How to use a bike pump without a hose

Electric pumps

12-volt air compressors designed for car tires are also compatible with bicycle tires.

The main advantage of electric pumps is that the latest models take up less space than hand or foot versions. If there is one in the garage. use it for health.

The device and principle of operation of the bicycle pump

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The bike pump consists of two heads used to connect to one of two nipples. Schrader or Presta.

  • Devices are manually operated by means of a piston.
  • When the piston goes up, it draws in air from the external environment through the holes in the housing.
  • Moving downward, it directs air from the pump to the bicycle chamber.

Air Shock Absorber Pumps

A separate type, not related to inflating the wheels, is the high pressure pump. It is directly related to bicycle accessories, as it is the only one that can inflate the front fork‘s air shock. It is impossible to do this with a conventional pump, but you can only finally bleed the air from the shock absorber.

By the way, you can also pump the wheels with a pump designed for a bicycle fork. it has a hose with a threaded connection for a Schrader nipple. But they will have to work for a long time, because it is primarily needed to pump a small shock absorber cylinder, and not a wheel chamber, of a much larger volume.

High pressure pump start at 30. for good bicycle tire inflating pumps start at 20 and go up to about 30.

The best portable bike pumps

  • Crank Brothers’ most functional miniature pump. compact unit with aluminum body and universal valve.
  • The lightest Neko NK-46L is an aluminum bicycle pump with a durable body. Suitable for city and mountain bikes. The product is equipped with a comfortable handle.
  • The most convenient bicycle pump Giyo GP-77. the body is made of high quality plastic. The material is equipped with an ergonomic T-shaped handle, fastening to the frame. The product is compatible with different types of valves.

Such products are made of aluminum and plastic. Models with a small working chamber, but easy to use, lightweight and transportable.

  • folded size. 17-19 cm;
  • weight. 115-120 grams;
  • pressure. up to 120 psi;
  • number of nozzles (3-5);
  • material (aluminum, plastic);
  • with pressure gauge.
  • portability, compactness;
  • ease;
  • transportability;
  • suitable for household use;
  • equipped with a pressure gauge;
  • made of wear-resistant materials.
  • low power;
  • slow pumping of bicycle pumps.
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The best floor-standing bicycle pumps

  • The most functional Torpeak Joeblow Max HP Floor Pump is a floor-standing type of construction that is made of durable steel and plastic. Pressure. 150 psi. Dimensions of the device: 12.7 by 24 by 67.5 cm.Weight. 1.39 kg.
  • The most wear-resistant Giyo GF-32 is a floor pump made of aluminum with a sturdy plastic base. Built-in pressure gauge, universal valve, ergonomic handle. Works at pressures up to 160 psi.
  • The most compact Cannondale AIRPORT NITRO is a floor-standing type of construction. The model is equipped with a comfortable handle, pressure gauge.

How to pump presta valve using portable air pump ?

The devices work on the principle of automobile pumps, with their help you can easily inflate a wheel. Models are large, so you can’t take them with you. The best designs are equipped with a pressure gauge, long hose.

The bicycle pump quickly pumps air, with a large chamber. The devices are stable because they provide a fixed stop in the ground, reliable and functional. Suitable for garage use.

  • Size. 20-25 cm;
  • weighs from 130 to 140 grams;
  • pressure. 150-160 psi;
  • type of pressure gauge. pointer;
  • number of nozzles (3-5);
  • steel, plastic products;
  • with a wide handle;
  • equipped with a set for mounting on a bicycle;
  • with pressure gauge.
  • ease of use and transportation;
  • structural stability;
  • equipped with a pressure gauge;
  • large chamber, which allows you to quickly inflate the wheels;
  • functionality (suitable for home and garage);
  • high pressure, there are no problems when pumping the wheel;
  • durability and reliability.
  • non-compact dimensions, weight of the structure;
  • non-transportability.

The product is made of durable steel. The connection head fits different valves. Large working chamber, comfortable grip, leg fixation function.

Bicycle pump (for bike): with pressure gauge, hose, manual

For cyclists and bike enthusiasts, it is important to maintain tire pressure. This ensures a comfortable ride with a high level of safety.

With the help of a bicycle pump, it is possible to maintain the required tire pressure.

