How to wash a bike in a car wash

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Regardless of the conditions in which you have to ride, the bike gradually gets dirty. Dust and streaks appear on its elements, dirt adheres to it. This degrades not only the appearance, but also the technical characteristics. And, ultimately, all this can lead to the failure of any one or more parts.

Therefore, periodically, the bike, as well as the car, must be washed. Of course, resources and time for this procedure as a whole will take less than in the case of a car, but nevertheless, it should also be approached with maximum responsibility. After all, not a single cyclist wants his favorite vehicle to cease to exist due to some kind of dust there.

This activity itself. cleaning the bike, of course, is not a pleasant one. But it is necessary to remove pollution. And in order to simplify the procedure and make it less tedious, you need to choose the right place and the right cleaning agent. Tips on how to wash your bike will be given in this article.

In the garage

If you have a garage for storing your bike, you don’t have to look for a suitable place to wash your bike. As a rule, there is a concreted area in front of the very entrance to the garage. This is exactly what you can use for washing. After the procedure, all that remains is to dry the bike, and then bring it back to the garage.


First, you need to position the contaminated vehicle so that it is upright. This will require some kind of support, such as stones or some reasonably strong wood. It is good if the bike has a special footrest.

In the courtyard

The entire procedure can be performed in the yard of your own home. This option differs primarily in that everything you need will most likely be at hand. And those items that will definitely be required when washing a bicycle include a soft cloth and some cleaning agent. And, of course, you cannot do without the most important thing. without water.

The bike does not need to be brought home and can be left to dry outside in the open air. Therefore, no dirt will remain in the house after this procedure. True, most likely, the yard itself will get a little dirty. Therefore, after cleaning the bike, you will have to spend some time to put things in order in the local area.

How and what to wash your bike

Cleaning tires

Then you can go to the wheels. It is very important to remove all dirt from the tire surface. And there will probably be a lot of dirt there.

The best option is to use a container filled with water. You do not need to add any cleaning agents to the water. The main thing is that the container itself has a suitable size. You need to lower the wheel into it and rotate it until all dirt is removed.

Water use

Now that the bike is properly seated, you can use water to remove dirt from the surface. This is best done with a hose. But if this is not possible, then the option using a bucket and a mug is suitable.

How to wash your bike?

It’s good when the weather is warm, dry, and even after riding in fields, forests and parks, the bike remains relatively clean. After such a walk, it is usually sufficient to simply wipe the dust with a dry cloth to make the bike look clean and attractive again. Everything is much worse when you need to drive in the rain or after rain, when there is mud and puddles around.

There is an option of how to protect yourself from dirt, there are special wings for this. But if you go with your wings into serious mud, there is a good chance that the wings will collect so much dirt that it will block the rotation of the wheel. Therefore, let’s talk about how to wash your bike at home. Firstly, if the bike is very dirty, it is better to wash it outside, because cleaning a house can transform an apartment into the place from which we recently arrived. Some people love their bikes so much that they wash them in the bathroom. However, where to wash is a personal matter. For washing you need:

  • Bucket of warm water
  • Several rags
  • Brush, moderately hard so as not to leave scratches on the frame. A regular toothbrush will do.
  • Detergent

Wash your bike only with warm water, it washes away dirt better, and in cold weather outside, it will not let your hands freeze. Dilute the detergent with water, you can use a simple dishwashing detergent. If the bike chain has a lock, remove the chain from the bike. It is better to wash the chain separately from other elements so that dirt does not get into the chain rollers during washing. Begin to wash your bike from the bottom pipe, there is always the most dirt that flies off the front wheel. Then go over all the rest of the frame. In hard-to-reach places, for example, in the area of ​​the carriage assembly and seat tube, it is difficult to wash with a rag, use a brush. It is also better to wash the wheels separately, so they can be removed, like the chain. When washing, try not to hook the crankset and the cassette on the rear wheel. They contain not only dirt, but also grease that comes from the chain. If you wipe the cassette with a rag, and then walk it over the clean frame, you can leave a serious stain.

Do not pour water on the bike, whether from: a bucket, a hose, and even more so from special devices that are created for car washing, for example, Karcher. These washer devices supply water at high pressure, as a result of which it can get into the most vulnerable places of the bike. the bearings. The bearings are located in: bushings, carriage and steering column. Also, water can enter the plug through the anthers, which is also highly undesirable. As you can see, the bike has a lot of vulnerable spots where water should not get into. In hot weather, you do not need to wipe with a dry cloth after washing, in cold weather, I highly recommend doing this.

