How To Set A Code On A Bike Lock

How to open a simple disc lock?

Ideally, if a friend helps you. You will need to properly stretch the lock in different directions.

  • Turn the drum on the far right in a clockwise direction and keep the lock extended. If the drum turns without effort. the combination is not the right one, turn it and try again.
  • When you reach the desired number, the drum will behave differently. it will emit a characteristic click, lock or rotate with effort. There may be a small gap between the first and adjacent reels.
  • Then you can move on to the next one. Do the same with all the reels and the lock should open.
  • Please note: not all locks lend themselves to such hacking, and if you did everything you could, and he never succumbed, it’s time to run for the cable cutter or say goodbye to the lock.


If you are reading this article, congratulations: you are in an unpleasant situation that happens to most cyclists at least once in your life.

You managed to forget the code from the lock, and here you are, at best, at home, at worst, in the bicycle parking, and wondering what to do.

Do not despair, breathe evenly. We will try to help.

How to open the bike lock if I forgot the code or lost the key? How the bike lock works:

A simple bike lock with a code represents several drums (most often four), each drum is responsible for changing one digit.

When buying, all bicycle locks have a standard code 0000 or 1111, and the owner sets the combination at his own discretion, and can only rely on his memory.

Therefore, if you forget the code, that is, there are two ways: either go along the grinder / cable cutter (the lock is for ejection, and you will be mistaken for a thief) or try to open it using the smart selection method.

The method of usual selection (this is when you do this: 0001, 0002, 0003, etc.) we will NOT consider, but offer an alternative.

How to open the Cyclotech lock?

It’s a little more complicated here. But it’s worth a try. The lock will have to be disassembled, opened, and then set a new code.

  • Open the plastic protection of the lock, picking it up with a screwdriver. we need to get to the locking mechanism, which holds the discs.
  • Pull out the end pin and the spring that presses the drums with numbers to each other.
  • Next, you have to remove all drums from the axle, after each of which there is a Fixing washer. To remove it, you will have to twist it clockwise, and in the right position it will succumb.
  • When you remove the last drum and pull on the cable, the lock will open.
  • Now the most interesting thing is to put the castle back together. To do this, doing the same, but in reverse order: put the drum, washer, drum again, washer again. The protective lever will remain thrown over and re-set the code.

If you set a goal, you can crank up the operation to save the bike in 10-15 minutes. For a thief, this is a time of impermissible luxury, but for a purposeful owner it is great. just right.

We hope these tips will help you reunite with your two-wheeled friend. But do not try to apply them to someone else’s bike: bicycle theft is punishable by law.

Try not to get into such alterations, Write down the code in notes or take pictures for memory, save your nerves, time and is great. Enjoy your trip and safe storage!

How to install the code

Almost all coded padlocks produced today have a factory preset three-key combination. “000”. Therefore, anyone who is worried about the safety of property should put a unique digital combination on the locking mechanism. The algorithm of actions should be as follows:

  • Having opened the lock according to the factory combination, pull its shackle up. Then turn it to a given right or opposite angle (you can learn about this from the instructions for the product).
  • In this position, Move the bow back, as if closing the lock.
  • While holding the bow in the indentation state, dial the required combination of numbers (code) on the keys or wheels, write down or remember it.
  • Return the shackle to its initial state and inhibit mechanism.
  • Check the correctness of its work, typed the Corresponding password.

How to open a coded padlock, setting and changing a code

How To Set A Code On A Bike Lock

The padlock is a very reliable locking mechanism. Wherever it is used, in a house or garage, in a warehouse or a storage room for a utility room or suitcase, its burglar resistance rate is always higher than Similar models with a key. However, such a locking device also has a drawback. you can easily forget the code or lose the medium on which it was recorded. Therefore, we will consider how to open a padded combination lock, as well as how to initially set the code correctly and, if necessary, crack it in the best ways.


By selecting a combination of numbers, you can both open the coded padlock, and keep it intact for future use. The unlocking method is suitable for a mechanism on wheels and is the following series of actions:

  • Take the lock with your hands.
  • Pull it down so that its locking bracket is in a taut position.
  • Try to determine empirically which of the wheels turns the most difficult.
  • Start crafting your code with the hardest to rotate.
  • Twist it until I hear a faint metallic knock.
  • Proceed sequentially to the next wheels, following the above rules.
  • As soon as all the wheels are scrolled to Clicks, the locking mechanism will give in and it can be opened.
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You can also try to open the coded weatherproof mechanical padlocks with a keyboard system. To do this, you need to examine the surface of the buttons for color changes, scuffs, dirt and other subtle changes. Using them, you can try to find a digital set for a password.

