How to tighten the speed cable on a bike

How to adjust your bike’s shifter cables

Why is there a violation of speed switching

To understand what action should be taken to adjust gear shifting, you need to understand what causes can lead to the problem in question. Experts identify several such predisposing factors:

  • deformation of the rooster;
  • stretching the cable;
  • deformation of the speed switch;
  • malfunctioning return spring.

Non-standard situations

Complete replacement of the cable is not always necessary. Sometimes an old braid can be used if it remains serviceable. In some cases, the cable and shirt are sold separately. In this case, it is necessary to lubricate the cable, thread it through the braids.

The rest of the order of work is the same.

Bicycle front derailleur

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Leave the chain on the middle sprocket of the front block and place it on the large sprocket in the rear block. If chain friction is observed, re-engage adjuster L. To adjust stop H, the chain moves to the largest sprocket at the front and smallest at the back. The adjuster will help to position the chain in the optimal position without friction and excessive tension on the chain. At the end of the work, be sure to check the quality of its implementation.

Changing the gearshift cable on a bicycle

Replacing the gearshift cable on a bicycle. Step-by-step instructions and necessary materials

The cable is an inexpensive but important element of a bicycle’s gear shifting system. Like any parts, it deteriorates over time. The gear system stops working Replacing the gearshift cable on the bike will restore the mechanism to work.

Useful Tips for Using Derailleurs on Your Bicycle

Of course, breakdowns and adjustments can be avoided if all the rules are carefully followed.

  • wash the bike and its parts as often as possible, and then dry it thoroughly, since dirt and corrosion are the main enemies of metal products
  • lubricate all parts with machine oil or grease (imported products do not cope very well, and often do harm)
  • climb on your own to repair mechanisms only in extreme cases, since inexperience can only aggravate the situation, so it is better to ask professionals or friends for help.
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In conclusion, I would like to say that you can fix any thing yourself if you do everything correctly, following all the tips listed above. Or even start monitoring its condition from the very moment of purchase. And then you don’t have to fork out for new parts, which, moreover, cost 2 times more than the bike itself.

Possible problems and nuances

Repair of the brake mechanism does not end with the installation of a new cable. Adjustment required. Before tightening the brake cable on your bike, you need to determine how tight it is. To do this, simply lift the rear wheel, spin it and apply the brake. If the handle moves effortlessly more than half the distance from the initial position to the handlebar, tighten the brake cable. To do this, we pull the cable on the handle itself with a curly bolt.

In cases where the brake freely reaches the steering wheel, you need to adjust the tension near the brakes. For this:

  • Unscrew the fastening screw.
  • We tighten the cable with pliers.
  • We fix the cable with a screw.

Fine tuning tips

  • you need to set the minimum speed, that is, at the back, the chain stands on the largest star, and in front on the smallest.
  • slightly loosen the tension of the cable and turn the screw L until there is a 1mm gap between the chain and the frame
  • we firmly fix the cable, before inserting it into a special groove.
  • we set the highest speed
  • adjustable with screw H the gap between the chain and the inner side of the frame
  • we check the performance
  • if the switching is tight, then we adjust with screws to the desired state
  • After all the manipulations, the bike should be washed and lubricated all parts (chain, sprockets, etc.)
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What to do if you can’t adjust the bike’s rear derailleur

There are several methods for solving this issue. But if the standard tuning instruction did not work, to tune the rear derailleur you need to:

  • dismantle the chain, remove the cable;
  • move the switch to the chain position to the smallest star;
  • use adjusting bolts (this way you can tighten the cable);
  • set the adjusting bolt H to the extreme position;
  • move the part called the parallelogram to the big star and adjust the position of the bolt L.

The regulator is fixed with bolts. It must be set to the extreme position. After that, the chain must be displaced in this order: the front cassette is the largest star in diameter, the rear, on the contrary, is the smallest.

Adjustment stage:

  • Move the chain to the smallest chainring and the largest rear chainring;
  • If, when the chain is twisting, the roller touches the neighboring stars in the cassette, then the tension screw must be tightened up to a gap of 5 mm;
  • Move the chain to the highest chainring in the front row, and to the smallest sprocket in the rear and check the degree of tension in this position.

Deformation of the switch

A common cause of such a breakdown is a blow from a bicycle. Usually the rear derailleur suffers, the front derailleur is very difficult to bend. After a breakdown, it is worth checking which parts are broken.

  • If it is a frame. align or change the part.
  • If the screw that adjusts the chain tension or the eyelet that secures this screw breaks, then it is better to replace the parts. Otherwise, the speeds will switch very badly.
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Tech Tuesday #23: Loose Shifter Cable

Things to do before adjusting the rear derailleur

Before adjusting and adjusting the rear shift, it is advisable to inspect your derailleur for malfunctions and to clean and lubricate some of the bike’s drivetrain components. It happens that a simple cleaning is enough for the switch to work again without interruption.

Adjusting the switch while driving

During the ride, on uneven surfaces, shaking or gradual loosening of the cable, the speed setting is often lost. If there is no time for stopping and thorough repairs, and the cable adjustment holder is next to the shifter, then you can adjust the switch while riding.

  • To raise the torso up, you need to unscrew the adjusting bolt against the clock and pull the stretched cable.
  • You can lower the cable to small stars by turning the parts along the clock.

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Adjusting and adjusting the rear derailleur of the bicycle

After we have finished the preparatory work, we can proceed to setting up the rear derailleur of the bike. For this we need a minimum of tools and efforts.

Removing the cable

It is not necessary to completely remove the cable, it is enough to look at it for deformation and lubricate.