There is especially a lot of dirt in the wheels, therefore, they can be carefully washed with a hose or under a tap, but so that water does not get too much on the bushings. It is convenient to clean the cassette not with a rag, but with a cloth tape and a brush. Most of the dirt in the cassette collects between the stars, it is most convenient to clean it only with tape. The crankset sprockets also need to be cleaned. Also, don’t forget to clean your clothes.

At home

Most owners prefer to wash the dirt off their iron friend on their own. this way they will be more confident that everything is done correctly and as it should. There are two options for how to properly wash your bike at home.

The first is do-it-yourself dry cleaning. Before the process, you need to wait until all the dirt is dry, and then you should begin to gently clean it off, moving from top to bottom. Usually, several brushes of different hardness are used for cleaning, for example, a shoebrush, a toothbrush and a bottle brush for hard-to-reach places.

The second option, suitable for heavy dirt, is wet cleaning. Most cyclists prefer to drive their bike into the bathroom and wash it there. To completely fit in the bathroom, you need to remove the wheels and position the bike upside down. First, remove the main dirt with a shower or hose, then you can proceed to a more thorough cleaning of the bike. This requires: detergent, sponge, brushes.

Usually, special bike shampoos are used, but you can also use a simple dishwashing detergent. Using a sponge and brushes, you can thoroughly clean the bike parts from dirt, but care must be taken not to get water into the steering column, wheel hubs and carriage, as there are bearings that can rust. It is also undesirable for water to enter the fork through the anthers and into the frame, as corrosion can form inside.

It is necessary to wash the bicycle chain very carefully. there is a lot of dirt that accumulates in the oil. It is more convenient to wash the bike with warm water, since it washes away dirt better. Do not rub off dirt with brute force. this may cause scratches, it is better to wash with a sponge with plenty of water and detergent.

To prevent the parts of the bike from rusting, it must be wiped with a dry soft cloth and left to dry, and after that, be sure to apply lubricant to the bike chain and other parts.

How to wash your bike

Even if the bike is used only for city walks exclusively on asphalt and does not get in the rain, dust still accumulates on the parts, so the bike should be washed about 2-3 times a season. If you get caught in the rain or like dusty and muddy routes, you need to wash your bike much more often. Experienced cyclists advise doing this after every ride.

At the car wash

Can I wash my bike at a car wash? If you do not have so much free time to wash your iron horse yourself, you can use the services of a car wash. This procedure takes only 2-3 minutes and seems very simple, but there are several nuances in it. First, do not forget to remove all electronics before the procedure.

Secondly, the employee should be clearly instructed about where the jet should not be directed, namely, to the places where the bearings are located. these are wheel bushings, carriage and forks oil seals. Also make sure that the worker reduces the power of the jet, otherwise it may wash all the grease from the parts and bring in sand. It is best to spray water from a distance of about a meter.

In some car washes it is possible to wash the bike immediately with shampoo, however, you should pay attention to what kind of agent this is, since some substances can damage paint and tires.

Many cyclists advise against going to a car wash at all due to the high risk of damage to the bike. If you nevertheless decide to use this method, try to find an employee who understands all the specifics of this procedure, but rather do everything yourself.

It is up to you how to wash the bike, at the car wash or on your own, but do not approach this issue carelessly. If you wash your bike incorrectly, you can greatly shorten its lifespan.

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How to wash, correct instruction

Now the instruction, for those who have never washed:

  • We choose a free box, usually there are a lot of them about 6. 8 (in big cities I saw up to 12). We call in it
  • We take out the rugs and fasten them with special clamps
  • There are usually two guns, one with foam, the other with water and wax. To begin with, we take it with foam (in hand), so as not to waste time, we go with it to the terminal
  • Before us is a terminal, there are several modes here:

Water. I think there is no need to explain, this is ordinary water for washing a car

Foam. a foam solution is supplied, as I think it is simply necessary

Wax. water with wax is supplied, a white solution, they need to cover the car and wait a little, a type of water-repellent film is formed

Osmosis is said to be purified water. It seems like it removes foam better.