Code replacement

In order to change the code on the Spring Castle in case of password loss, you need to know the “spare” combination of numbers. As a rule, the manufacturer prescribes this information in the attached instructions. It is better to set this password in advance if the design of the locking mechanism has such a function. Naturally, for this purpose, it is better to choose an easy-to-remember set of numbers. For example, it could be “000” or “222”, etc.

As a standard, the factory code “000” is set on the simplest padded combination lock on a suitcase. If the second conditions are NOT specified, then to replace the lost code with a new one, you need to do the following:

  • Set a keyboard or wheel combination to three zeros.
  • Open the lock and return it to the locking metal element one hundred and eighty or ninety degrees.
  • Press it in this position and, while holding it, enter a new digital combination.
  • Write new code.
  • Release the bow and return to the closed position.
  • Close the locking mechanism and check the new code.

Technical hacking

If no means of matching is helpful, there is a simple but very laborious technical hack. To implement it, you will need a locksmith tool:

  • Grinder or other metal cutting device.
  • Hammer.
  • Chisel.

The simplest technical way to break a padlock is to break its metal locking element. To do this, place a chisel at the base of the bow and hit it hard with a hammer. The simplest locking systems give in with one or two blows. Branded hardened locks can hardly be broken with a sledgehammer. The only way to crack them is to cut the bow. However, cutting even with a tool such as a grinder is not always technically feasible.

Therefore, the most reliable way to cut off a padlock, especially if it has impressive dimensions, as, for example, for doors in hangars, is to use plasma gas cutting. “autogenous”. Naturally, such a procedure is available only for true professionals involved in opening locks and emergency rescue services.

Advantages and disadvantages of the methods

Each method of opening and breaking a combination padlock has its pros and cons.

  • Selection method. The lock opens without noise, any tools and devices. The device remains intact after opening, it can be recoded and reused. However, this will take a lot of time and patience. individual models can include many rows and thousands of combinations.
  • Technical hacking. This method makes it possible to quickly open the lock. However, this will require either a lot of physical effort or the involvement of specialists with special equipment. After burglary, the lock will require repair, at best, at worst. it can be simply thrown away.

Instruction for a coded padlock

Unlike mortise door locking mechanisms, a padlock with a code has a mechanical device and a simple installation and use instruction:

  • Before implementation, after purchase, it is necessary to remove the lock from the package and make sure that it is in good working order and that all factory parts are present.
  • Open the device by pressing a special key or simply open it by dialing a code.
  • Make sure that the original factory settings are intact.
  • Set the code in accordance with the rules for a specific product model.
  • Close the lock.
  • Check the working order of opening and closing the code mechanism.

Opening methods

Sometimes it happens that the code is lost, the factory backup password is missing or unknown. In this case, it remains only to open or hack it.

How to open a combination padlock

Padlocks with a code are opened only after entering the correct combination of numbers on the panel through the keys. There is also a system based on setting numbers by scrolling the wheels, but the principle of its operation is the same. The scheme for opening such a locking device is quite simple:

  • Set on the dial or press the specified combination of numbers on the keys.
  • Pull the bow up.
  • Remove the lock from the hinge of the gate, door or suitcase.

See the type of castle

There are two types of combination locks installed on a suitcase:

  • Fixed;
  • Mounted.

The first type of locks are located on the upper outer panel of the suitcase and are fixed to it with bolts. You can view the fasteners by opening the zipper on the lining. In some cases of emergency opening of the lock, they act by removing it from the bolts.

Padded combination locks are a metal structure with an eyelet and dials for dialing a code, with the help of which the safety of luggage is ensured.

To open a lock of a certain type, you need to understand what in this case is a locking device. In the case of a fixed lock, you need to act on the wheels with numbers, which, if all the numbers of the code match, will unlock the bolt and the lock will open. If we are dealing with a padlock, then the discs will lend themselves to opening only through the power load on the lug of the lock.

How to change or reset the code on a suitcase?

It is impossible to travel without a suitcase. the minimum set of necessary things should always be with you. Their safety is ensured by a combination lock. But there are situations when the owner of the suitcase forgets the combination of numbers he invented. The problem is completely solvable, keep calm and try our suggested ways from simple to complex. Only resort to drastic measures in extreme cases.

