How to rinse your bike chain before lubricating

How To Get A Perfectly Clean Chain. GCN’s Top Tips For Cleaning Your Drivetrain

Quickly and without worries

All methods are useless if there is a pressure washer at hand or a little money, a car wash “close by”. High-pressure water knocks dirt out of any gaps, blowing with compressed air speeds up the drying of the chain. After such a procedure, it is enough to walk for 10 minutes, drip lubricant on each link, and go.

Attention! Do not direct the high-pressure Karcher jet at the bushings. To do this, switch the chain to the largest chainring at the front and the smallest at the back.

How and what to clean a bicycle chain at home

Dripping bike lubricant onto a dirty chain is like riding a dry chain: the effect is the same. You do not need to leaf through textbooks to understand that the dirt dissolved by the grease will penetrate into the pin-roller contact pair, which makes the axles waste their seats much faster. The chain will lengthen earlier than the prescribed interval, and the stars will eventually last less. Therefore, first washing, then drying, and only then processing with a lubricant.

Technology: how to clean a bike chain without removing it from the bike

WD-40 cloth

“Vedashka” is not a lubricant, but a classic degreaser (solvent) based on kerosene. Brush off the old grease with a clean rag, put a rag on the brake rotor, blow each link with a cleaner. It takes a total of 5 minutes.

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For your information. Regarded as the only way to clean rusty chains.

However, if you have adopted the method, you can use any automobile degreaser under pressure:

  • Carburetor cleaner, e.g. ABRO CARBCHOKE CLEANER.
  • Fast evaporating degreaser such as Liqui Moly Schnell Reiniger
  • Detergent for the engine compartment of a car, for example, Turtle Wax Engine Cleaner.

Technology: cleaning the removed chain from old grease

The classic and, in fact, the best method of cleaning a bicycle chain is to throw it in a jar of solvent, rinse it or put it to sour. A whole technique has been developed on this score:

  • Remove the chain (disconnect the lock or use a squeeze).
  • Dip it into a bottle (for convenience, use a bottle with a wide neck) or a jar / bowls.
  • Pour solvent into the container in such a volume that the liquid completely covers the chains.
  • Close the container and shake it for 3-5 minutes or let it stand for at least 15 minutes.
  • Drain mining.
  • Pour in detergent (Fairy water) and shake for 3-5 minutes.
  • Take out and dry the chains (leave overnight, put in the sun or on the oven, blow through with a hairdryer).
  • Brush the stars.
  • Put on a chain.
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In the topic of how to choose a chain for a bicycle. it has been said more than once that you should not be afraid of using split locks. This is not a weak link! A correctly installed quick-release latch will not spontaneously disengage. Experienced cyclists have repeatedly noted that they saw a lot of torn bike chains in some of their native links and only a few of them were torn through the castle.

Why wash twice: first with a solvent and then with a water-based detergent? The fact is that oil liquids do not evaporate well, and grease does not stick to the surfaces covered with them.

The dishwashing detergent degreases well, and after drying, the applied bike lubricant adheres perfectly to the gaps. Some cyclists practice blowing each link with a compressor, after which the chain can be lubricated immediately.


The chain-washing machine is a split structure, inside of which there are several rollers with brushes. A caustic solution is poured inside, the chain is started up between the bristles, the pedals spin. the object is washed. It is a pleasure to clean with this device: it is quick, convenient and hands are clean.

  • Clean the bike chain with a rag.
  • Fill the chain wash with detergent.
  • Install cleaning equipment on a chain.
  • Pedal a few turns while holding the machine.
  • Remove the chain wash and drain the solution.
  • Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, 5 until the cleaning liquid is clear. V
  • Dry the chain for 1-1.5 hours.
  • Brush the stars.
  • Lubricate the links.
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How To Lube A Bike Chain | GCN Tech’s Guide To Oiling Your Bicycle Chain

What is more convenient to do

Wash the chain immediately after the ride, immediately clean the cassette and system stars. Lubricate the chain before the next ride. It will dry out overnight, so you won’t have to waste time drying.

To wash less often, or not do it at all, figure out how to lubricate your bike chain at home. and how to do it correctly. Do not put grease on the entire bike chain: it is needed only in the friction zone, but not outside, and even more so on the stars.

How to clean a bike chain at home

The task of cleaning is to dissolve and then wash out all the dirt from the gaps. This can be done in two ways: directly on the bike or dismantle the chain.