Vacuum cleaner. you can turn on this mode (if necessary), usually it goes separately, next to the pistols

  • To activate the desired mode, you need to put money into the terminal. There are various methods here, you can use coins (there is a special slot), you can use bills, you can use a card. I will say this. taxi drivers and ordinary motorists use small change, a very convenient way to get rid of it, and you can throw at least 1 ruble.
  • After you have loaded the money, your amount will appear on the board. In my case, 50 rubles, (you should already have a gun in your hands, I have it with foam for a start), the foam start is pressed (the button on the terminal). Now we press the trigger and a large layer of foam will go, MONEY FROM THE ACCOUNT BEGINS TO BE written off! We are moving faster, pouring foam on the whole car. Usually it takes 20. 30 rubles, it all depends on the size and on the pollution. Do not forget to throw foam on the rugs
  • Then we press STOP or PAUSE there is a button on top. Thus, we seem to stop the wash, you have a PAUSE of 120 seconds. BUT THEY WILL END OUT and after the time runs out, money will start to be debited from you. But as practice shows, 120 seconds is enough. HOW TO EXTEND THE TIME, WILL BE A LIFE HACK IN VIDEO VERSION
  • Then we take a gun with water. press start (water). wash off the foam from the body, rinse the rugs. The remaining 20. 30 rubles are just going away. BUT you can miss, especially the first time. But I think 70. 100 rubles is enough for the eyes.
  • Next, we put the rugs in the car (you can wipe them with a rag), and drive out of the box on a wet car. Usually in front of a self-service car wash there is a special area where cars are wiped.
  • Usually on these sites there are: buckets (or cut off cans). a tap with usually clean water (or giant tanks). you can draw water, take your clean rag and wipe the car (both outside and inside)

Here is such a simple instruction. As you can see, nothing complicated, everything is very accessible

How to wash a car in a self-service car wash? Correct instruction video version

Now on the territory of Russia (not only in big cities, but also in small towns) so-called self-service car washes are beginning to appear. Where you yourself (as they say with your own hands) can wash your car, for quite reasonable money (someone even for 30 rubles washes, but about that a little later). So this type of washing is very interesting for motorists, because the savings can reach 5. 8 times, compared to the usual ones. But not everyone knows, many are afraid of some other prejudices. In general, today it is clear and on the shelves. how to wash, what to do, how to properly and rationally allocate your time in order to save money. There will also be an INTERESTING video version at the end. So we read, we look

At the very beginning, I want to say that this is a really interesting format, and you yourself dose the services, if you just need to quickly rinse the car. please, if you need to wash it longer and more thoroughly also without problems (but the cost will be correspondingly more expensive).

About money, time and savings

A self-service car wash is primarily interesting precisely because of the savings in money. A simple example. I have a Kia OPTIMA, a D-class car, so that I can wash it in a regular car wash (just carpets). I need about 200. 250 rubles. If you take the body mats vacuum cleaner wax is 450. 550 rubles! NOT CHEAP!

On self-service, the prices, as I wrote above, are several times less! Again, a simple example of body mats. ABOUT 50 rubles. Body mats wax. about 100 rubles, but if you add a vacuum cleaner about 150. 200. It all depends on how smart you are.

But quickness is useful to you. The thing is that you throw in money, turn on the sink (more details below), and all the time has gone. That is, money began to be debited from your account, as soon as they run out, the car wash will stop. Thus, the faster you move around the car, the cheaper it will be for you. Otherwise, you can not wash one side for 100 rubles.

But as practice shows, even the slowest owners wash no more than 100 rubles (this is the easiest option)

A couple of life hacks

I’ll tell you so that you wash faster and cheaper:

  • As I wrote above, you need to take pistols in hand, and only then throw money.
  • If the terminal weighs on the right side, then mine, counterclockwise. If on the left, clockwise. The thing is that you make a circle around the car and then press pause, money is saved.
  • Well, and about the pause, how to extend it. See, after you pressed STOP or PAUSE, you will run for 120 seconds. For some, this is not enough. Then you can press the start of any mode (foam, osmosis, etc.) and immediately press pause, the money will not be spent, but again there will be 120 seconds of pause

What are the disadvantages?

Whatever one may say, there are disadvantages, although not as many as it seems

The first is that time is limited, that is, if you are a beginner, you can wash not as much cheaper as it seems.

Second. you need to wash yourself, you can get dirty (get wet), so if you are in a formal dress in trousers, a shirt, shoes. this is not for you.

Third. and this is probably the most important minus, washing in winter, it is not so easy to do this because the room is not heated (perhaps there will be a video about this a little later).

OU and. self-service car washes are definitely a very convenient, fast and flexible tool. How many times have not arrived, there are never queues, because everyone is washed VERY FAST, well, as I already wrote, it is CHEAPER and much more. That’s all. SINCERELY YOUR AUTOBLOGGER

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How to properly wash your bike?