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What to do if you forgot your suitcase code?

There are several ways to select a digital lock code. They are simple and humane, but they can take a lot of time. If you need to quickly open a suitcase, more radical methods are used, and not sparing the locking mechanism and zipper.

The best way to open the lock will be to contact a specialist, which will not only free your things, but will help to set a new code and lubricate the mechanism. However, for solving the problem and maintaining the lock, you will need to pay a certain amount, as well as prove that you are the owner of the suitcase (for example, with the help of a luggage receipt, warranty card or check).

If for some reason you DO NOT contact the wizard, try to deal with the problem yourself using the methods listed below. Choose whichever one seems most suitable for you. Remember that extreme opening methods will inevitably entail additional costs.

How to reset password on a Samsonite suitcase?

Various models of TSA combination locks are installed on suitcases. In order to change the factory settings, follow these steps:

  • Set the code digits 000;
  • A hairpin or handle made the appearance of a button in the case;
  • We type a new digital combination with the button pressed;
  • I let go of the pin. New code installed.

Ways to Crack Password

Think about what numbers you could choose as a password. random or dates of some significant events. Picking up combinations with birthday, wedding, diploma defense, childbirth, etc. It did not work out. do not despair. Let’s do it differently.

Slowly rotating the dial wheel, listen for sounds. A characteristic click will indicate that the disc needs to be stopped at this point. Repeat the same action with the two remaining mechanisms. Opening the latches of the lock.

This method is not suitable for high-quality products: the wheels of the discs rotate there silently. No matter how much you strain your hearing. with your eyes open or closed. you will NOT be able to hear or change anything. But you can use another method. an elementary selection of code digits starting from 001, 002, 003 and so on to the correct digits. Of course, this is long, perhaps even a couple of hours. But the result is guaranteed, sooner or later the code combination will fall into place, and the lock and fasteners of the suitcase will remain intact.

As you scroll the wheels, you will notice a small gap below the disc. This is a signal that the desired digit has been found. Continue spinning the rest of the discs. If the number is incorrect, nothing will be visible, with the correct number you will see a small groove at the bottom. Expose all values ​​and open the suitcase. If it does not work, try to synchronously return all digits by 1-2 divisions to the left and right until the lock is released.

In a similar way, you can work from the disc without turning them, but highlighting the gap between the wheel and the lock body with a flashlight. A small indentation opposite the number indicates that the Search Number was found. Work in this way on all the disks, and the result will help to open the suitcase. As a variant of this method, work NOT with a flashlight, but with a thin object such as an open paper clip, for example, in the gap between the disc and the lock panel, you should find a recess.

Mechanical methods to open a suitcase

If you are the owner of a premium suitcase, then you will definitely not need the following methods. And with simpler models, you can try to cope by prying the latches on the lock with a simple nail file, a thin minus screwdriver, a knife blade.

Nothing helped. there are Cardinal methods:

  • The padlock is simply cut or cut if the right tools are available;
  • The suitcase can be opened through the zipper, and then unscrew the lock and, after removing the back cover, unlock the stops. Lightning in this method is sacrificed by inserting a pen or screwdriver (file) in its center, spread the left and right sides to the sides. Everything, the suitcase is open. Hurry to repair a zipper or a lousy new one. Only specialists can handle this.

How does a lock on a suitcase “work”?

Before closing the suitcase, users set a combination of numbers known only to him and locks the lock. To open it, you need to set the disks of the Special cylinders in such a way that the previously entered number appears in the slot. When all the numbers are set in the correct order, the locking device will snap off and the lock will open.

Using the lock is convenient, and therefore there are several reasons:

  • It is not necessary to store the key, which can be lost;
  • The replacement of the digital combination can be done each time the suitcase is used;
  • Sharing the code with your family (or, if necessary, someone else) will allow everyone to use the suitcase without handing over the keys, again, they can get lost.

Unfortunately, there is a flip side of the coin. there are also enough shortcomings in the combination lock:

  • The numbers are easily forgotten, especially if the item has NOT been used for a long time. The lock of the suitcase is exactly the thing that is needed only from time to time;
  • The use of dates of birth, addresses, known numbers (for example, the numbers Pi, E) in a code combination makes the process of selecting a code for “specialists” elementary;
  • A code written on paper increases the likelihood of a stranger opening the lock. You can also spy on it, especially if it was opened and closed at the airport.
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Step-by-step replacement of the combination lock on the suitcase

To prevent theft of things from luggage, you need to change the factory code settings, consisting of three “0” (three “1”), to a combination of numbers known only to you and remember it. To avoid opening the suitcase Attacker through the selection of numbers Do not use addresses, date of birth, or other significant events.

