How to spin the front wheel on a bike

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After removing the tire, you need to check the bicycle wheel. Having identified damage in the tube or tire, they decide whether to repair or replace. Replacement will require a set of tools.

In order to glue the camera, perform the following steps:

  • the camera is immersed in water, after slightly pumping it up: air comes out at the puncture site, so it is easy to detect it;
  • having marked the place, wipe the camera dry, clean the problem area with sandpaper;
  • spread glue on it and apply a patch. After that, it is placed under a press;
  • when the glue is dry, carry out a control pumping to check the quality of the gluing.

After that, the boring is carried out in the reverse order.

Removing the front wheel with rim brakes

Place the bike upside down on the saddle and handlebars before removing the wheel. Beforehand, all accessories. mirrors, headlights, bell, decorative elements. should be removed so as not to interfere with work and so as not to damage them. It is advisable to put a soft cloth under the sensitive shifters to avoid damaging them under the weight of the bike.

Briefly, the front wheel is removed according to the scheme:

  • Release the rim brakes.
  • Loosen the attachment to the dropouts.
  • Carefully remove the axle from the legs.

It is necessary to release the brakes in order to easily pull out the wheel and not damage the system. To do this, squeeze the connecting bow and unscrew its fastening with a hex wrench. The brakes are now free. An alternative option is to remove the pads from the brake mechanism, however, after assembling the wheel, they will have to be adjusted again.

Wheel fastening on a bicycle is presented in two versions. nuts for 15 and an eccentric. To remove the axle from the dropouts on the nuts, you will need two keys. one will act as a worker, and the other as a retainer. Unscrew one nut counterclockwise while holding the opposite.

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What can you use? Traditional open-end or spanner wrenches. The second option is even more convenient and easier to grab the nut. Adjustable wrenches with wide lips are not recommended for work, as they can “eat” the corners of the nuts.

With an eccentric, it is much easier. loosen the bolt and raise the locking lever. If the spring is not weak enough and the lever does not rise fully, loosen the bolt harder. Actually, removing a wheel at home is as easy as shelling pears.

In this section, the topic of removal with V-brakes was touched upon. With discs it is even easier, and even more so with singlespeeds with a kick drum on the rear hub. There is one limitation for a disc brake system with hydraulics. do not keep the bike upside down for too long, as the tubes become airy. That is, the wheel was removed and the bike was returned to its normal state for the time of repair or other manipulations.

Do-it-yourself wheel sorting

The most common reason for the impossibility of further cycling is such an annoying, but inevitable thing with regular riding, a puncture. It’s good if this happens near the bike shop. But cycling paths are inscrutable, and workshops are not located at every step.

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How to disassemble a wheel (step by step instructions)

  • unscrewing the nuts with which the bicycle wheel is attached to the frame, remove it. If the bike is modern, it is easier to do this, since it has a removable mechanism for this. In other situations, WD-40 helps;
  • brake pads are disconnected, switched to lower gear (when working with a rear wheel), and the chain is removed from the sprocket;
  • not fully deflating the bicycle wheel, press on the valve, located on the nipple. The nipple must be completely unscrewed, if the tire is tube, pull the “nipple” out. Having done these manipulations, it is easy to remove the tire;
  • insert two blades under the tire so that the interval between them is 10-15 centimeters;
  • one of them is pressed on the circumference in the direction opposite to the force applied to the other blade;
  • release the tire.

Next, the wheel, the tube and the removed tire are inspected so as not to miss defects and damage (protruding spokes and objects with sharp edges) If sharp objects are found, they are removed.

Disassembling a wheel

  • The first thing to do for disassembly and repair is to remove the wheel from the bike. If it has disc brakes, then everything is simple. The eccentric spins up, the wheel is removed. In the case of v-brake rim brakes, you must first release the brake, and only then unscrew the eccentric and pull out the wheel;
  • Second. Vent the remaining air from the chamber. To do this, it is enough to press on the nipple stem, and the air will come out by itself. Naturally, after unscrewing the nipple cap.
  • Third. It is necessary to pry the side of the chamber with a mounting spatula, and carefully moving it along the rim, disassemble the wheel on one side. Everything, access to the camera is obtained.
  • Fourth, to remove a camera with a Schroeder nipple (or automotive), you just need to pull it out. The Presta system camera is additionally secured with a nut that can be easily unscrewed by hand.

Removing and installing tires

A tire breakdown on the move is an unpleasant phenomenon that can be found anywhere. Can even lower at home. You can’t ride, you have to change the camera, tire or all together. For a solution to the problem, you can contact the service, but in addition to money for a new consumable, they will also take on work. And why spend extra money and strain the master, when all the manipulations for removing and installing tires can be done independently? Let’s take a look at how to disassemble a bicycle wheel and assemble a tire. You will also have to remove the tires and put them back on when straightening the rim or replacing the spokes.