Cycling is very pleasant and healthy. But in order for the bike to be enjoyable for as long as possible, you need to know exactly how to take care of it. Including such a moment, how to wash the bike.

Where to go?

And washing your bike correctly means, first of all, choosing a place where you can do it properly. The most logical thing for many people to wash their vehicles in the yard of the house. All you need is:

  • water;
  • soft tissue;
  • cleaning compound.

You don’t even have to bring the bike home. Therefore, the dwelling will remain in perfect order, and there will be no need to clean up the dirt there. Drying the bike is possible (in good weather) in the same place where it was cleaned. But some cyclists prefer to use the garage for washing, or rather, the concrete area at the entrance to it. On the same site, the bike is dried, and after drying, it is stored inside the garage or sent on a new trip, depending on the circumstances.

When traveling in nature, cyclists are often faced with severe blockages in their vehicles. Sometimes the dirt even blocks further movement. Therefore, it is often necessary to wash the bike in nature, without using any devices or ready-made platforms.

Important: washing is required if lumps of dirt get between the wheel and the wing. Water for cleaning can be taken from any body of water, unless it falls under environmental restrictions.

The hardest part of washing bikes is at home. But city apartment owners don’t have much of an alternative. they have to clean their bikes in the bathroom. The procedure must be carried out with great care and will take longer than usual. And even the most tidy people then need to clean the floors. The question may sometimes arise: is it possible to wash a bicycle at a self-service car wash?

wash, bike

This procedure is necessary if you have been cycling for a long time off-road in wet weather. Powerful high-pressure jets will remove almost all accumulated dirt.

Important: only bushings and transmission should not be subjected to such cleaning. Once there, water under high pressure will simply disrupt these subtle mechanisms. Therefore, you will either have to work very carefully, or turn to professionals for help.

wash, bike

Features of the

No matter how careful cyclists are, no matter how diligently they avoid puddles and mud, the bike will still be covered with various blockages. Splashes of water fall on it, dust sticks, sometimes stains appear. The problem isn’t just that it looks bad.

Dirt and dust get into the mechanisms, reduce their service life and can even lead to very unpleasant consequences, to accidents. Therefore, every cyclist should know how to wash his steel / aluminum horse so that it is both clean and washing does not become a torment.

Other subtleties of washing bicycles

The washing frequency is determined by:

  • weather conditions;
  • type of surface;
  • the frequency of off-road trips;
  • riding style;
  • cyclist activity.

Those who ride short distances periodically on city streets may limit themselves to cleaning the bike before the start of the season and at the end of it. But even a seemingly insignificant manipulation carried out in a city apartment causes a lot of inconvenience. It is advisable to disassemble the bike into parts in order to wash each one as thoroughly and fully as possible. Consistently:

  • remove all large pieces of dirt;
  • remove the wheels;
  • remove tires;
  • remove the chain;
  • dismantle shifters, switches, brakes;
  • prepare cleaning supplies.

The frames can be washed simply in the bathroom. They are doused with water from the shower head or washed by hand.

Rub hard dirt with hard, and stains and streaks with soft sponges. After removing the blockage, rub all problem parts with a clean, dry cloth. Important: it is better to wipe all pipes dry several times.

When the bike is washed under the shower, you need to be careful that moisture does not get into the internal cavities. The tires are scrubbed with hard sponges, applying a strong pressure of hot water. It should be remembered that this procedure will take a long time. It is not possible to quickly remove dirt, especially if the tread is deep. Rims and spokes should be washed under low pressure. It is highly recommended to wipe them with a wet sponge and dry rags.

The sleeves and their adjoining parts are wiped off with slightly damp cloths. They absolutely must not be washed under a tap or shower, even if the pressure is not too strong. If water does get inside, you will have to change the lubricant.

Cleaning bicycle chains deserves a separate discussion. It can be done by various means:

  • manually (with a brush);
  • special chain washers;
  • grinding machines;
  • in trays with kerosene.

You should devote maximum time and effort to washing the chain. Wipe off dirt with stiff brushes (suitable for shoes). It is necessary to work strictly with gloves. A thick, unnecessary rag is placed on the floor. It is necessary to clean out the dirt longitudinally from both sides.

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But an even better option turns out to be the use of a special chain washing machine. This tool will help remove literally petrified particles. It is also extremely useful for bicycles with a fixed chain. It is necessary to resort to a grinding machine only when urgently needed. It can severely cut the chain and leave unpleasant looking marks on it.