Setting up a fixed lock:

  • Open the suitcase, lock the code with a button or lever on the side;
  • Now fix the button in the drowning position, slide the lever to the right side and then up;
  • With this position of the latches, enter the desired numbers of the new combination;
  • Release the button, return the lever to its original position.
  • Changing the padlock code:
  • Unlock the suitcase by entering the factory code;
  • In the open position, the metal eyelet of the lock Turn it 90 or 180 degrees and slightly drown it in the case;
  • Dial a new digital combination by turning the dials on the lock;
  • Release the shackle.

How to install a combination lock

Most modern travel suitcases come with a special combination lock, which prevents the suitcase from being opened, which means theft of your personal property in a hotel or airport. Many people who have bought such a suitcase do not know how to properly set up a combination lock so that it opens only with the code that the owner invented. You can install a new code on your suitcase in a couple of minutes.
Our instructions will help you with this:

Locks differ in model, and, accordingly, in the way you set your personal code.

  • Code lock standard.
  • TSA 002 lock in your suitcase.

Many of our clients ask a question after receiving their suitcase: “And where is the key to the lock?”

Currently, the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA), all US airports practice special rules for screening passenger baggage. Service agents have the right to inspect any suspicious, from their point of view, baggage without the knowledge of the owner. Moreover, if your suitcase or travel bag is locked, TSA Authorized employees have the right to break it. At the same time, TSA does NOT bear any responsibility in case of damage to baggage or lock. Agree, not a very pleasant prospect.

The TSA representatives themselves suggest that passengers DO NOT lock their luggage, but simply close it securely, or tie it up with strong ribbons and belts. That, too, may NOT suit passengers, since in the process of moving luggage, quite a lot of people, besides the owner, come into contact with it. And no one will undertake to guarantee complete safety for things.

However, there is another, in our opinion, the most optimal way out of this situation. Modern luggage manufacturers equip their suitcases, travel bags and other travel accessories with a special design lock, which was named by analogy “TSA lock”. In appearance, it may not be completely different from any other combination lock, but it has one main addition. Code TSA locks have a turnkey larva, which the owner of the suitcase has.

Explain in more detail.

Regardless of the type of TSA lock, be it a combination lock or a lock with a turnkey larva, customs officers, airport services have special universal keys with which such a lock can be opened without breaking. After the inspection of things, the luggage is locked again, and, in the case of a combination lock, the personal code, which only the owner knows, is not violated. This allows you to completely eliminate the likelihood of breaking the lock during baggage inspection. By the way, in the United States, a similar baggage screening system that allows breaking the lock has been operating since 2002, and now the countries of the European Union are inclined to introduce similar requirements. Therefore, the TSA lock is relevant Not only for those who are going on a trip to North America, but also to Europe.


The TSA system lock is certified by the Transport Association. These locks have a special identification mark (red rhombus), which guarantees protection against damage during baggage inspection.

TSA Code Locks Operating Instructions

How to set a code on your lock:

1) Press the large button located on the side, it usually has the inscription PUSH, i.e. “Click”
2) Make sure that the zipper slider pops out of the lock. Check that the initial combination on the numbered wheels corresponds to three zeros
3) Find a small groove button on the inside of the die. It will be located on the same side where the slider is removed.
4) Take something spicy. Pencil or toothpick. And click on this button. If the button has sunk inside. Remove the pencil and proceed to the next step. If not. Keep it pressed.
five) Dial your combination of numbers on the wheels, for example, 1-2-3
6) Last step. Press the large PUSH button (if the button was recessed) or remove the pencil (if you yourself held the button down).
Congratulations, your code is installed!

  • TSA 007 lock in your suitcase.

How to set a code on your lock:
1) Press the arrow and keyhole button down / left, at the same time move up the small ribbed button (next to the numbers)

2) Make sure that the zipper slider pops out of the lock. Check that the initial combination on the numbered wheels corresponds to three zeros
3) In the pressed position of the buttons Set your combination.
4) After you have installed the code, release the buttons.
Congratulations, your code is installed!