How to set a code on a bike lock

DIY How to set & change Bicycle Lock combination unboxing

How to change the code on a suitcase for the first time

Before changing the code on the suitcase next time, you will need to set the selected combination, not 000. All actions will need to be repeated from the beginning.

Types of locks

How to change the code on a suitcase: sequence of actions

On modern suitcases and bags, there is almost always such an element as a combination lock. This is a pretty handy invention that protects your content from a lot of annoyances. However, before you can take advantage of the innovation, you need to install the code. At first it seems that this is a rather complicated procedure, but in reality it is not. Therefore, you should not make a problem of how to change the code on the suitcase or install it for the first time. Of course, you can leave the factory combination 000, but this is unlikely to be a good solution.

How to open a lock without a hidden button

There is another configuration of code constructs. They do not have a hidden button, but a special lock is installed.

The scheme of actions is similar to the previous section:

  • Set the castle to 000.
  • Then slide the catch. It usually moves to the side or downward until it stops.
  • Set the selected combination, while the latch must be held in the shifted state.
  • Release the latch so that it returns to its original position.
  • New code installed.

Before changing the code on the suitcase next time, you will need to set the selected combination, not 000. All actions will need to be repeated from the beginning.

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For padlocks and built-in locks, the combinations are set according to the same principle. Only in the second case, instead of the “PUSH” key, the bow of the lock is lowered.

How to open the combination lock

Various troubles happen in life. For example, if the owner forgot the lock code on the suitcase, then this can become a problem. What to do in this case? There are several ways out of this unpleasant situation.

  • Selection method. It will take several hours to sort through all possible number combinations on a three-digit lock. This is a fairly long, but effective and suitcase-safe way. After such opening, the lock can be used further.
  • Before going through all the numbers in a row, you can try the following method: hold down the key or lock and rotate the wheels until they stop. Well, if the slots are large and the details of the mechanism are visible, then it will be easier to choose a combination.
  • It is easy to get rid of the padlock, it is enough to bite the arms with pliers.

There are no more subtleties about how to put the code on the suitcase. This is a fairly simple procedure that will take a few minutes. The most important thing is to choose a combination that will not be forgotten. You can write it down on a piece of paper or in your diary. You can use a fragment of a phone number or date of birth as a cipher.

Replacing the code on a mechanical disc lock

Disc locks are padlocks and mortise locks. The latest devices are usually installed on safes. Padlocks are more widely used. Let’s consider K \ how to change the code on a combination padlock equipped with discs. You should be guided by the following instructions:

  • the locking device must be moved to the “open” position;
  • fix the shackle of the padlock by pressing on it;
  • set the required combination of numbers;
  • lower the bow and check the functionality.

The process of changing the code on a padlock

How to set bike lock combination code R.M.Stone 5 digit bicycle lock & how to reset. tutorial

The main types of combination locks

Before answering the question of how to change the code on the lock, you need to understand the types and design features of the devices. So, combination locks can be:

  • mechanical. The key on the lock can be typed:
  • by pressing the number keys (mechanical push-button lock);
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Mechanical combination lock with opening plates

Mechanical device that opens when the code is set by rotation

  • electromechanical. Such devices consist of two interconnected blocks: a locking mechanism and a code panel that actuates the bolt of the lock. The individual parts of the lock are electrically connected to each other. The device is controlled by an electric drive, and the secret part is equipped with mechanical elements;

Electromechanical coded lock

Locking device powered by power supply

How to change the code on the combination lock with your own hands

Combination locks are divided into two main types: with the ability to change the numerical combination, which is a cipher for opening, and with a standard, unchanging code. If possible, it is more expedient to choose locks with a built-in function for replacing the working code, since they are distinguished by an increased degree of reliability. How to change the code on the lock? To do this, you should carefully read the instructions provided in this article.

Self-transcoding of the code lock

Replacing the cipher on a mechanical push-button lock

How to change the code on a mechanical combination lock equipped with buttons? To do this, you will need to perform the following operations:

  • using a screwdriver of a suitable size, remove the keypad of the lock. This action is required to gain access to the control of the cipher;

Removing the Transcoding Keypad

  • inside the lock there are 10 plates (corresponding to the number of buttons), which are installed in a certain position. Each plate has a slight bevel on one side. Working plates, the numbers of which are included in the digital combination, which is the code, are cut towards the center of the lock. The rest. to the edges of the locking device;

All plates are turned to the edges of the device, which indicates the absence of a cipher

  • to change the combination of numbers that make up the opening code, you need to turn over the corresponding plates. To do this, you need to remove the lock element from its groove and rotate it around its axis.

Procedure for replacing the code of a push-button combination lock

You can learn more about the procedure for changing the code on a mechanical push-button lock by watching the video.

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Self-recoding of the lock

You can change the lock code on any device that has this function. Transcoding may require partial removal of the lock or purchase of a special key.

Change of code on electromechanical and electronic locks

Electromechanical and electronic locks are similar in design. The locking mechanism is controlled by entering a specific code consisting of different numbers. over, unlike mechanical combination locks, the numbers that make up the numerical combination of the code can be repeated.

To change the code on an electronic or electromechanical device, you must carefully read the instructions supplied with the lock. The replacement of the cipher can be done in one of the following ways:

  • the introduction of a code that transfers the locking mechanism to the programming mode;
  • using a specialized key.

To change the cipher in devices equipped with the transcoding mode, you will need:

    • enter the code that transfers the lock from the operating mode to the coding mode. This code must be included with the device when you purchase it. The introduction of the code can be carried out directly by the keyboard located on the lock or by an additional device that remotely acts on the locking mechanism;
    • enter a new numerical combination, which will later be the working code;
    • put the lock into operation mode and check its performance.
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Changing the code of the lock using an additional device

Changing the code in locks using a key is carried out in the following order:

  • the key is inserted into a special hole, usually located on the side of the lock. In this way, the device goes into a mode in which it is possible to replace the cipher;
  • a new code is entered;
  • the key is removed and the operation of the device is checked.

The procedure for changing the code on the lock takes no more than 5 minutes. Before replacing the cipher, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the instructions attached to the locking mechanism.