This procedure is recommended if the chain has already worked a lot and additional damage is not too terrible for it. In addition, the sander will not be able to clean out the dirt in the gaps between the rollers. Washing with kerosene is good because you don’t have to make any effort. However, it will take 12 to 24 hours for the kerosene to wash away the dirt in the bath; then wipe the chain with dry clean rags.

The switches are cleaned with damp rags. Abrasive compounds cannot be used. The same requirements apply to brake cleaning. After removing the pads, they are wiped, and the dirt adhering to the clamping mechanism is removed with a slightly damp sponge. Then rub the cables, lay out all the parts and allow them to dry completely.

It is also advisable to clean the stars by hand. Since they are not only covered with dirt, but also with oil, it is advised to use dishwashing detergents or other mild cleaning agents at this stage of cleaning. Be sure to use, of course, hot water. They work again, first with hard, then soft sponges. Important: maximum attention will have to be paid to the gaps between the teeth and sprockets, and the system must be washed from top to bottom and nothing else.

Another option is to use a Karcher foam bike wash. Make sure to keep the hose as far away from the bike as possible. It is worth remembering that low-quality paint can be knocked off the frame with a powerful jet. When the wash is over, in any case, you will have to grease the bushings and the carriage from the outside. Only after that the bike is assembled back.

When washing by hand, you can use a car or bicycle shampoo. It is also advised to prepare also degreasers and chain lubricants. It is very good if the bike is standing upright or leaning against something during cleaning. Experts recommend removing lights and bike computers first. It is also worth treating the chains and sprockets with degreasers: this not only helps in cleaning, but also prevents the rims and brake discs from becoming clogged with grease.

If you have to wash your bike without a degreaser, avoid using too much pressure from the cassette and derailleur sides, as well as from the rims. Violation of this rule results in oil getting on the pads.

In theory, they can be cleared, but this is very difficult, and normal braking cannot be restored. After removing the dirt with a stream, the surface is covered with shampoos. After that, you will have to wait from 1 to 3 minutes until the rest of the dirt slips.

For information on how to properly wash your bike, see the next video.

Where it is easier to wash your bike

Here are some places where you can clean up your two-wheeled horse:

  • in the courtyard of a private house;
  • on the site near the garage;
  • Outdoors;
  • in the apartment;
  • at the car wash.

The first option is ideal, since the bike does not even need to be rolled home. You just need to prepare water, a soft cloth, cleaning agent as needed. The whole washing procedure will not pollute the house at all, since the bike can be left to dry in the same place, on the street. Of course, in good weather.

It’s great if there is a garage and a bike is stored there. Usually, right in front of the entrance to the garage, there is a concrete area where you can safely wash your two-wheeled vehicle. You will have to dry the bike in the same place, only then drive it indoors.

Washing in nature is rather an intermediate option, when dirt impedes further movement. Bathing will be especially useful when you need to get rid of lumps that have adhered between the wheels and fenders or just freshen the bike from annoying dust.

The least fortunate ones are those who live in an apartment of a storey building and there are no alternatives. You will have to wash the bike in such a way that it does not leave much room in the room, and it will take longer to clean. It is possible that even after a neat wash, you will still need to wash the floors.

Washing a bike at a car wash is a radical option after long off-road riding combined with rain or sleet. The high pressure jet will knock almost all dirt off the bike. With the exception of only transmission mechanisms and bushings. here it is unacceptable to exert a powerful pressure.

How often is cleaning required? It all depends on the riding conditions, riding style, weather. For example, constant driving off-road, and even in the rain, will force you to wash your bike almost every day. Short trips only in dry weather can hardly affect the cleanliness of the bike at all, it will be enough to wipe it thoroughly just once before the season closes. All according to the situation, but on average, general cleaning should be carried out two to three times a season.

How to properly clean the chain and mechanisms

  • manual with a brush;
  • chain wash;
  • grinder;
  • in a bath with kerosene.

You should not spare your efforts on the chain. The dirt is wiped off with a stiff brush (you can take a shoe brush). In order not to stain the floor and hands, we put it on a thick rag, and put gloves on our hands. In the longitudinal direction, brush along the chain several times, then turn over and repeat the same.

An excellent option would be a special device. a chain wash. It is especially useful in cases where the gaps between the rollers are clogged with heavily hardened clay or the chain is not removable.

Cleaning the chain with a sander will probably get rid of the dirt faster, but it will also leave cuts on the outer surfaces. If the chain has already seen the views and is not afraid of mechanical stress, remove it from the bike, fold it into a circle and carefully pass it with a nozzle. This method will well clean the dirt from the outside (and will scratch the chain), but it is ineffective if dirt has accumulated between the rollers.

