How to ride a high-speed bike

Increasing the speed

How to ride a bike fast? We offer an exercise that will provide you with the enjoyment of speed, called “Fast Pedals”. It helps improve endurance and muscle coordination. Most importantly, it will teach you how to pedal effectively.

You will need to find a long, level road. Set the gears so that you can pedal without effort. Try to bring the cadence up to eighty to ninety revolutions per minute. Stay in the saddle. Concentrate on correct rotational movements. Imagine that the pedal is an hour hand. From 11 to 13 you need to push forward, from 13 to 17 you need to push down, and from 17 to 20 you need to push back. Try not to pull the pedals up. Do not forget about the correct technique of movements while increasing the rpm as much as possible.

How to ride a sports mountain bike? Professional advice

  • When driving over roots and mud, shift to a higher gear. This allows you to pedal less often and reduce the risk of getting stuck.
  • One of the conditions for a comfortable ride is maintaining an even pace of pedaling.
  • Before climbing a steep hill, when it becomes necessary to shift from the middle chain to the small chain, accelerate enough so that the pedals are scrolling almost idle, and only then change the gear. By following this recommendation, you will learn to shift smoothly.
  • In unfavorable weather conditions or in winter, it is recommended to completely cover the cable with a “jacket”. Although the gear change will not be so fast, it will be trouble-free.
  • Be careful when changing gears while pedaling. The chains, which are rated for nine speed cassettes, are thin. Under heavy load, they can simply break.

The choice of professionals

Cycling is an activity that not only amateurs love. Surprisingly, it can generate a lot of income. We are talking about experienced athletes. What bikes do professionals ride? First of all, such vehicles are lightweight and impressively efficient. Gear shifting in them is done accurately and quickly, and braking is as efficient as possible. Most of these vehicles are equipped with a wide range of options. These are usually track and road bikes. The first ones are designed for driving on specially equipped tracks. They have no idle wheel travel and no brakes. The latter allow you to develop excellent speed on smooth asphalt roads. These road bikes cost the pros in the tens of thousands of dollars. Their weight is no more than six kilograms due to the special frame design and lightweight material of manufacture. carbon.

With some stretch, you can include BMX bicycles in the same group. Various tricks and jumps are performed on them. Such a vehicle is unsuitable for a long trip. Now let’s take a closer look at what bikes the professionals ride. Let’s start with the road bikes.

These “two-wheeled horses” help to conquer high-speed peaks. Almost all modern models boast an aluminum frame designed specifically for road racing, Shimano attachments and v-brakes. They can be installed from twenty to thirty speeds. Depending on the model, the cost can vary between 1100-1500.

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The widest range of these parts is presented on the modern market. Service your plug according to the instructions supplied. Please note that if the above part is of the elastomeric-spring type, then in winter its properties will deteriorate significantly. If you have an oil fork, then before the cold weather, do not forget to change the oil, and if it is airy, then periodically pump it up.


To increase the efficiency of the track bikes of this brand, the Vigorelli frame has been slightly modified, which is immediately noticed in practice. Columbus Airplane No-Flex profile and down tube provide maximum stiffness.

As for BMX bicycles, the most popular models from the following manufacturers: Format and Kross Spade Pro.

Safety comes first

Before starting to learn how to ride a bike, consider the specifics of the rules for safe movement on this vehicle. First, adjust the seat so that your heels can touch the ground unhindered while seated. Check the brakes and the tire pressure. Roll up your right leg if you are wearing long jeans or trousers. When learning how to ride a bike, do not wear open-toed shoes for training, otherwise it will not be very convenient for you to apply the brakes. Also, keep in mind that driving on the sidewalk in the city is both inappropriate and unsafe. Remember to wear a helmet before starting your workout.

Both pleasant and useful

Cycling is a process that puts a lot of stress on your legs. Observing certain rules, you can get an even greater effect from riding. How to lose weight by cycling? First, choose a vehicle for yourself. Ride with your back straight. Otherwise, most of the load will be on the chest and arms. As you ride, make sure your knees are slightly bent, not straight, at the lowest point on the pedals. Do not spread them apart, otherwise you will expose the knee joints to excessive loads. The same goes for the elbows. If you feel pain in your shoulders after riding, you may need to choose a narrower handlebar.

The first lessons should not last more than twenty-five minutes. As you gain experience, gradually extend the rides by 10 minutes. At a pedaling speed of less than seventy times per minute, fat is burned much more slowly, and the stress on the joints increases. It’s best to pedal where your toes start to grow.

It is equally important to control the pulse. The optimal indicator for intensive skiing is from 120 to 140 beats per minute. It is best to train in the morning, because it is at this time that your rested body is well prepared for stress and quickly gets rid of excess fat, turning it into energy. It is not recommended to ride right after a meal, as only when the stomach is empty will body fat be used most efficiently. The main thing is not to forget to combine exercise with a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. The first step in this direction is to eliminate fried and fatty foods from your diet.

The key to successful training is comfortable sports shoes and clothing. Ride regularly and follow the above recommendations, then you will not only pump up your calves, but also get rid of extra pounds on the buttocks, waist, hips and abdomen. In addition, the posture will become beautiful. You will feel an incredible burst of energy after every ride.

