How to turn on the Bluetooth of the Xiaomi m365 scooter

Xiaomi m365 electric scooter manual

Xiaomi was able to surprise its customers. She launched an electric scooter on the market, which immediately became in demand. This vehicle is very relevant in the modern world. In appearance, the scooter is not inferior to opponents, but its price is much cheaper. Xiaomi m365 will gain popular approval in the future. Since there will be no problems in its maintenance. In addition to the folding mechanism, the electric scooter has a disc brake, there is nothing superfluous.

Of course, the Xiaomi m 365 cannot be called just a scooter with an engine. It is equipped with computer equipment that performs a huge number of actions. The system monitors the battery power, turns on the traction. The computer also controls the brushless motor and applies the brakes. The scooter has additional software features: idle braking, Zero-Start, ABS.

You cannot immediately adjust the tool to the maximum, since not everything can be foreseen at once. But in the Xiaomi electric scooter, a firmware update device is built in to correct such shortcomings. It contains a whole set of different utilities that can be used to perform different actions on the scooter. The firmware monitors the correct operation of the headlight, LED bulbs, controls the power button.

Xiaomi m365 electric scooter app

Cruise control is an obligatory function of this device. It can be controlled from a simple mobile app. For example, you can disable a function or, on the contrary, make it active. Since the electric scooter does not have any buttons or levers for this. Therefore, the owner of such a vehicle must install an application on his phone.

This model of Xiaomi electric scooter works with two applications. One is done by a manufacturer from Ninebot. It takes very little effort to install it. On PlayMarket or AppStore, the word “ninebot” is typed in the search. The desired Ninebot by Segway application comes out immediately. Other is also found. You just need to look for MiHome from Xiaomi. Although these programs are designed to perform the same tasks, they have significant differences. They look different, and the functionality is different.

The Ninebot utility is easy to connect and install on the scooter. Everything that a person sees on the screen is readable and bright. While the scooter is in motion, it will be convenient for the driver. The application allows you to find nearby users, shows the mileage and much more.

The Mi Home utility is more difficult to install. For the correct connection in the program, you must specify the location of the country of China. The user immediately notices that the color of the scooter is determined first. There are fewer numbers on the display, the functions are simpler. It is no longer very convenient to use. Although there are some interesting opening fields: an additional thermal sensor, all charging cycles, battery cells. All this can be found in the menu under the item “battery information”.

When problems are discovered in the operation of the system or the users themselves identify a weak link, they will be quickly changed in the mobile application. For this, the owner of the phone will be offered the necessary updates. And then the application will send a request to update the scooter’s software. All these actions are clear to any user and are carried out quickly and easily.

Xiaomi electric scooter settings

  • when the throttle lever is released, the cruise control is activated and the recuperation power is adjusted;
  • after activating the cruise control, after a few seconds the system emits a signal, after which it is no longer necessary to pull the trigger;
  • the cruise control function can be deactivated by pressing the brake lever. On a long trip, these functions are very useful. Since it is not very convenient to constantly press the trigger;
  • the application does not have a speed limit, but the maximum scooter can accelerate to 18 kilometers per hour. The scooter has an economy mode function. To turn it on, you need to start the electric scooter and quickly press the start 2 times. If everything is done correctly, the backlight will turn green. This mode is also turned off by double pressing the power button.

In the Xiaomi m365 model, all these functions are made more convenient than in the earlier version. The scooter is equipped with a single power button. When the tool is already active, you can turn it on or off by pressing it once. With a long press, the driver can turn off the scooter. The brake lever activates regenerative braking on the front wheel. And on the back at this time the pads are compressed.

When the electric scooter is already switched off, it will only brake with the rear wheel. This will interfere with stopping. Therefore, you must ride an inactive scooter with caution. The throttle lever will also not do its job. He will only control the thrust of the motor.