Kerosene is what remarkably relieves the chain from the stuck dusty-oil suspension. It is placed in the tray in such a way that all the gaps between the rollers are open. Cleaning time. from 12 hours to 24 hours. After kerosene, the chain is wiped with a dry clean cloth.

Washing Arianna, And How To Wash Your MotorcycleThe Awesome Way!

Cleaning of switches: carefully and methodically all dirt is removed with a damp cloth, abrasive products cannot be used. The same applies to a dirty brake:

  • Remove the pads, wipe them.
  • Use a moistened clean sponge to collect all adhering dirt from the pressure mechanism.
  • Wipe the cables.
  • Lay out the brake mechanism, pads and mountings separately, allow to dry completely.

It is also better to clean the stars by hand: it is much more effective than washing them under the tap. Since the surface of the sprockets is not only dirty, but also oily, a mild cleaning agent (for washing dishes, for example) is just right here.

A little cleaning compound is applied to a sponge soaked in hot water. With a foamed sponge we pass through problem areas. First, the dirt is thoroughly removed with the hard side of the sponge, then the surfaces of the stars are wiped dry with a clean soft cloth or rag. Particular attention should be paid to the gaps between the teeth, as well as between the stars themselves. Washing direction is from top to bottom. There is also a special brush for cassettes on sale. It is compact and convenient:

Compared to washing under running water, cleaning the sprockets by hand has disadvantages:

  • it is difficult to crawl into the space between the stars;
  • dirt can be pushed even deeper;
  • long.

The main advantage of the manual method is that the surface of the stars does not deform, water is not poured where it is not necessary.

How to properly wash your bike?

Periodic cleaning is as necessary for a car as it is for a car. Of course, many people may not like the washing process itself, especially if you do it in haste. Let’s figure out how to wash your bike so that your hands don’t get tired and the bike feels good.

Cleaning the frame and wheels properly

Thoroughly washing the bike at home, for example, in a small apartment, is quite problematic, so we take it apart. Before you start washing a very dirty bike, you need to:

  • rip off all large pieces of dirt;
  • remove the wheels;
  • dismantle tires;
  • remove the chain (use a squeeze if it is without a lock);
  • remove switches, shifters and brakes;
  • prepare water, soft cloth, sponge and chain brush.

You can wash the frame in the bathroom under the shower or by hand. It all depends on the pollution. Hard dirt is wiped off with the hard side of the sponge, streaks and smudges are wiped off with the soft side. When the dirt is removed, we wipe everything with a dry clean cloth. A plus will be to walk through all the pipes several times. When washing under the shower, we avoid getting water into hidden cavities!

The tires can be easily washed under a good stream of hot water with the hard side of the sponge. To completely remove all the dirt from the grooves, it will take a long time to tinker with the sponge, especially if the pattern is deep.

The rims and spokes are washed under a gentle shower, but it is advisable to wipe them by hand with a wet sponge and dry cloth. The areas of the bushings are wiped with a damp cloth only and under no circumstances are they exposed to pressure. Water can easily get into the bushing, damage the bearings and flush out the grease.

In this sequence, the main parts of the bike are washed. Now let’s look at how to clean mechanisms and a chain.

wash, bike

Bike wash with Karcher

This type of cleaning is great for removing dirt, certainly faster than home cleaning, and the quality of cleaning is much better. However, not all cyclists agree that knocking dirt off a bike at a car wash is a good way to go. Why?

The jet is very powerful, so a safe distance from the hose to the bike must be maintained. Despite this, there is still a risk of a jet hitting the bushings, their mechanical damage or water leakage inside.

We bypass the bushings, it is undesirable to pour water over the carriage. In some cases, the spray can knock paint off the frame. True, there is no need to talk about the quality of this paint, tk. it must withstand mechanical stress and harder. It is undesirable to clean the sprockets with Karcher, they can be easily bent, and also let water inside the rear hub.

And finally After washing the bike, you need to slightly lubricate the outer surfaces of the bushings and carriage, and also apply the correct lubricant to the chain and sprockets. After that, the bike is calmly going back. Washing and cleaning will not take much time, but it will give comfort on trips and extend the life of the entire bike.

“Read the instructions”, or everything in order

This is the first thing that we were told in response to the question of how it is correct and, most importantly, really good to wash the car yourself. Indeed, almost all owners hang up instructions for using the equipment in the most conspicuous place. But, apparently, such instruction is not enough. So let’s go through all the stages in order and in more detail.

