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How to choose

When choosing side gears for a children’s bike, you need to be very careful, take into account many factors that affect not only the comfort of using the bike, but also the safety of the child. Should be considered:

  • the diameter of the main bicycle wheels;
  • the number of speeds on the bike;
  • material of manufacture;
  • coating;
  • wheel shape;
  • rack (bracket) size.

Earlier in the article, we described in detail each of the selection criteria and the classification of the additional design. It is this information and data that should be guided by when choosing additional wheels for a children’s bike.

Additional wheels for a child’s bike: features, selection and installation

For every caring parent, the most important thing is the health and safety of the child. This issue becomes especially relevant at a time when the baby is already more independent and active. It is at this time that the child gets on his first bike, and adults definitely need to worry about buying additional wheels for such transport. In this article you will find all the necessary information on how to choose and install them correctly.


On the modern market there is a wide selection and range of additional wheels for a child’s bike. There are many different classifications, which are divided into different categories.

  • Base material. Plastic and metal are used for the production of wheels for children’s bicycles. They can be solid or knitted. The metal gear is attached with a bearing or bolt, the presence of which creates a high level of noise when driving.
  • Coating material. It can be different. Today, they use silicone, rubber, plastic and PVC coating. All these materials differ in functionality and characteristics. It should be noted that the highest quality, durable and reliable is the silicone coating.
  • Rack type. This is a very important element of the entire structure of the lateral attribute, because it carries most of the load, so it must be as stable as possible. Racks can be of several types.
  • Tough. It is installed on bicycles with a wheel diameter of 12, 14, 16, 20 inches.
  • Universal tough. They fit absolutely all wheel sizes. So durable, comfortable, durable and reliable.
  • Foldable. According to users, this does not justify the hopes and money investments.

When choosing a rack, you need to take into account its length and the presence of an emphasis on the bend. it makes the product more durable and stable before loading.

  • Wheel diameter. This characteristic is of great importance. From the production line of manufacturing plants, products come out, the diameter of which can be different. You can get acquainted with the information on sizes in detail by looking at the table:
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Functionality and purpose

Safety wheels, which are also called additional wheels, are an integral part of a child’s bike if the child is just learning to ride. This attribute performs the following functions:

  • maintains balance;
  • prevents the bike from falling over;
  • protects the child from falls and possible injuries.

The main thing is that the child, riding a bicycle with installed additional devices, feels safe and confident.

Speaking about their advantages, I would like to note the following factors:

  • there is no need to constantly be near the child when he rolls, and to hold him;
  • the presence of this attribute enables the child to ride on almost any surface;
  • even at a sharp turn, the bike will not fall;
  • riding a bike with side wheels will prepare the child for future movement, but already on a two-wheeled vehicle.

How to install

After you have got acquainted with all the information and technical characteristics about this attribute, and even bought it, there is only one thing left. to install.

The process of installing additional wheels is quite simple and does not require a lot of time. Installation consists of several stages.

  • Position the bike with the main wheels on top.
  • Using a special wrench of suitable size, you need to unscrew the rear wheel. unscrew the fixing nuts.
  • Next, install the bracket and secure it with bolts and nuts. When installing the bracket, it is not necessary to immediately tighten the fixing elements to the stop. First flip the bike over to the correct position and make sure the side wheels are correctly positioned above ground level.
  • If everything is done correctly and the distances correspond to the norms and requirements, you can firmly fix the wheels.

When the optional attribute is installed, carefully inspect the tension chain.

This is necessary in order to make sure that it has not loosened during installation. If this happens, you just need to pull it up.

Now that the extra safety wheels are installed, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your little cyclist! Although it will not be superfluous to purchase additional ammunition: a helmet and knee pads.

How to install side (additional) wheels on a children‘s bike is described in the video below.

Why do you need extra wheels for a kid’s bike

Bicycles are a popular form of transportation for children. It allows you to quickly move along the street, reach your destination in a short time. But for children, a bicycle is not only a means of transportation, but also an interesting entertainment.


As a rule, the smallest parents get three-wheeled bikes. They are exceptionally stable, but outperform standard bikes in terms of efficiency.