Inflation process

Every cyclist should know how to use a bicycle pump and be able to apply this knowledge in practice. To cope with this task, you need to perform a number of simple steps:

  • Scroll the wheel until the nipple is at the bottom. This is if the bike is in an upright position. In the event that the transport is lying or the wheel is dismantled, then the location of the nipple does not matter.
  • Unscrew the cap.
  • Bleeding air from the tire, while holding the tongue from the nipple.
  • We insert the outlet pipe from the pump, and then turn the valve to the maximum level.
  • Install the pump in a vertical position.
  • We take the rod, lower and raise it with smooth movements, thus pumping air into the chamber.

It is important not only to know how to use a bicycle pump, but also to be able to control changes in air pressure. This can be done in several ways:

  • Using a pressure gauge, tracking the movement of the arrow.
  • If the pressure gauge is not connected to the pump, then periodically you will have to disconnect it and insert a measuring device into the nipple.
  • Feel the tire, while assessing its hardness.
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The latter option must be performed even when using a pressure gauge. After all, the pressure in the pump during inflation may increase, and air will not enter the chamber at the same time. Accordingly, the readings of the pressure gauge will not correspond to reality and the wheel, as a result, will not be well inflated.

Power supply of electric pumps

12V. from a battery and is used in the field.

220V. from the mains and assumes stationary use.

CO2 pumps

A much less common type of bicycle pump, although it has a number of advantages. This pump does not require any physical effort when inflating and is quite comfortable in racing and cycling conditions due to the inflation speed. Also, its dimensions are very compact. The principle of operation is simple: a disposable CO2 cartridge is connected to the nozzle, the pump is put on the nipple and the wheel is pumped up to the required pressure rather quickly. Such a pump (for example, SKS Airgun CO2) allows you to inflate a mountain bike wheel approximately (depending on the size of the tire and the volume of the cylinder) up to 2.5-3 atmospheres, and for a road bike up to 7-8. The main advantages of the pump are its compact size and pumping speed. But the disadvantages are also quite significant 🙂 and cylinders (several hundred rubles), the weight of the cylinders and their disposability. Of course, it’s up to you to decide, but personally I feel sorry for a few hundred rubles for one pumping of the wheel

Principle of operation and varieties

Hand pumps for a bicycle are of two types: with a nozzle and a hose. The first ones are equipped with a rubber gasket, which serves as a seal for the nipple. Due to the tight fit and rigidity, the hose is replaced. The advantage of such devices is high efficiency, due to the fact that all the air enters the tire. Negative-high probability of pulling out the nipple.

The second type is distinguished by the presence of a rubber hose. The disadvantage of devices is the loss of air, due to the presence of connecting threads on the hose. The advantage is the budget of the purchase. When the piston moves up with the help of air, the walls and the check valve are pressed tightly. The air is moved by a piston in a forward direction towards the outlet.

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The combined-action hand pump features air discharge in two-way operation. Due to the compactness of the pump, it is easy to transport. Fits on a bike (attaches to a frame, bracket, hook) fits into a backpack or basket. Using a manual air blower takes longer to inflate than other types.

The foot pump is not suitable for road bikes due to the low pressure generated. These devices are suitable for mountain bikes. There are models with and without a pressure gauge. A pump with a pressure gauge allows you to adjust the pressure generated inside the tires. The disadvantage of the devices is the lack of an adapter for bicycle tires.

A separate type of device is the pump for the forks. The name of these devices is high pressure bicycle pumps. It is possible to inflate forks and tires on a bicycle. For this, the device is equipped with a nipple adapter. The disadvantage is the impossibility of high-quality inflation of large tires. For high-quality pumping, you need to spend a long period of time. Compared to the price of a bicycle tire pump, forks are more expensive.

Carbon dioxide cans. an alternative to led pumps. Mainly used by riders for quick inflation when time is needed. The disadvantage of this type of device is the speed of the outflow of the substance and the complete emptying of the wheel. Available as a can or cartridge.

The electric pump can be operated both when working with cars and when working with bicycles. Powered by a compressor. Builds up pressure quickly without physical effort. An electric pump with a pressure gauge ensures filling to the required pressure. Takes up a lot of space, expensive. It justifies itself as a device for cars. to the menu

How to use a bicycle pump

Body material

Steel body. found mainly in stationary pumps. These devices are robust but heavy and corrosive.

Aluminum case. portable and stationary devices. Pumps with such a casing are lighter and not subject to corrosion, but less durable than steel.

Plastic Housing — Used in hand pumps. These pumps are the lightest and most compact.

Wash your bike without a hose