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All self-service car washes offer visitors at least five options: prewash, main wash, rinse, wax, shine and dry.

Sometimes there is an option to wash the discs, which is considered to be enough to spend 15 seconds. But if you decide to use it, remember that you should not touch the paintwork while washing.

How to efficiently and quickly wash a car in a self-service car wash

The season “tanks are not afraid of dirt” has opened almost everywhere, which means that everyone will go to the car wash and, most likely, at the same time. For those who like to do everything quickly, inexpensively, but humanly, self-service car washes work. Yes, yes, this is where you pay and wash yourself. So what is the secret of success here??

So, you gave the money to the machine gun, took the pistol out of the casing and select the program:

Pre-wash. It is designed to soften and lift dirt without damaging the car’s coating. You need to roll the whole car from top to bottom. In this case, the gun should be held at a distance of 25-30 cm.

As we were told at the Splash car wash, at this stage there is no need to try to wash off all the dirt, because the chemistry contained in the solution “works with the dirt, but does not wash it off.” Presumably, this step should take you 45 seconds.

Main wash. The name speaks for itself. Changing the distance and angle of the gun tilt, thoroughly rinse all contaminated areas with hot water and foam. Here, the water is supplied under sensible pressure. This procedure should take 120 seconds.

“To obtain the best effect, the solution should be applied and flushed with horizontal movements, moving gradually from the bottom up along the sides of the car, first washing the sidewalls, then the front and stern, and at the end the roof, trunk and hood,” advise Splash wash specialists.

Rinsing. The mode is needed in order to wash off the foam. Careful diligence can be dispensed with here, because rinsing should not be the last step. It takes 60 seconds.

Wax. A thin layer of wax will protect the car from dirt, dust and chemicals, which corrode not only snow on their way and which are so generously sprinkled on the roads. Waxing will also take 60 seconds.

Shine and dry. This stage, as it turned out, is no less important for the result than the main wash. By choosing the option, the driver will be able to rinse the car with special demineralized water, flavored with a substance that allows the car to dry faster. In this case, you do not need to wipe the car after the procedure. In addition to protection, the coating must also acquire its own shine. Specialists take 120 seconds for drying and shine.

The last program is very important. rinsing, but not with ordinary water, but through the so-called osmosis. This is demineralized water of very fine filtration. If the client stops with a regular rinse, then it is just regular tap water, which will leave smudges and streaks. It is the last program that allows the car to leave clean, since drying is added there. But this is not a big hair dryer, as you might think, but a substance that helps water to quickly slide down the paintwork.

Tatiana Rakus, CEO of BKF Servis (manufacturer of self-service car washes)

The main problem is that the client does not go through all the washing programs, choosing only to wash with active foam (powder) and water, without using wax and osmosis (purified demineralized water), so the car gets dirty faster and dries longer.

Roman Matsirin, Executive Director of the “Modern Technologies” company (is engaged in the installation of self-service car washes)

How to wash your bike

Before washing your bike, you should remove the bike computer, bottle, bag and other attachments that may deteriorate or break. Remove large pieces of dirt, grass, etc. Then wet the bike with plenty of water, let the dirt get wet. While the dirt is soaking, you can prepare the detergent by stirring the required amount of the detergent in a bucket of water until foam forms. For cleaning the ratchet or cassette of a bicycle and other hard-to-reach places, there are special brushes on sale. Then wash your bike with this detergent. After wiping the bike, streaks may be present and can be removed by polishing. Be sure to avoid direct water ingress on closed components. bushings and carriage.

Cleaning brush for ratchet and cassette

After completing the cycle of washing the bike, it is necessary to lubricate all its moving elements. chain, bushings, carriage, etc.

Bike wash

Do I need to wash my bike?

Riding your bike is even more enjoyable if it is clean and shiny in the sun, it needs to be kept clean. Washing a bike is quite simple, but you need to know some rules so that you have to repair it later. Nowadays, most modern bicycles have additional equipment. derailleurs, brakes, etc., so you need to be especially careful when washing speed and mountain bikes.

How to pre wash your bike in the car wash

A bicycle, like any other technical vehicle, must be clean and lubricated. Dirt on a bike can not only affect the performance of its components, but it can significantly shorten their lifespan. For example, sand and dirt on a bicycle chain increases wear and tear. Therefore, if you are asking yourself a question. is it possible to wash a bicycle ?, then the answer is unequivocal. it is possible and even gently! We have prepared a material for you in which we will tell you how to wash your bike properly, where to wash it and what detergents you can use.