How to turn on Bluetooth on the Xiaomi m365 scooter

for future and new owners


If you are planning or have already purchased a Xiaomi scooter, then this memo will help you understand the basic nuances of operating a scooter. It was written based on the experience of scooter owners and service specialists. Initially, you can do nothing with the scooter, except for 1 part. The degree of refinement of the scooter depends on how you plan to use it. The following is a recommendation. You yourself determine the need for intervention in the design of the scooter.

1.1. Read the instruction manual and understand what it has read.

You can always find something new and useful in any manual.

1.2. Inflate tires to the required pressure.

Practice has shown that insufficient pressure leads to wiping of chambers. The battery charge consumption also increases. Check the tire pressure periodically! For convenience, use an extension cord with a valve for pumping the rear wheels of a GAZelle vehicle (photo 1).

1.3. Glue the rubber boot of the hook on the rear fender.

Some people think that they are very careful about things and will never lose this elastic, but still they have to buy a new elastic. Don’t repeat their mistake!

1.4. Set the recuperation level to “low” via the app.

This will make it easier for you to understand the controllability of the scooter and not “dive” over the handlebars. Subsequently, you will be able to decide which level of recuperation is most convenient for you.

1.5. Check screw connections.

It happens that various screws are unscrewed on the scooter. Therefore, it is very important to check all screw connections. Particular attention should be paid to the folding axis, the mounting of the footrest and the four screws that secure the handlebars to the rack. The threads of these connections must be machined with a thread lock. It is also worth paying attention to the rear wheel bearings, as they sometimes scroll in the wheel seat. To eliminate scrolling, it is necessary to apply a retainer to the seat.

2.1. Install the rear fender support and seal the rear light.

When driving on tiles, cracks in the asphalt, joints and leaving the curb, the amplitude of oscillation of the rear wing is quite noticeable, which inevitably leads to its breakage at the points of attachment to the deck. Rigid wing fixation with support solves this problem. If you decide not to install the support, be sure to install the protection of the rear light wire (“crap”), otherwise the wire will fray. The protection has already been installed on scooters from the new batch. The rear light housing is not sealed and absorbs dust and water, which affects its performance.

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2.2. Install reinforced underbody protection.

Native protection has a number of disadvantages. It is easy to cut off protruding screw heads when moving off a high curb, which you accidentally did not notice. The native protection on the M365 is not able to withstand the sagging of the battery, which often leads to a dump of the battery contacts with subsequent repair. It is very inconvenient to wash it.

2.3. Lubricate folding unit.

To reduce wear, a small amount of grease should be applied to the moving parts of the assembly. Lithol or silicone grease will do.

2.4. Attach a 0.2mm butterfly and adjust the tongue.

Eliminates minor backlash in the folding axis.

How to connect Xiaomi m365 with iPhone(easy tutorial).

2.5. Adjust the brake.

The brakes must always be effective and in good working order! In the event of a sudden disconnection of the electronics. a mechanical brake is your only chance.

2.6. Purchase a set of hex keys and wrenches.

To repair the scooter, you will need hexagons: 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5mm, as well as open-end wrenches: 8, 10 and 18mm.

3.1. Replace “tongue” and fold pivot.

On the M365, which were produced before 2019, the “tongue” and the axle often broke in half (photo 8, 9). Some owners were injured. There was also a backlash in the assembly. But there are owners whose stock “tongue” has moved away more than one thousand kilometers. On the new M365 and PRO, the “tongue” and counterpart are made of a different material, the axis has also been changed. It is currently not known how successful these changes are. But some have already got a little backlash. And be sure to apply a retainer to the axle thread. There are already cases of loss of half of the axis.

3.2. Install the enlarged brake disc.

The PRO is initially equipped with a disc of the required diameter, which ensures sufficient brake performance. The same cannot be said about the brake disc on the M365. Due to its small size, it contacts the brake pads only 60% of their area, which leads to uneven pad wear. The efficiency of such a disk is low. Under certain conditions, it can easily bend.