What to do during the cold season?

How to ride a bike in winter when the grip is not very good? For this, it is important to properly prepare the vehicle. Let’s consider this process in as much detail as possible.

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If the part is steel, inspect it for chips or scratches. Otherwise, the frame will corrode and the unpainted metal will quickly become rusty. Deal with all scratches and chips, degrease the surface, and then prime and paint it. A simple cleaning of problem areas and their subsequent coating with colorless nail polish will help to protect the frame for a short time.

6 Hacks To Go Faster On Your Bike For Free

Aluminum and carbon parts become more fragile when exposed to low temperatures, so it is recommended to place your bike on a staircase or balcony before going outside. Do the same when you return home so that the bike does not suddenly get into the heat immediately.

How to ride a bike properly?

The issues of buying a bicycle require a separate article, or maybe a small book, so we will assume that we already have a bicycle. At the same time, it is very good if it is equipped with gear shifting devices that allow you to move at a much higher speed and more effectively use the efforts of our legs with you. It is also advisable to equip the bike with a bell, this will greatly facilitate interaction with pedestrians.

Seven Tips to Become a Better, Faster and Safer Motorcycle Rider

Any cycling trip should be started by examining its appearance. All loose connections must be tightened, the hand brakes must be adjusted so that they do not block the wheels in the unpressed state of the levers, and are securely fixed when pressed. We’ll pump up the tires, if required, but without showing fanaticism in this matter. the tires should flatten slightly under the influence of the rider, while the ride will be softer. Adjust the seat so that the leg presses the pedal at the lowest point in a fully extended state, then it will be less tired. The steering position should also be comfortable.

Everything is ready, let’s leave! But everything is not so simple. we do not have Amsterdam or Copenhagen. They have separate paths and special traffic lights for cyclists. And a Russian cyclist can move either along the sidewalk or along the right edge of the carriageway, while observing, as practice shows, very great care. Driving on the sidewalk means constantly jumping on curbs and reclaiming space for traffic from pedestrians. Therefore, we get together with the spirit. and on the road. Yes, be sure to wear a safety helmet before doing this!

This may seem like an unexpected conclusion, but it is easier and safer for a cyclist to move along large multi-lane avenues than narrow streets. On a large road, drivers rarely occupy the right lane unnecessarily, and even cars parked on it leave enough space.

As a rule, cyclists on the move are routinely perceived by riders as normal road users, as long as the speed of the bike is too slow is not a problem. Therefore, if you have an advantage, for example, you are driving along the main road, then drive calmly, you will be allowed to pass. I, of course, do not mean the notorious auto-margins who may not give in. here you should be vigilant. However, drivers react very painfully when a bike that is slow compared to them starts to get in their way. Therefore, if such a situation arises, it is better to move onto the sidewalk and go to the pedestrian class. For example, if there is a separate lane for turning to the right, do not try to go straight. you will interfere, but rather turn right and cross the road along the pedestrian crossing. But to give way to cars when they have an advantage is in your best interest. And observe, of course, the traffic lights.

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Turning left is generally prohibited for cyclists, and drivers know about it! So you better not try. At intersections, you need to turn left in two stages, first driving straight through the intersection and then left, waiting at the corner of the green traffic light. You can also use pedestrian crossings. If you are going to bypass a standing vehicle, show it with your outstretched left hand, skipping, of course, before that everyone traveling on the left. Roundabouts are also best avoided, drive into them only if the traffic is not active and you will not create obstacles, otherwise cross the crossing.

A rather unpleasant thing for a cyclist. trolleybuses and buses. These iron monsters strive to press against the curb. In addition, the speed of a bicycle is approximately equal to the average speed of a trolleybus, therefore, movement with public transport often resembles a leapfrog: a bicycle overtakes a trolleybus at stops, and between them again appears to be behind. In such cases, it is better to slow down and let the trolleybus or bus take off.

The main thing when driving on the roads is to be careful, carefully monitor cars and pedestrians, and anticipate their possible actions. Then you will quickly and without unnecessary trouble get to the place.

It is not enough to come. you still need to put the iron horse in a suitable stall. There are problems here again, we don’t have special parking lots for bicycles. Therefore, if you are staying for a long time, put your bike indoors or at least in the patio (if it is, of course, possible). If you are going to leave your two-wheeled friend for 20-30 minutes, then you can fasten him to the frame to a lamp post or a metal fence with a steel cable with a lock. Locks can be either conventional, which are locked with a key, or coded. If the cable is long, it is advisable to wrap it around the wheels, at least the front one, because it is easier to remove it. But keep in mind that the cables are cut by special tools that hunters for other people’s bicycles carry with them, so you need to choose a crowded place. You should also remove all expensive additional devices from the steering wheel. a flashlight, a speedometer, otherwise someone else will do it for you.

When you get to work by bike, you will feel a pleasant muscle tension and will be toned all day, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your mood.

But you will appreciate the advantages of owning a bicycle at the end of the working day much higher, when all your colleagues will be stuck in a traffic jam or get on stuffy buses and metro, and you will go for a ride in your faithful Bolivar in the forest or park. And have so much more fun, believe me.