How to wash your bike; what means to use

A garden hose is best for washing your bike, but the water pressure should not be too strong. You can also use a bucket of water, only the water in the process of washing, the bucket should always be clean, it should be changed often. Many people ask. is it possible to wash a bike with a Karcher? Yes, you can, but it must be borne in mind that Karcher is a high pressure washer and it is worth washing the bike with it with the weakest pressure. Washing the bike under strong pressure can damage the attachments of mountain bikes. In addition, water under pressure can penetrate into the closed elements of the bicycle. the carriage, the hub.

As a detergent to improve the quality of washing, car shampoos are best. You can also use ordinary detergents, or better Fairy, as a bicycle shampoo. Well, in general, there are a lot of detergents for bicycles on sale now. Do not use detergents, they will leave streaks.

It is best to apply detergent and wipe dirt off the bike with a soft brush. Sponges and rags should be discarded, as dirt and dust particles get stuck in them, which I scratch the paintwork.

Chain washing. Bicycle chain washer

The chain is very susceptible to dirt when driving, not only in the rain, but also on asphalt roads in dry weather. The chain is the element of the bicycle, which should always be contained in the frequency, the rate of its wear and associated parts depends on it.

The ideal option for washing the chain is to have a special machine for washing the bicycle chain. The machine is filled with a special cleaning agent or soapy water. By passing the chain through this machine, you can wash it completely, including hard-to-reach pin joints.

If you did not have time to acquire a chain machine, this does not mean that it is impossible to thoroughly wash it. You just need to remove the chain and wash it in a specially prepared bath with a solvent or similar liquids.

Bicycle chain washer

Where to wash your bike

Washing the bike in the bathroom

  • You can wash your bike not only at home, but also at a car wash. The process of washing a bike at a car wash is very quick and takes a few minutes. High pressure is strictly contraindicated, it is advisable to wash yourself at a car wash where there is such a service.

Dry cleaning the bike

Older bikes often lack tightness in shirts, bushings and carriages anthers. Washing with water is contraindicated for such bicycles, or the bike must then be thoroughly lubricated. In such cases, dry cleaning of the bike can be dispensed with. To do this, you need to get special brushes that will help you get to hard-to-reach places.

Wait until the dirt is completely dry before cleaning. Metal rust brushes can be used to clean the chain and cassette. If the dirt on the bike is very dry, the brushes can be moistened with warm soapy water.

Bicycle dry cleaning kit

And finally, a few more useful tips that will come in handy when washing your bike:

  • To remove rust stains and stubborn dirt, you can use WD 40 or other brands with similar properties.
  • Wash your bike in the shade or in the evening. When washing in the sun, the water dries very quickly and streaks form.
  • To lubricate the chain and other parts after washing, let them dry, preferably within 24 hours.
  • If you wash your bike in the bathroom, then you can use car shampoo for the subsequent cleaning of the bathtub. This shampoo removes traces of grease well.
  • Remember a clean bike is a guarantee not only of a good mood, but also of its performance.!

If you have questions about washing your bike yourself or want to share your personal experience, you can do it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. We will be very grateful!

Area near the garage

An equally good option would be to use the site near the garage. If you have enough space, you can easily wash your bike.

Choosing the best place to wash

To wash your bike, it is recommended that you choose the right place for this procedure.

Aerosol degreasers

With the help of a degreaser it is possible to remove old layers from thin areas.

Karcher’s application for washing a bicycle

This is a fairly effective device that significantly speeds up the cleaning of the bike from dirt. over, the use of Karcher has certain advantages and disadvantages. This device is characterized by a very powerful jet of water. Therefore, it is important to maintain a safe distance from the hose to the bike. In any case, there is a risk that the jet will hit the bushings. This provokes their mechanical damage and water ingress.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid washing the bushings. Also, do not spray the carriage with water. Sometimes the paint from the frame is damaged by the jet of water. This usually happens with a poor quality coating, as it has to withstand more severe impact. It is undesirable to use Karcher to clean the stars. They can bend easily. In addition, there is a risk of moisture getting into the rear hub.

Experts and experienced cyclists recommend washing your bike in stages:

It should be remembered that after removing dirt from the bicycle mechanism, it is necessary not only to dry it, but also to lubricate it again. And then it will serve as long as possible.

How to wash your bike

A bicycle needs proper and regular care like any other vehicle. It must be washed, because external dust and dirt, mixing with bicycle grease, can damage the chain, sprockets and other parts that are no less important for the bike functionality.