3.3. Saturate the MK windings and replace the bearings preventively. Seal the MK accordingly.

To reduce the risk of turn-to-turn closure, additional impregnation of the motor windings is required. According to experts, epoxy is best suited for this. It is also necessary to reinforce the Hall sensors with heat-resistant liquid rubber. Native bearings are a big lottery. Therefore, it is better to replace them with high-quality ones that will not allow moisture to pass through. Coat the MK cover with sealant. Very relevant for the PRO version.

3.4. Complete waterproofing of the scooter.

In addition to waterproofing MK, it is necessary to seal all the inputs / outputs of the wires on the deck, steering column and head with sealant. If you have not replaced the underbody protection, then it should also be put on a sealant. And do not forget about the large hole in the steering rack, which is visible when folded, as well as the junction of the steering wheel and rack (photo 11). Peace of mind in wet weather or unexpected rainfall.

3.4. Move the footrest forward.

This will help you avoid injury to your leg. And the scooter will be more stable.

3.5. Put on the footrest “sock”.

This will prevent the laminate from scratching.

3.6. Install mud flaps.

It is aesthetically pleasing and very practical. Especially with 10 ”wheels!

3.7. Install the overlay on the panel with the power button.

Disputes about the tightness of the button are still ongoing. Do you want to wonder about this during an occasional rain?

4.1. Fit 10 “tires.

Native tires 8.5×2 at normal pressure are quite hard, which sometimes causes discomfort. Widespread tires are 10×2 intended for strollers. Their advantage lies in the relatively low price and softness, due to which you can ride comfortably even on cobblestones. But there are also disadvantages. It can be difficult to achieve an even landing, the dynamics are a little lost, and they will last about 500 km. Those who have switched to these tires are very happy. Installation will require some minor tweaking. There are also 10×2.5 tires. For comfort, something in between. Will last longer than 10×2. But their installation will require significant intervention in the design of the scooter. There are also 8.5×2 tubeless tires. It is possible to use an anti-puncture liquid.

4.2. Install third-party firmware.

turn, bluetooth, xiaomi, m365

The firmware allows you to remove the speed limit, increase power, start from a lower speed, etc. There is a fairly good 2.6 firmware “from Alexei” with the ability to adjust through the application. You can also use the constructor and assemble the firmware yourself. Remember that after the firmware, the real mileage will be less than the predicted in the application.

4.3. Install an increased or additional battery.

An additional battery allows you to increase the mileage. Fits in a bag on a set-up platform. The increased battery allows you to increase the mileage or increase the mileage and speed, depending on the battery configuration. Installed instead of the standard battery.

4.4. Install additional headlight.

The light from the standard headlight is not always enough, and good illumination is safety. Additional headlights are autonomous, with their own battery and headlights that must be connected to the scooter battery.

4.5. Install a clutch instead of the folding unit.

If you do not need to fold the scooter, and you are tired of struggling with backlash in the folding unit, then you can install a clutch. It replaces the folding unit, which gives the structure rigidity and reliability.

4.6. Convert to four-wheel drive.

With all-wheel drive, you get a dynamic start, overcoming climbs with practically no loss in speed and noticeable heating of the MK. Confident movement in the winter. The disadvantage of this design is the absence of a mechanical brake, but if you wish, you can install vibrating racks. Also a minus is its weight, about 16kg. The price of such an upgrade is from about 40t.r. provided that you will collect it yourself.

4.7. Install the child’s steering wheel.

If you decide to ride with a child, it is better to install a child’s steering wheel on the rack. With it, the child will be more comfortable and safer.

4.8. Install the display with the display of “vital” indicators (for М365).

Of course, you can install a phone holder and monitor the indicators through the application, but this is not always convenient. The display shows all the required parameters. Looks like one with the scooter. It is unnecessary to constantly remove and put it like a phone.

Be careful when riding the scooter! Remember that in your hands not only the steering wheel of the scooter, but also your life and health, as well as the people around you.

You can find all spare parts and service on the website:

I hope this information will help you to be a happy xiaokat owner.

Sincerely, SNEGOVIK.

