.

There are several types of fasteners for the roof of a car for a bicycle:

  • frame strengthening. A popular and reliable method that has one drawback is the ability to accidentally scratch the frame;
  • fastening for the front wheel of a bicycle
  • pedal reinforcement. it seems unreliable, although in fact it is not worse than frame fastening;
  • the fork mount is not very convenient because you have to remove the wheel every time you are going out of town for a walk or on an excursion to another city by bike.
  • handlebars, in which the bicycle is mounted on the roof with the wheels upside down and the bicycle is attached to the frame behind the handlebars. Deprecated.

The price of a bike rack on the roof is different and depends on the brand of the company, the material of manufacture, the cross-sectional profile, the presence of a lock against theft of the bicycle and the trunk itself.


Now we come to such a definition as a towbar. So what is this attachment. the towbar? It must be said right away that this is an expensive method. But if you own a car already with a towbar, then it will become a convenient solution for transporting your bike. Also, this option is the most convenient and aesthetic. 3-4 bicycles can be installed in the towbar, such a mount is suitable for family trips or large groups of friends. Aerodynamics are not affected when driving at high speed.

The bike rack on the towbar does not violate the aerodynamics of the car

You can also make a platform for transportation with your own hands. With the help of strong clamps, a sturdy shelf is placed on the tow bar. They make racks in it, between which the wheels will be located. With the help of clamps, you can ensure a reliable fixation that will not break it even with strong shaking.

Some riders may have concerns about how to operate the luggage compartment if the towbar with the bike rack is closed. But here everything was foreseen by the designers: a latch is initially placed on the hitch, which allows you to loosen the mount and tilt it. Yes, access to the luggage compartment will be very limited, but you can definitely get the right thing.

But you need to understand that each mount has its own drawbacks. And the towbar did not escape this fate. First, there is a high cost. The design itself is not cheap, and if you also turn to a well-known brand, then the acquisition will definitely cost a pretty penny. Secondly, not all motorists have a hitch, and it will simply not be rational to transport a trailer with them. And finally, thirdly, such a design can cover the license plates of the car, and this can lead to problems with the traffic police. The design is comfortable, but be prepared that in the rain all the dirt will fly to the mount.

DIY trunk

If you are blessed with the basic skills of a carpenter, do-it-yourself fastening is not difficult. You can manually mount the bike to the towbar, or you can install it for the roof. What you need. First of all, you should have a metal profile at hand, because it is from it that the bike stand will be made. You need a tube of strong metal, a small sheet of metal, a set of nuts and bolts. If you want your bike rack to look attractive, we recommend purchasing metal paint to match the color of your car. From “heavy artillery” should be a drill, drills, an angle grinder, possibly a welding machine.

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It is not difficult for the user to understand how to put the necessary mount on the towbar. We need to bend the metal sheet using the same teaks on both sides so that we get an image with the letter “P”. Then you need to take two tubes and flatten the ends so that you can then drill holes in these flat places and attach them to the metal profile. We drill holes for future bolts. Now you need to take a sheet of metal and cut two notches in it at the distance between the wheels of your bike. It is recommended to measure it beforehand.

Now we screw the curved sheet of metal to the main stand and place our profile on it. The tubes must be nailed so that they wrap around the frame of your bike. You should know how to do better, because cars are all different. You can experiment, mount several profiles to install several bicycles on the towbar at once.

Types of fasteners

At the present time, the choice of such accessories is very diverse. The mount differs primarily in where and how it is attached. At the moment there are four ways:

  • Roof mount;
  • Tow bar for such purposes;
  • On the back of the car;
  • For spare wheel.

Spare wheel installation

Another good option is to install a rack for your spare wheel. But this option is only suitable for crossovers, minivans and SUVs due to the fact that they have spare wheels with large dimensions. So if you are a minivan driver, the option to mount a bike on the rear wheel will be great for you. It is carried out using brackets and slings.

If the luggage compartment is equipped with a special bracket or opens to the side, access to it will not be impaired. Of course, too frequent door openings can soon lead to breakage of the hinges, because they may not support the weight of the transported cargo. In a situation where the luggage compartment opens vertically (this happens rarely, but everything happens), in order to use the luggage compartment, you will have to dismantle the entire structure from the spare wheel. Otherwise, the mechanism will not lift such a weight. And if he can lift, then the whole structure with a crash will be on the ground.

Roof installation

Back in the days of the Soviet Union, this type of transportation was the most popular. In addition, its big plus is cost savings. After all, the price of not fastening is minimal. A secure mount is placed on the roof, which fixes the bike in an upright position relative to the ground. The wheels fall into a special recess in the metal profile, and then are fixed with strong clamps. Someone prefers to use additional ropes for greater strength of such an attachment. But manufacturers claim that it is already superfluous. After all, their products hold up well even without such frills. There are several types of roof holders, the most commonly used are:

  • For the fork (you will have to remove the front wheel);
  • For the frame (secure attachment, but there is a possibility of scratching the car);
  • Behind the wheel (transported upside down).
  • For pedals (also a reliable method, which for some reason very few people use).

The most popular mounting materials are aluminum or steel. Steel accessories are more expensive, but they have additional features (for example, anti-theft locks). Aluminum is cheaper and there are no additional features in aluminum structures. The main disadvantage of this design is that the rider needs to lift the bike onto the roof. And if the driver is a woman? Another drawback is the hum when picking up speed. If your car carries several bicycles at once, then you will have to buy each mount separately.

Bicycle transportation methods

A bicycle is a transport that is made for the free. If you are a bicycle owner, then you will forget about unpleasant concepts like traffic jams, refueling. But sometimes the beginning of the route you have planned is too far away. Of course, you can get there by bike. But why waste a lot of time and effort if you can reach your destination by private car. Our article is devoted to the question “how to install a towbar?” We’ll cover roof mounting, towbar mounting, and other transportation options. For those who are good at own hands, we have prepared instructions on how to independently mount the towbar. But everything has its time. Let’s look at the subtleties.

We must say right away that transporting a bicycle in the trunk is not the best idea. Firstly, it is inconvenient, and secondly, there is a great chance to damage some elements of the wheels and frame, stain the bike or scratch the car’s upholstery. And if you do not have a family crossover, then you are unlikely to be able to place the entire bike in the trunk, you will have to remove the steering wheel or wheels. In general, unnecessary movements. You will face similar troubles if you try to take your two-wheeled friend in the car. But here it can also injure you during sudden braking. The best solution is to purchase a special car mount, so we will consider them in this article.

Tips for riders who transport bicycles

We do not advise drivers to transport their two-wheeled friend in the open, invest in a special cover. If this is not possible, then at least close the chain from dirt, this can be done using an elementary plastic bag. Keep an eye on your bike, it doesn’t matter where it is. on the roof or on the towbar.

Follow this advice even if the towbar connection is accompanied by anti-theft locks. The fact is that these systems are far from ideal even today, so you absolutely should not rely on them. If you have a towbar mount or a spare wheel, then carefully monitor the parking, because the view in the rear mirror deteriorates, and the dimensions of the car increase noticeably.

How to install bicycle rack on your car roof

installing, bike, rack, roof

In general, if you are a driver who loves cycling, but you don’t have the time or desire to ride a bicycle to the starting point, then a car is an excellent solution. We hope our review has helped you understand which mount is right for you and your bike (s). Happy travel.