Sooner or later the moment comes when it is necessary to go from three wheels to two. But the transition period turns out to be very difficult for the child. He needs to learn how to keep balance, and bruises and abrasions during this process cannot be avoided.

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Many parents use additional casters to ensure their child’s safety. When traveling, they are suspended and do not touch the ground. But if the bike begins to fall on its side, then they act as an additional fulcrum. You have to try very hard to overturn such a bike, although there have been such cases.

Many experts recommend starting teaching a child to ride with a balance bike. In fact, this is the same bike, only without a mechanical drive and pedals. According to the principle of action, it resembles a scooter, since the movement is carried out due to the strength of the child’s legs and the natural slope of the surface.

The runbike is much safer in the early stages. If the vehicle starts to roll onto its side, then the feet immediately touch the ground. Falling off a balance bike is difficult, but it is possible. With the help of this vehicle, you can teach your child to maintain balance and prepare him for mastering a real bike.

Why do you need extra wheels for a kid’s bike

Why do we need extra wheels on the bike??

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  • They insure the child, prevent the bike from falling on its side.
  • They can be installed on both single-speed models and multi-speed models. For the second category of bicycles, it is necessary to purchase special wheels that differ in shape.
  • They give confidence to the child. The kid will not be afraid to fall during the trip.
  • Reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • The child will be able to gradually master the two-wheeled bicycle and develop the vestibular apparatus.
  • Vehicle stability increases significantly.
  • Eliminates the possibility of damage to the bike when falling.

Most baby bikes come with safety wheels. This fact indicates that the manufacturer cares about customers, the company applies the basic equipment in the kit.

But some firms refuse to provide wheels with the bike. This step is aimed at making the model cheaper. The less additional equipment is included in the kit, the lower the cost price. In this case, the parents will have to independently select the safety wheels.

Correct position of safety wheels on a child’s bike

Adjustment of the position of the wheels is done “by eye”. When positioned correctly, they should be clear of the ground when the bike is perpendicular to the surface. The distance between the casters and the base should be about 1-3 cm.

Do not place these elements too high. If the distance to the ground is large, then the wheels will not be able to protect the child from falling. But at the same time, they should not interfere with the baby while riding and slow down the bike. It is possible that you will have to test the placement of the wheels and further adjust them in the future.

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Brackets are used to secure the casters. There are many rack options on sale now, but all solutions can be divided into three categories:

  • Rigid brackets. They are selected individually for the diameter of the bicycle wheels.
  • Rigid versatile. They differ from the previous version by the possibility of additional customization for a specific bike.
  • Folding racks. They are a very dubious decision. Such products are much more expensive for parents, and the real benefit from them is minimal. If the child begins to feel confident on a two-wheeled bike, then the safety wheels can be removed. The only advantage of the foldable design is easy storage.

Additional wheel options

Now on sale you can find many options for attachment wheels:

  • Bolt-on.
  • On industrial bearings.
  • Plastic with knitting needles.
  • Solid, no extra needles.
  • Coated with various polymer materials, etc.

Standard castors have a diameter of 11 cm and a thickness of 2 cm. But other solutions can be seen on sale. As you can imagine, the assortment is incredibly wide and you can find various options.

What to look for when choosing side wheels for a children‘s bike

There are several factors that Honor needs when purchasing wheels:

installing, additional, wheels, children
  • The presence of metal brackets. Some manufacturers use cheap alloys to keep production costs down. Therefore, it is recommended to check the strength of the brackets before purchasing and try to bend them with your hands.
  • Wheels are often equipped with inflatable chambers. But they can be damaged during the trip and will have to be replaced. It is better to buy wheels with plastic or dense rubber tires, they will last much longer.
  • Be sure to consider the number of speeds on the bike. The selection of suitable components depends on this.
  • Fix the elements securely. Check the strength of the mounts, otherwise the child may simply lose the safety wheels during the trip.

How to install side casters on a kid’s multi-speed bike

For multi-speed bikes, castors are available that are mounted on the rear wheel axle or on the feathers. Basically, the installation diagram is similar:

  • Unscrew the retaining nuts on the rear wheel.
  • Put brackets.
  • Tighten the nuts.
  • Fix the wheels on the racks.
  • Check that it is secure and adjust the height if necessary.