Suitable for most road surfaces

The material for the manufacture of 8.5-inch tires was a rubber mixture. The tires have excellent shock absorption properties, which helps to reduce possible shaking from uneven road surfaces while driving and makes riding softer and more comfortable. Tires easily overcome most types of road surface.

�� Fix Samsung Wireless Bluetooth issue connection to e-bike Xiaomi M365 or PATONA E-Scooter

Hit the road in the morning

Sun, fresh air, passers-by and landscapes. It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you are going. it only matters how happy you are.!

Charge level and movement speed

The display shows the current charge level and travel speed, which will make your trip safer. And the battery charge indication will remind you of the need to charge the device.

Laconic design

Fits in the trunk of a car

The scooter folds down at the touch of a button. It fits easily into the trunk of a car and does not take up much space in the apartment. The body of the scooter is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which features low density and increased strength, due to which the product weighs only 14.2 kg. Therefore, it is convenient to take it on the road.

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Scooter status monitoring

Longer trips

The Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter uses a kinetic energy regeneration system. the kinetic energy generated during braking is converted into electrical energy, which is then used to recharge the battery. Thanks to this system, the range of the scooter is increased.

Great vehicle

The combination of strict geometric lines, laconic design and harmony of color in the construction of the Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter reflects the essence of the minimalist aesthetics. The scooter will look very impressive wherever you are.

Protection of personal information

We take precautions. including administrative, technical and physical. to protect your personal information from loss, theft, and abuse, as well as from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

How to turn on Bluetooth on the Xiaomi m365 scooter

Electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 7800 mAh

Scooter Xiaomi model. m365, battery 7800 mah. white OR black GLOBAL VERSION WITH SPARE WHEELS INCLUDED


Stock Status: In Stock

double braking system with disc brake

stand out from the crowd, show your personality

Sleek aircraft-grade aluminum design

just a few seconds and your electric scooter xia

convenient for TRANSPORTATION in the trunk or subway

Instantaneous maximum power: 500W.

when ECO MODE is activated, the acceleration time increases and the maximum speed decreases, but this way the scooter will go much further.

The mode can be used when children ride.

All electric scooters are equipped with a headlight, this 1.1W incredibly bright headlight illuminates up to 6 meters of poor road surface and makes you feel safe.

The developers have equipped the scooter with a cruise control system, it is enough to activate the function in the application, drive for 5 seconds at a constant speed, after which the scooter will emit a warning signal, the system is active, you can take your finger off the gas. You can turn off the cruise control by pressing the trigger or the brake.

Non-slip grip design for a comfortable grip

Pressing the throttle handle allows you to control the speed of the scooter

Battery level indicator. clear at a glance

One button, many functions

mode, transition to undervoltage

You can connect the scooter to your smartphone through the official app.

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and turn on the scooter by pressing the button on the steering wheel once

Run the application and on the first tab, click “Search device”

Enjoy using and advise us to your friends;)

Technical characteristics and full description of the electric scooter

Wheel size: 8.5 inches

Motor size: 6.7 inches

Maximum speed: 25 km / h.

Maximum distance: 30 km.

Motor power: 250W.

Instantaneous maximum power: 500W.

Battery: 30 18650 batteries with a total capacity of 280 W / h

Battery capacity: 7800 mAh

Maximum load: 100kg.

Unfolded dimensions: 1080x430x1140 mm

Folded dimensions: 1080x430x490 mm

Charger plug type: A type (USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan)

Type: Smart Electric Scooter

Model: Mijia Electric Scooter M365

Material: aviation aluminum

Manufacturer: Xiaomi (Mi) (MIJIA)

Country of origin: China

Compatibility: Android, iOS

The scooter has several very useful features.

The first is the ABS system, which can stop your electric scooter.

with maximum speed in just 4 meters.

The second is the recuperation (regeneration of kinetic) energy system, which charges the batteries during braking, thereby adding a range. It is impossible not to mention the ECO mode provided in the Xiaomi scooter, when activated, the acceleration time increases and the maximum speed decreases, but this way the scooter will go much further. The mode can be used when children ride, keeping the child safe and calming their nerves.