For work, you will need special plastic assemblies or two small shoe spoons. It is undesirable to use screwdrivers, as they can damage the rim.

  • Fully deflate the tire (if removed to repair the rim, not replace).
  • On the opposite side to the nipple, pry off the bead of the tire with assemblies and fasten them to the spokes. The distance between the blades is at least 20 cm. With the third assembly hook up the bead in the middle and pull it out of the rim.
  • Remove the assemblies and pull the tire off the wheel. If there are only two blades, we fix one, the other is carried along the board, pulling it out.
  • Pull the nipple out of the bore. On some models, it can be attached with an additional nut, then we twist it.
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Now, when there is a new kit or the wheel is repaired, you need to put the tire back on, or fence:

  • Pump up the chamber to 0.5 atm so that it takes a rounded shape and does not break.
  • Insert the nipple into the hole, the chamber on the surface of the rim. It is important that it fits exactly the size of the wheel.
  • Compress the tire beads and insert from the nipple side.
  • Sequentially distribute the edges around the entire circumference with your hands.
  • It will take some effort on the opposite side to push the bead down.
  • Inflate the tire to the correct pressure and put the wheel on the bike.

It’s so easy to bend the wheel with your own hands.


The front wheel of a bicycle is a driving unit, without which it is impossible to imagine a bike, perhaps a unicycle. The driven wheel, synchronized with the fork, is responsible for the trajectory of the bike and, to a greater extent, the rolling speed. Unlike the rear wheel, the front wheel is simpler in design, but also requires timely maintenance.

A bicycle, like a car, needs regular maintenance, and the front wheel is one such important component that should not be neglected. Let’s give him a little attention!

How to put the front wheel on a bike

Dismantling sequence

Before removing the front wheel from the bike, it is necessary to get rid of the bike itself of all accessories and additional devices, so as not to damage them under the weight of the structure during the dismantling process.

  • We turn the bike upside down, put it on a stand for repair. Or, in the absence of a special rack, simply on a handlebar with a saddle.
  • Now you need to decide on the type of brake system installed on the bike.
  • Disc brakes won’t be a hassle when removing a wheel. The only thing Honor has is that hydraulic brakes don’t like the inverted position, as air can enter the system. In this case, the brakes will have to be pumped after all the procedures performed with your bike.
  • The rim brakes will need to be unfastened before removing the structure from the mounts. To do this, squeeze the levers with your hands and remove the end of the cable from the clamp, then spread the levers to the sides.
  • The hub axle is attached to the fork by means of an eccentric or nuts. In the first case, you just need to unscrew the eccentric, unscrew and remove the wheel from the ends of the fork, gently pulling it up. In the second, unscrew the nut with a wrench; for convenience, you can hold it with a second wrench during unscrewing.

After the wheel is removed, you can continue to carry out the necessary work with it, for which it, in fact, was removed.

How to remove / install the front wheel from a bike

Installation sequence

To properly install the front wheel on the bike, you must follow exactly the reverse procedure for removing.

  • We insert the wheel into the grooves of the frame until it stops. Here it is important not to confuse the position of the structure. the direction in which the rotation will occur is indicated by arrows on the tires.
  • We fasten the nuts or eccentrics in place. You cannot overtighten, but the fixation must be strong enough.
  • Fasten back the rim brakes.
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Despite the fact that the front driven wheel is a little simpler in its structure than the rear one, it is still responsible for the course of movement and needs proper care, lubrication of parts, tightening of the spokes.

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How to remove the front wheel from the fork

Removing a wheel is the simplest maintenance procedure for your bike. This is done very simply:

  • Turn the bike upside down.
  • Release the rim brake, remove the caliper from the disc.
  • Loosen the fasteners from the fork dropouts.
  • Remove the wheel axle from the mountings.

On dropouts, the mount is nut and eccentric. In the first case, you will need two 15 mm wrenches. with one we hold the nut, with the other we carefully twist it on the opposite side. With the eccentric, everything is easier. loosen the retaining nut and fold the clamping lever.

Removing and installing the front bicycle wheel

Every bicycle owner sooner or later faces the issue of partial or complete disassembly of his vehicle. Whether it is minor repairs, replacement of parts, diagnostics or just transportation, there is often a need to remove one or both wheels at once. It is best to gain the skills to do it yourself, without resorting to the services of repair shops, since it is not always possible to contact a specialist, and such a need may appear suddenly on the road. Of course, in the absence of skills, for a new cyclist, dismantling and mounting a wheel may seem like a difficult procedure, especially if the bike is equipped with additional devices, but learning how to carry it out on your own does not take much time and does not require the experience of a bicycle mechanic.

During transportation, the front wheel of the bicycle is usually removed, although sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the rear wheel as well, this already depends on the requirements of the transport company, which may limit the dimensions of the luggage to one degree or another.

Regardless of the reason for the removal of the bicycle wheel, the principle of the manipulations performed will be the same.