The developers have equipped the scooter with a cruise control system, it is enough to activate the function in the application, drive for 5 seconds at a constant speed, after which the scooter will emit a warning signal, the system is active, you can take your finger off the gas. You can turn off the cruise control by pressing the trigger or the brake.

we will be happy to help you make the right choice!

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Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Scooter m365 7800 mAh battery. 27,990 r.

Please note that only the older model of the Xiaomi electric scooter is presented.

International version. spare wheels included, EU plug (female)

Stock Status: In Stock

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Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter

If earlier it was difficult to imagine an adult on a scooter, today, in the conditions of metropolitan cities loaded with transport, you can more and more often see people using this type of movement. At the end of 2016, buyers were presented with electric scooters from Xiaomi, a Chinese brand that has been dynamically developing in the last decade. Now the Xiaomi electric scooter is one of the most popular and popular among the townspeople.

Speed, traction and mileage

The electric motor of the Xiaomi Mi Mijia electric scooter is capable of developing a stable speed of up to 25 km / h. To achieve it, you must first give acceleration by mechanical movement, and after a few seconds the necessary thrust arises. Models are front-wheel drive and are not intended for sporting use or stunt driving. The rated power of the motor is 250W. The maximum power can go up to 500W.

As for the technical characteristics of the battery, they are as follows:

  • model. LG M26 10s3p;
  • capacity. 280 W / h;
  • voltage. 42 V.

The battery consists of two (for 187) and three (for 385) dozens of 18650 batteries, which allows you to run 20 and 30 km. When used in rough terrain with frequent changes in speed and stops, the values ​​may decrease slightly. It takes 5-6 hours to fully charge from a standard outlet.

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The scooters have disc brakes with the E-ABS system, the functionality of which is identical to that of the car. When gaining high speed, it plays a positive role and the device does not slow down like against a wall. Slightly pressing the lever first engages the front brake and the speed drops to 2 km / h. Then the braking by the front wheel stops and a strong push on the lever activates the rear brake pads.

The maximum carrying capacity declared by the manufacturer is 110 kg, and the user’s weight does not affect either the speed or the mileage. The scooter height is 114 cm, which is suitable for most users. For taller adjustments, the handlebar extends up an additional 43 cm. When folded, the scooter height is 49 cm at the maximum point near the handlebars. Full scooter weight. 12.5 kg.

Smart features

To control the charge level, to determine the speed of movement, Xiaomi offers users to download a special application to their smartphone. This simple solution made it possible at the same time not to load the scooter with an on-board computer, and not to deprive the device of its functionality. Programs for the Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter “Ninebot” and “Mi Home” are available for installation from Google Play or the AppStore, with their help you will be able to:

  • track the number of charging cycles, current charge and health of each of 20 or 30 batteries;
  • determine the battery temperature;
  • see the full or current mileage;
  • set up password protection;
  • enable the function of maintaining the speed limit;
  • activate saving battery mode when speed limiting.

To sync with the app, you need to turn on bluetooth on the scooter.

Weak spots

The Xiaomi Mijia Pro Edition electric scooter has already been mastered by many users, and during operation, some flaws and features have been identified. The first problem, which seemed obvious after inspection, is the plastic bottom covering that protects the battery from dirt, stones and damage. On a good road, this protection is enough, but in other conditions it may be too weak.

The most common complaint about Xiaomi scooters is the quality of the rubber. For this reason, some users tend to buy models with Airwheel or Ninebot polyurethane wheels from other Chinese manufacturers.

How to drive and park

After assembling and connecting to the application, you can start actively using the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter. To activate the electric motor, you need to press the power button, make a few thrusts with your foot to give the initial traction, and immediately press the “gas” regulator near the right handlebar handle. There is a brake on the left handle. The speed can be adjusted, there is a smooth acceleration mode and cruise control. When driving on uneven roads, you may need to nudge the device slightly with your foot.

To stop the scooter, it is better to reduce the speed in advance, the ventilated disc braking system in these models is designed in such a way that when the lever is pressed, a smooth gradual braking occurs, but quickly enough. The braking distance is no more than 4 m after reaching the maximum speed.

Differences m365 from m187

Now there are 2 types of Xiaomi Mijia electric scooters on the market: electric scooter m187 and m365. Outwardly, these models are not much different, but the Xiaomi m187 is a cheaper option than the m365. The difference in price is about 5 thousand rubles.

The technological differences are as follows. Xiaomi Mijia m365 has a 7.8 Ah battery, while 187 has 5.5 Ah, which affects the distance that can be covered on a charged device. So, 365 will travel 30 km without additional recharging, and 187. only 20 km.

The rest of the characteristics are the same. So if the user does not need to travel long distances on a scooter, then the device can be purchased cheaper.

What is it made of and how it works

The manufacturer chose aviation aluminum as the main material for the electric scooter, which has high strength and durability, which is an advantage in urban environments. Only the glossy plastic trim covering the steering rack can be damaged.

The wheels of the Xiaomi Mi Mijia electric scooter have a diameter of 8.5 ″, are rubber pneumatic tires that can be inflated with the supplied pump.

A comfortable deck with a pronounced relief is located at the base as a platform for feet, shoes do not slip on it even in bad weather.

The handlebars are specially coated for excellent grip. The rubberized grips are soft and pleasant to the touch. There is a small warning bell on the steering wheel, loud enough to attract attention. The steering rod is welded to the platform base, which has a corporate logo in the shape of a shield.

Under the platform, on the side panel, there is a charging slot for the scooter, protected from moisture and dirt by a rubber cover. A battery is installed inside the scooter, which occupies the entire internal space of the platform. The motor is located inside the front wheel. For easy parking, the scooter has a small folding leg.

In the center of the steering panel there is a power gauge with 4 LED lights showing the charge level and a power button. A short press will turn on the scooter, and a long press will activate the power. After activating the electric mode of the scooter, the same button, when pressed briefly, turns on or off the front lamp. Its 1.1 W power enables illumination of the road 6 m ahead.

The taillight turns on when the scooter is started and remains active until the motor is turned off. When you press the brake lever, it starts flashing.

An LED on the power panel indicates the current mode. Green light indicates energy saving mode.

To assemble a scooter after purchase, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • carefully position the connecting wire inside the steering axle;
  • connect the base and steering axle;
  • fix the parts with four screws using a hex wrench (included).

Dream scooter! Euphoria from travel! Easy to maintain and operate.

Xiaomi MiJia Electric Scooter Electric Scooter

The model is easy to fold and unfold, no special efforts are required, even a child can handle.

The weight that the scooter can support is up to 110 kg, so it can be used by overweight people.

Also in the application you can track such parameters as:

There is also a bell on the left handlebar to alert pedestrians in front. The scooter in motion is very quiet.

Thanks to the bright headlight in front and the rear marker light, you can ride the scooter even in the dark. When the brake button is pressed, the parking light flashes red.

The scooter copes well with paving stones, embossed tiles (for the blind and visually impaired), small off-road conditions. Easily runs over low curbs. Thanks to the tubular tires, when driving off-road and on cobblestones, the recoil to the steering wheel is not felt. That is to say, it doesn’t get sausage from any bump. And I have something to compare with! I first bought a mechanical scooter, the one that needs to be set in motion by constant jerking of the leg ;. So when riding on the cobblestones on it, I thought my spine would fall into my pants .

Working temperature range from.5 ° to 40

Lastly, I will say that there are two such “friends” in our family: my husband and me. This eliminates the possibility of a dispute and clarification of the relationship, who will go first, who sits at home or on the bench and waits for his turn to ride

By the way, our friend, 189 cm tall and weighing 110 kg, also easily drove on it at a speed of 22 km / h.

And how nice it is to race in summer in the heat, when the breeze blows over you and passers-by twist their necks and surprised looks after us .

I definitely recommend considering this particular option for purchasing an electric scooter if you want to buy this category of equipment.